Nicobay Secret Storybook - A thousand and one fucks
© 2011 by Nicobay, Artwork by GWON, Story by mech and GryphonWings

Nicobay Secret Storybook - A thousand and one fucks

„Please Rajah, what's gotten into you?” Jasmine asked as her feline protector slowly circled her with a stoic expression. The tiger sniffed deeply, his sensitive nose picking up the scent he feared she would have. Jasmine watched as he slowly brought his nose up to her crotch, sniffing deeply before growling with disdain. He could smell that male inside of her; she had bred with Aladdin, and Jasmine was his mate. This needed to be rectified.

Jasmine gasped in surprise as Rajah quickly pounced on her, slicing her clothes with one swift movement. Jasmine suddenly understood; she could see the redness beneath the tiger's belly, and knew exactly what he had in mind. He could smell Aladdin on her, and was trying to reclaim his place. She grunted as the tiger mounted her standing, pressing her against the wall as he thrusted experimentally, trying to find his range.

Although surprised, Jasmine wasn't scared; she trusted Rajah, he had only ever had the best intentions for her. Deciding to let him have his one bout of dominance, she rested her head against the wall as she felt his warm, moist erection press against her delicate flower, still filled with the remaining seed of her previous partner. Despite his rather rapid mounting, Rajah still looked to his beautiful master for permission.

Hands up! Against the wall!Jasmine sighed, what was she to do? On one hand, he was a tiger, yet he was her protector, and she owed him her gratitude. She nodded gently, spreading her legs slightly and allowing him to continue. Rajah purred happily and gently pressed his stiff maleness into her sex, spreading her open with his impressive girth. The young woman gasped at the sheer size; Rajah was very well endowed and she could feel every throbbing inch as it made itself at home in her tight passage.

Rajah noted that Aladdin had been good for one thing; his leftover semen made for a wonderful lubricant. Jasmine smiled happily as her powerful tiger pressed her against the wall, his body thrusting into hers lovingly as he sought to reclaim her as his mate. Fur and skin rubbed sensually as Rajah's stiff feline cock slipped in and out of her tight passage, his barbs stimulating her vaginal walls with every moist withdrawal.

The lusty tiger mated his human lover for many long minutes, wrapping a paw around her waist to hold her as he took her. Each deep thrust sent a shiver of pleasure running through the young woman, her body submitting to the will of the dominant feline. Her gasps soon turned to moans of ecstacy as she was penetrated, inches of heated cock ploughing away at her body, stimulating her to the point of no return.

With a shudder she came, clenching down around his thick maleness as she climaxed, sending her lover over the edge. Rajah pressed into her powerfully, releasing his own thick, fertile spurts of tiger cum directly into her womb, filling her body with his essence. Jasmine smiled exhaustedly as rope after rope of warm semen filled her to the brim, leaking out from around the tiger's thick shaft and dripping from her well-bred pussy.

Rajah let out a pleased growl - Jasmine was HIS mate.

It had been many weeks since Rajah had claimed her as his mate, yet Jasmine felt no less aroused by his presence with each night they spent together. Her desire for him - and him for her - was limitless; every night, and many days, she would spread herself for her tiger, allowing him to rut her lovingly, craving the joy that she felt with a womb full of his fertile feline sperm. If he hadn't put a load in her, she wouldn't sleep comfortably.

Rajah was waiting, as usual, lying on her bed with an expression of lust. Jasmine's clothes hit the floor in seconds, pouncing on her large lover and wrestling playfully with him, feeling him slowly dominate her as he spread her legs and readied himself for the penetration to inevitably come. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, his cock slowly rubbing against her needy sex, but tonight, she wanted to treat her tiger to something special.

With an unusual display of strength she wrapped her legs around him and rolled on top of his furry body, much to his surprise. She could feel his cock rub against her ass as she straddled him lovingly, running her hands through his thick fur. Oh how she loved that fur. Rajah could see the determined look in her eye, and decided to let her have her way. After all, she was his master, no matter how dominant he was.

Slowly, Jasmine lifted her body and pressed herself back down on the tiger's stiff erection, feeling the shaft settle between her vaginal lips. Rajah growled in satisfaction as she slowly began to rock back and forth, sliding her pussy over his needy length, stimulating both of them with the sexual contact. She continued this for a few minutes, gently rubbing her slit across of her mate's hard length, making them both moist with lubricants.

Be my tiger ride tonight! Her desire to have him inside of her prevailed, however, and she carefully lifted herself up and placed the tip of his barbed cockhead against her needy sex. With a loving smile she eased herself down onto the thick pole, feeling it part her lips as it slowly settled into her warm passage. The warm feeling returned; she loved nothing more than feeling her tiger's powerful breeding organ deep inside her body.

As she slid down, inch after inch of his meaty maleness filled the space inside of her, completing her as her belly bulged with his girth. As usual she was stretched to her limit, Rajah's size leaving her quite satisfied. It was only when she felt the fur press against her clit and his large, furry balls pressing against her ass did she smile with a grin of triumph, glad she could take every last bit of him into her.

She looked down at her feline mate, seeing the pleased expression in his eye. She could feel every barb, every vein, and every throb of that massive cock as it pressed against her cervix. „Oh Rajah,” she moaned, „I love you. And with that, she slowly eased him out of her, feeling the barbs scrape against her sensitive walls, tiger and human echoing their gasps of pleasure.

Then, the action was reversed as she slid back down onto that rigid shaft.

An hour later, Jasmine's need to be seeded was fulfilled once more.

Jasmine smiled at Rajah as the large tiger stretched out on his back with a low groan. As ferocious as he appeared, and acted when she was in danger, the tiger was mewling like a kitten. It was late at night, no one other than the guards were awake. With her curtains drawn, none dare enter lest she scream murder. The tiger's groans and her own hushed noises went unnoticed as the Princess wrapped her hand around the male's thick length. She'd raised Rajah from the time he was a cub, and had done this many times. Jasmine lost count of the nights spent with the tiger's warm both pressed against hers.

Leaning over the feline's body she ran her tongue over his tip. Rajah let out a grunt as her tongue played with his rubbery barbs, drawing some precum from him already. Gathering the clear substance in her hand she rubbed it into his flesh, making it glisten in the star light.

With one hand on his belly, she gave him gentle scratches as her hand began to slide up and down his spire. The great cat stretched out, back arching off the ground as her hand played over his flesh. Squeezing his penis, she rubbed her thumb back and forth across his spines, each one making his fur bristle and flesh tense for an instant.

Rajah wouldn't last long, she knew this all too well. The tiger might endure her treatment as much as a minute before seeking his release. Especially after today. Jasmine had been especially playful, constantly toying with the cat's balls and sheath. She'd get him worked up almost to the point of release before backing down. To ensure that he only found his finish when she wished, the Princess had kept him at her side all day. Jasmine looked down and uttered a deep moan, watching those plump balls bouncing as she jerked his length.

Good boy! She couldn't help herself. The Princess leaned in and wrapped her mouth around his tip. Tongue and lips toyed with the spines as her hand pushed down to the great beast's base, pumping it quickly. Rajah let out a noise that was a mixture of several things as he curled up from the additional pleasure. As if in slow motion, she watched as his sac tensed up, pulling tight to his body. Jasmine could see his member stiffening, swelling, as it tensed with impending climax. Quickly, she drew her head back and started to jerk him harder, tightening her hold. Paws reached for the ceiling as the tiger let out a guttural moan, his lifewater spraying across his belly and her face. She worked her hand to prolong him, but there was only so long the tiger could last before he collapsed back onto the bed. A pleased purr rattled up his chest and throat, already starting to soften in her grip. With a smile, Jasmine settled down next to Rajah to sleep.