Maya looked around the village and yawned. The men were gone in their bands on hunting trips and so only the sounds of the other women and the children filled the air. She didn't participate with any of the groups about the village. A tired working face looked up now and again and saw her. Maya would turn her head away because she was above that sort of thing so she never actually saw the sneers sent her way. Common work was for common folk and Maya did not see herself as common.

Days for Maya were spent combing her hair and primping herself. Someday she knew something was destined for her. She was special. She was above all those in the village.

The men, especially the younger ones, all were very aware of all the time Maya spent on herself. Many times she would catch one of them staring at her out of the corner of his vision. She knew what they wanted. She was better than them though and so none of the men of the village had been able to claim her. Her mother and father were growing rather impatient with Maya's attitude. She was a mouth to feed and all she did was preen.

Maya always found ways to get out of chores and today was no different. Some days she would just claim that it was not her duty. Other days, when she didn't want to fight with the other women over what 'they' thought she should be doing, she simply wandered off. Today was to be one of those days.

Her fingers were twining through her long dark tresses as she padded barefoot down the trails made from the constant hunting trips. None of the other women would venture into the woods, that was man's work. She knew no one would bother her. No one ever did.

It was several hours into her stroll when she realized she was hungry. Her stomach was growling and she was looking around for something near. The forest was plentiful with fruit trees so she was never far from something to eat. And so in one of the few times she actually strained to do anything at all, she climbed a nearby tree to find something sweet.

She was several feet off the ground when she heard the sound. It wasn't a sound she was used to hearing but she had heard it before. Her head looked about frantically for the source of the soft growling. Her eyes met with a pair of yellow eyes not 3 feet above her. She hadn't even seen it in the cover of the branches as she climbed and now she was right in front of the leopard.

A black leopard.

Its fangs were obvious with the curling of it's lips at the invader. Long and sleek and far more powerful than Maya, fear took her. The beast's eyes held hers and a chill ran up and down her spine. She'd never been so scared in her life and something deep inside her quivered with the intensity of her fear. No one was within miles to help her and she was no match for this great cat, this great predator of the forest.

Maya's fear mixed with awe and it held her still for only a moment. She knew she had no chance but her mind screamed run. Her fingers let go of the tree and she slid down, far faster than she would have otherwise. The branches grasped at her, tearing her shift. The very jungle seemed to be on the side of the beast. She couldn't move fast enough.

Her eyes finally tore themselves from the golden-eyed stare as she hit the ground. She barely felt the bruises as they formed. Flight was priority, nothing else mattered. Maya's feet flew across the ground, her eyes looking everywhere at once for something, anything.

The ground flew up to meet her as the beast struck. Mighty paws ramming against her back and driving her to the ground. The air left her so no voice came as her mouth opened to scream. She knew she was dead now.

The beast was on top of her and the weight of it was all Maya could feel. Her body quivered in anticipation. Her muscles rippled up and down as they tried to still keep running though she was laying fully on her stomach. Her hair swept down and covered her eyes. She couldn't see, her mind was too frightened to even hear. What was the beast waiting for? Why wasn't she dead yet?

The death blow never came.

A softness barely felt with the tenseness of her body. The whiskers of the beast moved up and down along her skin. Her torn dress open along the sides and back. Her mind reeled as she realized she wasn't dead yet. The soil beneath her was cushioning for the weight on her back.

Her fingers flexed in a brief hope as the cat shifted across her back. She stopped even her thoughts when she heard the growl of warning, laying still as she felt the leopard flex it's claws. It's nose passing over her as it sniffed along her body. Every nerve in her was alive with anticipation.

Claws scratched her skin but only when they shifted with the cat's movements. The blood was hot on her skin and it heated her body. Her body tingled with every brush of fur against her. She knew that she should be dead but all she felt was the mix of weight and softness. The paws pressed further downward along her back. The beast nuzzled downwards with it's nose and muzzle, searchingly.

Every muscle in her body tensed as she felt something rough pass over her. The torn fabric of her dress not covering her in the slightest any longer, the beast's tongue touched her skin, tasted her. Her eyes closed for the merest of moments. A wave of new fear and... what? passed through her.

She could feel its tongue lick down her body, tasting seemingly every part of her until it crept down and over her ass. Maya shivered not knowing what to think anymore. Fearful to move and still fearful to not move. The beast's claws just touching her back enough from it's paws to warn her to be still while it did whatever it was going to do to her.

The great cat lengthened its body as its attentions seemed drawn further down. The rasp of the tongue slithered further down from her ass to her pussy. The nerves on fire almost jumped at the touch and this brought another warning growl as the beast licked its lips and whiskers to fully get at what it was tasting.

Maya wasn't about to move but now a different sort of movement started in her body as she reacted to the rough caress of the tongue sweeping up and down her pussy lips. Touching and tasting, her body reacted and her lips bloomed open. Her eyes jerked open suddenly as she realized what the beast was doing. She wasn't common. She wasn't to be touched by just anyone. She wasn't. The beast lifted its head and roared and her body went still.

She was.

She was at the whim of this cat. This predator would have its meal of sorts. This predator would do whatever it wanted of her and no one would help her. She glanced back and saw what she suddenly feared. This cat was male. Her fingers tightened in the dirt and she bit her lip as a new horror filled her mind.

Weight was upon her again as the cat seemed satisfied with what it found.

He moved up along her body and pressed his paws down to her shoulders. The beast's weight was great and it hurt her body to stay prone to the ground. She lifted her lower body to help relieve the pressure. Only too late did she realize her mistake.

Hot and hard, the leopard's prick tested the waters around her cunt. Flowered open still against her will from the licking of his tongue she tried to move her ass back down to the ground, to deny the cat it's quarry. She was not quick enough as his prick stabbed just into her.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her high pitched wail filled the air at the sudden invasion. Her cunt was open and wet but the flesh untried as she never let any of the men in the village close enough to even touch her let alone 'be' with her. The cat cared nothing for formalities. He would have her. She was in heat and he would take her. Fuck her. Fill her with his seed.

Her body shifted to accommodate, to do anything to stop the pain of the tearing of flesh. Her legs spread because that's all she could do. He was in. She was his. Thankfully her body was reacting but not quick enough as he assaulted her poor tight cunt. Her head held high as she felt herself filled, taken, invaded, fucked.

He lurched his thighs and drove deeper into her. The cat's claws flexing just enough to keep her still beneath him as he pumped his cock further and further into her cunt. Tail whipping about as a growl sounded from him. Deeper he drove, pumping and pumping until he was all the way inside of her.

Maya's head dropped down as his cock reached bottom and she was filled utterly. Her cunt swollen and stretched to the limit by the great beast. Everything roiled around her. Her breathing came quicker. The pain was dwindling as her legs spread further apart to ease the thrusts into her body. Her nipples hardening as they shifted across the fabric beneath her, pressed against the soft dirt.

He enjoyed this female. This mighty hunter had found his prey and took it. Fucking her deep and hard once he was fully inside. Muscles tensing and relaxing as he rocked over top of her pumping and pushing his cock ever deeper still inside of her. Wanting, needing to put his seed into her. His only thought to fill her to the brim with his cum.

Maya didn't know what to think any longer. This cat was taking her. It was forcing itself on her. Raping her. This cat filling her full of its huge cock here on the floor of the forest. Her hips raised up high to help him get deeper now as she felt every new sensation. The fur brushing over her skin electrifying her nerves. The fullness of it's cock as it pushed and shoved into her. The feel of its claws on her shoulders as they scratched her. The hot breath of the beast on her neck and back as it rasped with each hard, deep, pumping, pounding thrust.

"AH.... AH... OH... MMMM.... MMMM... AH... HAH... YES...," She wanted this beast suddenly. This fullness. This forcible taking. Everything about this beast was what she craved with every inch of her soul.

The great cat gripped her harder. His hips churning back and forth in a flurry of motion as he stabbed his prick into her body again and again. Pumping his female. This was his female and he would take her and fill her with himself. Thrusting and assaulting her body as he pounded into her.

Stretched and filled she pushed her hips back into him. Her body was tense again as she rocked back and forth beneath him. Her breasts, her cunt, her whole body was on fire. Her pussy filled by this beast. Straining to open as he invaded and clamping down and clinging to him to keep him from coming out. Everything reeling as her body filled with him.

The leopard straining against her body. Thrusting harder, faster, driving himself into her to the hilt each time. His fur covered balls swaying back and forth and tightening. Pumping deeper and deeper as a deep throated growl starts low from him. Spearing into her fully with each press against her body.

Her mind clouding over completely as her body tenses entirely. Clamping down fully on his cock as this new sensation floods her. A hot spurt from the beast's cock as he pumps his seed into her. Filling her utterly as he locks tightly to her. Blasting and coating her cunt with his come. The orgasm racking her and shaking her beneath his body. Entwining with his as they shake and rock together. Their juices combining inside her, coating his cock and filling her to the point of overflow.

Still feeling him deep inside her she comes to her senses. The hot syrup dripping down her thighs as she sighs and groans from the strain. The beast still on her back but his breath not nearly as ragged. Every muscle in her body aching from the brutal fucking of the beast.

Gasping as she feels him withdraw. Feeling empty suddenly without his cock deep inside her cunt as she turns her head to look back to the beast, to this magnificent creature above her. Feeling him move down closer to her she catches her breath not knowing what to expect. Blinking a bit as his tongue rasps along her cheek with a nuzzle. Not knowing what the future will hold but knowing that she belongs to this beast, now, tomorrow, always.