Rajah Night for Jasmine
by Joe Guy

Jasime lay in her huge bed in the palace at Agrabah, awake. It was that time of month again and she knew what that meant. She curled up nude on top of the bed sheets. She had lovely nighties, but after one was damaged she learned better than to wear it this time of month. The silken curtains kept the cool night air outside, preventing any chill. The sun had recently set. It was dark and still. The moon painted everything a light silver. The bed was massive, 15 feet square. She looked like a diamond on a cushion in it. She had given explicit orders to the guards not to be disturbed and had heavily barred the door. Now all there was to do was wait for the inevitable.

And then she heard it. A soft cough. A Tiger's cough. Rajah was in the room. Not the Rajah she knew in the day but a different Rajah. A predator. And a predator that smelled blood. Jasmine opened her eyes, knowing what she would see. Rounding the foot of the bed like a python flowed her Tiger.

But his EYES. They were the eyes of the Tiger before the kill. They threw out energy! For so many creatures those eyes are the last thing they ever see. And they were looking at her. As always, they pinned her to the sheet. She could not breath. In the bottom of her mind, where people know they are still animals, she froze in the presence of a food chain superior.

Rajah mounted the bed. He sniffed Jasmine's thigh. Then he placed his nose between her knees and nudged. Jasmine immediately rolled over on her back and spread her knees as far as she could. She bit her lower lip. Rajah lowered his mighty head to her bloody pussy and sniffed. Jasmine was hyperventilating. Rajah had never hurt her before doing this, but there was always a first time. And those TEETH - near THAT!

Jasmine's menstrual blood was all over her bald pussy and tender inner thighs. She had no body hair whatsoever except eyelashes, eyebrows and head. A major artery pulsed near Rajahs nose. What if he decided to effortlessly rip it open?

He began with her thigh. He lowered himself down to the bed between Jasmine's knees and made himself comfortable. Then, he reached around her body with his left forearm and placed a huge velvet paw directly on Jasmine' naked trembling belly, covering her navel, pinning her.

Then - Rajah began licking Jasmines menstrual blood. She whimpered. Rajah was SUCH a beloved pet! She'd had him all her life! WHY did he have to act like this every month? If her father found out, it would be Tiger rug time in a second.

Rajah narrowed his eyes in that cat smile and purred as he leisurely began to scrape the blood from her left inner thigh with his rasping tongue. It hurt, a bit. The bristles on his face tickled and scratched the thigh and pussy. Jasmine gasped softly and wiggled. There was a growl. Immediatly, the velvet paw turned into an iron bar and applied just the tiniest bit of pressure. It sank a inch into her belly. Claws emerged from the paw and just touched her silken skin. Jasmine stopped wiggling and spread her knees further and closed her eyes in complete submission. She was helpless. A tiny drop of pussy juice began to form by her clit. Sweat begin to bead on her pert body and breasts. Rajah, satisfied the prey was docile, resumed his work.

He worked slowly on the trembling, gasping girl. It was almost as if he was savouring the moment. When her left thigh was shiny and the colour of coffee with cream in it (and just a little red), he turned his attention to her other thigh. Jasmine chewed a finger knuckle while he polished her tender right inner thigh. No more discipline was necessary.

Then - the main course. With no fanfare, Rajah began cleaning Jasmine's gleaming pussy. He scraped his heavy tongue roughly over her delicate slit. He purred loudly. This was where the most blood was. He dug in to get it. Jasmine whined and tried not to wiggle. She was shiny with sweat. The Tiger licked harder and faster. Jasmines couldn't help it. The nudity, the Tiger, the helplessness, the paw holding her down, the shame of spreading like a slut, the helpless wait, the rasping tongue violating her most intimate part, the submissiveness. She yielded to her arousal. It was like this every month.

Jasmine's pussy began to flood with juice. The Tiger stopped. What was this new taste? And smell? He took a deep sniff. It roused something in his brain. He resumed licking, only it was faster and deeper this time. Jasmine gasped and bucked. Rajah did not slam her back into the bed. He withdrew his head and nudged her thigh from the outside.

Jasmine immediately rolled over on her belly. Rajah sniffed her ass and stepped over her, to cover her. He batted her with his paw. She immediately assumed what she had come to call The Kitty Position. Elbows and knees, knees apart, head up, chin raised, throat open. She was shaking. Sweat rolled down her bare body, and off her hard nipples. Rajah circled her twice, growling, as if inspecting her. She whimpered when she saw he had a huge erection. It had a fist sized head with barbs on it. She had to convince him she was pussy, not prey. He rolled over on his back.

She knew what to do. Even with her pussy dripping it would hurt if that massive tool slammed into her dry. She had learned she had no choice but to tongue polish her master's love weapon. She knew he was the master for tonight. She lowered herself to her belly and kissed the massive head. If she didn't start this way he got nervous and cuffed her. It was a tiny Tiger blow, but it made her ears ring. She licked the base of the head. She worked up a good mouthful of spit and began to lubricate his whole huge cock with it. Rajah laid back and purred. Once she didn't apply enough tongue pressure and he cuffed her. Later, she let the tongue run dry and he cuffed her. She whimpered and learned. She carefully ran her tongue up and down the length of his rod, cupping his furry balls in her right hand. Then, she took the head in her mouth and carefully soaked it in her saliva by sucking it all the way down her throat that she could. She backed off. He rolled up and inspected it with his nose. She knew if it wasn't good enough he would cuff her and fuck her anyway.

He stood up and batted her with his paw. It was good enough. Releaved, she resumed The Kitty Position. From the rear he assumed the Dominant Position, front paws on her butt, standing up on them. He lowered his head to her gleaming bare back and licked up her spine, starting at the base. Then he licked the nape of her neck. Then he reached around and licked the front of her neck, under her chin. She raised her head until it was almost straight up. Jasmine could not breath. Teeth that could kill her were at her throat. Jasmine could to nothing but whimper and choke.

Jasmine gave a small feminine cry when his now glistening, iron-hard love weapon's barbed ram head contacted her tender, wet, open, inflamed, trembling, helpless pussy. She instinctively arched her back down as far as she could. Then she stifled a shriek as he dropped his front paws to hook around her hips, pulled them back, pushed his pelvis forward and rammed it in to the hilt! He had taken her virginity like this one stunning night some years ago, and she had never gotten used to it.

He lowered his head and seized the hair at the top of her head in a tender yet firm embrace with his front teeth, raising her chin a bit, and began pounding. He immediately came. He coughed and blew a wad of Tiger sperm into her pussy. He dismounted and began cleaning his penis of pussy juice and the remains of her menstrual blood.

Jasmine stayed as she was. Sweat rolled down her breasts and dripped off her nipples, which were as swollen as cherries. She knew that if she moved Rajah would cuff her. Her only hope was to ride this out. And keep the secret. Rajah mounted her again. This time he entered and began pounding immediately. Her whole body shook with the blows. Sweat flew off her heaving breasts.

Jasmine couldn't help it. She could feel it moving behind her belly button. She had an orgasm. She stifled a wail of shame. The last thing she needed was people investigating screams from her room. 10 seconds later Rajah came again. That was the way of cats. Short sexs - but many of them. Jasmine knew Rajah would be at her all night. Over and over. And she would come in almost all of them.

All night went by. The Tiger never stopped for more than 30 seconds. Jasmine's eyes followed the moon across the sky. All there was was pounding and coming and waiting between takings. Towards the end he was pounding for a minute at a time.

When he was done it was shortly before sunrise. He rolled her over and cleaned her whole body with his tongue like a kitten, purring all the while. He liked the taste of her sweat. Jasmine stroked his ears. That was more like it. She relaxed and enjoyed the cleaning. There was still an hour before the servants and slaves would rouse her. She came twice. Poor Rajah. It wasn't his fault he was turned on by blood and pussy. And a more loyal friend could never be had!

Later that day, Jasmine and Rajah were in the Palace gardens with her father the Sultan. She lay on a divan while slaves fanned her. The Tiger slept curled at her feet.

'Goodness, Jasmine! ', pronounced the Sultan, passing through on his way to a meeting with his ministers, 'Rajah seems tired today!'

'Well Father, ' purred the Princess before dropping off herself, 'He had a busy night!'