Shivero and Sashikari's first adventure
© 2019 by Applestock Jane

Special thanks to Shivero, Sashikari and Zakanfien, for their help and involvement!

The sun rises on the arid plains of Azeroth, swept by a light fresh wind, which usually heralds a warm and sunny day. An incredible calm reigns over this desert land… Well, almost desert. Strange, by the way! Who would dare to venture into such an inhospitable place?

Indeed, a young feline named Shivero walks quietly on the dirt. Its brown-orange fur would almost be confused with the colour of the earth and rocks. However, a long black stripe runs along his spine, from which start some thinner stripes that cover his back, a little like tiger's but more spaced. It has a black snout, large rounded ears, white on the inside and black on the outside, as well as a creamy white belly, tail and tip of the legs.

Although very shy, Shivero have managed to take his courage with both hands, in order to explore a dungeon, whose rumour praises the incredible treasures it contains. Arrived in front of the entrance of the cave, Shivero is overwhelmed by fear, and begins to tremble. What monsters could be inside? Was he going to die in excruciating pain today? He looks away into a dense forest at the edge of the desert, trying to think of something else, when he hears strange noises from the forest. That's all it takes to make the feline more worried, and he begins to shake more intensely…

Sashikari pleasing himselfHowever, there is nothing to be afraid of, because these strange sounds are not cries of pain, but rather moans of pleasure… In fact, about 100 meters away, a young Worgen druid, Sashikari, in his form of a bluish-furred feline with dark blue stripes, is masturbating between trees and bushes, hidden by the darkness of the canopy. Lying in the grass on his back, the big saber-toothed cat shakes his big canine dick with vigour, sliding his front legs over the wet limb. Very quickly, Sashikari is flooded with intense sensations of pleasure, making his canine penis wriggle. He presses strongly on his knot, pushing roars of pleasure while his cock pulsed, ejecting hot sperm on his belly. A little out of breath by the bliss of his orgasm, he turns his head to the side and perceives Shivero far away through bushes branches, sitting in front of the cave entrance, shivering in fear, obviously afraid by the dangers he could be confronted by. Without delay, Sashikari wipes the sperm from his fur with one of his front paw, licks it, savouring the fruit of his efforts, then finally runs to the trembling cat to help it.

Seeing an animal emerge from the forest and run towards him, Shivero's heart starts beating hard in the chest, in fear of being attacked by a ferocious beast. As he approaches, Shivero distinguishes more and more detail from the animal rushing towards him, which the perception gradually changes from a blue monster to a male druid with an earring on his right ear. He seems quite friendly, actually. Sashikari stops a few meters from Shivero, then sits down with a joyful look. The wind pushes its smell towards Shivero, who notices a strange perfume… The beast comes closer to the druid, and sniffs him, lifting his whisker pads like felines do to analyse the smells, lowering his head towards Sashikari's sheath, and finally going up towards the wet fur on his belly. Hmm! It smells so good! Shivero quickly understands what is the viscous fluid that left its scent on the stomach, but although excited, he sits in front of Sashikari, who was expecting to receive a stoke from his tongue…

- "Hi! What happened on your stomach?" asks Shivero.

Sashikari looks at him, a little embarrassed, then rubs his sheath with one of his legs to mimic a masturbation.

- "That's what I thought…" Shivero said, scratching his back of his head.

- "You don't speak?" asks the curious feline.

Sashikari shakes his head from right to left to tell him that it's no.

- "Ah. At least you understand me, that's the main thing. Do you want to help me explore this dungeon?"

The druid puffs out his chest a little and nods his head quickly, proud to be able to accompany a comrade.

The two felines go down into the cave, beginning their adventure. The caves become darker as they descend, and the air becomes warmer and wetter, making their progression uncomfortable. Some corridors are so narrow that you can only pass through one after the other. Sashikari, a little more reckless, goes first, which is not to displease Shivero, who can enjoy the view of the druid's balls swinging as he walks, accompanied by the sweet smell of sperm drying on. This gives Shivero salacious thoughts, who shakes his head to get these sexual ideas out of his mind. Suddenly, Sashikari stops abruptly, seeing light at the bottom of the cave. The two cats look at each other, start running to the bottom, where a huge piece is carved into the rock. Ritual tables with candles and old satanic manuscripts are located on either side of the room. In the centre, a huge magical pentagram is drawn on the ground with a shiny pink powder, surrounded by traces of blood and bones, obviously a kind of sacrificial altar… And at the end, a huge chest, shining with a thousand lights.

- "The treasure!" Shivero exclaims.

Sashikari moves cautiously towards the container, when suddenly, a fireball crosses the room from nowhere, straight towards the druid! Shivero leaps on his comrade, tackles him down to the ground, thus avoiding the flaming projectile by a few centimetres. About ten sectators come out from behind the pillars of the room, surrounding them. It was a trap! The two adventurers are now circled by satanic magicians, who intend to make their capture into a new offering to demons.

Nonetheless, the two wild animals do not intend to let themselves be defeated without a fight! They go back-to-back, repelling enemies who try to capture them by kicking hard, hurting some. Furious, the sectators take a few steps back, then begin to cast a spell of incineration, whose target is drawn under the paws of the two adventurers.

- "It's time to do the action!" Shivero says, rushing towards the one who seems to be the leader of the magicians.

Sashikari leaps to the opposite side, dodging the fireballs and ice shards that are thrown on him, then ferociously bites a first enemy into the neck, who collapses to the ground draining his blood. Shivero zigzags towards the leader of the sectators, avoiding the lightning runes placed on the ground by his acolytes to slow his progress, and jumps on him. But right at the moment his jaw was about to close around the magician's head, a protective shield pushs him back and throws him to the ground.

- "No need to fight, you're too weak!" says the chief, laughing demonically.

In fact, his shield is powered by energy flows sent by other sectators, which want to protect their master from any attack. Shivero throws himself on a nearby enemy, guts him with a heavy claw, before moving on to the next target of his warth.

As Sashikari and Shivero eliminates the Satanists, their leader's shield weakens, leaving holes in some places. Taking notice that their tactic is working, the two felines continue to bring death in the ranks of the magicians, who, more and more panicky, begin to cast spells at each other, facilitating the work of Shivero and Sashikari. After long minutes of hard fighting, the last enemies, seeing their dismembered comrades lying in their own blood, escape toward the cave exit. Their master's protection finally dissipates, leaving the way clear for the big cats, angry.

The leader of the sectators cast spells against the two adventurers, who are hit by a few lightning flashes, but their agility allow them to reach this final boss without much difficulty. They grab him, Shivero by the head and Sashikari by the legs, each other pulling at the opposite end.

- "AAarrgg! No, you will never have this treasure!" shouts the magician, who, with a last breath, reaches out his hand towards the chest and casts a spell, the finalisation of which is suddenly interrupted when his head separates from his body in a cold and dry crack.

The adventurers then move towards the chest, which shines slightly, trapped by the magician before his death.

- "Wait! Wait! There's an enchantment on the chest! It looks low-powered, but…"

Sashikari puts his paws on the lock and opens the vault, interrupting Shivero. *Spoof* A brilliant lightning touches Sashikari, who is invaded by a heat wave. He freezes, observed by Shivero, who worries that his friend may transform into a muddy silt or any other disgusting creature… But nothing seems to be happening. Was the spell too weak to have an effect? Sashikari smiles at Shivero, and the two beasts bow their heads to look inside the container.

At the bottom are some life and mana potions, a spell book with the inscription "reserved for the most powerful druids", as well as a necklace adorned with shiny runes. Recognizing the druid mark on the book, Sashikari's pupils become all round, and he gently grabs the book with his front legs and takes it out of the chest, as if he was catching a young animal. Shivero, on the other hand, takes the magic necklace and passes it around his neck to try it on. Instantly, the stones start to shine more intensely, giving it increased strength and moderate resistance to magical damage. Happy, he runs around Sashikari who tries to decipher the old Druidic writing, then jumps into the air. Only his leap was so powerful that he was thrown straight into the ceiling, where he hit his head before falling to the ground, a little dizzy.

- "Ow! I think it would be better to use it outdoors…" says Shivero when removing his new jewellery.

The cat then retrieves a bag next to a satanic table, empties its contents, and places its necklace and potions into. He approaches Sashikari, who seems totally absorbed by the book, and tries to take it from his paws for putting it in the bag. But the druid holds his treasure firmly, and doesn't seem to want to let it go… So, Shivero pulls harder, but it is impossible to make his new friend drop the book, who doesn't even move a centimetre!

- "Hey! You're gonna put it in the bag, right? I'll give it back to you on the way out! Besides, I'm not sure you can read…"

Sashikari does not react, as if he is frozen in the contemplation of the book cover. Shivero approaches his mouth near his mate's snout, and blows breath into his nose, which soon makes the druid react, finally coming out of his thoughts. Seeing Shivero's half-open mouth, Sashikari places his snout in front of the tiger's, and inserts his tongue into his mouth, rubbing it against Shivero's. Surprised, the animal moves back a little and sits down, amazed by the reaction of his comrade.

Sashikari throws his spell book into the bag, then winks at Shivero.

- "Uh, we should go, I think…" says Shivero, a bit confused.

Sashikari nods, taking the lead, returning to the entrance of the cave.

Shivero follows him, a little confused. Indeed, he liked the feeling of Sashikari's tongue on his own, and wants to go a bit further… But he is too shy, and does not dare to ask his comrade. The two adventurers reach one of the last narrow corridors, and as the light returns to normal, Shivero lifts his head towards the back of the druid to look at his balls, but he realizes that they have disappeared, just like his sheath, giving way to a vertical female slit. Shivero comes closer, in order to sniff the smell emanating from the crotch. Hmmm! It's not a hallucination, Sashikari has been transformed into a female! Shivero speeds up to reach the level of his friend, who just arrived at the exit of the cave, to warn him of his sex change.

- "Hey! Wait, Sashikari! Look at this! You're a girl!" he exclaims, jumping around.

- "The chest was trapped, I was right!"

Sashikari, septic, sits down, spreads his hind legs, then looks at his crotch. Indeed it is! His male organs has been replaced by a vagina. Surprised and curious, he delicately spreads his pussy's lips with his front legs, then slips a pawpad inside. It's so soft and warm… The druid seems eager to discover what pleasant sensations this new organ can give him… He starts wriggling his pawpad inside, taking out a claw to scrape the walls of his vagina, all under Shivero's eyes, who doesn't miss a bit of it.

Seeing his comrade touching himself, the tiger's dick stiffens, excited by the sounds of masturbation and the smell of the viscous fluid that begins to escape from the feline's vulva. Sashikari, notices the sudden interest of his compagnion for him, and decides to open his pussy's lips to encourage Shivero to lick him. The tiger places his snout between the druid's thighs, gently opens his mouth, and delicately licks the oozing pussy that offers itself to him. Sashikari is immediately traversed by a pleasant sensation, starting from his crotch and moving up to his shoulder blades, and takes a deep breath, then lies down completely on his back. Shivero pushes his rough tongue deeper and deeper into the feline's vagina, taking care to rub it on the clitoris each time, gradually increasing the druid's sensations of pleasure, as he starts to pant and moan. The stimuli become really intense for Sashikari, who begins to twist on the ground. But just before reaching orgasm, Shivero stops to lick his lips, then places himself above his buddy.

- "Do you want us to go further?" asks the tiger.

shivero mates with sashikari in his female formSashikari grabs his partner, wraps his front legs around his back and presses himself against him. Then, he kisses Shivero lovingly, swiping his tongue around inside his mouth. The tiger lowers its hindquarters, and slips its hot rod into the druid's pussy, which contracts strongly as the pointed limb enters. Shivero fucks Sashikari vigorously, in a symphony of moans of pleasure, caused by the rubbing of the tiger's barbels on the vaginal walls of his companion. Shivero accelerates the pace of his penetration, pushing his dick deeper and deeper. Suddenly, Sashikari rests his head onto the ground, reaching orgasm, and his vagina tightens very hard around his partner's dick, who is on the verge of ejaculation. Finally, Shivero pushes his penis up to the balls in the druid's pussy, and makes a loud scream of joy as his warm sperm ejaculates from his pulsating cock. His balls contract frantically, ejecting gooey semen into Sashikari's vagina, whose body is traversed by small tremors. Shivero starts purring and licking the druid's chin to thank him for sharing this incredible experience, while their sexual fluids escape from the blue-furred cat's pussy, slowly spreading across the ground in front of the dungeon's entrance.

They stay on top of each other for a few minutes, enjoying the last pleasant moments of their sexual relationship. Then Shivero withdraws and places himself behind Sashikari. The fluids dripping from the druid's pussy really look very appetizing, and the brown fawn is planning to enjoy it… Slowly, Shivero dips his tongue into the whitish puddle on the floor, then lappes the liquid as if it was milk, until it is no longer there. He then continues licking on Sashikari's hot vagina lips, who holds the semen inside as best he can. The tiger gently inserts his tongue into his friend's pussy, passionately sucking the mixture of semen and vaginal secretions it contains. He swallows the delicious nectar loudly, savouring to the last sip the sticky, slightly salty and bitter liquid. Finally, he licks the vaginal walls of his friend by twisting his tongue in his hole, making him come as he goes.

After cleaning the orifice, Shivero sits down and begins to finger this pretty female clitoris, sliding his paw from front to back, making sure to rub the female pleasure organ well. Sashikari becomes more and more excited by the masturbation provided by his partner, and is overwhelmed by intense feelings of pleasure, causing him uncontrollable tremors and strong vaginal contractions. Ah! It's so good to be a girl!

However, the druid does not intend to remain passive… He looks at the hard limb between his friend's hind legs, which is no longer waiting for someone to take care of it. Sashikari stands up and pushes Shivero with his front legs to make him fall on his back. He puts his mouth towards the pink limb still covered with sperm, spreads his tongue on its base, and slowly slides it over the rod of the brown fawn up to the tip. There, he slides the pointed glans between his lips, taking care not to rub it against his teeth, and sucks the tip of his cock vigorously, rubbing his tongue well on the barbels that cover it. The sensation of the rough tongue on the underside of his glans is so intense for Shivero, that he cannot resist moaning as drops of seminal fluid escape from his sexual orifice.

Suddenly, just when the tiger was about to reach orgasm, the druid stops sucking him.

Sashikari feels strange sensations running through his body, like heat waves from his chest to his crotch. The adventurers hear a light *Pouf*, which draws their attention to the hindquarters of the druid.

- "Oh! The spell has dissipated! You found your balls again!" Shivero says laughing.

shivero mates with sashikari in his male formSashikari sketches a smile too, passes over the tiger and stops so that his sheath is just above his head. He also wants to have a small blowjob… Shivero then pulls the skin pocket back, revealing the large canine limb, which he pushes into his mouth up to the knot, and begins to suck it. Sashikari arches his back a little more, quickly pushing his hips back and forth in order to penetrate his companion's snout. Sprays of a transparent liquid flow over Shivero's tongue, who swallows the fluid with delight. But as the druid's pleasure reached its peak, the brown cat suddenly stops, just as he had done before. Shivero grabs his friend, swings him to the side by rolling himself, so that he ends up on his back, and with Sashikari on top. Then, he positions himself correctly behind him, and pushes his dick into Sashikari's tight anus, delighted about this turnaround. The tiger, already on the verge of ejaculation, fucks his friend with all his strength, rubbing his glans swollen by the influx of blood against the druid's prostate. In just a few seconds, the two cats start roaring simultaneously with pleasure, flooded by the intense sensation of a powerful orgasm. Shivero's penis starts to twitch, pumping his warm sperm into the druid's colon, who ejaculates abundantly on his belly, soaking his companion's fur who is licking his chin at the same time.

The two adventurers finally embrace each other for long minutes, catching their breath while their seed slowly drips on the dry desert ground, the sunset light warmly illuminating the new love that has just formed under his eyes.