Schachau’s night
by RedCat

His brother Rorch had recovered fast if one considers that he, despite the spoils of last night's hunt, still languished in a fever. In the morning, Schachau had successfully caught another antelope foal, which he didn't have to share with any hyena this time. Rorch had devoured it greedily and then had slept the whole day. Now, Schachau sat in the dry golden grass, at the edge of the small plateau and looked into the valley. The sun already threw a blood-red light, it would fall from the sky like a stone after it touched the horizon. Embroiled in their dominance games, the zebra stallions in the valley failed to notice the lions stalking them. The proud, arrogant winner trotted straight into the waiting claws of the lurking pack.

Schachau's brother Nargomm was dead. His mother was dead. For each and every day since then, he and Rorch had been alone. Schachau felt guilty. He should have been better at the hunt. His brother Nargomm had starved, and Rorch had only survived by a hair's breadth. He had sworn to protect the two of them, when his Mother was dieing from an illness. Schachau had failed. Some day, he himself might starve and he feared it, but it seemed the fate of most adult cheetahs. He would cease to be capable, of drowning the biting hunger in his stomach with blood. He had seen how his brother Nargomm collapsed, slowly fainted and died. When they were young the chances to be killed by lions or hyenas had been quite high. Now, there were fewer ways to die. Starvation was the most likely. A sprained paw or any an important muscle hurt and his last hope would be his brother to provide him with food until he would recover. Finally the hunted would triumph. They would make it... to strike themselves…from the menu... at the wrong moment.

A tender breeze carried over a scent from the valley which immediately demanded Schachau’s undivided attention. Although Schachau had never sensed this strange scent, it immediately awakened a desire deep inside of him. It was a desire he was wholly unfamiliar with, sudden burning curiosity compelled to follow this scent. He quickly looked to check that Rorch was safe and then ran in an urgent trot down the hill and into the valley. The scent became more and more intense, until the cheetah couldn’t sense anything else. He stopped in order to listen, when he heard the hoarse, impassioned screams. Schachau found cold shivers running down his spine. It was not an unpleasant feeling. The night closed in around him and his view became monochromatic as he ran further. Grey gleamed the naked wood of an old fallen tree. In its vicinity the grass had been burned down to the ground. Lightning had struck the tree and it was and it was a miracle that the fire hadn’t spread further. The smell blew over from the other side of the fallen giant. The mild instinct which had brought him here had turned into an unstoppable urge, which blurred every clear thought in Schachau’s mind. Another entreating cry made him fly like an arrow from the bow. He landed in a cloud of dust, only metres from his destination. A female lay stretched in front of him. So far, Schachau had not known what it was he'd sought. With ears back and teeth bared, she hissed at him with feline fury. A storm of fire and ice burst from his neck and raced along his back and stomach. He trembled feverishly as the feelings rejoined and intensified under his tail. With a leap, Schachau pounced on his desire, sensed the pricking from her claws as she dug them into him. It only served to make him even more aroused. Already, he tasted her fur between his teeth. She froze. He penetrated her crudely. The world became blurred before his eyes. The female's heat permeated him, each of her muscles tightened and her sweet fluids leaked and dripped along his sheath and off his balls. Slowly and hesitant, he began to move inside of her, but as he felt her tightness rub backwards along the spines at the top of his cock, he lost control over his muscles, causing him to thrust faster. Schachau closed his eyes as waves of pain and pleasure pulsed through his veins. He tasted her between his teeth, smelled her bewitching scent, heard her roaring growing louder and sensed the throbbing in his nuts. There was something he felt closer to with each thrust, it compelled him to withdraw his cock and then sink it in again as deeply as possible. She roared as loud as she could. When she came, her muscles clenched and began to ripple fiercely along Schachau's cock, as if eagerly trying to milk every drop from it. He pushed into her as far as he could. From deep in his loins it started, a tight ball of fire that spread into his balls, then his cock. The cheetah arched his back and couldn’t help himself as he hurriedly squirted his precious fluid into her. With a snarl, she broke free and spun away from him. Schachau retreated to the fallen tree and begun washing himself. His fresh seed tasted a little bitter, but wasn’t sharp like the taste of the blood dripping from his clawed stomach.

"What is your name, small one?” the female asked after a while in a surprising deep voice. Schachau finished his cleaning and looked up. She was rolling from one side to the other in the afterglow. He had hardly looked at her before, only sensed her scent, which slowly began to regain power over him. "Schachau." he answered. She stopped rolling, looked at him suspiciously and asked: “Did you banish the old Karlio?” Schachau hesitated. He remembered, he and his brothers had moved with the herd for three days… starving. He was lost and still had no idea of the lands around here, but they were certainly in a foreign one. "No." he admitted. She examined him. “You are very young. He could easily kill you. “She stated and started licking the traces of their encounter out of her fur. “I’d rather vanish, if I was you. I‘m betting my fangs, that he’ll be here any moment." That sounded reasonable. Schachau would survive his adventure and as soon as Rorch became healthy again, they could return and find out how old Karlio really was and whom the land belonged to. The land with all the females in it. Unfortunately a new urge in him, more powerful than any considerations, demanded satisfaction now. "I’m not leaving you now." he decided. She took his stupidity diplomatically. “How brave you are. Such a pity, as you were such an enthusiastic lover. I wonder if my cubs will carry your scent…” she whispered while continuing to roll provocatively at the ground. Not wasting time, Schachau approached again. This time, it would be a little slower, longer and perhaps she wouldn’t even scratch him, he thought. She already offered her treasures to his gazes, seemingly also hoping for a second round before old Karlio would tear her new lover into pieces. Schachau touched her with his nose, inhaling her scent to unleash it’s full effect. He licked her delicately with his rasped tongue, so she purred softly, while her juices sent renewed heat spreading to every corner of his body, causing his tapered maleness to swell and slide from its sheath again.

A furious roar made him turn sharply, in time to see an older cheetah sprinting in a rage through the high grass. Schachau turned tail and fled, Karlio in outraged pursuit. With a huge leap, the younger cheetah flew over the fallen grey tree and ran for his life. After running at full speed for as long as his body could carry him, Schachau stumbled to a halt and turned to try and see his pursuer. The young male sat heavily, his heart threatening to burst from his chest any moment. Breath coming in desperate gasps, his vision faded and he struggled to stay conscious, more than exhausted. He stayed hidden in the grass for a while, then he started trotting towards the plateau where Rorch would probably be on lookout after him. It was such a pity, his legs were unable to follow this route. Unerringly they steered back to where his future cause of death awaited him. At least, Schachau had retained enough sense to, circle the scene and to creep up against the wind. Although, that meant he had to weather a wildly intoxicating cocktail of arousing and alarming scents. He really was very young, Schachau thought to himself as he got closer. From there, he could observe the love game continuing on the grassless ground. The naked jealousy bubbled in him. He couldn’t stand the sight of his female being taken. And… his cubs. He would not tolerate this.

Stealthily, he crept closer to the pair, waited till Karlio was mounting, then pounced. Karlio started to spin round but was much too late. Schachau swooped on him. He flipped the older cheetah over and bit blindly, rewarded with a crunching between his teeth. The next instant, Karlio flung him hard against the tree, sent with a harsh kick from both back legs. He slid to the ground and waited for old Karlio to loom over him and agonizingly crush his throat till he was dead. His rump hurt where he'd hit the tree and Schachau could taste blood in his mouth that was not his own. In a daze he opened his eyes and saw Karlio sat close to him, engrossed as he licked his paw desperately. With monochrome night vision, Schachau noticed black fluid dripping freely from the elder's ruined paw. He stood slowly. Karlio instantly struck him back down with a slap from his good paw and regarded him with burning, hateful eyes. His other paw hung uselessly and even if it would stop bleeding, Schachau had struck him a death sentence with this wound. He would never hunt again. The female rolled gleefully behind them, grinning and preening herself with delight. Karlio stopped licking the wound and finally let it just bleed.

He screamed: "Because of a female!” It almost sounded like he was crying, "A mere child! Damn it all! Where were the lions, destined to end my life in a glorious fight?" Schachau's furious opponent would surely thirst for revenge, and quickly. Unfortunately, the young cheetah had no escape this time, he could no longer jump the tree that blocked his path. "I fought many rivals in my life. " Karlio started to ponder, "Being killed for a female is unworthy." He put his smashed paw on the ground. It didn’t seem to be of any concern to Karlio by now. "In my time I had to survive alone. That justifies my cruelty, and I will end you now." The female stared spellbound at the two. Schachau stood tall and took a defensive posture, an almost inaudible growl rising in his throat. "Now show, whether you can really fight.” Karlio said and jumped. A shadow screamed out of the darkness, struck the old cheetah and knocked him harshly to the ground. It was Rorch! His jaws locked quickly round Karlio's throat and squeezed in a deadly fashion. The old cheetah tried desperately to fight and twist but it was futile, his movements were quickly becoming weaker. Stunned from his brother's sudden appearance, Schachau snapped out of it and yelled urgently, "Don't kill him! Let him go!" He hissed a warning to make his point clear. Baffled but trusting of his brother, Rorch reluctantly released his death grip and backed away. For some moments it seemed as if Karlio was dead, then he suddenly wheezed and opened his eyes slowly. The old cheetah looked at the brothers in disbelief and despair. He staggered to his paws and hobbled away into the black night. The sibling's debt to each other was repaid, for the time being.

“His wounds are lethal…” Rorch whispered and turned towards the female, who welcomed him with the obligatory hissing and teeth baring. Rorch's breathing was suddenly heavy. Schachau was amazed but happy that the lust which had consumed him earlier hadn’t ensnared his brother so easily, hadn’t hypnotised him with scent and made him pounce the female instead of Karlio. Schachau was not in the mood now, too much cheetah blood tainted his mouth and his senses. It differed from wholesome prey in the foulest way, filling his body with anxiety and fear. Rorch was now extremely ready for the experience his brother had tasted before him, as an unmistakable erection revealed. The female, whose name Schachau still didn't know, wasn’t duly impressed by Rorch, with his emaciated, ailing appearance. However, her alternative was no longer pursuing her and her heat still burned.

She rolled another few times, keeping an eye on Rorch, not too come any closer. Then, she "forgot" to be careful for a second and Rorch had already scruffed her by the neck, which made her freeze again. Schachau lay down closely beside the mating pair as curiosity got the better of him, eager to see every detail of his sibling's union. Rorch had to get into position before he could enter her. Then finally it happened, he hit the spot and penetrated her hot and wet hole. When he started with short quick thrusts, his already quick panting accelerated to an impassioned gasping. All the hairs on his neck stood on end and a feverish thrill ran through his body. Rorch slowed as feelings he'd never known before, sped him towards a shattering climax. He pushed his swollen length in deeply one last time, grew still and began groaning as pleasure he'd never known exploded in him. His twitching muscles and flagging tail revealed what was now happening, the young cheetah was squirting his wet seed copiously into the depths of her hungry slit. Hardly finished, the female hunted him away.

Rorch trotted over to his brother but didn't immediately groom himself. Instead he gazed at the feminine spectacle, still panting as she rolled back and forth on the ground, wrapped up in her own afterglow. Seeing his own brother take her and fill her righteously with his own seed had swept the lingering fear and mood from Schachau's bones. He dearly wanted to mount her again, but she seemed busy at the moment. "What is your name?” Rorch tried his best to distract her with irrelevant questions, now she had calmed down a bit. "Nakarta." She finally answered, rolled over once more and then threw a longing gaze at Schachau. The cheetah hoped his brother hadn't seen it, his pulse suddenly quickening. Schachau had already been planning his next round, dreaming of long and drawn out enjoyment, intense and sustained. That dream shattered and crumbled as he approached, drunk in her scent and lapped over the source of it. It was beyond his abilities.

Harshly, he grabbed her neck fur and drove his stiff cock deeply into the cheetah. Schachau could feel his exquisitely sensitive maleness glide into her tight orifice, tight muscles gripping him, cloying wetness coating him; the slippery seed of himself and his brother from moments before. Stars danced before his eyes, her fur tasted wonderful and he felt it rubbing against his flanks and his groin. The world collapsed around him and was swept away by the flood of his feverish blood. When Nakarta reached her boiling peak, crying out and sending waves of contractions down his cock, it sent him over the edge. Schachau pressed his thighs tightly against hers, then he felt his heavy balls explode, twitching as they endeavoured to pump his rich seed, squirt after squirt into her roiling sea of juices. So it was his twitching cock delivered the rich fluid in a wet torrent, to spark new life within her. The moment seemed to last forever, but finally it passed into a feeling of supreme satisfaction.

Schachau gently rose from her, unhurried this time, and collapsed in an undignified heap a few steps away. He closed his eyes and tried to stop breathing so fast, the world spinning around him. The wonderful heat in his body still remained, only gradually fading away. Lifting his head much later to observe his brother's unceasing efforts to ride Nakarta into madness, he knew that this night promised to demand a great deal of him.