Sabrina having fun with Salem...

Sabrina heard her aunts moving about downstairs and decided it was finally time to get up. Harvey had gone away for the summer to visit his cousin in California and Riverdale had been a pale comparison to what it normally was. Sabrina had taken to lying in bed all day and only really getting up for lunch or sometimes dinner. While she had been sleeping, she had twisted and turned and all the covers were in a ball on the foot of the bed. Salem, her familair, was sitting there staring at her. "So, you've finally decided to bless the waking world with your presence, eh?" he said in his sardonic manner. Sabrina kicked at him with her feet.

He continued, "Your aunts sent me up to tell you that they are going to play croquet with Drell and Dr. Bombay." Salem stared at Sabrina's legs. He had never really thought about her as a woman before. He had been a cat for so long that he had forgotten what it was like to be attracted to a human. But as she lay there on the bed, he really started to remember what it was like. Sabrina was about a month from her 17th birthday but she was definitely full grown. She had started sleeping in just panties and a short Violent Femmes t-shirt and from this angle, Salem could see the mound between her legs as well as some blonde hairs sticking out of the top of the white panties. As he looked farther up her body, he could see that outline of her firm tits, and Sabrina'a nipples were hard because of the cool breeze coming in from the window. Sabrina pouted and sat up, "What am I supposed to do with Harvey gone AND them gone? This summer is really sucking." Salem tried to say something but he couldn't. When she had sat up, she had opened up her legs and all Salem could do was stare straight into her cunt as she crossed them. She looked down at Salem and smiled, "At least you didn't leave me." She picked him up and held him close to her. Salem was speechless.

Sabrina got out of bed and walked across the room. As she did, Salem watched her ass cheeks bounce in the tight white panties. If he were a man again, he would strip them off her and throw her on the bed and have his way. But, he was a cat.

Sabrina pulled off her t-shirt and turned back around and spoke, "I mean, if you were me, what would YOU do, Salem. I have nothing to read, nobody to hang out with, and nowhere to go." She waved her hands in exasperation. Salem looked at her with contentment. As she spoke, her two firm breasts bounced up and down, sometimes sideways. The nipples were still hard and he would love to give them a good cat bath licking.

She quickly pulled off her panties and continued ranting about her life. Salem listened but he really didn't care. He was waiting to see her cunt. That is all he wanted in the world right now. Sure, he nodded when he thought he was supposed to but he watched as she through the panties in the pile of dirty clothes are her closet floor. He looked at her perfect ass. The tiny little crack that ran between her smooth legs and wonderful looking back. "I'm a fucking witch and I will NOT sit at home bored for another minute."

He nodded as she turned around. He saw her blonde mound. Not much hair and fine blonde hair when there was some. She sat down in her desk chair and swung around. Her legs were parted and he could see straight into her cunt. Her lips, her clit, they all were hypnotizing.

"I said, 'Right, Salem?'", she stared at him. He looked up, "Right, witch, fuck, bored. You said it Sabrina."

She grabbed a towel and walked into her shower. Salem thought about following but that would be to much for him. Instead he decided to walk into her closet and bury himself in her pile of laundry and spend the next few minutes dreaming.


Sabrina let the warm water shoot onto her neck and trickle down her body. Through the valley between her breasts, past the taught stomache over her belly button, and down to her cunt and all the way down her long tan legs. She let it run all over her while she waited for her aunts to leave. She didn't want to see them today. If she did, they might notice that she looked really bored and make her go with them, which was the LAST thing she wanted to do. She started thinking about Harvey and she felt a little tingle between her legs. Sabrina had kissed Harvey once, but that was as far as it had gone. That is as far as any man had gone with her. She longed to feel Harvey's mouth on her breasts, his lips sucking on her nipples, or even better, his tongue lapping at her cunt while she lay back with her legs over his shoulders.

As she thought about this, she let her own hands drift to her tits. She squeezed them and rubbed the nipples between her own wet fingers. It felt so good. Why had she never done this before? She got on her knees and lay down in the tub. She let the water pound down on her as she moved her hands down to her cunt. She thought about Harvey and what his penis would feel like. Between her tits, in her mouth, in her cunt. As she thought about this she slid a finger deep into her cunt. God, this felt good. She felt herself getting warm and she noticed that she was starting to glow as she fucked her cunt with her finger. She felt something inside her that she had never felt before. She fucked herself more, thinking of Harvey out in California and how much he would love to see this.

As she started to orgasm, she felt herself levitate out of the tub and hang there. She put another finger in and rubbed her clit with her other hand. Her long blonde hair was falling beneath her into the water as she floated there, cumming beneath the pounding shower. Out in California, Harvey woke up from the most intense dream he had ever had. All about Sabrina. He had never really thought about her in that way. But it felt like they had almost been connected. He looked down at the mess he had made. He got up to clean it up.

Sabrina finished up her shower and walked back to her room in a daze. She had never felt something so incredible. How had she missed out on this all her life. She knew that girls masterbated but she just had no idea. Her aunts had already left so she had the whole house to herself. She laid down on her bed, still wet and naked. Her she put a foot off either side of the bed so that her cunt was wide open. Her head was thrown back on the pillow and her eyes were shut tight as her fingers explored her newly discovered cunt. Both her hands were moving up and down her body.

One minute she would have both hands on her firm tits and the next would have both of them on her inner thighs. Everytime she started to orgasm, her body started to glow and she would levitate slightly. Sabrina thought she could control it, but why would she want to. Who was going to see her anyway?

Salem saw the glow and crawled out of the closet. He watched in awe as Sabrina brought herself to orgasm. He couldn't stop himself. The air was filled with the smell of her juices which now covered her hands and therefore, most of her body and the bed. He crept towards her, his tongue licking at his lips. She was floating a few inches off the bed and her cunt was staring him in the face. He reached out with his cat tongue and licked at her inner thigh. As his tongue reached her clit, she noticed that he was there. She was shocked and embarrassed that Salem was there. But his little tongue felt so good. It was a warm wet sand paper feel and drove her crazy. Oh god, she needed to be fucked by someone soon. Salem continued to lick at her and climbed up her body and started to try and slip his small dick in her. It didn't really work but he kept on thrusting into her until he came himself. For the next several minutes they just lay there, with Salem licking her chest and nipples while Sabrina lay there in bliss. It was right then that she decided that to end her boredom she was going to get fucked. And soon.