Scylla and Charibdes
by Wolf’s Stories

Sulis slammed the book down, and cursed, feeling terribly weary and drained "Not enough power." she muttered angrily "I need more power to complete the stupid spell, and now of course I've spent what I had stored away." She glared at the ancient, dusty tome. For a while, she was silent, wracking her brain for a faster, simpler way to regain the necessary power to accomplish the spell. But it was fruitless. She hadn't gotten as far as the various rites and incantations for drawing in raw ethereal energies for doing spells yet. She had to wait for her body to accumulate it naturally, which was an unfortunately slow process. Wordlessly, Sulis cursed Sageth, her mentor-cum-master, the deamon she'd indentured herself to in return for learning magik. She blinked, then smiled slightly. Perhaps she could get some small satisfaction for today's frustrations by pestering the incubus with this little detail. She pulled on a robe, and padded down the hall, stopping to rap on the heavy wooden door to the deamon's room.

"Come in, it's open, of course." came the reply, in that infuriatingly smug baritone. Sulis swallowed the temptation to make a wisecrack. It would be counterproductive for the moment. She pushed open the door and paused momentarily on the threshold, as always, a little wary of coming into the deamon's presence. Not that she was a coward, but dealing with deamons who insisted on clothing themselves in the form of a seven-foot-tall black tiger could be a bit disconcerting even for the hardiest of folk. And Sageth had the rude tendency of doing distressingly strange things at the oddest of moments. Fortunately at the moment, he was merely reading.

"I hope I'm not intruding, master." she inquired, in her best saccharine tone. As usual, it rolled off the demon's seemingly impenetrable hide. "I've reached a slight impasse in my studies."

Sageth closed his book, and quirked an eyebrow at the comparatively tiny female cheetah with thinly veiled humor "An impasse?".

Sulis controlled her irritation "Yes, an impasse. My lack of tutoring in the field of energy manipulation is interfering with my ability to continue my studies. Spells it should take me a few hours to learn are taking days because I can't call up sufficient power to complete them."

The tiger stroked his whiskers, a small smile playing across his muzzle "I see."

he set the book down on a side table and stood. As always, Sulis controlled the urge to step back. The devil was so damned big! "There is a very good reason I have not tutored you in those areas, my dear. They are some of the most potentially dangerous spells you can learn. Even a slight error can cause the spell to run wild, and the energies you've summoned consume you."

Sulis glared and snapped "If you don't think me capable of performing your little parlor tricks then why in the many names of god did you even bother to take me on?!"

Sageth rumbled a chuckle "I didn't say you were incapable, kitten. I merely am stating that at your present skill level, you haven't learned the necessary discipline or control." he examined his claws idly "But if you are so determined to acquire the necessary energies to work on such spells, there are other, safer ways for you to do so. But I warn you, they are probably far less ... palatable."

"Let me be the judge of that, Sageth. I've always achieved the goals you've set for me in the end, no matter how unpalatable the process was." The deamon steepled his fingers, and smiled "Very well then. I shall tell you how you can have access to large amounts of raw ethereal energy with no danger to your person, though I dare say at some small cost in other ways. Are you game, kitten?"

Sulis snorted, and lifted her chin "Of course."

Sageth's lips twitched, the corners of his mouth raising ever so slightly "Just so. Now then; as you know, I and my kindred are creatures of the primal Chaos." The cheetah rolled her eyes "Yes-yes. What of it?"

The incubus' whiskers twitched, but he didn't pause "As such, we are creatures composed, in actuality, of pure ethereal energy given solid form and life."

Sulis blinked, not quite sure where this was going. "Thus, incubi and succubi are magik embodied. Each and every part of us is in fact pure energy." Sulis blinked again "Are you proposing that I eat you?" she arched an eyebrow "That seems a little drastic even for you."

Sageth's smile broadened "Close."

Sulis' eyes narrowed "I came to you for answers, not riddles, demon. Out with it."

"What I am saying, kitten, is that, if you apply some of the well honed skills you learned before I took you into my tutelage, you can be supplied with all the energies you require, with only a small expenditure of effort."

Sulis stared, shocked and outraged. Finally she sputtered "What exactly are you saying?"

Sageth licked a claw "As an incubus, all of my powers are sexually based. Thus, the focus of my energies is sexual. Ingesting the result , which is pure, highly concentrated ethereal energy, should give you all the power you need for quite a little while."

"So ...what you are saying is that I should ... should ..."

" Yes." he smiled.

Sulis closed her eyes, suddenly feeling, she was quite sure, the way the mouse does as the trap snaps shut. "There is no better way? No other way?" The deamon rubbed the side of his nose "There are, but they are nowhere near as efficient or quick, nor as assured of success."

The smaller cat glared "I see. And just what sort of macabre and perverse rituals are involved with this little ... infusion?"

"None at all, dear apprentice." the demon chortled "It's a personal thing. You can be as elaborate or simplistic as you please."


Sulis padded over to stand before the huge tiger "Well then ... I suppose we should start with the basics, hmmm? Do we do this standing, sitting or laying down? And do you prefer clothed or unclothed?"

Sageth chuckled, and reached out to stroke her cheek. Sulis turned her face away, but didn't pull back, the demon's touch sending a frightening little jolt through her, as it always did. The tiger-demon tsked "So clinical. Such a shame you can't allow yourself to enjoy something that could be pleasant if you tried. I prefer to remain standing, and prefer you to be unclothed."

Sulis shrugged out of her robe, and knelt in front of the tiger "I have done this innumerable times before, and never enjoyed it, Sageth. There is little reason this time should be different." She ran her paws over the front of the tiger's trousers, feeling him slowly swelling under her touch. Sulis unfastened the closures of his trousers, and pulled them down, noting with a slight, mental smirk that he wasn't wearing underclothes. Sageth stroked her head, running his fingers through her hair, and she fought desperately to conceal the shiver that ran down her back. Sageth shrugged out of his top-coat, and stepped out of his trousers. Sulis had never seen the demon quite this close, or from quite this angle before. Amber eyes watched her from above a surprisingly gentle smile, as she looked up the muscular, black and white striped expanse of his body.

" Gods, he's beautiful." she thought, and then mentally slapped the idea down.

"As he keeps saying, he was built that way." She bit her lower lip, eyeing the tiger's heavy sheath and balls. Tentatively, she leaned forward and nuzzled his belly, just above the tip of the velvet-furred sheath. To her surprise, the demon purred softly. She smiled, ever so slightly, and nuzzled lower, rubbing the tip of her muzzle over the end of Sageth's sheath, which elicited a soft growl. His scent was warm, and musky, and not unpleasant. Sulis gave herself a mental poke "Just get this over with, girl!" she stroked a paw up the inside of Sageth's thigh, and gently cupped his sac, massaging it lightly with her thumb as she nosed against the length of his sheath, feeling him stiffening within. His hands stroked over her shoulders, and the backs of her ears, fingers running through her hair.

Sulis watched, with somewhat perverse fascination, as the incubus' shaft slid from its sheath. Like the rest of him, it was large, black, and perfectly sculpted, the glans large and smoothly rounded, the shaft ridged and rippled . She stared for a few moments, watching the demon's black shaft bobbing gently with his breath and pulse, and then leaned forward and ran her tongue over it's tip. Sageth rumbled, his eyes fluttering closed. Sulis ran her tongue over the tip of the deamon's shaft again, and then lowered her muzzle, taking about half of the long, heavy member into her mouth. She suckled, running her tongue along the underside of the tiger's thickness, acclimating herself to the taste and feel of it in her mouth. Bobbing and rocking her head, Sulis slowly worked her way down Sageth's long black erection, until the tip was at the back of her mouth. Several inches still remained beyond the end of her muzzle. Taking several deep breaths, she pushed forward, swallowing the deamon's cock, forcing it gently into the constriction of her throat.

Sageth growled loudly in pleasure, tilting his head back as his body arched slightly. Sulis couldn't help a small twinge of pride. Sex was one of the few things she was really truly skilled at, and though she had not much enjoyed the training, or the use of her that had given her the skill, she did take some pleasure in her skill in the so-called "Art of Love".

The she-cheetah pulled back , and admired her handiwork, the now steely-hard ebony cock that glistened bobbing before her. She reached up and stroked it a few times with a velvet paw, listening to the sounds of pleasure her touch elicited. "Gods, I bet I could still learn a trick or two from him, though." she mused to herself "Two-thousand years of sex; the things he must have done!" she lowered her head again, taking him once-more into her mouth, and began to stroke slowly, rocking back and forth.

Sulis began to lose herself in the steady back and forth motion, sucking the shaft into her muzzle, and then pulling back off of it, feeling it's weight and warmth sliding over her tongue. She closed her eyes, and rested her hands on his thighs, feeling his muscles tensing in time to her sucking, as he not-quite thrust into her muzzle. She pressed forward, her nose-pad against his belly, his warm, thick scent filling her nostrils. Sulis lost herself for a moment in that heady, masculine smell. Visions of that massive, beautiful body pressing her down into clean sheets. Large, strong hands running over her own, smaller, more lithe form as that huge, hard shaft plunged into her tight, warm wetness...

Sulis' reverie was broken by Sageth's warning snarl. She snapped back to reality, somewhat confused , and pulled off of the deamon's shaft, blinking, as conflicting signals collided in her mind. "What was I thinki..." she got no further, as the incubus let out a loud groan, his body arching and trembling. Sulis looked down just in time to catch the brunt of the tiger's orgasm, a thick stream of cum spurting from his cock. It caught her directly on the muzzle, splattering down the side of her nose and across her cheek, startling her into shocked immobility, until she realized she was losing what she had worked so hard for. She clamped her mouth down around Sageth's erection, sucking it into her muzzle, drinking his semen, vaguley appalled that she could have lost any of the precious magikal energy it would provide her.

It was a few more moments before she realized that Sageth seemed to be able to provide far more than she could consume, the thick, heavy spurts filling her muzzle faster than she could swallow, the precious liquid running down her chin, spattering her chest and breasts and belly. Finally though, the torrent tapered off, and Sulis, unable to drink further, rested her head against the deamon's thigh. She rested there for a while, trying to sort out her thoughs. Why had she fanatsized about Sageth?! Of all the people she knew or had ever know, why had she chosen the deamon who she was indentured to? The last thing she needed was for him to have this to hold over her head, on top of everything else! Pushing herself away, she wiped at her face and chest, trying vaguely to clean herself off.

"I take it you enjoyed yourself Sageth." she murmured.

Sageth made a noise that was half agreement, and half purr "Quite, my dear, quite! You are by far one of the most skilled and lovely females I have encountered in several hundred years. I hope the experience was not entirely unpleasent for you, kitten."

Sulis stood and shook her head "I have had far worse. Now if you will excuse me, I will go wash up, master. If you please."

The deamon nodded, a smile quirking the corner of his mouth. "As you will. I would suggest a nice warm bath, and then a nap, to take time to. . . digest everything."

Sulis' stride faltered only just a little at Sageth's words. She turned and nodded to her mentor, and padded off to the bathroom, to soak, and to try and settle the turmoil in her head, and between her thighs.