Busted with Pleasure
© 2004 by TheTiger

Busted with Pleasure

With a happy whistle I enter the stockyard, its a nice day today. Sun is shining against a cloudless blue sky, and its a great day to work. As a routine, I sniff up the great sweetness thats lurking behind the stockyard doors and glance at Wendy who is busy inside Sambu's cage.

'Your late,' she says without looking up.

I take a look inside the cage, and I see Sambu standing on the other side of the exibit door. I give him a quick wink behind Wendy's back. Sambu give's a pleasant growl.

'Ugh,' Wendy says while she gets up anoyed. 'Could you get him away from that door? He's been there since I started cleaning and he won't leave.'

'Why would you want him to leave?' I ask while I put my things in the little office in the back of the stockyard.

'Becouse!' she screams. 'I can't work with a lion blocking all my sunlight, I can't see what I'm doing!'

A grin forms on my face.

'Well why would he listnen to me?'

Wendy ducked back into the cage, and carried on cleaning.

'Oh I can think of a few reasons...'

I pulled up an eyebrow, I didn't like the tone of that... Trying not to give it to much attention, I start doing my work. Wendy was already busy with the lions, so I got moving with the tigers.

'Gooooood mornin, my little striped furballs. How are you this morning.'

Jake and Shaila both made their greeting purr, and glanced at me when I replied to them.

'Time to go outside,' I said and pulled open the exibit doors. I gave Shaila a small 'air kiss' then started cleaning the night exibits.

While I clean and whistle a happy tune I think about my little adventure with Sambu three days ago. It was strange to admit, but I had a better time with Sambu then I had with Shaila. I guese a mighty creature fucking me gave me a better feeling then me fucking a mighty creature.

In the days that had passed I kept treatning Sambu for his wound. Rubbing on the fluid and changing the bandage, giving him a great handjob in the process. By the end of the second day I didn't even have to bother getting him an erection anymore as his hot pink member was already glancing at me when I enterd the cage.

I was so sank in thoughts I didn't even hear Wendy's calls.

'NICK!' it echo'ed trough the stockyard.

'What?' I replied while I stuck my head out the cage. Wendy was now standing against the wall of the lion exibits, looking pretty serious.

'Can I have a word with you?'

I pulled up an eyebrow.

'Yea sure,' I said as I put down my hoze and walked over to her. 'Whats up?'

She had a doubtfull look. Turning her foot nervously.

'I found something strange in Sambu's cage two days ago,' she said, dead serious again. 'Some partly dried, icky fluid of some sort.'

I swallowed something away.

'Drool maybe?'

Wendy gave a silly grin.

'Unless lions now have white drool... I don't think so.'

I swallowed again.

'Well, whatever it is, Sambu seems fine so Im pretty sure its inocent.'

I already turned around to walk away, but I wasn't given the chance.

'Do you know I study DNA forensics as a hobby?' she asked. I turned around looking at her with face which was barely able to keep strong.

'No...' I said. 'Is it any fun?'

'I took a small swap of the stuff,' she carried on undisturbed. 'Put it under a microscope, want to guese what it is?'

I was looking at the ground by now, my eye's to heavy to even look up to her.

'No thanks...' I barely got it out my dry trought.

Wendy grinned, standing firmly with her armes crossed.

'Its human seed, sperm.' it sounded asif she made a judgement.

'Really...' I hesitated. 'How did that...'

'Nick,' she interupted, 'I can let a friend of mine do a DNA comparisment, its not that hard to do. If I were to compare it with your DNA... what do you think the result is?' she was sounding rather frustrated by now, almost angry.

'Well...' I started, but again she didn't let me finnish.

'What were you thinking?! What were you doing in there?'

Well, jacking off obviously... I tried to get my grip back before I carried on.

'I just, I dunno. I got a rush from being that close to him.'

Wendy stayed sillent, most likely figuring out what to say. She had a look inside the cage, behind the door where Sambu was still sitting.

'You were giving Sambu quite a treat as well, I think. He was roaring his guts out...'

She gave me a look which almost forced me not to lie.

'I eh... I might have given him a hand...' I looked up quikely. 'But he liked it! Know that!'

'Oh I don't doubt that...' she mumble'd funny. I ave her a serious look, knowing what would happan if she told anyone about this.

'Can eh... can you keep this to yourself?' I asked gently. 'I'l get fired...'

She gave me a nod, a feeling of relaxation went trough me. Her knowing wasn't the most funny thought, but knowing she wouldn't tell made me feel so much better. Out of relief, I stretched my arms into the air, and if only I hadn't done that. The stretching made my shirt pull a little up, exposing the bandage I still had on. When I realized that, though. It was already to late.

'Whats that?' she asked when she saw the white bandage and came walking tordwards me.

'Whats what?' I asked while I hurried to hide it again. But Wendy was determined and started to pull my shirt up, even though I tried to hold it down.

'This!' she screamed while she lifted my shirt uncovering my back and seeing the little red stain in the bandage. 'My god, you let him mount you!'

Ofcourse, she was jumping to conclusions, since a bandage can mean so many things. But unfortunatly in this case she jumped to the right conclusion. Once again leaving me without words.

'No! No... eh...' I tried to make up an excuse, sorry Sambu. 'No! He eh, he raped me!'

Wendy bursted out in laughter.

'Nick, if he raped you we wouldn't be standing here talking and you know it.'

Shit! Why does she have to be such a smart ass! A flow of silence was around. Neither of us knew what to say and I was only looking at the ground, feeling like shit.

'Well...' she asked, kind of naughty. 'How was he?'

I looked up confused.

'Who? Sambu?' It was out before I knew.

'Well he's the only...' she stopped mid sentence to have a thought enter her mind.

Great! Do I even know when to shut up!

'He was great!' I bursted out to interupt her thoughts. 'Best sex I ever had!'

To bad... again no result.

'Sambu wasn't the only one, was he?' she asked with some disbelieve in her voice.

'Yes he was!' I screamed frustrated and nervous. I walked back to Shaila's cage to continue working. 'I fucked a lion and Im proud of it, ok? It was great!'

I waited for a reaction, but it took longer then expected. When I still didn't get a reaction after a full minute I looked outside the cage. Wendy still just stood there, looks like she was daydreaming.


She was staring at one of the empty tiger cage's. Then before I knew it stepped up to Jake's cage and opend the exibit door. Jake came inside out of habbit and was looking around searching for the piece of meat that he thought to find there. When he didn't find anything he wanted to leave again, but Wendy already closed the door.

'Eh,' I coughed, 'Wendy what are you doing?'

'Fix me up with Jake will you?' she said while she unlocked his door. She was about to pull it open when I hit it shut again.

'Excuse me?'

She looked at me, leaning against the door.

'You let a lion fuck you, now I want Jake to fuck me, fair enough right? Unless you want me to tell some ppl about what you did, help me with him.'

I could not believe what I heard! I mouth was hanging half open and I didn't even notice it.

'Are you blackmailing me?!'

Wendy got an almost evil grin on her face.

'You could call it blackmail.'

I could not believe it! This was not the Wendy I knew. My own co worker blackmailing me becouse she wants to fuck a tiger? I would have helped her, if she only asked normaly. Im not going to let myself get blackmailed. So, I walked away, out of the stockyard.

'I hope Jake enjoy's his free meal!' I yelled over my shoulder just before I shut the steel door behind me.

Outside the doors I waited to think. Sambu was looking at from behind the fence.

'You brought me in trouble...' I mumbled while I looked at him. I was just so pissed off at Wendy. If there's one thing I can absolutely not tolerate, its blackmail!

But no matter how mad I was, an ice cold death scream make's anyone forget their problems. And it was just that kind of scream I heard Wendy make from the stockyard.

'Ah crap! Stupid woman!' I mumbled to myself as I rushed back inside, locking the stockyard doors in the process. Luckely it wasn't as bad as it sounded, only problem was that Jake apparently was being a little to fast for Wendy's own good.

Wendy just got her clothes of and Jake was already completely on top of her mounting her and thrusting against her like the animal who hadn't had any pussy for months now. He hard cock was poking everywhere exept for it target, and Jake's spine must have made that a rather painfull experience.

'You see what happands if you just do what you want?' I said while I watched as Wendy was practicly being raped. 'You should be glad Jake is as horny as hell, or you wouldn't be alive right now.'

The screams of Wendy went trough everything.

'Stop talking and help me!' she screamed painfull. 'Either get him off me or help him find his damn target!'

Jake was still fully thrusting everywhere, his pink member sliding everywhere. I grabbed it and started jacking it a little.

'Go get her boy,' I said and guided his dick to Wendy's pussy. 'Fuck her like you never fucked before.'

Then I let him go, thrusting his dick right inside Wendy's hot flesh. She screamed of pain and joy as he started to thrust deep inside her. I stayed watching in the door opening, getting a hard one, but not doing anything with it. I figured I would have my turn with Jake soon anyway. And I was looking forward to it. I watched as his tool slid down Wendy over and over again. Being facinated by its length every time I saw it.

Jake was a huge tiger, a Siberian tiger of huge perportions and with a huge piece of tiger cock. His balls alone where already a hand full, and his dick looked like it was easely double the size of Sambu's. And if only that were true...

'Oh Jake! Oh Jake!' Wendy screamed, losing every sight of reality. 'Fuck me deep you horny tiger! Fuck me like the animal that you are!'

Jake kept thrusting and sobbing until he reached his climax, his hot cock for one last run inside, making Wendy scream it out of joy. As he came inside of her, filling her with his hot sperm, I grabbed Jake's face to prevent him from biting her in the neck and killing her. I gave him a small kiss on the nose. His rough breathing was astounding.

Wendy screamed it out, she looked like she orgasmed 5 time's already and Jake was still busy hosing his warm semen trough her puss.

'You enjoying yourself?' I asked amused standing with my armes crossed against the wall.

She moaned as she still enjoyed Jake's cock inside of her and his warm fur against her back.

'Ahh... he's still spurting... I feel it...'

I grinned.

'He didn't have any pussy for months, he was about to pop.'

Her eye's shot open and she looked up to me from under Jake's curtain of fur.

'I thought you let him fuck you just a while ago?'

'No... thats the conclusion you made...' I eye'd to Shaila's cage. 'I did Shaila.'

By now Jake had completely emptied his sack, and pulled back. Wendy moaned as he did, his fluids running past her legs.

'You just got 3 months of pure horny tiger all over yourself,' I grinned while I gave her a hand. 'Im jealous.'

But instead of thanking me I got a hit in the chest.

'That 3 months of horny tiger almost killed me, you idiot!' she gave me another hit. 'Warn me next time for fuck sake.'

Then she wanderd off, pants still at her ankle's, to the bathroom at the other end of the stockyard, next to the lions night exibits.

Next time? There will be a next time? This could be interesting. I glanced at Jake as he cleaned himself.

'I hope you have some left over in that sack of yours, cuz youl be doing me in a while.'

I turned around and wanted to walk away to see if Wendy was ok. But was completely stunned from one moment to the other. My eye's growing, shiffering all over and my mouth hanging.

Behind me, a deep heavy voice mixed with a low growl.

'With pleasure...'

To be continued...