Rebeca versus a black panther
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Rebeca versus a black panther

- part 1 of a story featuring Rebeca the Queen of the Jungle, a sexy loincloth, an oversized bed and a stunned big cat -

Rebeca the Queen of the Jungle entered her colossal bedroom, which was more a hall than a room. The strong midday sun illumined the whole scenery.

Her prey had been already delivered and waited for her. A male panther. The animal was two times larger than a full grown panther usually was. The big cat laid stunned on his back in the middle of Rebecas 25 square metres large king size bed. In recent years this bed had become her primary hunting ground were she could act out the hunting fantasies of a Jungle Queen.

Rebeca was 25 years old and she was smoking hot. She had long black hair. Her fairish skin was absolutely perfect and smooth. She was perfect in any way and worked on her body on a daily basis to be not only prepared for any danger of the jungle, but especially for the purpose of hunting down and fuck big cats.

Her belly muscles were well trained and she had a recognizable but still subtle sixpack. Her ass was in a good hard shape, too, thanks to the cross training she did recently. Her long legs were clean-shaved like the rest of her body including her pussy.

Every part of her body was trained, but still sexy and feminine. She also had perfect sized tits.

She was totally aware of the effect she had on males and always enjoyed it.

The young woman knew she was made for the hunt and for sex and there was nothing else she wanted more than these two things.

Half naked she entered the bedroom.

Rebeca was used to the tightness of a string, but she was convinced wearing a skimpy loincloth made of leopard skin would be a nice addition to her hunting experience.

Watching her wearing this thing would gave every man a boner.

And thanks to the nature of a loincloth she would be able to have sex with her prey without putting it off. Usually she had to pull off her pants during a fight with her prey. This time it would not be necessary. She could fuck with this enormous male panther with the loincloth on. Just imagining how it feels like and how it would look like made her horny as hell.

In the front the loincloth was hanging loosely around her hip covering her shaven pussy.

In the rear view it was longer and sticked between her tight ass crack. Rebeca loved that feeling, because it remembered her of the day she fucked and killed this leopard.

As she moved towards the 25 square metres bed the spotted fur dangled between her legs like furry tail.

The woman now stood in front of the bed. Yet, the beast was least 5 metres away from her current position. Still the animal was no threat and not even sensed her presence.

Rebeca slowly got onto the giant bed. But she didn¥t moved on all fours. She crouched over the matrass, bending down low so her tits touched the bed sheet, approaching the stunned panther.

Rebeca slid her way over the bed the same way a sexy jungle cat would sneak up her prey. She stretched out and bent her sexy legs so lasciviously over the sheet that every man watching this immediately had jizzed in his pants.

Not to mention her barely covered ass which alone was worth cumming.

The beast was heavy breathing. His torso moved up and down indicating the effect of the tranquillizer was dropping. The cats big testicles grabbed her attention immediately, but she would deal later with it.

The panthers legs were stretched out to all four directions and seemed like if the animal would invite her.

The horny woman crawled onto the helpless black cat. Then she carefully settled her whole body weight on the beast below her, allowing her tits to rest on his torso. Rebeca smiled pleased.

Then came the moment she couldn't wait for since she had spotted the panther.

With a sudden jerk of her hips she pressed her pussy against the belly of the cat.

Doing so she sighed aloud. The big game was on.

Rebeca lowered her head and opened her mouth. Then she drove her long tongue slowly into the mouth of the beast.

First she kissed slowly, but soon she lost control over her sexual instincts. Her kissing became wilder and wilder and she started to move her head from one side to the other. She forced her tongue deeper and deeper into the cats mouth. The panther tried to move, but couldn't do anything to avoid this aggressive kissing. At the same time Rebeca pounded her hot spot against the muscled body of the cat below her. She really loved passionate french kissing with a big cat.

Suddenly the beast opened his eyes and trembled under her. That indicated the tranquilizers were losing their effect. Rebeca had to hurry.

Being on top of the beast she wrapped her arms around the animals upper body, rolled around and took the still immobile panther with her. The cats tongue now was trapped in her mouth and she sucked on it violently. Repeatedly the two rolled over the bed.

Their bodies tossed and turned over the mattress. Rebeca took full advantage of the oversized lying surface she had to her disposal and pounded her wet pussy into the fur of the beast the whole time. Rebeca moaned loud.

She wanted to climax a few times into his fur before the panther fully woke up from his anesthesia.

Watching a hot woman wearing a loincloth holding a black cat in her grasp really is a fascinating sight. prepared for part 2...