Sarabi's Problem
by JP

Simba looked up as the sky over the Pride Lands grew dark. He was out on the final patrol of the evening, looking around it seemed quiet and Simba started to head back to Pride Rock. Simba was almost home when a strange but familiar scent caught his attention, it was the scent of a lioness in heat. But something was different, it smelled almost like his mother Sarabi. Simba was puzzled, "It can't be mom, she's to old to get her mating heat" Simba thought. He deiced to check out the wonderful scent coming from this lioness. As Simba crept closer he came upon a lioness laying down with her head in her paws sobbing. Simba blinked, it was his mother. "Mom, are you ok?" Simba asked. A startled Sarabi jumped to her feet, and looked at Simba with the tears flowing down her muzzle. "Simba, where did you come from?" Simba spoke "I caught your scent and wonders if it was really you. I thought you could not bare anymore cubs, and why are you crying mother?" Sarabi looked down. "Simba my son...As a lioness enters her oldest years she must endure one last but very strong mating heat. I guess its away to say ok one last time to feel good. But as she is so old that no cubs will come from the heat."
"Well my son I am now going through that very process now., I knew this day would come and I was crying because I missed your father. I just wish he was here now to take me this one last time." Sarabi sobbed a little more. Simba felt sad for his mother and walked up to her and gave her a lick on her muzzle. "I love you mother" Simba smiled at her. "and I love you son". Simba took a whiff of Sarabi's scent once more and felt his maleness grow a little. "Mother You need to be mated, or your body will stress you out. Dad told me once that he lives in me and that he would always be with me to help guide the pride in the right direction, and even now he looks at you through my eyes. He sees you beauty and smells your wonderful scent that same one that he fell in love with." Sarabi looked up and peered into Simbas eyes.

She moved closer to Simba almost muzzle to muzzle she stared into his eyes. Sarabi took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Mufasa?" Simba spoke "Yes Sarabi its me, I love you my Queen." Hearing those words Sarabi With her eyes still closed, moved up and brushed her body against Simbas. Simba knew it was time. Sarabi thought he was Mufasa, and he was not going to tell her otherwise. By now his Maleness was fully erect and swung between his legs. Sarabi made an other pass at Simba this time stopping and laying before Simba with her tail to one side. "now Mufasa, take me now I want you so bad. Mate me now." Sarabi cried. Simba looked down at her swollen opening. He lowered his head and lapped gently at her vulva tasting and smelling her wonderful scent. Sarabi cried out again, "NOW Mufasa, take me now!" Simba was Ready. He climbed up onto his mother licking her golden coat as he finally mounted her. her breathing became heavy and Simba with one hard thrust entered his mothers hot pink opening. "AHH yes Mufasa Mate me I'm yours My King!" Simba grabbed her nape and started to thrust hard like he's never thrusted before. Her cunt gripping his cock as tight as a young lioness would. Sarabi yelped and panted as simba thrust into her. The Mated for a good ten minutes when Sarabi started to buck back at Simba. And without warning her orgasm hit her. Sarabi let out a mighty roar, feeling her climax squeeze his cock even more sent Simba over the edge and with one Final hard thrust he Poured his hot lion seed into his mother. Simbas roar was deafening and he dismounted scrapping her insides with his large barbs making her cum once more..

They both laid there still panting."thank you my son, You were right your father does still live. He lives in you." Simba smiled at Sarabi. "I love you Mother"
"To me you will always be the Lion Queen, that my father loved so much. I love you to." With that They headed back to pride rock..

The End :for now:)