Rorch's discovery
by RedCat

As Schachau opened his eyes the morning had already dawned. His brother Rorch was near him and seemed to be still asleep. Nakarta the female was nowhere to be found. The cheetah realized that nobody had kept watch and jumped up, alarmed, to take a look around. All seemed to be quiet. The fire from a lightning strike had consumed the high grass in the surrounding area. Around the love playground of last night there was hardly any cover, only a few shrubs from which Schachau had surprised Karlio and the fallen tree next to them. If they would kept sleeping that deeply and carelessly it would reduce the probability of dying by starvation. Instead, they would be torn to pieces by a passing lion.

Schachau had a stretch. While he licked the soot from his spotted fur, he began to drift off in memory of last night. He was not sure how long he had slept or how often he and his brother had mated with Nakarta. He still sensed the bitterness in his drained balls as he sat on them and pressed them into the cool dusty soil. Again and again, the female had made him mount and her narrow slit had milked each drop from him, even when he believed he had nothing left for her. Whenever Schachau had penetrated her it was certain that she would elicit his juice from him. Contrary to his expectations, it had seemed to him as if every climax had been more intense than the prior one, until exhausted he fell asleep and could not be awakened.

Rorch had also woken up, and after an extensive stretch now came to Schachau to rub alongside his head and flank in good feline custom. Rorch stopped afterwards and sniffed at the ground. "Karlio. Let's follow his bloody trail," he proposed, "I want to find out what became of him." Schachau nodded. The two cats pursued the bloodstains on the ground and in the grass, as well as the even clearer smell, away from the scenery of last night. Over the plain of the savannah the trail went, until the track lead to a flat and narrow rocky plateau. They had just set their paws on the rock, and there they stood in front of a rather large bloodstain. The smell of baboons was almost overpowering. It was obvious what had happened here.

A baboon horde of approximately 30 to 40 animals had rested here last night, and Karlio had laid in their proximity. Schachau and Rorch looked at each other. Hyenas and lions usually don't approach a baboon horde. The stench of the baboons had furthermore covered the smell of the injured elder last night. Some bloody paw prints emerged from the stain of dried blood and led alongside the rocky. As Schachau and Rorch followed these footprints, they slowly vanished. Apparently the bleeding had stopped.

Nevertheless, the two followed the plateau until it suddenly ended in a cliff of approximately 5 meters height. From this point one had an infinitely wide view over the surrounding plain, just as cheetahs loved it. For a while Schachau and Rorch tried to spot a track of Karlio in the high dry grass, but in vain.

Suddenly, Schachau heard an almost imperceptible scratching. Even though the two cheetahs could overlook the surroundings for miles in all directions it seemed someone was very close to them. The scratching became ouder, and as Rorch heard it he too looked around, frightened of it. As Schachau bent himself over the overhang he was able to locate the sound. It came from the foot of the cliff directly under them where the cheetah could only make out a scattered pile of large sharp-edged rocks. Together with Rorch, he snuck along the abyss to the near side of the plateau where it finished with a soft slope into the plain and then following the bottom of the cliff. Almost exactly at the peak where the two had held lookout the cliff overhung while the rock had broken out from under it, thereby forming a shady place between the rocks, almost a small cave. They were not too surprised as they sighted a cheetah's blood-matted fur in this hole. Karlio lay on his side there, licking the rock wall and scratching at the ground beneath occasionally. As Schachau and Rorch came nearer, they noticed a sparse rill of water running down the rock. The precious wet was probably the reason why the rock had broken here. Between the rocks, a dry brook was to be found in which the water probably flowed more amply in the rain time.

As Karlio noticed the two intruders he hissed angrily at them, but did not get up."Did you come to finish me off? I won't beseech you to ransom me! No! I will fight!"

Schachau and Rorch slowly approached between the rocks. Karlio kept on jangling, "Don't dare to think both of you together could be capable of half as much as I was. It is my bad luck and your good luck that brought me into this situation!"

"It was not my intent," Schachau declared humbly."I am sorry."

Karlio was speechless. He began to giggle hoarsely while lowering his head back to ground weakly.

"I just didn't want... I only wanted to..." Schachau stammered."It was more like an accident." Rorch grinned gloatingly.

Without looking at the two young cheetahs again or moving Karlio pondered aloud: "Of course, you didn't want to kill me. That would be against our nature. You are young and hot-blooded. But remorse is unfamiliar to most cheetahs. At least, I thought." Rorch continued grinning.

But Schachau further approached the injured cat, and gazing at the wound whispered regretfully: "But there is nothing we could do for you anymore, is there?"

As if shocked, Karlio rose his head."Yes, of course there is something!" he explained with glistening eyes, "Hunt for me!"

Rorch stopped grinning all of a sudden, jumping forward and protesting loudly."We can't do that. We can hardly hunt enough for ourselves. Do you think we would feed you until you die of age! I hope you don't fantasize about never hunting again!" Rorch moved closer another two steps, "Come on, just hold still and I'll finish your miseries quite fast."

Schachau stepped aside and sneered at him."Don't you dare, as if you had ever caught anything yourself?"

The old one had gotten up and held out his injured paw to the two young ones."As you see, it is straight again. I bent it back with my teeth." This was correct, however the numerous flies romping on the fat scab didn't awaken too much optimism.

"Listen," Karlio continued, "you are young and inexperienced. In fact you shouldn't be already wandering around without your mother. You know neither the hunting grounds nor the neighbors. Within a few days, you will have to keep these neighbors off your patch or they will drive you out."

"And how do you plan to help us with it? You can hardly walk!" Rorch replied heatedly.

"For example by telling you to run over to those bushes in the front. From there you should be able to scent the antelope foal, which was hidden there by its mother some moments before you got here." The brothers didn't have to be told twice. Immediately they trotted along and took cover beside the bushes pointed out by Karlio. As they perceived the weak smell of the foal, they knew that they were very near to the prey. To make it a sure thing Schachau directed his brother to the side with a nod of is head. Rorch described a wide circle and approached the assumed hiding place of the kid with the wind. Wading through the high grass, he only noticed it as it jumped up directly in front of him and dashed off. With two evading leaps it left Rorch a few steps behind but ran directly towards Schachau, who had an easy game as he shot from his coverage and sprinted. With a blow of the front paw, he toppled the foal according to cheetah way and snatched it at the throat before it hit the ground.

After a few seconds, it was all over for the young antelope and as Karlio came hobbling, Rorch was ripping open the abdomen to reach his favorite entrails. Before Schachau had finished gasping for breath, Karlio and Rorch had already divided up the liver and kidneys. The successful hunter had to hurry if he wanted to grab a bite.

The three males were happily chewing the muscle meat off the bones when a female cheetah's warning call made them jump up in alarm. While loping away Schachau looked around and saw a lioness prowling in the high grass, closing in quickly. Karlio had vanished. With Rorch he jogged back to the peak, on which their preserver Nakarta had made herself comfortable.

As the lioness didn't follow the two males, they met Nakarta between the shrubs at the flank of the plateau. She welcomed them kindly."Have I seen right? Was Karlio eating with you?" Nakarta asked.

"Yes, he was," ranted Rorch."We had pity for him." He didn't miss the opportunity to sniff her in greeting.

"That was so sweet of you," she meowed tenderly."You already look much sturdier than last night, Rorch." And while Rorch was still busy with feeling flattered the female glided to ground and whispered, "I would gladly freshen up the memory of last night before my heat has passed away completely."

However she was much closer to the other male, so Schachau swiftly climbed the queen once again. Nakarta panted, surprised by Schachau's penetration, as Rorch whom she had expected still stood before her, motionless."Hey! This is not fair!" he whined.

"Oh. However," moaned Nakarta, as Schachau's thrusts let the heat in her rise to the fullest again.

Mumbling, Rorch circled the pair, the pink tip of his cock emerging from his swollen sheath. Schachau was only concerned with the more and more familiar intoxication he pushed himself into. Once again the pleasure spread like heat in his loins. He allowed it to take control, but when he was about to spill his seed into her he suddenly sensed teeth at his neck and froze.

"This... is... not fair!" Rorch wheezed with opened mouth. Nakarta turned head and looked at the goings on behind her, amused. With shock Schachau had let loose of her neck.

"What are you up to?!" he wanted to know from his brother, as he sensed Rorch's stiff cock knock against his balls. Instead of an answer, Rorch strengthened his neck-bite so that Schachau wailed in pain. As Schachau sensed Rorch's tip penetrate into his anus, he knew what Rorch intended. By trying to evade he unintentionally thrusted as deeply as possible into the female, which resulted in her starting to purr and to make circling movements with her rear end, stimulating Schachau by making him slide in and out a little even if he tried to hold still. As Rorch succeeded in slowly pushing himself bit by bit into Schachau's anus all that was left for him was to cry out loudly. "Don't make such a noise, but relax!" Nakarta ordered beneath him. By now Schachau sensed his sibling's whole length in him and like his own cock it was hardened completely and pulsating.

"This feels so great brother!" Rorch commented from above.

"No, it doesn't!" Schachau panted shakily. But it did feel a little good besides the pain, although Schachau didn't want to admit it to himself. He tried to relax, like Nakarta had ordered, and it became more tolerable to have his brother's shaft inside. But when his breathing calmed and he almost began to enjoy the little game that Nakarta was playing, his brother began moving inside of him. Not with coarse pushes, but with a very fine vibrating.

"Brother," Rorch purred as he moved, "I guess it is going to become a little wet in behind here."

His movements continued through Schachau's body, making him rub at the inside of the female again. Nakarta pressed her slit in Schachau's thighs and moaned quietly. The male in the middle didn't know what happened to him, as the palpitations on his prostate made him lose droplets of his juice in the depths of the female.

"Mrrrr, Schachau," gasped and groaned Rorch, "can you feel this?" Schachau felt it. Rorch held still in him, his cock throbbing while his warm semen squirted. Unaware of it Schachau continued the movements, at the same time milking from the panting Rorch and pushing himself towards the edge of climax in Nakarta's narrowness. But as Schachau felt his brother's cum dripping down on his own balls, Rorch relaxed and began to lie heavily on Schachau, forcing him to bury himself deeply into Nakarta's gap and to rest there. For some moments, he stood on the brink of orgasm, sensing his queen tightening around his maleness and the slowly softening cock gliding out of his anus. Then he let go and emptied his nuts another time into Nakarta. Hurling his seed deep into her clenching crevice. Nakarta roared loudly as she absorbed his load. Rorch lowered himself to the ground beside the two, while Schachau was still pumping weakening squirts of his juice into the female with soft snorts of pleasure.

Schachau showed more discipline. After he had sunk his last drops into her, he climbed from the female and sat down a few steps away. Nakarta rolled back and forth, then rested that way, whispering to the males."You cannot imagine how it feels as it runs more deeply into me when I lie on my back like this."

She didn't expect an answer. However, Schachau was of the opinion that he had learned some about the female role in a mating. He looked somewhat peeved at his brother before he stretched out on the sandy soil. The three cheetahs dozed side by side for a while, in the penumbra of the shrubs, protecting them from the heat of the noonday. Finally Nakarta awakened Schachau by driving her tongue against his cheek and whispering, "Watch out for the old Karlio. You cannot rely on him, not even trust him. His friendship can end up being mortal." Then, she hurried away, before Schachau could answer her. Rorch was deeply asleep and woke up much later, as the sun had exceeded her highest point long ago and Schachau was dozing again.

"She is gone!" He noticed shrewdly, and then started protesting again."That is not fair!" Schachau giggled. His brother came over and whined, "I wanted to have her one last time as well."

"Maybe this would have worked out, if hadn't pounced on me instead!" Schachau complained."What made you do that?"

"That was a, ehm, sudden intuition as I watched you both from the back," explained Rorch sheepishly.

"It is sore, but that was of no matter for you!" Schachau added.

"You mean, it was no fun for you and I must never do it again?" Rorch replied jeeringly and began to sniff at Schachau's balls, who was still about to answer, when Rorch deeply inhaled and then asked, "Her scent still sticks to you. Did you forget to clean yourself neatly?" Schachau actually had. His brother carefully sniffed at his sheath. "Would you mind if I deal with that for you? I want to taste her juices again," he asked.

"Why not?" Schachau agreed and turned on his back, bored."But don't have any sudden intuitions again."

Rorch lay down at Schachau's rear-end and got started. He began at the opening he had draggled the most himself and managed to recompense for that. Then, he worked upwards to Schachau's balls and diligently took care for their tender fur. This massage elicited a gentle purring from Schachau and made him willingly emerge his shaft from his sheath for the necessary cleansing.

Rorch supported this by taking the trouble to lick even the finest vestiges of the female from his siblings sheath, thereby stroking it up and down against the shaft. When he was done there, Rorch slowly and delightfully licked along the whole length of Schachau's cock. Schachau gasped for air with this treatment and lifted his head to admonish the other cheetah.

"Hey! Don't overdo it!"

"Come on!" Rorch whined."You taste like her so much!" Then he added quietly, "And that's still arousing."

Somewhat faster, Rorch continued to lick at Schachau's most sensitive places. Nothing else was left for Schachau then but to press against the ground gasping.

"If you don't stop immediately, you can start all over with the cleaning," Schachau warned.

Rorch looked at him with flashing eyes and then let his tongue sashay around the tip of Schachau's cock and his spines, making him writhe unwillingly and start to thrust into Rorch's mouth. As Rorch tasted the first drops of Schachau's semen he enclosed his twitching hardness with his lips and began to suck at it, as on his mother's teat. The milk didn't make him wait long. Loudly moaning, Schachau poured his juices into Rorch's opened muzzle, who wasted nothing and devoured each drop of it under Schachau's incredulous eyes.

Rorch finished his work with the laconic commentary: "Clean, from the outside and from the inside."

Schachau still panted and snorted.

"O.K., O.K. It was a sudden intuition." Rorch confessed sneering, and began to wash himself at paws and head.

Karlio hobbled through the bushes behind them. He grinned derisively and only said, "You seem to be enjoying yourselves."