A Feline Christmas
© 2004 by TheTiger


Yay its here, the sequal to the Feline Fantasie's story's. Its not realy connected to the others story's. Those story's are written in first persone, the following story is in third persone.

Anyway, I got a lot (I mean a LOT) of critiq and comments on the way 'The Final Act' ended. For those ppl: It wasn't to happy but not every story is about fun and pink roses. Never the less, I figured the story could somewhat use a happy end so here is my belated christmas story, written on Christmas Eve but only submitted now becouse I was on vacation. Hope you guys like it. C&C are more then welcome as usual.

A Feline Christmas

It’s been a while now since his time in the zoo. A good year at least. Nick had served his time for his claimed ‘crime’ and was now enjoying a nice christmas breakfast with his father. Strange actualy, as he should have been at the christmas breakfast arranged by the zoo along with his co-workers… along with Wendy. But how unfortunate as things worked out, those times were over, never to return.

‘I heard Wendy’s parents invited you over for christmas dinner tonight,’ his dad said.

Nick nodded en sighed.

‘So, are you gonna go?’

‘No, of course not,’ he said.

‘Why not?’

Nick waved his hand in way to indicate what kind of a question that was.

‘I don’t even get why they invited me over anyway!’ he bursted out. ‘In their eye’s I’m the one responsible for Wendy’s suicide, what are we going to do? Argue over yes or no I actual am responsible for their doughters death?’

He shook his head in grief as he sipped his coffee.

‘I don’t want to ruien their christmas eve with fighting, we are all better off if I don’t show up.’

His father made a move with his hand.

‘Fair enough.’

They continued their breakfast in silence for a few minutes with Nick reading his paper and his father listning to the jolly morning radio playing happy christmas songs.

‘And what are you planning on doing tonight?’ his father asked. ‘Just sit here all alone sobbing?’

‘Why not?’ Nick asked while he raised his shoulders. ‘I have every reason too, I feel guilty about what happand.’

His father put his hand on Nick’s arm.

‘You have no reason to feel guilty, Nick. Don’t forget, you gave her the best time of her life and I’m sure she left her life with a smile.’

‘Actualy it was something like… JAKE YES!’

Nick grinned about his own – maybe little misplaced – remark. But his father could laugh about it, luckily.

‘See? Rather think of the good times you had with her, you had plenty.’

‘True…’ Nick sighed, still with doubt.

‘Your not saying that like you mean it. Come on, Nick. Do you have any idea on what you accomplished? Heck, Im jealous.’

Nick grinned at his dad.

‘Well I might…’

‘Not that jealous,’ his father interupted with a laugh. ‘Besides, I thought you never went back to the zoo?’

Nick nodded.

‘I went back once just after I got out of jail, but that’s about a year ago now.’

He sighed.

‘I miss…’ he kept quiet and looked at his plate.


Nick nodded and made an almost unhearable sniff.

‘Dad, it may sound so sick to you but I love her so much… Past year has been so hard without her.’

His father had a grin at him.

‘It doesn’t sound sick at all,’ his father said gently. ‘A little out of the ordinary at the verry most.’

Nick smiled with a gentle sniff as he thought back at his love and the intimate times they had together. And it wasn’t even the great sex he had with his lovely and hot tigress that he missed. It was the fact that he couldn’t be in her presence anymore that killed him inside.

His dad reached inside his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He took out a few dollars and gave them to Nick.

‘Here,’ he said. ‘Go see her today.’

Nick stared at his dad in disbelief.

‘Dad… The zoo pulled out a restraining order against me. I can’t go within twohundred yards of the predator stockyard or the outer cages.’

‘Yes you can,’ his dad said. ‘I made a deal with your ex boss, you may break the restraining order only today.’

Nick almost jumped out of his chair. His laughter sounded troughout the house.

‘God! Thanks dad you’re the…’ he stopped dead in his words. ‘Wait… how much did this cost you? I know my ex boss…’

His father made an almost begging expression.

‘Come on, Nick. Concider this your christmas present from me.’

Nick sighed. He didn’t like the idea that his father had to pay just so he could visit his friends. Not that he didn’t like the gift. He just wished it didn’t need a bribe.

‘Thanks dad…’ he smiled.

With only his love Shaila in mind, he stood up to leave to the zoo. He wanted to spend as much time as he could.

‘Oh Nick,’ his father called after him. Nick looked over his shoulder. ‘You do know you won’t be able to fuck the living daylights out of her…’


‘…even though you really want to?’

‘Dad please,’ Nick grinned nervously.

‘What?’ his dad laughed at him. ‘I can’t talk to you about it?’

Nick grinned slightly not really knowing what to say. He just wasn’t comfortable with his dad talking about the stuff he did, eventhough his father didn’t have any trouble with it. Heck, he respected him for it. But it was still weird to hear your dad talk or ask questions about how you fucked a tigress into submission, how you were taken up the ass by a lion or did a threesome with the lionesses.

‘Thanks dad…’ Nick smiled. ‘I’l keep it in mind.’

It was a great feeling for Nick to be back at the zoo. It was around noon when he – for the first time in at least a year – opend the door to the predator stockyard. When he stepped in, John was working at the lion cages. Apparently he was to busy to even notice Nick.

‘Hey John,’ he said with a smirk.

John turned around and had a small scare when he saw Nick. Then just kept staring at him.

‘My God, Nick.’

‘Happy to see me?’ he grinned.

John just stared at him for a few seconds, then dropped the broom he had in his hand.

‘You… you! I don’t even have any words for you! I’m calling security, your not allowed to be here!’

Nick stared at him in disbelieve as John pushed him aside and and walked over to the phone. Did John just say what he thought he said? He was mad at him?!

‘Eh… John… wait I’m allowed today…’ it came out almost shaky and confused. ‘Are… are you mad at me?’

John put the phone down and turned to Nick as he stared it him.

‘Mad? No, ofcourse not. Why should I be mad at someone who rapes my tigers and my lions and…’

‘Hey I did not rape them!’

John kept quiet and looked away. Nick sighed, tired of being accused of it all the time. Tired of talking about it, its been over a year ago!

‘Im here to see Shaila,’ Nick went on calmly. ‘Is she outside?’

‘No…’ John said and shook his head. ‘She’s inside, she can’t really go well with Jake for some reason…’

He looked at Nick for a second and coughed.

‘And as much as I hate to admit it… she’s been grumpy all year, ever since you left.’

Without a word Nick walked over to Shaila’s cage. With slow moves he knieled down to Shaila who had her back turned to him and looked like she was asleep. Nick looked at John and held up his hand.

‘Absolutely not!’ John bursted out. Nick quikely looked at Shaila to see if she reacted, luckily his surprise stayed a surprise. With some well made facial expressions he eventual managed to get John to trow his keys.

While he opend the lock, Shaila slowly turned around and met Nicks eyes just as he pulled open the door. Her large cat eye’s looked like they were about to tear up as she looked into Nicks eye’s. He gave her a gentle smile.

‘Hey love,’ he said uncontrolable.

‘NICK!’ she roared out and leaped right out of her cage to land on with het front paws on his arms and left her huge warm body on his. Her tongue making long wet strokes over his face leaving Nick lauging of joy and John gasping of amazement. John stood there with both amazement and a few seconds later most likely also a little bit of disgust when Shaila and Nick let their tongue’s enter each others mouths. But Nick didn’t care if John was watching or not. With all the passion he could give he kissed his one true love; Shaila the tigress.

‘Good God I missed you so much,’ Nick said inbetween the kisses. He leaped his arms around her neck and pulled himself firmly against her.

‘I missed you as well,’ she panted. ‘You have no idea.’

Their two minute long kiss ended in a long hug between the two which took roughly just as long.

‘Where were you all this time?’ Shaila asked with a shiffer as they looked each other in the eye’s.

‘It’s a long story…’ Nick said emotional as he gave her a strong hug again and let a tear run down his cheek. When they finnaly let each other go they stared at a stunned John. Nick gave him a small laugh.

‘Oh, hehe. Sorry about that John,’ Nick giggeld. ‘I didn’t mean to embarasse you.’

‘Embarase me?’ he stutterd. ‘I eh… Im just glad your not… eh…’

Nick laughed again. John didn’t seem as disgusted as he appeared at first glance, that didn’t take away that he approved what they did though.

‘Don’t worry. We aren’t going to do anything like that today.’

‘We aren’t ?’ Shaila asked surprised.

‘Sorry Shaila.’

Shaila lowerd her head a little at this little disappointment, but soon realised that just being with Nick was more then enough. Though Nick on the other hand just realised he let his emotions take over. He was looking from John to Shaila with a little doubt and then back to John.

‘Oh… John, I’m sorry if this kinda scared you,’ Nick started almost begging. ‘Its just… Shaila and I havn’t seen each other for so long, I just couldn’t control it.’

John just stood gasping at them with no words ready.

‘You really did not stop to think what you were doing… were you?’

Nick stared at Shaila with a funny expression then said: ‘No, not realy.’

It was then John dared to say a word.

‘Nick, I wouldn’t believe this if I didn’t see it with my own eye’s…’ John sighed a moment as he thought back to the tape of Nick, Wendy and their big cat party. When he watched it at first, he drew the exact same conclusion as everyone els who saw it. Even though a man or two had real doubt becouse Sambu was actualy on top of Wendy, not to mention Jake being on top of Sambu later on. There was no explaination for it but still their boss almost made propaganda of it that Nick raped them, even though it almost looked like it was the other way around, only thing was that it didn’t seem against anyone’s will.

‘You realy do love each other, don’t you?’

Nick pulled Shaila to him and hugged her firmly while looking at John.

‘With all my hart, and she feels the same.’

John nodded as a confirmation.

‘I’l believe that after what I just saw. So I’m sorry about what I said about you, Nick.’

Nick nodded with a sigh.

‘That’s ok,’ he said. ‘I understand why you thought like you did.’

John stared at Nick one more time and gave him a gentle smile. Now he knew that it was love between the two, no matter how strange it sounded to him, he decided to leave them alone to cuddle a little more. When he was about to walk trough the door he turned back to Nick.

‘Nick… I will leave you alone for now… just don’t have any… sexual intercourse, with her. For your own good.’

He didn’t wait for Nicks respons, thinking he knew him good enough to assume Nick would automaticly take his advice. But Nick called him back.

‘John…’ he called and waited for John to face him again. ‘We won’t do anything now, I know how dumb that would be. For all three of us.’

He sighed for a moment.

‘But I would really like to have another night with Shaila here… If only it’s the verry last time.’

Shaila put up some pittyfull cat eye’s, hoping it would make a diffrence. She would like nothing more then have one more passionate night with her one and only lover. Jake had been hitting on her as soon as he got the chance, but Shaila had felt she needed to stay loyal to Nick. And that was pretty special, even for a tiger who was in love with a human.

‘Nick, I really can’t…’ John made an excuse with his hand.

‘Please… I would thank you for ever.’

‘Nick, I really can’t do this…’

‘Please, she is the love of my life,’ Nick swallowed to the thing he was about to say. ‘Please let me make love to her one more time. For the sake of christmas.’

John had a small laugh.

‘For the sake of christmas…’ he smiled then raised his eyebrows in an admitting way. ‘Ok sleaseball. I must be out of my mind that I let you do this.’

Nick cheered up at the spot and Shaila quikely followed as she assumed Nicks reaction could only be a good one. She purred happily.

‘I’l e-mail you my access code to the front gate when I get home. You can use that to get in,’ after that John left the stockyard and closed the door behind him. Leaving Nick and Shaila alone.

As soon as the lock fell in place, the two of them rushed their heads back to each other to continue their kiss. Shaila’s tongue twirling around in Nicks mouth while she slowl moved over him, forcing Nick down on the hard floor.

‘Well?’ she asked with gallons of hornyness dripping from her voice.

‘Tonight,’ he gently whisperd.

Shaila once again forced her way into Nicks mouth, this time taking him by surprise and giving him a sneak preview of what was yet to come. As horny as a tigress can purr, she purred into Nicks ear, letting a warm breath flow over Nicks neck. The purrs turned into whispers, whispers that sounded so hot… so steaming hot, that Nick could have gotten an orgasm righ there. That one thing a tigress could tell Nick to get him turned on like that?

‘Tonight, I will show you every corner of this stockyard…’

When the nice winter sun had set and a cold winter night had made its entry Shaila was siting in her cage, impatiently waiting for Nick. At every little sound she heard she tried to look at the stockyard door which she could barely see from her cage.

‘You seem exited tonight,’ Jake noticed when he heard the the rumbles in the cage next to him.

Shaila rolled her eyes.

‘Yea, well don’t think you had anything to do with that.’

Jake let his ears stand up firm.

‘Why are you so mad at me?’ he asked completely confused. ‘What did I ever do to you?’

‘You keep hitting on me while you know I belong to Nick,’ Shaila said while she kept staring at the gate. She heard Jake sigh behind the wall next to her.

‘Hon, you’re a tigress.’


‘A tigress doesn’t ‘belong’ to a human.’

Shaila had a laugh of both sarcasm and disbelief.

‘That come’s from a guy who… let me see, fucked Nick, Wendy and not to mention Sambu who you fucked up the ass.’

‘I mate with them, I’m not ‘in love’,’ he said it with a bullying voice.

Shaila gave him a low growl.

‘Keep your large nose out of my bussiness.’

Jake looked down on his own nose.

‘Large nose?’ he mumbled.

Suddenly the sqeeking sound of a large metal door opening. Nick enterd the stockyard and ran over to Shaila’s cage as soon as the door fell back into the lock again.

‘Jezus, Nick!’ Jake reacted as he saw him go by.

‘Hey Jakey,’ Nick said happily as he opend Shaila’s door. Seconds later they were entangled in a kiss again.

‘Hmm,’ Nick moaned with Shaila’s tongue running trough is mouth, then he broke their kiss. ‘These few hours have gone by way to slow.’

Shaila answerd with another deep kiss while she pushed Nick to the ground.

‘Take off your clothes,’ she panted while she stared him in the eye’s. ‘I don’t want to wait another minute for you inside of me.’

Nick crawled from underneath her.

‘Just a second,’ he whisperd secretly. ‘Follow me.’

He hurried over to the office and went inside, Shaila quikly followed him. Nick meanwhile tried to break the undressing record as they now were in a nice warm office instead of in the freezing cold. He opend his arms and received Shaila’s full wieght in his arms. He landed on the ground with a bang, almost hitting his head against the desk.

‘No more waiting,’ Nick panted as he felt and enjoyed Shaila’s warm tongue over his face and neck. ‘No more waiting, love.’

Shaila felt Nicks erection pounding against her belly, impatiently she worked her way on top of him, her hot slit now above his crotch and her tail twirling around Nicks legs. Nick grabbed her near the tail and rubbed his hard cock against her wet slit. Becouse Shaila was roughly twice the size of Nick, they weren’t in the perfect position to kiss. Thus Nick was staring at her chest. It didn’t change the feeling though.

Shaila couldn’t wait a second longer, she was at the verry border of her hornyness. With heavy pants she sat down on Nicks hard cock, it slid inside her smoothly. Deeper and deeper untill Nick could feel the base of her tail sliding over his asscrack.

Nick closed his arms around her ass and started to thrust inside her while Shaila moved back and forth on top of him.

‘Oh Nick!’ Shaila panted. ‘I have waited so long for you.’ She roared heavily.

Nick tried to roar just like Shaila, ofcourse he didn’t get quite as deep or loud.

‘I love you Shaila,’ he sighed with his eyes closed and his head rubbing against her front legs. ‘I love you so much.’

Both of them kept thrusting against each others, Shaila’s wet slit closing itself around Nicks hard cock. It didn’t take long though. The constant strain on Nick and the great feeling of being inside his love again after a year or so made him growl pretty shortly after they started. He felt his precum flowing in her slit, little by little it started to come out more and more untill it was litteraly spurting out of him.

‘Oh Nick!’ Shaila growled. ‘Yes! Come inside me!’

Nick panted as he felt more precum flowing from his cock and felt the presure building.

‘Im not coming yet!’ he panted. ‘But I’m really close!’

With that message Shaila tightend her puss around Nicks cock to sqeeze everything out of him he had to offer her. She bend through her front legs and pushed her body against Nicks naked skin. She felt his hot breathing against her chest and troat.

‘Give it to me Nick!’ she growled and roared in an almost agressive way against him and instead of scaring him she just turned him on even more. ‘Give it to me! Give it to me NOW!’

Nick scratched his hands over Shaila’s back as he kept thrusting harder and harder. And under the escort of screaming her name with all the breath he could spare he launched his hot sperm deep inside her slit. Hose after hose was launched inside his hot tigress up to ten hoses untill Nick was completely worn out.

It was the last push Shaila needed. Nicks hot sperm hosing her down unlocked her great orgasm she had right on top of Nick. She kept moving back and forth, wearing Nick completely out before collapsing on top of him.

Her weight was almost squishing him, but he didn’t care. He just kept there panting. Luckily for Nick Shaila rolled off of him after just a few seconds. Nick pulled out of her and crawled up to her to entangle her in a hot kiss.

‘Marry christmas,’ he smiled at her.

‘Do you like it?’ Shaila asked while she lay against the wall of the office.

Nick raised his shoulders, he was enjoying her soft for underneath him. Shaila was so nice and soft, better then his own bed anytime.

‘I’m not a to big fan of it,’ he said softly. ‘But it managed to get to me every year again.’

It was around two in the morning as they just lay there in the warm office and enjoyed each others company. Nick had been explaining the meaning of christmas to Shaila for the past hour and a half and was just busy answering questions.

‘You humans sure have strange habbits,’ Shaila noticed while she shook her head. ‘So… just so I get it, a god of some sort send his cub to earth, and christmas is to celebrate his birth?’

Nick laughed from the centre of his stomach becouse of the hilarius way she told it.

‘Whats so funny? I really don’t get it.’

‘First of all,’ Nick laughed. ‘He didn’t send his ‘cub’, he send his son. And you pretty much got it. As I said realy like christmas so I don’t know the entire story. But you pretty much got it.’

Shaila shook her head again.

‘Humans are so strange,’

Nick laughed and gave her a kiss on the nose.

‘Come on, you know you love us.’

Shaila moaned.

‘Hm… I certainly love you if you do that… little bit naughty are we?’

‘Oh sorry,’ he grinned and pulled his finger back out her slit

Shaila licked his face.

‘You can do that anytime,’ she said almost with a grin. ‘But I want to know more about to christmas thing.’

Nick burried his face in her soft and warm fur.

‘Aw come on,’ he said as he rubbed his face down her to eventualy end up kissing her muzzle gently. ‘The only night we can be together and you want to talk about christmas.’

He heard a small laugh from Shaila, which was probably he first real laugh he ever heard from a tiger now that he thought of it.

‘I was already wondering why you weren’t humping my leg all the time,’ Shaila purred at him.

Nick made a confused face.

‘Humping your leg?’ he laughed confused. ‘Do I remind you of Jake that much?’

She stared at him in a teasing way.

‘Yes, actualy,’ she purred at him and enjoyed the surprised look Nick gave her. ‘Only diffrence is that your allowed.’

She raised her butt, with Nick still on her back, as her lover gave her a grin of entertainment.

‘Well, come on. I thought you wanted to have sex with me. Do your thing already.’

Nick made a salut to her then slid of her back.

‘Yes, sir!’

Shaila took position on her stomach and rose her tail.

‘Doggie style,’ Nick remarked and rubbed his cock against her hot slit. ‘I like that.’

Shaila growled angry and looked over her shoulder. Nick raised his hands in innocense.

‘Tiggy style, excuse me.’

He slowly slid his cock inside her and moaned. Shaila didn’t seem exited though.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked.

Nick looked around, then looked down to his bussiness.

‘Eh… I would call this fucking a beautifull tigress… unless you don’t want it in which case I should call it beastiality.’

‘No, hon,’ she sighed with Nicks member still completely up her slit. ‘I just meant that I would like you to try…’ she stopped dead in her words when suddenly a bright light broke trough the office window. So bright it almost blinded the both of them. It was impossible to see anything outside in any case.

Nick stood gasping with open mouth, who was that! He wouldn’t be getting cought again, would he. This could not be happening. He got back to straigh thinking rather fast and pulled out of Shaila to drop next to her on the ground. He shushed his finger to indicate she had to be quiet.

The bright light was spreading troughout the room, Nick tried to figure out how the stockyards spotlight could be this bright and even better, why it was this bright.

Who ever that is is going to notice Shaila is gone right away, Nick though as he pushed himself against Shaila.

The light faded away and it seemed like nothing ever happand. No foot steps, no silent mumbling. It just seemed like the stockyard got nuked but without the destruction or the loud explosions, just a whole bunch of freaking bright light.

‘Nick, what was that?’ Shaila whisperd.

‘I don’t…’ he held quiet when he suddenly heard footsteps. Short tick tock footsteps, like the shoes of a woman. They were coming closer to the door in a slow pace. Nick swallowed as the footsteps stopped at the door and when the door handle slowly came down his heart litteraly skipped a beat.

Ok, quike survey of the situation. Naked, tigress, alone in office, erec… oh no wait, he lost that by now. What in the world was he going to say?

He was about to burst out an excuse when the persone enterd the office, but instead he stayed gasping. Without blinking and almost without breathing he lay there on the ground with Shaila pressed firmly against him. He could feel how she too held her breath.

‘Ne… Nick…’ Shaila stutterd while looking up to this persone. ‘Are… you seeing what I’m seeing? Or am I going crazy?’

‘I… I don’t… know what your seeing… But I must be dreaming…’

‘Don’t worry you two,’ the woman said and stroke both of their heads. ‘Your not dreaming.’

‘Is it really you?’ Nick asked gasping. ‘But… how?’

The woman knieled down to them and looked Nick deep in the eye’s.

‘Out of all the people in the world, I thought you would believe in miracals.’

Nick stood up with disbelieve and a little fear in his eye’s.

‘We’ve missed you, Wendy.’

After Nick and Shaila kind of got back on their feet after their ‘out of this world experience’, they launched questions at Wendy like they were operating a machine gun. Ofcourse starting with…

‘Are you here to stay?’

Wendy gave Nick a calming grin.

‘Im afraid not,’ she said. ‘Only tonight… chrismas eve.’

Nick looked away.

‘Any particular reason you came to see us?’ he asked.

Wendy smiled while she sat on the desk and watched how Nick got comfortable on Shaila.

‘I wanted to see you one more time, we never said a propper goodbye.’

A suspecious look was forming on Nicks face.

‘That’s it?’

Wend raised her shoulders and made an admitting smile.

‘Ok, and we don’t have a tiger like Jake who can do anything to me as he likes.’

She grinned.

‘We don’t have any tigers up there, pretty boring really.’

‘So… you actualy just came back to fuck Jake one more time?’ he asked as he stroked Wendy over the arm to check if he was realy awake.

Wendy grinned.

‘Little selfish huh?’ she said shy. ‘But yea. Lets just say someone up there owed me a christmas wish.’

‘And instead of being with your mom and dad you choose to be with us one more time?’

She raised her shoulders.

‘I got the chance to get back one more time. I’d rather spend it with people who understand me instead of fighting about it all the time. And here I am.’

Shaila bend over to Nick and gave him a gentle lick across the cheek.

‘You would almost say she is in love with Jake,’ she whisperd.

With some fast move’s Wendy bend down to Shaila and grabbed her ear. She brought her face closer to her ear and whisperd: ‘I might just be…’

It sounded naughty and it was followed by a gentle kiss on the nose.

‘Wow,’ Nick and Shaila responded together.

‘You can hear her?’ Nick asked.

Wendy nodded.

‘Part of the deal,’ she winked. ‘Now I can finaly hear what you two love bird have to say to each other.’

They grinned for a second and were left without words for that time being. It was almost unbelievable for Nick to see Wendy back again. Even for someone who had been rewarded with the gift to talk to tigers and lions.

‘So…’ Wendy started after a while. ‘Is there room for two more in here?’

‘I think so,’ Nick said as he looked around the office, which had more then enough room for another tiger. ‘But we only need room for one, your going to be underneath him all the time anyway.’

Wendy grinned at him and hit him on the shoulder as he laughed her in the face.

‘I hope so,’ she said horny. ‘I’l just go get him.’

Nick nodded after her as she left the office. Shaila and Nick looked after her then let their eye’s meet.

‘Apparently, love is in the air,’ Shaila said and forced her tongue trough Nicks mouth.

‘Apparently,’ Nick sighed after they broke their kiss. He enjoyed Shaila’s soft fur as she put her paw around him. He stared her in the eye’s. ‘Now… what was it you wanted to tell me earlier?’

Again Shaila forced her tongue deep into Nicks mouth. Kissing him with great passion and taking him completely by surprise. Not that he minded, he just surrenderd himself to this dangerus predator, feeling her tongue run trough his mouth and her mouth pushed against his like how she would grab her pray. It was one of the more intens kisses he received from her since the verry beginning.

Their kiss was brutaly interupted when Jake came bursting in the office and Wendy following shortly there after.

‘Sorry I didn’t mean it!’ he yelled.

‘Jake take it easy!’ Wendy shouted.

‘Nick help me! I’m being haunted!’ he jumped behind Shaila and Nick with a fearfull look. ‘She’s mad becouse I killed her!’

Wendy stood in the doorway with a surprised look. She quikely closed the door as the draft was starting to take over the office.

‘Jake, easy!’ Wendy said. ‘I’m not haunting you!’

‘I didn’t mean it!’ Jake carried on not hearing anything being said to him. ‘It was the heat of the moment! I couldn’t help it!’


The tiger wrapped himself up into a large furball hoping it would protect him.

‘Leave me alone!’

‘Ah Christ…’ Wendy sighed as she rolled her eye’s to the sealing.

Nick laughed.

‘Nice choice of words.’

Wendy rolled her eye’s again, but this time becouse of Nick. Then she stepped over Shaila and sat down next to Jake. She grabbed his tail.

‘Please don’t hurt me! I’m sorry! I’m… HELLO!’ he shouted as Wendy took his sheath completely in her mouth and started licking and sucking.

‘Straight to the point,’ Nick laughed out. ‘You go girl!’

Wendy gave him a ‘yea yea, realy funny’ look as she had Jake’s cock in the back of her troat. Meanwhile Shaila turned on her back while she kept Nick on her using her paw. With Nick on her chest and stomach she actualy used her claws to keep him there.

‘Your not forgetting about me are you?’ she asked with a deep intens horny voice and kept her mouth open invitingly.

‘Hell no!’ Nick shouted. He opend his mouth and let his tongue slide around her mouth. Her tongue deep in his. Didn’t take long though.

‘Hey hey,’ Shaila interupted and broke the kiss. A loud, almost aggressive, growl escaped her jaws. ‘Enough with the kissing, fuck me already. We were interupted, remember?’

Nick didn’t answer, but it was the aggressive stand of Shaila that always got him completely turned on. She didn’t know that, but Nick knew that if he played her the right way he could get her on the edge of instinct.

With that in mind he placed his cock infront of her hot slit and prepared for a long smooth thrust inside her, but it was full out roar from Shaila which stopped him again. Nick looked at her.


‘Down a level, tiger,’ she growled.

Nick grinned at her and looked her deep in the eye’s. He moved his cock down and rubbed it against her ass. Slowly but in a smooth move he moved his hard cock in her ass. The more he came inside her, the louder her growls became untill he had his member full up her ass. By that time her growls turned aggressive again.

‘Wild woman you got there Nick,’ Wendy said with a grin as she had taken Jake’s cock out of her mouth for a second and was jacking him off. ‘You sure you can tame her?’

‘I’m not sure I even want to,’ Nick panted as he carefuly thrusted in and out of Shaila’s tight ass.

‘Come on you housecat!’ Shaila roared in his face. ‘I thought you were a true tiger! Now stop petting my ass and fuck me!’

Wendy eye’d Nick playfully.

‘Okay, I see what you mean,’ Wendy said just before she gave Jake’s hard pink cock a lick. ‘Good luck with her.’

She took his cock back in her mouth and carried on sucking him for everything he’s got.

‘Thanks,’ Nick replied to her then turned back to Shaila. ‘Ok, you want a tiger, you get a tiger.’

He started to thrust faster and faster, no more holding back. The only reason he held back was becouse he didn’t want to hurt her. But since she obviously couldn’t give a damn about him hurting her or not, he figured he could go all the way. When he reached his limit, Shaila trew out a roar everytime she felt his hot cock re-enter her tight ass.

‘That’s what I’m talking about!’ she roared at one of Nicks many thrusts. ‘Come on tiger! Show me what you got!’

As Nick kept thrusting, Jake started to moan and growl a bit himself.

‘O good God!’ he shouted. ‘Oh my God I missed this!’

‘Watch out, Wendy,’ Nick sighed with a grin but also with some trouble in his voice. ‘Its been over a year for him. Don’t drown.’

He laughed as he made another thrust deep into Shaila’s ass. It was at that same time that Jake started to twitch his ears, his muzzle, his tail, his balls and his cock. He shifferd all over his body as precum was flowing in Wendy’s mouth. Her swallowing move’s were going at a huge speed and it was only a fifty-fifty chance she would be able to take the real load. Luckily for Jake, it wasn’t a matter of time anymore. With low growls little drops of semen started to leak from his cock as Wendy was still sucking and swallowing.

Then at long last, Jake trew out a giant roar and unloaded himself seconds later. Large amounts of warm tiger sperm were spurted in her mouth and it only took about three spurts before she couldn’t handle the biggest amount she ever got from him. She tried her best swallowing every possible drop, but soon the semen was running down her chin, down the outside of her troat and down her breasts. As soon as she noticed it she quikely took of the jacket and shirt she had on and trew them in a corner. Just a few seconds after that she pulled his cock out of her mouth while he was still spurting all over her face. She swallowed what she still had left in her mouth, then quikely crawled underneath him to catch the stuff still coming out on her chest. She rubbed his cock between her breasts.

‘Jezus, Jake. Are you spurting by the gallon or something?’

She enjoyed the hot sperm landing on her breasts and covering her entire chest. Jake kept growling as he kept spurting. Spurting and spurting untill Wendy’s chest was entirely coverd in his cum. When he was done Wendy moved up, licking the last few drops from his still hard cock just before Jake collapsed to the ground. He panted heavily and Wendy layed right on top of him just as Nick always does with Shaila.

Nick was pounding in Shaila as fast as he could. She was roaring of pleasure and Nick firmly grabbed her hindlegs. He pushed himself against her paws, using them as support while he now let go of her hindlegs and directed one of his hand to her slit. As he kept fucking her ass he slid a finger in her puss, building up his climax as he felt her hot wet slit around his two fingers.

He panted heavily and after another few thrusts he exploded his hot sperm trough her ass. With huge roars coming from Shaila he thrusted inside her, spurting his hot semen deep in her guts. He enterd another finger in with the two he had in her slit and pushed them in as far as he could. Another roar escaped Shaila as she felt his fingers penetrate her slit even deeper. She felt Nicks heavy panting in her fur and together with his hot sperm running down her ass she reached a heavenly orgasm.

Shocking underneath Nick she growled intens as they both sighed in each others face. They stared at each other, Nick with a satisfied grin. Then he let himself fall on her soft furry chest, still panting.

‘Wonderfull…’ Nick sighed with his eye’s closed and his face burried in her warm fur.

‘You are delightfull, lovely,’ Shaila sighed and stroke her paw over his back.

Nick pulled back from her ass, Shaila shifferd from the great feeling.

Both Nick and Wendy kept panting on their striped lovers and enjoyed their soft fur. Nick looked at his watch, it was already three in the morning.

‘I have to get going soon,’ he sighed and looked at Shaila. ‘Sorry.’

‘No problem,’ she said and licked his mouth. ‘Im exausted anyway. All you need is a little push, but damn, once you get going.’

‘Hey, you wanted a tiger, you got a tiger,’ Nick grinned.

Meanwhile Wendy was whispering in Jake’s ear, grinning every once in a while.

‘Hey,’ Nick said with a smile. ‘Whats the big secret?’

Wendy looked up.

‘Oh, we were just wondering if you had the energy for one more go.’

Nick nodded as he stood up from Shaila. He eye’d Jake and Wendy.

‘What did you have in mind?’ he asked naughty.

Jake stood up while Wendy was still on his back, she laughed a little as she felt his strong body working underneath her. Jake bend trough his front legs and raised his tail as he pointed his butt to Nick. Wendy crawled of him in the meantime and stroked her hand over his cock and got on her knees underneath him.

‘Feel like a threesome?’ she asked hot.

‘Give me a minute to recover,’ he grinned and gave them a wink.

After Nick got back his strength and Jake ran his tongue trough Nick’s ass a few time to turn him on, they were back on the roll. Nick was sliding his finger up and down Jake’s gut. While Jake enjoyed the finger up his ass, he was running his tongue trough Wendy’s mouth and was sharing the verry first kiss with Wendy ever.

Wendy admitted to him she was in love with his as well, Jake didn’t realy know what to say to that. He wasn’t like Shaila, in love with a human. He did enjoy the sex though. And so they agreed their relation would just stay entirely sexual. Not that it matterd, since Wendy would be gone soon anyway, never to come back. But it was a good reason to have some great sex one last time. Thus the treesome.

Wendy and Jake kept kissing for a while before Wendy crawled underneat him. Nick enterd another finger with Jake and moved them up and down rapidly. The tiger bend trough his legs, enjoying the fingers up his ass, as he started thrusting tordwards Wendy’s slit.

‘Jake Jake, wait. Do me analy as well.’

Jake growled horny, then re-aimed his hard cock infront of her ass. Meanwhile Nick tried to smoothen things up in Jake’s ass and even tried to enter a thrid finger. It didn’t go in as smooth, but it got in after a few tries. Jake growled as Nick’s fingers slid all the way in. It was just a little painfull, but in a good way.

Wendy shifferd and moaned as Jake’s hot cock enterd her tight hole. He was moving up and down in a rapid speed as he liked the fingers up his ass. Nick felt Jake’s mussle’s working every time he thrusted in her ass, he could feel everything working inside his body, everything he could reach with his fingers.

Jake was putting his entire weight in the thrusts making Wendy’s body rock up and down heavily. His weight was pushing her forward and his chin on her shoulder was pulling her back. As she was panting her breasts were bouncing up and down.

Nick was still sliding his fingers up Jake’s ass, but pulled them out in one fast move. Jake felt a rush trough his body, making him shoot forward all over Wendy who in turn almost lost her balance. Nick lifted Jake’s tail and started rubbing his cock against his asshole. With his legs spread he stood behind Jake who was still thrusting his hard cock in Wendy’s ass. When he got a good chance he slid the tip of his cock up Jake’s ass and let the tigers thrusting moves swallow the rest of his hard member.

‘Ah Jake…’ Wendy panted with his cock in her ass.

‘Ah Nick…’ Jake panted.

‘Ah…’ Nick raised an eyebrow. ‘Jake?’

‘Ah Wendy,’ Jake sighed.

Nick grabbed Jake’s hind legs as he stood behind him with his legs spread.

‘And…’ he said as he made hard thrust into his ass, ‘that… complete’s… the circle…’

Shaila laughed at him as she lay down in the corner watching the hot threesome Nick, Wendy and Jake were having.

Wendy started to pant faster and heavier, she felt how her slit was getting soaked with her own fluids and felt Jake’s precum which was leaking from her ass down to her slit. It was still warm as it reached her hot lips. Soon she started to shock, her panting became soft screams and without even having to touch her slit she had a great orgasm. The adrinaline was rushing trough her veins as she screamed out Jake’s name. The fluids were dripping from her slit and Jake’s cock was still pounding in her ass.

Nick pulled himself deep into Jake’s ass as he enjoyed the moving of Jake himself. He felt his balls rubbing against Jake’s balls. Soon he felt the twitching in his balls and he was preparing himself for a second orgasm. He grabbed Jake’s hindlegs firmly and completely pulled back before pounding back in his gut in one smooth thrust. He let his semen flow through Jake’s gut with closed eye’s and his fur firmly in his hands. Jake was roaring it out as Nick spurted his sperm in his ass and felt it dripping out. Short thrusts were made as Nick unloaded himself inside Jake.

Jake himself was at the edge as well and it didn’t take much longer before he could unload himself and spurted his hot semen in Wendy’s ass.

It was a great chainreaction for everone and Shaila kept watching at the panting and sighing pile of horny ‘tigers’.

Once they got over their threesome and Nick pulled his cock out of Jake’s ass and looked for his trusted bed called Shaila. Wendy did the same with Jake and a few minutes later everyone was panting on their lover.

After roughly a few long lovely minutes Nick got up from Shaila and was starting to dress himself up again. Put on his underwear, his pants, his shirt and sweater. Finnaly he eye’d everyone in the room.

‘I realy need to get going now,’ he sighed disappointed.

He stared at Shaila for a second before dragging her into a great goodbye kiss.

‘I will miss you… again,’ he said when the kiss was over.

‘When will you be back?’

Nick Raised his shoulders.

‘I have no idea… lets not get exited over anything, okay?’

She looked at the floor with flat ears, then nodded. Nick petted her over the head andscratched her behind the ears.

‘Jake,’ he said. ‘See ya later man.’

Jake growled playfully.


Nick looked at Wendy then walked over to her. He put his hand on her shoulder and looked her deep in the eye’s.

‘Its been realy great having you around one last time.’

She nodded.

‘And it was fun being around,’ she smiled.

They had a short doubt as they looked at each other, staring at each others sparkling eye’s so full of emotion and starting to tear up. Wendy brought her face closer to Nick, Nick brought his face closer to hers. With closed eye’s they enjoyed a passionate kiss, their tongue’s twirling around each other. The kiss was broken with an intens shiffer. They slowly opend their eye’s and again looked at each other.

‘You would almost forget how good our fellow human can kiss,’ Nick grinned nervously.

‘Yea,’ Wendy said as she looked down to the ground with a smile. ‘But I like tigers better. No offence.’

Nick laughed. He let his hands slide of Wendy’s shoulders.

‘Lets get these two back in their cage,’ he sighed and wanted to turn around. He was stopped by Wendy who grabbed his hand.

‘Why don’t you just go home,’ she said and gave him a gentle smile. ‘Il finnish things up here, maybe have some more fun.’

Nick grinned.


With those words he trew the keys back on the office desk, then slowly walked over to the door. As he opend it he turned around to them one last time.

‘Bye everyone… Goodbye Wendy.’

Wendy waved at him, Shaila playfully growled at him. Then he left the room and closed the door behind him. His footsteps headed tordwards the big steel doors. After he closed those doors behind him as well Nick thought of Wendy. How great it was to see her again and to have had the chance to say goodbye afterall. It gave him a much better feeling now that he knew at least she was in good hands, or paws for now.

He also hoped this wouldn’t be the true last time he and Shaila could have done this. But he kept the possibility in mind. Would it be time to close this chapter? Put it behind him forever and concider tonight a little something for the road? He sighed at the thought, but maybe that was the best.

Maybe he could try some stuff with other animals some time. He did tigers and lions, no offence to Shaila, but a change would be welcome. Maybe he could go down to the animal shelter soon, see if they had a nice dog or something.

With that idea in mind he walked trough the zoo, tordwards the exit. Away from a christmas eve to never forget.