Good Morning, Tiger
© 2004 by TheTiger

Good Morning, Tiger

I stared into nothing, my back still to the tigers cage.

I did not hear that, I did not hear that. I kept telling it to myself. I turned around to Jake, he was laying down and watching me impressive. I kept eying him, hoping that if it WAS him, he would speak again.

'Is there something between my teeth?' the voice asked. I jumped up with a terified scream.


I made a running way to Wendy who was just coming out of the bathroom.

'Hey, calm down,' she said. 'You look like you seen a ghost.'

I pointed at Jake's cage, barely being able to say anything.

'He, da, Jake... heard, talked... to me.'

Wendy looked at me with a smile.


I tried to come to my senses. Was that actualy Jake who talked to me? Had to be! Who els? I pulled myself together, then spelled it out for her.

'Jake, spoke to me,' I said.

Wendy didn't even smile. She obviously saw the true fear and suprise in my eye's to even doubt it.

'Are you sure?' she asked and walked over to Jake's cage. He still just lay there. When I took a peak along with her I heard Jake again, and now saw his mouth moving a little to. So strange.

'Oh sorry,' he said sarcasticly. 'Did I scare you?'

'A little...' I reacted.

Wendy looked up to me.

'If he scared me,' I explained and pulled up an eyebrow.

She doubtfully looked at me, then pulled me away from Jake a little, asif not to let him hear something.

'When Sambu scratched you open, did his wound touch yours?' she asked impatiently. I shoke my head.

'Not that I know off. I already put the new bandage on...' I glanced at her. 'Why?'

'Well,' she said as she looked to the ground. 'If you can realy talk to him, I want to know why. I was thinking maybe his blood got into yours and you got some lion DNA scurrieing around inside you...'

I laughed.

'Yea right, thats not possible...'

'And you talking to Jake is possible?'

Good point...

'Well,' I said as I made a thoughtfull look. 'He did climb over me while he was coming, and some of his semen ended up in the scratches. Did you know semen stings in open wounds?'

I shudderd with the thought of it.

'Thats it!' she said and snapped her finger. 'Yes, you got lion DNA in your bloodline.'

I still think its a little far fetched, but the fact I could hear what Jake said was already strange enough, I didn't realy care how it happand. I glanced at Sambu's cage. I wonderd if this would have more stuff in plan for me. Would I grow fangs soon and start chasing ppl? I snickerd. Lets hope not.

'You gonna use it?' Wendy asked.

'Use what?'

Wendy smacked her own head in disbelief.

'Hello! You can talk to them! Use it wisely for us, try if we can do some stuff you always wanted to try with Jake.'

My eye's lit up. Wendy was right! This was the opretunity of a life time! I got a hard one by only thinking of the great possibility's.

'Your a genius,' I said. 'First thing tonight.'

Wendy's smile disappeard.

'Why not now?'

'Are you kidding? Its nine o clock, the zoo is about to open.'

She grinned.

'Oh no, didn't you hear?' she held silence for the effect. 'Cleaning dutie's troughout the zoo, park won't open for another hour.'

My normal doubt wasn't present as it should be. I actualy dared to take this risk.

'Well then what are we waiting for?' I said as I walked up to Jake's cage. I had a small doubt, it was silly to ask a tiger a question.

'Hey Jake, did you enjoy her?'

Jake looked up to me, baring his teeth.

'Yes, I did verry much thank you. I planned to wait for you... but it was just to long since I last mated... it had to come out. Sorry.'

I was confused for a while.

'Waiting for me?'

'Yea,' Jake said. 'I can see into Sambu's cage from here you know... You gave him the night of a lifetime.'

I grinned.

'Did he say that?

Jake changed position. It gave me a good view on his tool, which was probably the point.

'Say it?' he said, although it kind of seemed like a laughter. 'He didn't give me a nights rest the rest of the night. He kept blading my ears of about you.'

I could not resist to take quike peeks at Jake's half erected penis. It was so fasinating actualy, it now was just a little bigger then Sambu's in full erection. I could barely imagine how he would be fully erected. I wasn't the only one looking at it, Wendy also had a good eye for Jake's pink tool. She was almost looking horny'r then I did, and to think this sex driven beast was all over here just minutes ago.

'Are you two having a good view?' Jake asked pleased. 'Or do you want me to stand up?'

I looked away in a reflex.

'Sorry,' I said before I knew it.

'Hey! I don't mind at all,' Jake reacted happy. 'In fact I was hoping you would sometime give me the same curtisy you gave my African friend on the other side.'

I looked over my shoulder to Sambu's cage and grinned.

'Oooh youl get your chance sometime, thats a promise.'

Jake seemed to have a verry friendly character, concidering he's a tiger. I felt save to re-open is cage and get a little closer to him. Talking between bars became a little impersonal, even with a tiger. Its almost magic how something like being able to talk with someone can change someone's relationship with someone.

'Hey hey,' Jake gigeld. 'Am I getting lucky already?'

He stood up, preparing for another mating session. Unfortunatly I had to disappoint him. My shyness kicked in again, and having sex with Jake in bright daylight just didn't make me feel good. I couldn't enjoy Jake to the fullest if I wasn't absolutely relaxed.

'Sorry, but now isn't a good time to do this...' I said and saw the disappointment in his eye's. 'I just don't feel right in daylight...'

As Jake nodded understandingly, I glanced at him.

'However,' I said gently and placed my hand on his nuts, grasping slightly. 'If you let me... I will give you something I know you will like verry much...'

When I said that I could barely believe the hornyness dripping of it. Jake now laid down again, on his side.

'Oohh...' he almost moaned. 'If its just half as good as what you did with Sambu, I'm all yours.'

I was about to start working on him when Wendy claimed some attention of her own.

'What are ya doing?'

'Im gonna give Jake a little treat... like I said.'

Wendy put her hands to her side.

'Little selffish are we?'

I rubbed my hand slowly across Jake's thy as I looked at Wendy. How could she still be hot after 300 pounds of tiger?

'Well, we can't share him,' I said firmly, wanting Jake for my absolute self. It was then I saw Wendy glance at the little door in the wall, a closed door leading to Shaila's night exibit and was used to slide trough the animals if one walked into the wrong cage by mistake.

'I think I have an idea...' she mumble'd. 'Tell Shaila to be calm ok?'

Wendy stood outside the cage for a second and pulled upen the door, drawing Shaila right in. Jake's night exibit was originaly build for two tigers, so there was enough room for the tigers, but with two humans along with it things got a little tight. Never the less, it was still doable.

'Well look what the cat dragged in,' Shaila said sarcasticly and eyed me.

'I didn't drag anything in,' Jake responded as if he was the one being referred to as the cat. 'Nick came in here himself, he's gonna do... something...'

Shaila rolled her eye's.

'Its a figure of speech, hun.'

I grinned. Would the tigers always be like this against each other? Wendy just sat there watching us, wondering what the hell was going on. I decided I didn't want to translate everything said, so I just waved it away. Nothing important anyway.

'So...' Shaila said in a naughty way and twitched her tail under my chin. 'Are you gonna do... something... to me to?'

I almost melted. I was deeply in love with Shaila, and not love as in the sex kind. I was realy in love with her, and she knew it. Little rascal, trying to seduce me.

'No,' I reacted with a shiffer. 'Wendy is going to take care of you today, if you don't mind.'

Shaila had a look at Wendy.

'Well... It will do for now. Just know Im at your full disposal any time you wish.'

She turned around, her ass close to my face for a few seconds. I sniffed up the sweet sent from her puss.

'Hey you,' Shaila said as hot as fire. 'No eating two cake's at once. Jake is yours, I'm your friend's for now.'

Sure whatever, I sniffed again only to receive a spurt of urine right in my face.

'Enjoy that,' Shaila said. 'Its the last your getting for now.'

Jake got up for a few seconds.

'Il take that!' he yelled enthousiastic and licked the fluids of my face. I looked around to Wendy, who by now was already busy with Shaila. Rubbing the cat's puss with two fingers and petting her on her soft fur. Shaila moaned, and I moaned along with her for a second there. Female tiger, female human. Was there a combination possible that was even more hot to watch? Well, maybe to female cats doing each other... I made a mental note of that, maybe I could persuade the lionesses into a little lesbian action sometime.

When I snapped out of my trance I saw Jake laying in front of me. Time to start! I pulled out my pants, trowing them in a corner. I started to slide my hand over the inside of this tigers hind legs, slowly making my way closer to his hard erected cock. It took little trouble to give Jake the hint to go lie on his back. As my hands closed themselves around this cat's huge pink member a shiffer went not only down my spine... Already he was leaking some semen, this should be interesting. I kept stimulating his balls, his pink cock as I slowly change position. Eventualy to end up sitting on Jake's chest. I face'd his tail and was still deeply into massaging his cock.

I saw Wendy had now enterd Shaila's cave with two fingers which were already about half way in, she slowly slid them back and forth. The tigress growled short deep growls and grasped her claws gently of pleasure. Wendy took her time to stretch Shaila out a little, becouse after a while, a third finger joined the party and slid in with all the others with the same ease.

Meanwhile I closed my legs around Jake's chest, my ass close to his head, my head close to his ass. My mouth got closer and closer, I ran my nose around his balls and over his penis before I let my tongue get to work. Gentle licks past his strong cock made him spurt a little more, I licked up as much as I could from what was dripping of the side of his dick. His wet hot member against my tongue felt so good, and so new.

I suspected Jake not to be such a selffish tiger, which was the reason I dropped my pants earlier. And just as I already hoped for I felt a rough warm tongue run trough my asscrack. I moaned of joy. I felt Jake's long tongue sliding trough it several more time's before he managed to actualy get his hot wet tongue inside of me. It twirled around right inside my ass as a slipery flat eal, it was great!

I licked up yet another few drips of Jake's semen and looked up to the girls. Wendy had followed my example, and was now runnign her tongue as deep as she could trough Shaila's pussy. While Shaila also lay on her back, Wendy now used her hands to gently stretch her ass, again one finger at a time. A second finger was added shortly as Wendy kept licking Shaila's pussy which already started to flow with suices. Lick by lick the fluids disappeard in her mouth and down her troat. Wendy eyed me for a second, seeing how I was doing 69 with Jake and emidiatly copied the idea. She lifted her leg over Shaila's chest, then laid down completely on top of her. A strong female tigress as herself should have no trouble with a light weight girl as Wendy. From her new position she carried on licking, but now the favor was being returned. As fast as she could she tried to undo herself of her pants which where already being intensly licked by the hot tigress. While she had her face burried diep into the pussy of Shaila she finaly managed to zip down her pants and drop them to the anckle's. Right away she felt the rough hot tongue of Shaila going over her clit. Wendy kept licking while using her fingers to keep rubbing Shaila's ass.

Jake had started to spurt more and more, but was (or so I hoped) still far away from his final run. I slurped it all up with joy, the tiger sperm running over my tongue into my troat. Swallowing it asif it was water.

On my other end I felt Jake did his best to get his tongue as far inside as he could, he was obviously enjoying it and succeeding. Moments later I felt a cold nose against my ass, with his tongue still curling inside of me I figured he was as far as he could go. This gave me the final push, with on smooth move I took his spurting member completely in my mouth, closing my lips around the hot spike. I felt his spurting against the back of my troat

Wendy was doing a pretty good job to, but Shaila did even better. Her tongue now just as deep down ger pussy as Jake's was down my ass, she reached every sensitive place inside Wendy's pussy. Fluids were running out past here legs. Wendy started to breath deeply.

'Oh yea... oh yea...' she moaned as she licked Shaila as much as she could. 'Oooaaah Oaaaah yea!!'

With most satisfying screams Wendy came and orgasmed Shaila in the face. The hot tigress did her best to lick up everything but even her big tongue could not get everything. Screaming of joy Wendy now rode on the tigress' mouth and tongue.

My tongue kep spinning around his huge cock, which was indeed twice the size's of Sambu's. My lips going up and down, feeling his fluids streaming down my chin. I felt it as he pulled his tongue out of me in one smooth pull, it was like getting hit with a whipp so intens. I kept sucking and licking his cock, then Jake was the second to orgasm into someone's face, or rather mouth. Hard hozes of tiger sperm got sprayed into my mouth, spray by spray I felt the hot tiger semen flowing down my troat and the stuff I could not handle down my chin. The sweet yet bitter taste was wonderfull, I swallowed as much as I could and sucked him completely dry until there was not a drip of sperm inside of him.

Shaila now stopped licking Wendy and merely enjoyed the small human tongue running over her verry hut puss. Wendy was doing all she could, and enjoyed it. Swallowing every piece of suice.

Meanwhile I had climed of Jake's strong body, and now stood behind Shaila. With my erection in hand I eyed Wendy as she looked up to me. She got the hint, and got her head out of the way. She was still rubbing Shaila's ass, but now she used those verry vingers to creat a decent opening. I grabbed Shaila at her hind legs, pressing them firmly against me.

I started thrusting and slowly got inside of her. My dick slowly penetrating her hot ass. It didn't took long for the both of us and before I knew it I was sending my warm sperm inside her tight ass. I grasped my fingers trough her fur of joy, using the fingers on my other hand to stick in her puss. In there with four fingers right now.

My final thrust, sending yet another spurt of hot semen deeply into her, finaly made Shaila go trough a wonderfull orgasm as well. Last, but definatly not least. Roars where banged out like factory work, the four fingers in her puss, my dick in her ass must have been the best feeling she ever had.

When I pulled out of her Jake stepped in to finnish up, he licked away all the semen, all the fluids and left Shaila clean and tidy after which he gave my cock and the surrounding area a cleaning sweep.

A few rough licks over Wendy's clit were enough to also clean her mess up.

We both got our clothes back on fast, I glanced at my watch. Five to ten, just in time.

'That was so great,' Jake moaned. 'Thanks a million!'

I nodded.

'Your welcome,' I grinned. 'Even more fun next time, k?'

I saw Jake almost faint as he heard the 'next time'. His heavy tiger body almost collapsed on its paws.

I winked at him.

'That must have been the best sex I've ever had.' Wendy noticed and sighed.

We both got to work. The park opend now and it would just be a normal day like any other. With one diffrence. There were two tigers who were even more lazy then normal, and two care takers who had a huge grin on their face whole day.

I was glad Wendy joined with me instead of turning hme in, I had to thank her for that sometime. But for now, I just grinned and winked at Jake whenever I walked past his exibit.