Show Lion's Big Premiere
by Razee

Freshly showered and meticulously groomed the big lion stepped into the living room with an armload of blankets and a couple of pillows. He immediately noted that the coffee table was missing and that Terry was already there, sprawled out on the floor, all cozy under a blanket and eating popcorn from a big bowl in front of the TV.

Then Terry looked up.

"UH-UH! No way! Drop that stuff right here and back to your room with you, you big goof. Get rid of those damn clothes. Every single stitch. If you were not actually born with it attached, it comes off right now. Then come back."

The lion rolled his eyes as he so often did but he dumped the bedding on the floor before turning and heading back to his room. A couple of minutes later he returned, completely naked this time.

Terry, now up and also nude, had spread one of the biggest blankets on the floor in front of the couch with additional blankets at the edges and was currently carefully arranging the pillows against the couch.

"Much better. Thank you. Now my silly 'ol 'show lion', it is time for your big theatrical premiere. You ready?"

The lion looked puzzled, "Show lion?"

Terry laughed. "Actually I'm glad you asked about that. It's a term we use in the business. It is used a lot of ways but in this context, it basically means you are a very sexy lion fellow who looks as yummy on camera as you do in person. You'd be surprised how many folks are simply gorgeous in person but don't photograph well at all. Absolutely not a problem in your case though, as you will see in just a moment. Now are you ready or not?"

The lion sighed. "Ready as I'm going to get, I suppose.

"Good. Now as you may recall, this evening is sort of your down payment on this singular copy of your finest performance and you are going to sit here and watch it with me until I've seen it enough times to satisfy me, correct?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Good enough. And no fair closing your eyes either. Your really have to watch it with me." Terry reached up a little, gently scratching the lion under his chin.

Heavy sigh... "OK. Mmm... that's nice though." He pressed his chin down harder onto Terry's fingers; he really liked having his chin scratched.

"Alright then. That was our deal and it is still a perfectly valid offer. However, I am now going to offer you an alternate deal. A very good deal. One where you could wind up owning that videotape, free and clear by the end of this very evening. Interested?"

The lion's roundish ears perked up. "I want to hear about it, yes."

"OK then. Here's alternate plan 'B'," Terry grinning hugely all the while.

The highly satisfying fingers scratching him under his chin disappeared and Terry turned toward the couch.

"But first we have to get in the proper position for watching a movie of such tremendous significance."

Then a still grinning Terry sat down on the floor against the couch, obscenely sprattle-legged, almost doing splits. The lion winced.

"Damn Terry that hurts just watching."

"Just a matter of stretching and working out regularly," Terry replied smoothly, clearly comfortable holding the pose within a virtual nest of pillows and blankets strewn about. Terry smiled up at him and patted the blanket-covered floor.

"Right down here big guy."

The lion smiled wryly and sat down between Terry's widespread legs, facing the TV.

"I don't think you are going to be able to see much through my mane back there Terry," the lion smirked covering the fact that he was just a little uncomfortable with having Terry close behind him like that.

"You'd be surprised what I see sometimes but just give me a sec here. Now scoot forward a little," the voice behind him instructed and the lion wriggled forward.

"Stop about... there."

"Now just lay back."

The lion carefully laid back. His shoulders wound up across Terry's hips and his head, cushioned by his fluffy mane, rested back against Terry's belly. Terry's breath whooshed out a little at the weight but the lion was placed precisely right.

Then the lion felt Terry laying forward over him, Terry's chin snuggling down into his thick mane from above and finally resting on the crown of his head. Terry's arms lay over his shoulders, meeting at the base of his neck.

"Perfect. Now I can see fine." Terry proclaimed happily and returning to scratching him under his chin, relaxing him a little. Terry knew he probably wasn't real happy with their relative positions.

"Now we are going to sit here and watch your tape which, I can assure you, I have already enjoyed immensely and repeatedly over the last week. While we do, I am going to be watching both the tape and you very carefully. Spread your legs a little wider there lover. Wider. Perfect."

Then Terry's already ridiculously widespread legs closed in to lay along the lion's.

"There we go. Nice. Now put your hands either on or somewhere outside my knees and leave them there. Good. Now as you watch your tape I am going to keep a very close watch on your crotch, that's one of my favorite hobbies by the way." Terry nipped his ear playfully but the lion's muzzle wrinkled slightly. He didn't like Terry being aggressive with him either, not even playfully.

"From up here I can't see much of your cock at the moment, dangling way down 'tween those very nice musclely thighs of yours, as I am left to assume it is."

"So the deal is if you can watch the entire tape, all the way through, WITHOUT EVER getting enough of an erection to for me to see even the tiniest little bit of your cock's shaft from here. A little head poking out is OK, after all, you usually poke out a little even when your not horny but the whole crown comes out and I see even a millimeter of shaft beyond it and you lose that round."

The lion snorted. "That's it? Are you nuts? There is no way in hell I am going to get a hardon watching THIS tape... unless you've added to it or something." He finished with a suspicious note in his voice.

"I have added some titles over the existing video, both at the beginning and at the end. I also added music underneath most of the parts that didn't already have music and I even put a little narration here and there but there is no new video or anything. No tricks. Just the stuff I shot of your 'performance'. Promise."

"Then of course I'll take that deal." The lion smirked, incredulous that Terry was going to let him off this easy.

"So. You don't even want to know what happens if you DO wind up a big 'ol horny show lion?"

"Uhmmm... Not that it's going to matter but what?"

"Simple. If you do, we stop the tape immediately and start it rewinding. Then I get to decide precisely how to relieve you of your horribly perverse 'desire' to screw yourself and, like a nice lion, you have to go along with whatever I decide. Then, once you've cum and are all nice and relaxed again, you get to decide what you want to do next. You can either give up for the night and I'll probably let you try it again next week. Or you can sit back down with me and try watching it all over again, from the very beginning, under all the same conditions. You can also give up at any other time you want but if you do, I make no promises about giving you another shot at winning the tape. The video runs exactly one hour, fourteen minutes and this deal is valid until the very first light of dawn in the skylight up there, uhm... looks like in about ten hours or so. Now, do you want this deal?"

"Of course. It's stupid and I'll win on the first go."

"We'll see. Alright, let's begin then, shall we?"

Terry reached over for the remote and the VCR began to hum...

As the video started, Terry squeezed the young lion fondly from above, still gently scratching him under his chin.

The lights came on and there was the door. A pleasant, soft-rock-pop instrumental came up on the audio. The newly added credits popped up over the scene. "The Show Lion's First Shoot, Written, Directed, Narrated and Produced by Terry Lund."

The door opened, the lion strode in and the narration began:

"Here we have a splendid example the wily and elusive 'show lion'. Under the proper conditions, show lions are easily distinguished from common lions and fortunately it looks like this fine young fellow is willing to accommodate us there. So let's watch and see what happens." It was Terry's finest National Geographic Nature Documentary style.

At about his point the lion was taking off his shirt.

"As we can clearly see here, this saucy young pup has shaved the fur back from his nipples. While not really a defining characteristic of a show lion, it is a very common practice among them. It allows for ready stimulation of these typically hidden but highly sensitive little nubs."

By this time the lion on the screen was tugging off his socks and straightening back up to remove his pants.

"Now we are indeed witnessing a defining characteristic of these magnificent creatures. Show lions are universally exhibitionists and it looks like our young friend here is going to give us a show."

Up on the TV screen the lion's boxers slide down. Then he straightened back up and stood tall for a moment before reaching out past the frame and coming back with the black leather collar in his hand. He began working it though his mane.

"Ah. Another defining characteristic of show lions is their great flexibility. Despite his show of reluctance note how readily our young friend dons his new collar."

The lion again stood tall for a moment before raising his arms and putting his hands behind his neck as the video trailed downward showing off his magnificent body.

"Let's have a proper look at him now. As we can see here he is a very well-made example of his species in prime condition."

The video trailed down his body.

"And as we can see here, male show lions are always well-endowed with large, handsome sex organs."

The lion turned his head, embarrassed as the video zoomed in very tight on his exposed crotch.

"Ah-hem. I can't see. Which means that, contrary to our deal, you aren't watching the video. Should I start rewinding?" Terry's voice came down to him.

The lion turned back to the video just as he was taking a seat in the big blue chair on the screen. He squirmed on the floor under Terry as he watch his own hands repeatedly tease and torment his achingly needful sex in front of the video camera. Terry glanced down several times but there was no real sign of lust in the lion's groin... yet.

That changed as soon as the lion up on the video screen began to finger his ass. The lion beneath Terry twisted uncomfortably and his breathing rate definitely increased as he watched himself playing with his tailhole and then slipping a finger up inside.

Terry now watched closely as the big lion shifted restlessly below. There was no question that there was a swelling in his crotch but for the moment no actual erection. Still, Terry had to smile in knowing that he had to be worried. If he was already reacting to his performance it seemed only a matter of time before he lost this first round.

As the lion watched his image urgently probing his ass he felt a distinct swelling in his crotch, his own anus twitching at the memory of what was being played out on the screen before him. He tried desperately to distract himself but even if he had wanted to, he found himself utterly unable to tear his eyes from the video. As he saw the perverted vibrator device come into the frame he lost it. His cock slowly swelled, popping fully out of its sheath and rising up between his thighs as his image was just beginning to press the device into himself.

"Ah-hem" Terry vocalized again from atop his head, clearly amused. Terry switched off the video and hit the rewind button.

"Shit! I don't believe it." The lion exclaimed glaring at his now rampant organ as if betrayed. "Son of a bitch!"

"Well now. What do we have down there? That looks like some pretty 'solid' evidence to me big guy. OK, let me up." Terry reached down to tweak one of his naked nipples and then let him go, lying back as the lion scooted forward. Terry crawled out from behind him, laying a couple of pillows on the blanket where they had just been sitting. "All right now lay back down." The lion lay down on his back, his head falling perfectly onto the thick pillows. A grinning Terry soon moved over him and lewdly thrust a hand into his swollen groin, firmly grasping his semi-hard shaft.

The very embarrassed young lion gasped as his grinning lover squeezed his maleness tightly. Terry's smooth thumb-pad worked back and forth over the base of his glans, skillfully manipulating him to a full, raging hardon. Terry did finally smile sympathetically, having a least a little mercy on him.

"Don't be so shocked love, it's really perfectly normal. There is no way in hell a healthy young fellow like yourself can watch something like that and not end up aroused. Especially while still so vividly remembering what it was like when it actually happened to you. Most young women couldn't either, although that's not quite such an absolute. I've known a few who probably could, even at your age." Terry smiled and spoke soothingly but still sounding like a teacher gently correcting an errant student, despite only being three years older than the desperately horny lion.

"I still don't... unghhh... God that's good Ter." He squirmed on the floor under his friend's all too knowing hands.

"Now let me think. How should we take care of this little problem so we can get back to watching our movie? Hmmm..."

Terry let go of his cock letting it flop stiffly across his furry belly. A few seconds later a towel fell across his chest as Terry returned with the same bottle of skin lotion that they'd used when shooting the film.

"Pull those big 'ol feet of yours on up to your rump big guy." The lion complied, his knees high in the air.

"That's fine. Now relax."

The lion smirked but complied letting his thighs fall wide open, obscenely presenting his most tender aspects to his friend who was now squatting lightly on his ropy tail. Terry brought the bottle of lotion up over his swollen shaft and drizzled a thick stream of the cool stuff up its length and back down again.

"There. I think I'll let you deal with this nasty swelling you've got lover. While you do, I think that, since you appeared to enjoy fingering your rear, we should see how you like it when I do it for you."

"Terry!" the young lion half-roared.

"Yeah, yeah I know you have that thing about being touched down here." Terry grinned hugely. "But you took the deal and you got hard, so I get to do what I like for once and you have to lay there and like it." Terry still grinning fiercely, poured out another generous dollop of the creamy lotion. "Besides it not like I'm going to raid our 'toy' chest, gear us both up, jump on your back and screw your silly ass," said Terry ...and then mumbling softly: "although that might be nice for a change."

"Anyway," Terry's voice came back up, "I'm just going to give you a very slippery-sweet little massage down here, inside and out. I'm very good at it guy, get lots of practice on the big screen, you know. You're really going to like it, I promise."

The lion, looking half panicked but knowing he had been trapped by his own big mouth again, shut his eyes and wriggled in uncomfortable anticipation as Terry's lotion covered fingers dipped beneath his balls. He sucked his breath in hard, as Terry's slippery digits began a slow circular massage over the delicate pink flesh of his anal ring.

The lion's response to the gentle touch almost instantaneous and Terry's expression quickly went from surprise to utter fascination. The lion was obviously still painfully embarrassed and somewhat uncomfortable with what Terry was doing to his rear, but his right hand had instantly went to his crotch. He rubbed hard on his already straining erection, seemingly without even realizing he was doing so. Terry smiled in warm wonder down at the huge nude cat softly moaning and shivering fitfully on the floor below.

"Oh ho ho. Someone is REALLY sensitive down here, aren't you big fella? No wonder you have always gotten so twitchy every time I even acted like I was going to touch you there. That ego of yours just couldn't stand it. Imagine the thought of 'lil 'ol terry the porno fuck-toy making BIG MACHO MR. LION squirm and mewl like a kitten... well... a kitten in heat anyway." Terry sniggered.

The lion, his eyes still tightly shut, turned his head as his already flat ears tried to fold even more tightly into his skull. He couldn't remember ever being so embarrassed, but it was even more than that. He was absolutely terrified and he wasn't even sure why.

Seeing that he really was distressed, Terry first frowned and then softened. The lion felt Terry's warm teasing fingers disappear and cool air kiss his still uncomfortably vulnerable and slippery-wet anus.

"Terry I... I mean..." he started, eyes still closed.

"Shhh. Shush. Open your eyes you silly lion."

He did and Terry was there, nose to nose with him, calmly looking deep into his eyes.

"It's OK love. Now why is that so bad? Your body likes it, that's for sure. Why all the angst? So you like having your ass played with, so what? You're still the big man on campus in my book. You know that." Terry smiled warmly and kissed his nose but could see that the fear was still there.

"OK how about this then. I promise that nothing about this will ever be heard from me again except maybe when we are being intimate. And even then there will be no jokes, no teasing, no noth'n but love'n. I promise."

Terry kissed his nose again before moving back down between his thighs, dismayed that the lion was so upset that his erection had flagged, his cock still mostly exposed but lying flaccid on his creamy stomach fur.

The lion, still distressed by his reaction to the last round, swallowed hard as Terry's slippery fingers gently probed beneath his balls again.

"On the other hand, so to speak big guy," Terry laughed gently, only just barely touching his little pink pucker. "Seems to me it would be stupid not to... Well... 'take advantage' of this now and then when we're being intimate."

Terry was running a finger pad back and forth, very lightly as he squirmed, teasing him with great delicacy and delighting as he rapidly hardened again.

"I mean, come on, relax and let yourself enjoy it. I know your big secret now and nothing is going to change that, so why not let yourself have a little fun with it?" Terry said comfortingly but knowing very well there had to be more to it all than that. "Hell, would it even be so horrible, so awful, if I actually did 'take' you for change? ...maybe just once?" Terry's voice trailed off a bit wistfully; voicing a long held fantasy. But then quickly laughing, turning it into a joke so as not to make things any worse.

"Just kidding big guy, you da man."

"Terry I... Uhnnn..."

"You don't have to say anything all this you know right now you know. And maybe it would be better if you don't. Think about it all, then we'll talk, if you want to."

"Unnhnn... Thanks Ter," he answered grateful but still embarrassed and somewhat sullen as his friend continued playing so intimately with his slickly, defenseless anus.

"Anytime big guy. But while you are thinking about it, keep this in mind too." Terry grinned widely and gradually applied more and more pressure to his anal ring. The lion wriggled sexily on the floor, gasping sharply as one of Terry's fingers finally breached his barely protesting sphincter and slipped up into him. His cock was already hard again and it throbbed enthusiastically in response to the gentle anal probe. Somewhat sheepishly, he dropped a hand back down to grasp its straining length.

"That's it love, just let it come naturally. No need to be embarrassed. Feels really good doesn't it?"

Still embarrassed but unable to deny what was happening to him, the lion nodded as he stroked his erection with more enthusiasm. Terry soon drizzled even more of the thick lotion over his pumping hands and throbbing pink member as well as beneath the lion's dangling testes.

"There, that should help keep things moving nicely. Just relax and enjoy the sensations of it all. The more you relax the better it all feels lover."

Terry's clever fingers were constantly slipping in and out of his tight, wrigglely rump. The lion's hips were in constant but erratic motion now, thrusting this way and that involuntarily opposing the unseen finger-pads that slid relentlessly over, around, well up into his hypersensitive tail-hole. His feet kicked and twitched out to the sides as well. Toes stretching wide and claws flexing in instinctive sensual response to the intense lust enveloping his entire lower body.

His own paws were very busy in his aching crotch, working his stiff pink maleness with long, firm stokes, riding easily on the plentiful skin lotion. Terry's busy anal massage soon worked in urgent counterpoint to his stroking. Adding even more fuel to the fire, Terry's hands constantly and intentionally bumped and jostled his seed-heavy ballsac.

It didn't take long before he had to grab for the towel and even then he barely got there with it before his organ exploded. His testes felt like they were trying to launch his seed into orbit. He had never felt them pump so hard as when Terry's finger synched to the pumping rhythm up inside his ass.

"There you go big guy. Much better. That's nice. I know that feels really good." Terry said softly, comfortingly, while massaging him deeply.

The lion shot long and hard into the waiting towel as Terry kept right on stroking him urgently from the inside. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, each sensational pulse feeling stronger than the last. Eventually though his cock's frantic pumping finally eased. Terry pulled out and back, smiling broadly.

"Now bet me money that you've never cum so hard or long in your life, I dare you." Terry grinned knowingly down at the still shivering lion but with great affection.

Then Terry stood up, paused a few seconds as the somewhat dazed and gasping lion cleaned himself up with the towel, then took the soiled towel from him and headed for the hallway.

"Just lay there and relax for a second love. Need to wash up and toss this towel right quick."

The lion sighed, still gently rubbing his now well-satisfied maleness and enjoying the afterglow of the extremely powerful orgasm. Still, he was uneasy.

Terry came back in.

"OK guy. Up. Let me back into my spot. Or do you want to call it a night already?" Terry teased lightly.

"What's the point?" He huffed, scowling and still embarrassed. "I barely lasted ten minutes. There's no way in hell I'm going to make it though without getting another hardon."

"Not this time and maybe not even the next, but if you keep on trying you will do it eventually. And in the meantime I promise that 'trying' will be very nice. Of course I'm not sure if you'll be able to stay awake long enough to ultimately win out or not this evening but it's worth a 'shot' or two to find out isn't it?"

"And what am I going to have to do next time?" he huffed testily "Bend over and take it like a man?"

This time is was Terry's eyes that sought help from the ceiling above.

"As if. I give you a nice little rub job down there and you go ballistic you really think I going to do THAT? Do I look suicidal to you? Do I have 'STUPID' written across my forehead?"

Terry squatted down next to him and put a hand on his chest.

"In case you haven't figured it out yet guy, we are playing a GAME here. It's supposed to be fun. ...Even when you lose a round." Terry smiled while playfully tweaking one of his exposed nipples. "I know you are all huffy at the moment but can you really look me in the eye and tell me that you didn't enjoy it?"

He looked away, sighing heavily and embarrassed again, "No."

"Or that I didn't have the right to under the rules YOU agreed to?"


"Then what is the problem here?"

"I'm... I mean..." he half-snarled but quickly trailed off as he looked into Terry's rapidly hardening eyes.

"You are what 'O Dominant One?" Terry huffed sarcastically, getting more irritated by the second. "KING? I swear. You strut around here like you think you own the damn place half the time, barking your little royal commands. Now you know I'm willing to play along most of the time but damn it you don't OWN me. Sometimes I should get what I want for a change and your precious 'alpha-male' sensibilities be damned. I mean really..."

Terry, actually angry now, stood and turned for the hallway fuming.

The lion sat up, his eyes widening and ears sinking. He briefly looked around room and then at his retreating friend and companion. He swallowed hard and then bowed his head slightly.

"Terry?" he called but Terry kept right on walking.

"Terry wait!"

Terry turned at the entrance to the hall glaring down at him.


There was a long pause; the lion never looked up.

"Well?" Terry all but hissed clearly ready to turn and walk out.

"I'd like to try again... Uhm... Please."

Terry's head cocked to one side slightly but eyes still hard.


He finally looked up and nodded, obviously still upset but contrite none-the-less.


"You mean it?"

"You're right. I don't own you. I never really mean to act like I do, but you're right, I do sometimes. It's just that..." he searched for the words. "I don't know, it just happens, you know?" He shook his head. "Terry... where's that collar? The one I wore in the video?"

Terry was taken aback.

"I'm pretty sure it's in the chest with the other toys and such."

"Would you get it for me? Please?"

Terry disappeared but was back almost instantly with the thick black leather collar.

"OK. See what you think of this for a plan: That is now 'my' collar from now on but I want you to keep it for me. Then when you need me too... uh... 'tone it down some', you give it to me and we'll do things your way for a while. I'll even put it on and wear it, if you like. ...At least when we're alone," he added hastily. "Do you think that would that work?"

"I... I don't see why not. If you really mean it."

The lion held his hand out and Terry gave him the collar.

He immediately began to work it through his mane. He wrapped it around his thick neck and buckled it deftly this time. Then, smiling briefly up at Terry who was still standing uncertainly next to him, he scooted forward making space behind him again.

Terry finally smiled again and moved to sit behind him. Soon they were right back where they had started with Terry's chin perched high in his mane and arms around his now collared neck.

As they settle the lion sighed and said, "On with the show."

"I think that's my line big guy," Terry responded happily while starting the video again and hugging him tightly.

The lion made it farther this time. All the way to the point of his second stunning orgasm under the vibrator machine's influence. But by the time his cock spurted messily up on the screen, he was definitely hard again. Terry didn't say anything but the video switched off and began to rewind.

Terry let him go and he scooted forward. Terry stood and looked thoughtfully around the room.

"Now let's see here... A big 'ol horny lion to relieve of his perversions and myself somewhat anxious too. Seems like there should be a fairly simply solution to that."

Terry smiled. A large towel was soon laid into the seat of the big dark green recliner in the corner and another on the floor in front of it, bridging to the big blanket spread out in front of the couch.

"Up in the chair big guy."

The lion looked a little surprised but eagerly complied and was soon comfortable reclined. Terry handed him the bottle of skin lotion and a couple of smaller hand-towels. The lion laid them on the table by the chair. Then Terry's hand thrust into his swollen groin again. Terry stroked him smoothly with one hand while gently fondling his testes with the other, swiftly making certain he was fully hard. Next Terry grabbed a well-used tube of heavy lubricant and applied a thickly thorough coating to the lion's rampant member, with a big extra glob at the very tip. Moments later, Terry was up over the lion, squatting over him facing away. Terry reached beneath to guide the lion's well-lubed maleness and then slowly lowering down onto it.

The lion inhaled sharply as Terry's greedy hole easily swallowed his slippery glans. As Terry eventually settled comfortably down into his gold furred lap, the lion's arms wrapped around tightly, his head nuzzling Terry hard from behind. Terry's own arms folded over the lion's, holding him and lying back hard against his nuzzling.

They sat there, so profoundly coupled together, for several long breaths. Neither one wanting to move as they each enjoyed the warm, deeply intimate, embrace.

"Mmmmm... I could sit like this all night guy but I seem to recall there is suppose to be a little more to it than this."

The lion laughed and hugged Terry all the more tightly for a moment before he finally relented.

Terry let go of the lion's arms and grasped the arm cushions instead. The lion's hands fell into Terry's crotch as Terry began to push up from the armrests slowly lifting back up the lion's hot length. The lion gasped as Terry reached the top of his erection, with the head just barely inside, and then squeezed down unbelievably hard.

The lion never could quite figure out how Terry remained so tight despite having been a porn star for more than three years now. He knew Terry could pretty well take a Greyhound Bus up there, smoothly and without so much as flinching. He also knew that his friend could probably crush the bloody thing internally and squeeze it out on cue.

Terry, still clamping down hard, slowly slipped back down the lion's slippery shaft again. The lion rocked urgently in the chair below. His hips humping to an instinctive biological pace that he sometimes seemed to have little control over. But Terry knew him well and was an old pro at seeing things done properly between them. As planned the lion's frenzied thrusting was severely limited by his position in the recliner and simply caused Terry to slowly fall in many very short, jerking gasps, back down into his lap.

Then Terry would simply push up off armrests again, climbing up the pillar of slippery pink lion meat before clenching down hard. The Terry would relax the grip on the seat arms for another long, delicious ride down.

In control or not, the lion was still considerate of his friend's needs. His thick fingers, now heavily coated in the slippery skin lotion, teased Terry's sex relentlessly. Despite his growing arousal, he worked diligently and with no small skill to positively ensure that his lover, who was doing most of the real physical work, enjoyed things as much as he did. And Terry was deeply appreciative, hips soon rolling smoothly under the lion's clever, fondling fingers. Their odd, but mutually satisfying rhythm now fully established, their excitement built quickly.

Terry pushed up the lion's stabbing maleness again and again, only to let go and slide back down into the pumping lion's lap again. Terry's hips still worked back and forth under the lion's slippery massage as the wild ride continued and picked up speed. The lion moaned passionately with each vacuous rise and Terry grunted repeatedly with each jerky fall as the lion's rampant member thoroughly filled his lover once more.

The lion soon growled sharply as his aching cock finally erupted in Terry's quivering depths, hot lion sperm repeatedly spurting deep inside. Lions were often known to have trouble keeping their claws in as they orgasm but Terry trusted the lion's hands where they were. He had always been extremely careful, especially when stroking such intimately delicate flesh. Within moments of the lion's climax, Terry's sex jetted hard as well, pulsing messily and spattering out onto the towels waiting before them.

They moved even more frantically against one another as their orgasms slowly faded. Then Terry's ass lowered one final time and lion's arms came up to tightly encircle Terry once again. Their tensions released Terry all but melted into his lap as the relaxing lion sank even deeper into the soft chair.

"Wow. That was good. I mean really good big guy." Terry sighed, still breathing a little hard while snuggling down pleasantly in his arms, feeling almost completely wrapped in warm lion fur as the big cat's cock slowly softened and withdrew from beneath.

"You bet." He enthused. Then he chuckled. "Especially since I had really figured that you'd have me bent over one of the barstools with everything you have stuffed up my rump."

Terry laughed fondly. "Don't think I didn't consider it, you sorry fleabag..." Then Terry's teasing voice then softened. "And I know you'd have gone through with it too, big guy. You are always good to you word. But I really don't think you're ready for that yet. Some other time maybe. This time I wanted something we could both enjoy."

"Worked good," the lion laughed softly while squeezing Terry a little more tightly in his arms and nuzzling a silent but clear and warm 'thank you' into his friend's neck.

Terry smiled widely said, "Well let's get cleaned up so you can try again," while reaching for the hand-towels on the table by the chair. "I don't want to be accused of stalling, you've probably only got about eight hours left before first light." Terry laughed still very comfortable ensconced in the lion's lap.

"Naw. I think I'll just head for the shower now and turn in."

"WHAT?" exclaimed Terry, head twisting to eye the lion incredulously over a shoulder. "Are you nuts? After all of this you actually have a chance of making it all the way through next time. ...And if not this time, then the time after for sure. I mean, you are viral and studly as can be but three really good, hard 'O's in a row and you are pretty much down for the evening guy. You've already had two now but if you quit now you'll have to start all over again."

"Yeah I know." The lion lifted his muzzle and turned his head, looking about the disheveled living room. "You really like this little game, don't you?"

"Of course, that's why I thought it up, but what's that got to do with it?"

The big lion smiled. "Well then I think maybe you're not done enjoying that stupid tape just yet. Next week will be soon enough for me to have it back. Maybe even the week after that," the lion grinned.

Terry was stunned but quickly recovered.

"Well in that case, I think I'll wait until morning to take your collar back. Go get your things and be in MY shower in two minutes Mister." Terry 'ordered', smirking all the while but clearly delighted with the lion's playing along so nicely. "You're sleeping in my bedroom tonight. And tonight, for once, I get to hog the all covers."

The lion laughed richly and stood, easily lifting and then politely setting down Terry before bowing deeply with his hands held over his head.

"Yes 'O Dominate One," he intoned solemnly but with a painfully large grin.

Terry laughed and marveled, reaching to hug him tight as he straightened up again. Something really had changed between them this evening and Terry was pretty sure it was going to turn out to be a good thing.

The big lion, still collared but smiling and chuckling, hugged Terry back enthusiastically.

Yep. A very good thing indeed.

The End