Decades of Denial
The Journal of Scar Part 1 - Prequel to Untold Atrocities
by Scar II

All darkness ceased and a brilliant light flashed before me. It was so bright that my eyes were blinded by its radiance. I covered my eyes with my paws trying to blot out this extreme glare, but it did nothing. Slowly, carefully, I opened my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the brilliant light but when things came into focus, I almost fainted. Somehow I was standing on the presentation cliff far above the Pridelands, atop my home known as Pride Rock. But when I looked around, I saw nothing that I was familiar to seeing only a pale fog, as well as strange flashing images that appeared and then disappeared all around me. I stood there dumbfounded and in absolute confusion; surrounded in a reddish haze, but permeated by an inner light, which allowed me to see, but what awful things I saw! Every time I looked in any direction, the mists would change into an image, but what awful images they were. When I turned right I saw my beautiful homeland as I remembered it, verdant, alive, and filled with all the creatures that made up The Great Circle of Life, but when I turned to my left I saw my homeland in another light, the light of "darkness." The once lush earth was shown cold, dry, cracked and broken, the land was now a pale gray, and the many trees were nothing more than cold, dead skeletons, their branches hanging low as if in sorrow. Contrary to all that my beloved homeland used to be, Pride Rock was now destroyed, and instead of the animals prospering, countless bones now covered the ground like tall grass.

Where was I, how did I get here, and why? The mists swirled around me covering me in a hazy smoke and then the two pictures suddenly vanished. However, I noticed that one image would remain whenever I would look back behind me. I would see an image of myself in a deep slumber, inside of my cave, all alone without Sarabi by my side. I saw my sleek, yet feeble body curled up in a ball, my luxuriant black mane covering me like a blanket. My face was a look of sorrow and pain; sadly I knew the reason. The past day my "father" had proclaimed that Mufasa, my intimidating brother, would soon be the new king and he chose Sarabi to be his queen, instead of Sarafina, Mufasa's previous love, which was originally planned. I was crushed by his announcement and I sunk into a deep depression. I was abandoned by the rest of the pride due to the terrible things I had said in response to "father's" announcement, and no one would console me. No one would end my pain. Sarabi had been the only member of the pride who had treated me with equality and love, and we had spent many nights together professing our love for each other openly in a perfect union of both body and soul.

Now I saw an image of myself as a pathetic creature, all alone in my dark cave, as I probably would be now for the rest of my wretched existence. Turning back in front of me, I saw the mists swirl again, changing into an image of Sarafina, another lioness who made up our pride, and Mufasa's past love. She was alone as well, almost with the same expression on her face as I saw on mine, but I could see the fur upon her face was damp and matted, she must have cried herself to sleep. Her claws were unsheathed and very worn and her paws were bruised and swollen. I could plainly see that the walls of her lair were covered in long scratches and the bones of wildebeests were scattered everywhere. She must have taken the news much harder than I. Suddenly the mists surrounding me changed once more and then an image that I never wanted to see became visible. I saw my damned brother making love to Sarabi! No! I turned away, but the scene was also behind me, right next to the image of me, now with a snarl covering my face, but then a look of intense fear. Gripped with terror, I tried to run from the scenes but it was futile. I figured this all must be a horrible dream! I tried to wake up from this wicked nightmare and even screamed my own name to attempt to wake myself, but it was no use. All around me the mists continued to change showing awful scenes of my childhood, filled with leering lions and lionesses all laughing at me with hideous, sadistic expressions on their faces. I screamed aloud trying to do anything to wake myself up but then all the images vanished and the colors began to swirl together in front of me.

Wicked laughter began to crescendo around me, a laughter the chilled me to the bone. It was my voice, but deeper as if a few years down the road. The colors swirled into a tornado in front of me, trembling like a cub I awaited what would appear. Two colors began to become dominant over the rest: orange and black, but the tornado kept spinning and the laughter became deafening. The tornado began to grow smaller and the two colors began to break off and take their own places. The cyclone began to spin faster and a red mist rose up from its wake, soon covering the spinning vortex. Out from the mist spread an orange paw with long black claws unsheathed, along with another, then another, and another. These were placed upon the mist-like ground, and then a long swishing tail, tipped in black, could now be seen rising from the red mist, like a snake. As the colors swirled apart from each other, the orange color became a large, sleek, muscular body, and the black transformed into a long glistening mane. Last a giant head looked out of the mist with a cunning grin on its face. The swirling stopped and a giant, male lion, almost ten times my size stood before me laughing at me. In awe and terror I looked at the beast and then at my own body. It was me, but much older and with a body of muscle I could only imagine, one I would never have. The form's body was identical to my own but then the beast ceased his wicked laughter and his gaze feel on me as if studying me. He continued to look me up and down, as those eyes seemed to be penetrating my fur, as if they could peer deep into my soul and my mind. The beast looked back up at my face and then grinned as if he found what he was looking for. I instinctively jumped up on my back legs and covered me ears with my front paws as a deafening bang crashed around us like a thunderclap. The immense beast vanished into a puff of red smoke, then slowly the smoke cleared and where the thing originally stood was now a form that almost made me lose my dinner! Its whole muscular orange body was now covered in long bleeding wounds, covering every inch of its body. I tried to look away but couldn't and the beast began to laugh once more. I looked back and saw the blood pouring from the wounds and splashing on the ground, forming a large puddle. I never saw so much blood as it covered the mist like ground and began flowing towards me. In panic and fear I tried to run but it seemed like my paws were stuck to the floor. I looked down and screamed as the blood was almost to my paws but then another clap of thunder sounded around us. I looked back up and the blood had ceased but now the wounds became long scars that covered the beast's body. Then they began to move! The started to slither like long red snakes, crawling all over his pelt, over his shoulders, and up his face, the whole time joining each other and merging into one long scar which all joined in one place to cover his left eye.

"Who, Who... What are you?" I asked in a high-pitched frightened tone.

"I am you!" the beast answered in a slow melodic voice, a voice that sounded like mine, but much deeper and filled with evil.

"What! How can you say this, I don't even or ever would, look like you!" I exclaimed.

The monster began to chuckle, "No, I am called Scar! It fits perfectly, wouldn't you agree?"

"This is not real, tell me how to wake up!" I exclaimed my fear beginning to fade and my anger beginning to mount.

"Oh but it is... You will be me in a very short while."

"Never I am not a demonic lion like you!" I roared.

"You realize I am not another lion, I am the creature your tormented mind has created. Think of me as your alter-ego, your dark side, if you will."

"My dark side, what are you saying?" I asked.

"If you looked how you feel on this inside, you would look like this!" Suddenly he was covered once again in those awful scars moving all over his flanks like worms. I jumped back in fear of him, but his previous form appeared once more as if it never disappeared at all, only now the scar on his left eye appeared longer.

"I am what you have tried to keep inside of you all these years. Every promise broken, every lie you were every told, all of your hatred, every hardship you have endured, and all those years of torment and anguish you suffered at the hands of your fellow lions, has whipped and spun into form, the form you now are gazing upon. I am the spawn of your deep hatred against them and all they did to you."

What the beast was saying was beginning to make sense, but I was still very apprehensive and still terrified of him. "If ... If what you say is true, why haven't you appeared to me before?" I asked.

"You never wanted to see me. You never wanted me a part of your life. You always pushed me back, back into the farthest depths of your mind, but I was always there, a dark shadow looming over you."

"This gives a whole new meaning to the term talking to myself," I said, shaking my head, "Go on with your strange riddles, if you must, but hurry up so I can wake up. After all I am crazy, am I not, for believing this is happening to me?"

The beast began laughing maniacally once again, due to my question.

"No. Not yet!" He turned away and began walking away from me.

"Wait!" I bellowed, running after him, "Where are you going?"

He turned his head back. "Oh, I thought you wanted to wake up? Very well, follow me. I will show you all you need to know and explain why you need me."

He turned away and began to vanish into the mist, his tail swishing as if in a gesture to follow. I looked back at the image of my sleeping form once more and saw my face with a look of curiosity and perhaps a little intrigue. Shrugging my shoulders, I bounded after him into the swirling red mists.


I cannot even begin to try and explain where this creature took me, or what it was like, even now it is hard for me to try and put it into words. I no longer knew if this was still just a dream, or perhaps a strange alternate reality, perhaps I was conscious the whole time. The best I could manage would be a land of swirling images and countless spinning cyclones, swirling endlessly around us as we walked along side by side. The brilliant, somewhat menacing, red light that illuminated this strange realm cast shadows over us but my companion's shadow loomed over me, as if it threatening to swallow me whole. We walked on a pallid, wispy, yet sturdy bridge that seemed to go on forever. Underneath the bridge was a vast pit filled with a lake of fire that surged and bubbled like a swollen river. The giant lion suddenly stopped and looked around as if trying to find something, he sniffed the air and shook his mammoth head this way and that.

"There it is. Shall we begin?" He asked.

"What?" I asked.

I looked to my left and there it was again that awful scene of Mufasa and Sarabi in the heat of passion.

"Stop it!" I screamed, "Why do you keep showing me that?"

"Because this is what every night will be like for the rest of your miserable life until you die! Unless you do something!"

"What can I do?" I asked. "Look at me, I'm weak and helpless, I cannot stand up to my brother or the other lionesses. They would kill me!"

"Then find someone who can... Me!"

"I told you I don't want to be YOU!" I roared, "I never will!"

"Do you want your whole life to stay the way it has been? Don't you want respect, love and happiness, don't you want to be somebody?"

"Of course I do," I answered. "I want to be like my brother, respected, feared, and loved by each and every member of the pride. I want the common respect that every individual gives to every other individual, a respect that has always been denied me."

"There is a way," replied the beast, "Allow me to show you what you must do."

"What will it include?" I asked.

"Oh, you know," the beast chuckled, "Murder, deception, rape, greed, lust, and every other sin you could possibly imagine."

"I would never do those things!" I screamed.

"No, but I would!" He swung his paw across my face in a backhand motion and I feel to my side to dodge it. I saw him leap on top of me pinning my shoulders to the ground and he placed his snarling face right next to mine. Looking back below me, I saw I was inches from the edge and I could feel the intense heat from the lake of fire.

He roared, "Shut up! You worthless, pile of flesh!" One day everything I said will come to pass! In order to achieve the power and respect you lust for, you must listen to my every word and then do everything I say. I nodded weakly my fear in complete control of my body almost to the point of causing me to lose control of my bodily functions. He showed me things that I would never imagine, things that make up the darkest part of one's mind, and all the while I could see the images he was speaking of as they appeared around us. He showed me all the lions of Pride Rock and divided the pride into two sections. The ones that would pose a threat to my rule were placed on his left. These he said are the ones that must die. There were lions who I could easily recognize but two cubs, a male and a female, that I could not. I guessed they were not yet born. The other set was composed of the ones he made me swear must live. He placed my "father," my brother, and the two cubs, in the category of death. He said that if I did not end the line of Mufasa, one of his offspring will return to kill me. In the category of life he placed Sarabi and the other lionesses saying they were mine to do whatever with I pleased. That is all except Sarafina. He took a long time to show me Sarafina, the lovely Sarafina, who was almost equal to Sarabi.

"When the time comes that Sarafina will want to mate with you, this must be the only way that she can end her heat induced urgings... I think you'll like this." The image he allowed me to view showed her in a position that was from my lewdest fantasies. I saw her laying on her back in a salacious display. Her sex was spread wide and a claw was wedged all the way inside, her entire pussy glistening like water. Her other paw was placed near her muzzle, those claws being sucked by her mouth and licked by her tongue. The floor beneath her and all over her claws were all covered with a clear almost white fluid. I knew what that white fluid was and my jaw dropped to the ground. He waved this image away with his paw continually warning me that I must never mate her, the child she would have due to our union, if I did make her mine, would rival all other lionesses past, present, and future, in beauty and intelligence. But she would also be my downfall.

Finally he showed me Sarabi, my love and my soul mate. He continually assured me that she would be mine once more and promised me she would never reject me or turn against me. Whatever I asked of Sarabi she would give it to me and the next time I saw her would be the perfect time to re-pledge my love to her and Sarabi would once again give herself to me body, heart, and soul. He said Sarabi would be the key factor in the meticulous plan for the respect and love I so deeply wanted.

"Sarabi will love you, she always has and always will, and will help you in a way you can never imagine." His show ended with these words,

"Trust me, all that I have told you will one day come to pass. Remember Sarabi is your secret weapon, she will be the one that will make you see the light!"

I nodded, so much had been forcefully shown to me that my head was spinning and I felt dizzy. He stared at me studying me with his scarred eye making sure I listened to his every word; making sure I understood all he had said.

He slowly moved his paws off my shoulders and took his weight off of me allowing me to slowly, and weakly rise to my paws. He started laughing at me again with his evil laugh. As it began to crescendo his body burst into flames, his red fur becoming fire then once again covered with those awful scars, moving all over his body like worms.

"Look at what you are!" He screamed maniacally.

"I could not hold back any longer, my fear had passed and now rage was the only thing I felt left inside of me.

"You vicious son of a hyena, you are not meÖ You are evil incarnate! Despite all you forced me to see, it will never come to pass!"

His face became a twisted snarl, "One day you will be known as Scar!"

"No!" I roared. "Damn you to hell!"

He laughed only louder, now drooling like a hyena.

"You stupid, fool! Where do you think you are?"

The beast roared his words filling the cavern with his mighty scream, and then charged at me like an enraged rhino and threatening to maul me. I was terrified as I saw him approach, his eyes now red as blood and his mane like fire. Not knowing what to do I stood on my back legs and then dropped to my back as I saw him lunge towards me. Somehow I thrust out with all my rage and strength, kicking him in his stomach which propelled him over me and into the lake of fire. Turning over onto my stomach I saw him falling down into the firelake screaming like a demon. His giant form plunged into the lake, its flames consuming the evil thing instantly. Slowly I rose to my paws, looking down to see if he was really gone, but then suddenly he was right above me, now about fifty- times my size.

"Nice try! My turn!" Somehow with fear inspiring strength he picked me up with his claws and held me over his head as if studying me. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp but it was no use. Placing me right next to his scarred eye that now was about the entire size of my body, he said his final four words, that I would never forget,

"Until we meet again!"

With ease he tossed me towards the lake of fire. I screamed long and horribly, thinking the sun had finally set on my time, as I saw the burning flames coming closer, closer, and closer...


I awoke from my awful nightmare with a start and sprang to my paws. My face and mane were completely covered in a cold sweat and even colder tears. I felt totally disgusted as I suddenly felt I was sticky and still slightly engorged down below. I looked down and realized why. Those pictures of Sarafina definitely had their effects on me. I did not even bother to clean myself up because my mind was now a swirling maelstrom of thoughts. The images I was forced to see were now embedded deep into my brain. I began to pace in circles, these base thoughts threatening to drive me insane. In rage and fear I ran out into the dark night trying to escape the monster that was now inside of my head. I ran through the darkness far from Pride Rock and towards the elephant graveyard, scaring the sleeping beasts and birds that became rudely awakened by my passing. Great flocks of frenzied birds rose above me cursing at me in their own language as I ran in full fear induced speed trying to escape all I was shown. The moon cast its light over me allowing me to see and panting I realized I could not run any longer, I would never escape the beast in my head, he would pound me now, forever on a daily basis.

Through my sweat and tears I saw the waterhole and thankfully there were no other creatures around. Not thinking, my mind a jumbled mess, I ran towards it, leaping into the cool water allowing the refreshing jolt to clear my mind and wash off all the fluids that were dripping off my body. Submerged in the cool water I began to gather my sanity and started to forget about all the things that the demon had forced me to see. I swam back towards the surface and towards the bank, slowly climbing out of the water my pelt and mane now completely soaked to my skin. It felt very good though, and I shook violently to get rid of the excess water. I looked to the east and gazed upon the rosy hue of the dawn that was beginning to creep across the sky. It would soon be morning and I sighed, realizing this awful night was almost over. I was starting to regain my composure. I crept back to the water so I could see my reflection. It was the same as it always had been and there were no scars anywhere. Smiling, something I had not down for quite some time, I walked away from the waterhole and trotted towards the south into the savanna filled with tall grass. I feel to my stomach and laid my head between my paws, deciding that the comfortable earth surrounded in tall grass would make a much better bed than the hard, stone, shelf- like bed back at my lair. Closing my eyes I was soon fast asleep.


The sweet chirping of insects awoke me from my peaceful slumber. I had slept like a cub without any trace of the previous nightmare. I sighed happily to myself and decided that the beast was out of my life forever and it really was all just a dream. I rose to my feet and stretched out my hind and fore legs and looked towards the sky. The sun had already reached its zenith and I guessed it was late afternoon. I must have slept all morning and almost the whole day! As I was stretching my sore body, I saw a small field mouse dart out from the tall grass and I quickly snatched it up with my claws.

"Good morning, my little friend, and good-bye." I tossed the sweet morsel into my mouth devouring it hungrily. As I sat there swallowing my breakfast/lunch I heard the grass move to my left, as if something was approaching me.

I lowered my head and kept my body low to the ground, waiting to see what it was, possibly a hyena or a cheetah. The grass began to move again, but this time in front of me. As I waited there, I smelled a particular scent begin to fill my nostrils. Raising my head, a little, I sniffed the air and then could make it out as the sweetest smell in the land. The unmistakable scent of a lioness in heat! I lay there in my stalking stance and inhaled the intoxicating aromas. Curious and beginning to grow slightly aroused I crept after the moving grass and followed the scent towards the north and back towards the waterhole.

As I reached the edge of the dense, tall grass, I saw a lioness step out and look around her nervously, as was accustomed due to it being her season. There were no other creatures present; she was "alone." But, this was not just any lioness it was Sarabi, my Sarabi, my love and my previous mate! I felt my maleness began to grow then stiffen as I realized it was Sarabi who was the one in heat. I licked my lips as I watched her walk towards the waterhole, my eyes feasting on her gorgeous body. How I had missed her, it must have been a least a week since last I saw her, and seeing her now, especially like this, was like looking at her for the first time. She curiously sniffed the air and instinctively I hunkered back down watching her from a distance and thankfully downwind. She once again grew calm and continued her saunter towards the edge of the water. I was now directly behind her and her perfect rump was a feast for my eyes. As I watched her tail swish provocatively to the left and to the right her scent was becoming even more prevalent as I was only about twenty yards away, but still completely concealed by the grass that matched my fur perfectly.

She stopped at the water's edge and bent down to drink lifting her gorgeous ass towards the sky. Her tail moved towards the left and stayed there which exposed her swollen, red opening. As she bent down further I could see it spread even further apart and this view would be more than any male could bear. I instinctively sucked in my abdominal muscles causing my rock-hard member to burst out into the open. I knew by its stiffness that it was erect as it could ever be. I knew the only way to relieve my throbbing erection was it had to be inside of Sarabi and how I wanted to follow its urgings. Somehow, someway, my mind went back to my nightmare and I began to remember what the beast had told me. I remembered that he did promise that soon Sarabi would once again be mine and perhaps this would be my only chance to re-pledge my love to her. Perhaps the beast meant this was the time it would occur. I decided to trust what he had told me, he seemed so sure of himself, and he did say Sarabi would make me see the light. What I was staring at now, I thought, definitely was brilliant and dazzling, better than any light could ever be. Making the quick choice, I crept out from the grass and approached as stealthily as I could. She did not seem to hear me but kept on lapping up huge mouthfuls of water to quench her thirst. She began to swish her tail this way and that, fanning her intoxicating scents into my nostrils and causing me to tremble with excitement. Yes, she would be mine once again! I suddenly sprang as if to jump, but placed my paws on her shoulders brushing my erection down and then across her rump. Obviously, she stopped drinking instantly and began to shake in fear and tried to turn her head.

"Do not turn around, my love!" I whispered quietly into her ear, "It is only me, your love." She nodded her head and then strangely calmed. Moving her rump up a little higher and the back down again, she started rubbing her fur across my, stiff red member causing me to smile. Following her lead, I slid my paws down her body and across her flanks causing her to twitch with excitement. As I kept staring at her vulva I began to salivate and decided to do something that I would have only dreamt of before. I moved my muzzle down towards it, placing my tongue inside of its folds! As my face covered her entrance I began moving my tongue all over and around the insides of her pussy, tasting her fluids as they began to drip into my open mouth. She began a deep throaty purring as my tongue continued its journey up and down her pussy, tasting her sweet honeyed taste, a taste that was like nothing I had ever tasted before. Wanting more my tongue swept back up to her clit and I swirled my tongue over her clitoris feeling it hardening beneath my coarse touch. As I feasted on her sex, Sarabi began to shudder and gasp violently obviously enjoying what I was doing to her. In complete ecstasy she squeezed her labia between my tongue in spastic clenches, this only adding to her own intense pleasure as she began to breath even more heavier. I knew if I continued my sweet torture it would put her over the edge, but my maleness seemed harder than it had ever been and I could not hold back any longer. Removing my tongue from her now dripping pussy, the sweet taste of her still on my tongue, I replaced my front paws on her shoulders, and then hunkered my body down to meet hers, thrusting forcefully with my maleness into her glistening opening. I found her sex on the first thrust and began to move my maleness in and almost out as she began to purr louder and heavier. The creature from my dreams had told me the truth! This is what I had wanted! This was like a glorious dream come true, how strange it came from a nightmare! I continued my thrusts increasing their length and speed as I felt my climax soon approaching. Sarabi extended her claws and began to claw the ground beneath us as she began a soft, melodious moaning. As I began to feel my climax surge upon me like a river, I moved my paws off from Sarabi's shoulders and onto the ground beside her, forcefully pushing my whole length in all the way to the "hilt." I clenched my teeth together and shuddered violently as I felt my seed explode into her like a flood. Sarabi growled many shrill, scream-like roars as her own climax occurred simultaneously with my own, something that had never happened the many times we had mated before. Allowing the final feelings to wash over me like a cool wave, I closed my eyes in complete contentment, a marvelous grin on my face.

"Mufasa, are you finished or shall we start again?" Sarabi asked.

My eyes sprang open and my mind jolted back to reality at her words. Slowly I slid my member out of her opening and backed up behind her.

"What the hell did you say?" I shouted.

Sarabi instantly froze and began to shake. My heart broke as I could tell she did not want to look behind her.

"Mu... Mufa... Mufasa?" she tried to say.

"No Sarabi, it's me Taka, the one who has always loved you!"

"WHAT!" She roared spinning her head around to look at me. Her jaw dropped like a stone as she saw my face and she began to tremble. Looking down she saw my unsheathed member and then I saw her lips change into an enraged snarl.

You...You... How could you?" She exclaimed.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked, "Sarabi, I love you, I always have and I always will!" Sarabi spun the rest of her body around now I could see the intense rage in her eyes. I backed up, what have I done?

"You wicked demon, you stinking pile of hyena shit, you damned bastard!" She started stalking towards me. "You call what you did love? You fucking raped me!"

"Sarabi, I stammered, "Please, let me explain!" She bared her teeth at my reply,


She raised her right paw suddenly and extended her claws to the sun, the sunlight causing each claw to shimmer and gleam. As if everything was moving as slow as a snail, I saw her paw swing down towards my face and then an explosion of pain hurled me onto my side. Instinctively I placed my paw onto the place where Sarabi had slashed me trying to stop the terrible pain, but could not. Opening my eyes I looked down at my paw and saw it was covered in blood, but then realized I was only looking out of my right eye, I could not even open my left, was it ripped out! I replaced my paw onto my left eye trying to stop the gush of blood but only felt the blood begin to drip down my paw. I turned over and looked back at Sarabi, who still stood snarling over me, but when she saw my face, she sprang back from me in horror.

"Oh the kings of the past, what have I done?" She tried to help me but I screamed at her in a deep, melodic voice, a voice that was not my own.

"Get away from me, you murderous bitch!" How could you do this to me, I loved you!"

"I'm so very sorry! Please let me help you!" I could tell Sarabi was getting very upset as I could see tears beginning to trickle out of her eyes and wetting her fur, but I wanted none of her pity, I hated her now.

"Leave me alone you she-hyena!" I roared. "What more do you want to do to me? You already ripped my left eye out along with my heart!" With that Sarabi burst into tears and tried to speak.


"No!" Don't say a damn thing! Your worthless carcass can be food for buzzards for all I care... I hate you! And I always shall!"

Sarabi looked at me her tears falling to the ground and slowly nodded her head. Still weeping she turned around and walked back towards Pride Rock, disappearing into the dense foliage without looking back. I could feel the blood beginning to stop and I noticed it begin to cease dripping off my paw. I still could not open my left eye but I slowly rose from the ground and walked towards the water, my paw trailing a wake of blood behind me. I feel to my stomach at the water's edge and doused my head into the water washing the blood off my face. For a few seconds I lay there with my head under the water, thinking back to how I had previously jumped into the water to clean my body of the sweat that covered it due to the past night's nightmare... THE NIGHTMARE!

My head burst out from the water and frantically I attempted to open my left eye. With great force and even greater pain I managed to do so realizing that my eye was still where it should be and it would not lose my vision after all. But as the sun broke free of the clouds, it cast its light upon the waters and my reflection began to materialize as the ripples began to cease. I looked into the water, but the reflection caused me to scream to the skies. My eye was unaffected by Sarabi's slash, but I could see from now until the day I died, I would have a long red scar across my left eye. My mind became a swirl of thoughts as I remembered all that was shown to me. I remembered the riddles about Sarabi being the keystone, the one to show me the light. I remembered everything the beast had said... everything the evil monster had said... everything the scarred demon had said... everything the SCAR?

"Nooooooooo!" My scream pierced the heavens and every creature in the Pridelands must have heard my sorrowful cry. It was the cry of a creature's life that had ended and a roar of warning that a new one would take its place... SCAR WAS BORN.