Minra and the tiger
© by Satoshi

Minra and the tiger

There was just something about being outside of the boundaries of a village, armed with nothing more than her wits and what weapons she had brought with her that made Minra wish that she had more time to spend out on her camping trips. Although her home village was deep inside of the foliage of the jungle, and the Arcadian way was to be as close to Nature as possible, there was nothing quite like going off on her own. It wasn't an uncommon practice—several of the villagers went off on their own, either for spiritual reasons, or in response to the instincts that their culture cultivated, satisfying a deep desire to roam the woods, powerful muscles moving under the fur or feathers or scales that they had given themselves, hands or paws in the dirt, sinking their claws in, tasting the air without the scents of people and houses, fire and cooking in them.

Minra's bright green eyes alertly scanned the jungle around her. The massive trees were comforting in their size and width, the multi-colored canopy far ahead like a second sky, with tiny specks of light filtering through, although her animalistic eyes could easily see in the dusk-like gloom underneath of the leaves. It was just a part of being an Arcadian.

Out here her senses were alive, thrumming with excitement. Her furred ears flicked as the song of the forest came to her—the calls of birds, the slight rustling of leaves, the eerie chorus of wind, and the thrumming bass of a thousand heartbeats. The nose at the end of her ferret-like snout twitched heavily, breathing in the scents around her.

She eased her way over a fall log, hand-paws tentatively brushing against the bark before resting solidly in the dirt. Her steps became faster, her pace becoming a sudden outburst of pent up emotions, ca catharsis of all her emotions. She fell heavily on all fours, and raced through the underbrush of the jungle, ripping her way through vines and patches of ferns. Her tail whipped along behind her, her blood boiled in her veins, the wind flew through her fur, bristled out against the coolness of the shadows, and she felt alive.

Minra didn't know how long she ran, but she knew the feeling that vibrated through her very being. With her alert eyes half-lidded, she ran a pawed-hand through the fur on her chest. The feeling of release from the run, the thought of being here, half-wild, running amok with the rest of the animals, with nothing more complicated than the search for her next meal…the quest for fulfilment.

Her fingerpads brushed through her soft fur, and she arched her back as they found her nipple. She settled down onto the ground, her back against one of the massive trees, feeling a familiar ache begin building inside of her. Minra had never mated, and rarely kept a partner for longer than it took to fulfil her desires. Now she wished she had—it would be convenient to have a male here, to quench the burning thirst she had now, a thirst to be filled, to be dominated.

The air around her slowly started to take on the scent of her desire as she roughly groped herself. She had little thought to the danger of being exposed in the jungle, or of the predators that sometimes roamed underneath of that colored canopy. Instead her mind ran through scene after scene, remembering the bodies of her past lovers, remembering the feel of their hands on her body. Her breath came quicker as she stroked her hand down her hip, body trembling in remembered ecstasy. She teased her fingertips along her leg, down her thigh and around, teasing them through the soft fur. She ached, her clit throbbing, sending little jolts of anticipation through her body.

She moaned quietly as her finger found her hard clitty, paw pad slick with her own desire. She started moving her finger, her other hand groping her small breast, rolling in the dirt, as she gave in fully to her inner animal.

It wasn't until too late that she noticed she wasn't alone. She looked up in the midsts of a particularly steamy memory about the four-legged lover she had taken, only a few weeks before this, and how his animalistic lower-body had improved the sensations of his every movement tenfold, and met the light-reflecting eyes of the biggest animal she had ever seen.

At first, she wondered if she had wondered upon an Ancient, but after a glance at the feline eyes, she knew. This was no Arcadian, no person. It was an animal, and after a moment of fear, where she wondered why it hadn't sprung at her and attacked her, she realized what had brought it here. She flushed underneath of her fur, growing warm. She had the urge to squirm, but her eyes were locked with the muddy eyes of the biggest tiger she had ever seen, and every instinct was urging her to be still.

Its thick fur was matted, and streaked with dirt, with a few sticks and leaves tangled in it. Stripes marred the tawny fur, not quite black, but more of a dark, dirty gray, all the way up to its bushy mane, which had the slightest patterning on it. Her eyes were glued to the beasts, and for a moment, her fear had overpowered her lust. But after a silence laden second, it surged back, throbbing through her powerfully. The tiger's nose flared, its eyes widened slightly, a crude intelligence flashing through them. Its mouth opened ever so slightly, its huge saber-teeth framing its gaping maw.

And then the tiger shifted, and Minra's eyes flicked downwards—and then were drawn back again. Poking out of its fuzzy sheathe, the tiger's cock was swelling before her eyes. She could see small fleshy spines on it, and shuddered as, with each pulse of the great beast's heart, they inflated slightly, before almost dissapearing again. It made a heat grow inside of her, made the flames of desire beat at her again and again, and she saw the tiger react viscerally. Her own needy scent filled her nose as she watched the tiger's dick harden, until its tip and some of its length was rubbing against his muscled belly. Minra tore her eyes away, hastily meeting the gaze of the tiger, and the hungry look in his eyes made her shiver.

I should run. I should get away. I should…

As the thoughts crossed her mind, the most desirable scent floated past her nose, and she automatically shifted to smell it better. It was musky and rugged, and filled her beastial mind with delight. It was the male's scent, and Minra had only a moment to wonder at how it smelled so much better than the males she had mated with before the tiger made up his mind. With a rumble deep in his throat, the animal stepped forward, his muscles moving smoothly through his fur as he eliminated the space between them.

Lust burned through Minra's mind, eating away at her fears and resolves. Her instincts were screaming through her head, and her whole life, Minra had been trained to obey those instincts. Then, with a flash, she realized, if he wants me, he won't hurt me.

That was all it took to make the rest of her hesitance fade away. Her legs trembled as she moved, but the tiger snarled at her, mistaking her attempt to move as escape, and he surged forward. Caught on her knees, she tumbled backwards, with all of the tiger's massive bulk weighing her down. Her eyes went wide, but then hooded as the tiger shifted his weight, heavy paws thudding down on either side of her head. The ferret-girl squirmed underneath of him, the huge, powerful animal, but with a snout full of his masculine musk, his desire for her scenting it heavily, she couldn't resist.

Minra felt the press of his hardness against her leg, and moved in response, pressing closer, trying to move the tiger so that she could get pleasure too. But his head dipped down, and she felt his breath against her hair, a warning that sent a shiver down her spine. Then, with a powerful thrust, the tiger push against her, seeking her warm and eager hole, but far off of the mark. Feeling almost overpowered by desire, Minra squirmed underneath of him, feeling his muscled legs press against her body, feeling his dominant weight over him, and feeling his rocking his feline hips against her. It made her feel shivers down her spine, and even wetter.

Finding some purchase, Minra squirmed until she was on her belly, and for a moment was free of the heat and the weight of her animalistic lover. But then she crawled up onto her knees, squirming until he was breathing down on her neck, with his animalistic cock rubbing its oozing precum against her furred ass. Breathing hard, she swept her tail to the side, moving encouragingly underneath of the tiger. She almost reached back, to guide him, but with sudden purpose, his muscled tightened around her, like a vice, holding her close and tight and immobile, as his hips made little questioning thrusts towards her. She gasped slightly as she felt his hot tip jab against her cunny, but the gasp twisted into a cry of surprise, bordering on a scream, as his hips pistoned forwards, slamming as much of him inside of her as he could manage with one thrust.

Minra was glad that she had had multiple lovers, and often, for the tiger was thick, or maybe it was the barbs she had noticed earlier, rubbing against her silken walls with such a strange mixture of texture and pain that she wasn't sure whether to push against him for more, or scramble away. As if sensing her renewed desire to escape, the tiger began thrusting into her, gently taking her neck between his huge saber teeth and his smaller bottom ones. A huge shudder worked its way down her spine, and her nerves lit on fire as that action. Her hips thrust back against his, an action that confused the tiger for only as long as it took to begin thrusting harder into her. The only sound in the jungle was Minra's gasping breaths, cries and pleas for the tiger to go faster, to take her, to fuck her, and the obscene noises of his thick cat cock sliding in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

The barbs were unbearable, raking their way through her cunt, spreading her even wider as they inflated, as the dick inside of her hardened even more, spearing into her again and again. He was incredible hot inside of her, even sensation filling her with a similar warmth until her muscles began to contract around his hard intruder. Minra ground against the tiger's cock, feeling twitch deep inside of her, wishing that he would go faster. The tiger stilled, and she cried out in disappointment, only to be cut off as he shifted, most of his weight crashing onto her as his paws awkwardly gripped her. He began slamming into her, as hard and as fast as he could go, dragging his barbed dick through her soft folds, thrusting his tip up against her womb as her muscles contracted around him, milking him of his beastial seed while he rubbed her insides in a way that made her scream.

The tiger's dick throbbed inside of her, and he made a last thrust, pushing up almost painfully inside of her, but then, with a snarl against her neck, he came inside of her. His cum was hot, almost searingly so, and Minra screamed out her own orgasm, shuddering and shaking, her paws gripping painfully at the earth underneath of her as the tiger grunted contentedly over her. For a moment they stayed joined, his muscled body linked with hers in the most intimate of ways, and then he slid out of Minra's abused cunt, his cum oozing out of her furred lips.

Minra collapsed, still twitching from the powerful orgasm. She whimpered as the tiger sniffed at her, nudging her lips which would be very sore in a few moments. The tiger breathed out heavily, air whuffing out of his nose and onto her sensitive hide, and then he gave her gaping lips a long lick, making the ferret underneath of him insensible.

Minra heard him turning to leave, and tried to scramble up, but her legs would not support her. Instead she forced herself into a sitting position, back against a tree, and watched her newest fling pad away, long tail flicking from side to side in a very pleased manner.

Minra's eyes stared in the direction that the tiger had gone long after he had left her. Her body still thrummed with the memory of their lovemaking, she still felt the warmth of his seed inside of her. But the image that stayed in her mind was of his face, proud and majestic, with piercing eyes the color of rich wet soil, pupils reflecting back the light, so that they seemed to glow.

After a while, Minra pulled herself up, instinctively clamping her loosened cunny, to keep the tiger's cum inside of her for as long as possible. She made her way back to her camp, feeling dazed. Her paw found her stomach, and she held it absentmindedly, cradling her cum-filled womb. If it was possible, and Minra felt a shimmer of warmth through her at the thought, she hoped that his seed would take. Never before had she wanted for a copulation to result in a kit, but now she felt a…yearning. She knew that, despite the fact that even if she found the tiger again, she would not be able to keep him. But she wanted something…some part of him, to live on, through her. She would make preparations to leave back fro the village immediately. The machines there could tell her if she had conceived, could encourage it for future visits to the jungle, if she wanted. And Minra realized after a moment that she did.

As she turned back one last time, to search for the tiger, she thought she saw a flash of movement in the shadows of the jungle, a glimpse of eyes, the hint of a tail whisking out of sight.

The End