Sex at full mane
© 2004 by TheTiger

Sex at full mane

I woke up this morning with a full erection. The night with Shaila one week ago has been in my dreams ever since and it just doesn't want to leave. Luckily, I don't want it to. Unfortunately my plan to do it once more has been thrown out the window, Shaila was no longer in heat and attempting to make love to her again would probably result in death this time.

I stepped out of bed with a deep sigh. A picture of Shaila I had hanging between a set of more picture's caught my attention. She looked like she could jump out of the picture any second, and again I saw the magic in her eye's.

After that one night of pure sensation I did notice how she would look at me, she stared differently then usual. It made me think for a second she remembered what we did, and maybe she did. But I could hardly believe she had a taste for more. I knew I had, but I wasn't going to risk my life again.

While eating breakfast and reading the Sunday paper it kept crawling in my mind, I now officially crossed the line. It was no longer imagining, downloading zoo porn and hoping no one would find out. I actually had sex with an animal, and thats something way different then downloading zoo porn.

Fear struck my heart, I almost choked in a bit of cerial. What if someone saw! What if someone heard the moaning. What if... what if...

Suddenly I wasn't very hungry anymore.

The night itself was great, its a one of a lifetime thing, something that can never happen again at that certain extent. And I'm definitely not sorry, but if someone knew... it would end my career, and my life.

My thoughts where brutally interrupted by a ringing phone. 'Work' it said on the display. A strike of fate trying to be funny maybe? I answered with hesitation.


'Nick, is that you?' the voice on the other end asked, it was John, my coworker at the Predator Stockyard. 'We have a problem.'

I swallowed my fear. Here we go, its over...

'Eh... yea sure,' I stuttered trying to act as normal as possible. If I was lucky I could still save my ass. 'I'l be right there.'

I had a look on my watch, 7:30 in the morning. The park would not open for another hour and a half.

'Im sorry to bother you on your day off, but its important.'

Without respond I hang up, trying to figure out an excuse... then again, how do you make up an excuse for something like this?

Half an hour later I arrived at the zoo. The silver letters above the entrance, spelling out 'Mowaco Zoo' reflected the suns beams everywhere. I parked my car next to a van which was owned by the zoo's regular predator vet. I didn't have to guess what he was doing here, exam on Shaila, no doubt.

I made my way to the Stockyard, looking at everything as if it would be the last time I saw it. I looked at the bears, the raccoons, birds and snake's before arriving where I needed to be. The thick steel door which concealed the stockyard from normal visitors was opened just a little. I tried to see something trough the crack of the door, though with lack of result I had no choice but to walk in.

I was already pleasantly surprised when I saw them standing around the lions cage, instead of Shaila's one. Though, what was going on was still a mystery.

The stockyard existed of steel mostly. With stone pavement on the ground, full of bumps and hole's. A large tree was in the center, surrounding it where all the night exhibits of the animals. The tigers on the far right top. The lions on the entire left wall and the cheetah's and the panthers on the right middle and bottom. Cage doors were rusty a little and were to be replaced soon. I sniffed up the typical cat sent of the stockyard as I walked up to John and the vet.

'Mornin,' I said happy as can be.

'Good morning Nick,' John replied.

I looked inside the night exhibit while I gave the vet a greeting nod. Inside was Sambu, laying on his side, he seemed passed out. Next to his muzzle was a very small puddle of blood, it had dried up, but I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday evening. The lionesses in the cages next to him where being active, moaning and moving all the time.

'What happened to him?' I asked with disbelief.

'Well,' John started. 'Apparently he got in a small fight somewhere during the night. My guess is that one of the lionesses scratched him. He has a pretty bad wound on the inside of his right hind leg. He just came back from surgery, we're waiting for him to wake up.'

I kneeled down, trying to discover the wound. His other leg was covering it, but I indeed saw a clear white bandage wrapped around the upper area of his hind leg. Out of habit, I had a glance at his tool. But I looked away as soon as I realized John and the vet were standing right next to me.

'Is he eh ughm, is he going to be ok?' I swallowed away a brick in my thought hoping they didn't catch me stare.

'He's going to be fine,' the vet answered. 'But the wounds bandage needs to be changed every morning and every evening and it must also be made sure the wound get treated with a special ointment before applying the new bandage.

I stared at the guy with huge eye's.

'What, your kidding right?' I asked sarcastically. 'We can't tranquilize him twice a day to change his bandage. That will be fatal after 3 days or something.'

I twitched an eyebrow while I said it and looked back at Sambu.

'Exactly,' John said. When I looked at him, he gave me a serious look, as if to confirm something. I looked from John to the vet, from the vet to John and it slowly got to me what the idea was.

'Oh no... no no no,' I said determined. 'Im not going in that cage with him, are you mad?'

Tigers are fine, I'll enter any of the tigers exhibits any time. Tigers are calm and controlled, and I have a good relation with them. But lions... lions freak me out. Well, on behavior level anyway. Lions are so aggressive and dominant. It was nice when I got to hold his dick when he was knocked out, but I'm not going into a cage with a fully awakened lion!

'Come on Nick!' John kept pulling. 'Your the only one who has enough experience and trust with him.'

Trust?! You call getting roared in the face every morning trust? If it weren't for that steel bars, he would shred me to a thousands of pieces! That is what I should have said, but I only mumbled a little.

'He's gonna kill me...' I said on a warning tone.

'Your going to kill him if you don't at least try to do this.'

Now that was mean, I thought. John, you sneaky bastard. This has nothing to do with trying, I only get one shot, if Sambu wants me dead, its a simple matter of one strike with his paw.

'When is the first time to change his bandage?' I asked and had another estimating look on his bandage.

'Tonight, before you guys go home.' the vet replied.

'Ok,' I said while I turned around to walk away. 'You'll know by the end of the day whether or not I'm going to make a suicide attempt.'

Then I walked away, to the park restaurant.

While I had a bite to eat I thought over the things that were obviously required from me. Its true, I have a better relation to tigers and the lions here at the zoo then anyone else. With the tigers I already build up so much trust with Jake and Shaila that I can enter their cage without them attacking. Even though its being tried to avoid, every once in a while it's just needed. Of course the hot night with Shaila was good proof too.

But Sambu, Sambu was a lion. And lions in general are known to be a lot more aggressive then tigers... not to mention, I don't have such a good relation to Sambu. There is no telling how he would react.

On the other hand, I didn't have much choice. If I didn't treat him with the ointment, the wound would infect so bad he would definitely die from it. And putting him to sleep most of the day wasn't such a great idea either.

I had a sip from my warm coffee and sighed. In one hand I have the life of Sambu, in the other I have my own. Doing what I should, I risk squeezing both hands to hard, killing both of us. If I don't, I will squeeze only one hand, killing Sambu.

I glanced trough various paintings which were displayed on the wall in front of me. All kinds of animals from the park, including my friends, Jake and Shaila. Including Sambu.

With another sigh I finished my coffee.

I made my decision. If Sambu has to die, then I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to save him, even though that could cost me my own life. I knew I could not live with myself anyway, knowing I let a lion die just like that.

So, when it was time to call in the animals I knew this was it. After everyone was inside and were enjoying their fresh pieces of meat, I stepped up to Sambu who too was busy processing his food.

Wendy, another one of my coworkers, was busy outside the tigers cages at the other end of the stockyard.

I took a deep breath, then kindly asked her to leave and close the stockyard main doors behind her. As soon as I would open Sambu's cage I risked him escaping. I wanted it to be contained to the stockyard if that happened.

Sambu was laying down, eating his meat. The bandage was now clearly visible and I questioned how in the world I was supposed to get it off him. Just lift up his paw and wrap it off? Yea right, not in a million years Sambu would allow that.

In the end I figured this didn't involve much planning. It would all depend on how Sambu would react. I had another look around, eyed Shaila for a moment, then looked at Jake who was having his butt turned towards me and was still eating his meat.

'I hope your as calm as those two,' I mumbled, hoping it would help in some extent. With those words and that thought, I opened Sambu's cage.

He fiercely turned around, growling at me non stop. His teeth where bared, pure white with traces of red meat stuck between them. His breath was stinky, compared to his, Shaila was eating breath mints.

As I took a gentle step inside the growling transformed to silent roars, though they kind of sounded like barks.

I stared him in the eye's, and old trick I knew calmed down most cats and get them trusting me. Even though its stated you should never stare a predator in the eye's because you actually challenging him for a fight, it always worked out the opposite.

'Im only here to help you, Sambu,' I said as calm as I could. I bared both my hands, held them up as if someone pointed a gun at me, then stayed like that until I got Sambu's permission to proceed. I wanted to make it very clear, he was the one in charge at the moment, and there was no single reason to feel threatened.

When the roaring silenced back to growling, and the growling eventually faded away, I dared to move once again. I stuck my hand out to his snout. Not to pet him, but to let him recognize my sent. Being the steady caretaker, he should have some trust with my sent.

When also that was approved, I could start what I was meant to do. And I wanted it over fast.

While I kept eying him, I bend forwards to his hind leg. With him facing me, that meant I had to go past his face, past his front legs and on my knees. A more perfect position for Sambu to kill me was not possible.

I examined the wound, the bandage then got back up just to look right in Sambu's face. I swallowed for a second, not knowing what to do. But to my big surprise, Sambu laid down, thus offering me an even better view on things. Quickly I put on some gloves and started unwrapping the bandage. An ugly shaved spot became exposed when almost everything was off. The last part had blended with the dried blood and the wound, yanking it off would hurt.

I looked over my shoulder, Sambu looked like he knew what I was doing and let me do it knowing it would eventually make him better. I gave him a small rub on the nose, as to assure him everything would be fine. Then with one hard yank, I ripped the bandage off. Sambu pounded out a screaming roar of pain and I quickly turned to him to easy him.

'It's going to be ok,' I hushed him. My voice seemed to calm him down as he closed his eye's, squeezing them to tiny line's. I grinned because of his now so cute face and gave him a scratch behind his ears.

Ok, time for the ointment. I got out a small tube filled with a thick colorless fluid. I got some on my finger, then lifted his left hind leg to make room at his right one. As I started massaging the ointment on the wound, my eye catch Sambu's tool underneath his tail. At first glance it did not seem like it was erect. But as I kept watching, I noticed how it slowly got stiffer and harder. Now with the ointment in place I used my other hand to keep rubbing his hind leg, his thy mostly. I reached for a piece of paper with my other hand to wipe it clean, then used that right hand to pet him on his chest.

My left hand was now slowly moving down to his tail, gentle and easy, but in a way that made us both horny as hell. Sambu started purring of joy, and I myself felt my heart rate go up, my breathing became heavier. When I reached his great pink tool, which by now was fully erected, A shiver went down my spine. While still using my right hand to massage his chest, I started playing with his balls a little. That he seemed to like even better as he now made small growls of joy, vaguely grasping with his front paw.

I went down, holding his pink erection in my hand as it shocked briefly. Though he was far from actually coming, small drops where already leaking. Drops I used to smooth around the rest of his penis. I pushed the furry part back as far as possible. His dick slid trough my hand like an eel, emitting drops on my hand every few seconds.

The growling and moaning were a clear signal from Sambu that this was not bad, not bad at all. And knowing that, I proceeded to give this old rascal a handjob. It didn't took long for him to take control, after just a few ups and downs, he started thrusting in my hand himself. I now used my other hand to massage his balls once again. An addition which made him come on the spot.

Warm sperm was running over my hand, dripping down on the floor and sliding trough my fingers. Again, if it wasn't for my pants I would have came on the very spot without even touching myself.

Sambu growled and moaned of joy as he gave a final push against my hand and kept it there for several seconds. His warm goods where now flowing down my wrist and hand.

When he finally pulled back, letting his pink tool disappear underneath his layer of fur, I automatically went for a piece of paper to clean my hand, when I got the idea to just lick it up. I had a doubtful look at the watery substance dripping from my hand. Then I took a tiny lick from my index finger. A bittersweet taste divided itself trough my mouth and all over my tongue, have I ever tasted something more tastier then this? Well, food tastes better, but I know this tasted way better then my own which I once tasted out of curiosity. I quickly licked off the rest of my hand, then cleaned the rest with a paper towel. My coworker Wendy was calling from outside the fence, was I done yet?

Not really. Carefully I wrapped a new set of bandage around his hind leg, covering the wound and the ugly shaved spot.

'There, your all fixed up and ready to go,' I said kindly. Sambu gave an satisfied look, probably of both the great orgasm I gave him as well as the new bandage. I think the old one was itchy. 'I'll see you tomorrow morning, then we will repeat this entirely again. Fun eh?'

Sambu twitched his ear and sat up from his laid down position. While I made start to crawl out the night exhibit, Sambu had other plans.

The soft, but firm pressure of his paw on my back made my sink trough my knees, onto my elbows. I felt his nails stinging gently in my back. Instinctively I crawled backwards to avoid his nails completely penetrating my back. The paw was now released, only to reappear next to my face. On the other side, his other paw. I realized what he was doing, he was mounting me!

'Oh oh.... No Sambu don't,' Of course, that didn't help anything. It sounded so stupid to beg for him to stop, especially since my normal reaction would have been to drop my pants on the spot and let him give everything he's got. He was a lion mounting me for fuck sake, no chance I would let that go past. But with my coworker outside, and it being bright daylight, this wasn't such a good plan. But what are you gonna do against a lion on your back?

Sambu growled loudly and uncontrolled as he tried to find his target. His pointy pink sex tool poking my in my butt cheeks.

The roars triggered my coworker once again.

'Are you okay in there?!'

'Im fine!' I replied just as Sambu found the target underneath my pants and tried with all might to rip trough them. And even though the pants where blocking the fun, it still felt great.

'Correct that!' I yelled. 'Im fantastic!' Ouch! Took one in the cheek again.

It didn't took long for Sambu to realize he wasn't getting any pussy (or ass, for that matter) now, he got off me with an annoyed growl.

'Ya I know,' I reacted while I quickly crawled out of his cage. 'I wanted it just as bad as you do boy, really...'

I looked over my shoulder to the steel doors, they were shut firmly.

'But now isn't a good time.'

As I shut his door, Sambu started cleaning himself again. I got an erection again as I saw him licking that pink cock of his. But I quickly got out of there. Put everything back in the briefcase, put it in the office and joined Wendy outside the stockyard doors.

'Everything went alright?' she asked.

It could have been better... I thought. I should have gone better, we both wanted more then a simple hand job.

'Yea, everything went eh... smooth.'

'Bandage in place?'

I nodded with a gaze. Tonight... tonight everything will be right. Tonight, everything will go as it should.

Midnight, zoo is abandoned, the roads are empty and its dark all around me. As I stand in front of the steel doors, I sniff up the cold nightly cold and enjoy the vague tiger sent hidden in it.

Everything looks so different at night. The doors where nothing more then two huge shade's in the middle of a light source from inside the stockyard. The few spotlights on the walls gave a nice little glow, but the bigger one's popped on when I entered. At least I had a good view, and it looked like Sambu's cage was lit well enough too.

'Hey there big boy,' I said out of habit and opened his cage door. Though this time, he wasn't so calm.

With a mild growl he leaped towards me, me just being able to avoid a strike with his claw. The strike with his other paw however made a direct impact on my back, and before I knew what exactly was going on, Sambu had me pinned on my chest. His weight being send trough me, the pressure of his one paw putting his entire body weight on my shoulders and chest.

'Sambu,' I moaned. 'Get off...' I coughed.

I don't know what exactly he was doing, if he wanted to kill me he would have done so already. It didn't feel like he was humping me either, which was my second guess. He just stood there, wide on top of me doing nothing.

When I tried to struggle loose to see what was going on, his sharp claws made a quick point and forced me to stay in place. He started sniffing my neck and back, then gave my neck short licks. His rough warm tongue sending shiver down my spine.

Suddenly he put his paw on my side and keeled me over with the littlest trouble. I was now facing his cage again. Knowing I probably would have a hand full getting him back in if we were to do this outside, I decided I had to lure him back in before I let this beast be al over me.

I quickly crawled inside, feeling Sambu trying to hold me back as I went in. He used his full claws this time, pushing them deeply into my back. Four distinctive scratchmarks were formed under a grin of pain. Blood was drawn and was now flowing down my side onto the ground and being absorbed by my t-shirt.

I assumed the position once again, on my knees, in the way Sambu could easily reach me. And he did. As soon what the plan was, I felt him climbing over me. As fast as I could I got rid of my t-shirt, dropped my pants and waited. His warm fur was tingling my back, his hot breath blowing trough my hair.

I felt how prepared himself. Two huge paws were placed right next to me, holding me in his grasp. I used them as support columns, so I was now leaning on Sambu's front legs. Then the moment came. No time for foreplay as I did with Shaila, Sambu was straight to the point. I felt his dick riding up my butt cheeks, leaking little semen in the process. I was about to help guiding him to his target, when it happened.

His hot hard tool penetrating my ass, making its way all the way inside in one smooth thrust. It was a shock, little painful at first, but satisfying shortly there after. I felt his flesh, his warm and soft penis going against the inner side's of my ass, stroking short thrusts and it feeling better every time he re entered. He accidentally shot out of me in the middle of it, but he brutally entered just a second there after. This time going even deeper then before, or so it seemed. I screamed out a blast of joy as I felt him inside of me over and over again, his hind legs rubbing my ass, his hard breathing in my hair.

I changed position, now holding one hand on the gate leading outside, and the other as a barrier between my neck and his mouth. He would come soon, and when he would he would start biting me. And since Im a human, his gentle neck bites would probably kill me, and if not I would have one heck of a story to tell at the hospital.

I moaned and growled softly while I enjoyed being fucked by this mighty creature. I looked out at the full moon, it had a mystical glow on the area.

Sambu still wasn't done yet. He kept thrusting up and down, feeling like he kept digging deeper into my ass when suddenly, the last thrust. A giant bang right inside making me scream out the pain, I could not suppress it but the warm flow of lion sperm that Sambu injected in my ass made up for everything. I could feel it flowing deeper into my ass, as in the opposite direction. It dripped down my leg.

By now Sambu was gently starting to bite my arm which I still had in front of my neck. His huge teeth being pressed into my arm firmly. If he bit any more, he would break my arm. But I didn't even feel it, all I had attention for the warm semen flowing around my ass, and the erected lion cock which was still in there with it.

Sambu was done biting, he was just roaring in my hair now. And I quickly used my hand to jack myself off, as long as he was still in there. Sambu already did most of the job, that last stimulation was enough for me to come wonderfully, squeezing my ass and shooting out the white splashes of sperm on the ground and even my own chin.

Sambu roared, and I roared with him, screaming out my ultimate pleasure and grabbing everything around me. I held myself up against Sambu's legs as he pulled back. As he did, he also stud up, lifting my just a little. It was the last ultimate feeling of all. He stepped in front, his cock now rubbing over my back, still pumping out warm seed. It felt great, until he crossed the scratches. Ouch! Goddamn, semen stings in open wounds! Who would have guessed!

As if I had claws myself, I pulled my nails on the mostly wood on the floor, glancing at my little puddle of cum on the ground and on the bars. I sighed. Except for the little pain in the end, that was SO GOOD!

I never put anything up my ass, never slept with a man or even experiment with it. But when I noticed Sambu wanted to fuck me the other day, there was no stopping me. If he wanted to fuck me, be my guest! My ass is all yours!

I turned around, preparing to leave. I wrestled myself past Sambu, as the room wasn't much. While I passed his face he got closer to me, then licked up my cum which I still had on my chin. I gave him a kiss on the nose as a response.

'Thank you for that...' I said and made a short face of pain as Sambu's cum was still stinging in one of the wounds. 'But not for that.' I grinned.

Then I closed the door, Sambu started cleaning himself, and I got back dressed. My t-shirt was ruined, I could trow that out. But it was worth it. I hoped the wounds on my back weren't to serious, since explaining this at a hospital wasn't going to be pretty.

I decided to put some bandage around it, it would be under my clothes, no one would even see.

And with that thought I left the stockyard. The lights went out, everything was quiet once again. And I had no idea, what was about to happen to me.