(As told from the viewpoint of Sarafina)
(Sequel to The Journal of Scar)

A sudden force of absolute understanding hit me like a thunderbolt, sending streams of fierce emotions through my veins, crawling up my golden body and finally dripping from my sapphire eyes. I stood there in a terribly depressed state and cried an endless river of tears. Beneath me, now soiled by my weeping, were the grim truths and the disturbing facts that had created a beast who had destroyed our homeland, wrecked our pride, and slaughtered our loved ones. These wicked deeds are of course known by all, but it was the untold events, now twisting through my mind, that created the intense shock of absolute understanding. This feeling that now possessed me was an emotion unlike any other. It was an emotion that gripped me like the icy hand of winter and turned all I knew upside down. I felt like screaming at the skies,


All happy thoughts and future ideals vanished from my mind when I finally understood what was shown to me. I never knew there was a virtuous creature beneath the evil facade. How could I? For that matter, how could we? Scar never let any of us into his life, and those which he gladly welcomed with open paws, took advantage of him in ways that are too appalling to even think about, let alone describe. I was one of these creatures who used Scar spoke so strongly against. Overcome by my own greed, selfish desires, and vile cunning, I was blinded by what was on the inside and only saw what was on the outside. I never even caught a glimpse of the noble creature that lay hidden underneath. This noble lion was the real Scar. If we allowed his true nature to shine, he would have been equal to Simba, and could have far exceeded Mufasa in every way a lion could. However his chance to prove himself and show the world his true nature never occurred, because we never gave him that chance.

The worst part was seeing my name used over and over again. (Sarafina did this and Sarafina did that.) I was always with a tone of hatred and disgust and never with respect or love. How could these emotions remain? These were the two that I foolishly stole from him when I broke his heart. That day shall always be locked in my mind. I knew how he felt, he only wanted love and companionship, but when he met me, all I gave him was hate and despair. When Mufasa became king and Sarabi became his queen my heart was broken because Mufasa was my mate and we were supposed to rule Priderock. I was furious and needed someone to take my anger out on. Unfortunately Scar passed me by. At this time I was deep in my heat and needed any male to end my urgings, by this point I didn't even care if it was a hyena. So when I saw Scar, I played my little mind games and deceived him into believing my innocent, helpless lioness tale. He agreed that he would mate me, I was surprised how easy I persuaded him, and we walked off together into the tall grass. Yes, I must admit he was well suited to the task, and he brought the lioness out of me more times than any other Mufasa ever had. Plus his size was something that would make any lioness shudder, let alone the intense waves of pleasure he could create his skilled tongue. I will not go into the explicit, raw details of our mating, that is Scar's forte, but I will say this, it was the best time I ever had with a male and it was not mindless sex, it was love. I know now, he could have been my love and mate but I crushed all these dreams, when I crushed his heart.

Nala was born a few months later. Of course I made up a story about this stud I found wandering the borders. I didn't dare tell anyone who the real father was. I don' t think anyone believed me, but at least it kept them from guessing the truth. Nala did not look anything like her father, and thankfully she never found out that her flesh and blood was Scar. When I saw Scar, after Nala was born, I lashed out at him for no reason. My anger, rage and fury were unjustified and unfortunately he was the brunt of my hatred. I made him promise never to lay one paw near Nala, and he promised he wouldn't if one day I would tell Nala the truth. I lied saying I would, but then created the beast within him when I told him he was nothing more to me than pleasure. I said I only used him as a means to end the urgings of my heat and our mating was nothing more than this. Before I left him, I looked back and saw him in a pathetic crying hulk, but my damned indifference gripped my heart and I turned away without so much as a good-bye.

When I read how he perceived me to be, and for that matter, the rest of the pride I now realize all he wrote was true. We were the instigators of his torment and fuel to his burning hatred. Still, I could not believe his words were all completely true. I thought they were nothing more than the ramblings of a power-hungry, sadistic despot. Nevertheless as I took the time to recall the past, a slow understanding began to fill my mind and soon it obliterated my indifference. In time all my prejudice was destroyed and all my tenacity was shattered, but my heart split in two.

Scar was a true king in every meaning of the word. Furthermore his name defined him in every way possible. It was not just a fitting name for his appearance, but also a clever, if not somber label for his heart and psyche. Unable to cope with his anger, the burning malice, and the endless lies that were thrust upon him, he transformed into a beast of ultimate cruelty and the epitome of a villain. He became the force of what we forced upon him: an essence of hatred due to our hatred towards him, an orator of lies due to our empty promises, and a wicked entity of deceit and cunning. These were the same manifestations we mercilessly showed him, but his revenge upon us was unlike anything we could imagine. His dark side had no need of virtues, none were ever shown to him, and likewise he had no understanding of love because the creature trapped inside never knew what love was. No female ever showed him the difference between sex and love, so all he new was mindless sex, which was defined to every female he encountered as rape. Despite the good that was within, he could not control the evil that was now controlling him and it erupted like a volcano covering our home and destroying all it touched. But one day the maelstrom of chaos and destruction that raged for almost a year suddenly ceased. The hatred was so intense that it burned itself out. Now all that remained was nothing, synonymous with what I now feel in my heart.

I betrayed him, we all betrayed him! Was Scar right for the vengeance his dark side sought upon us? Did he go too far? Perhaps but what was left for him? What else did we leave him except hatred? When at long last the mask was shattered and the good force reemerged, he was now completely devastated and there was no one to console him. Somehow Scar did survive but left his homeland to find a new life and a better one. He finally found his love, his happiness, and his place in The Great Circle of Life, but why did he return to those who wronged him? Why didn't he stay in his paradise? Unbelievable to us all, Simba and Nala returned three days after Scar did, but they had other ideas in their minds. Simba swears to us it was the hyenas who were the murderers, but I now know that if it wasn't for Simba intercepting him, (as Scar tried to follow the path back down the mountain and flee back to his mate) Scar would still be alive today. If things did turn out differently, one can only imagine what he might have become.

That was the final question that shall never be answered and no matter how I try to deny my love for him, I know deep down there was a strong bond between us and this bond could only be defined as love. However I shattered our love time and time again. I did not merely break his heart I ripped it in half and threw it back in his face. For that I can never forgive myself. Whenever I look at Nala, I see Scar's face staring back at me. Always with that sad, questioning look on his face and Nala, now queen of Priderock shall never know my darkest truth that to this day I have kept from her.


Many moons had passed since the day our kingdom was reclaimed by Simba and the day Scar was murdered. There are still many stories that will be told to give glory to The Lion King and honor to The Pridelands, but one story shall never be told. Scar's life ended on that day and his memory died with him. No one knew about his journal, except for me, because I am the one who found it. When I cleaning Scar's lair and making it ready for our two new friends, Timon and Pumbaa, I found Scar's journal hidden beneath a pile of bones. I had no idea what it was, but when I began glancing through the pages I began to understand who it was wrote by. I was tempted to tear it up page by page with my claws as I began to understand what it was about, but as I shifted through the pages I began to grow more and more intrigued. I ran stealthily back to my own lair, making sure no one saw me. Thank the kings of the past no one did, they were all out on some hunt, that I didn't care to go on.

Upon entering my lair, I noticed there was a peculiar scent in the air. I inhaled deeply and then my eyes spread wide as I realized it was the scent of a lioness in heat. Sarabi had recently been here, and my lips curled up into a smile as I chuckled to myself realizing why. I quickly dismissed my salacious thoughts as I plopped down onto my stomach and spread the journal out before me. I read page after page, I could not put it down, and a few parts only increased my passion for finishing it. With the rest of the pride hunting their dinner, no one was around to bother me, so I completed the whole journal, but by the time I was done my entire face was moist with my tears and I felt absolutely awful.

I closed the journal, and wiped the tears from my eyes. As I lifted the journal in my muzzle to carry it with me, as I attempted to find a place to hide it, it slipped off my teeth and feel back to the ground but this time opening to a place I had not noticed before. It was a section far in the back, and placed after a few blank pages as if in an attempt to be hidden. It seemed the writer did not want it to be part of the journal. It was by Scar, and matched the rest of the text but my eyes spread wider then they had ever spread before as I realized what it was about and why it was kept hidden. It was about the one dark secret that only Sarabi and I shared. A secret so dark that if it were found it would destroy everything the Simba's pride stood for. All history would be turned upside down and even Simba's jaw would fall slack. I made the mistake of reading it, and this foolish error turned my entire world to black. (Since it was not placed with the rest of his journal, I will tell it word for word and synonymous with the rest of the journal, I shall explain from the viewpoint and voice of Scar...)


The Lost Pages of The Journal of Scar

... I paced back and forth but the cold comfort of my lair was not doing anything to help console my... predicament. I had been thinking back to the nights I had spent with my love, Zira, and about the countless times we professed our love for each other. Always in perfect, wild, passionate mating whether it was her season or not. Only her touch would get me through this night, so tomorrow I can proclaim to everyone of Pride Rock that my tenure as king was over. Then I could return to my love and my new life. I knew that as soon as we saw each other we would both become so incensed with our love for each other, the jungle would be set ablaze by our wanton, eternal passion, both of us needing release and to put it bluntly sex. How I wished she was here now!

It must have been at least two weeks since I left Zira, and my thoughts about her kept making it harder and harder for me to deal with these urgings without having to take matters into my own paws. I looked down and saw my engorged member protruding from its sheath, rock hard and throbbing. I knew these thoughts and emotions swirling through my head wouldn't allow me much sleep this night. I was tempted to end the urgings myself, as I did three nights before when I was in the same predicament. But this night I knew that wouldn't be enough. Plus it would be over much too quick and it takes so long to clean up the mess. My swirling mind needed more. I needed a lioness! But where, who and how? Would I lower myself and try to find some sex-starved lioness to help me with my engorged problem? What lioness especially of this damned pride would even give me the time of day, let alone do what I had in mind? All of them either hated me or deeply feared me. My nefarious dark side had raped Sarabi to the point of causing her to become unconscious those many weeks ago, and I wanted nothing to do with her. I also wanted no contact with that nasty bitch Sarafina. She was probably in her own lair right now with her claws up her cunt, getting herself off. (When I pictured that thought it did not help my problem in the least, as a matter of fact, it made it worse!)

I resumed my pacing, my thoughts swirling with seductive and carnal pictures of lionesses all asking me to make them mine. I shook my head this way and that trying to clear my mind of these thoughts and ran my claws trough my mane. But that did nothing, only caused me think of Zira and how she would run her claws so skillfully through my mane then kiss me with a smile. Her cute, pink tongue sending shivers up and down my tail. Lionesses, lionesses, and more lionesses, that was all that was running through my mind... and the ways they where running... Ahhhhhhh! I couldn't take it any longer I needed to do something. I stared down once more at my throbbing member and moved my right paw towards it... I shook my head and roared,

"No, not that!"

Maybe some fresh air would clear my thoughts, or perhaps a swim in the waterhole. I smiled as I thought these might work. I padded towards the outside then looked back at Zazu who just shook his head at me thinking this all very amusing, that damned hornbill. Sadly I realized I would find neither of these things to help my dilemma. The air hit me full in the face and my nose told me painfully that when an entire kingdom was overrun with hyenas, there was no such thing as fresh air. Then when I looked towards the dark horizon I almost kicked myself when I remembered the waterhole had dried up months ago. I shook my head, and trying not to breath too much through my nose, I padded down the slopes trying to figure out something to do, and somehow to rid myself of this condition. I saw a few hyenas plod by and a vulgar thought rolled through my head, telling me that I must be going insane. Shenzi, Hmmmm... Wait a second! What the hell was I thinking, I would never go that far!

Thankfully that loathsome thought was soon forgotten as I saw two lionesses walking away from the Pride Lands. My face twisted into a snarl as I realized the only two it could be and my previous problem was soon pushed to the back of my mind, as I was curious to see where they were going. I followed both of them at a far distance until they had crossed the boundary of the Pride Lands and entered the elephant graveyard. This place was not the place I should have followed them too, because I became enraged as it caused me to remember my past. This caused me to lash out at them with deep hate and vicious fury, but first I realized that neither of them knew I had returned... yet.

"Sarafina, Sarabi, guess who's home!" They both spun around and saw me behind them. The moon cast its light upon my pelt and the pale rays caused my mane to shimmer. I sat back on my haunches and growled wickedly at them. "Sca, Sca, Sca..." stammered Sarafina backing and slipping on a few loose bones. Sarabi said nothing. She only bowed her head and stared at the ground. "Let me help you with that Sarafina, Ssssscaaaarrrr! There wasn't that easy?" I curled my lips into, what I hoped was, a cunning smile.

"Yes! It is far too easy to remember!" I turned to Sarabi who had finally said something but did not raise her head. "Your name will always be remembered, for generations to come, but these will only be unpleasant memories. Your legacy shall be a scar to our history, but who will be left to hear it?" Still staring at the ground she continued, "You have slain everyone who we once loved, corrupted all we had held dear, and your hatred has infected all it touched. All it infected has withered and died, and the once verdant Pride Lands are now nothing more than a dead wasteland. Look around you Scar, look at what your evil has done."

"Who created this evil?" I asked her. She did not look up but only said four words. "What does it matter?"

"Who created this evil?" I screamed at her once again. "What does it matter?" She said again. "Bitch!" I roared and swung at her with a backhanded paw, knocking her to her side. Sarafina rushed over and tried to comfort her but I roared, "Stay away from her Sarafina! She still has not answered my question!" Sarabi slowly and painfully rose to her paws, and resumed her stance of absolute submission. "I am going to ask you one last time Sarabi, and if you do not give me an answer I will rip your throat out with my claws!" She slowly rose her head, but kept her eyes closed. "What do you want me to say Scar?" She asked. "The truth, or I will kill you." I rose my paw to her throat and with a quick twist unsheathed my claws. "Tell Sarafina who gave me this scar!" I looked over at Sarafina who just stared at Sarabi, completely confused and unsure what I meant. "I... I... can't." she slowly replied, a few tears beginning to drip from the sides of her tightly closed eyes. "This says you can," I replied and placed the tips of my claws on the fur covering her throat, "Sarabi, this is your last chance!" She slowly opened her eyes and looked at mine. I watched her eyes follow the line of my scar and then watched her look down towards my claws pressed firmly on her throat. I asked her for the last time. "Who created this evil?" She looked at me and I saw her face begin to tremble as tears were oozing out of her eyes. With the sudden force of a charging rhino, she screamed her answer at me. "ALL RIGHT, IT WAS ME! I GAVE YOU THAT SCAR AND I CREATED WHAT KILLED MUFASA AND SIMBA!" She buried her head in her paws and began weeping terribly. "Why?" I quietly asked, moving my claws away from her throat, "Why Sarabi? Why did you do this to me?"

"Because I am a selfish, uncaring, sex-starved bitch!" She sobbed for a long time, but then rose her wet face towards me and closed her eyes. She slowly presented her throat to me as her tears were dripping off her muzzle. "Kill me Scar! End my evil existence... KILL ME!" She screamed. "As you wish!" I slowly said. "Nooooooo!" screamed Sarafina. I grabbed Sarabi's face with my paws as I heard Sarafina scream once again, but for some reason I did what I never dreamed I would never do. Moving her head next to mine I kissed her full on the lips and then licked my tongue up and down her face in a passionate caress, tasting her salty tears. "Wha... What are you doing?" She asked, but without a tone of fear, only curiosity. "Don't talk, just let me... continue" I responded. My tongue moved back to her lips and I kissed her full on the mouth once more. She opened her eyes and then stared into my green orbs. We both stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, but when I looked into her eyes I saw no traces of fear or hate, and when she looked into mine she saw that the eternal fires, that had burned in them for years, was gone. She broke the uneasy silence in a way I would have never imagined. She grabbed my face with her own paws and kissed me back forcefully, then nuzzled her head against mine as only a lioness can. I returned her kiss and nuzzled her own head with my own face and then moved my tail all over her beautiful, cream colored fur feeling her closeness and the heat of her body. She moved her tongue back up my face and then I felt it pressing against my lips. With a loud sigh I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue to enter my muzzle, and with a firm push from my paw pressed her face against mine. I could feel her tongue sweep throughout the insides of my mouth and the warm feeling of her own mouth was enough to cause my member to stiffen. My tongue moved over hers and hers over mine as we continued our long kiss. As our tongues jousted with each other and I could feel her soft tail begin to move over my body then up and down my flanks. Then I trembled as I felt its tip begin to caress my sheath. We each broke our kiss with a loud gasp and she looked into my eyes with a look of need and urgency. "Look down Scar!" She gasped. "What?" I explained and then gasped loudly as I felt her tail. "Just look down!" I did what she ordered and then saw my member was exposed and her tail was wrapped around it. She moved her tail away from my member and then began to run her paws up and down its length, causing it to become as hard as it was back in my lair. (I'd never expected this!) "What... What... What are you doing?" I tried to ask, my face springing back up to look at her seductive smile. "I want you to fuck me Scar, right here and right now!" She replied. "I cannot! There is someone else!" I tried to explain. "Then don't fuck me." I relaxed, but she continued, "Make love to me!" I stared at her and couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Don't you understand what I am trying to say!" she persisted, "Make love to me, like you did before I created you. Let us finish what we started!"

"What?" yelled Sarafina. I had forgotten she was there. "Yes it is true Sara, Scar and I were once... mates," Sarabi looked back at me, "I never told anyone this, but I never made love to Mufasa."

"Then how in the hell was Simba born?" I exclaimed. "Let me finish. I mated with him many times, but I never made love to him. The only time I can say I truly made love was with you, that day at the waterhole. Do you remember?" She began rubbing her body against my cock making it harder and harder for me to resist. "Do you remember how we became one Scar? I want you to do that with me again. I want you to make love to me!"

"What about Sarafina?" I asked. "She will help!" My jaw fell slack. She did not just say that! "What?" I screamed. I heard Sarafina's voice right next to me. I didn't even know she was there. "She's right Scar, or would you rather watch me, as you call it, fuck myself? I know I'll end up doing it if I watch you two, and I know how much you hate that!" Her words were unbelievable, had I died and this was my heaven? Sarabi grabbed my face with her paws.

"I know this is your ultimate fantasy, let us make it a fabulous reality. Perhaps by doing this we can take back all the pain we caused you by giving you pleasure." My head was spinning, but I couldn't resist any longer, especially when I felt Sarabi's sex rubbing against my flanks. "All... All right, You can..." I was silenced by Sarabi's mouth against mine as she kissed me forcefully. "Anyone ever tell you, you talk too much?" asked Sarafina. Sarabi broke our kiss with a deep purr, "She's right... Taka," Did she really call me that? "Sara, do me a favor, suck Taka's cock for me. I would but I want Taka to feast on my pussy."

"I thought you would never ask!" replied Sarafina. Sarabi pushed me and I fell on my back. I saw Sarafina move close to my cock, as Sarabi slowly moved close towards my muzzle. "Wait!" Both lionesses looked at me. "What is my name Sarabi?" She smiled,


"Once perhaps, but what is my real name, the name I want you to call me from now on, for I am he in every meaning of the word!" Sarabi smiled broadly, "Scar!"

"Proceed..." I could speak no more as I moaned loudly feeling Sarafina's muzzle completely wrap around my cock. I looked down and saw her begin to move her head up and down as she began to suck my member. I felt the warm insides of her mouth all around my cock and then shuddered as her tongue began to swirl around its length. Meanwhile Sarabi moved her sex towards my awaiting muzzle and hunkered down upon my face. I painted her vulva with my tongue tasting her sweet fluids once again. She reached down with her claws and spread her slit to allow my tongue easy access to her nether regions. I moved my tongue up into her folds which caused her to sing in pleasure with a high pitched moan. I licked up and down in matched rhythm with Sarafina's relentless sucking, trying to get Sarabi to orgasm first instead of me, but Sarafina's expert work on my member was getting it harder and harder (pardon the pun), to do so. Sarabi sat back, so I could see her face smiling down at me, and reached down with her claws to expose her engorged clitoris. My mouth closed over Sarabi's clitoris and I licked it vigorously causing Sarabi to gasp in pleasure. My coarse tongue caused it to become harder and harder in matched sync with Sarabi's gasps above me. Sarafina was panting below us. She released my member from her mouth so she could resume her breathing before she gagged. It appeared my length was too much for her. So instead Sarafina concentrated on stroking my cock with her paws, with an occasional long lick up its underside. Sarabi was moaning and screaming in frenzy now and I felt the walls of her inner labia pulsate in my mouth. With a long, melodious moan Sarabi climaxed violently with my tongue inside of her, and I devoured all she had to offer. A minute later I closed eyes as I felt my own climax begin to surge upon me, and then roared loudly, my muzzle's movement only sending Sarabi into a second violent climax. Sarafina moved my cock across her face allowing my seed to drench her face and drip onto her tongue, all the while laughing seductively. Sarabi could hardly stop her purring as she looked down on me with eyes of wanton passion! "Fuck me, NOW!" Sarabi demanded. "Do it Scar! Screamed Sarafina, "Let me watch!" I looked at Sarafina who wiped her muzzle with the back of her paw. She smiled seductively as I watched her move away from below me. I was going to rise, but I did not have enough time to move into the presentation stance, as Sarabi backed her body off my muzzle and hunkered her sex down to meet my cock stuffing its whole length into her dripping pussy. She began to rock her body against my cock and then move her body up and down as she rode my cock with passion induced speed. I turned to see Sarafina a ways off but watching us intently, a look of sheer awe on her face. Sarabi moved her muzzle down to my lips and kissed me once again exploring the realms within with her tongue. She began a shrill purr and continued her thrusts as I matched hers with thrusts of my own each of us gasping and moaning like... wild animals! "Yes! Oh Gods yes! Fuck her!" That was no doubt Sarafina. I looked back over towards her and broke my kiss as my eyes spread wide. (She was in the position I had seen in my nightmare! On her back, her head up and a claw wedged snugly up her cunt. She was staring at us as her longest claw kept moving in and out of her now saturated pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure. How strange that THIS was when that image, came to pass. What would the demon think of this?) My thoughts went back to Sarabi as she grabbed my head with her paws and made me look at her. She groaned a long, loud scream to the moon, as her third climax crashed through her. Then she opened her eyes smiling down at me, as if she had just thought of something. She rolled off my body and moved into "the stance". I had waited for this for a long time. "Now that you know what it means to fuck a lioness, I want to show you making love!" I jumped to my paws and roared like the king of beasts should, then I thrust my cock into her spread glistening lips. Her nether regions enclosed my member in a hot, wet squeeze. I began to thrust like I had with Zira, fast and hard. Sarabi's and my heart were beating together, our moans and gasps occurred at the same time, her blood burned through my fur, our bodies were locked together, and we were one! She screamed and moaned as another climax rocked her very being, but then I heard a loud shrill scream to my left. I looked over fast enough to see Sarafina covered in her own sticky fluids, her eyes closed and a happy look on he face. (We would have to spend quite awhile cleaning her up!) Turning my attention back to Sarabi, I was surprised to see her staring back at me. "What is it, Sarabi?" I asked. "I want you to climax all over me Scar. I want your seed to cover my cream colored pelt! You like Sarafina a mess like that don't you, make me look the same!"

"Are you sure? We'll all have to lick each other clean, and that will take a long time... Or is that what you want me to do? I asked seductively. "Shut up and finish me!" She screamed. I replaced my paws on her shoulders and thrust into her with the force of a thunderstorm, over and over again until I could feel I was almost over the edge. Sarafina sauntered over to me and grabbed my face with her messy claws then kissed me deeply, her tongue driving into my mouth and only increasing my pleasure. There was no way I could hold my climax back, as my body began to tremble. Sarafina broke our kiss with a loud "pop" and cradled my head with her paws as she ran her claws through my mane. Sarafina must have known that any second now I would reach my peak and she was determined to watch the final moments of our mating, idly caressing my mane. Sarabi must have known it too, because she allowed me to pull out at the last second. She quickly spun around and dropped to her belly, then stuffed the entire length of my member into her muzzle, determined to finish the job with her mouth. I grasped her head with my claws and slammed my body against her face. She was better at this than either Sarafina, or even Zira ever was, a fact that I never knew but was certainly enjoying now. I did not know where she learned it from, but what she did with her mouth and her tongue was more exquisite that anything I'd ever felt before. The pleasurable sensations she gave me were more than enough to send me over the edge. She pulled my member out of her muzzle with her paws and sprayed my essence all over her body like an elephant would spray water with his trunk. My seed blended perfectly with her pelt, as I gazed at her in absolute pleasure, with perhaps the largest grin on my face I ever had. Sarabi looked up at me with a smile that matched my own as she licked the last few spurts of seed with her tongue and then proceeded to lick the seed off my member.

"That is my definition of making love, what do you think!" She exclaimed. I could only close my eyes and smile.

The three of us spent the rest of the night together after we cleaned each other up with the only means we had, our tongues. Of course, that only led to another round of lovemaking, this round even better than before. This time it was Sarafina who I made love to and Sarabi not only watched by did things to Sarafina and me that I will never forget. Even I can't put these things into mere words; some things are better off if left unexplained. (After all I think I have wrote enough, let me just say this: There were a few times when I couldn't tell where one lion started and the other ended, plus those two never became tired! My God what a night!)

During the night (well, what was left of it,) we all slept side by side, the cold wind not even causing us to shiver, for we had the heat of our bodies to keep us warm. I woke up very early in the morning, right before the sun was about to rise. I was surprised to see both of them still by my side. So with a happy grin on my face I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, but when I woke a few hours later and stretched my legs I felt nothing. My eyes sprang open. They were both gone! I sprang to my feet, and looked around but neither Sarabi or Sarafina was anywhere to be seen. My rage and anger began to swell through me once again as I thought that after all that they still betrayed me! I could feel my anger calling on my dark side to once again take control of me, and I looked down towards the ground awaiting it to happen, but as I did I noticed something written in the moist earth. "Always remember what he shared last night Scar, believe me it was love! Last night you were not just Scar, you were my love! But nothing more can come of this. I pray to the kings of the past, who do watch over you as well Scar, that all three of us will never forget the past night. We all proved that deep down we really do love each other. May that memory live forever! I love you!" -Sarabi. I felt like I would start crying as I slowly covered the words with dirt and sand. I knew that I would never forget this memory. It would always be a part of my soul, but it still hurt to lose them both, once again. Suddenly my mind jolted back to my true love, the one that would never leave me, Zira! She was patiently waiting for me back in our jungle. My mind shot suddenly back to what I had done. Oh gods! I had betrayed her! But how could I have resisted? I had wanted this my whole life and the past night, as Sarabi said, was my ultimate dream come true. But why did I feel so ashamed? I decided that this was my last secret that I would keep, and these where the "big three" of my life. To this day no one knows about any of them, except of course the parties involved and they would never tell anyone. What are my three darkest secrets? 1: How, from whom, and why I acquired my scar. 2: Nala is and always was my daughter. 3: That special night that Sarafina, Sarabi, and I spent together. These are my darkest secrets and this is why I placed this section far in the back of my journal. I hated to write about this incident, since it betrays my love for Zira, but I had to get it out of my mane. Now I can honestly say all my darkest secrets have been revealed. I've decided to end this section with these words to Zira: "I am sorry Zira, but you must understand it was something I had to do. What Sarabi, Sarafina and I did will finally cause my scars to heal. Now I can start my life anew. My past is now out in the open and no longer kept locked up deep inside my soul. Now my mind is free of all my darkest secrets and my future looks brighter than it ever has. Soon, very soon my love, I shall return to you! Maybe someday I will tell you my final secret, but for now it will be better that you do not know. Remember this, you are the only one I truly love, and we shall always be together!" NOW MY JOURNAL TRULY ENDS...]


I finished the lost pages of The Journal of Scar and slowly placed it by my side. I stared wide-eyed, at the entranceway of my lair and shook my head. Why did I read that? Now I will have to... oh no, not again! My mind was filled with the vivid pictures of what I was just shown and I remembered all that he wrote about. It was all completely true; as a matter of fact it was the best night of my life! My left paw moved reflexively down towards my sex and I unsheathed my claws. I looked down at my sex and then ran one claw softly up the line of my slit. I shuddered at my touch and whimpered softly. I needed to feel more! I moved my claw back down then back up again as I begin to purr. I continued my leisurely caresses as I closed my eyes, dreaming that is was Scar's tongue which was doing these exquisite things to my slit, until my vulva was glistening and my pussy was beginning to grow hot. I stopped suddenly and looked around, realizing what I was doing to myself as my musky scent was all around me. It wasn't even my heat but I wanted this more than I ever had. I needed to continue, but what if one of the members of the pride or even Zazu or Pumbaa walked in? I decided I didn't care, let them see how much I loved Scar!

"As Timon and Pumbaa would say... Hakuna Fucking Matata!"

My eyes, blazing with the fires of passion, gazed at my moist cunt. I spread my slit wide and groped around for my clitoris. I found it already engorged, as my hard caresses only stimulated me further. My purrs began to change into gasps as I rammed my longest claw all the way through the folds of my cunt and then back out again. Only replacing it a second later. I began to moan as I continued to penetrate, and then to increase my pleasure I moved my clit around in a circle with my other paw. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer, as my gasps and moans began to intensify, but I wanted to get the most out of this as I could. I looked down and saw my labia, now damp and hot, my claws glistening from my fluids. Pulling my shinning claw out of my cunt, I rammed it into my mouth and tasted my own fluids. This act drove me insane, now I could not stop! I refilled my pussy with my other claw and stroked my nether regions very fast and very hard, simultaneously sucking my claws. My body began thrashing as I clenched my teeth together trying not to scream, but on a final thrust I probed deeper than I ever had before, and I couldn't hold back. My moans changed into a long, melodious scream as I felt my climax surge through me. My lair echoed with words that I would never get to say. "Oh Gods yes, yes! Scar, yes, make me come my love, let me feel you! Fuck yes! Make me.... Ahhhhhhh, Yeeeeeeesssss!"


I ran towards the waterhole to clean myself up. Those damned vivid details of that one, perfect night, which I had forgotten, caused me to end my urges by my own claws (once again.) Why did I keep doing that! I jumped into the cool water to quench my fire. I washed off all the fluids and the sweat that had covered my body. I looked this way and that but thankfully I still saw no one. Closing my eyes I submerged myself under that cool water, letting my thoughts began to reconstruct. As I resurfaced I saw a male zebra, that had come to end his thirst, staring at me. I smiled seductively at him and then let him watch as I cleaned my whole body with the cool water using both my paws and my tongue. I climbed out of the water and began to saunter back towards my lair. I was tempted to let him watch me lick myself dry, but as I looked back at him I realized he had enough of a show already. I saw him still with that dumfounded expression on his face, and still staring at the water. I chuckled to myself as I ran back towards my lair.

When I returned to my lair, I proceeded to dry myself, but made sure to take it slow and easy. I didn't want to end up the way I had before I took my bath. But during my grooming, I didn't feel content or indifferent anymore. All I felt was a deep emptiness. I realized what I had just done to myself was pointless and utterly futile. It was only pleasure, and it only took away the pain, but when the pleasure subsides, the pain returns. How could I endure this eternal pain, now that I understand the truths about Scar? There is nothing: sex, fermented fruits or berries, exotic mushrooms, (what I just did), or any other thing that temporarily ends the pain by giving a creature pleasure that can change the past, let alone make the future any better. The pleasure exists only in the present, but what happens when the pleasure ends?

I looked towards the journal still in the same spot I left it. As I picked up the journal, I began to cry once again, now finally understanding what I always believed deep in my heart. Scar really did love Sarabi and me! If only we had said, to hell with the consequences and did not leave him that fateful morning, he would no doubt still be with us. If Simba and Nala hadn't returned the next day, maybe things would have turned out differently, but who is to say? I wailed a sad cry, but there was no one to console me,

"What does it matter? No one can end the intense pain that I now feel, not even my daughter! There is only one lion who would be able to set my heart free, but he is gone, I'll never get to see him again!"

My tears suddenly stopped as I pondered that last sentence. I gazed towards the entranceway of my cave. I nodded slowly, realizing what I must do. There was only one way that would end my pain.

I headed towards the only place fitting enough for my final task. I ran at full speed, the journal clutched firmly in my muzzle. My mind was filled with frightful questions. What would the creatures that made up The Great Circle of Life think if they found Scar's journal? If they read it, they would know the truths about him, about me, and about all of us? They would be shown a different tale, one completely opposite to what we deceived them into believing. They would find out who was the just one, while we would be shown as the villains. No one ever-asked why Scar became the way he did. If they read his journal they would find out! The truth is in black and white, told though his thoughts. One sees what he saw, feels what he felt, and now understands what he always understood. The only way to fully understand the tale is to forget all that was shown, forget all that was heard, and forget all that was understood about him. If any creature begins Scar's tale with open eyes and an open mind it will create a whole new picture and shows a side that was long kept in the darkness. If these prerequisites are mastered than Scar's dreams will finally come true. He will shine as the light he had once hoped for and all the darkness and all the lies will be eradicated. His true nature and virtuous character will be shown to all and his memory may very well live forever.

But I would make sure this would never happen! I really wanted to let everyone know the truth, but it would destroy all we had built and everything the kings of the past had achieved. I can't let these things happen to Simba and Nala; for fear that Simba would turn out exactly the same way as Scar had. For the life and well being of The Pride Lands, I must make sure that will never happen. I must make sure there will only be one Scar.

For me, my tale ends here. I can no longer go on another day without him, now that I fully understand it was the rest of the pride and not Scar who destroyed the Pride Lands. And now I also know he really did love me. With this knowledge, there is nothing left for me hang on to. Sarabi has somehow survived, but I cannot. Symbolically I see myself dangling from the edge and I am about to slip, he is looking down upon me and as he lifts his paws from mine I will fall to my oblivion. When I die one of the true villains of Pride Rock shall finally be destroyed. This damned seductress' life will finally end and no more misery will I cause. Perhaps one day we will be together. Maybe in another place with the kings of the past, where I can at last say something to Scar that always wanted him to hear. Something so simple yet so profound, "Scar, I'm sorry... I am so sorry for all the things I've done!"

I screamed these words to the skies in a tone that I prayed Scar would be proud of, but then I buried his journal. This task was very hard work especially being constantly blinded my tears. As I let the last pile of sand cover the truth I felt terrible for this last act of selfishness. I suddenly realized that still I had learned nothing, but then I kept telling myself I had to make sure that my daughter and the pride were safe. Burying Scar's life was the only thing I could do to ensure this, but why do I feel so awful? I looked up towards the heavens but my tears suddenly ceased. A final reflection exploded in my mind then I understood I would cry no more. By burying his tale, I had buried him. I had destroyed all he had tried to accomplish by creating his journal, and by doing this... I killed him! My eyes stared at the edge of the gorge with a faraway look as I strode closer and closer. I stared at the sharp rocks below and then slowly looked back towards Pride Rock. My eyes were unblinking; with that faraway look, then I slowly looked back down at the long drop below me. I heard the voice of my daughter calling me somewhere back in Pride Rock, but I did not look back.

"SCAR I WILL SEE YOU SOON!" My lips slowly twisted into a smile as I leaped from the edge. As I felt the air rush towards me, I closed my eyes...

(Sarafina's life ends here. Her broken body was found deep in the gorge by Simba and Nala a few days later, but no one knew the cause of her suicide, and for generations of kings and queens of Pride Rock no one ever found out. After many decades The Journal of Scar was finally found, but that is another tale... perhaps one day it will be told to all. However, many of the pages from Scar's journal were ruined and no one will ever know the whole truth. Why you ask? There were many sections that will never be rewritten since these pages were previously covered by Sarafina's tears.)