Shadowed Lands

From the house, the grasslands seemed to go forever. Stretching into the domain of the tigers who inhibited the highlands. Hours would pass in seconds while I looked out with blind eyes, occasionally pulling the real world back into focus when thought seemed to disappear. As the sun rode high in the sky, the world around me would close its eyes, putting life on hold for a mid-afternoon snooze, other than the occasional chatter of the monkeys in the nearest clump of trees, silence ruled.

I had noticed him come last night, as the sun was setting, I could see him moving in and out of the long shadows that made the border of his world and mine. Seeing one, even from that great a distance, and in such poor light is something that warms my heart to think of, one doesn't get many chances like this, seeing a wild tiger in his own habitat. I knew that there was at least one male in the area, I guessed that he must have finally decided to introduce himself.

He must have been young, for he seemed as curious of me as I was of him, showing no fear, but caution, towards something he had never seen before. It made me think how innocent he was, and for a moment the thought crossed my mind that if a farmer came across this curious cat, all hell would break loose. I thought of scaring him off, but he had already moved, and I didn't know where to. As the mosquitoes began to bite, I went inside, thinking of him.

The next day I found him, laying like a cat on a hearth on my veranda. He lay in the morning sun, looking at me from olive eyes. I would have thought that I would not be afraid if this moment ever did happen, my heart pounding was perhaps a sign that I had been wrong, but all I could hear from him was a gentle purr as he exhaled. From seeing a tiger and a hundred meters through binoculars, to having one less than two away, made my mind whir. Logic decided to have a go at me, burying my emotions. Could that warm stare be a cat tasting lunch with his mind? The border that separated our worlds had been a definable line, but the border was now in my head. The look that I got from him made me think he saw no distinction. I wished that I could throw thinking out, and just fuel myself on feelings. I had always loved these big cats. Perhaps the greatest reason why I was here, a wish to meet one. My wish had come true, and delivered itself on my veranda.

I opened the door, and stepped into the sun, not knowing what he would do. He just lay his great head back down. I could see his eyes watching me as I moved towards him, he raised his head. Biological safeguards held me on the spot, and I felt sick looking at the deadly predator that lay in front of me. He now controlled time, I was helpless but to take his lead, whatever it might entitle. He sensed fear, and he parted his thick lips to show fangs which would make anyone's blood freeze. His eyes interlaced in stare with mine, he lifted his head towards me. All my strength I put into my mind, to control what should have set me fleeing. The little that was left over raised my hand.

My senses were consumed by him, the realisation that the wrong move would end my life almost surely blurred the world. Everything I could I put into the effort, my hand trembling even with the conscious effort to steady it. As I crossed the boarder of our two worlds I had to continue, his damp breath lingered on my hand, barely centimetres away from touching him. His stare parted from mine, and fixed itself on my hand, then he rose his head the final distance, connecting our two bodies. His feeling rode up my arm, and filled every part of me: I gently stroked his silk fur. His eyes closed, and a sigh of satisfaction mingled with a purr came from him. A smile grew on my face. For a moment I felt lonely being human, not experiencing the touch of animals in such a passionate way. I sat down behind his head, and continued to scratch and stroke, as I looked him over, I was right in guessing he was young, perhaps 3 years old, but that didn't mean small: he would have weigh about 220kg. He was nearly as long as I was tall. I held his massive head as I buried my face into his deep fur around his neck, sucking in lungfulls of his musk. My blood ran hot with his smell. I smiled as I saw him biting his tongue, and I kissed it to which I received an approving nudge. He rolled onto his back, and clawed the air as I stroked the fine fur on his belly, I lay my head against his chest listening to him. His gentle breath on the back of my neck gave me something I had never felt before. My heart told me that I could love him, and my mind agreed. As he began to lick my hair, as if to tease me, I thought of his body against mine. He lifted me with a paw, and held me leaning into him, looking at me with loving eyes, then he thrust his nose into my face. He rolled us both on our sides, I sucked on tufts of fur around his chin, and he would push hard into me, nearly knocking me down. Chinese astrologers regarded the tiger as passionate and sensual, a cure for impotence, and the tiger within a person was a exiting lover. They knew what they were talking about. I saw more than just sex in Rakhan, I saw something that existed between two lovers, a friendship.

Laying there I didn't think he might go wild, I was getting something I had never imagined could exist between two lovers, perhaps I was getting something only a select few do get, but I was not going to let it go.

By this time the back of my head was covered in warm cat saliva, and as I glanced down I saw Rakhan had an erection, which instantly aroused me. As if to tease him, I slowly worked my way down his massive body like a masseur. I could tell his was in complete ecstasy, and so was I. Carefully I worked around his penis. It looked far too delicate to touch, so I wormed my way down his body.

Gingerly tasting the tip, and then immersing him inside my mouth, where the warmth, the taste, and the feel bought me close to orgasm. A salty pre-ejaculate filled my mouth in copious quantities, and I savoured the taste.

I worked my tongue around his member, which twitched as I sucked and fondled it. His spines occasionally catching to which he would jolt to. He pushed me hard against his body as I worked, vocalising as I did so, a groan interwoven with short tiger meows. I was driving a male tiger to orgasm, something only someone's wildest fantasies might ever be able to create. I wanted as much pleasure for him as possible, drawing every action out as long as possible. I stopped with him still in my mouth, trying to draw it out, but now he was in the motion of things, and was moving with me as I moved up and down his member.

The musk from his body now filled the air, heightening the experience, and I longed for his love and affection. His belly writhed beneath me, and he was becoming deafening in his moaning, then he roared in ecstasy as he came, my mouth filled with a salty, but creamy in texture ejaculate. He naturally tired to withdraw, but he had no where to go, so he squirmed as I milked every last drop from him. His penis became limp inside me, and it withdrew. We sat there together, exhausted. I felt as though I had nothing to say, he knew it all.

There we were, tiger and man, together. He got excited soon enough, as told by another erection. He still lay on his back, which I thought was a little strange, was he getting lazy? I moved my hands around to his tail, following it back to his anus. Gently touching the button caused Rakhan to tighten his sphincter, but as I massaged the area, he loosened enough for me to fit my finger inside. He moved beneath me, and rolled onto his stomach, so now I concentrated my efforts on his rear. I slowly removed my shorts, and worked behind him. In anticipation, he raised his tail, which I draped over my leg. He was large enough so that entering him in a kneeling position was easy. I worked the head of my sex around his anus, teasing him with gentle pokes. Then I worked him until he relaxed, I fit snugly inside, and trust up to my scrotum the first time. He clamped down, and groaned in ecstasy as I worked in and out, stoking his body, and holding mounds of silky fur in my hand. Each thrust I could feel his velvet against my legs, and sac. Thrusting he began to meet me, pushing hard, and tightening on me. I quickly came and he relaxed some. I tried to stay in, but my sex went limp, and slipped out. Rakhan fell to his side, and bought his head around, cleaning himself. He then cleaned me, the sandpaper that was his tongue made me jump back, and I urged him to concentrate on himself. I was exhausted, the temperature was climbing as midday approached.

Rakhan however was pumped. I kissed him passionately, and then presented myself to him. His urges took over, and he stepped over me, aligning me with his thighs, then lowering his penis, he searched with his sex, perhaps getting back at me for what I had done, then, as I made a conscious effort to relax for when he entered, he thrust inside me. It felt better than it had when I came. His organ gyrated inside me, twitching, and his thighs trembled. As he was longer than me, my head was under his chest, and his fur encompassed me as he rode. I orgasmed in my mind, then I came anyway, just before he did. An eruption of tiger cum filled me, and the warmth inside is something indescribable. He pulled out, which shocked me as his spines tore against my insides, but I was in such a state of arousal having just cum for a second time, that it only added to the sensation. I lay crouched for a second, savouring every image, texture, sound, and smell. I turned my head to see him exhausted, about two meters away. I came over, and curled myself into the arch of his body. Tiger and man then slept as the midday sun burnt our naked bodies. As he moved off, I stroked him and said goodbye, knowing that he would return. He looked at me with those brilliant olive eyes, and chuffed, his narrow eyes smiling at me. I let him leave, and remembered the start of a relationship that time would have forgot, breaking the barriers of the species: man and beast as one.

I had all day to think about what had happened. Guilt and worry filled my thoughts. Guilt for using him. I thought I did not show enough friendship towards him, and worried that he might see me only as a dildo with a pulse. So, I told myself that when he returned, it would be time for us to share time with each other.

As the shadows grew long, a padding on my veranda told me he had returned. I thought of what made him come here in the first place, curiosity, or the warm wooden veranda. Either way, it did not matter. I opened the door and saw him on the steps, facing away from the house. For a moment I thought that he might be showing his disapproval towards me, but when I saw his face, I knew that was wrong. As I moved towards him, he stepped down the stairs, leading me away from the house. I followed, feeling safe in the sense that the mighty tiger was on my side. He took me along the grasslands to the river, where we walked up the bank for only a few minutes. Even so, we were deep in the jungle, and probably were on the reserve. As I sat down behind him, he towered over me, and I held him tight. He looked down, and licked my face, letting me know he liked what he was getting. We just sat there, as I held him. As the darkness fell, he bought me home.

He walked me to the edge of my property, I was thankful for once of my remoteness to others, the closest who lived a little over 2 km away by Landrover. He left me there, and I watched him go back into the shadows. I walked back to the house, wondering what phenomenon might be taking place, where a tiger puts off one meal, and goes in search of another.

When he returned, with blood stained chin, he smothered affection over me. I thought he must have had a good feed. I let him into the house, leaving the door open in case he didn't like it. He stood at the doorway, looking lost. But when he saw me sit down, he ran over and play tackled me, and I knew he would be fine. We sat there until about midnight, holding each other, and teasing one another... I reminisced that it had only been three days since I lay eyes on him, now I am holding him, calling him a friend, and a lover. Sharing my emotions with him. My life had changed, the city was no longer a calling to me.

I decided I would stay here, not just use it occasionally for a weekend, but to live here, with Rakhan.