Striped heat
© 2004 by TheTiger

Lesbian lionesses

'Nick! Could you come over here for a second?' Wendy's voice flew troughout the stockyard. I looked up from my newspaper while I sat in the office and looked at the big clock above the door. Almost one o clock in the morning. I sighed then looked around the corner of the door.

'Whats up? I asked and eyed her.

She gave me an amused smile while she was standing there with only a teared t-shirt on her body. Her pants and underwear trown in a corner next to Jake's open cage door.

'I think I went a little to far with Jake this time...'

I came over and stared into Jake's cage. I saw him lie on the ground, this strong huge Siberian tiger, just panting like a mad man and having his eye's closed. Bit by bit the panting slowed down but Jake didn't look up. He just lay there with his eye's closed. I looked at his half erected cock, still leaking semen.

When I looked up to Wendy she was cleaning her slit with a piece of paper. I smiled at her.

'Wow, you realy gave him heaven. He's exausted, this is the first time I see a tiger this tired.'

Wendy grinned proudly but didn't say anything. She just got dressed.

I patted Jake on the shoulder.

'I bet that was the best ride yet.'

Jake managed to nod his head a few time's while still breathing rather heavy.

'Good night,' I said, then closed his door. Put the two locks back in place and scanned the surrounding area for anything out of place.

Suddenly a low voice with a touch of African to it filled the stockyard.

'Hey Nick! When is she going to give me a treat? Why is Jake always the lucky one?!'

I turned around. Sambu was standing behind his door looking at me.

'Whats wrong?' I asked amused while I walked over to him. 'Im not good enough for you?'

'No offence,' Sambu said and made a serious face. 'But your mouth and ass get boring after a while, beside's I don't recall you ever putting me in half a coma.'

I knieled down next to his door.

'Youl get your turn with her soon,' I winked at him. 'Im setting up a little suprise for you guys in roughly two weeks.'

'What kind of suprise?'

I laughed.

'If I told you, it wouldn't be a suprise anymore, now would it?'

Sambu smirked.

'If you tell me, Il still act surprised.'

I wanted to start laughing again, but was interupted by my own thoughts.

'Hehe, you are just as naughty as a certain lion cub I know...'

I got up and walked back to Wendy, thinking of the irony of Sambu saying a line from The Lion King. I grinned about it.

'Ready to go?' I asked Wendy as she tidied her hair.

She nodded.

As we left the stockyard we got various roars as a matter of bye bye. I closed the stockyard door, locking it. The lights in the stockyard faded out and everything became calm once again.

This was just one of the many nights Wendy and I spended with Jake and all the others. Its been roughly a month ago since I found out I could talk to the cats in the Predator Stockyard and have been using it more then willingly ever since.

On an avarage, when John wasn't around. We would give the tigers or the lions a little treat before letting them out. And we never seemed to switch mate's either. It was always me giving Sambu a blowjob almost every morning, exept when John was working or other people were around. Wendy was always busy with Jake, I don't think she ever even conciderd doing Sambu for a change.

Not that it matterd much. Everyone got what they wanted. Jake and Sambu a blowjob every once in a while, Kaira and the lionesses a hot licking session.

Every Friday night was our steady night with everyone. Both of us made Saturday our day off, just so we could enjoy our cats to the fullest the night before. All the cats were open for experimentation, and seemed to like it. Two weeks ago I asked Jake if he felt like trying to mate with Kaira analy. An idea they both wanted to try. Ofcourse, Kaira had already had my cock inside her ass once, but Jake was still different. While Jake did his thing Kaira gave Wendy a wonderfull licking job while I was receiving some anal pleasure from Sambu.

During our Friday night sessions we always sealed the stockyard doors, making absolutely sure no one could catch us. Thats also the reason I could let everyone out of their cage, so we could do everything on the stockyards floors, instead of in some tight cage. Jake's last session with Wendy being an exeption.

And last week, I even got Jake convinced to do something I wanted to do for a while now. He let me take him in the ass. Frankly he wasn't all that enthousiastic about it. He just felt he owed me something. But as soon as I enterd him he was in absolute heaven, begging me not to stop anytime soon.

All and all there were some great nights, and Wendy and me enjoyed the male's cocks in our mouth every morning like nothing els in the world. But my plan to get a little lesbian action going between the lionesses never realy got of the ground. We never envolved them into any sexual stuff so far actualy. Time to change that. Next Friday, hopefully they would like the idea.

A few days later, on Wednesday, I finnaly had a chance to ask the lionesses about my idea. John had worked overtime on something and the vet came to check on all the cats on Sunday.

It was eight in the morning, one hour to go before the park opend. When I enterd the stockyard and enjoyed the nice summerly sun I had a look around. I didn't spot Wendy anywhere. Bad traffic maybe?

I walked straight to the lionesses and knieled down at their cage doors.

'Good mornin girls,' I said happily.

Nala, a strong female with a smooth golden fur, yawned and looked up. She had been named after The Lion King movie by the zoo, it always brought a smile to my face to hear the name.

'Good morning Nick,' she said. 'What can I do for you on this lazy morning?'

I opend the cage door and glanced at the other two lionesses who layed sound asleep next to her. I scratched her underneath the chin while I did my story.

'I was wondering if you girls would be interested in joining Wendy and me next Friday night.'

I saw her eye's grow and I stopped scratching.

'You mean those nights where you guys fuck the living daylights out of Jake and Sambu?'

I grinned.

'Yes those.'

She almost jumped up.

'I thought you were never going to ask! Hell yea!'

'Are you sure your sisters want to?'

She gave me a 'are you crazy?' look.

'Ofcourse they want to, I can tell you that right now.'

Behind me I heard the stockyard doors open and saw Wendy walk in.

'Ok, you discuss it with them, and we will see you in two days.'

I gave her a wink before I closed the door, and quikely walked up to Wendy.


'Morning, Nick. Sorry, traffic gave me hell.'

I waved it away.

'No problem,' I said. 'Hey I got a question for ya. Are you up for some action with the lionesses next Friday?'

'The lionesses?' she repeated while she put her stuff in the office. 'Yea, why not. Its a nice change for once.'

She gave me a naughty smile.

'Deffinatly,' I smirked and walked over to Jake's cage preparing myself for a the standard routine.

'What are you doing?' Wendy asked as I opend Jake's cage and looked into his tired eye's.

'Im doing what we do almost every morning, giving the cats a treat before we let them out...' It came out more sarcasticly then intended.

'Yes,' she said almost with a 'DUH' sound followed by it. 'But I always do Jake.'

I pointed over to Sambu's cage.

'Special request. He's been asking for you.'

She looked over her shoulder.

'Yea, but...' she stopped in her words and looked at me almost begging.

'What? Are you worried about him being smaller then Jake?' I whisperd.

She made a small move with her shoulders.

'I, no, yes... I uhm...'

'Well,' I said. 'I can tell you one thing. He might be small, but he hoses you down with twice the amounts of Jake.'

She kept begging me, but I stayed firm.

'Just do him this once, then we'll all be happy.'

She mutterd, looked at me for one last time, but I was already preparing Jake. Rubbing my hand over his balls and cock while I used my other hand to stroke his thy's.

I could hear Wendy's mutters as I heard her walk away. From that point it was just Jake and me. He lied back, softly clawing in the air.

His pink member was now slowly uncovering from its sheath and I let my tongue run over its wet tip.

'So,' I said inbetween my licks. 'Any particular way Wendy does this?'

Jake moaned as I made another run over his tip and pulled his sheath back a little more.

'Honestly, I like how you do it a lot better.' He sighed.

With a smile I kept licking him while I used my other hand to stroke his belly and chest. His hot cock was now fully erected, spurting small loads of precum onto my tongue. I swallowed his sweet taste with pleasure.

Thirsty for more, I pushed his sheath back as much as I could, then took his entire cock deeply into my mouth. I forgot how big Jake was compared to Sambu, it pleasantly surprised me to feel his tip actualy touching the back of my troat. His precum flowing down.

Jake grasped his claws in the air and let his tail wildly flap everywhere.

I let my lips run past his hot wet member, feeling his flesh in my mouth. Large hoses of precum where injected into my troat as I sucked on his cock thirsty for my reward.

Load growls and roars made clear to me this would not take much longer. I kept sucking and wrapping my tongue around his spike until I pulled in out of him. His thick wet member twitching inside my mouth, then exploding with hot tigers sperm. I felt it spurting against the back of my troat, swallowing everything. The large amounts of lion cum Sambu always gave me always made it rough on me. I always leaked out something, but Jake was easy compared to Sambu. With great ease I swallowed every last drip of cum he injected into my mouth.

He growled and roared wildly, still twitching his cock inside my mouth. When he was done I let it slide out, licking the last few traces of him with the tip of my tongue.

'Aww man that was good,' Jake moaned.

'Your welcome,' I said and let my tongue run past my lips. 'Have a nice day.'

I stepped out of his cage and closed his door. I could hear Sambu's moaning and growling, eventualy turning into roars. This lion got to his high point.

I sat at the office waiting for Wendy to get done. At long last I finnalt saw here close the door. When she enterd the office I bursted out in laughter. Her face was coverd in lion cum, some dripping of her chin.

'Don't say I din't warn you,' I laughed and ran my fingers over her cheek, taking the sperm on my finger and licking it up.

She was looking happily.

'Can I fuck him sometime? I can't wait to get a load like that in my slit!'

I grinned.

'Friday we are going to get together with the lionesses, after that we take a break. We leave them alone for two weeks.'

Wendy stared at me in disbelieve.

'To do what?!'

I winked at her.

'Youl see.'

Two days passed like time had to make its way trough a blizzard. It seemed to take forever. Me and the lionesses had looked at each other in lust for a lot of time's and everytime we knew we had to wait and wait. But when the time finaly came I was overrun with stress, even more then usual. Next to the risc of getting cought was this entire new feeling. The feeling of seeing three lionesses, doing stuff to each other, instead of us doing it to them. I had tried to picture it in my bed, and got off on it. But the moment where I would finaly see it was so close I almost fainted.

Eleven at night, and here I am at the stockyard waiting for Wendy again. How can she be stuck in traffic at this hour!

I decided to them out already, dispite Jake's and Sambu's protests.

'Hey! What are you doing!' Jake roared. 'This is our night!'

Sambu complained along with him, but I ignored both of them. This night was dedicated to the lionesses, no one els.

When I opend their cage doors they stepped out elegant, but with a noticable sence of hornyness underneath. I felt the hard erection in my pants as I watched them.

'Who of us would you like first?' Nala asked, seductively. It was hard not to just drop my pants and fuck the living daylights out of her, knowing she wouldn't mind one bit. But I had other plans.

'Actualy,' I sighed with nerves. 'I had the idea of you three doing stuff... to each other.'

Nala and her sisters glanced at each other for a second.

'Each other?' she asked. 'But... we were hoping we would get you...'

I sighed, not wanting to let them down. But I wanted to see them do it too.

'Ok, if you do this for me, I will do all three of you if you still want to afterwards. Deal?'

They looked at each other for a second, then nodded. I glanced at them.

'You will like it,' I said when I saw the doubt in their eye's. 'I promise.'

I was about to walk over to the office to turn on some extra lights when Wendy walked in. She held her step almost instinctively out of fear for the lionesses, though she only needed a split second to realize there was no danger there.

'What kept you?' I asked her.

She mumbled something.


She surprised me with that one.

'Doubt?' I repeated. 'The Wendy I know, who fucks from dusk till dawn with a huge Siberian tiger, actualy exausting him, is doubting?'

She pulled up her shoulders.

'I don't know. I was in bed yesterday, and suddenly I realized what in fact we're doing. Nick, these are animals, tigers, lions...'

'Who enjoy what we do to them to the fullest,' I interupted her. 'There is nothing wrong with giving pleasure to some friends.'

She looked at the ground, almost in guilt. She looked up to me after a while with fear in her eye's.

'What if someone finds out...'

I put my hands on her shoulders and reached for eye contact.

'No one is going to find out, trust me.'

I smiled at her with a crazy grin. She gave me a gentle smile back.

'Now, are you going to help me with these golden animals or must I give pleasure to them all by myself?'

Wendy grinned at me.

'Not for a million dollars,' she said while she got rid of her pants.

I stroke Nala over her head, running my hand down her back till I reached her tail. She lay down for me. I knieled down, stroking her tight puss with two fingers.

Wendy took care of Kansabi, a more brownish sister of Nala. She stroke the cats slit with one finger and slid it in a few time's.

'What do you want me to do?' Nala moaned as I kept stroking her.

'Just do what I do, to your sister,' I brought my face closer to her slit and gently ran my tongue over her wet puss. I heard her moan.

'Oohh... Shaila, turn around,' Nala said with a shiffer. 'Your gonna like this.'

Since I had my face burried in Nala's slit, I couldn't realy see what was going on. But judging on the growls I had a pretty good idea.

I let my tongue slide trough her hot wet puss, licking up her fluids as they came running out. From the corner of my eye I noticed how Kansabi turned around and Wendy willingly following her lead. Now with perfect acces to Wendy's slit, Shaila let her tongue slide over it, sending a shiffer down Wendy's spine.

I looked up for a second, sticking two fingers in Nala's puss and moving them up and down. While I fingerd her I saw the image I had in mind, but time's ten! My fingers in Nala's slit. Nala's tongue running over Shaila's hot puss. Shaila who was trying to enter her tongue in Wendy's cave while Wendy ran her tongue over Kansabi's slit.

Delicious moaning was heard from everyone, mainly from Wendy and Nala. I pulled my fingers out and gave them a lick before giving her slit another few licks. I looked up again. Nala managed to enter Shaila, and was now exploring her inside's with great pleasure. Her hot tongue pulling in and out flooded with fluids. I enterd a second finger, pushing both as far in as I could. Nala pushed her muzzle firmly against Shaila's ass, growling as she kept licking her sister.

Shaila was no exeption. Her tongue was running firmly over Kansabi's slit, licking up everything on its way over.

Wendy sighed heavily as she ran her tongue over Kansabi's slit, letting the juices flow in her mouth, swallowing every last drop. As time passed by, everyone's breathing and roaring became so loud I was actualy worried if we wern't being to rough. But my hornyness soon took over again, feeling the erection in my pants. I pulled my fingers out, dropping my pants and trew my t-shirt away. I pressed my naked body firmly to her soft fur, her warmth, her strong body touching my sensitive skin. I ran my face over her back, sniffing up the sent. Then I grabbed her hind legs, driving my cock deeply into her slit. I panted of pleasure as I completely made my way inside her.

With her tongue still inside her sister she banged out a roar of pleasure as she felt my hot cock entering her wet slit.

When I looked over to Wendy, I noticed she stopped licking. Kansabi had turned around and was now licking Wendy over her back, eventualy to end at her puss which Shaila was still working on while being licked by her other sister. But Wendy turned around, having another naughty idea. She gave Kansabi full acces to her puss while she faced Shaila, looking her deep in her eye's. She brought her face closer, opening her mouth and hinted Shaila to do the same. For a second I closed my eye's as I feel Nala twitching her slit around my cock, next thing I know I see Wendy kissing with Shaila with all passion thinkable. Shaila's tongue curling wildly around Wendy's.

Wendy had her arms around Shaila, pusher herself into Shaila's muzzle as much as she could, forcing her tongue to go in as far as possible. I saw how their tongue's slided over each other in pure passion, thats what did it for me. I felt my cock twitching inside Nala's hot slit, spurting my hot cum deep into her. I growled like a tiger while I hosed Nala down with my sperm, unlocking a chain reaction of orgasms.

Nala's reaction to my orgasm made her pant and sigh against Shaila's cunt. Getting her on the edge now, the pulling back of Nala's tongue was the last she needed for a wonderfull orgasm while Nala kept licking up everything flowing out. Me pressing myself firmly into her eventualy gave her an extrordanary orgasm herself. My grip on her hind legs wasn't getting any looser as I felt Nala twitch around my cock. Roars of two lionesses were heard troughout the stockyard. Shaila was roaring Wendy's face, who as a reaction pushed her slit even more against Kansabi's muzzle, creating an instant orgasm. She sighed deeply as she grabbed Shaila again and pushed her face deeply into her muzzle. Kissing her with joy.

Trying to make the circle complete, I reached my mouth over to Kansabi's slit, being just able to reach it. I start running my tongue over her puss as I feel my cock twitch inside Nala's. Kansabi was at the edge as well, seconds later I was overrun with great sweet juices which I swallowed with much pleasure while I licked every inch of her slit.

Everyone was roaring, panting and growling of their orgasms. I felt my semen dripping out along my balls, juices running from my chin. And as a true domino lioness D day everyone collapsed to the ground one by one, on top of each other, breathing heavily trying to recover from a great orgasm.

'Oh my god!' Shaila screamed out.

'You can say that again!' Nala yelled out. 'Guese what we are going to do when we get bored at night.'

'Oh great,' I sighed with heavy breathing. 'Your gonna do a threesome every night now? I should have suggested this earlier!'

I looked over at Wendy who was still gently kisssing with Shaila. Her tongue twirling around relaxing and recovering from their orgasms together.

Nala was rolling on her back, curling all around. I climbed on her, feeling her soft warm fur tickeling on my nuts. I layed down on her chest, stroking her soft fur against my naked skin. I start to cuddle her, stroking my head past hers like any real lion would do before I brought my mouth to hers, forcing my tongue inside and getting a reply almost instantly. I placed my hands behind her head, clamping myself to her muzzle and feeling her long tongue run trough my mouth.

After a while she broke our kiss, looking deeply into my eye's.

'Thank you for that...' she said seductively. I replied with a small grin before I got off her and let her up. I glanced at my watch, 30 minutes past midnight.

'Wendy, we should get going,' I said while I started to dress.

She broke her kiss with Shaila and softly gave her a pat on the nose.

'Yea, sure.'

I quikely put on my shirt and put on my jacket. I guided the lionesses back to their cage.

'Have fun with your threesome's,' I grinned at them.

After I had locked the doors, and was waiting for Wendy to finish dressing, I thought about my plan. Did I think everything trough right? Was it fullproof? I hoped so... Time would tell, two weeks away.