Natural Recall

I was drifting south of Key West on my sailboat, or at least I think it was south. My compass had stopped functioning awhile ago and I had lost track of how many days it had been when the storm hit. I had gotten lost long before that; when I took time off from college to attend my Grandpa's funeral. The service was quiet and the weather was horrible. I didn't seem able to cry, even though my Grandpa was the only one out of my dysfunctional family that I had a real relationship with, so I let the rain weep for me. I found myself unable to return to college immediately, feeling that there was a sort of dark cloud over my head. I decided I just needed a little fresh air and solitude to clear things up a little, and I headed south on the old boat my grandpa had left to me in his will. By the time I realized that I was lost, I no longer cared. My melancholy had worsened and I had no reason to seek its cure back home. That's when the storm came down on me. All I remember of that night was a lot of thrashing, water, and the distinct curiosity of what drowning would be like. I didn't have long to think about such things, for in the next moment an enormous wave crashed into me causing me to black out.

When I awoke, the first thing that struck me was that I was alive, the second thing was the wave of searing pain that emanated from my side. After my eyes had adjusted to the morning light, thirst drove me to a small pool of shimmering water. A pale face with forest green eyes and coal black hair stared back at me from the pool. Other than a little stubble and a nasty cut on my eyebrow, and the throbbing pain from my bruised ribs, I seemed fine. I cleaned up the cut, which did not turn out to be so bad, and tore a strip off my t-shirt to bandage it. Slowly standing, I surveyed the area. Rolling green hills dotted with trees stretched on to the horizon before me, and the calm surf of the ocean rolled across the rocky shore behind me. I suppressed the urge to panic, hiked up my Bermuda shorts, which were the only thing I had besides my torn-up shirt, and started towards the horizon, searching for food, water, shelter, -- whatever I could find. Taking only a few steps, something caught my eye: a golden glimmer nestled in the sand just before the plains started. Carefully bending down to pick it up, I wiped away some sand and stared in disbelief. It was a pendant that my Grandpa used to wear and must have left it in the boat before he passed. The pendant depicted a lion standing up on its hind legs and holding a moon in each paw in the style of a family crest. I slipped it over my head and enjoyed the somehow familiar weight and warmth of it against my chest, surprised but glad that something other than myself had survived the storm. After an hour or so of slowly exploring, I found another small pond hidden in a shallow valley encircled by trees. I sat under a tall oak on the bank of the pond, leaned over, and sipped some of the pond's pristine water. It did nothing to alleviate the growing pangs of hunger I was getting, but it was crystal- clear, cold, and tasted clean as it trickled down my throat and dribbled down my chin. The dark cloud had lifted, and I was actually starting to feel good, forgetting for the moment that I was stranded by myself with no real way of sustaining myself. Whatever had been bothering me before seemed gone. There was something else bothering me now though, like an itch in my mind I couldn't reach. My mind was foggy and I was having trouble remembering much more than bits and pieces from the few days before and a few childhood memories. A nice breeze had picked up and my side hurt less, I closed my eyes, hoping that my sketchy memory was just from the bump on my head. I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes again it was dark outside. Getting to my feet, I shivered in the cold night air and wished for something warmer than a pair of short shorts and a shredded t-shirt. I couldn't see very well; clouds seemed to have obscured the stars and moon. I tripped as I stumbled forward, trying to resume my exploration. A curse escaped my lips as the ache in my side began to reassert itself, and I groped around for something to prop myself up on until my hand was grasped by another hand, but it felt strange, like it had fur... A cloud must have cleared out of the way because a sudden shaft of moonlight illuminated my companion. Moonbeams played across the figure before me, flickering as clouds passed. It stood and carried itself like a human but had the physical features of a tiger. A tiger's head sat upon humanoid shoulders, and a tiger's tail protruded from behind it. It was wearing normal clothing, but from underneath, it was covered in fur! The furry tiger head gave me a very human smile and started to pull me up. It was too much for me, with a feeble eek, I went down in a dead faint. Images of the storm, the moon, and that strange tiger person danced in my head. I could almost hear the tiger purring.

A warm, fuzzy hand brushing my face snapped me out of my dream. My eyes opened to the same tiger creature changing the bandage on my head. In a panic I tried to jump away, but a pair of sparkling golden eyes and gentle pressure on my shoulder from the tiger's other paw convinced me not to. My mind was screaming at me to run for my life, but something deeper hushed my fear. Besides, the creature seemed to want to help me, and my ribs still ached too much for me to really do anything drastic. My heart rate slowed down and I began to relax against the headboard of the bed. Looking around, I appeared to be in a fairly simple room with only a bed, a nightstand, a shallow closet and a body length mirror fixed onto one of the walls. I watched what I now realized was a 'her' as she cleaned my wound. She was wearing a loose, pastel yellow, cotton shift which stopped at her knees and hinted at her breasts, thus causing me to come to the conclusion that it was a she. I assumed it must have a hole cut out for the tail as I felt something long, slender, and furry gently thwapping the side of my leg. Her head was framed by soft brown hair, her medium height body was covered in a cream-colored pelt with rusty red stripes, and I could smell a light scent similar to nutmeg coming from her body. "There, all done" she purred in my ear as she finished. With my eyes still solidly fixated on her, my hand slowly went up to my eyebrow to touch the bandage. I winced in pain as I put a bit of pressure on the wound, but it felt like she had done a wonderful job, and the cut seemed to be healing remarkably quickly. I eyed the tigress and gathered my wits about me. "Who. What. are you?"

"My name is Katrina, but you can call me Kat, and I'm a Furry" she purr-giggled. "What's your name and what kind of Furry are you?"

"I'm not a Furry, I'm a human. And my name is. my name is." I stammered back. I cursed mentally as I realized I still couldn't remember much. It almost seemed if I was losing memory. I couldn't even remember my name. Kat shrugged and looked me up and down quizzically. It was then I realized I was nude. Blushing violently, I snatched up the sheets. Kat giggled again, and my ear began to twitch as I tried to reconcile what shreds of dignity I had left. "Wait here, I'll bring you something to eat." Kat purred as she walked out of the room with her tail slowly swaying behind her. She flashed me a look I couldn't quite figure out as she disappeared through the doorway. I took advantage of her absence to look for my clothing and mull over my situation. Having no luck finding my clothes, I returned to bed. As decidedly weird as this whole thing was, I wasn't quaking with the fear one would expect a normal person to do when confronted with this. I felt uneasy for sure, but it was as if I was too shocked to be shocked. Moments later she appeared with a hot bowl of stew. I still had questions to ask, but my hunger got the better of me and I dove in. It was wonderful, aromatic, with the taste of a spiced bisque, it was also the first thing I'd eaten since I found myself on the shore, which may have had something to do with the delight I took in it. Finishing off the bowl, I set it on the nightstand next to the bed and looked up to see the tigress watching me. "Where do you come from?" Kat asked me as she reached out to feel my hair. The sensation of furry fingers running over my scalp was nice. I closed my eyes and tried to reclaim anything out of my fading memory. "I. I don't know, the last thing I remember was being in a storm at sea. How do we understand each other?" I asked, trying to change the subject. Kat tilted her head to one side and looked at me. She traced the chain of my necklace down to the pendant with her finger and tapped it with an extended claw, "It's your necklace. It's magic." My eyebrows shot up. All of a sudden the memory of me calling my grandpa a 'crazy old loon' for telling wild stories about magic and mystical creatures surfaced in my mind. Maybe he wasn't so crazy after all.

"You should rest, regain some strength." Kat said, as she gently pushed me down and pulled the sheets over my chest. She kissed me softly on the forehead before she turned and left the room. I was too tired to argue and settled in, shutting my eyes and trying to calm my mind, spinning with the strangeness of the whole situation, and wondering what about my medallion was magic.

I woke up in a cold sweat from a dream where I was fighting a white lion. In the dream the lion would attack and I would run away. Gradually I found I was attacking a mirror image of myself. I looked down at my hands to discover that they were now paws and abruptly awoke. Fumbling with the sheets, I staggered out of bed and walked to the full body mirror set into the wall. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I raised my head and looked into the mirror. What I saw almost knocked me over. Reflected in the mirror was a figure with my height and the same general body shape, but who was covered in short white fur with a lion's head where my head should have been. A long black mane spilled over the reflection's shoulders and tipped his long lion tail. Green eyes, MY green eyes, stared back at me astonished. I realized that the figure in the mirror. was me! Suddenly I became aware of senses I'd never experienced before. I had claws, whiskers, and a tail I'd never had before, yet they felt as if they'd always been there. I roared in fear and confusion and ran out of the room. Kat poked her head out of the room across the hall as she heard me. She yelled for me to wait, but I paid her no heed as I found the main entrance and bounded out. At first I ran like I always had, but I found myself running faster than I ever have in my life and on all fours! I noticed smells and sounds I'd never noticed before, and my senses were still expanding. I came to a halt as I reached the beach, looking at the very spot where I had first started this bewildering experience. My ears twitched as I heard Kat come to a stop a yard behind me. I span around and my breath caught in my chest as I saw her. Kat was wearing a long purple robe that flattered her figure nicely, hugging her curves. Her eyes seemed to glow with a golden radiance. "Calm down, you're okay." she cooed, as she began to move closer. "Okay! What do you mean okay! What happened to me!" I growled, taking a step back. "I'm not even human anymore!" Kat kept coming and began to reach out to me with her hands. My pendant started to glow with the same light as her eyes, and I was filled with conflicting feelings. Fear, human and animal instincts, and a desire that I couldn't describe, welled up inside of me. The tigress almost seemed to float off the ground as she came closer and closer, and I found that I couldn't move. She closed the rest of the distance between us and reached up to caress my cheek. Following an irresistible urge within me, I did the same reaching out to caress her face, at the same time encircling her waist with my other paw and my tail. She pulled me closer and kissed me passionately on the lips. I returned the kiss with an almost instinctual need, and for that moment time stopped. Sudden understanding blossomed in my head as Kat awakened the magic in my medallion and triggered a genetic memory within me. Images of my great ancestors flashed before my eyes. I saw my pride strike out to the human world to bring new blood to the homeland, using the pendant to invoke a spell that would make them and their descendants appear human. Now the combination of returning home and contact with another Furry had set off the reversal spell and transformed me to my true state. Our lips parted and I looked into her eyes. "I understand." I began to say, but Kat silenced me with another kiss. She eased me down on my back and removed her robe, letting large and shapely breasts and hard, perky nipples feel the cool night air. Her silky smooth fur continued down her body, shortening as it reached the hidden place between her legs. The scent of nutmeg, and something else, strengthened and drove me wild with lust. She touched my chest and ran her fingers through my fur down towards my maleness, making my entire body ache with desire. I ran my hands up and down her back and rear, savoring the feel of her firm body, my core burning with passion. She teased my hard member and slowly guided it to her cunt, already wet and dripping. Leaning over to kiss me, Kat pressed the head of my cock against her wet folds, rubbing my tip up and down, but not letting it in just yet. I moaned in pleasure and pulled Kat down on top of me, making both of us gasp as I slipped inside of her. Her paws held my shoulders down, her claws barely pricking my skin, as she rolled her hips on top of me. My hands ran over and between her thighs as she rode me and drifted back up to her firm rear, squeezing it as I thrust against her. My back arched in ecstasy as her hot, tight, pussy milked me. Kat began to purr and her juices spilled out of her even more, covering and soaking my loins and causing me to shudder at the vibrations in rapture. The tigress bent her elbows, letting her full breasts brush my face as she thrust back down on top of me even harder. My open mouth found one of the breasts, sucking and kissing it. One of my paws found the other breast, gently rubbing and squeezing it as I flicked her other nipple with my tongue. I started to purr myself, the deep sound rumbling in my chest and pouring from my throat, making my whole body shake. Kat shuddered, tightening up around my manhood, and reached down with one paw to massage my balls. I could feel an incredible pressure build up within me as my mind was flooded in a sea of bliss. I held back and thrust in and out faster, my entire body tensing to maintain control. I had slowly began to pull out, leaving just the tip in as I got ready for another thrust, when Kat jammed her own sex down on me forcefully. She pulled me to her in an almost rough, but passionate, kiss as she reached orgasm. Her insides tightened around my rod incredibly as she climaxed and her tongue pushed into my mouth. I kissed her back as my control broke and I sent me hot seed shooting into her in a rush. She milked me for every last bit and the kiss stopped as we melted in each others arms, her holding me inside her still, and my face buried between her warm breasts. After we had recovered some I pulled out and we gathered our clothing, still keeping in close contact. Kat and I walked back to her den where we fell asleep on her bad, purring in each others arms.

Since that night my memory returned. Kat has shown me around the village in the middle of the island, which turns out to be one in a large chain of islands. Other Furries have heard my story and accepted me into the community. My name here is Balis. I did have a human name once, but it's unimportant, along with all the other things I used to live for. Every once and a while I go back to the shore and gaze out over the sea, but then Kat comes up behind me and hugs me. I don't miss my old life, after all, home is where the heart is.