Pleading Eyes
© 2005 by Vawn

Pleading Eyes

He had never been able to get a settled job for long in his turn of work before. As an experienced park warden he was often transferred to zoos, safaris and sometimes private establishments keeping large animals. This was the first time any place had set him on a contract of more than a year. He was mainly with the larger animals, cats, rhino’s and sometimes giraffes seeing as he was not as intimidated by then and had in some places formed an mutual bond with the more violent members of the Safari. He was not easily daunted and it showed. Today he dealt in the late afternoon with the lions. A lioness had come into heat before her usual erratic timings making her violent towards the other females. But at the same time she had not been approached by the two males of their pride of twelve. It had concerned most of the park staff greatly believed she would become injured in a fight with a lioness and her heat wasted.

Jacen, which was his name, had been watching the lioness for three days and knew the problem now. One male had of course already mated recently and was on the recovery. The second male, older had recently lost his full dominance over the pride to the younger male. Jacen was watched with avid curiosity as earlier that day the older brute had approached the lioness only for the younger to snarl charging at him. That had led to a fight broken apart only by his and others insistent distractions and calls. The situation was clear then. Unless the younger leading male recovered or took imminent interest in the lioness soon her heat would be wasted leaving her in her current state of annoyance for some few weeks.

Jacen like the other didn’t fancy seeing that happen. Jacen was at the end of his shift now. The lions had been split leaving the two males and five lionesses together in their usual enclosure and pinning the remaining lionesses including the one in heat in a smaller enclosure. It was as he was pad locking the area as his eyes met with the lionesses. He thought he saw a silent pleading in their brown depths. He shook himself away from that thought. Stupid.

He was about to turn away when he saw from the corner of his eye the lioness rising to her paws heavily as if she were in pain and trotting slowly towards his position. With the gate between them he didn’t worry, after all he’d faced the pride leader without a fence between himself and the lion with close to ease. But now he felt strange irrational feelings of pity and…what? The second feeling took him unexpectedly but he knew its source. The smell of her on heat was vivid in the still air and overpowering even to his weak sense of smell. He knew it was what it was but oddly he found it hard to resist even knowing.

He felt warmth in the pit of his stomach and knew he was being affected but he couldn’t stop himself. His body was out of his control now but still he remained fixed in his stand staring into those hazel orbs. “I wish I were a lion to help you but I’m not. Pester the other males till they do it.” He suggested uncaring that she could not probably understand. He always talked to the animals, he didn’t know why.

But again those pitiful pleading hazel eyes bore into his. He couldn’t tell if the longing he saw in them was hers or his own as he felt tightness in his crotch knowing his manhood was reacting in response to the idea of what he was tempted to do and of what he could scent from the lioness. No I cant its not natural its not right! He shouted to those gathering feelings.

Again eyes sought hers the pleading still there. She was close to the fence now. Her maw nuzzling at it as if asking to be set free. No. Again the eyes. He felt his resolve melt even as his manhood brushed against his khaki trousers. Jesus! He swore not believing he was even thinking this let alone considering it. But pleading eyes begged him as did his own in return. Knowing it to be wrong he did it anyway.

Keys appeared in his hands without second thought and they fumbled at the gates lock for a moment before it came free. The lioness was ready pushing at it to try get out. No. He wouldn’t allow her to leave. Risking life and limb for something his mind screamed was dreadful he entered the area closing but not locking the gate behind him. All others there had left long ago by now but he checked the area to make sure. A few of the drowsing lionesses looked up in curiosity but none made to move seeing the heated lioness just ahead of him. Either unwilling to go near the violent heated lioness or uncaring they set their maws back to comfortable ground.

Tightness in manhood increased as the close scent increased as the lioness approached him. He tensed wondering how she would react to a human male instead of a lion. To his surprise she padded close before turning and taking up position almost directly below him. Manhood ached as it pressed against his pants. Fine. Belt unbuckled with trembling fingers and with great difficulty he lowered pants. His boxers were tented by erect man hood. He pulled those away too almost tearing them with his force.

The lioness cocked her dial around to watch him expectantly. He took a nervous breath. He didn’t dare touch her fore’s lest she fight him and kill him or leave some mark to tell this horrid tale. Instead he lowered himself to her level trembling hands at first hesitantly touching her rump then her back and spine reaching down and about her stomach with more confidence. She gave a deep throated growl, her equivalent of a purr. Feeling assured by her response he placed one hand at her rump even as he cord flickered away from her passage entry. A hand lowered carefully gently rubbing along the length of the opening. He had seen the lions mate before but had no idea if he would be able to copy.

She moved slightly at hand contacted with her passage door before his hand dropped away to take her hinds firmly in both hands. Hardened manhood erect and aching moved forth tickling for a few moments of last minute doubt at her entry. He could feel her moisture with the barest of touches and the touch was all he needed to make up his mine as he almost moaned in want. He had no idea if her tight hole could hold his manhood but he would try.

The possible problem ended up no problem as all. As man hood tickled there in agony of touch her could feel her relaxing beneath him accepting what was to come. As come it did. He quivered as his manhood’s head touched her passage forcing itself slowly into her prying the tense walls from him. He was only part submerged but it was enough to send a quiver through him. At the pleasure of the caress her pushed manhood deep into her. She gave a mild hiss as is demanding he get on with but he savored the moment. Her tight walls proved more of a challenge than he had even expected but it increased the caressing stroke as he penetrated her.

He half withdrew with the wonder of why he had never even considered doing this sooner. He forced himself in her again faster harder than before. Manhood that had seemed to relax in those few moments of indecision hardened in her swelling slightly as it did even as his testicles slapping at her buttocks did the same. He gave a low groan of pleasure repeating the forced actions sliding in and out of her feeling the contours of her against him.

It was as he again withdrew partially thrusting as deep as he ever had before into her that he felt the increase in pressure at the head of his manhood. He withdrew again to force himself hard fast into her deep as he could physically get. It was at the climax that it popped within her, he felt the warmth of his semen swim around his manhood. He almost gave vent to a loud yell of pleasure come pain but bit his tongue settling to slump down over the lioness slightly. Or at least tried for she raised her dial and screamed her own pleasure with a powerful roar half deafening him.

She pushed back against him with the effect that his manhood slipped far into her again leaving him feeling an agony of pleasure. He bit his lip to stop any noise escaping him. Manhood still firm within her jiggled slightly as he felt the pain in his joints from his crouch and tried to displace some of the more unpleasant areas. But as he jiggled within her the pleasure came again making him grip her harder as he withdrew to slam his hips into his next couple of thrusts. That did it for him as his manhood bulged to spurt forth more manhood. He felt the excess of it run along the line of his manhood caressing it with its warmth before it came to dribble from the lionesses entry. She gave another roar but he noticed she was less violent in the call this time. He had noticed himself the pleasure was ebbing away now. Manhood within her leaking away the last of his semen went limp. He gave a sight of pleasure and relief as he slid himself out of her allowing manhood to flop behind her.

He panted exhausted in pain but the memory of pleasure flooding him. The lioness also seemed content as she lay on her side with deep growling purrs emitting from her parted maw allowing her to vent low huffs of breath. He no longer wondered why the leader had not tried to mate her after his first lioness…he barely felt he could stand and get to his jeep. To think lions did that up to eighty times a day sometimes with only short brakes between. He pulled he pants back on zipping up and belting them to him.

The lioness remained lying there on her side eyes dropping as mumbled growls lowered to a bare whisper of breath and to be honest he longer to do the same but forcing himself up he walked to the gate with stumbling steps locking it behind him before he leaned on his jeep. Pleasure…but pain…