Full Circle
The Journal of Scar Part 3 - The Finale
by Scar II

A tremendous crash of thunder caused me to awaken from my peaceful slumber. My body felt stiff and sore as I strained to open my tired eyes, eyes which did not need anymore sleep, but eyes which had seen too much. They opened slowly, the right one a little quicker than the left, due to the long scar, which had always covered it. Instinctively I always made sure my left eye was still in tact, it had become a habit, an unconscious act, as if something else was controlling it. How I knew the past truths in that thought.

I rose to all fours and stretched my sleek, lionine body as another clap of thunder rolled across the skies. I turned towards the entranceway of my lair in a sudden motion, causing my mane to cascade down my flanks like a black waterfall. It was indeed morning, but I saw no sunlight. It was as if the sun had forgotten to rise and was still asleep somewhere in some forgotten realm. Slowly I plodded outside, following a trail that lead up and around my lair. Where grass had used to grow and where moss had once covered the trail like a blanket, now was nothing more than a muddy path, covered with the bones of many long dead animals scattered here and there. The drizzle began to become a steady rain as I continued my ascent up the path, the rain causing my orange fur to begin to drip onto the ground, the drops of water falling like tears. I swung my drenched mane out of my eyes and looked up at the skies, gazing upon the black clouds that covered the sky, and at the rain which seemed as if it would never cease. It was as if the kings of the past were crying for their home, Pride Rock, a place I had destroyed, my madness and vengeance changing all my good thoughts into wicked ways, and soon all these dark intentions became murky realities. I could feel the tears begin to well up in my eyes as I thought about what I had done to my beloved homeland and how I had dissected the pride. Somehow I held them back. Upon reaching the summit, a long, rock like plateau jetting out from the side of the mountain, I padded towards the edge. I could see my whole domain of my kingdom spread out before me. What a kingdom it was! Once a territory of verdant plains, and lush vegetation, had been transformed into a land of nothingness, an empire of destruction, and a wasteland of death. All that was, is now gone, and all that is would stay that way forever. I looked in all directions, hoping, praying that I might see some form of life beginning to rekindle itself in The Pridelands, but it was the same as it was the day before, and my hopes were crushed. The ground was a pale gray, cracked, broken, and the rain was doing nothing, except saturating the soil, turning the dust and dirt into a swollen mudbog. I saw trees, but without any leaves on their branches. They were silent, gray skeletons, a perfect match to the ground they were placed upon. My gaze fell upon the waterhole, now dry and abandoned. The waterhole, the place where I received my new fitting name and where I began to dream of my insidious thoughts that had created this appalling landscape spread out before me. I saw no other creatures that made up The Great Circle of Life, they had all disappeared and only one remained, and these were far too many, the hyenas. I saw them below me, all crowded together in snoring clumps, their snore-like laughter sounding like a funeral dirge. The rain pelted off their flanks and produced an odor that almost caused me to gag. To a lion there is no smell worse than a wet hyena, but to a hyena it was a sweet perfume a perfect match to rotting carcasses which they preyed upon. Their black/gray fur matched the earth perfectly and the desecration, which they brought with them like a disease, caused all the herds to flee or die. Whether it was the former or the latter that transpired the most, I would never know.

I began to shake my head in sorrow thinking of the very place where I stood and what it used to signify. Where I was standing had used to be where they presented the new lion cub to the whole kingdom, presenting the prince or princess, whether it be male or female, as the next ruler who would one day would rule over all the creatures of the Pridelands. It was a happy, joyous occasion and symbolized a new era in hope and prosperity for all the animals that called the Pridelands their home. Now as I stood on that same plateau, the rain soaking me to the skin, I thought of what this cliff must symbolize to everyone now. A "throne of bones" and a "balcony of evil;" where all wickedness flowed down from it like a river, infecting all it touched and killing all it infected. All life became death, and all joy became sorrow. These sad thoughts of what I had created filled my brain, causing me to once more feel the tears well up in my eyes, but this time I could no longer hold them back. They began to pour out of my eyes and drip onto the ground, synonymous to the rain. I could not stop my intense weeping as I slumped to the ground, now just a broken, worthless creature, which should never have been born.


The rain had at long last ended when I awoke. I must have cried myself to sleep, awakening to the sight of three leering hyenas looking down at me.

"What's ya doing way up here boss?"

"Shut up, ingrate!" I roared as I rose to me feet and walked back towards my lair, trying not to look at my three loathsome assassins, who I had so cunningly used, a month earlier to bring my plans to fruition."Hey, Scar where ya going? We're hungry!"

I plodded away, quickening my pace. They began their infernal laughter, as I escaped from them. I tried to blot out the sound but I knew this was a task that I would never accomplish. I finally padded back into my cave walking with my head low to the ground. I felt terribly depressed and extremely melancholy, lower than I had ever felt before. I rose my head and saw Zazu that damned bird, looking at me from inside his cage. For a second I wondered how he ended up in that state, but then I remembered how I threw him inside a hollowed rib cage of a long dead wildebeest when I had first taken command over the pride. It was one of the many ways I displayed my power over the pride, knowing as long as he remained stuck inside his cage; he would never fly again. One day I would no doubt donate him to the hyenas for their dinner and he knew what I had planned for him. He always shook noticeably when he saw me, thinking this day may be his last. "Good morning, sire!" He proclaimed.

I just glared at him until he got rid of that stupid smile he had on his face, deciding to just stand there in a dejected state, staring at the ground. I walked towards the place where I slept, a shelf-like rock jutting out from the far wall of my cave. Springing up onto it, I lay down on my back and placed my forepaws under my head. My mind traveled back to Pride Rock's destruction and I sighed audibly looking at the stalactites upon the ceiling of my cave. They seemed like the fangs of a great beast, and how I wished they were. Perhaps it would devour me and end my pitiful existence. I cocked my head to the side as I heard a tiny squeak and then as I moved my body I saw a small mouse dart out from the shadows. I extended my claws and swept my paw down towards it in a mere second. A second later I had the mouse dangling by its tail. Reclining back onto my back and placing my left paw back behind my head, I dangled my new friend in front of my eyes, its tail wedged firmly between two of my claws. It tried to wriggle this way and that in an attempt to escape my grasp, but I only stared at it and sighed loudly.

"Trust me, I'm doing you a favor." I tossed the mouse into the air which caused it to scream a terrified squeak, the last sound it ever made. I opened my mouth and it disappeared down my throat in one gulp.

For some reason as I lay there, my mind racing, I began to think of Nala, my sweet, gentle, Nala. She had the voluptuous body of a goddess, to rival any lioness, and the voice of a songbird. I had wanted her to rule beside me as my queen, and wanted to tell her all of this when she was still just a cub, but it seemed whenever I tried to get close to her, Sarafina or Mufasa would always chase me away. That was when I still had nominal control of my mind, but the beast inside kept getting closer and closer as time progressed. This demon, the dark side of my mind, caused me to enter a phase of my past that I could only now just remember, but only a few murky images that created horrible nightmares when I would sleep. When my dark side finally assumed dominance over me I went completely insane. The beast that had haunted me in my nightmares took complete control of my body and my mind. When I came to my senses, I was told what he did to the other lionesses, with my body, and I cringed when Zazu and the hyenas told me what they saw me doing. It took me almost a year to completely rid myself of the demon and eradicate his presence from my mind. But by then the Pridelands had become the way they are today, and by then every time a lioness saw me, she either trembled in fear or ran from me in sheer terror.

I still remember what it was like only two days ago when I finally I returned to my senses and when the demon crept back into the farthest reaches of my mind. I awoke like I had been asleep for years and tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes, but as I did so, I felt a lioness's body moving against mine. I looked over and saw it was Nala! She was now an adult and sleeping feverishly next to me, visually shaking as she slept. I looked over her form and balked at the sheer beauty of it, a sight that I shall never forget. What a way to wake up! Shaking my head, I stumbled out of my cave like a bear that had been drinking too much fermented honey. In a trance like state I padded up the path from my lair and headed towards the plateau. As I walked towards the edge I noticed that the familiar night sounds of birds and crickets were missing, and the ground felt hard and cracked beneath my paws. As I stood there, completely confused, I heard a noise that sounded like a loud snore-like laughter. I began to tremble as I realized it was coming from countless hyenas below me. Suddenly a bright flash of lightning lit up the skies for a brief second, but during that flash I saw what the Pridelands had become. The lightning flashed again as I looked left, again as I looked right, fear and hatred beginning to fill my mind, but then something else entered my mind much worse then my first two emotions, understanding.

"Noooooooooo!" I roared aloud towards the skies in the same frenzied, earsplitting pitch that I roared when I had first seen my scar. All the hyenas awoke below me, and then as the lightning flashed again, I felt as if I was going to get sick as they bowed there heads in respect and fear to me. I bolted in full fear almost mauling hyenas that scrambled to get out of my way. I ran and ran for what seemed like forever, off of Pride Rock and into The Pridelands. The lightning constantly flashed showing me the scenes I had created, but the lightning did not flash when I needed it to. In full fright and devoid of my senses I ran straight into tree and knew no more.


I awoke to a pouring rain, a rain that hasn't stopped since. I was still in a daze like state as I saw what the Pridelands looked like in the daytime. I returned to Pride Rock, walking through the throngs of confused hyenas who all stood as if waiting for me to order them to do something. I passed the lionesses who all ran from me in panic, finally reentering my lair in a depressed, bewildered mood. First, I saw Zazu in his cage, and then I saw Nala standing in front of me with I look of confusion on her face. Realization and understanding managed to creep back into my mind, as I finally understood who I was looking at. My mind traveled back to Sarafina and then to what the beast had shown me when he somehow took me on a journey through my mind. She looked at me and cocked her head to one side, seemingly waiting for me to ask her something. Only then she did something which I would never forget. She turned completely around and then hunkered down to the ground, raising her rump to the air. She reached back under her rump with her left paw and grabbed her tail, slowly moving it towards the side, exposing her magnificent opening. My jaw fell to the floor when I saw her in this stance, the presentation stance, meaning for me to mount her! I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out of their sockets and I just stood there in a daze. She looked back at me with a lewd smile, but then her face twisted into a confused expression when she saw my slack jaw and widespread eyes.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Isn't this what you told me you wanted?" She asked.

My jaw almost hit the ground at her indifferent statement.

"What the hell are you doing!" I roared trying to clear my thoughts.

She still did not move from her stance causing me to say something that I should have never said.

"No, I cannot! I won't! YOU... ARE... MY... BLOOD!"

Now it was her turn for her jaw to drop to the floor.

"What did you say!"

"Nala, you are my daughter... Sarafina and I... I am your father!"

She instantly sprang back to her feet and turned around growling and shaking like a monster, I could see an intense fire in her eyes something I had not seen since...! Suddenly I jumped up onto my back legs and covered my right eye, remembering what happened when I saw Sarabi like this. But Nala did not swing at my face with her claws, as Sarabi did, instead in fierce rage and savage hatred she charged at me with the force of a rhino. Her shoulders hit me full in the stomach and sent me flying backwards, my head hitting the far wall of my lair with enough force to knock me unconscious.

A few hours later I awoke to an empty cave, well except for Zazu. He told me all about what my dark side had done and then my heart sank like a stone when he told me my Nala had run off into the wasteland in full fear of me and what I had said. He continually asked me what I meant, but I said nothing and I guess he concluded I was still as insane as ever. (To this day no one knows, except of course Sarafina, that Nala is, and always was my daughter.) Why I did not run towards the top of Pride Rock and jumped off ending it all when he told me how the beast used my body: Rape, murder, and destruction, I will never know. Perhaps when he told me I never did touch Nala but the night before, he said, the beast had told Nala that the next day he would make her his and it would be futile to fight him, was the only reason. Thank the kings of the past that I came to my senses in time! Still I was too late to prevent all the other things that had occurred during my "absence" and for that I shall never be the same.

As I laid there in my cave thinking these thoughts about the previous two days, I moaned in agony and struck the floor with my paws countless times asking myself why. I roared suddenly,

"Why did these things have to happen? Have I not had enough problems and woes in my life already? Why the hell do these things keep happening to me?"

"Something bothering you sire?" asked Zazu. In a terrible fury I roared, then springing onto the ground from my shelf-like bed, I lunged towards the little hornbill. In rage I ripped the cage off of him and grabbed him in my claws. I squeezed them together meaning to kill him. I was so filled with intense anger that I was drooling all over the floor like a hyena, my eyes spread wide and filled with fires of hate.

"Scar... Stop...Ukkk... Taka... Takaaaaa!" I shook back to my senses and looking down I saw he would be dead in a few seconds, his eyes already beginning to close. I dropped him rather rudely and nudged him with my nose to make sure he was still alive. I saw his little body still taking in air, his chest slowly going up and down. He had fainted in fear of me, but I slowly placed the cage back over him. I had to get out of this place, there were too many memories, but then I felt my dark side once again beginning to creep back into my mind. I heard a wicked laughter coming from behind me, and then I turned around and there he was, covered in those awful scars and that maniacal smile on his face.

"MISS ME?" He asked.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed at him, "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" I ran to the back of my lair and then down a passageway into the lower depths of Pride Rock, never looking back.


Panting I slowed my frenzied flight, and shaking like crazy, I looked back fearing to see the wicked thing right behind me, but there was nothing, nothing at all. I shoved my paws in my face and moved them over my eyes, trying to calm down. I was so scared my teeth were chattering. Slowly I felt my composure begin to return and the fear begin to recede. Once more I looked back and once again there was no one there. I shook my head, was he real or was it just all an illusion created by my tortured mind? I thought back to what Zazu had screamed. He had said a name, Taka. There was a name I had not heard in years. What did it mean, isn't that what they used to call me? The name meant nothing to me now. Taka had died a year ago and now only Scar remained. I thought about my name, what a strange name for a lion, and it wasn't even the one I was given when I was born. What sadistic parent would call their cub after what happens to a wound which does not heal properly? But now it suited me so well. It obviously matched my face perfectly, but now it also matched my psyche as well. I smiled at that thought, even thinking I was beginning to like the name. It had been my name ever since Sarabi gave it to me, and everyone called me it, so why change it now? I decided I was Scar, in every meaning of the word!

I took a second to figure out where I was. I realized I was deep inside of Pride Rock and very near the lair of the lionesses. Straining my ears I could hear two of them chattering in their own cave. As I crept closer I could distinctly make out their accents and voices as Sarafina and Sarabi. I became very curious and intrigued as I realized they were talking about me, hearing my cherished name used over and over.

"Oh the kings of the past, why does this have to happen now, are you sure?" asked Sarafina.

"Yes... yes I am... It is my season." replied Sarabi.

"What are you going to do, does Scar know?"

"I don't think so, yet. But what hasn't he done to me already? He has already raped me more times than I can count, but these urges I am starting to feel is making it harder and harder for me not to tell him."

"You can't be serious, you would let that insane monster mate you?" Asked Sarafina, almost with a tone of disgust.

"What choice will I have? Every day my craving will grow more and more, I have seen not one lone male along the borders, and believe me I have searched everywhere. The herds have moved on, and no male will journey to a place that has been destroyed like our home. No matter how much he desires a female."

"Why has these things happened to us, is it because of our sins, and the kings of the past are punishing us for it?" Exclaimed Sarafina.

"Perhaps, we both did many awful things, but unlike you, I keep being raped by him. You gave yourself to him openly!"

"To tell you the truth Sarabi, I wish he would be raping me and not just you! After all, I always wish it would be him inside of me when I pleasure myself.

I heard Sarabi's roar,

"You are so sex-starved it makes me sick! I have never, as you so nicely put it pleasured myself. You should be damned for all the things you tell me you do to your pussy!"

"Oh please, what are you talking about?" roared back Sarafina, "Your the one who tricked him into saying you loved him, when all you wanted was his cock, and how many times did you let him mate you?"

"That means nothing! Yes I remember all the times we were together, but that was the only thing he was, a piece of meat I only needed during my heat. I was terrified of Mufasa, who else would help stop my urgings? I would and will never do to my sex, what you do to yours. You try and tell me it is the only way to stop your urgings when it is your season? Your disgusting!"

I heard Sarafina beginning to laugh provocatively,

"You better stop Sarabi, I might have to start doing it, right here and now, I'm starting to think about how big he is!" I heard Sarabi begin to roar again, but then start to chuckle to herself,

"I will give you that. His size made Mufasa seem like a cub, and he did know all the right moves that would bring a lioness to heights she never felt before. Oh gods, what am I saying! Mufasa is gone. I will never, ever see him again. He's dead, the only one I ever loved!"

I began to hear Sarabi cry, long, slow sobs, and then more words from Sarafina trying to console her. I was beginning to become furious at their words. The name of Mufasa kept being used and whenever I heard it I would feel intense anger. Then that statement by Sarabi saying she would just use me during her heat. She never really loved me? I used to love her with all my being! I would to do anything for her, until she gave that scar, but now! This thought and all those cruel things they had done to me put me over the edge. Shaking with anger and rage, I could not hide myself in the shadows any longer.

"Good evening ladies, or should I say she-hyenas!" Both of them spun around to face me, their jaws dropping to the floor as they saw me enter the cavern.

"How long have you been there?" stammered Sarafina in total fear.

"Long enough," I replied, "Long enough to finally find some answers to a few questions I have always wondered." I saw Sarabi begin to walk away, trying not to be noticed. I stepped on her tail, causing her to stop and she jerked her head back towards me, but I saw no fear in her eyes, only eternal hate.

"Going somewhere my love?" I sarcastically asked.

"Don't you ever call me that you bastard! Get away from..."

"Shut up, bitch!" I roared. I saw the rage in her eyes beginning to be transformed into fear, and to make it appear more clearly, I twisted my face into a hideous grin, and deeply inhaled the air.

"What are you doing?" asked Sarafina.

"Can you not smell it, Sarafina? It is the sweetest smell in the land." I licked my lips hungrily, and inhaled once again. "Mmmmm, a lioness in heat!"

Sarabi jumped back from me, and then as she looked down, her face became a mask of horror as she saw my maleness erect as I pulled it slowly out of its sheath and pointed at her like an arrow. My anger and my rage could blot out the hormones and the desire, and anyway I was enjoying myself too much. I was finally letting out some of my anger that I had kept buried inside my heart for too long. I turned back towards Sarafina, and saw her jaw drop as she saw what Sarabi had been frightened of. I walked towards her unsheathing my claws then slowly stroking them up and down the length of my shaft, causing her eyes to spread wide. She began to lick her own lips, and I saw her own claws were unsheathed as she began flexing them, I knew what she had planned, but only if she knew the plans I had.

"Like what you see, Sarafina?" I asked, sauntering towards her with slow salacious strides. "Why don't you show me how you, how do you call it, pleasure yourself?" Sarafina covered her mouth with her paw, never expecting me to overhear her say that. Placing my member back in its sheath, I cursed almost on top of her causing her to slump to the ground in fear of me. "You sick bitch! Wait... I have a better word for it" I said as I stroked my chin, as if thinking long and hard.

"Oh, now I remember... Why don't you go fuck yourself!" I swore that one word in complete rage, something I had never said before, but I wasn't finished yet, I still had one last thing to do. I turned back around and refaced Sarabi who began to shake uncontrollably when my gaze fell back on her. I left Sarafina in a dazed state, bordering on total shock. I knew she probably never heard anyone curse in that manner before, but she definitely had it coming to her... the nasty bitch.

"Sarabi! My beautiful, innocent, sweet, loving, gorgeous, perfect, Sarabi." My words sounded like a hiss from a snake.

"Would you like me to help you with your little problem?" She nodded almost in a trance as I had my face right next to hers, but then I said something that I prayed she would never, ever, forget. My mouth right by her ear, I spoke slowly making sure she heard and understood each and every word.

"Suffer with your heat until the only way you can end the intense urgings yourself, is to place your claws so far up your cunt that you cause yourself to orgasm all over them, just make sure you don't get them stuck!" I began laughing like a demon into her ear as I saw her start to quiver; hate beginning to swell through her veins. I grabbed her face with my claws, looking right in her eyes, and then said what I had been waiting to say to her for a long time.

"This season I won't be Mufasa!" I saw her eyes flash and in unbridled rage, she unsheathed her claws, and slashed at my face in all but a second, this time aiming for my right eye, but I was ready. I caught her swinging paw with my own, her force burying my claws deep into her paw, causing her to cry out in pain. She looked into my eyes, with more fear than I could ever imagine. Likewise, looking into mine, she saw more hate and rage than any creature should have.

"NOT THIS TIME!" I roared as I threw her paw to the floor. I began to plod away seeing Sarafina still had that dumbfounded expression on her face and still can't believing what I know about her. Turning back one last time I spoke to both of them.

"Well that was fun." I said shaking myself, letting the rage pass and allowing a smugness to wash over me.

"You two gorgeous bitches have a nice time now, and enjoy each other's company. By the way, remember when you said I destroyed The Pridelands? It was you," I pointed a claw at Sarabi, "And you," I pointed another at Sarafina.

"You both created me. The monster you created due to what you selfish bitches did to me destroyed everything and everyone around you, including dear Mufasa, and little Simba! Let that keep you both up at night... Adieu!"

I swept my head in a low bow and turned to leave, thus ending my grand performance. As I began to leave, I heard Sarabi curse things at me that I never heard before, but these only caused me to laugh loudly. As I walked back up the path to my own cave, I continued my happy laughter drowning out Sarabi's scream-like roars, and Sarafina's pitiful crying.


Walking out of the passageway by another entrance, I gazed at the skies, the rain had not started again but the skies were still gray, still matching all I saw around me. I thought about what had just happened and realized that I now could control my anger and use it to my benefit. I could hold it up inside of me and then lash out at all those who had caused me my pain and my suffering. I was like a living volcano and I grinned at the notion that perhaps I had finally beaten my dark side at its own game. Maybe he had left me, lurking back to whatever place he had come from. He realized I was now dominating him; there was nothing more he could do to me or to the things I loved. Of course, now the latter was a very small portion, but I was included in that, and as long as I was happy, what else mattered? Now that the demon had departed, perhaps I could make amends and atone for what he did. I could start again, after all I was king and a king is supposed to rule wisely and justly, but where could I begin? My happy thoughts vanished as I saw a hyena bounding up to me.

"Hey boss, all of us been talking. We been uh, wondering why ya haven't been, ya old self recently, and why ya haven't given us any food. I mean we helped ya kill ya enemies, we want our share of the spoils!"

"Have I not given you enough, my friend?" I asked in a melodious, friendly tone.

"Well, uh... No," the hyena said simply.

"No? What a shame, I am so very sorry, but think about this. Remember when you all were so hungry, in more ways then one, and I let sweet, little Naomi, fulfill all your hungers and desires?"

Uh, um, ah yea, right, she was great... Wait a second, she's dead, we raped and killed her!"

"Whatever, listen you simple creature I can tell you how to end all your hungers again."

"Really, wow!" The dumb thing began drooling onto the ground before us and began to laugh stupidly, I looked away, trying to control my temper and continued.

"There is a plump, juicy, bird probably still unconscious in my lair, and as an added bonus, or should I say, dessert," I moved close whispering in his ear, "Sarabi is in heat."

"All right! That sounds really, really tasty. Uh, both things, he, he, he, he, thanks kinglion you are da master to me."

"Charmed. Whatever have a good time... Wait!" He looked back at me. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." I winked at him as he grinned back at me, happily trotting towards the entrance of my lair. My grin instantly changed into a fierce snarl as I made up my mind how to begin my atonement. The path towards the entrance of my lair was along a narrow ledge and it was quite a ways down to the earth below. Any poor creature would fall to his death if he carelessly slipped off... or if he had a little help. I caught up to him stealthily, he didn't even know I was behind him until I tapped on his shoulder with my right claw. Turning around he smiled again as he saw me.

"I forgot to tell you something!" In all but a second, I swung at his face with the back of my paw striking him full on the face, causing him to fall back onto his hindlegs and wobble off balance. Finishing my attack, I kicked him hard in his stomach with my left leg, watching him fall over the edge, but somehow he caught himself with his front claws and hung onto the side, yelping pitifully. (I've seen this somewhere before.) In a flash I feel to my stomach and unsheathed my claws stabbing them into his paws, causing him to scream in pain. He opened his eyes and saw me staring at him with a content sneer on my face.

"I've changed my mind!" I pushed my claws in even deeper and then tore them out, blood flying into my face, while the hyena lost his grip and feel yelping to the jagged rocks below. I heard the musical sound of bone breaking on rocks ending his screams forever. I rose to my feet and strode towards the edge, seeing the gruesome scene below me.

"Sorry about that, but think of it this way, at least you will be feeding your friends!"

With a satisfied grin on my face I sauntered down the path away from Pride Rock and into The Pridelands. I passed the throngs of hyenas who all looked at me with vacant expressions of their faces as they wondered why my mane was covered in blood. I looked back, a vainglorious leer on my face.

"Found some dinner for you, why don't you all take a look near the rocks below my lair? I think you'll be surprised." Turning from them I left Pride Rock and began my journey into The Pridelands.


I had journeyed for a day, a night, and well into the next day. I was looking for something, someone, or some sign of life, but all I saw were countless skeletons of trees, as well as the myriad bones of animals. There was only the occasional hyena or a jackal, and various flocks of buzzards that circled over me wishing that I would become a feast for them. All around me was death and destruction, and I kept shaking my head in sorrow, never realizing how far my rage and hatred had spread and the oblivion it had caused. I had left Pride Rock and now was very close to the borders of the Pridelands. I had told no one that I had planned to leave, a choice I made when I came to my senses and saw what I, no my dark side, had done. As far as I knew, Pride Rock was probably crumbling by now, and the hyenas were running amok. Perhaps one day the entire mountain would collapse, killing all those who had wronged me, and conveniently purifying the kingdom of those stinking, loathsome, hyenas. I could only dream, it was the only dream I had left. Well, and the dream that all of my past ambitions had NOT come true.

I had reached a high cliff and I looked back at my kingdom, perhaps for the last time. Suddenly, the sun broke free of the clouds for the first time in the three days, and it cast its light upon my fur causing it to shimmer and glisten. My mane, the blackest of black, but still spattered with red, gleamed radiantly in the sun's glow. I roared three times, my mighty voice piercing the previous stillness as I said adieu to my past then I turned away to begin my new life and without a doubt, a better one.

I gazed out into the wasteland, the sun shining down upon it as if lighting a path for me. The wasteland was not much better off than the Pride Lands, but at least the earth was a pale gold instead of a sick gray. I saw briars and thorny weeds blocking my path and my heart sank as I realized I could go no further. Undaunted I followed the path back around the cliff and then I saw something illuminated by the sun that I hadn't seen before. There was a crack in the side of the cliff, just big enough for a lion to squeeze through, although it did take some time and was quite painful. Somehow I managed to force my way through and found myself in cold dark cavern. I could barely see, but as my thoughts could be translated as,

"What the hell." I decided to follow my other senses instead of my eyes, stumbling off into the darkness. After a considerable time groping through the mountain in this manner I could distinctly hear something. I had trekked for quite a while becoming covered with many bumps and bruises all over my body, as I kept bumping my head on low hanging ceilings and as accursed rocks kept stubbing my paws. In the distance I could hear the sound of water, and my hopes were lifted as I crept closer and closer, the sound beginning to grow louder. I could soon make out the rushing water sound to be a mighty river, as I heard its roar over the stones and swishing against the walls. Trying to grope faster, due to thirst and curiosity, I soon realized that I was not the only creature in this cave. I suddenly heard the shrieks and cries of hundreds of bats as I ran into to them unknowingly, and in agitation and wrath they flew in my face and body. Their tiny bodies kept ramming into my flanks and as I tried to bat them away, I lost my balance and fell head over paws down the path and into the deep rushing water. With a gasp and then a scream-like roar of fear, I felt the surging water rush all around me threatening to pull me under. I could not see nor grab onto anything, my claws scraping of the slick walls and not even touching the bottom. It couldn't end like this could it, swallowed up in complete darkness, not even knowing where I was? Would the lionesses wonder what happened to me, would they even care? What about the hyenas, with their king gone, what would they do... as a matter a fact what were they doing right now? The river kept carrying me along with blistering speed and intense force, causing me to grow dizzy and disoriented, and then I realized I would not be able to keep my head above water much longer. Guessing that the sun had finally set on my time, I roared one last time, but it was a loud, strong one, and as the water pulled me under, I had a smile on my face. As I slipped into unconsciousness, my last thought was that my life was finally over; at last I would have peace.


The sweet sounds of birds caused me to awaken me from the silent void but as I slowly rose my head, I felt water drip off my mane and down my whiskers. Wait a second, the sweet sounds of birds! Instantly my eyes sprang open, and I saw myself in a jungle filled with life! I jumped to my feet and shook violently; shaking off the excess water and making sure this wasn't a dream. Looking around frantically and in complete awe, I saw tall trees creating a canopy above my head, and lush, green grass under my paws. I saw countless birds of colors and shapes I had never seen before as they flew past and around me. Lush plants and verdant vegetation that I could also not identify grew all around in every place I looked. I stretched my legs and a great grin spread across my face as I inhaled deeply, strange scents and exotic smells filling my nostrils. I was soon dancing and laughing in a happy frenzy as I finally found the thing I was searching for. I was in a place untouched by my existence and contrary from all I knew. I was in a place that was alive and beautiful, I was at long last home! Somehow I had survived and awoke in paradise! I ran, sang, laughed, and danced merrily, getting odd and queer looks from the birds I passed by. These actions of joy, I had always wanted to do, but never could in that hell I had called my home. Turning around I dashed back the way I came, feeling the soft grass cushion my paws, and the leaves of trees cascade over my back like a cool breeze. I returned to the place, I think I woke up at, and guessed that I was pretty close as I saw the river now calm and shallow a ways off. I ran back to the water's edge and looked at my reflection, the sun just bright enough to shine upon the water, and then I saw something that I had never seen before, my face actually had a grin on it. Not a sadistic, false one, I was a master at that, but one of joy, satisfaction, and rapture. I was actually, and at long last, completely happy and absolutely content. My intense joy caused me to jump back into the river and splash around playfully like a cub, my mind telling me I must be on the brink of insanity, a full-grown adult acting this way, but I could care the less. I crawled back out, shaking once again, my fur springing out like a puffball, but I massaged my paws through my mane and my fur, pushing my fur down to its normal position. As I groomed myself luxuriously I realized that all of my anger and hatred were now gone. The beast lurking in the shadows, really was just an illusion created by my tortured mind and past atrocities, I was at last free! I began laughing and dancing again, but then suddenly I froze as I heard a female voice giggle behind me. My fur stood on end and I dared not tun around, but this only caused her to giggle louder. I spun around and saw nothing, only thick brush and vines, but then, right in front off me, I saw two magnificent golden eyes open and stare at me from underneath the brush. They watched me watching them and every time I moved, they moved with me.

"Hello their, my handsome one." It was a voice like a songbird filled with intelligence and curiosity, a voice I that could only come from one type a creature, a lion! No, make that a lioness, as I saw her saunter out from underneath the vines, gazing on me with those beautiful eyes. And how my eyes gazed on her! She was the lioness of my dreams! She was about my size but covered in corded muscles, and her fur was an exotic gold, matching her eyes perfectly. Her feminine assets were remarkable and as my eyes looked up and down her flanks her voluptuous body took my breath away. Then as they feel on that perfectly curved, gorgeous rump... Wow! Then she did something that told me I had to be dreaming. She walked right up to me, without fear or apprehension, and nuzzled her head against and then under mine. Her tongue shot out of her muzzle and she began licking me passionately on the cheek, then resuming her caresses, purring quietly. In matched rhythm with her I moved my own head along hers and we stood there caressing each other's muzzles, as only lions can. I felt as if I would die from the waves of pleasure that were coursing through my veins. If this all was a dream, I prayed that I would never wake up! She then answered that question for me, roughly pushing my head away from her with her paw, then lightly kicking me, but with enough force to plunge me back into the river. I swam back up towards the bank, my fur and mane completely soaked again, but I didn't care as it proved to me I was not dreaming, as I saw her still standing there, giggling again like a cub. She swung her head towards the brush and then turned from me, sauntering back towards where she emerged from, swinging her tail as if in a gesture to follow. The way she walked, swishing her posterior this way and that and how her tail moved provocatively to the left and right, I needed no second urging, and springing from the water, I bounded after her into the brush.


I caught up to the lionine goddess and we were soon walking side by side. She began staring at me with a sideways glance and I tried to look away as I soon noticed what she was looking at.

"Tell me, how did this happen to you?" She touched my scar with her claw and traced its line with sad pity.

"I'd rather not." I said, hanging my head low to the ground. "It is an awful tale, and I really don't want to think of it again. It all about my past and I have buried my past behind me."

"Please, tell me, it will make you feel better." I looked back at her and saw a smile on her lips.

"Very well, but remember, I warned you." We stopped under the shade of a giant tree and she reclined in front of me, as I sat on a high stone. I told her everything, from when I was born, my decades of denial growing up in a pride that could care the less about me, my love and lost with the lionesses, and how I was born again with my scar. I continued on telling her about my dark side, and what it accomplished. She covered her mouth with her paws as I explained how it killed my brother and how it had the hyenas slay my nephew. She looked even more upset when I told her about how the lionesses and the rest of the pride had used me, and how my brother and father had never shown me any love or compassion, the love every individual deserves but a love I never had. I ended my tale, just as the sun was beginning to set, telling her about what I had said to Sarabi and Sarafina, which caused her to giggle once more, and onto my exodus from the Pridelands, and up to the part when I met her. When I finished, she looked at me for a long time, and I began to feel nervous and uncertain, not sure how she was going to take it. Without any words she gave me the answer that I was hoping for, as she nuzzled my face with her soft fur and licked my face with her delicate tongue. I closed my eyes and moved my head over hers, as we just stood there feeling each other's closeness.

"I am so sorry, the things you tell me are terrible, and no matter how you sought revenge against them, it was all justified, no one should have had to endure the trials and tribulations that you had to contend with." She spoke with great pity and sorrow and I could see she was on the verge of shedding tears.

I licked her face with my tongue,

"That's all in the past, I have now found someone who truly understands me, and now I know I am finally home!" She looked back up at me and our eyes locked in something that could only be defined as love.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

"That depends on what kind of hunger you are referring to." I said as I gazed at her gorgeous rump. She knocked her head against me playfully, laughing at my response.

"I meant for food, silly," she replied. "I'll satisfy the latter later, and many times after that!" My eyes spread wide at her statement, and she grinned when she saw my face and then dashed away from me.

"What will we be having, all I ever eat are rats and mice," I said as I ran after her.

"Oh much better than that, just you wait." We ran after each other like cubs and with each otherís help brought down a plump antelope. She allowed me to eat first, and I savored the taste of the rich red meat as it set my taste buds aflame. I had hardly ever tasted real meat before, and I knew I would never go back to mice again. I then watched her as she feasted on the carcass herself, and we each kept smiling through the entire feast, as we couldn't stop looking at each other. When we had finished our meal, she came up to me and licked my muzzle clean, then I did the same to hers. We walked side by side, only briefly noticing a warthog and a meerkat walking away in the opposite direction, not even noticing us, both chattering to each other like idiots.

"Care for some dessert I asked?"

"Please!" she said, "I could pick my teeth with that skinny rat thing, and I prefer my food to smell a lot better as she pointed to the warthog. I inhaled deeply and almost lost my dinner as my nose realized painfully what she meant.

We both walked back into our jungle, and I began to notice that the stars were coming out, and there was a full moon above our heads, casting its pale white light around us. We reentered the foliage and returned to the place where I had told her my tale.

"What about your life?" I asked, "How did you end up in this jungle?" At my question, she looked down at the ground,

"I... I don't want to talk about it."

"Now wait just a minute, I told you my tale." She nodded her head,

"Let's just say it's almost identical to your own, but my scars are on the inside of me; about the same as the cause of the one on the outside on you. I was searching for someone, to be my love, and now I know I found him!" She looked up at me, and I could see fires of passion in her eyes, and I nuzzled my head against her own in a warm, tender embrace. She did not do the same to me, and I looked back down at her confused. Instead she took my head in her paws and rammed my lips up against her own in a passionate kiss. She then opened her mouth, pushing her tongue against my lips. Opening my own mouth I felt her tongue inside of it, and as our tongues swirled and danced, I noticed I was starting to become stiff down below, obviously enjoying this new sensation and the pleasure it caused. As we continued our passionate kissing, for quite awhile, her paws began to move all over my body and then down my flanks. I did the same to her, moving mine over her body, but concentrated on her rump, squeezing her buttocks with my claws, and then massaging, and then squeezing them some more. Suddenly, she broke our kiss, and then gasped deeply as my claws moved, by accident, over her sex, but then, looking down, I noticed my claws were glistening and the fur on my paws was a little damp. I stared at her,

"Are you sure this is right?" I inhaled and smelled nothing indicating it wasn't her heat. "It is not even your season!"

"Tell me if this feels right," she replied. She grabbed my left paw with her right claws and moved my paw down and over her pussy, causing her to purr loudly. I felt the warm wetness on her vulva and wanting to feel more I slid one claw into its folds, causing her to moan loudly. I began to circle it around and around, feeling a few drops of moisture begin to drip onto my paw. Suddenly she grabbed my right paw with her left paw, the one that previously had its claws inside of her, and then moved its glistening claws up towards her mouth. Opening her mouth she began to lick, and then suck on my claws, tasting her own juices that were dripping off of them. That caused my member to spring out of its sheath, and poke against her flanks. She licked her lips and looked down, gasping at the size of it.

"Oh gods, that is longer and wider than any I have ever seen, let me get a better look at this!"

She pushed me over and I fell softly on the ground, deciding to allow her to do whatever she pleased. She seemed well suited to the task and definitely knew what she was doing. I smirked as I thought, Sarafina eat your heart out. I backed up a little onto a large rock and put my paws behind my head. Glancing down I knew what she had planned. She looked up and smiled at me, knowing what I hoped she was going to do. She placed my cock in her paws and began to massage it up and down as we both watched it grow harder and broader. As I began to breath heavier, she stuck out her tongue and ran its smooth softness up and down the length of my maleness, causing me to moan in pleasure. She pulled up on her paws and raised my penis to the air and licked its underside, right below the base of its tip, causing me to gasp loudly, how I loved that spot. I could feel my cock begin to throb, and I new my first climax was on its way, she must have realized this too as she said something which only caused me to smile wider.

"Hold it back as long as you can my love, I haven't even started yet!" As she said this she opened her mouth and placed the tip of my cock into her jaws, the she ran its tip along her fangs, the pain was minimal but the pleasure was maddening. She grabbed my member with her paws and then began to stuff inch by inch into her mouth, finally swallowing the whole thing! I stared in awe as I watched her swallow my whole maleness; it was something every past lioness I was with could never do, not even Sarafina! She began moving her head to the left and to the right, her lips staying still, but I could feel the back of her throat move up and down the tip of my cock. Whenever she swallowed, I felt her tongue curl all over its length, and the back of her throat would rub it forcefully. I noticed she was starting to have a hard time breathing, so she moved her head back up allowing most of my length to reappear, but now it was covered in saliva. She began sucking it soft and then hard, moving her head up and down like she was nodding like a maniac. I couldn't hold back any longer, it is amazing that I held back as long as I did. I growled mightily and then I felt my cock jump, spurting five wads of seed into her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed, every last drop but allowing the last stream to cover he face and whiskers. She looked up at me, her face dripping with seed and grinned in a salacious manner. Then she began licking off all of the seed on her face and then cleaning all of it off my cock, additionally causing it to stiffen once more in the process. I wanted her so badly that I almost jumped to my feet, but she shook her head,

"Stay exactly where you are, allow me to come to you."

I decided to obey her and then what a reward I got for making that decision. She rose to her feet and walked over my body. I watched her head move over mine, then her stomach, but then she stopped as she almost made it over me. The view I now had was extraordinary; no lioness was this smart! Her whole pussy was right next to my muzzle, and as I watched her move her tail out of the way, she sat down on my face, its hot wetness covering my muzzle.

"Enjoy your meal, my love!" She explained. I needed no second urging. My coarse tongue shot out of my muzzle and it swept it over the entire region of her pussy, tasting all she had to offer. Her sweetens made the taste buds on my tongue sing, and it was tastier than the rich red meat I had for dinner. I ran my tongue all the way from her clitoris to her anus and then back up again, continuing this journey as she began to writhe and moan above me, only adding to her pleasure when she began rubbing her sex over my muzzle in the process. If only I could see her face. She must have the power to read minds as well, as she moved a little ways back, so I could see her face smiling down at me. She moved her own claws down towards her sex and then spread its lips even wider for me, so I could savor even more of her pussy. Moving my tongue up to her clitoris I began to suck and nibble on it slowly then began to increase its speed, as it engorged from my touch. I saw her close her eyes and then begin to buck her hips as she began moving her sex even faster over my muzzle and my tongue, mating my face. She was awesome, as her heavy breathing began to increase, as she did something that would stay with me for the rest of my life. She placed one of her own claws deep into her pussy and it battled my tongue as each of us was trying to feel as much as her sex as possible. She pulled it back out, for a second but then replaced inside next to my tongue, then pulled it out again. I was so busy at my task that I didn't even realize what she was doing. Stopping my intense licking I watched her do to herself what she had been doing. Every time she pulled her claw back out she licked off her juices and then went back in to gather more. Meanwhile she was sucking her other claws on her right paw in a passion, induced frenzy. I realized she was feasting on herself, and then my caresses intensified as tongue and brain were driven mad by her display. She sucked on her claws forcefully as I devoured her sex, and then I felt her pussy begin to pulsate. In intense pleasure she screamed to the skies, climaxing all over my face violently, her fluids dripping into my mouth and down my muzzle; it had to be the most powerful orgasm I ever saw a lioness have. What a mate!

We were not through yet though, we had only just begun. She slide off of me, and I rose to my feet, as we met again face to face licking our muzzles clean, tasting each others orgasmic fluids as we were gripped in intense passion. The grass and brush behind of us should have been set aflame, so hot was our want and passion for one another, but it was going to get even hotter, for it was time for me to make her mine! She looked at me and smiled,

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Fuck yes!" I replied, "Oh, sorry about the pun... Let's begin." She smiled at me then turned completely around, and then hunkered low to the ground, raising her marvelous ass towards the sky, her opening already spread wide and glistening in the moonlight. I gasped at the sight of this, the moment I had patiently been waiting for. She turned her head with a sensuous smile on her lips,

"My love and my mate, MAKE ME YOURS!"

"Whatever, you ask... my love!" I answered. Then driving my cock into her pussy I found her sex on the first thrust, then penetrated deep inside her. I began to move my cock in and almost out slowly, but already feeling my second climax on the brink as the hot insides of her cunt began squeezing hard against it, I couldn't hold back. With that sad thought I exploded into to her, she was so perfect, there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"Keep going," she screamed, "You need this and I want you so badly, I know you are not through yet, so don't stop now!"

I roared in response and began ramming her extremely hard once more the lubricants of my seed and her wetness caused my cock to slide in and almost out easily. My thoughts were ones of sheer pleasure and need, but then I thought of something that I had not even realized. She was allowing me to mate her when it wasn't even her season! She was doing this out of pure want, not selfish need. This was solely her decision, not like the need only I could give to Sarabi and Sarafina. She truly loved me! With a mighty roar and a great grin, I began to thrust even quicker and harder, my sack slamming against her. She began to knead and claw the ground around us as sweat was flying off our bodies; her frenzied purring was deafening.

"Harder, give it to me harder... Yeeeeeeeeeeees!" She screamed as I answered her pleas, moving so fast that I could think of nothing except to pleasure her, all my gloomy thoughts of my past were eradicated, and only my love beneath me was all that mattered. I felt her labia squeeze my cock and then to increase her pleasure to its limit, I ran my claws down her ass, as I heard her scream a shrill-like roar as her climax happened once more, her pussy shaking against my member. Now concentrating only on my own pleasure, I began mating her so terribly hard that my muscles were beginning to throb in pain, but that all soon disappeared as my third and most powerful climax to date shook me like an earthquake. Throwing my head back, I roared to the skies louder and mightier than I ever had with Sarafina or Sarabi. I moaned and roared again and again, as I pumped my mate full of seed, pushing in all the way to the "hilt," and grabbing the back of her neck with my teeth. Her own scream-like roars were synonymous to my own, as she had her third climax, deep in the throes of mine. As both our final climaxes slowly subsided, and we began to gather our thoughts, we both just remained there in perfect union. The best word, I could find for our mating could only be one, completion! As both our minds gradually came back to reality, she looked back at me; then licked my face with her tongue. I responded with a lick of my own, but then grabbed her muzzle with my paws, kissing her once again mightily, each of us completely happy and in absolute love with one another. I had finally found my place in The Great Circle of Life, and with my mate, I would never be more content!

"You never told me your name." I asked, as I looked into her sparkling, golden eyes. She smiled,

"It is Zira," she answered, "And yours?"

"They call me... Scar," I replied.

"What an absolutely, perfect name!" she replied, and our muzzles met again in a long slow kiss.


I stayed with Zira for quite awhile. We talked, made love, and did everything that two creatures who are in love do together. There wasn't a second that we were apart, we were always together. When her season did approach we mated almost every hour until her season ended. Each time was so amazing and so marvelous that I could not even begin to try and place it in mere words, but the different techniques and positions we tried are so numerous that I could fill a whole book. It was about a month later when I noticed her belly was beginning to grow and we kissed passionately when she told me the great news. I would finally have a cub of my own. I would raise and teach everything to my child that I never had taught to me, and what a lion he or she would become!

One day I told Zira that I had to go back to Pride Rock, and tell them that I am no longer their king, in front of all the lionesses and all of the hyenas. She started to cry and kept asking me why would I leave her, our cub would soon be born. I assured her that I would return, no matter what, and nuzzled her cheek when I said this. I told her I had to sever all ties with my past before I could start a new life with her and our cub. After some time, she reluctantly agreed but made me promise to return very soon. I promised her nothing would keep me from coming back to her. She walked with me towards the edge of the jungle and showed me the path to take back up the mountain and through the wasteland. I knew the Pridelands would be on the other side. I licked her passionately on the cheek and nuzzled my head under hers and she did the same to me. If she wasn't with child I would have mated her right then and there, and looking into her eyes I knew she was thinking the same. She kissed one of her claws and then touched my scar, then touched her lips, and finally touched mine. It was something symbolic and literal, at the exact same time, which she would often do that told me how much she loved me, more than any words could. I nuzzled her once more and then began walking away from her, waving adieu with my left paw. Then I ran towards the mountain, wanting to end this as soon as possible.


I trekked over the mountain, crossed the wasteland, and was soon at the border of the Pride Lands, my kingdom, which still hadn't changed, as a matter of fact it looked a lot worse. I ran towards Pride Rock through throngs of hyenas, who snarled at me, angry with me that I have left them to starve and without a leader. I reached the summit of Pride Rock and then crept back inside my lair, seeing Zazu still alive but being tormented by the three hyenas who led the packs, and the three who were also my assassins: Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.

"Boss, your back!" yelled Banzai.

"Where the hell have you been?" asked Shenzi.

"Uh, Hee Hee, Ha, Ha, Hee, Uh, Hee." exclaimed Ed. (Well what did you expect him to say?)

"Ah my friends, how have you been?" I said slowly, trying not to grin.

"You OK?" asked Shenzi, "You sound... different."

"How have we been? We been damned near starving, you stinking, stupid lion!" screamed Banzai, but then covered his mouth, not meaning to say that.

"What did you say?" I growled, barring my teeth.

"Uh nothing, nothing. Did you say anything Shenzi?" stammered Banzai.

"What, no, no! Why would I be mad, we all adore you Scar, were just... hungry!"

"That's more like it!" I roared. "Now, I have a job for you, gather all the hyenas and all the lionesses together, so I can speak with all of them. It is time for me to tell you all where I been, and what plans I have for Pride Rock."

"Uh, OK... but how about some food first?" asked Banzai.

"Get out!" I roared and they scampered away. I turned around and saw Zazu staring at me, with a strange expression on his face.

"What the hell are you staring at?" I roared. He looked me with a knowing expression on his face, as he could probably tell, how well fed I was, and how my fur and mane were so clean and groomed.

"Where have you really been sire, and with who may I ask?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." I answered. "But I'll tell you this, I loved every second of it, and I can't wait to get back!"


The sky was dark and menacing as it looked like a storm would soon approach, as I stood in the doorway of my lair, looking over this journal which I have recorded all that has happened to me. I began to wonder if any one would like to read it. I began sifting through the pages and it is remarkable how I have grown and changed throughout the years. Yes, there were many hardships, too many, but in the end I found my true love, and my true mate. I finally understood what Rafiki was trying to teach me. The Great Circle of Life is just that, a continuous cycle that spins constantly, and my life, has come full circle as well. Soon I planned to walk out from my cave and announce to all that would be there, that my old life had ended so my new one with Zira and my cub would begin. I sighed, how I wished I was with my love right now, she has already probably given birth, and I wondered if it was a male or female. How neat if it will be, if I find a male when I return. I would raise him to be the best lion ever, and be all that I had wanted to be, but couldn't. Nevertheless deep down inside, I knew I was every inch what Mufasa was, and from what Zira had always told me, a true king in every meaning of the word! It took great courage from me to break away from my past, and break the mold that we all are surrounded in, but in the end I have become known to all. Notorious, perhaps, but this journal will prove what type of creature I really was and maybe there will be those who say that I was not notorious, but famous. When I return to Zira, I will make sure that all will know the name of Scar, but it will be one of love, respect, and honor!

I sighed loudly as I saw the hyenas and lionesses beginning to assemble, and then I closed my journal hiding it underneath my shelf-like bed, deep beneath a pile of bones. I would definitely return for it and take it back to my pride. How I would love to see what Zira thought of it, especially when she reads the parts about us. I think I explained every moment and every detail perfectly, not leaving out anything. I smiled as I heaped bones over it and then shook myself, getting ready for what I was about to proclaim. Slowly I walked out of my cave and then towards the summit, seeing all the hyenas, beneath me, as well as all the lionesses. I smiled as I new what a great life I will soon have with Zira and my pride. We will produce so many cubs that it will far surpass the pride of Mufasa. I grinned to the skies and touched my scar, knowing it meant so much, but so many never knew the real story. Oh what does it matter! The only two that it matters to are me and my love Zira, but perhaps through my journal it will be known by all. I roared to the skies one single name, and began my proclamation as a mighty clap of thunder split the skies,


(Scar's life ends here. He was cut down and overthrown by Simba who was consumed with rage and hatred, if only Scar had returned one day earlier... Well you know the rest of story and the rest is history. This may not be the Scar the Disney portrays, but I believe deep in my heart this is how he really was, a true noble creature in every meaning of the word. A tragic hero if you will. With the sequel soon to be here, I decided to write this story when I read the plot line of Simba's Pride, in an attempt to explain how Scar's pride was created. By the way, one final note. Yes sadly, and I hate to write this, Scar is dead, but perhaps this story will cause Scar to be remembered for what he truly was, and may his memory live forever! Until the sequel... Adieu.)