The meal was eqscuisite, and you could not imagine more opulent surroundings. It was truly befitting a Prince of the desert, but Karen was unfazed. She had seen enough in her 22 years to be equal to the task of creating this fantasy for Sheik Abdul Asad, or so she thought. But who was creating the fantasy? It was only a matter of hours since the clear eyed blonde haired beauty had left the world of city nightclubs and designer drugs of London, but she had been prepared for the change. Friends had told her of the luxurious surroundings to which she was going and of the palace on the shores of the Red Sea. The Prince's helicopter had picked her up from Jeddah airport. It was an exciting ride, but she had shown no enthusiasm, Karen had accepted every mindblowing luxury which was presented to her as though it were an everyday occurrence.

"Alfie, it's wonderful." She didn't quite understand why someone so dignified in the material world would want to be called by such a ridiculous Western name, but there again, she wasn't going to give him a lecture on the subject. " But I"m so full." And it was true. Karen had eaten a great deal since she settled herself on the comfortable silk cushions, she knew it was expected of her. "My dear Karen, please do not let that little detail stand in the way of enjoying the delights which I bring before you. We have a custom here which I believe you have embraced in your own culture in years gone by." And with that the Sheik snapped his fingers. From the dim recesses of the huge marble floored room, came a beautifully proportioned woman, obviously born of the Sheiks country, but untouched by the regions religious influences. She was clothed not in the opaque cotton robes as were most of the females of the land, but in garments of eqsquisite sheerness and beauty, which billowed and flowed as she approached Karen. The woman carried a golden bowl, and moved silently to stand beside the fair skinned Westerner.

"Please, my honoured guest, do not be alarmed; this girl is an expert at her job." With that, the woman placed the golden bowl on the thick carpet and began to gently massage Karen's neck, sliding her hands down over her loose blouse to her stomach, where she kneaded briefly, leaving Karen with a curious nauseous feeling. She then reached down and took up the bowl in one hand, before bringing the delicately proportioned fingers of her free hand up to Karen's face, to trace around her lips before slipping inside her mouth. Karen began to retch involuntarily, and promptly vomited up the contents of her overfull belly into the golden bowl.

She was a little dismayed by this, but tried not to show any alarm. "Excellent my dear, now you can enjoy some more of the feast." Said the prince, delighted, as the servant took a soft damp cloth and patted Karen's mouth. "And as we eat a little more, I thought you might like a little entertainment.." With the clap of his hands, a soft light shone on a large golden cage in the centre of the floor before them. Inside the cage was a woman of Middle Eastern extraction; beautiful, and entirely naked. Her olive skin glistened in the low amber light as she sat on a pure white sheepskin covering the bottom of the cage. "I have tried to help this one my dear. but she is beyond restitution. She is one of the few who are compelled to seek the pleasures of the flesh. She defies my efforts to change her ways, so I have resolved to keep her in luxury and satisfy her desires here. She gets no reward, and is under no threat, she is merely born and destined to be depraved." The Prince turned to Karen, " I hope that you, as I do, will take some pleasure from the depraved antics of this unfortunate."

Attendants brought platter after platter to Karen's side, and perfect specimens of the male or female sex, hand fed her with the most succulent morsels from around the world. She sipped at one of the many glasses set before her filled with the most exotic wines from the four corners of the globe, her senses were bombarded with the best of everything which money could buy. After some time, Karen felt the need to relieve herself of some of the fullness in her bowels. She indicated this delicately to the Prince. "Oh excellent, excellent my dear. Please." He snapped his fingers and two heavily muscled male attendants stepped forward. They cupped Karen's elbows and assisted her to her feet. Karen was a little disconcerted by this, but didn't show it. She simply rose and followed the two to a slightly raised area, screened by a silken curtain. the men allowed her to enter the curtained off area, and Karen saw a strange pedestal there which allowed her to sit comfortably with her thighs apart in readiness for that which she desired, but there seemed to be nowhere to deposit her waste. Karen was puzzled. Shortly the curtains parted and in came a beautiful young woman, "Mistress." The girl said with downturned eyes, "please let me receive of your body." And with this, she took up a golden bowl, identical to the one last used to relieve her overfull body. The beautiful young woman held the bowl beneath Karen with head bended respectfully. This was a little off-putting, but Karen did as she was expected, issuing forth a golden stream into the bowl, and dropping into it the contents of her full bowel. Her attendant then gently cleaned her with a warm soft cloth, before retiring form the silken tent. Karen was escorted back to her table, and there, she sat and waited to see what would happen next in this night of Arabian perversion.

The Prince snapped his fingers, and one of the lovely young attendants standing beside him, came forward and knelt beside him, slipping her hand inside his voluminous pants, obviously attending his cock. "But this is only the beginning my dear, before the night is out this one will bring us much pleasure." As the soft wailing strains of music echoed through the hall, the Prince's attendants then paraded before them an exotic selection of his pets. Thickly muscled guards carried glistening snakes and hooded hunting birds; bears on chains, and large lithe game hounds, loping gorillas and strutting peacocks. The animals were brought past Karen for her inspection and she appeared suitably impressed. As the attendants took the animals down to the floor of the hall, the woman in the cage stood and began pacing up and down, appearing agitated and excited; clutching the golden bars. "I think that she wants to play with the little darlings don't you?" said the Prince, beaming. Karen felt her belly tighten at the thought. She had read about this sort of thing happening, but to actually be witnessing it was a very strange and disturbingly thrilling experience. At his signal, the holder of the snake let the reptile free to slither into the cage. The woman snatched it up and caressed it, kissing and licking the shining head with its darting forked tongue. She then held its scaly body to hers, drawing the writhing coil between her thighs, rubbing it to her genitals. Then, standing in a crude open legged stance, she took the serpents head and placed it to her vulva. Again, she looked up at Karen as she did so, as if to say 'this is for you my little infidel, do I shock you?'. She slid the reptiles head into her body, leaving four feet of the dark scaly body writhing between her legs. The Prince applauded.

"Give her more!" He commanded, "the wretch is not satisfied." The keeper of the hunting dogs opened a door in the cage, and released his charges inside. The woman fell on the placid animals, with the snake still wriggling between her thighs, and caressed them, bringing her hands underneath to rub their genitals as she did so. The host clapped his hands,"come my dear, let my daughter pleasure you as you watch the show." A girl stepped forward, who could not have been any older than aseventeen. She wore a sheer sarong as did the other women, but nothing covered her budding immature breasts. The girl fell to her knees before Karen and slid her skirt up her shapely thighs, then, without any hesitation placed her warm young lips over Karen's already moist vulva; her tongue probing the folds of flesh expertly. " I hope that you approve of this little one, she is my favourite." In the cage, both of the dogs were laying on their backs, the glistening red of their cocks in the clutches of the mad woman, she rubbed them vigorously before bending and taking one in her mouth. The dog squirmed and wriggled as her head bobbed up and down. It wasn't long before she raised her head, the pale fluid of the dogs semen dribbling from her lips. She then turned to the other dog and repeated the perverted act, as she did so, the first hound went around behind her and mounted her raised buttocks, thrusting its red cock between her thighs where the snake still writhed. The dogs front paws on her back left long red weals. she raised her head slightly as the second dog ejaculated, and Karen watched, fascinated as the fluid splashed on her mouth. Karen squirmed in her seat to the attention of the nubile youngster between her thighs, as the host cried: "more, more! She wants more." the woman attending him had now bent to take his cock in her mouth as he watched the spectacle. A solidly built attendant entered the cage, and removed the animals within, leaving the woman alone and naked, her body streaked with scratches from the dogs, and stained with their semen. Another handler released into the cage the gorilla which had been parading passively on a silver chain. The woman sidled up to the creature in a seductive manner, and it looked at her inquiringly as she embraced it, sliding her hands down to fondle its small penis, but when it became aroused, it let out a howled and jumped, flinging the naked woman to the furry floor of the cage. As Karen watched this, she felt the small slender fingers of the Sheiks daughter sliding inside her vagina, as the young girls tongue still played at her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The gorilla was dancing wildly around the cage now, shrieking and pushing at the bars, its penis standing out rigidly erect. Far from being scared, the woman followed after the beast, clutching at it before it threw her to the floor once more, this time grasping her waist in its powerful hands, thrusting to her violently with its hips in an attempt to copulate with her. The woman urged the creature on in her native tongue, crying out in pain and ecstasy before the gorilla suddenly sprang backwards and tossed the woman aside, its lust sated. She fell like a rag doll against the bars of the cage, before the attendant reprieved the animal, still agitated and howling in its excitement. The woman in the cage leaned back on the bars facing Karen, then spread her thighs and parted her glistening vaginal lips. Thens, looking Karen straight in the eye, she plunged two of her fingers inside her body, then three, then forced her whole hand inside herself, rotating her hips and talking to Karen in words unintelligible to Karen, but erotic in the extreme. "She says that she finds you unimaginably exciting my dear, and I must say, I do like the effect that you have on our poor unfortunate." grinned the Prince. "But I fear that she still is not satisfied, perhaps she needs something a little bigger inside that unfillable hole of hers." At this, the curtains at the entrance to the hall parted. In was led a huge black Arabian stallion. With flared nostrils and eyes of fire, it reared on the rope which the attendant held. The horses large black organ hung down from its belly awesomely. At the sight of the beautiful creature, the woman leapt to the bars of her prison and grasped them, shaking them violently, crying out to the Prince, obviously pleading to be set free to attend the animal.

" I think she deserves the treat tonight don't you my dear?" Said Karen's host, snapping his fingers. A woman attendant undid the door of the cage, and slipped a silver collar around the caged woman's neck, then led her out of the cage toward the rampant stallion. The holder of the lead payed out the chain, allowing the demented woman to approach the animal. It quieted slightly as she approached, and she knelt under it, grasping the huge black cock with both hands and bringing it up to her mouth to lick its length. She slid her hands up and down the shining member gently and the horse responded by snorting and stamping and arching its back. She then took the end of the cock in her mouth, straining her lips wide to accommodate its girth. Her hands slid up and down the cock as she did so, and it was not long before the woman began to cough and choke. The head of the cock slipped from her mouth and a torrent of the horses semen flowed from her lips; cascading down her breasts and matting her hair. The woman masturbated herself wildly with the slippery fluid, plunging her fingers into her body and gyrating out of control. The horse was led away from the glistening semen soaked body before them, then, a low, fur covered bench was brought into the hall. The woman seemed to know what to do, and moved to lay on her stomach on the bench, leaving her buttocks pointing awkwardly upwards. She was still chained to the woman attendant, as into the room was led a magnificent lion. The king of the beasts circled the prone woman once, before stopping to smell her. It buried its big muzzle between her thighs, and the woman parted her buttocks to afford the animal access to her most intimate parts. Suddenly, the noble animal let out a loud roar, and mounted the woman. Karen shuddered violently with orgasm as the Prince's young daughter slid a finger into her rectum and sucked the bud of Karen's clitoris into her mouth. She watched, spellbound as the creatures huge penis thrust into the prone woman's body. A piercing scream rang out as the huge beasts claws drew trickles of blood from her back as it thrust in and out of her, and the room reverberated with a low growl. Before long, Karen saw a silvery fluid mixing with the blood which was trickling down the crazy woman's thighs. The animal dismounted the woman, leaving as quickly as it had mounted her, its lust satisfied in this perverted ritual, leaving the woman motionless on the bench. Blood trickled down her thighs and her back was streaked with the marks of the lions sheathed but steel like claws. "Prince; Alfie, is she alright." gasped Karen, trying to hold on to some shred of decency in the debauchery. "Alright " My dear," said the Prince, rising from his seat and brushing aside the woman who was sucking on his cock. "this woman loves nothing more than these little treats that I bring her." He rose and walked down to the floor of the hall. "Isn't that right my little Shahdshiba?" At this, the woman rose unsteadily from the bench and turned to the Prince. She knelt before him and took his erect cock in her hand, guiding it into her lips."

"After being ravished by the king of the beasts, there is only one pinnacle of pleasure left for her to climb."

At that signal, two burly attendants took the woman under her arms and behind her knees and raised her limp body. The Prince reclined on the bench, and the attendant holding onto the woman's lead held his cock erect as the two males lowered her onto it. the woman cried out in pain as the cock penetrated her bruised and bloodey vagina, then she turned to look over her bloodstained shoulder at Karen. Smilling lasciviously and beckoned to the guest. Karen rose, in a state of high excitement, and stood behind the woman's bloodied but beautiful back. She could not resist the temptation to run her fingers down the muscular shoulder, through the deep scratches left by the lion, thrilling to the feeling of the flesh flinching with the pain of her touch.

"Very good my dear." Karen looked over the woman's shoulder at the face of the Prince. "But she wants a little more from you yet." A tap on the shoulder made Karen turn to see another attendant holding a golden platter on which rested a huge disembodied phallus. "It's from my prize bull; Shahshiba selected it this morning." said the Prince."Show her it my dear." Karen took the huge cock warily, as if it might come to life in her hands, then held it up to the woman's face. She smiled weakly and bent to kiss the shining head, then murmured something in her own tongue."

"Apparently my cock isn't enough for this one, she wants you to fill her bowel with the cock of the bull while she enjoys something else which was once his." the woman was presented with the goblet which she put to her lips. A trickle of milky fluid escaped her lips and fell on her breasts. "The bulls sperm." smiled the Prince. And Shashiba turned, open mouthed to show the thick fluid on her tongue, before she licked it down. Karen put the tip of the phallus to the puckering hole between the woman's buttocks, and as she did so, Shashiba relaxed her sphincter and her rectum opened. Karen eased the cock into the woman's body.

Shahshiba said something to the Prince. "Very good my dear, but this one wants more of the bull's cock." Karen pushed the cock harder into her anus and the woman gasped. "More, she wants more.." Karen jabbed the cock into her muscular opening causing the other woman to flinch. "More! More!" Said the Prince urgently, stirring something animalistic and exciting in Karen. She forgot the woman's pain and did not think any more about her suffering as she rammed the meat into her, panting now and sweating with the exertions. "Harder, harder!" Panted the Prince to her, and Karen withdrew the shaft, noting with perverted pleasure the streaks of blood on its sinewy sides. She then forced the dead flesh as hard as she could into the woman's rectum. As she did, the woman let out a scream and Karen felt someone at her back. She glanced over her shoulder to see one of the Princes attendants his huge erection. He then took Karen's hips roughly and pulled them to him, sinking his cock deep into her moist vagina. "I hope that you approve of my head gaurd?" Smilled the Prince. "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!" Panted Karen. As she did, Karen once again forced the bulls cock hard into the other woman's arse. Karen was in a frenzy now, repeatedly impaling the woman who was being lowered and raised onto the Princes erection as the guared fucked Karen from behind. Karen sobbed and grunted with her exertions until she reached the peak of another orgasm, and as if this was a signal, the attendants holding Shashiba let her go abruptly. She slumped to the floor, the dismembered bulls cock still embedded in her rectum. The Prince raised himself, taking his cock in his hand, ejaculated over the limp body of the demented one. The splashes of semen fell on her full breasts and parted lips. the attendant who had serviced Karen alsowithdrew his cock and stood over the woman and relieved himself. Thick jets of semen spat onto her face and hair. As she watched the two men milking out the last drops of their seed onto Shashiba, Karen's knees began to feel like jelly, and she slumped forward to lean against the bench before her. It was then that she noticed the young daughter of the Prince who had pleasured Karen earlier on in the night, approaching them. The soft young beauty bent to kneel next to the prone woman. She then leaned over and began to lick at the blobs of semen on her breasts and face. "Just a little treat I allow the young one." Said her guest, "that's right little one, clean the sweet milk from your mother."