The Final Act
© 2004 by TheTiger

The Final Act

Since our rough night with the lionesses Wendy and myself had to stay clear of any of the big cats at the zoo. I had something frisky in mind, but I needed 100% hornyness. And what better way to get tigers and lions fully horny then to tempt them two whole weeks? We still had a week to go though, and frankly, Jake and Sambu wern't the only one's starting to get despreate.

'Can you tell me why we are doing this?!' Wendy shouted at me while she let Jake out into the exibit. 'There he goes! 300 pounds of pure horny rough wild hot tiger, and your telling me to wait two weeks before I can go at him again.'

'I thought you wanted to do Sambu some time?' I asked lightly while glancing trough the morning paper.

Wendy made a 'whatever' kind of move and tried to establish eye contact.

'I would, if I was less horny! The only one able to drain this need from me is Jake, and you won't let me in with him.'

'You just wait until the end of the week. Once we are in the middle of it youl beg to stop, trust me.'

Wendy let go a sarcastic laugh.

'Ya right, Il have to see that happan.'

An akward silence struck us, the knispering of my paper and the morning birds were the only sounds heard. The nice silence you could only hear in a zoo in early morning. Wonderfull!

'One week from now?' Wendy broke the silence. 'Wait a minute, next Friday, the zoo is closed for the weekend. Employee fieldtrip...'

I looked up from my paper and eye'd here with a daring glance.

'You bastard,' she continued. 'We are on duty all weekend, you idiot. How are we going to do anything?'

I put down my paper and took a sip of my coffee. I looked at her in a way forcing her not to act so stupid.

'Stop to think for a second will you?' I said. 'Minimum number of care takers in the zoo, everything is closed for three whole days, we are the only one's on duty in the Predator Stockyard...'

I saw a smile break trough on Wendy's face and here eye's let go the anger and made room for joy.

'Ok, forget what I said. I like where this is going. What are we going to do?'

'Thats a suprise,' I said amused while I quikly hid behind my paper again. 'But I promise you, its going to be the best you had so far.'

Thursday afternoon went rather bumpy. We were both pretty nervous for the next day. I was becouse I almost came just thinking of what we were going to do. And Wendy becouse she had no idea what we would do. I think it was the unknowing feeling which struck some fear on both of us. Becouse even if there was hardly anyone there, it was still risky. More risky then anything we had done so far.

'Are you sure John isn't working as well?' Wendy asked while we sat at the cafeteria, having a bite to eat, having a drink and waiting until the clock would make 5 o clock and we could go home.

'John is one of the fieldtrip leaders, so Im pretty sure he's not here.'

I winked at her as a sign everything would be alright. Though in reality, I had a strange feeling about it all. This would be so risky, did I think it all trough? What were the odds of getting busted this time?

Wendy had a look around, judging if anyone was near enough to hear us.

'Have you...' she started. She doubted if she wanted to ask, in her eye's I could see she had a difficult time with it. 'Have you ever told someone about this? Like, in a trusting mood or something?'

'Yes,' I said calmly. 'Well, not about actualy doing it, but I have told a good highschool friend I thought I could trust, how my feelings tordwards tigers are.'

'How did he react?' Wendy sounded nervous and scarred. And I didn't like to see her that way.

'He freaked out...' I said with a fade grin while I thought back to it. 'He told me I was sick, I guese I was wrong about him, I thought he would understand in some way.'

'And he never told anyone?'

I shook my head.

'I still respect him for that, I might not have liked it, but he kept it to himself. And Im glad he did, or I wouldn't be having wonderfull sex with tigers.'

We both laughed and looked around the see if anyone heard that. Luckily the cafeteria was almost completely empty at this hour.

I looked at her for a second and saw the doubt in her eye's.

'Why?' I asked. 'You want to tell someone about this?'

'Yes... no... I don't know...' she sighed. 'I can't tell my parents. You know, their practicly thinking they are Gods right hand, they would never understand. And my friends... well I don't trust anyone of them enough realy...'

'I can understand if you want to share this with someone,' I said carefully.

'But what if people find out?' Wendy rushed on probably not even hearing what I said. 'People will think Im some kind of sicko...'

'Do you think you are?' I asked while I leaned over the table. Wendy looked at me with a doubt. 'Are you ashamed of doing this?'

Wendy waved her arms around.

'Well Im certainly not going to make a public speech about it!'

I sighed.

'I mean for yourself. Your not ashamed of it, or you wouldn't be doing it.'

'Thats true I guese,' she said while she looked away.

I layed my hand on hers to comfort her.

'You don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. As long as you know that, it will be ok.'

She gave me a fainth smile and organized her long hair back behind her ear. I glanced at the clock to see it was almost 5 o clock.

We left the cafeteria and made our way back to the Stockyard. On our way there we watched all the other animals we came past. The zebra's, the elephants, monkey's, hyena's. For fun I asked Wendy if she ever thought about having sex with other animals then big cats, nodding at a male zebra who just stood there with an erection you say HELLO! to...

'Actualy...' she started and gave me a naughty look. I stared back with her in disbelief.

'Your kidding!' I laughed.

I saw how she turned red and had a silly smile on her face.

'I eh, I had a own horse once, when I was 17 or something. He got an erection once while I was cleaning him after an afternoon of riding. I was youngh, wanting to experiment... so I gave him a hand job...'

I listnend to it with a smile of disbelief on my face. No wonder she was so straight onward to me when she found out about me and Sambu.

'One thing led to another,' she continued. 'And before I knew it I had his cock as far up my slit as I could take.'

I almost tripped over my own words.

'I... wha... how was it?'

'Great,' she sighed. 'But I felt so emberaced afterwards I never did it again.'

I grinned.

'I bet both the horse and you didn't like that.'

Wendy grinned. But said nothing in return.

When we got back to the stockyard I was surprised to see two men walking out the door carying a ladder.

'Were done here,' one said while he walked past. I only looked after them as they went around a corner somewhat later.

'What was that about?' Wendy asked.

I took a look around the stockyard, trying to see anything out of place.

'I have no idea,' I said when I couldn't find anything wrong or out of place.

Wendy waited at the entrance while I got our stuff from the office. I trew her her backpack then locked the office door behind me.

Tommorow was going to be the day. The big day after two weeks. It was with that thought I left the stockyard. Not thinking about the two strange men one second longer, I never suspected anything from it.

'C'mon c'mon! Tell me what your big idea is... please!'

I invited Wendy over for dinner after we had done working Friday afternoon. We said goodbye to everyone who was going on the fieldtrip, then got over to my place for a nice romantic... pizza with soda.

When midnight was coming near we left for the zoo, and on our way there she kept asking my head off about my big plan.

'Im not going to tell you, its a surprise. Just trust me on it that you will love it, ok?'

She sat back grumpy and snarled at me. I gave her a fade grin while I drove the car up the parking lot of the zoo.

'Can't you even give me a hint?' she asked when we were walking trough the dark zoo, on our way to the stockyard and the night of a life time.

'Sure,' I said. Wendy's eye's started to twinkle, but that faded away pretty fast after that.

'It has something to do... with... big cats.'

She punched me on the shoulder.

'Thanks for the big news...' it sounded sarcastic, but that was probably the point.

When we reached the stockyard the first thing I did was open the office and put our stuff in there, then spread out a large blanket on the stockyard floor.

'What is that for?' Wendy asked as she looked to the blanket which almost cover the entire floor.

'Our own comfort,' I said. 'Its going to be a long night and the floor is kind of hard.'

She understood and nodded at me. Then I got up, and walked to Jake's cage.

'Hey there big boy, I hope your horny tonight.'

Jake jumped up to me when I opend his door, he would have beat me to the ground if I wouldn't have stepped back.

'You let me suffer for two whole weeks!' he roared. 'Im ready to fuck just about anything at this point!'

'Good,' I grinned. Then carried on with Shaila.

She stepped out of her cage just as seductivly as always, stroking her tail past my chin as she walked by. I almost melted when she touched me. My love for her was still there, luckily.

'Hey Shaila,' I stutterd.

'Hey sweety,' she responded with a huge flow of love and hornyness. 'Are you going to make love with me again tonight? I've missed you...'

She stroke her head past my stomach then forced her nose in my crotch. I shocked all over as she wetted my pants with her warm tongue.

' missed you too...' I said as I shocked again. But then pushed her away. 'Wait a few more minutes...'

I rushed over to the other side and glanced at Wendy who was already undressing herself almost out of habbit. She looked after me surprised.

'Your getting out the lions as well?' she asked.

As I opend Sambu's cage I turned to her.

'Yea, thats the surprise. You feeling like a big cat orgy?'

Her eye's shot hornyness out of them.

'Oh yea baby!'

I quikely let out the lionesses as well, then prepared for a night of fun. The lions and the tigers gave each other a firm inspection, this being the first time they were up close and personal to each other.

'So, everyone ready for this?' I asked.

'Wait... is this going to be six for two? Or two for six?' Jake asked.

'How about everyone for everyone?' I said and grinned.

Jake glanced back.

'Sure, I can live with that,' Jake said amused as he looked around as if to make a pick.

I went over to Shaila again and sat down next to her. Before I would forget about everything and get things on with the one living creature I love in all my heart, I eye'd Wendy.

'You want to... eh' I waved my arms around making a gathering move to the rest of the cats.

Wendy had a naughty grin on her face.

'All five? Oh yea, deffinatly!'

I made a thumbs up signal to Sambu and Jake.

'She's all yours guys have a blast!'

Then I turned back to Shaila staring her in her big shiny eye's. Everytime I saw them I rememberd why I was in love with this beautiful tigress again. I brought my mouth closer to hers, now knowing what to do she did the same and second later we were tied up in a kiss so good it could only be given by a tiger. I felt her ichy whiskers against my nose and chin as I felt her long tongue running trough my mouth, almost sensing she did this just as much out of love as I did. The want for a cock up her slit was clearly there too, but I knew there was something els. And as if a stroke of fate, Shaila broke our kiss.

'Are you in love with me, Nick?'

I looked in her eye's again. Then nodded and managed to get out a sqeeky 'yes'.

Shaila got a funny expression, almost a grin.

'Im also in love with you...'

I was stunned for a second, but I already got her tongue back in my mouth when I wanted to ask her about it. How could a tiger be in love with a human? How could a tiger be in love in the first place?

I decided not to think about it now. I had a hot cat I had to take care of first, though for now we were just doing a little forplay with the kissing. We slowly layed down on the ground, her tongue still twirling around in my mouth with my trying to return the favor. I ended up laying on top of Shaila, my legs past her side I lay fully over her chest. I broke our kiss for a split second to take of my shirt so I could feel her warm fur against my naked skin. I shock of sensation went trough me.

During our kissing I watched at Wendy and her pack of honry cats from time to time. What I saw only made me hornier.

Nala was laying on her back, grasping in the air while she got a nice wet licking job from Wendy. Her tongue going over Nala's slit rapidly like her life depended on it. Or maybe it was just becouse Sambu was having his tongue so far up her slit she had to lick so hard to keep her mind from coming already. It was probably the second, even though it didn't do much good. After barely two minutes she started moaning and panting while her body shocked of the first intens orgasm of that night.

'O! Sambu yes! Yes! Yes! Ah!!'

She tried to keep her mind to licking Nala while the mighty lion behind her completely licked and sucked her dry of any flowing fluids.

Jake meanwhile had simply mounted Kansabi and was screwing her bigtime. His hard tiger cock running up and down Kansabi's lion slit. While gently biting her neck Jake kept pumping his tiger flesh into her. Kansabi was licking Christy's slit with her hot rough tongue while receiving Jake's hot meat inside her.

Nala got to her climax just as Sambu pulled his tongue out of Wendy's slit. The extra last rush his warm raspy tongue gave her made Wendy stick her tongue in as far as she could, immediately unlocking a fantastic orgasm with Nala. While she sat on her hands and knees and licked up every drop of fluid Nala had to offer, Sambu was now licking Wendy's slit and ass and was making his way up over her back. When he stood over her, licking her neck, Wendy got the clue. Mating time!

She made a final clean sweep over Nala's puss, then stroke her over her thy's looking her in the eye's trying to message her that she was done. Nala got up and walked over to Christy. She started to lick her neck while her sister was still being oraly pleased by her other sister.

While Wendy was having a great time with Sambu and Nala, I got rid of my pants. Shaila and I had broke our kiss, and now I was enjoying her hot rough tongue going over my balls. I was rubbing her wet slit, bringing a finger in every once in a while. Her moaning was a clear sign she was asking for more. I stroke her head, signing her to lay back. As I got back on her chest again I slowly made my way down while I enjoyed the warm fur against my naked skin. I placed my hard cock infront of her slit, rubbing it gently while Shaila leaned over to and we got entangled in a heavenly kiss once more. Her moaning gave me the green light. Gently I brought the tip of my cock inside her, sliding up and down a few times before going completely in her already soaked puss. We both let out a sigh of pleasure as my cock was completely in her. As I started thrusting in her and we gave each other short kisses, I watched over to Wendy.

Wendy had gotten Jake to stop doing Kansabi some way and had directed him infront of her. He was now laying on his back right infront of her, his wet pink cock shining in her face. When she was happy with Jake's position she rose her butt to Sambu, pushing her slit firmly against his hard cock and furry sheath. Sambu didn't have to think twice about this, with rough thrusts he forced his way inside her hot slit. His lion flesh penetrating itself all the way inside. Wendy screamed out her joy as she felt his warm cock entering her. When the rush left her somewhat, she started to work on Jake. Licking his member to the fullest while she pushed her butt up firmly against Sambu's thrusting move's. Moaning everytime she did.

The three lionesses had taken ther triangle position once again, as I saw them laying a lot of time's these past two weeks, I guese I learned them something they never wanted to forget. While the sisters gave each other a heavenly licking spree, Wendy kept sucking, and Sambu kept fucking. Jake started to thrust upwards into her mouth, judging by Wendy's swallowing movements leaking precum like crazy.

Meanwhile I kept pumping myself in Shaila, laying on her soft chest and feeling her warm flesh wrapped around my member. Her breathing starting to get heavier, myself starting to get wilder. I grasped my fingers trough her fur wildly while I thursted in her like my life depended on it. My precum already flowing trough her, it wouldn't take much longer.

'Oh Nick! Give it to me!' she panted. 'Give your mate what she wants so despreadly!'

She tensed her slit around me, then just seconds later I unloaded a great orgasm in her. My warm sperm running down her slit and leaking out past my balls. I kept thrusting, kept pumping my hot seed in her tight slit while I closed my eye's. I heard her moaning and felt her grasping in the air as she enjoyed my fluids running trough her. With a rush of adrinaline I pumped everything I had inside her, my one true love. When I was completely done for, I pulled back, opend my eye's and crawled up her chest. Our faces meeting and once again entangeling in a great kiss. I let my hand slide back over her chest and stomach and started to stroke her slit again, wanting her to get off as well. I slid two fingers in and moved them up and down rapidly, feeling my own semen around my fingers. I felt her tongue twirling in my mouth. It took verry little to get my girl to orgasm all over my hand. After roughly a minute, I felt her body shocking under me as she experienced the greatest orgasm ever. Her kiss became even more intens, almost forcing. Then she broke out kiss to let out a stunning roar of pleasure as she kept shocking underneath me.

'Oh God I missed you!!' she roared out as she shocked trough her orgasm.

'I missed you too,' I sighed and leaned over to her, rubbing my nose over her chin till we were nose to nose. Then again kissing each other while I rolled of from her.

Wendy was moaning like she was fucked by a lion, which just happand to be the case. Sambu was thrusting in her slit at full force while Jake thrusted himself in her mouth. Wendy was sucking Jake's cock the best she could awaiting her reward. And she got it not to much later. While she let his cock slide out of her motuh for a second it became clear that Jake was about to blow. Precum was spurting out wildly and Wendy did her best to get it in her face. Stroking her tongue past his cock while his precum dribbed down her chin. She moaned at the forcing thursts Sambu made behind her. Then, when she took Jake's cock back in her mouth, he exploded with hot tiger sperm right into her mouth. Two weeks of urge just bursted out right there and Wendy did her best to keep it all in and swallow it while Sambu's cock was still pounding up and down her slit, leaking and spurting his precum deep inside her.

While I sat against Shaila's soft fur we watched them finnish up. The lionesses made their orgasm chain complete a while ago and had come lie next to us. The five of us now just waited and panted as we watched Wendy getting the fullest from both Jake and Sambu.

Her rapidly swallowing move's would make you think she was drinking the tigers cum like water and probably enjoyed it just the same. Never the less, little bits of semen started flowing from her mouth now past her chin onto the ground and she started to swallow even more. Jake roared out his pleasure and grasped in the air, almost wacking Sambu in the head. But that lion didn't even notice, as he was on the edge of coming as well. He roughly licked Wendy's neck in a almost completely curled up position. In that sign, Wendy pushed her butt up against him and tightend her slit firmly around his cock, unleashing the orgasm Sambu had been waiting for 2 weeks now. Roaring it out just like Jake he started to hose her down with his cum. It ran out past her legs and kept running as Sambu kept pumping.

When Jake had finaly spurted his last drops in her mouth and Wendy swallowed the last bits down her throat she could finaly yell out the second orgasm she was having.

'Oh Sambu! YES! YES!!! Come on kitty!! Good kitty!! GOOD KITTY!' she screamed it out as Jake crawled from underneath her and made his way to the rest of us while he panted like a mad man... tiger.

Even though Sambu had been all over her face, his huge amounts of lion sperm apparently took her by surprise again as he kept spurting hard hoses deep into her slit. His semen mixed in with her fluids ran past her legs while Sambu roared, and Wendy screamed and panted.

Jake lied down infront of us and sighed.

'Nick...' he panted. 'It never stops to amaze me how great that woman can suck... every time I feel like I'm in heaven...'

I gave him a smile then looked back at Wendy who was just receiving the last bits of Sambu before he pulled back. He stepped back and lay down. Wendy stayed there on her hands and knees, enjoying every little second she could before collapsing to the ground. She stayed there, breathing heavily with the seed still running from her slit.

'Are you alright?' I asked.

'Are you kiddin?' she grinned at me. I grinned back. Stupid question that was.

Everyone was utterly exausted, for at least half an hour we just sat there, panting it all out and recovering from one great experience. I lay close to Shaila, feeling her far fur against my naked skin. Wendy had the privilage of having both Jake and Sambu as a blanket. The suft fur of both of them stroking her entire body. The lionesses just lay there in one big pile of fur.

But the night wasn't over after just one orgy. Wendy and I had a lot of fun with the lionesses and Shaila after we recoverd from our previous actions. Jake and Sambu pulled out a brake for now and took a nap, being the lazy cats that they are afterall. Meanwhile we had a nice little pile up with Nala and the others.

I had talked Nala into doing some anal stuff. She didn't even protest, she liked the idea and it was literaly seconds later that I had my cock completely up her ass. Her moaning sounding trough the entire stockyard. Wendy had ended up in a foursome with the other two and Shaila. She had both hands tied in the lionesses slits while she was licking out Shaila. Two fingers each where sliding up and down the hot lionesses slits, her tongue moving rapidly over Shaila's puss.

Three hours and two orgasms later we were back recovering on our 'beds'. Being even more exausted after taking Nala up the ass, then doing one of her sisters right after that while having my ass licked by the other sister, I was barely in the mood for more. Wendy felt the same. She had over four orgasms tonight, it was all over for her.

But just as we wanted to pack up and end it for the night, Jake and Sambu opend their eye's.

'Leaving already?' Jake asked surprised.

'We are kind of worn out, Jake,' I said.

'Aw man...' Sambu complained. 'I only got one go and all of you got to have at least three.'

I noticed how he looked at everyone of the lionesses, then at Shaila. I saw how each of them turned him down. Everyone was exausted exept for Jake and Sambu.

Wendy buttoned her pants and stared at them. She could see what was going on by just staring in Sambu's eye's, then came with an idea, hoping they would get it.

'Why don't you...' she made some move's with her hands between Jake and Sambu.

Jake's eye's started to sparkle.

'Yea! Thats a good idea!'

Sambu made big eye's.

'Hey wait! Im not going to mate no male...'

'Can I mate you then?' Jake asked simply.

'What?! No! Are you crazy?'

'Ah come on!' Jake said playfully and bend trough his front legs to stand in a playfull position. 'Youl like it, trust me!'

Sambu looked angry.

'How would you know?'

Jake made a head move to me.

'I had Nick once.'

Sambu looked back and forth a few time's before letting his reaction out.

'Ah! Ew! Grose man!'

'You don't know what your missing out on,' I said while I lay comfortably on my lovely Shaila.

Sambu trew a doubtfull look at Jake. He twitched his tails a few times then put it between his legs as if to cover his butt up.

'Hm... you better not be tricking me...'

I got up from Shaila and got rid of the boxers I had put on by now.

'You can do whatever you want on me if you don't like it.'

'Well... ok...' Sambu lied down while he nervously twitched his tail.

Jake had a grin at him.

'Youl like it, I promise.'

He stepped over to Sambu, mounting him slowly and taking position. His sheath pulling back over his hard pink cock which he kept dangling infront of Sambu's ass for a while. He burried his snout in Sambu's mane and tried to gently bite his neck.

'Aahh, Jake!' Sambu moaned.

'What?' Jake asked. 'I havn't even started.'

'No, easy on the mane please.'

'Ah, shut up crylion,' Jake replied while he moved up Sambu's ass and placed the tip of his cock against his butt. 'Ready when you are.'

I noticed Sambu swallowing for a second, then sqeezing his eye's and nodding.


It was then Jake slid his member up the lions butt, slowly, but all the way in. Sambu was heard moaning softly, but deffinatly not resisting anything. When Jake was all the way inside, he leaned over to Sambu's ear.

'You see, I told you youd like it.'

Sambu just moaned a little as Jake now started to thurst up and down. His pink sliding in and out Sambu's lion ass with low growls.

Everyone sat down and watched the two of them, Wendy just finnished dressing up while was still naked and had layed back on Shaila's soft fur for now. Jake was thrusting wildly and Sambu was growling and roaring of pleasure, screaming out Jake's name every once in a while in pure lust.

While Jake's pink was working itself up Sambu's ass, I noticed the lions pink showing as well, dripping just little bits of precum as he was taken by Jake. On one end I was tired, then again it would be a waste to just let all that lion cum end up on the ground. So, I got up from Shaila and walked over the two fucking furballs. Without saying a word got on my knees behind Jake and Sambu, now seeing up close how Jake's dripping pink cock forced its way in again and again. I softly ran my tongue over Jake's balls, down his sheath and over his hot cock every time he pulled back and I had to chance to lick his hot meat. I worked my way down, now licking Sambu's balls to quikely end up at his cock. Taking it in my mouth without any forplay I pushed his sheath back and started sucking him, swallowing the flow of precum I received for my trouble. He spurted his hot fluids over my tongue while he he tried to thurst in my mouth, but with Jake up his ass that didn't do much.

Jake's roars were building up, I stroke his balls with my hand as I sucked off Sambu and felt his balls twitching. It wouldn't take to long now. And as if on que, Jake erupted with a flow of his hot sperm down Sambu's ass, unlocking an orgasm of Sambu's own. With Jake's final thrusts being more intens then ever before, Sambu unloaded a heavenly amount of cum in my mouth. Even with my past experience with him and the huge amounts he could deliver, I still had trouble swallowing it all in one go. Swallowing like my life depended on it, sucking to get every last piece of him.

Meanwhile the two cats roared their lungs out. Jake biting down Sambu's neck while the lion growled at the hard cock up his ass and the hot semen flowing down his ass.

Sambu's spurts came to an end after a while, I sucked him dry and then licked him clean for all that was worth. Jake had collapsed on top of Sambu, panting right above him with his cock still inside.

'There...' he sighed. 'I told you youd like it...'

Sambu just panted for a while, not even being able to answer for a few seconds. Then he rose his head.

'Damn, that was good... that was fantastic!'

I backed up from the two and sat down at Shaila and the rest, panting heavily. Shaila leaned over to me, then licked my mouth. I looked at her.

'Hm, lion cum is tasty,' she said as she tasted the remains she had licked from my lips. I gave her a grin.

Jake pulled back, then lay down next to Sambu.

'Can we do this again next week?' Sambu asked, still heavily panting.

I nodded amused. Yet another cat addicted to being take up the butt.

It had been fun, but with it being almost 3:30 in the morning, we realy had to get going. While Wendy started to lock in all the cats again, I had a little talk with Shaila while I got dressed.

'Shaila... you told me your in love with me...' I started doubtfully. 'How can you be in love with me?'

'I just am,' she said and rubbed her head past my tummy.

'Yea... but, Im human...'

She looked up to me with her great shiny brown eye's.

'So? Your in love with me, and Im a tiger...' she pushed her nose in my crotch. 'Just becouse im not human doesn't mean I can't have the same... flaws... as you.'

I grinned, nodded, then put on my shoes.

'So,' she asked. 'Want to have a tiger as your girlfriend?'

I stared her in the eye's and again almost melted just at the sight of them.

'Deffinatly,' I sighed while I leaned over for a kiss. I received her tongue deep in my mouth as usual and enjoyed the pleasure of it before breaking or short kiss.

'I have to go,' I said.

She nodded, then seductively turned around and walked over to her cage with an invitingly raised tail.

When I had locked her in and Wendy and I were on our way to the car, we talked about what a great experience this was. Big cat orgy, this would be one for the history books, exept this would never be known to the world, or so we hoped. Unfortunatly, things didn't quite work out that way.

Monday morning, after an entire weekend of hard work and nights containing orgy's in every possible form, I arrived at work completely exausted. I enterd the stockyard only to get a freaked out respons from Jake and the others.

'Nick! Get out of here!' he yelled at a warning tone. 'Go! Go!'

I didn't have a clue what was going on, but my instinct told me I could better do what Jake told me, for whatever reason it was. But when I turned around to leave again, I walked straight into Zoo Security.

'Hey Nick,' the man said. 'Would please come with me please?'

He grabbed me by the arm. This was no question, it was a command. I looked over my shoulder to Jake, only to see his worried ghaze follow me until the stockyard door broke our eyecontact.

The security guard practicly dragged me to the Zoo's entrance, and the entire way there I thought about what could be going on.

Worst case scenario... I shifferd at the thought.

When we enterd an huge office, I saw Wendy standing there. Shaking noticably and having a look of shame on her face. I eye'd her in a sence of: Whats going on, only to learn she knew just as much as I did.

The security guard left the office and shut the door behind him. Thats when our boss, Adam Locke, greeted us.

'Hello Nick, Wendy. How are you today?'

Wendy shifferd and didn't anwser. I tried to act as normal as possible.

'Im... fine sir. Little tired.'

'Yes,' Adam said. 'Understandable, you had quite the weekend afterall.'

I eyed Wendy for a second and saw her fear.

'This wasn't the first tripple shift I did sir. How was your fieldtrip?'

I tried to change the subject, Adam just looked at me.

'It was nice...' he said calmly and reached into his desk. 'Want to see some recordings?'

He pulled out a video tape and put it in the VCR behind him. He turned on the TV and started the tape.

'Enjoy the show,' he said.

The tape went from black screen, to an image of the Stockyard. Thats when both Wendy's and my mouth opend in disbelief.

Seconds later we saw ourselfs doing our daily work. Feeding, cleaning. All the daily chores.

'I think you have the wrong tape!' I reacted as fast as I got over my shock. That tape had to come out!

'Don't even bother, Nick. I already saw the full tape...'

Wendy and me eye'd each other and swallowed.

'I have to say though, I didn't expect to see you alive at the end of that little show.'

He fastforwarded the tape to the part where we got it on with the cats, and at that point I just saw my life fly past my eye's. I noticed how Wendy had trouble not to burst out in tears.

'What were you two thinking for the love of god! Those are animals you had sex with!'

We both kept our mouth shut, not knowing what to say. Then again, what is there to say in a situation like this?

'Sicko's...' he then said. And thats what did it.

'Excuse me?' I asked.

'Sicko's,' he repeated. 'What did you do to them? Drugged them then raped them?'

I got up from my seat.

'I thought you said you seen the whole tape?' it sounded almost treathing. I grabbed the remote, then fast forwarded to the part with Jake, Sambu and Wendy. It was not the best example I could have chosen, but I didn't have any other.

'Does that look like a drugged lion to you?!' I yelled in his face while I pointed at the screen.

'Sit down Nick!' he yelled as he rose from his chair. 'Drugged or not, its still sick!'

'You should sell that tape, you can make a lot money from that on the internet,' I said calmly as I sat back in my chair.

'You two are fired, as of right now. You ruiend the reputation of the zoo! The police is on their way.'

'The police?!' I yelled as I saw how Wendy froze. 'Why?!'

'Becouse in this country its still illigal to have sexual intercourse with any kind of animal!'

I sat back down, there was no possible way I could fight that. Meanwhile Wendy had started crying, her greatest fear had come true and she was completely lost in what to do. So, she just ran out of the office in tears. I wanted to go after her, but Adem held me back.

'Don't even try to run away Nick. They will find you anyway.'

I turned to him with a dirty look.

'I won't give you the pleasure of hunting me down, don't worry. Il be at the stockyard if you need me.'

With those words I walked out the door and could just hear how Adem shouted me not to go anywhere near those cats again.

When I got back to the stockyard I didn't see Wendy. I didn't know where she had gone, she probably went home.

'Nick... Im sorry,' Jake said as he looked at me with his big brown tiger eyes. 'I tried to warn you...'

'How did you know?'

'Firstly when all sorts of people came in here and looked at us as if they felt pity for us. And when they took Wendy I was pretty sure about it.'

I nodded.

'Thanks anyway. I hope I will see you later...'

I turned away from Jake and quikely opend Shaila's cage.

'Hey love,' I said.

'Hey,' she said seductively.

No words were said during this, we just looked at each other. Shaila knew what was going on and didn't like it any more then I did. After a while, we just gave each other a kiss and kept kissing. Her warm tongue in my mouth, my tongue around hers. A feeling I never wanted to forget.

Our kiss was brutaly interupted by a youngh officer who tapped me on the shoulder with a lot of doubt. Shaila growled at him, making him step back a little. But I knew I had no other choise, I said goodbye to Shaila and closed her door.

That last kiss with Shaila, that was all I came back for.

Now, 6 months later, Im sitting in my cel in the federal prison. Working on the last paragraph I intend to write for this journal. Today is my last day inside. Luckily the sentenace the judge passed out could barely be any higher then 3 months plus another 3 for 'mental aid'. Since they could find no single trace of drugs with the cats, they had no other choice. I could see the confussion in their faces though, how the hell did I manage to have a big cat orgy and not get killed. Its something they will never know the answer to.

I have another hour to go before my dad is coming to pick me up and drive me home, until then I will write this last piece of my journal and story.

The judge insisted that I would seek mental help, but I refused that. Im no weird guy who is crazy in the head. Just becouse I had sex with the greatest living things on this planet, especialy better then humans, I was seen a freak? A sicko?

For fun I took a mental test, anything to escape the boredom of my cell or the violence of the 'living room'. Results came back like any other normal persone, exept for my sexual prefrence. From the Choices: Gay, Straight, Bi, Other: I filled in: Other: Everything Feline.

The man who took my test looked at me like I was playing a game with him, even though I kind of enjoyed playing with the flaws in the system. But come one, what did he want me to put there?

When your on a living group with 15 other inmate's, news travels fast. It didn't took any longer then a week for me to be known as the guy who fucked the tigers. Some guys thought it was sick, some thought it was cool I was still alive. At first I got the nickname Tigerfucker, but when I just responded normaly to that and therefor ruiend everyone's fun, I got some respect and got the nickname Tiger.

The first week I was in here, my father came to visit me. My mom died years ago, unfortunatly. When I found out my dad would come along, I was realy wondering what his reaction was going to be. You can have such a good relation with your parents and still fear the reaction to something as sensitive as animal sex. Fortunatly for me he took it all with a big smile. My dad always saw the good side of everything. As long as I didn't drug the animals, he thought it was fine and was even proud to have a son who could have sexual intercourse with a creature who could shred you to pieces.

'Having sex with the most powerfull being on earth in terms of killing, I respect you for that my son.'

Thats what he said to me with a great big smile, followed be the request to write it all down for him. A great experience like that should not be forgotten and should have its place on paper. Thats when I started digging in my memory and put it all on paper. Sometime's I let friends I made in prison read what I had written. They were stunned to all the things I had done, but ofcourse no one believed I could realy talk with them. Ah well, thats how it happand, I know that.

As for Wendy, I got some bad news about her just a week ago. My dad didn't want to tell me earlier becouse he thought it would hunt me, but a week before release he gave me an unopend letter with my name on it, written in Wendy's handwritting.

My dad had a hard time telling it. Wendy had commited suicide. Ironicly enough, killed by Sambu. I had a pretty good idea about the why. The random doubts she had, the sudden outburst in tears in Adams office. My guese was she couldn't live with the shame. When I got back to my cell I opend the envelope and read the letter:

Dear Nick,

When you read this I will no longer be alive. You are the only one I want to turn this to.

You know how my parents are, heavily religious. Yesterday during a dinner at their place, I tried to tell my parents. I wanted them to hear it from me. I could have guesed their reaction, my mom left the room crying what she ever did wrong do deserve this and my father... he commanded me to leave and never come back.

Im crying as I write this, Nick. I wish you were here to comfort me.

Please tell everyone Im so sorry to put everyone trough this, but I just can't live with the shame and my parents not wanting anything to do with me anymore. Please understand my point of view.

I heard your in prison for what we did, I can't take that Nick. I can't handle prison.

Tonight I'm going to the zoo for the last time, I'm going to have one last great night with Jake and surrender myself to him. Im just hoping he will kill me fast and painless.

I want to thank you Nick, for letting me have this great experience. Thank you for making a dream come true.

Goodbye for now, I'm ending this letter. Take care of yourself and say hello to the cats from me. And tell Jake not to feel bad for what happand.

For always in your heart,

I read it with a shiffer down my spine, and a tear down the cheek. I couldn't believe she actualy did it, even though I expected it at some level.

My father told me it indeed was Jake's cage she was found the next morning. The security tape showed Wendy's last ride with Jake. How she kneeled down for him, how he mounted her and get inside her. It showed Jake's licks, and eventualy the fatal neck bite. After she was found, the bite was a clean cut. She hardly sufferd, which was a good thing.

Its almost time, my dad should be here any second now. I can hear the guards coming at the other side of the hall way.

Wendy's burial is later this week, I am going to attend it not only in name of myself, but also in name of Jake, Shaila, Sambu, Nala, Christy and Kansabi. Everyone cared a great deal about her.

First thing I'm going to do when I get out though, is visit the zoo.

I have to go now, so I guese this is where my journal ends. Closing the greatest chapter of my life behind me, and waiting for what life has to offer me next.