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Already the tenth part in my Story Serie. I'm also planning on starting a new story serie next to this one, namely a lion king yiff serie. Keep checking.


Nick woke up with the singing of his dad who came walking in his room. He had a plate with cake in one hand, and a present under the other.

'Happy birthday dear Nick! Happy birthday dear Nick! Happy birthday dear tiger! Happy birthday dear Nick!'

Nick gave him a tired smile as he had a hard time opening his eye's. The morning sun shined straight into his eye's trough the window and past the curtains his dad had pulled open.

'Goodmorning Nicky. How was your night?'

'Alright, I guese...' he said while rubbing out his eye's. 'For heaven sake what time is it?'

His father put down the plate on Nick's bed side table and gave him the present. Then he looked on his watch.

'Lets see, its seven thirty in the morning. Rise and shine!'

Nick moaned unhappy.

'I don't even get to sleep on my birthday?'

'Trust me Nick,' his father smiled. 'You don't even want to sleep if you see what I got you.'

He winked and Nick looked out his window. The giant wooden fence! It was gone! He immediately wanted to get up to see what was out there, but his dad stopped him in his tracks.

'Hey hey, no peeking,' he said and gave him the wrapped present. It was a small box wrapped in shiny paper. It had the size of a watch box or something of the sort. 'Here, unwrap your present first, then eat your cake, then you can go downstairs to take a look.'

'Aw dad!'

He had a look at the small box, then ripped of the shiny paper. A small wooden box came out from underneath it. When he opend it he pulled up an eyebrow.

'Its... a key.'

'You are verry observant,' his father said. 'Now eat your cake, then we can go look at your present.'

Nick got out of his bed and grabbed the pants from a nearby chair. His t-shirt followed seconds later.

'Dad I'm realy not hungry. Can't we just go look?'

His father grinned and winked at him.

'Yea sure. I was just teasing you.'

'Alright!' Nick yelled and rushed out the door as soon as he got his shoes on. His dad quikely followed him.

'Hey wait up!'

Nick was downstairs waiting for his father aching to see what was outside. His dad went out ahead of him, opening the kitchen door and stepping into what used to be a backyard. All what was left infront of the backdoor was a path of tiles.

When Nick stepped out behind him, he gasped at the three meter high fence that was surrounding the entire backyard. Inside the fence were all kinds of tree's and bushes and even a large pond.

It reminded Nick of the cat enclosures at the zoo and he started to suspect something. And when he looked over to the wall of what used to be the shed, he saw a hatch in the wall, he knew for sure.

'Dad...' he said almost completely stunned. 'Don't tell me you got me a tiger...'

'Alright, I won't tell,' he said and started walking past the fence to the door of the shed that was on the outside of the enclosure. Nick kept standing gasping at what he saw. He couldn't believe his eye's. Just when he thought he would never see a tiger up close again...

'Wait! Dad, are you serious?' he asked as he ran up behind his father.

'Well, have a look for yourself,' he said as he pointed trough the doors window. Nick looked inside and saw that also the entire shed had been transformed in some sort of caretakeing center. Along the entire left wall were cages, in one of them was – from what he could see – a beautifull tiger. He couldn't help glimpsing underneath its tail.

'Whoops... he is a she. My bad.'

He grinned at his father.

'Not just a she...' he said. 'Go say hello. I'm sure she will be happy to see you.'

Nick looked at his father with suspision. What other surprises did he have in store for him?

He felt the key poking in the palm of his hand. He took a look at it, then eyed his father while holding up the key.

'Oh yes,' his dad said. 'That key will open every lock that has got to do something with the enclosure. Fence, shed, cages and everything with a lock on it inside here.'

'Oh... alright.'

Nick had another look inside, took one more deep breath, then went inside. Slowly and silently he opend the door and closed it behind him while his father looked inside trough the window.

Carefully he made his way over to the tigress in the cage. But as he got closer he could hear... sobbing?

What in the world? What was she doing? Is almost seemed like she was crying. He knieled down next to the cage as quiet as possible, looking at her back and figuring out what he could say. Talking to her might just scare her even more. He scraped his troat.

'What eh... whats the matter?'

Without even looking up or acting surprised that someone talked to her the tigress started trowing everything out she had on her mind.

'I was hoping he would come back someday! And now they put me in this strange place and now I'm never going to see him again! I miss him! I miss...' she stopped talking and kept on sobbing.

Nick was completely surprised and overwelmed. She was all wild and sad at the same time. In an attempt to calm her down he opend her cage up and knieled down next to her, putting his hand on her warm neckfur.

'Hey, calm down. You miss who? Your mate?'

'Yes!' she screamed out, still having her muzzle burried deep in her paws. 'I miss...'

She stopped dead in her words again and rose her muzzle from her paws. The sobbing seemed to have stopped. Slowly, verry slowly, she turned her head around to look at the persone comforting her face to face.

'Nick?!' she yelled out.

'Shaila?!' Nick reacted in turn and immediately turned to look at his father who was grinning at him trough the window.

'That old rascal!' he laughed heartly and turned back to Shaila, staring her in her beautifull eye's. An akward silence went on between them for a few seconds.

'Well...' Nick said silently. 'At least its good to be missed.'

He grinned at her.

'Nick... you have no idea how much I missed you!'

She stood up, pushing Nick back on the ground and standing over him for a few seconds.

'Trust me, I do,' he said. 'I missed you just as much...'

Shaila lay down next to him and Nick moved over her, laying on her stomach and strong chest. He moved his face closer to Shaila's and had a verry fast glance at his father who was still grinning at him from outside the shed. He focused back on Shaila and then accepted her tongue in his mouth more then willingly. With their eye's closed they explored each others mouths, enjoying the great feeling they had to miss out on for so long. The kiss went straight on, non stop and was going wilder and wilder.

After a rough 5 minutes of non stop kissing and panting, Nick got up and leaned over her body and gave her a naughty smile.

'If you missed me as much as I missed you... Im sure you don't mind if I do this...'

He moved his hand down to her hindlegs, to underneath her tail, slowly sliding a finger up her now wet slit.

It was at this moment his father stuck his head around the corner.

'I'm just going to leave you two alone for now...' he winked at Nick. 'Go get her tiger.'

'Hey Marc!'

As if he was entering his own home, Jack stepped inside the kitchen greeting Nicks father, Marc.

He greeted back and grinned at him while looked up from his paper.

'So, how does our tigerboy like his birthday present?'

Marc took a sip from his coffee.

'Well... lets just say he's playing with it right now.'

Jack grinned and sat down.


He grabbed a cup and the can of coffee and filled up the cup. He prepared his coffee with some milk and sugar and took a sip.

'So...' he said. 'Tell me, how do you deal with this?'

Marc looked up.

'What do you mean?'

'Well,' he said and made an explaining move with his hand. 'I mean Nick. How did you react when your first heard?'

Marc smiled.

'It didn't realy came as such a big surprise. I guese I always senced somehow that Nick felt more for tigers then just thinking there are the greatest animals alive. So when I got a call from the police department telling me Nick had been arrested for animal abuse, the first thing that shot trough my mind was that he must have tried to have sex with them.'

Jack listnend carefully and drank some more coffee.

'You didn't get mad or anything? I mean... its still something... well...'

'Weird? Sick? Nah. Nick explained me one time how he thought about sex with animals or being attracted to them. The tv had news on about some guy who had sex with his goat and got cought. Nick said that any animal, even the smallest dog, will let you know if your doing something it doesn't like and that any animal respecting persone will understand that. He also said that there is a diffrence between the sex maniacs who would even fuck a hole in the wall, and the zoophiles.'

He nodded as he thought back of that conversation.

'Nick pretty much opend my eye's that day in more then one way. Up till then I always thought people fucking a goat or a dog were just sick and whatnot. Nick made me understand there is much more to it then just sex. But that was also the time I knew for sure Nick was one of those people. And he realised that as well, he never started about the subject after that.'

Jack pulled up his eyebrows and took another sip.

'He does have a pretty valid point I guese...'

Marc nodded.

'You could say...' he was interupted by a stunning roar coming from the shed, followed by several others. Jack looked over his shoulder.

'Is he alright in there?' he asked worried.

'Oh yea,' Marc smiled. 'I think he's just about done playing. Anyway, like I was saying. You could say zoophilia is just another form of sexual prefrence. Just like straight, gay, bi. Unfortunatly zoophilia sounds more like its some sort of decease then a sexual prefrence.'

'Yes, indeed it does,' Jack said. 'Well all I know is that I respect Nick for living his life trough even though he has been the center of attention for the last year. Not to mention surviving an orgy with mighty creatures like tigers and lions. Instead of seeing it as something sick, I would more see it like a great gift, being able to do that.'

Marc laughed and finnished up his coffee.

'Would you like to then?' he asked as he filled his cup with a second load of coffee. 'Im sure neither Nick or Shaila would mind.'

Jack started laughing and rose his hands.

'No no, no thanks. Not me. Even though I do wonder what its like.'

'Well, why don't you ask him?' Marc said as he pointed behind Jack trough the window where Nick came walking in. He stepped inside the kitchen followed by Shaila who patted her mighty body behind him.

'Hey hey! Whats she doing here?' his father asked.

Nick smiled at him.

'You said, no dogs. You never said no tigers.'

His dad looked at Jack.

'Can you believe this guy?'

Jack only smiled back, but was struck with a brief moment of fear seconds later when Shaila came standing next to him.

'Hey hey...' he stutterd as Shaila stuck her snout under his arm. 'Nice kitty!'

Nick and his father laughed heartly for a moment before Nick walked out of the kitchen. Shaila followed him, sliding out of the kitchen.

'Hey Nick! Wait up, what are you going to do?'

'Uh, well we thought the hard floor was kind of uncomfy, so we are going to my room...'

His dad had a look at Jack for a moment, who just raised his shoulders. Marc looked back at Nick.

'Well... alright then. Just don't make a mess...'

Nick grinned.

'Only of ourselfs!' then he ran upstairs.

As soon as they enterd the room Shaila jumped up on the bed, getting the point of it being comfortable and lay down on her back. She gave Nick a seductive look as he was busy closing curtains and getting undressed. As soon as he was completely naked, he jumped onto the bed and crawled over on Shaila.

'Much better...' he said softly and moved his face over to hers. 'Now, where were we?'

'I believe you just gave me the first orgasm of the day after I cleaned you up...' she said horny.

Nick smiled.

'Oh yea...'

They got entangled in a passionate kiss, Nick tasting his own cum still left behind in Shaila's muzzle.

Nick felt his erection growing again, rubbing it up against Shaila's belly. Not short thereafter Shaila broke the kiss.

'Put it back in me love...' she whisperd.

More then willingly Nick lowerd his body, rubbing his hard cock over her hot slit. He slid his tip up her hot wetness and moved it up and down a little. Shaila moaned and let out a low growl at her pleasure.

Nick pulled out and moved down a level, rubbing his now lubed cock against her ass.

'Ah yes, Nick... give it to me...'

He sighed as he slid the tip of his cock up her tight ass. Shaila growled even louder and even let out a small roar when Nick went deeper and deeper. Small thrusts started to be made up the tigress' tailhole.

'Girl you got tight...' Nick moaned as he made another hard thrust. Shaila moaned heartly and trew her head back with closed eye's.

'Oh Nick! Yes!'

Precum started to flow down her guts and Nicks thrusts were starting to loosen up. At every thrust his cock got lubed up in his own pre and Shaila's inside's. And the more his cock got lubed up, the harder his thrusts became. Shaila's body was rocking underneath his hard thrusts.

'Ah yes! Yes! Yes Nick!'

She closed her tight guts around his cock, making it even more sensitve for Nick. It was at this point Nick trew out a loud scream as he spurted his warm sperm down Shaila's guts.

'Oh yes! Yes Nick! Give it to meeeee!!!'

The spurting kept going, filling up Shaila until it dripped out on her tail. Nick collapsed on her strong panting body when he gave it everything he had.

'Ah, that was even better then the first round,' he said, still inside his lover.

Shaila began purring, vibrating her chest while Nick rested his head on it.

'Are you going to clean me up, hon?' she purred seductively. 'And you still have to finnish me up...'

Nick looked up to her and grinned.

'So you havn't come yet... right...'

He pulled back from Shaila's tight hole and moved back from her body. He burried his face in the fur between her hindlegs. He kept moving down and started to twirl his tongue trough her long fur, going past her wet slit onto her tailhole which was still leaking his cum.

His tongue was moving circle's around her wet hole, making swimpes over it to lick up his own cum. Shaila moaned at him every time she felt is hot tongue over her butt. She growled gently when Nick forced his tongue inside and twirled it around.

'Ah yes... keep going Nick! Don't stop now!'

Nick pushed his tongue up her ass even more, feeling her hot, wet tightness around it. He twirled around some more then pulled out. Shaila growled at this sensation and kept moaning as Nick moved up to her slit, his tongue sliding over it and licking up her flowing fluids.

Shaila's tail was twitching wildly while she clawed in the air, growling and showing her massive theeth like the predator she was. Nick enterd his tongue in her slit, tasting her sweetness and licking it up. He kept his tongue twirling inside while he enjoyed her bittersweet scent. Shaila growled loudly.

'Ahh Nick!! Im coming! Don't stop! Don't stop now Nick!'

Getting the point, Nick firmly grabbed her hindlegs and pushed his face against her slit even more, licking even faster and wilder while Shaila's body lay shocking underneath him. Fluids streaming out fast into Nick's mouth while he ate her out.

'Ohh Oh Nick! Yes!! Ahh!!!'

Nick kept on licking her hot slit, feeling her wetness and enjoying it. Eventualy, the shocking stopped and the sensation was over. Nick licked up the last few bits of cum and sweet fluids he could reach in Shaila's slit, then pulled his tongue back out.

'Oh Nick... your heavenly.'

He grinned at her.

'I know...' he said and rubbed his finger over her slit and bend down to take another lick. She tasted so fine.

'You smell nice...' he said and took a from his finger then licked her slit once more. He opend his mouth to give her another little treat, closing his lips around her slit to eat her out again. He just wanted to stick his tongue back in again when Shaila suddenly sprayed he load of bitter urine in his mouth. Taking Nick by surprise, he almost choked in it, but swallowed it with great delight none the less.

'Hm... that tastes good,' he said and crawled up back to her, kissing her passionatly and sharing the taste of her own urine. Shaila broke the kiss once more and stared Nick in the eye's.

'Happy birthday, Nick.'