Striped heat
© 2004 by TheTiger

Striped heat

It was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. The lions where relaxing in the sun, the jaguars were playing and running around there exhibit and the cheetah's were walking up and down the entire afternoon.

It was a typical wednesday afternoon in the zoo where I work as head of predator staff. My name is Nick. Its my job to take care of all the big cats in the zoo.

Everything was already done, the night exhibits had been cleaned, meat had been prepared and the stockyard had been tidied up. I was done for the day, and I still had one hour to go until I could go home.

So I went to take a look at the Siberian tiger exhibit.

When I got there, standing in front of the thick plate of glass, Shaila spotted me and came near. Shaila is a beautiful young tigress, about 5 years old. Her fur is clean and neat just as a tiger should look like. Not a spot of dirt, not one unorganized hair spotted. She looked great, sexy even.

For some time now I had been looking at the felines differently then most my coworkers. I like to watch the lions mate, I even volunteered once to assist in sperm collection from our male lion. And trust me, that was not because they actually needed help. Touching his strong body made me unnoticeable for a second, unnoticeable, mind you. And when the time came to actually collect the semen, I almost melted of joy as I held that beasts penis.

Thinking of that moment I was now standing in front of the tiger cage, watching Shaila as she was sniffing the window and jumping up to it. She pushed her face against the window and I gave a small kiss on the window where her mouth was behind.

She stood back down again. Look at me for a second with a glance in her eye's, then started rolling on her back. I couldn't resist taking a peek underneath her tail, though, a peak is a gentle expression. I was downright staring at it, that little spot underneath her tail. Countless time's had I imagined how it must be, to be the tiger lucky enough to get in there. Unfortunately, that was not to happen anytime soon. Because of some sort of interference we had strict orders from the zoo's president not to let any of the tigers mate. Thus the male being inside because Shaila was in heat.

It suddenly struck me as I was standing there. Shaila was in heat! No wonder she had been so desperate for attention. How stupid that I forgot it.

'So, our little girl is in heat?' I asked cutely trough the thick glass. The chance she actually heard me is slim, but she did react in the movement of my mouth because she advanced towards me once again. This time laying on the ground, just in front of the window.

I kneeled down to her, to just be close to her, but she did not seem to put her face against the window as usual. Instead, she turned around. Her little puss facing me now.

It took me at least half a minute to stop staring again, and realize her tail wasn't covering it. Her tail was erect in the air, as if she wanted me to look at her little hot spot.

I would have loved standing around, enjoying the erection I had in my pants for minutes now, but some park visitors came by so I got the hell out a there fearing I might get caught staring.

I went back to the stockyard, waiting until it was time to pull in the animals. And I was thinking... thinking thinking. I could hardly believe it, but it seemed Shaila was taking position to mate... without any other tiger around, without any male tiger forcing her to take position. She just did, in front of me.

I stepped over to Jake, the male tiger who was inside now.

'Hey there, big boy.' I said kind. Jake reacted with a smothering sound used to greet trustees. I made the sound back to him to confirm his call. 'Guess who's in heat.'

Jake laid down, and was looking around a little tired. I had a glance underneath his tail, seeing the pink tip I adored so much when I was holding the lion's one.

'Oh, you already know huh?' I laughed while I watched his penis in the same stare I watched Shaila's puss in.

After roughly a minute, I looked on my watch.

'Time to get everyone in.' I mumbled to myself.

I greeted the lionesses as they came in, and grabbed the opportunity to give Sambu, our male lion, a few strokes over his ballsac. He was in the perfect position. Again a shiver went trough me.

I proceeded to cage in everyone els, and put out Jake for the night. When I came to Shaila however, I had a small doubt. I pulled open the entered door, letting Shaila in. And apparently she was in a hurry to see me. As soon as she entered she leaped and jumped against the steel bars, making the same greeting sound as Jake. I confirmed it again.

I noticed how she was staring at me, and I stared back. Into her eye's this time. They were so deep, so meaningful, that I almost controlled open the door and hugged her like I never hugged anyone before. But I controlled myself.

I closed the exhibit door and gave her a little pat on the nose. Then I turned around only for Shaila to call me back with an emotional cry. When I turned back I could just avoid being sprayed by her. The sent it left from the ground had a nursing effect on me. The sweet yet bitter smell of tiger urine always did something to me, especially now Shaila was in heat, it smelled even sweeter. Still, I wouldn't like being sprayed with it.

Jake however didn't know how fast he had to rush to Shaila's exhibit door and sniff up as much sent as he could from that distance.

It was obvious to me, Jake wanted it badly. But Shaila wanted it extremely bad. Thats when I made my decision.

'We'll see how badly you want it,' I said, almost naughty, before I left the stockyard.

After I went to see a movie and had a bite to eat, it was already late in the evening. The zoo was closed for hours already, and all the staff would have gone how by now.

It was dark, some lights were providing a view on the main entrance, but I chose for the staff entrance. Hoping the lock would unlock after working hours I typed in the code.


Yes! It worked.

The zoo looked awkward at night. Everything was so dark, I didn't even see where I was going. I had to rely on my knowledge of the zoo's layout. But eventually, there it was. The predator stockyard. Vaguely lit by a single lamp hanging above the stockyard.

Nervously I entered the stockyard, and glanced at Shaila's cage. When I stood in front of her, she immediately got up and greeted me. Once again I greeted back, sniffing up the sweet sent that was still around.

'Do you still want it girl?' I asked. I kneeled down, suspecting thats what triggered it last time. And yes, she turned around, got her tail up, and pointed her puss invitingly towards me. I gently touched her spot, the very first time I actually touched the puss I had been living in my fantasy for so long. It gave me the final pulse.

Trusting on the relation I have with her since she was born, I opened the cage door. This would be it. The difference between life or death, she could jump me, kill me and escape if she wanted to.

But it didn't happen. She just laid there, because all she wanted, was someone giving her a good hot mating session. And if I had anything to do with it, she could get it.

Gently I stepped in next to her, Shaila was curling on the ground impatiently. When I kneeled down to her and put my hand on the back of her neck I got a short breeze in my face as a response. I looked deeply into her eye's.

'I love you to girl. Really, I do.' Frankly I don't know if I was talking to make her more comfortable or just myself. 'I won't do anything you don't want girl, and just a small roar will do. Don't shred me to pieces, ok?'

I backed my hand over her back. Coming closer to her tail to eventually end up gently massaging her puss while I used my other hand to pet her back. She seemed to like it and she started purring satisfied.

Then I stopped for a second, brought my face closer to hers and gave her a small kiss on the nose, then I just stared her in the eye's again. My nose touching hers. Feeling the rough breathing and seeing the want in her eye's. And when she opened her mouth to let out a breeze of arouse, I grabbed the opportunity to see if you would accept something which was totally not in her behavior. Gently I brought my mouth closer to hers, to then stick out my tongue and run it as much as I could on hers. It was pretty hard to reach at first, the mouth of a tiger is pretty big. But apparently she accepted it, or I would have lost my tongue by now.

To my biggest surprise she reacted after a short while when she got used to it and stuck out her tongue as well. As I enjoyed the rough tiger tongue with all passion, exploring my own mouth, I slowly petted her on the head. Occasionally our tongues twisted around each other, or actually hers around mine. My heart rate went crazy, and I would have came on the spot if it wasn't for my pants getting pretty painful right about now.

I backed off from her, enjoying the aftertaste of her mouth, and decided it was time. I dropped down my pants, threw them in a corner outside the cage and gently sat on her back, ridding her like a horse while her soft fur tingled my entire body. Slowly I backed of to her tail, shivering when it slid past my own ass.

Still petting her I checked to see if she was still ok with it all. Her deep purring confirmed that, she was looking out the exhibit door to Jake, who was interesting looking inside.

'This is it girl,' I said while I made gentle circle's with my penis against her puss. 'No more waiting.'

Then, like a dream come true, I slowly entered her cave of wonders. Little by little, not to fast, not to deep. First a small bit, then the whole top.

She was moaning of joy and clawing the wooden floor and frankly, if I would have had claws at that moment I would have carved every piece of wood around me. This felt better then all the women I been with in all those years.

I don't give a shit about what people might think if they hear! I thought to myself while I entered here even deeper, and the feeling became even more intense. This is the best sex I ever had!

Her pleasant growling made me go in even deeper, until I hit a barrier. I was about 2/3 in, but no matter, it was great non the less! I started trusting up and down, guided by Shaila's growling and roaring which became louder every time I reentered.

As if we both had our dreams come true, we reached our high point at the same time. Just as I came, ejecting the warm sperm deep into her, she roared as loud as she could. Louder then I ever heard her roar. Both out of pure satisfaction and a little bit of lost of self control I grabbed her neck, squeezing it gently just as her real mate would do. Meanwhile I roared along with her. Roars coming from the deepest of my lungs, the deepest of my guts. Roars I didn't even knew I could make.

It seemed like I was pumping it into her by the gallon, so good was this feeling. Afterwards I laid down on her back. She was breezing it out to.

I pulled out of her, she immediately turned on her back and I gave a direct response to that. I laid down beside her, half on top of her and once again kissed her, let my tongue twirl around hers. And this time, she answered pretty much immediately. It was a great way to end a great night.

'I think this was great, Shaila.' I said hampering from the tension. 'Im sure it was good for you too.'

Her tail slid along my ass once more, making me shiver.

'I'l see you tomorrow morning,' I grinned as I locked to door again. While I was cleaning myself up and got dressed I glanced at Sambu who was looking interested trough his little door.

Just before I left I approached him, wishing him a good night.

'Hey big boy, still awake?'

Sambu sniffed.

'I'll see you tomorrow.' I said. While I stood up I noticed Sambu's penis, his great pink lion dick just shining there. I grinned, and with that same grin I drove home, home from a night to never ever forget.