Neela and the tiger
© 2018 by Jane Applestock

Neela and the tiger

Note: this is an english and modified version of the french story "Nowan et le tigre".

Young French of Indian parents, Neela was offered a one-week trip by his family to India for her 18th birthday, so that she could discover his parents' country of origin and the customs associated with it. Arriving by plane at Calcutta airport, a taxi driver was waiting for her with a sign with her name on it. She had to go to the small town of Jamalpur to meet the family who would stay with her throughout her adventure. However, unable to make herself understood with her poor level of Indian, the taxi stopped a few villages before its final destination. The young girl then decided to end his journey on foot, cutting through the forest to go faster. She took it badly, since she lost her way in the damp jungle, where she fell from exhaustion after several hours of walking. As her vision became blurred, she saw a large animal catching her by the leg and dragging her through the forest, and then she lost consciousness.

Neela woke up in a small cave by the river. When she opened his eyes, she jumped at surprise because she saw a huge tiger standing just above her. He stared at her with his round predatory eyes, half-open jaws, only a few centimetres from the poor girl's throat. Neela felt the animal's breath on her face, accompanied by a rotten flesh smell, the smell of death. The fear of dying suddenly filled the teenager, who began to tremble and then closed her eyes, thinking she was living her last moments. Suddenly the tiger exclaimed in a hoarse voice:

le tigre

"You're finally awake human, it's about time!"

On this, the feline stepped forward over Neela, then froze when the girl's head was between his hind legs. Neela then saw the tiger's sex erecting out of its sheath, pointing at her face like an accusing finger. Then the tiger lowered his hindquarters so that the tip of his penis touched the young girl's lips, and said:

"Now suck and swallow. You have a debt to pay."

Neela scared, didn't know what to do. How can an animal speak? she thought. But that was far from being her preoccupation at the time.

Indeed, the big cat's dick had a gripping smell of fresh fish and grilled popcorn, and this animal wanted Neela to give it a treat… Then the girl took a breath and asked:

"What if I refuse?"

"Then your flesh and blood will be used to pay off your debt." replied the tiger.

"Huh? But what debt? I didn't do anything, and this is the first time I've ever been to this country!"

Listen to me human. Poachers of your species caught me a few days ago with a net trap. As I was struggling to get out, they came in and hit me with sticks until I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was locked in a disgusting cage, where blood of my fellow was still on the ground."

The tiger swallowed and continued his story:

Then, for 3 days, they had fun masturbating in a bowl half filled with water. One by one, the 8 poachers passed the bowl laughingly, ejaculated inside, and at the end, they gave it to me so that I could drink it. At first I didn't touch it, but when you die of thirst and when it's the only thing you get from the day, you put the disgust aside and limit yourself to drink.

I managed to escape by pretending to sleep after pushing the bowl in the middle of the cage. As the bowl was inaccessible through the bars, a poacher was forced to enter in the cage. I then took advantage of his inattention and the fact that he hadn't closed the door to run away.

And now I'm gonna make your race pay for it. They ejaculated 24 times in all in my bowl, so I intend to do the same 24 times in humans' mouths. And you'll be the first."

At that moment, Neela felt pity for the tiger, and forced herself to accede to the tiger's desires. She opened her mouth, and the feline let in his penis, which slipped on Neela's tongue. When she closed her mouth, her teeth touched and scratched the rod of the animal, which gave him a painful feeling and made it roar. Worried about possible retaliation from the tiger, the teenager apologized and opened her jaws, taking care to close her lips on the member of his abductor. The big cat then began to move back and forth, never getting his sex out of Neela's mouth. She felt the penis moving in her mouth, rubbing her tongue, the inside of her cheeks, and she could see that a tiger's pink cock was only a dozen centimetres long, rather smooth, and that the pointed glans had barbels pointing backwards on 2-3 cm of the genitalia, the base of which widened as we come closer to the testicles. After the unpleasant taste of the first saliva swallows, certainly due to the urine residue on the animal's rod and in his urethra, the young woman began to love the savage taste that came out with every additional saliva swallow, especially as the smell of the cat's attributes became intoxicating. Then the penis stiffened and suddenly pressed against her palate. The thorns on the tip became hard, and the rod began to pulsate. This was the revelation for Neela when the tiger's sperm gushed down her throat: she enjoyed this first sexual experience. She swallowed 3 large swallow of the seminal liquid of the big cat, which emited a hoarse and loud mewing of pleasure. As the tiger took his cock out of her mouth, she could feel the barbels rubbing against her lips, like the hooks of a wet thistle that would be abruptly removed from her mouth.

But as the tiger stood up to let the girl free herself, one hand leaned against his hindquarters and another grabbed his testicles, stopping him in his motion.

"What are you doing?" wondered the feline.

Neela lowered the animal's crotch again by pressing on her left hand, and reintroduced the warm limb into her mouth. The rod began to soften on her tongue, so she squeezed the tiger balls a little in her right hand, and inserted the first phalanx of her forefinger into the anus just above, in order to excite the predator again. Almost instantly, the limb stiffened and flexed in her mouth. This time, Neela was planning to taste the tiger's sperm, which she had to swallow so quickly a few moments earlier. And for that, she was going to do the job. The teenager slowly began to suck the animal's cock, which was pleasantly surprised, and let itself be sucked. Her head moved back and forth, sliding her lips along the penis. She accelerated the rhythm, squeezing her lips tighter, stroking the warm limb from the base, sticking his mouth against the sheath of the tiger, to the end, taking advantage of the sensation of friction on her tongue and lips, provided by the spines covering the glans of the feline. When Neela felt the cock lift up again and began to pulsate, she brought her lips so that only the glans remained in her mouth, and rotated her tongue around vigorously. It didn't take any more than that for the tiger to have an orgasm and meow once again. The big cat ejaculated, and Neela felt the viscous and lukewarm juice gradually filling her mouth, each spurt accompanied by the twitching of the balls and the rod of this majestic predator. Taking advantage of the 5 swallows offered to her, the girl was able to fully enjoy the lightly salty and creamy liquid before it dripped into her throat. The taste was somewhat similar to that of the spinal cord found at the base of the shrimp skull.

Satisfied with the answer to her question, Neela let the tiger rise completely.

"Well, you can leave now, I'll find other humans for the remaining 22 times." said the animal.

However, Neela did not intend to stop there. Having liked the experience, she wished to extend it a little longer, and said:

"I will pay the debt of the humans alone."

"Are you sure of your decision?" asked the big cat.

"Yes." the girl replied without even thinking.

The tiger then lay down to rest, and Neela, lying on his back, thought back to the adventure she had just experienced, mixing smells, tastes and other sensations. Then she felt shame and deep embarrassment: she had just a zoophile relationship, and found nothing better than to decide to continue. Her only chance of surviving might have just vanished, and as she began to regret her choice, the tiger stood up and grunted:

"Next session…"

He stepped over the girl and took up position. Neela, pensive, opened her mouth, then closed it when the feline had penetrated his sex. He had been resting for barely 10 minutes, and he was already ready to start again, she thought. Seeing no solicitation from the young woman, the big cat started his hips movement, then after about thirty strokes, spurted in her throat. He retired and licked to clean himself, while the teenager swallowed his seed. Neela had remained passive, always thinking of the unconsciousness of her decision. After a few minutes, she stopped feeling sorry for herself. It was her fault, and she had to face the consequences. So why not make the most of it? The opportunity to share a sexual pleasure was offered for the first time to her, and she wanted to take advantage of it…

She got up, and went towards the tiger, who also got up as she approached. Stretching on the ground, she placed her head between his hind legs, grabbed his sheath and pushed it to make the feline's penis emerge. Then she swallowed it in her mouth. The limb was still soft, which allowed Neela to feel the small bone inside, which usually allows the cats to reach an erection faster. As she rubbed his penis with her tongue, the girl felt it growing, pulsating with every beat of the animal's heart. When it reached its final size, she tried to push it deeper into her mouth, but when its tip touched the bottom of her throat, it provoked an expulsion reflex that made her spit out the sex of the tiger. Determined, she tried again by swallowing, after letting the saliva fill her mouth beforehand. Her second attempt was a success. Despite the difficulty breathing caused by her action, she made the cock penetrate into her throat, swallowing to accompany it, and letting her lips slide on the sheath of the predator until they touched his testicles. This final movement provoked the ejaculation of the tiger, which ejected his sperm directly into Neela's esophagus, sparing her the trouble of having to swallow, since it was running on its own right down to her stomach.

But when the tiger wanted to withdraw, his glans stuck in the girl's throat. Indeed, the barbels having deployed, they clung to the walls, thus preventing the withdrawal. This became a problem for the girl, as the influx of blood into the big cat's penis gradually made his glans grow larger, clogging Neela's trachea. Beginning to suffocate, she grabbed the base of the rod, flush with the tiger's balls, and pushed with all her strength to free herself. In doing so, she provoked an intense orgasm for the animal, which roared loudly, ejecting the end of the pasty contents of his balls into the young woman's mouth.

Satisfied with this performance, the predator went to rest, lying on his right flank. Neela joined him afterwards and sat beside him.

"How did you find this?" questioned the girl, looking at the beautiful muscular body in front of her.

"Very pleasant, I really liked it." replied the big cat.

"Can I pet you?"

"You can." he says after some hesitation, which is understandable after what happened to him with the poachers.

Neela put her hand on his left flank, and began to caress him gently. He was soft and warm, and the young woman only wanted to hold him tight against her. But the feline looked suspiciously at her, and it was only after a few minutes of caressing that he ruled out the girl's bad intention, and put his chin on the floor with his eyes closed. Neela continued for a while, then stopped to lie down and rest, and finally fell asleep.

But she was awakened by strange moans. She opened her eyes and saw the tiger in his dream, the lips twitching. The animal's breathing accelerated, then the tip of its penis appeared out of its sheath, and three jets of semi-transparent liquid were released. The feline woke up almost immediately, and ran to clean himself after his erotic dream.

"Wait!" interrupted the teenager even before the first tonguestroke.

"If I clean you up, will it count as a repayment of the debt?"

The tiger reflects for a moment. This human is making efforts to repay the debt of his species, I can give her this fifth time, he thought.

"We'll say yes."

Neela then crawled down the tiger's belly, licking his wet fur. However, the small amount of ejaculate did not allow her to fully enjoy the flavour of the precious liquid, which she was beginning to love. She placed herself behind the predator, and slipped her head between his hind legs. In front of this invitation, the tiger wanted to get up, but the girl put her hand on his thigh and said:

"It is not necessary. Let me handle this."

Neela began by licking the drops of semen that flowed to the end of the sheath, then placed her lips in it and pushed it backwards with a head movement, at the same time making the animal's rod penetrate into her mouth. She sucked up the rest of the juice from the urethra, swallowed it up, and sucked the limb, which became stiffer and stiffer. As soon as the tiger was on the brink of orgasm, Neela sucked even harder, causing the release of the end of the semen in her mouth. She drank both swallow of liquid, licked the big cat sex for a few seconds, then removed her head from between his hind legs and lay on her back.

Thirsty by all these exercises, the tiger went to the river in front of the cave, drank it fresh water, and then plunged into the water to relax. Neela watched him dive, then rise to the surface, and so on like a submarine on a mission. Suddenly, his head came out of the water with a huge fish in his mouth. He left the river to settle on the shingle bank, heated by the sun, and devoured his catch as he dried.

After about ten minutes he got up and went to the girl. When the tiger passed over her, Neela rubbed his still warm belly with her hands, but when he wanted to squat down, the young woman held him by circling his rod with her right hand, and began to masturbate the animal. Her fingers slowly slipped on the smooth, damp skin of his limb, making sure to caress the thorns on the glans to excite the big cat. When he approached orgasm, his penis hardens, deploying its barbels, giving the teenager time to push her hand strong against the base of his sex, and to open her mouth. The rod began to pulsate, propelling powerful jets of creamy white semen, which struck Neela's palace. The girl swallowed the fresh seed, then licked the drops on the glans before the penis retracted into its sheath.

The tiger lay on his back with the front legs on his chest, which gave the young woman an irresistible urge to caress this big cat. What the animal did not fail to notice:

"Do you want to give me a hug? I can see you want to. Why don't you come on my belly?"

Neela immediately seized the opportunity and climbed on his stomach and lay down. She laid her head against his torso, listening to the steady beating of his heart, then gently stroked his neck, shoulders and flanks. Finally, she hugged him and fell asleep as soon as the feline had placed his front legs on her back.

After sleeping comfortably well, the girl woke up, caressed the predator under the chin and on his cheeks, taking him out of his sleep in turn. The tiger enjoyed her massages, and informed the teenager by blinking slowly. Neela understood then that she could continue, and decided to venture a little further. She slid her hands on the sides and then on the belly of the feline, scraped his fur with her fingers for a moment, then descended towards his lower abdomen by positioning herself behind him. There, she began to rub his crotch, hands on both sides of his sheath, before fondling it while licking his testicles. The big cat spread his thighs as far as possible to encourage Neela to proceed. The girl pushed a finger into his sheath and twisted it around his penis, causing it to erect. She then started a blowjob, handling the animal's limb with her mouth up and down, and twirling her tongue around. However, when the tiger was on the verge of orgasm, she stopped her action, and removed the sex from her mouth for a few seconds to let the pressure decrease. She began to suck harder again, and stopped again when the predator reached the edge of the ejaculation. Neela thus continued about ten times, keeping the feline on the verge of orgasm. This was a real torment for the tiger, which became more and more vocal, moving his head from right to left, with the drool escaping from his mouth and flowing down the ground.

"It's too hard to resist! Please finish!" exclaimed the cat with uncontrollable spasms.

The young woman then grabbed the animal's hind legs, put her fingers between his claws, then quickly sucked his cock, before putting her lips flush with his balls. The tiger threw huge amounts of sperm into her mouth, which the girl did not swallow immediately, leaving the big cat's penis to bathe in it while rubbing his glans with her tongue. But she was soon forced to swallow, as the viscous liquid continued to flow down her throat. Neela swallowed over and over again, drinking the seed of the roaring beast, who seemed to want to keep sinking. Finally, the ejaculation ended, and the young woman sucked the last drops of sperm from the tiger's urethra, then sucked his penis one last time to leave no trace.

Exhausted, they fell asleep against each other, holding each other tightly. The big cat woke up first, stood up quietly, and gently rubbed his head on the girl's face. Neela opened her eyes, staring at the beautiful animal, and stroked his cheeks, chin, and then scratched behind his ears. The tiger then lay down on her, letting the teenager give him a sumptuous hug. Then he left to drink at the river, allowing the young woman to wake up completely. When he returned, he stopped near the wall of the cave, stood against it, and marked it with a jet of urine. Neela was amazed at the tiger's ability to move his penis back and forth in a fluid and precise way to mark his territory. The predator started again closer to the girl, allowing her to observe the movement in detail.

"Impressive how you can get your sex moving!" said the young woman.

"Yes, look."

The animal approached to show her.

"Can you point it down?" asked Neela.

The feline proceeded. The girl knelt down behind him on her knees, grabbed the pink limb, and drained it from its urine by squeezing it in her hand.

"And now backwards?"

The tiger directed his rod towards the teenager, who smiled before inserting it into her mouth. Neela slid her lips forward until her nose was stuck under the testicles of the big cat, then sucked his penis, rubbing the barbels with the base of her tongue. The predator's balls suddenly began to contract, pumping his sperm into the mouth of the human being, who sucked up hard for each throw, swallowing the three swallows of liquid he offered to her one after the other. Completely excited, the tiger suddenly turned around, flattened the girl on the ground, and pushed his raspy tongue into her mouth still full of juice. He licked the mixture of slime and sperm, raised his head in the air, then swallowed, pushing a meow while savouring the taste of the mixture. He started again until Neela's mouth was clean, and left her alone.

The teenager repaid the remaining 15 debts, alternating positions so as not to tire the animal, which increasingly appreciated the presence of the human being. They alternated periods of sex and rest one after the other, reinforcing their mutual attachment through multiple hugs. The tiger went eat and drink from time to time at the river, which was not necessary for Neela, since she drank the semen of the big cat, rich in water and protein.

Once her last debt was paid, the girl sat on a rock in the cave, contemplating the magnificent feline.

"Do you want to continue?" she asked.

I like you, you know, but I always stick to my word. You paid the debt of your kind, so you're free to go." he answered.

The disappointed young woman looked down and thought for a moment.

"Maybe we can have more fun…"

On this, Neela lowered her pants and began masturbating, wanting more from the tiger, thinking to him. However, the animal did not let her do it. He approached the girl, slid his huge head between her thighs, opened his mouth and licked her pussy lips. Then he began a cunnilingus, rubbing his tongue back and forth inside the teenager's vagina, his sharp teeth against her slit. So overwhelmed by the action of the big cat, Neela couldn't reach orgasm, despite the warmth of his wet mouth. In order to get a little more excited, she wiped the drool off the beast's lips and licked her fingers. It also had an effect on him, which began to lick more energetically while chewing, tilting his head sideways so that the young woman could observe his work. With this view, it only takes a few more seconds for the teenager to be wet and start to moan, while caressing the predator behind the ears. The tiger swallowed the vaginal secretions that flowed on his tongue, then abandoned the girl's crotch, jumped on her and lay down, keeping his hind legs on the ground. She felt the weight of his muscular body on her belly and her chest, waiting for what will happen next. The animal made a trust and pushed his huge cock in her pussy, then slowly moved in and out, going deeper each time. His pointy tip entered in Neela's womb, and with a final push, he sprayed his hot seed inside, growling softly. The girl reached a powerful orgasm, that made her whole body twitching of pleasure and lust. They stayed in that position some more, the stiff penis of the beast still in her vagina. Then, she placed her arms on the tiger's back, enjoying the moment, and he purred for the first time, making her body vibrate every time he exhaled.

This was the beginning of a long love story…