My Cougar Charlie
© 2005 by Tall Thin Jones

(Another fantasy, don’t take too seriously.)

My Cougar Charlie

I always give myself this big speech about how I don’t intend to buy any animal just to have sex with it. In a way that’s true. Sex or no sex, they’re welcome to all the care that they need and all the snuggles they want. I’m big on kissing and hugging and snuggling. In a way that’s sex, and, oh well. It’s really easy to overthink it.

This was one of the biggest mountain lions I have ever seen in books or pictures. In person he was an awesome size. He was three years old. His owner had to give him up for personal reasons. It’s a good thing that he was well socialized to strange humans. Big brownish guy with the blond undercoat, paws that looked as big as my feet, and friendly as all get-out. If he had been smaller he would have climbed right up my clothes. When I went in to his cage to see how he got along, he stood up, sniffed my face, then wrapped his huge forearms around me and pressed his face against me. I rubbed his trunk and lost myself in him, breathing together. He was so warm, warm like the occasional mare or stallion or dog I meet who really gets into me the first time we touch. He also purred like distant thunder, low and continuous.

That was what I was doing, getting into him. I felt that warm tingle inside me, and a hint of it in my crotch. Well, no reason to fight it too hard, but I didn’t want to show it off to any unsympathetic humans or get him so horny he would need relief right there. It could happen. Animals often get horny when excited, and this guy seemed affectionate and excitable. His owner joked “I think you two better get a room.” I couldn’t agree more but I was serious. We had something going on. I think my cougar understood because we held each other at arm’s length just to look at each other’s eyes, then sighed and parted. He jumped into the cage in the back of the van as if he had done it a thousand times, and we drove off.

It was hard to wait. I still didn’t think a lot of the wisdom of the idea of jumping right into bed with a new animal, not that I hadn’t before. In my experience, even though you would think it would be different, bonding is often almost instantaneous and lasting. When an animal and I have fallen in love with each other at first sight, we loved until the animal reached the end of its natural lifespan, and beyond. Still, a critter needs his breathing room. Or not, some just want to go for it. Too often a new lover comes and goes, the way they do in nature.

The next couple of days we played together every time we had the chance. At least a couple of times my new friend grabbed at me playfully when I tried to leave. His claws came out enough to haul at denim. He always stopped short of scratching me, but we sometimes had to unhook him from the cloth before I could leave. It was really hard not to turn around and embrace him as I left, but that would have us both hanging on for dear life and starting over again. After a few more sessions that ended with him sleeping in my lap, or as close as we could come to that, I decided he could trust me in bed with him.

So we went into the house and he jumped on my bed and rolled back and forth with his eyes closed, making little growling sounds. Oh, yes! That was so much better than hay on wood. I reached in and rubbed his soft belly and chest. He purred, a really deep rumble. I could listen to that purr all night. I got a little braver and caressed his testicles. He seemed to like it. He poked out of his sheath and back in. He wiggled around and I got the idea that he wanted to be face to face with me, him on his back, me sitting just beneath him. The way it really worked out, when I leaned in I could only get between his chest muscles, inhaling cougar scent through soft fur, nuzzling the top two nipples. I worked my way down, inhaling and exhaling, and he seemed to love that. I tasted his skin with short licks when the fur became sparse, and before long I was down to his sac and sheath. I nuzzled him for a few moments, listening and watching. He didn’t seem to be the least nervous, so I licked in between his testicles. That got some pink to show, and he started gasping between purrs. It ducked back in when I licked it, then back again when I went back to licking his scrotum. I held my tongue against his sensitive skin and let it get wet, softly caressing, then slowly dragged it up almost to the sheath, and started at the bottom again. After a few times I could take him in my mouth and suckle. He stiffened and started to thrust into my mouth. His legs came up and he braced his paws against my shoulders, then he pushed as hard as he could into my mouth and sprayed sperm against the back of my throat, in deeper than I expected. It was a taste more piquant than I expected, and extremely pleasing. I felt myself starting to leak when he fired his kitty cum into my mouth.

After several thrusts he withdrew, leaving me wanting more. It seemed right to clean his ball sac again, and when I did, he thrust upwards, shoving his anus into my chin. I thought he was humpy again, but when I tried for his sheath, he had withdrawn his penis and he tried once again to get my face under his tail. Well, if that was what he wanted, I would try it. I took a couple of licks of the sensitive skin but it was too strong for me. Instead I massaged his tang, and the muscles surrounding his anus, watching them contract rhythmically while he increased the pitch of his purring. His anus was pink, puckered, inviting. It even looked rather wet. When I felt it, it needed more lube and left my fingers smelling strange. I took some lube and worked it in under his tail, letting a little of my finger and thumb slip in as I massaged and cleaned his opening and worked the fur away. He found that even more pleasant, and relaxed his legs and spread them open as far as they would go. I looked up at his broad face. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be totally relaxed, fangs slightly exposed as his lips fell away from them in a comical grimace.

I wasn’t too concerned that he would turn on me. I seemed to be doing everything he wanted, exactly the way he wanted. Even so, my heart pounded as I scooted up close and rubbed the head of my dick against his sensitive opening. Push just a little too hard and I would never be able to explain my injuries. I relaxed, rubbed up and down, felt his internal heat coming out for me. I slid into him, feeling him relax totally until I was halfway, then clench down hard, almost expelling me from his heat. Then he relaxed again and I was almost three quarters of the way in. This time when he clenched I was firmly embedded and I cried out. It was that good, he made that tingling rush all the way to the top of my head and explode out of my toes. Two, three, four thrusts, I almost squirted, then I floated, then the walls caved in on me and my head exploded.

My cougar friend was holding me tight against his belly when I woke up a few seconds later. That was just too much. I couldn’t believe that I was still in and his tight anal pucker was holding me like a cock ring. I had only partially lost my erection. A minute later and I couldn’t believe it, we were at it again. I didn’t think I was that potent. I touched him everywhere I could reach and worked his nipples and smelled him while I thrust in and out. I looked at how his golden-furred thighs were bigger than mine and a lot prettier. I wanted to explore his entire body with my fingers, my nose, and my tongue. I wanted… I wanted to cum! Oh, God, it hurt so good! I flooded his already wet tunnel again. He clenched down again to hold me in, and I rocked back and forth, finishing my orgasm. He patted me with a soft paw and I felt electricity burst over my body, making me tingly and lightheaded. Then he drew me up closer and leaned over and licked the top of my head for a long time. I felt like he had his eyes closed while he did this. His tongue scraped on my skin and it felt really good. He worked his way around my body with that tongue, wetting me, cleaning me, exfoliating as he went. I stroked him in return and he purred.

He was enjoying me, savoring me while he seduced me. I wished I could lick him all over that way, and I did the best I could by burying my nose in his fur and inhaling his scent while working it wherever I could. I had to lick the top of his head when I got the chance. There was no hurry. We worked each other over, soothing and exciting each other, getting to know each other until he was ready. He slid into my rump easily. Those nature films can fool you. He put a pretty good sized penis in me and buried it until I could feel pubic bone. I could feel him wiggle around in me, then poke me in short jerks until he spurted. We were sensitized to each other. I felt him cum as he felt my insides, and I felt a lot of what he felt. Like when I was a teenager and felt my first vagina, I could feel his fascination and tantalizing pleasure in my flesh. I felt the love pour into me as I had poured into him. I heard his breath above my head, too labored and excited to purr, whistling between his teeth, making that whooshing sound as if he were trying to imitate the sound of an Arctic wind. I closed my eyes and let him have at it. It seemed to take a long time for him to finish. He held himself inside me and didn’t rake me when he pulled out. He knew that I wasn’t going to drive him away. Just a minute later he mounted me again with just as much energy as before. He licked the back of my neck hotly. It didn’t even occur to me later that he might have bitten me there. Dogs have before, and it didn’t hurt, but I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t have slashed me if he had tried that. Later I would feel his fangs and find out that he had a chisel edge just like my own canine teeth. He never ever hurt me with them. This time, he rocked back and forth with the point wedged against some place tender. It pushed and pushed against me, making me see stars. When he exploded and I felt his bristles, I exploded too, which was a complete surprise. We had made that connection. His life drained into me, completing a circuit that set the lights to flashing, skyrockets in the air, total breathless loving wonder. It must have affected him too. He stiffened as he orgasmed into me, then collapsed on top of me like a rag doll. He was very heavy for a blanket. I felt warm and safe as I fell asleep under him.

The cougar was on top of me humping my ass again when I woke up a half hour later. It was okay, more than okay. My body had made an agreement with his body that I was his, awake or asleep or mindblown. I felt more of his juices flow into me again, then again a minute or two later. I could be his lioness in heat. It was the best night of my life. I got another erection and felt like tumbling him again, so I rubbed his chest with both hands and tried to get the thought across. He smiled and gave me a big kiss on the mouth, then he was on his back again. I slid into his sweet velvety entrance again and tried for about a half hour, but I couldn’t cum again. I was out of juice, but not out of interest. He purred all the way through and pawed at my chest and shoulders. Eventually I felt a half-hearted attempt at ejaculation. I pulsed inside him and seeped a little fluid. We were content.

Even after we were both temporarily out of precious bodily fluids to exchange, holding each other, purring and moaning at each other, breathing into each other were still like making love. We finally settled down to sleep until daybreak.

My wonderful mountain lion with the big tawny butt and tail as thick as my arm had an insatiable appetite for cock, just like mine. I could take him as many times as he was ready, but half the time I had to fake it when I returned the loving. He didn’t mind the faking. He was happy to have part of me inside him, my penis, my finger, a dildo in my hand. His purr was always ready to go. What was so wonderful about me? My lover with the golden fur just loved to be appreciated, like fine art and good pussy. He also loved crude jokes. If he had been human he would have laughed at the late night shows on Comedy Central and Cartoon Network, deep belly laughs to shake the house. When he was humping me, he was screwing the human race, all right, with love and tenderness, and he loved what he did and enjoyed the humor of it too. Many nights I just stared into his blue eyes, lost myself in his broad face, smelled his breath, even licked his nose if I dared to risk that he would sneeze into my face. I saw someone who could just soak up the loving, return it with interest, and come back for more. I could see bemusement in his face, the bemusement of a kind and loving gentleman who saw the humor and absurdity of it all.

Our affair never ended. We spent eternity together watching TV, visiting and being visited and playing with other creatures, playing video games (he watched the cars on the screen and batted at them), eating together, sleeping together, and making love. Eventually we had a love child, but that’s another story. OK, we adopted. But we loved her and she was a child when we adopted her, so the lioness was our love child.