Saksha's Adventure
by Plopok in July 2000

I am having sex with my cat! Yes it's true, and before some dumb who knows best calls me an "abuser" or something else hackneyed like that, i have to tell you that it's all her pleasure. If you didn't know you couldn't tell me from any regular 22 year old guy, just living in this small apartment with Saksha, a grey and white cat as a pet.

I've been living alone in this apartment for two years now. Before i started "mating" Saksha i had several functional relationships, although they all left me dissatisfied. Saksha would always watch me making out with my other girl friends. Until a few nights ago i never thought of her as wanting more than cat food in her bowl or sitting in my lap when i'm surfing through cable channels at night trying to find something dull enough to sleep to. But it started the same day my latest girl friend broke up with me.

It had only been a unsuccessful relationship from the start. Sex was the only thing she really wanted from me, but some of my friends already knew hers, and they kinda forced us to stay together. So the day that she finally broke up, i wasn't very surprised nor a bit upset as she left. Finally, i said for myself laying on the couch looking towards Saksha's bowl in the kitchen.

She was digging into her food with unusual energy. Her tail raised upward in the hair, her front paws bent down onto the floor, head moving to get more into her mouth. The food looked distasteful to me, but she really liked it. I just went on looking at her, moving gracefully to pick up a piece of the red and brown lumps from the checkerboard floor. It reminded me that i hadn't been cuddling with her for the last few days.

Out of sheer boredom i zipped up my fly and started to do the old you-know. I usually reserve that to when i'm in bed, but i felt like i couldn't wait for that this time. Saksha stared at me with interest as i started to move my hand. She finished the last remaining portions of her meal and i pulled up and down slowly, enjoying the sensation of every move while looking at her. I didn't know what i was thinking, thought i was just being desperate.

Bowl empty and still hungry, Saksha tried to reach the cat food can that was still standing on the table. She sure was one smart kitty. I saw her standing up, reaching and stretching her legs to get up on the chair. Her firm, muscular hind legs, the way her tail joined into her round back... i couldn't decide if i should get up and give it to her or just enjoy the sight. I kept on rubbing, faster and slower... feeling that sort of wetness emanating from the head of my dick. I just couldn't stop looking at her body, the grey textured marble-like fur gracefully bordering into the white on her stomach and rear.

Eventually i got up to pick up the can, still wanking off with my right hand while holding it. (After all, i live alone so who cares?) There was only a small amount of food left in it. At first Saksha stayed away from my penis. As i bent over pouring the remains of food in the bowl, a few drips of my jizz accidentally got into the mixture. I thought she wouldn't notice it. As she ate her way through the dried and compressed bits, she came to one which she suddenly stopped chewing for a while before swallowing.

She then carefully examined each one, to find the ones that had this unusual flavouring on them. As she found another drop, she bent down to lick it of the surface of the hard pellet. While this was happening i was still jacking off. The sight of her hungrily licking the bowl with her head bent down, tail standing in the rear was too sweet to hold it back. As i felt it build up and come inside me, i quickly bent towards the bowl, pouring all my semen over the dry pellets. I pulled back and Saksha smelled it. Then she licked it all up, drop by drop. My semen on her tongue. After she was finished, the bowl was scraped empty and she went to sleep in the corner.

Later that night, i couldn't stop thinking about what i done. It got a little out of control, sure? I tried not to feel any anguish about it. At least she wouldn't tell anybody... and why would she anyway? The next morning as i woke up, i swore i wouldn't try gettin her to do that again. She was a pet, not a lover nor sex toy. Well that whole day worked fine without thinking any more about it, filling my mind up with other stuff to worry about.

As i came home from my job at the local convenience store, i noticed Saksha hadn't ate anything from her bowl since i filled it in the morning with her favorite brand. She was lying silent on the kitchen floor. I looked at her too see if she was sick. I stroke her across her smooth back fur, reacting as any cat would. She just didn't want her cat food the way it was. I tried thinking of any _other_ possible reason for this. Well, i guessed there was none. I just had to bring it out and do it for her one more time.

I slipped off my jeans, went down on my knees in front of the bowl and started to pull my fingers up and down my rod. Saksha was still looking at me from below the kitchen table. It became hard really fast in my hand, as i watched her move her sexy little paws towards the carpet. I couldn't stop wondering if she knew what i was doing, or why i first liked to do it for her.

I picked up one of her toys from the floor-an old ball of blue thread-and tossed at her. She grabbed it and lifted it like a two-legged being, before she slammed it down and ripped her claws through the heavy threads. I sure didn't want to put mine there! My hand kept on wanking. I thought maybe it was the moving hand that made her afraid of me first. She still tried to stay a bit away from me when i was doing it.

She pressed the ball of thread against the floor, tearing her claws up and down the twists. I got a nice view of her rear and standing tail when she bounced back and forth right in front of me. The brutal, beautiful creature. Looking at her behind as i progressed to orgasm, i wondered what it would be like to fuck her. For real, just like with a woman. I spurted quite a lot into her bowl. As i got up and put my pants back on, she examined the bowl and ate it all with joy. I was really tired and don't remember much more.

So this went on for a few more days. At first she would lay down quietly and watch me do it, but later she started paying some more interest to what i was doing. Finally she would sit next to me, watching me cum down on her plate. After i was done, she would walk up right in front of me and lick off the few drops still left on the head. I couldn't believe it! There she was standing with her paws resting against my groin, sweeping her smooth, soft tongue across the most sensitive part of my still hard dick.

I put my hand back and did a few slow wanks, back and forth. A few more drops finally came out. I could see her catching each drop with her tongue joyfully, looking up at me. I stroke her on the back. I really, really loved her now. But my dick was aching and just couldnt take any more. She backed off and i got to bed more tired than ever, leaving her with the rest of her meal.

The next evening i had to let her drink straight from the tap. The moment i got my cock out, she sat up in front of me and started sniffing. When my right hand started going back and forth over my erection, she waited for the first drops to come out of it. I closed my eyes when it did. I felt Sakshas tongue against the bottom of the head, lovingly sweeping upwards to catch my little drips of sperm. For a moment i thought about all the things that i had gone through before i found out what, or who i really needed.

When she got to the hole on the tip-caressing it with the tip of her tongue-i got so excited, it felt like jolts through all of my body. I put my left hand on her to guide her head to the right place, carefully. As i wanked faster and harder, i moved my hand across her stomach, getting down to the place between her legs... just to see what she would think about it.

My thumb and little finger was on each side of her, just in front of her hind legs, and i started pushing my middle finger forward against her. It was soft and smooth, like all of her fur. In one spot i could feel muscles contract, then relax against my finger, as if she wanted me to do something. I pushed harder against her with the finger, rubbing subtly back and forth. Looking into her eyes i could see she really enjoyed it. All the time i continued jacking off, sending more of my little kittie candy into her mouth.

Then i felt orgasm coming. I plunged a bit deeper inside her with my finger, moving it slightly around inside. She had raised her tail, clearly as pleased as i was. I felt it flowing through my dick, aiming straight on her. While experiencing an orgasm felt as several waves rippling all the way up to my head, i spurted a bigger than ever load of cum all over her face. Some of it went straight in her mouth, which she welcomed, the rest in her face and some on my hand. I took away my left hand from her pussy, and she looked quite satisfied. She licked my hand off after she had swallowed all of what had gotten on her.

I wiped myself off and got to bed, feeling proud of myself for one time's sake. There arent many people who feed their cat like this... they just dont know what they really want. Saksha made a tired meow and then went up in the bed to sleep with me, as exhausted as i was. I put my hand on her soft, warm fur and looked at her one last time before dozing off. She was so sweet, so tender and caring... everything i ever wanted so much. I looked at her rear, her tail put aside to reveal the little depression in her rear. Damn i still wanted to fill that pipe, mount her just like a big girl, but it was just too small. Or it looked to small...

The next day when i came home, Saksha was sitting in the kitchen window fighting with a bird sitting on the thermometer outside. Quite uncharacteristic for her. I also noticed she was acting differently when i came in- rather than usually, she carefully walked around me like she was examining me. I thought about if shes been like this before, and then it striked me... she was in heat. And that does not just mean that she is slightly more agressive.

As i was too tired to deal with it after another hard day of work, i lied down to relax in the sofa while Saksha lied down besides me. She curled up and relaxed with my hand on her, as if she understood. After a while she turned over to lie on her back. Then i let my hand sweep over her and grabbed her legs, moving my finger over her approaching the right spot. I felt her purring and enjoying herself as i started rubbing, slightly above the softest part. As i got down there, there was no end to her appreciation. By then i felt rested enough to get on with it. I just had to do it, she just had to do it, no matter what it would lead to.

I went out in the kitchen just to try to clear my thoughts. Saksha followed after. She sat on the floor, lifting her tail and awaiting to complete the act. If there was a way out now, i guess i didn't think about it. I didn't think much at all. I sat down on the floor, rubbed her back while i buttoned up my jeans and got my cock out for her. The sight of your cat standing horny and full of anticipation with your rock hard erection just in front-what are you gonna do?

I put my hands on the floor besides her and approached her behind with my treasure. The fur below her tail tickled my head, giving way very slightly as i pushed against her carefully. I went down with it, sliding and pushing subtly against her white abdominal area. I felt her relax and tremble with pleasure as i touched her pussy. When i got there, i moved back and forth... just moving my forehead across that sensitive part. I grabbed my dick to push it up inside her slowly, then out again.

But it was hard to get comfortable sitting in my jeans at the hard kitchen floor, so leaving her slightly disappointed by the interruption, i took it all off and got into bed with her. Now i was sitting in my bed with just my boxers pulled down to my knees, and Saksha crawling down below my sheet waiting to finish. I lifted the sheet and besides her head sticking out, i could only feel the rest of her body inside the sheet. Her tail guided me to the right place to enter.

I pushed softly towards her, starting to wank off slowly with my hand. As i pushed again i could swear i felt her relax and open around my head. I pushed just a little bit harder. Her opening grabbed me like a circle, i even took away my hand from my dick, supporting myself on both arms instead to control my movement better. She semt to be thinking that was the right way for me to go. I placed my hands on top of the sheet to hold her still, as i pulled out and thrusted in again as deep, yet carefully as i could. My entire cockhead got in and it was very warm, tight and quite stimulating. It's not all bad having a size slightly below average...

I pulled my head slowly in and out a few times, the journey getting easier and smoother each time. Saksha looked like the feeling was quite provocative, but not harmful. I shoved slightly faster and firmer, getting a bit of my sensitive foreskin area inside the pipe. When i finally lifted the sheet and threw it aside to make more freedom i was shocked to realize... i was doing her anally! My dick was still stuck halfway into the crack just below her furry grey tail.

Overwhelmed with excitement, i held her still and pumped into her almost uncaringly, although she still liked it as heaven. After a few thrusts that felt totally unreal, holding my cat while seeing her tight ass slide up and down my privacy, she started to climax. I felt her rear muscles clamping together really hard, like with a human woman except much more noticeable, and shoved my middle finger up her vagina while going in as deep as possible in the rear. As i stayed in that position, she made a short, breathy "Aooowww..." before relaxing again.

I pulled out and got off almost immediately, sending my blast straight into her face like she wanted it. After recovering from the almost delirious orgasm she apparently had, she licked me and her face off hungrily. I wonder if she realized where it had just been... or did she care?

After this-well, i've tried to keep calm with her as much as possible, and i might get a new friend who is into this kind of thing. Or well, is there any? That's part of the reason i'm writing this, of course. Cause Saksha's hardly the only willing cat in the world...?