Spell Of The Beast

Chapter 1

That's the most unspeakably vulgar thing ... I've ever heard!" Joan Wright said, blushing, as she turned her head in embarrassment, not daring to look up into the arrogant eyes of the man who stood relaxed and at ease beside the partly demolished fuselage of the wrecked plane.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Wright ... haven't you ever been propositioned before?" he asked, his eyes, crinkling at the corners into deep crow's feet, his disarming smile revealing straight, white and even teeth contrasting with the deep tan of his lean, good-looking face.

"Under the circumstances ... I-I hardly expected ... something like this ... Mr. Henson!" she faltered. "Call me Buzz!"

"No, thank you, Mr. Henson ... We're going to remain just as we were! There'll be no ... personal relationships!"
"Think it over ... Joan ..." he began, but her flashing, angry eyes stopped him.

She snapped, "Mrs. Wright ... to you!"

"Mrs. Wright ..." he mocked. "You're not in a very good position to bargain!"

"Why should I have to bargain ... with you?"
"Very simple ... I've got something you want ... and ..." he leered, looking up and down her trim sensuous figure. "You've got something ... I want!"

"The answer, Mr. Henson ... is a definite no!" His slow, confident smile was maddening to her; she turned away from him, her eyes misting with disappointment she would never allow him to see, and walked the ten yards or so across the small natural clearing to the rude shelter where her husband lay on his sleeping bag. She stopped in front of the lean-to and for the thousandth time scanned the bright, blue sky, shading her eyes against the glare, hoping and praying that this time a search plane would flit into view; likewise her ears strained for the sound of an airplane engine. There was nothing in the sky except dipping, caroling birds and flitting insects. The wind, sighing through the upper branches of the forest seemed extraordinarily loud in her ears as her now more than sensitive ears caught heretofore unnoticed sounds of the wilderness. The creaking of branches, the chatter of squirrels, the buzz of insect wings and the gurgling sounds of water over the rocks in the stream bed that clove through the small glade.

Under other circumstances, it would have been an idyllic paradise, far from the cares and pressures of everyday city life, and she would have been tempted to stay, make it her own retreat, a Shangri-La where a person could live a simple life of peace and contemplation. The circumstances, however, made it, for her less than a paradise, lower than a heaven on earth; actually, more like a hell on earth ... ever since their plane had hurtled through the tree tops to crash in grinding, metal-tortured horror in this northern wilderness. With a conscious act of will she blotted out the details of the plane's terrifying descent and subsequent violent crunch to earth in this isolated and God-forsaken spot. The memory of those moments were too vivid, too laden with fear and terror for her.

OOOooooh! God! We're going to crash! We'll all be killed! Not now, God! Oh, Please ... not now ...! Joan looked down at her husband, his bandage-swathed head lying on the rough material of the sleeping bag a further reminder to her of those awful moments. Jim had been sitting in the copilot's seat when the plane had gone into the ground, flinging him forward, his head striking hard against the instrument panel, knocking him unconscious and opening a mean looking gash in his forehead. He had been unconscious for a day and a half; since then he had had periods of consciousness, during which he seemed to be lucid, lapsing after an hour or so into incoherent mouthings followed by another siege of total blackout. His moans of pain had prompted her to ask Buzz Henson, the pilot, whether there were some kind of pain relieving tablets in the medicine supplies. The innocent question had been distorted and turned back upon her. She had fled.

"Sure, there are some codeine tablets in there ... why?" He made no move to get them from the kit. Instead, he had lounged back, easily, his hands in his pockets and a lewd smile played over his face.

"My husband ... is having quite a lot of pain ... and I'd like to give him something ... to ease it ..."
"I'm sure you do ... Mrs. Wright ... What are they worth to you?" Buzz asked.

"Well ... I didn't think I'd have to pay for them! Just a moment ... I'll go get my purse ... and I'd pay whatever they'd be worth in a regular drugstore ..."

"I'm not talking about money ... Joan!"

"Oh ...?"

She was surprised at his use of her first name; it became a little too personal. He was a charter pilot, and, to her, it seemed he was assuming too much, too soon. True, he was a handsome man of trim, athletic build and proportions, standing almost six feet tall, with blond, sun-streaked hair and ice-blue eyes.

"Out here," he said, looking, pointedly, around at the crash site with an air of complete confidence, "out here ... no amount of money could buy those pain pills! I'm the captain in charge and they might be needed for something more serious later."
"I'm sorry, Mr. Henson ... I just don't ... seem to follow you ... at all ..."

"Look, Joan ... you're a big girl, now ... a married woman ... and you surely know all about the birds and bees ..." he said, sarcasm dripping from his statement.

Joan's cheeks flamed with tardy understanding. She gasped, "You mean ...?"

"I mean ... if you want those codeine tablets bad enough ... you'll be willing to pay for them with the only negotiable currency you've got ...!"

"That's inhuman ...! You'd be denying another person ... something he needs ...!" she argued.

"Correction! I'm being very human! I need something, too ... and it's spelled S*E*X*! In other words I want to fuck you!" The word hung vibrant in the air between them, and Joan had broken off the conversation with the pilot to return to the shelter where her husband lay.

Buzz Henson watched her walk away from him, her haughty shoulders squared, indignantly, head held high. He noted how well her full, rounded buttocks filled the bright yellow shorts she wore, her thighs tapering, parabolically, down to dainty knees that linked to finely curved calves and trim ankles. The blouse had left nothing to the imagination, its sheer cloth revealing ample, up-thrusting breasts held up by a skimpy bra that threatened to release the burden of her full white fleshy bounty at the slightest provocation.

She'll be back! I'd bet on it! Damn! What a woman! Joan sat down, tiredly, dejectedly, beside her husband. She refused to allow herself the luxury of tears; their present predicament was too desperate. They had crashed in rugged mountain country somewhere south and east of Havre, Montana. Buzz had guessed, after studying his maps carefully, that they had gone down in the Lion's Paw Mountains.

"It's probably called Lion's Paw because of the general shape ... but we're one hell of a long ways from any civilization ... for sure!" Buzz had said, impressing them with the seriousness of their position.

Andy Sloan had added, mildly, "We're fortunate it's late summer ... instead of winter time ..."

"Who in hell would want to come up here during the winter?" Buzz challenged.

The older man had looked away and mumbled vaguely, "I suppose ... there are ... some people ..."

He had avoided the clash of will and of personality with the young, daredevil pilot; after a while, he had arisen and walked down across the little meadow to the stream. Jim moaned and opened his eyes. He focused on Joan sitting beside him, his hand going out toward her. She turned toward him, happily, as his hand touched her back.

"Oh, Jim! You're awake ... again! How do you feel, Darling?"


"Is your head still hurting as bad as it was ...?"
"Worse ...! It keeps pounding away ... like it's going to tear my ears off!" he complained.

Joan looked at his drawn face, his eyes haggard and burning in his ashen face. She knew that he suffered, and that a measure of relief, in the form of pain-relieving pills was available a few paces away.

Dear God! I'm faced with a dilemma that's almost unsolvable! And ... I don't know what way to turn ... It's tearing me up ... inside, to see Jimmy in such pain ... I feel like I have to do something to help him ... give him some relief ... But, Buzz controls the medicines ... and food ... and everything! He's made clear what he wants ... Me! He wants to m-make l-love ... to me ... in exchange for the codeine tablets! He's putting it on a primitive barter basis! Oh, Dear Lord ... What am I to do ...? With a long, drawn-out groan, her husband's body shuddered and he lapsed, again, into unconsciousness. She leaned over him. "Jim! Oh, Jim? Oh, My God ... My Darling!" she sobbed.

Her heart went out to him. She loved her husband with all of her heart and soul; her whole life revolved around him. It had never occurred to her before that she could ever lose him. Now, the morbid thought of impending death ... her husband's death ... Jim, her Jim, hung over her, paralyzing her with fear. The words of the wedding vow knifed through her. Yes! God, Yes! She would cling to him! He was hurt ... in pain! He needed her, now, in his time of suffering! All she had been able to do for him, up to this point, was make him comfortable, dress his wound and feed him. Now, she had discovered she could do more; a drug was available to ease his pain. In her frantic mind, the acquisition of the pain-reliever was of foremost importance. Jim! Oh, Jimmy! I love you so terribly much! I'd do anything for you! But, the horrible bargain I'll have to make ... just to get those pills! Ugh! Let another man ... make love to me ... violate my body ... My body that's pledged only to my husband! And ... violate the wedding vows ... break the commandment! Oh, Dear God! l need help! I can't make a decision like this! It's too enormous ... too frightening ... to think that I'd be forced to break the laws of man ... and God! I can't do it ... I just can't do it! Everything's out of balance! Suddenly, Jim began to mumble. "God! Look out! Going in ...! Hang on! Joan! Joan! Jooaan!" Then, a horrible groan escaped his lips, the sound of it stabbed like a searing spike being driven into her brain.

Dear God! Would I be guilty ... of a greater sin ... if I let him suffer ... and did nothing to help? It would be inhuman ... barbaric! I'm still a human being who cares ... who loves deeply! I've always heard ... there are some things that money can't buy! Buzz said I had only one negotiable currency ... my body! Out here ... in this wilderness ... values are changed ... different, but my love for Jimmy hasn't changed! In this insane, distorted value system ... of barter ... that Buzz insists we follow ... I don't have much choice ... No choice in fact! I can do nothing ... and let Jim suffer ... or I can give in to Buzz ... and get the pills ... to help relieve has pain! It's as simple as that! ... And, all I've been taught about morality has to be thrown out the window! Oh, I'm so confused! What can I do ...? Oh, God ... what shall I do? I need help! Help me now ... please ... Oh, please ...

Thinking she must do something ... anything, she rose, went to the cooking area, selected a small aluminum pan and walked down to the gurgling little stream of ice-cold water; at least, she told herself, she could bathe Jim's face with the cold water, hoping that what little comfort it afforded would ease him, perhaps help to lower his temperature.

Buzz Henson watched her; he knew that she was troubled, the burden of his unorthodox bargain weighing heavily upon her. He wanted a drink from the stream, anyway, so he walked to where she knelt filling the pan with the crystal clear water. He stood behind her, his eyes raking her luscious body, hungrily, noting the milky-white skin revealed between the waistband of her shorts and the square cut tail of her blouse, the vertebrae marching up her back, higher, the ridges of her ribs curving softly and, below, the nipping curve of her waist flaring into the provocative curve of her hips; her globoid buttocks wagged in the air back at him, as she dipped the water then sat back on her heels. He had a sudden vision of those same buttocks, bare, shoving back at him as his hardened maleness plunged into the coral moistness of her widespread pussy. God! His penis jerked erect, throbbingly, reminding him how long it had been since he'd had a good, satisfying sexual encounter. Damn! She's absolutely beautiful! I don't know when I've wanted any woman more than I want her ... right now!

Joan was aware, now, that he stood there, behind her. She had to remain calm, cool ... distant; this man must not be allowed to get inside her defenses. Getting to her feet, she turned and faced him. His arrogant blue eyes smiled lewdly down into her own green-hued orbs. The revulsion in her as she saw his lust, caused her to step around him without a word. He caught her elbow and swung her back to face him.

"Not so fast ... Joan! We have some unfinished business!"
"No! No ... we don't, Mr. Henson! There's nothing for us ... to discuss!" she flared.

Buzz lounged back, relaxed, his tone conversational as he gave her directions.

"Up on top of that little ridge ... to the north, there's a big oak tree ... and a beautiful view ... After lunch ... say about one-thirty ... I'm going to be there, by that big oak! If you change your mind ... come up and join me there! All you have to do is follow the stream up about two hundred yards where there's a little waterfall ... then up the east slope. It's not hard to find ... if you want to ..."

"If you'll be so kind as to release me ... I'll go back and ... attend to the needs of my husband!"

"You're a stuck-up little bitch ... aren't you? Is that the Vassar treatment you're giving me ... Or is it Bryn Mawr ...?"
"You're vulgar ... and insulting!" Joan snapped. "I'm real ... real and realistic! I don't need that veneer of good manners to get what I want!"

"Perhaps so, Mr. Henson ... but those schools don't have an exclusive on those things! I went to an equally good school in the Mid-West ... One you wouldn't recognize, if I told you the name. If you'll excuse me ... please?"

The tall, tanned pilot grinned at her and released his grasp on her elbow.

"I'll be waiting!" he said with supreme confidence. Joan stepped around him and made her way back to the shelter. Jim was still unconscious; however, as she began to bathe his face in the icy water, he opened his eyes and looked at her, pain grimaced and contorted his face. He groaned. "Oh, my poor Darling!" she soothed, leaning down to kiss him on the lips. "I'm doing all I can to make it better!" Even as she said it, she knew it was not true. There was one thing she had not done! In that flashing instant she made her decision.

According to the plan of action outlined to them by Buzz Henson, soon after the crash, it was her turn to prepare the noon meal beginning at 11:30. She went about her duties, using the food that Buzz rationed; additionally, there was a fat squirrel Buzz had killed and dressed out. He gave it to her with instructions to make a stew of it. She obeyed him; his will had been imposed upon them all in matters of their survival. She reflected upon the fast pace of events. Before the crash Andrew Sloan, Jim's immediate boss in the architectural firm of Sloan, Kitchen and Wilson, had been in complete command of everything, having organized their entire vacation trip and confidently arranging the details of their entire existence from the time they had begun to get ready for it. After the plane had crunched into the glade where they were now trapped, Andy Sloan had seemed to come apart at the seams. His orders were uncertain, his decisions unsound, and on the second day, Buzz had quietly, confidently, asserted his authority over them, deposing the older man from his position of leadership. Andy, when he realized what had happened, that his role had been usurped, had verbally castigated Buzz Henson, ranting and raving and making ludicrous threats concerning the dire punishments facing Buzz for getting them all into this damned mess. Buzz had listened, but brought the monologue to an end when the older man began repeating himself.

"Mr. Sloan ... I realize you're a big wheel ... in your office, sitting behind your desk, but we're in one hell of a serious situation! It can't be solved by making a phone call ... or calling in an assistant. Decisions have to be made here ... in terms of life or death. Now, I've seen you make some pretty foolish judgments since yesterday ... and I feel if we're going to get off this mountain alive ... it'll be up to me to get us off, so from now on I'm the Head Honcho!"

Andy reacted; there was nothing left him now but action. He had to do it ... to save what vestige of dignity was left him. His fist came sizzling from right field, a roundhouse blow that telegraphed itself to Buzz who stood alertly ready. The pilot side-stepped the furious attack and countered with a quick left jab. Sloan slumped to the ground, his eyes glazing, but he was not unconscious. He shook his head to clear his vision. "You bastard!" he spat, a small rivulet of blood coming from the corner of his mouth. The architect rubbed his jaw. The pilot stood over the fallen man. "Mr. Sloan ... I'm sorry I had to do that ... but you gave me no other choice. Now, get this straight ... We'll have only one person in charge! Me!" Gayle Sloan had helped her husband to his feet and led him away, unresisting, to the stream, where she had attended to the superficial wound. They were gone a long time; Gayle talked, and Andy listened, morosely. When they had returned, Andy, manfully, told Buzz that he would now do whatever was required of him. Buzz had organized the camp, taking charge of all food, medicine and arms, directing the erection of shelters, the laying of signal fires, setting up sky-watch schedules and detailing the work that must be done to accomplish these things. Order had emerged from the general chaos that had existed, and the morale of the group was noticeably improved.

The noon meal was soon prepared. Buzz ate, sparingly, silently, remarked politely on the tastiness of the food, took a small bore pistol and moved off up the stream to relieve the Sloans who were on sky-watch at the top of the ridge. She watched him stride away, his lithe, animalistic grace carrying him rapidly out of sight. Grudgingly, she had to admit to herself that he was an attractive, virile man, visceral in the extreme, confident of his ability and seemingly unafraid of anything. She decided one word would describe him. Cocky!

In a few moments Andy and Gayle Sloan came down from the ridge to eat. Joan greeted them and served them the simple fare. Gayle was bubbly and talkative; Andy was glum. "It was something really exciting, this morning," Gayle spouted, hardly able to contain herself. "We heard some kind of large animal snorting and moving around in the woods ... and then ... when we were coming back down here we saw this big paw print ...! I told Andy it must be a Grizzly Bear ... and ..." Andy cut in, "You're just assuming it was a Grizzly ... I told you before ... there aren't any in this part of the country!"
"Well ... I don't know for sure that it was a Grizzly Bear ... but that was an awfully big paw print we saw!" Joan shuddered. "Heavens! I hope you're wrong ... Gayle!"
"Of course she's wrong ...! All the Grizzlies are way south of here ... down in the Yellowstone National Park area!" Gayle withdrew from the verbal affray. She changed the subject to speculation of how much longer it would be before they would be rescued. Andy confronted her, again, on this subject. "Our Hero isn't going to get us out of here! If we get out ... we'll walk out ... just like I said at the beginning!"
"O.K.... so let's walk!" Gayle flung back. "... But what direction ... and how far? I agree with Buzz ... We're better off sticking right here with the plane!" The older woman broke off the conversation by leaving the cooking fire and going to their leanto shelter. Andy soon wandered off to gather firewood, a small ax in his hand. Joan cleaned the dishes and cooking utensils at the stream and returned to Jim, carrying a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee. She found him awake and lucid. Helping him to a sitting position, she oversaw his meal and made him comfortable. He still seemed to experience a great deal of pain, complaining of terrific pounding pains in his head. He questioned her concerning the seriousness of their situation.

"What does Buzz think?" he asked.

"That we should stay here and wait for search planes."
"Andy ...?"

"He thinks we should try to walk out."


"She agrees with Buzz."

"... And, what do you think, Darling?"

"That we should stay here!" she asserted. "Andy's off base ... I think we should stay, too!"
"I'm glad, Jimmy ... that you agree ... because you shouldn't be moved ... yet, you know."

"Yeah, I think you're right ... I'd slow the rest of you down!" he reasoned.

Suddenly, Jim clutched at his head and emitted a deep groan. He laid back on the sleeping bag, his eyes closed, as continuous moans came from his lips. She was frantic. "Oh, Jim! Jim, Darling!" she sobbed in her helplessness. Oh, God! Please! Please? Help me take care of him! He was soon asleep, or unconscious. She watched him, closely, for several minutes. Knowing that she could do nothing more for him, she crept from the shelter, making sure that her husband was comfortable and walked to the stream to follow it up towards the ridge where Buzz Henson waited for her. Joan found the pilot stretched out on a blanket, lazily watching her approach. She had not been on the ridge before; there was a truly breathless view of the surrounding country. She looked around, enthralled.

"It's simply beautiful ..." she said, gasping for breath from the steep climb.

"Yes," he agreed. "It's nice ... but wild and rugged!"
"... And dangerous ...?" she queried. "Gayle said she saw a huge paw print ... she seemed to think there might be Grizzly Bears around ..."

"I saw them, too! There's a possibility of it ... I heard they sometimes remove dangerous bears from Yellowstone ... and release them in remote areas ... like this," he explained. "Oh! Heavens! I-I didn't really think ..." she stumbled, frightened, now, suddenly.

"There's no need to worry ... most wild animals try to avoid humans! They won't bother you ... if you leave them alone!" he assured her.

She sat down on a nearby fallen log. She didn't look at him; her gaze was focused on the jumble of ridges, marching off into the north in varying shades of blue, forested and rock-strewn ... a virgin wilderness. The sound of a chopping ax came to them in the distance, down below, beyond the small natural meadow where the ruined airplane rested. She decided it had to be Andy making that sound. The ax-blows stopped and the great silence beat in upon her. She had to explain herself.

"Mr. Henson ... I-I didn't come up here ... t-to make a bargain ...! I came to ask you ... in God's name ... to feel some compassion ... sympathy ... for another human being ... and allow my husband to have those codeine tablets. He needs them! ... And ... for God's sake ... don't ask me ... t-to do something ... monstrous ... and immoral! I just couldn't do it!"
"Why ... ?" he asked, quietly.

"I'm a married woman ... a-and I take my vows seriously."
"If we'd not crashed, and you were safe in the camp you were headed for ... would you have gone to bed with your husband's boss ... Mr. Andrew Sloan?

"No!" she snapped. "That's preposterous ... unthinkable!"
"A couple of people must have thought of it! I gathered from a conversation ... I-ah-overheard that Bigshot Andy had ideas along that line ..."

"You must have heard wrong ... misconstrued something ..." The pilot smiled. "My hearing's good ... and I put two and two together real well!"

"Who was he talking to ...?"

"Your husband!" he gloated.

"Jimmy ...!?"

"None other!"

"Why ... that's insane! Impossible!" she blurted. "Why? Why would ... m-my husband be a party to ... to something ... so ..."

She was overcome; she couldn't go on. Her tears scalded her eyes and she turned her head away from him, remembering her vow that she would not allow this man to bring down her defenses. Buzz raised himself to an elbow and went on talking to the haughty, unbowed back she presented him. "Promotion ...? More money ...? ... A chance to lay Sloan's wife ...? You know ... she's quite a woman, herself ..."
"No! No ... it couldn't be! He's already been offered a promotion ... and a raise ...! And, Jimmy wouldn't do that ... to m-me! We're married! We love each other! Why would h-he want another w-woman ...?"

"I don't know, I'm sure ... Maybe you can answer that yourself ... are you good to him ... in bed ...? If you're not ... he might be looking for something better ... more action, maybe. He's a man ... a normal sort of guy ... I'd say. And, sex is pretty important to most men. Think it over ...! Maybe, you'll find the answer in yourself!" Buzz said with brutal frankness.

"You suggest a lot of answers ... f-for me ..." she said. "What about you ...? What makes you do what y-you're doing ...? Forcing me t-to bargain with you ... my body ... in exchange for pain pills m-my husband desperately needs ...?"
"I told you before, Joan ... it's very simple ... I like sex! It's a basic and very elemental drive ... and I want to fuck you ... because you're a very beautiful ... and available woman!"
"Married ... or not ... ?" she queried, sarcastically, ignoring his use of the lewd word.

"It really makes no difference!"

"And Gayle Sloan ...? Is she next on your list of conquests?"

"No ... you are! I've already laid her!"

"My God!" Joan flared. "What conceit! You're so damned arrogant! Bragging about it! You're a regular satyr ... aren't you ...?" The sarcasm dripped from her lips, caustically. "No ... just honest! I was merely stating a fact!" the pilot said.

"You're so cocky ... you really do think that I'm going to be next ... don't you?"

"The fact that you're here ... speaks pretty loud and clear ... to me!" Buzz said.

Suddenly, Joan felt trapped! She had made a mistake in coming up on the ridge to talk to Buzz Henson; he had not changed his mind. He still had only one goal ... to force her to make love to him. Then, it came to her; the realization that she was alone with him made her panic. He was a strong man! It was possible that he could grab her ... force her through sheer weight and superior muscle power ... to submit! He could rape her! Oh, My God! Please! Don't let it happen ... to me! I'd just die ... if any other man ... touched me! Blindly, she jumped to her feet and plunged into the heavily wooded hillside, downwards toward the meadow, the stream, other people ... and safety!

He caught her within ten yards. His arms were around her, holding her tight to him until she ceased struggling futilely, and he kissed her hard with brutal lips, his tongue bursting into her mouth to taste and savor.

When he finally took his mouth away, she said, "P-Please ... d-don't make me do it ?"

But, in spite of her revulsion and fear, her nipples tingled where they had been pressed against his muscular chest; the hard, bulginess of his loins still pressed into her, as he held her close, and she could feel the throbbing heat of it through his pants. His kiss had been long and sensuous, its warmth spreading in her nerve ends, singing a sybaritic hymn of voluptuous promise. She relaxed and leaned her head against his chest. "It's only on the basis I suggested ... none other!" he said. "... A-And you'll give m-me the pills ... for Jim ?"
"Of course! I always keep my word!"

"No one will ever know about it ... you won't tell ...?"
"Nobody will know ..." Buzz told her. "But you ... and me!"
"Why d-did you tell me ... about Gayle ...?" she probed. "I was just needling you ..."

"What about Andy and Jim ... Is that true?"
"Every word of it!" he asserted.

She turned in his arms to face up the hill ... back up to the ridge, closer to the sky and God ... where she would exchange her chastity for pain pills for Jim, her husband ... her husband, who for whatever reason, had bargained that same chastity away ... even before they had begun their vacation trip! "L-Let's go back ... up there!" she said, with finality. The pilot put his arm around her waist and helped her up the steep slope. They regained the ridge, quickly, and Joan went directly to the spread blanket and sat down upon it, gasping for breath.

"Oh ... it's soft!" she observed.

"I put pine needles under it," Buzz said. "Always prepared ... like a good Boy Scout ...?"
"I think positive!"

"You're impossible ... and too cocky!"

"I get results!" he countered.

Kneeling down on the blanket beside her, he reached for the top button of her blouse and dexterously unbuttoned it. Involuntarily, she shrank back away from him with a catch in her throat.

"N-No! Please ...? Not yet ...! Let me have a little time ... to get used to the idea! No other man ... but J-Jim ... has ever touched me!"

Buzz pushed her firmly, gently back until she lay prone on the blanket. He followed, lying on his side, but his upper body was twisted over her, as he lowered his head to capture her lips, again. He probed her mouth with his tongue, moving it in and out, then directing the tip to the sensitive inner side of her lips. Not realizing what she was doing, Joan began to kiss him back, her tongue, tentatively, flicking out to touch his lips, finally snaking out to insinuate itself between his teeth and into his mouth. Those warm, tingling sensations were racing in her again, and instinctively her body began to involuntarily react to his teasing touches.

His hands began to explore her, moving along her ribs to her waist, down along the outside of her white tapering thigh, back up the inside of her thigh, to the vee of her legs where he rubbed and massaged her warm pulsating vaginal slit through the material of her shorts; then his hand moved up, under her blouse, across her flat stomach to her breasts that he kneaded through the material of her bra.

With urgent determination, now, he removed his hand from under her blouse and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and she shrugged and moved, took and folded, sitting up to allow him access to the hooks of her bra, again taking and folding meticulously, as the coolness of the air flowed over the satin- smooth hemispheres of her milk-white breasts, the coral tipped nipples standing out firm in their puckered areolas of darker, deep-hued coraline. Instantly, Buzz captured a nipple in his mouth, sucking up the entire aureole to tease and lave with his tongue, while his hands smoothed over the globoid surface, massaging and digging with his fingers, the smooth texture of them like fine silk under his sensuous fingers; likewise, after a few moments its twin received like attention, but now he nipped, lightly, with a chewing motion, using his teeth, finally, to stretch and pull the nipple outward, and side to side. The sensations generated in her breasts spread warmly through her, the electric, tingling sensations growing by the moment to race, cavortingly, chasing each other in wave after wave of delicious, melding sensuality. It was too much for her; she was giving herself to this man for only one purpose. It had been clear in her mind a few moments ago, but now the feelings were getting out of hand. She had been thinking in terms of a quick, short sexual encounter ... one of pure physical carnality that would not involve her emotions.

OOooh! l can't let this happen! Those feelings ... of his mouth on my breasts! It's making me want to ... to go ahead and let him do what he wants to with me ... but I didn't want to feel anything! God! What's happening to me ...? Help me ... to get through this ... but don't let me like it ... want it! Joan emitted a moan of anguish, as his lips on her nipples formed a tight circle, and he began to blow in and out, rhythmically, the erect tissue of the pap moving in and out of his mouth, almost like a tiny phallus. It was excruciatingly sensitive ... unbearably pleasurable; suddenly, a bellows blew across the sparking passion within her, igniting a flame of desire that she had never known, its searing tendrils consuming her loins, and she became aware of warm moistness between the inner, tightly closed petals of her cunt. She clamped her legs together to deny the sensations to herself, but against her will, her hips began to undulate, scribing minute circles under her, the muscles of her pelvis pulsatory, moving to the ancient, race-remembered beat of primitive man, and her heart drummed a loud tattoo of savage accompaniment.

Throwing his top leg over her, he now lay partially on top of her as his mouth paid homage to the magnificence of her ivory, blue-veined breasts, the translucent skin aglow with tiny droplets of perspiration and the first beginnings of a gentle reddening flush spreading with a soft, effulgent luster over the satin film of her skin. He felt the gentle movement in her loins, and he knew that it was time ... time now to remove the proud little bitch's shorts and panties. He had waited long for this; his cock throbbed with desire, pushing out against the confining garments, the tight crotch of his jeans painful, allowing of no room for the expanding hardness of his erection. God! He had to get them off! His hand reached for the zipper placket of her shorts; his fingers unhooked the waistband, grasped the zipper tab and pulled it down over the swell of her hip, the metallic whisper of it loud in that primeval wilderness. Unconsciously she helped him, raising her hips, wriggling and turning as he tugged them down over her thighs to her knees; then, she struggled to sit up; he allowed her to do it, removing his mouth from her breasts, reluctantly, and rolling to his back. He watched as she plucked the shorts from around her ankles and folded them, adding them to the neat pile of her other clothing.

Standing to his feet, he rapidly stripped off his own clothing, shirt and undershirt dropping to the ground, kicking off his shoes, unbuckling, unzipping, his jeans joined the growing pile and he stood in only his jockey shorts, his pulsating erection standing out hard and long under them. With a final smooth action, he stripped off the shorts, liberating his hardened, thick length to her awe-stricken gaze. Her involuntary gasp of surprise, the mixed-look of fear and wonder on her face drew a grin and a chuckle from him. She looked up, startled, at his face, then, tearing her eyes away from the manly spectacle below. She had no idea that a man's penis could possibly attain those proportions, and she was confused by his sadistic laugh. He knelt down before her, placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently back prone upon the blanket. "You looked like you'd never seen a man's cock ... before!" Buzz chuckled.

"Jimmy's ..." she said. "But ... that thing's a frightening monster!" Joan began to have second thoughts. Maybe, her impulsive, somehow revengeful actions were wrong ... terribly wrong!

My God! What am I doing? Am I about to let Buzz Henson make me an adulteress? ... I don't know for sure ... that Jimmy ... and Mr. Sloan had some kind of agreement between them ... a sort of pact ... allowing Andy the freedom to ... to have sex with me! I can't really believe it! After all, l-I only have Buzz' word on it! ... and I almost fell into his trap ...! He knew I'd react ... maybe go off the deep end ... get angry with Jimmy ... and do something hasty ... like agreeing to has outrageous bargaining demands! God! What a fool I am! I almost fell for it! Now, she felt his hands sliding up the outside of her thighs, over the full swell of her lips to the elastic waistband of her panties, and with one smooth tug he had pulled them down to her knees exposing the soft pubic hair of her genital mound; she felt the cool air rush over her making her even more aware of her complete nudity, and the nakedness of her loins before the eyes of this man, who was not her husband, brought a flush of shame and humiliation to her cheeks. Instinctively, she reached her hand down to retrieve the wisp of nylon that had protected her chastity. Too late ... she felt them, now, down over her calves, her ankles and clearing her feet; he tossed them aside, carelessly. Quickly, she tried to get up, struggle to a sitting position, and just as abruptly, she found herself pinned to the blanket, unable to move under the great weight of his body. "No! NO! I've changed ... my mind! I won't do it! I can't ... do it! I can't ..." her desperate disavowal was cut off in her throat as his mouth came down hard on her lips, his kiss brutally sweet and sensual. He probed with his tongue, until her own involuntarily moved forward to collide with his, finally bursting through to taste him, her tongue moving tentatively, investigatively and finally demandingly within his oral cavity. He sucked and nibbled on her agile lingual member, the banked fires within her beginning to glow again as the bellows of her passion blew steadily and inexorably to ignite a roaring furnace in her loins, and she began to mewl and gurgle in her throat. Now, he sucked her lower lip, nibbling on it gently with his teeth, the stimulant nerves rocketing their sensitive, sensuous messages throughout her rapidly, sexually aroused body. Oh! I don't want this ...! I don't want it to happen! ... But I-I can't seem to resist him! I should get up ... run! Do something ...! Do anything ... before he makes me ... am dishonest woman ...! God! Oh, God! I'm about to commit ... a sin ... become an adulteress ... or worse! Please ... help me ... to resist ... fight this thing in me ... that's making me want ... to do it ...!

Then, he was moving, slithering down her body, down, down, lower, until his head was just above her pubic mound, his hands stretched out above him, almost at arms length, and his fingers clutched and squeezed at her full, erect breasts, massaging them, kneading them with such ferocity that she began to whine in pain. His lips had trailed down over her body, wetly, kissing her flat, white belly, his tongue dipping into her navel, teasingly ... until his face brushed against the softly curled hair of the triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Belatedly, she realized his intentions; the thought of it evilly repugnant to her. Dear Lord, No! I won't let him do that to me! Never! Her gray-green eyes widened in horror, as she felt his hands leave her breasts, sliding down over her flanks to her knees where his strong hands lifted them up, until the tapering columns of her marble thighs were vertical, her feet flat on the blanket; then, cruelly, he levered her thighs apart, flaring them to expose the whole of her womanhood to him, the pink furrow of her cunt flowering open, slightly, the bedewed, coral inner petals glisteningly lubricious and the tight, vaginal entrance showed the tender pinkness of its sensitive inner lining. Above, nestled in its fleshy alcove, the tiny, throbbing clitoris peeped out at him from the golden-haired fringe that ringed her pussy, while below, the puckered, brownish nether portal of her anus stared, unwinking, back at him.

With ineffectual strength she tried to protect herself, to close her thighs against him ... against that horribly perverted thing he intended to do to her.

"No! Oh, God, no! Buzz! Don't! Don't do that ... to me!" ... But, he had already placed his strong, lean hands against the milky inner sides of her thighs and was spreading them far, far apart, splaying them, painfully, as he kneeled up and rocked back on his heels; her efforts to close them were redoubled, but his palms continued their pressure until her thighs were almost flat against the blanket. The pilot leered down at the naked femaleness, a look of pure animal lust contorting his features. "God! That's luscious! What a beautiful ... tight little cunt!" he gloated.

"Please ...? Oh, please ... Buzz? Let me up ...! I just c- can't ... go through with it ...! My husband ... has ... n-n ..."
"He's never used his tongue ... on you ...?"
"N-No! Never!"

"Why!" he probed.

"... Because ... I-I've never let him! It's dirty! Filthy!"
"You really think so ...?"

"Y-Yes ... It's perverted!" she moaned.

"You haven't really lived, yet ... you little bitch!" he chortled. "I'm going to turn you on ... like you've never been before!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Please ... let me up?!" she sobbed.

"No! You're committed, now! Besides I'm beyond the point- of-no-return! I've got to get between those luscious legs of yours, baby ... and pretty damned soon!" There, between her legs, hands on her warm, soft thighs, still holding her immobile, Buzz Henson, gazed down, hungrily, at the thin, slightly, inflorescent pink slit, ringed, sparsely, delicately, with its soft golden hair, and as she lay on her back seemingly rooted to the blanket beneath her, her eyes pleading with him, her shame at her naked exposure making her humiliation complete, she watched petrified with horror as with deliberate, decisive movements, he placed his thumbs on the soft, fleshy lips of her cunt and slowly drew them apart, laying open her moist, ready, coraline flesh to his lust-inflamed gaze, his eyes widening in anticipation of the sexual pleasure yet to come "You know," he rasped. "I forgot to tell you ... I'm glad you're a true blond!"

Joan only whimpered, audibly, as she raised her head to look down the valley of her breasts to see the young pilot's lust contorted face poised there between her wide-spread legs. She felt the hot vapor of his breath graze her sensitive femaleness, that secret place that had only been seen by her husband, and she moaned aloud in her shame, her head still raised, her eyes begging him for mercy that she knew, now, he would never give her. Her breath choked in her throat as she heard his animalistic grunt and saw his head drop, felt his lips on the warm, open mouth of her vagina and the moist length of his tongue sliding hotly into her wet cuntal passage, past the barrier of the vaginal muscle ring, on in to probe the sensate flesh of the walls of her carnal vault.

Oh, my God! He's done it! ... And I can't stop him ...! I feel so helpless! My body won't say no ... no matter what I think ... or say ... or do! I've never felt this way ... ever ... before!

Joan's beautiful body responded to him, automatically, now, the vile mouth-rape of her, here-to-fore, covert femininity causing her to jerk down and away from him with convulsive, twisting lurches of her pelvis, a loud, helpless groan coming from deep in her chest as she ground her buttocks ever farther downward in a frantic effort to escape the bestial outrage. Her stomach churned with revulsion, and she wailed with loathing as his tongue worked, slithering in and out of her pussy with wild, animal-like fury.

"OOOOoooohhh! Oh, My God! Stop!" she moaned, helplessly, her deep shame more than she could bear, her golden tresses flying as she shook her head from side to side in negative signal to him ... a signal he ignored. She kept her head raised, looking down between the full mounds of her breasts to watch with horror this perverted abuse of her helpless genitals. Clenching her small hands into fists, her arms lying helplessly and tight against her ribs, she fought him ... fought herself, as unbelieving she tried desperately to keep her rational mind from realizing or acknowledging that wild, blissful sensations coursed, searingly, maddeningly through every fiber of her being. This couldn't be happening to her! Oh! His tongue is driving me wild! Those sensations are out of this world! But, oooh God! I can't let it go on! It's wrong ... a sin ... and it's sick, Sick ... SICK! Pushed back in her mind, a memory struggled forth to plague her. How many times had Jimmy asked her to let him do this very thing? She had refused him, because of her conviction that it was a foul besmirchment, a depravity that did not belong in the marital bed. God! Had she known the sensual, voluptuousness of it ... would she have granted it to him ...? Suddenly, his lips probed and explored until he located the erect, pulsing miniature phallus enshrined in its fleshy canopy, above. She mewled and whined in agonized pleasure as he took the tiny, pulsing, erect clitoris between his teeth and holding it lightly his tongue caressed it, running up and down its short length, then in circles around it, until finally, he concentrated on the tip of it, the sensations electric in her palpitant loins. Now, he opened his mouth wider, his tongue moving downward, again, back down to the silky smoothness of her moist, warmly sensate and throbbing vaginal passage.

Uncontrollably, now, her head began to flail from side to side, and as he mouth-fucked her, sliding his long, wet tongue up and down her hungrily clasping cuntal passage, Buzz listened to new whimpers from her signifying her new-found pleasure in the cunnilingus he performed on her. Then he shifted and drew her legs up, sliding his arms under them to wedge his shoulders and arms between her quivering thighs. His hands, beneath her thighs, pushed them up further until they draped, obscenely, over his shoulders and her buttocks were pulled up to him, brutally, while his tongue continued to swirl and flick around the velvet-lined interior of the soft hair-lined lips pulsing before his eyes. He knew that soon he would conquer her, completely; she would be his to do with as he chose. God! She was a luscious, innocent young morsel!

Her cries of agony, of involuntary pleasure rang through the forested wilderness, a cry of feral wildness, as he thrust his tongue deep into the searing, viscid depths at the naked "Y" of her open legs. Fascinated, he watched, as her hands fought desperately against themselves, struggling against odds, until their hopeless battle lost, she reached out jerkily for him, her fingers entangling, lewdly, in his hair to pull him closer, tighter to her.

She was his! Damn! He had won! She was all his to play with, to subjugate, to destroy ... to fuck ... however and whenever he chose to do so. She was lost! Her flaunted chastity flown!

Joan knew, now, that her body had deserted her, completely; her nude buttocks convulsed and jerked, involuntarily, beneath the ravishing tongue that sent hopeless jolts of high-voltage eroticism surging through her, sensations that she never knew existed and the exquisite torture of it hummed with the intensity of high amplification in her finely tuned nerves. Unexpectedly, she felt his tongue leave her vagina and flick downward, wetly, to the secret tiny puckered anal opening, below. Suddenly, she wanted to scream; instead she moaned out her ecstatic rapture at the surprising, moistly warm contact of his probing tongue, the forbidden pleasure-laden feelings roiling through her in confused, racing chaos. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, her tongue flicking in and out with the sensual pleasure that raced like wild-fire through her.

Frenetically, she groaned, "Oh, God ... God! Please, don't do that! I can't stand it ...! Oh, God ... you're driving me crazy!"

Even as she spoke, her hips moved, uncontrollably up to his face, and she tried to screw her rectum onto his stiff, lashing tongue. With an effort, he shoved harder, the very tip of his lingual member entering her and moving slightly in her rear passage.

She opened her eyes, momentarily, to see that his eyes, visible to her, above the softly curling mound of pubic hair were smiling ... even laughing at her, and she lay back, her eyes tightly closed to blot out the horror of it all. "Oh, God! ... Oh, God!" she moaned, tossing her head from side to side, her shame, humiliation and degradation surging to the surface of her consciousness, again, fighting to gain ascendance over the erotic sensations that had taken away all reason, leaving only raw, inflamed nerves that cried out for release.

"Please ... Oh, please!" she whined, raising her head, eyes open, now, to beg, pleadingly, down at his leering face. "Please, don't do this to me!"

The horrifying knowledge that she had no control of her body overwhelmed her, the impact of the realization bringing deep sobs of shame from her, but he went on and on, licking at her wet, open pussy, her body quivering uncontrollably, with the overpowering assault on the raw nerve-endings of her palpitating and unsatiated cunt. She clenched her teeth, grinding them, vexatiously, her determination that she must resist to the very end waned rapidly before the spasmodic sensualism that had taken control of her body. But, she knew, even then, as she resisted with all her moral strength, that she had lost the battle, that it was of no further use to resist. It was a spontaneous decision, forced upon her, and reluctantly, she surrendered the field to him. Suddenly, she no longer fought against him ... against herself, because the intense, ecstatic rapture that his licking tongue brought her was a voluptuous sensation that she had never known existed ... could exist. Her love-hungry cunt had to be filled, now!

For too long, her soft, rounded body had cried out for fulfillment ... too long she had denied Jimmy ... denied herself, not knowing the capacity of the human body for erotic stimulation, foolishly, thinking that their couplings had been the accomplishment of full sexuality. How wrong ... Oh, God! ... How wrong she had been!

"Buzz! Buzz! OOOOooooh! Love me! Love me ... good!" she pleaded, her now shamelessly aroused body squirming and undulating under his long, wet lingual member. She raised herself up to him, wanting more and more of it ... more of everything. She reached with both hands, grasping either side of his head and pulled him in tight to her throbbing, widespread cuntal furrow, as she cried out from deep in her soul, begging for the thing she wanted most. Shame, degradation, morals, pride, religion end even her injured husband were forgotten in the insane, demanding throes of Sybaritic rapture.

The pilot could hardly contain his joy as he continued to lash his agile tongue deep into the searing, cock-hungry passage of her vagina, while she thrust the cusp of her crotch up at him in total submission to his will. The soft, silky and golden hair ringing her pulsating cunt teased his nose and tickled his cheeks as she slowly and against her will began to undulate her buttocks in regular rhythm, and he held his tongue rigid and allowed her to move on his tongue. He glanced up to see that her face reflected the sensuality she felt; her eyes were glazed and her jaw hung loose as she gave herself over to the rapturous sexual joy. He watched her and knew that it would not be long before she would be completely beyond her point-of-no-return. Then, he intended to get the fullest pleasure possible from her aroused and writhing young body. It would only be a few moments before he shoved his aching, demanding prick into her tight little cunt and fuck her like she had never been fucked before, shooting his building load of hot semen up into the depths of her quivering belly ... he would fuck her until she screamed in ecstasy; it was almost time for her to learn what it was like to be a fully sexual woman.

Joan's heart pounded beneath her breasts as she writhed and squirmed up against the insane licking tongue of Buzz Henson. She thought she would go crazy from the sheer erotic desires he was causing in her love-starved loins, the agonized ecstasy of wanting and waiting were too much. She couldn't wait any longer. Oh, God! It's gone on and on ... and on! When will he ever stop? I-I need his long ... hard ... penis in me ... to ... make it ... complete! OOoooh! I'm burning up! I need it! I want it ... so much!

Eons of time had passed; It seemed to her, since he had begun his wild sucking at the very core of her wet, sensitive and open slit. The sensations tumbling through her were building to an explosive level. If he didn't stop soon she would go out of her mind! Suddenly, he did stop!

"Oh, God ... Buzz! Don't stop ... now!" she wailed in her uncontrolled agony, "please don't stop!"

Chapter 2

Sensitive nose snuffing, huge grizzled body moving gracefully on silent padded feet, ears and eyes attuned to everything that made a sound or moved in the primeval forest, his home and natural habitat, the great Grizzly Bear moved through his territory, the man-scent strong in his nostrils, the hated odor rankling and irritating him. He was not hungry, his carnivorous appetite was satiated; there was plenty of small game in his forest, fish in the streams, berries growing on bushes and honey dripping from not a few of the lightning-blazed hollow trees. Now, the hated humans were in sight; he stood still and watched. They seemed to be harmless, unaware of his presence and no present danger to himself. Then, he smelled it! It was the gun-smell! He hated and feared it! That odor spelled danger to him, and he lumbered about turning to leave that place to the humans and their gun. There was something else! The odor of it wafted through the air to him. Another animal had entered his domain! From the branch of a pine tree tawny eyes surveyed the ridge, nose wrinkled above half-snarling lips as the great cat sorted out the scents, the hated man-smell, the odor of his gun ... and stronger, the smell of the giant he-bear. The mountain lion swished his tail, angrily, and a low growl escaped him. The Grizzly paused, snuffing and listening. He recognized the cat-scent, heard the low, throaty growl of warning from the mountain lion and uttered his own barely audible growl of irritation; then he moved off into the underbrush until he came to a tall pine tree. Standing up on his hind feet, the huge Grizzly Bear reached high up with his forepaws, the lancet-sharp claws slashing into the rough bark nine feet above the ground to leave his mark ... his territorial warning to the mountain lion who had violated his domain. Dropping, now, to all four feet, again, the Grizzly moved off down the slope toward the stream. His stomach told him that it was time to catch a meal of speckled trout from the stream, below.

* * *

The primitive drama was played and the man and woman on the blanket were unaware of it. Their senses were not attuned to the affairs of the forest. They were in that wilderness but were not a part of it. They were truly alien beings in that place, in that time. Their concentration was on each other and the feral, rutting sensations of their senses.

"You're hot, now, Baby!" Buzz croaked. "Hot enough to fuck ... and that's what I'm going to do! I'm going to fuck you so hard ... you'll never forget it!"

Joan couldn't talk ... she couldn't move; her naked body was petrified with fear, suddenly, as with her thighs raised and splayed wide open to him, her breasts swollen and painful where his hands had dug cruelly into them and as her breathing came in short, passionate, panting gasps, her belly quivering and cringing, her eyes locked upon his long, thick, lust-inflamed cock that jutted from his loins like a giant cudgel, capable it seemed to her, on the instant, of inflicting grievous wounds on her tender genital parts.

Dear Lord! It's so huge! I won't be able to take it ... inside of me!

"Oh, God, Buzz ... don't ..." Joan whimpered as he wedged his hips between her legs, holding himself up slightly above her, supporting himself on his lean, strong arms. "I-I can't ... take that monster ... inside of me! It'll split me ... wide open!" He ignored her plea; he dropped his head and sucked up a coral nipple of her breast into his hungry mouth, his teeth nipping into it painfully, as he bit hard enough to break the skin and the sweet taste of her blood was strong on his tongue, then, he raised his head, pulling the nipple grasped in his teeth, stretching it and causing her to writhe in pain under him. She groaned aloud at the sharp twinge of delicious pain, the fluttering agony of it mixed with her sexual desire that caused simultaneously a spasm of masochistic sensual delight in her undulating crotch that moved up, uncontrollably, to brush against the hard, swollen head of his cock. The unexpected contact producing racing thrills that beat wave upon wave of nerve-searing need into her consciousness, and she moaned an animalistic, choking paean of urgent need.

"Oh, shit ... am I going to fuck you ... Mrs. Wright," he hissed down at her, lewdly. "When you get this cock of mine inside that tight little cunt ... you'll be begging me to fuck you with it!

"N-Never!" she managed.

"We'll see!"

Cock! Cunt! Fuck! ... Oh, God! ... Why does he have to use those vulgar ... filthy, dirty words?

Joan lay, trembling, beneath him, as though she were struck immobile, paralyzed, her eyes watching his mouth, fixedly, as he spouted the obscene words at her, their vile, lewdness revulsing her, but, at the same time, they arced with searing heat into her brain, exciting her, filling her with their salacious meanings and she struggled, desperately, to control his gradual subjugation of her mind. Already, her body had betrayed her ... but she must not let him distort her mind with his filthy talk. Love and sex were perverted when it was lowered in this way ... ground into the dirt, as it were, by the use of these forbidden, vulgarities. Dear Lord ... help me! Help me ... to resist it! I can't ... I won't let him ... drag me down ... brutalize me ... make me act like an animal!

"All right ... Baby ... take my prick in your hot, little hand and put it in that luscious pussy of yours!" he commanded, his lustful eyes burning down into her own fear-filled face. "Oh ... God, no ... Please! No! I-I can't ... I just can't ...!" she groaned in her further humiliation, her body trembling in trepidation and abject shame ... yet even as she spoke her disavowal, her hand, unbidden, uncontrollably slid down across her belly, between them, to pause only inches away from the rod of hardened male flesh, as she began to shake her head from side to side, frantically, the hot tears, again, streaming down her face, the battle between her senses, driving her hedonistically and her brain, trying to steer her on a straight course, raging in her contorted, indecisive facial expressions. "Do it! God damn it!" he snarled down at her. "Take it in your hand and put it in! Do it, now ... you little bitch!"
"OOOoooh, God ...!" she groaned, once more, as her tiny hand reached across the remaining few inches that seemed to her a mighty gulf, the simple reaching movement, the decision to make it as difficult, in her mind, as the first step she took down the center aisle of her church on the day that she became James Wright's bride. God! How could she forget? Jim! Oh, Jimmy! ... You'll understand ... won't you? Oh, God ...! Help make him understand ... l don't want to do this! Her fingers tried to encircle his mighty, throbbing shaft, and a great, stabbing fear pierced her belly, as she truly realized for the first time the true size of his monstrous, lust- inflated cock.

"What in hell are you waiting for ...? Put my cock in your fucking cunt ... quick, before I shoot all over your belly!" he rasped out at her.

Buzz lowered his hips toward her while Joan spread her thighs even farther apart, as she guided his heavy, pulsing prick toward the quavering, moist portal of her vagina, using the thick, bulbous head to part the sparse blonde pubic hair and divide the full, fleshy lips of her cunt, the fleshly contact galvanizing the sensitive nerves, her body-mind in a whirl of both fear and wild anticipation.

She gasped aloud, her head flailing in uncontrolled agitation, a great shudder passing through her body as the shiny, surprisingly soft and resilient red-cowled head of his rock-hard cock pressed against the wet, sensate flesh of her quivering cuntal slit, and she held her breath, as she lay paralyzed with fear beneath him, the tears of her shame flowing in scalding cascades down her cheeks; ... then, he moved down on her, jerking his hips forward, slightly, that caused her a sharp, splitting, tearing pain from the stretching pressure of his engorged rod of flesh at the tight, little hole of her vagina. "OOOOOooooooh!" she cried ... and he pushed again, the smooth, rubbery head moving forward, the tip of it barely finding room in the tight, resisting passage. "AAAAAaaaagggh!" she wailed, chokingly, as the huge organ, blood-inflated and aching forced its way into the tight, elastic opening, stretching it painfully, brutally, the resilient flesh resisting yet allowing the entry, but Joan was sure that she was being torn and ripped apart by the almost unbearable pressure that bore down between her widespread legs.

"Buzz! Buuuuuzzzz! Oh, God... Buzz! You're ripping me ... in two ...! My God ... I can't stand it ...! It hurts ... too much! Please ...? Please ... no!" she screamed, but the lust, the savage animal lust on his face, the look of pure, sadistic delight he was taking, as he forced his giant cudgel into her resisting channel told her that she would gain no quarter of mercy from him. It would be a waste of her breath to plead with him, beg him to ease her torture.

"Dear God ... Oh, Dear God!" she shrilled as he pressed down upon her, shoving his massive cock into her, inch by excruciating inch, until, suddenly, she saw his expression change from lust to agonizing need, as if he could no longer stand the waiting and watching game he played with her helpless, debauched body. He glanced down between them to see that little more than half his length was imbedded in the quivering coral depths of her pussy, his stud-horse shaft straining at the tight, elastic nether mouth at the cusp of her marble-like thighs. With all the strength of his strong, young body, he thrust, forcefully, sending his long, thick prick racing and plunging up, up, into her cringing, palpitant passage with the feral, animal ferocity of a rutting stallion.

"AAAAAaaaggh! God in Heaven!" Joan screamed as the thick, blood-engorged head pressed the resisting coraline walls of her vaginal vault in surging wavelets ahead of it, the great breadth and length of him soaring heavily up into the deepest depths of her belly until she felt his heavy, pendulant, sperm-loaded balls smack hard up against the rounded, upturned cheeks of her trembling buttocks.

"Dear God ...!" she keened beneath him as she lay perfectly still, not daring to move lest she be split wide open! His cock had stuffed her cunt full ... fuller than it had ever been before and the walls of her vagina felt as though they had been scraped raw from the brutal entry of his massive, foraging prick. It lay in her like a log, every bit of the hardened rod in contact with the moist sensitive tissue of her cuntal passage, every wrinkle and ridge of his tumescent flesh discernible to her as that giant man-cock lay sunken, deeply, up into her churning loins. His breath began to rasp in his throat as he lay heavy upon her, momentarily; then he expanded his cock, flexing it deep inside the tender flesh of her moist sheath, and moving it inward, deeper, another fraction of an inch.

"OOh! AAAAaaaagggh!" Joan moaned and he repeated it, again and again, each flexing, outward expansion against her vaginal passage eliciting tearful groans of agony and shameful degradation from deep in her throat; presently, however, slowly, she became aware that her passage was beginning to adjust to the abnormal size of the hardened rod imbedded there. Now, her whining, sniffling whimpers of pain decreased as the man lying on her naked body began a slow, undulating, circular motion of his pelvis, grinding his cock into her tight, naked cunt, expanding the quivering fleshy walls of the channel until her whimpers of pain became mewling trills of pleasure that she could not contain. Slowly, Buzz hoisted himself up to full arm's length and looked down at her, lewdly, anticipating in advance her reaction to his next move. His ice-blue eyes penetrated to her very soul, the sadistic pleasure of subjugating her to his will shining through them.

"You're ready to beg for it, now ... Joan! Beg ... Baby! Beg me to fuck you!" he croaked.

Joan stared up at him in total surprise. She gasped, but her pelvis already ground in little undulant circles under her, an involuntary movement she couldn't control. Her passion-glazed eyes pleaded with him for mercy ... for gentleness and restoration of her morale. She wanted him, now, but not at the expense of further degrading shame and humiliation. "Please ... Buzz? Just ... love me ... now! "Beg me for it, I said! God damn you, beg me to fuck you! Say it!"

"Oh, Buzz ... haven't you done enough to me ... already?" she groaned. "I w-want you t-to do it to me ... please ...?"
"Beg! Bitch! Beg! I've got to hear you beg me to fuck you!" he roared.

The shame of it pounded in her ears. She had to say the vile words! She had to have his pounding cock ... now! Now! "Yesss! Oh, God, yes! ... I-I need it ... so bad! Fuck me! Fuck me ... Buzz! Please ... fuck me?" she strangled through her tightly clenched teeth, turning her face away from him as she felt the reddening flush of her ultimate shame on her tear-wet cheeks. Dear God! There's nothing left! Nothing! He's stripped me of everything I've ever held dear to me ... my pride ... morals ... even my faith! I can't believe tats has happened to me! All there is ... in the world ... for me ... is this time ... this wonderful cock ... in my cunt! There's nothing else! "Where ... Baby? Where?" Buzz chanted above her. "In my count ... Buzz! In my fucking cunt!" she responded. "How?"

"Hard! Deep! ... And fuck me ... good!"

"God, Joan! I'll fuck you ... so you can't walk straight!"
"Yes! Buzz! That's what I want ...! I want you to use that big cock in my cunt ... to fuck me half to death! Come on! Fuck me ... now! Hard and deep ... and don't stop!" Buzz began rocking above her, using short, smooth strokes in and out of her moist, expanding vagina; her body reacted of its own volition, her determined fight against the lewd sensations of sexual desire that rampaged through her were now vanished. She did not fight against herself any longer, the obscene pleasure of wanton, unbridled sex looming before her forced all reason from her mind. Now, there was only surrender to the sensate flesh! Giving herself up to the surging power of the sensations in her loins, chills of mounting excitement began to build in her, as the easy tempo of Buzz' cock began to thrust longer and deeper into her moistly throbbing pussy, the spiraling ecstasy of total commitment easing her conscience, as consciously, now, she responded with countering thrusts of her own. As he slowly increased his speed and the depth of his penetration, Joan felt her whole nakedness responding to him, and she writhed undulantly beneath him with ever-increasing vigor, the piston of his cock in her working ever more smoothly in her moistly viscous cuntal passage. His mouth sought hers, found it and her tongue shot upward into his mouth, between his teeth, to be sucked, her moans of pleasure emitting unceasingly from her throat in sex-crazed acceptance of whatever lewd, obscene desire he wanted of her. Now, she began to move her tongue in and out of his mouth in imitation of the genitals below, and he ovaled his lips to accept her thrusting, demanding lingual member even more sensuously. Already, he sensed the wanton abandon rising higher and higher in her---

Joan began to grind her crotch up at him, in tempo with his smooth, stroking beat, her lovely face contorted with a passion she never knew existed until this point in time, her mouth working on his lips around her plunging tongue while she began to pant, her nostrils flaring in abject surrender to the rapture being generated in her slaving loins.

He could see her straining neck muscles, the contortion of her lovely passion-flushed face, the thin film of perspiration forming on her forehead and the tangled blonde hair, its wild disarray caused by her flailing head only moments before; from deep in her throat, there came a low, gurgling mewl of wild abandon, vibrating against his lips as she kissed him with fervor and new-found elan. Buzz was thinking as he drubbed in and out of her now responsive cuntal passage.

God! She can really fuck ... like a mink! I'll bet any odds Jim Wright's never had it like this ... with her! He'll have to thank me ... for thawing her out for him! Damn! What a luscious piece ... a hot, tight cunt ... round, full ass ... beautiful, big breasts ... and blonde all over! Christ! What a gorgeous cunt ...! And, the way she's using it ...! The sensations in may cock are about to drive me out of my skull!

Sliding his hands down her flanks, he worked them beneath the soft, satiny protuberances of her flexing and hollowing buttocks working under him, clutching at them, kneading and massaging, his hands clenching and unclenching as he alternately caressed and punished the soft, warmly resilient flesh. She groaned, loudly, her breath caught in her throat as his big hands hauled her pelvis tighter up against his grinding loins, and he felt her pulling her hips back farther, only to thrust them back again, her vibrant cunt crawling up his driving cock in opposition to his every forward thrust; then she began to draw her thighs back toward her chest, flattening her breasts as she presented him the moist, flowering portal of her cunt for his deepest penetrating thrusts, absorbing all of his great length and breadth of rock- hard cock to ever greater depths. Joan's head rolled with delighted, unmatched, never-before- experienced ecstasy, the last twinges of her former pain were gone, replaced by erotic sensations, her passion-filled body joyous in her new-found emotions, her legs on either side of his thick, impaling cock quivering and twitching, spasmodically, in wild profligacy as her tongue continued to slither wetly in and out of his mouth in semblance of oral fucking while deep moans of rapture gurgled forth from her throat, unceasingly. God! Never ... never in her life had she known anything to equal this! Nothing had ever prepared her for this; from the sucking and licking of her cunt to this very moment with Buzz' monstrous cock plunging up into her, flicking past her cervix to the back wall of her vaginal vault, filling her belly with this wonderfully warm hardness that felt like it had belonged there ... forever. She found that when she tensed her thighs, straining to tighten the muscles of her loins, her neck and back muscles straining with the effort and writhing her crotch up tight against him that the intensity of her bliss was doubled ... almost unbearable. Oh, Dear Lord ... she had never in her wildest dreams believed that such delicious sensations could come from lying beneath a man, her legs spread, and being fucked out of her mind by him ... and against her will ... committing adultery ... and willing and wanting to give back to her ravisher as much and more as he was giving her. She was immersed in a beautiful sea of sensations.

Don't let it ever end ... God! Let it go on forever! Buzz had begun to pound into her with unmerciful force, his strokes becoming longer and faster, withdrawing his engorged cock almost completely clear of the tight, moist sheath of her cunt that clasped him, hungrily, only the knob of his long, lust- hardened rod remaining in her at the top of his stroke; then he plunged it into her upraised crotch until his bloated balls slapped hard against the tiny, hairless mouth of her desperately clenching anus. His throbbing testicles ached as did his slaving cock with the mounting pressure of his need. It was building to almost intolerable levels of sweet sensation and his head swam, dizzily, with his ever increasing lust.

His hand slid down over the smooth whiteness of her lewdly gyrating buttocks flexing and hollowing under him, his finger searching for the tiny nether ring of her back passage nestled unprotected there between the cheeks of her working ass. He felt the sudden gasp of delighted surprise in her as he fingered its crinkled yet soft, warm flexing movements as her pelvis thrust up passionately to absorb him to the fullest. A few drops of warm, viscous fluid ran down from her slaving cunt moistening the tiny clenched portal, and he teased it with his finger, running in circles around it, then drawing the tip across the tight, puckered opening, tauntingly, as she quaked and shivered with both fear and anticipation.

"Now, Joan Baby ... I'm going to shove my finger up your asshole ... as far as I can get it!" he croaked. Struggling with herself, again, Joan knew that the obscene action and his words were yet another debasement but the vibrant, ecstatic sensations overpowered her, his words exciting her even more and she wanted him to subjugate her to every lewd whim of sexual depravity that he knew, the delirious raptures of the strangely masochistic idea surging through her like a tidal bore. "Oh, yes! God ... yeeeessss! That's what I want ...! I want you to shove your finger ... clear up-up m-my asshole, Buzz! His brain screamed with the lustful exhilaration of her acceptance of everything he had done to her. God! She was his, completely! His cock was nearly bursting, the painful feeling of ejaculation past due burning acidly at the root of his blood- engorged testicles. Damn! He couldn't wait very much longer! He had to squirt his semen deep up inside her in cataclysmic release soon ... very soon!

He slowly began to insinuate the tip of his finger into the round, tight, little, brownish, puckered hole of her back passage; then, suddenly, with brutal, sadistic force, he pushed hard, and he could feel the tight, protective muscle ring give way before his lean, muscular finger, the soft, sponginess of her anal canal warm and smooth to his touch as the tiny orifice was ravished, brutally ... painfully.

"OOOOOOooooooooh! God! That hurts!" she screamed in pain beneath him as his cock pounded into her without mercy. Christ, he had never known a woman who could fuck like this! He had unleashed a wanton! In his mind, he cataloged the women he had fucked ... girl-friends, whores ... young girls, older women and the wife who had turned out to be a lesbian. None of these, he knew, could ever match the pure, animal sexuality that had been unfettered in Joan Wright! Suddenly, then, he thrust harder, shoving his finger all the way into her backside until his palm was flat against her rounded ass-cheeks. He heard her grunt of pain even as her wildly clasping cunt rode up and down his aching painful cock. Now, he began to rotate his finger, slowly, gently, at first, then more rapidly feeling the bulge in the thin, dividing tissues as his hardened rod of flesh slid in and out of her, smoothly. After a few moments his finger was moving in the warmth of her rectum in rhythm with the rampaging cock surging into the warmly moist sheath of tightly, clasping cuntal passage, and she moaned, incessantly, beneath him. Never ... never had she felt such rampant pleasure-pain in her whole life, the deliciously barbaric pain-source became one with her sensual, ecstatic rapture of the moment. Oh, Dear God ... that's wonderful! How can something so obscene ... make me feel like this? I feel like I want to ... to be fucked ... every way possible! Oh, God ... Oh, God! Every nerve in my body's on fire!

The pain of her pleasure was real, his finger in her rectum expanding the smooth rubbery channel, cruelly, even as unbelievable rapture overcame her, filling her loins and belly ... even her swollen, sensate breasts; meanwhile the gnawing agony of his rectal entrance began to subside, her anal passage beginning to grow accustomed to the presence of his digit in her backside, leaving her with only the pleasure, the voluptuous, lascivious sensations rushing over her in a great curling wave of sybaritic consciousness, as she tried, now, to skewer herself back upon the unnatural phallus worming around in her anus and she strained to absorb every millimeter of his wonderfully huge cock up inside her searingly passionate belly.

Buzz could control his demanding lust no longer. Christ! His loins throbbed achingly with his need for spewing release, and he rammed into her wet, upthrust pussy with demon-like ferocity. She had taken his finger in her asshole with uncommon delight; suddenly, he withdrew it and thrust two fingers into her, to the very depths, without benefit of gentle preparation. He wanted to hear her grunt in masochistic acceptance of her pleasure-pain! Her mouth broke away from the oscular contact. She grunted ... and grunted, and grunted! This was what he wanted! He wormed both fingers around inside the warm, spongy depths of her anus, feeling his own massive rod of hardened flesh plunging in and out of her, bulging through the thin partition between her passages; then he began to use both together, his fingers fucking her rectum in time to the cock that fucked her cunt. Slowly, her moaning whimpers subsided, again, to be replaced with incessant mewlings of pleasure ax her anal canal adjusted to the vicious, sadistic and unnatural invasion to which he had subjected her. He found her mouth and buried his tongue in her throat as she screwed her crotch up on his fingers and her legs splayed out, her thighs now touching her shoulders to receive his double ravishment of her loins and his tongue surged in and out of her mouth in imitation of the wildly fucking cunt and cock below.

Joan cried aloud in agonized ecstasy. She was hopelessly impaled on the rock-hard spear of his giant cock in her vagina and his fingers worming deep up into the depths of her anal entrance; her throat was full of his lashing tongue. God! All of her orifices were filled with him. She had never known such insane rapture and she began writhing and squirming under him, the double ravishment of her loins driving her, demandingly, to gain the fullest measure of pleasure from it.

Oh, God! I'll go insane ... insane!

Buzz Henson had reached the point where he feared for his own sanity ... if he didn't cum soon! Christ! He had to cum! Now ... NOW! He looked down between their slaving bodies to where his thick cock was pistoning smoothly in and out of her luscious, hair rimmed cunt, allowing himself to concentrate on the feel of her satin-lined vaginal walls on the sensitive head of his lust- inflated prick, the soft hair-lined folds of the fleshy cunt-lips clinging, tenaciously, to his fierce rampaging rod that ran amok thrusting up into her like a driven piling, the force of his pelvis smacking into her, causing her whole body to jerk and quiver lewdly beneath him with the impact. He searched his mind for another, even more subjugating technique, but he could think of nothing he could do, unless they stopped to change positions; understandably, he didn't want to stop ... even for that! It was the one thing he hadn't done to her yet ... sodomize her ... fuck her right in the ass! Hell! That would have to come ... later! Instead, he reached down between them; his hand fondled her cunt lips that clasped him so tightly, already, drawing them up on either side of his cock to increase the friction, bringing further moans of unbridled passion from deep in her straining throat. Even more, now, he felt the muscles of her pussy clench him, her vagina clasping and massaging his painfully hardened cock in its attempt, hungrily, to swallow all of his ramming deep and deeper inside the seething inferno of her uncontrollable, completely aroused and sensate cunt.

His jackhammer hips increased the speed and depths of his plunging thrusts as she gyrated wildly and uncontrollably beneath him, her curt climbing up and down his cock with unbelievable fury, her legs jerking and scissoring, her toes curling and she lurched her legs wide and upward toward him; he knew now that she was nearing her climax. It was the first sign that he'd had that she was almost ready to cum. He pounded, rammed, plunged and hammered his rod into her, unmercifully, finally, yanking his fingers from her anus with a wet, obscene hissing sound as he pressed his hands brutally behind her knees and shoved them back, forcefully, until her golden-haired head was framed by them, the whole table of her magnificent naked loins forced higher and wider, open fully and defenseless to his assault upon her fluorescent cunt. He held her rigidly in place, now, and in his exuberant attack he began to withdraw his penis from her, making a new and sensuous entry with every down-stroke, the engorged head driving into her clear to the back wall. God! He had never known another woman who could take all of him ... like this! She was taking it all ... and asking for more!

"Oh! OOOooohhh! oooooooOOOOOOHHHhhh! God! Oh, My God! Fuck it ... hard! Buzz! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" she began to chant, beneath him, her lovely face contorted as the obscene sex words spilled from her lips, her passion, supremely urgent in her, demanding surcease: ... release for her love-starved body. Buzz groaned aloud, pummeling her hard and deep in his crazed effort to stab his heavy cock far, far up into the coraline cavern, the tender, vaulted sanctuary of her womb; he wanted to reach the core of her very being with his hard rod of male flesh, and for a fraction of eternal time, he had the thought, the vision that he would fail her ... that he would not be able to bring her to the soaring heights of ecstasy his cock had promised her; then before his eyes he saw her breasts heave and quiver, the nipples expanding, erectly, filling even more and the flush of her chest spreading, the droplets of perspiration now running in rivulets from her proud mounding orbs, her eyes glazed, wild in her head, her jaw agape, her golden tresses tossing wildly on the blanket in a frenzy of sexual need. He felt the cofferdam, back behind his bloated balls, begin to broach, the acid, burning of his load of sperm commencing its long journey of ejaculation. Not yet! God! ... Not yet! God! ... I've got to hold back!

She came!

She convulsed, spasmodically, beneath him! "Oh! ... oooOOOhhhHHH! ... OOOOOOooooo OOOOOOOHHHHhhhh! Dear God ... in Heaven! It's almost here! It's going to happen ... to me! I'm going to ... cum! Oh, God ... I'm cumming! Now! NO00000 ooooooo WWWWWW!!! AAAAA aaaaa AAAAA ggggg hhh!" As he continued to hammer into her with renewed fire, he thrust himself ever deep and deeper into the receptive, wildly, spasmodic sheath of her clasping vagina, the mouth and lips of her cunt sucking at him, feverishly, and he used all the strength and might of his strong; lean body to assure her an all-consuming orgasm. Her breathing came in laborious, short gasps from deep in her chest, and he felt her jerky, convulsive movements signaling the height of her ecstasy. Now, he sensed his own hot, viscid semen race the length of his prick in stimulating ecstasy, hosing through him in jetting spurts from the orifice in the tip of the bloated, lust-hardened head, spewing far, far up, into her soft, resilient cuntal vault. It jerked and pumped in never-ending delight inside her and she ground her crotch up tight to him to absorb all of it splashing lewdly around inside her belly. Joan moaned aloud. Her thighs quivered and trembled and her belly quaked with the unleashed rapture in her body. She had never realized such joy existed on the face of the earth. With a final shuddering sigh, she let her legs fall limp, shamelessly, while her heart pounded like a trip-hammer in her chest. She had been filled and fulfilled by the big cock still buried deep up inside the fiery depths of her very being. Buzz held himself rigid, as the final ejaculate streamed from him, draining him, his rapture complete with the soaring ecstasy of his spewing release, and he collapsed on top of her, his cock spasming in subsidence. He emitted a deep groan of satisfaction through his labored, panting breathing.

To Joan, now, the sexual delight she had sampled were of utmost importance; the shame and humiliation she had just known were secondary, but looming up in her mind, again, they tried to seize control. She fought it, as she tried to identify herself within the new framework that had been forged for her. She had been fucked to ecstatic heights she had never dreamed of, and it had been done not by her husband ... definitely not by her husband's boss, but by the young, daredevil pilot, Buzz Henson. Well, Jimmy ... I've been fucked ... really fucked ... for the first time in my life! You've got a lot to learn ... now ... if you're going to satisfy me! If it's true that you bargained with Andy ... were willing to let another man fuck me ... your plans have gone astray! Buzz was the first after you ...! Right now ... the way I feel ... both you and Andy are going to have to stand in line!

Buzz stirred above her; he rasped into her ear, "God, Joan! What a gorgeous piece of ass you are!"

"Should I feel complimented?"

"Hell yes! At least that's what I intended," he defended. "You liked it ... didn't you ...?"

"I-I ... liked it ... Buzz," she said. "It was ... marvelous! I don't know ... I didn't suspect that anything could be so ... absolutely perfect!"

"We'll have to do it, again ... sometime," he suggested. "Maybe ... We'll see, Buzz. I'll have to think about it," she hedged, the inkling of an idea beginning to form in her mind. She could not yet articulate it, but she knew that it was an important concept ... that she should nurture it ... for a while. "You're not angry ...?"

"No ... I'm not angry. I'm very satisfied. After being made love to like that ... how could I be angry?" she said demurely. "But I just have to do some thinking ... before I decide whether or not there will be a ... repeat performance. Now, if you'll get off me ... please?"

Mystified, Buzz obeyed, pulling his rapidly de-tumescent penis from her with a wet, sucking sound. Joan continued. "I'd like to have those codeine tablets for Jim," she said.

"You're really in a hurry ... aren't you?"
"Jimmy's been having a lot of pain! ... I want the pills for him! That's what I came for ...!" she countered. "All right ... here they are!"

He reached for his jeans, extracted the cylinder of tablets from a pocket and handed them to her. "One every couple of hours should be enough," he instructed.

She took the container and held it tight in her hand. "You were really sure of yourself ... weren't you?" she asked.

"Yes ... you could say that ..."

"Cocky!" Joan said. "Cocky as hell!"

Chapter 3

From the adjacent ridge another pair of eyes had watched with lascivious interest ... eyes that stared through the field glasses with the intent concentration of a microbiologist studying a newly discovered sub-species.

Having gathered and chopped the supply of wood for the day, Andy Sloan had decided to climb to the ridge paralleling the one chosen by Buzz Henson as lookout point and signal area. Buzz had placed three piles of wood and tinder at the crest of the ridge to be lighted as soon as an airplane was heard or spotted in the vicinity. The ridge, to the north, where Andy sat in the branch of a tree, the glasses held, avidly, to his eyes, was the ridge that Andy had wanted to establish as a lookout point, before he was deposed as the leader of the small band of crash victims, but Buzz, trying to reason with him, had pointed out that search planes were more likely to come from the south; Havre was only a few miles from the Canadian border and was a smaller airport. Great Falls to the South would send their search planes to the north; therefore, the ridge to the south was the logical one upon which to establish their observation and fire-signal base. The resultant conflict of opinions coupled with several other blunders on Andy's part had pushed Buzz to take control of the situation. Afterward, Gayle had convinced him that he should cooperate; he did his share of what was required of him, but the acid hate in him for Buzz Henson gnawed at him, constantly; however, as he gaped through the glasses, watching the lewd sex coupling on the next ridge, he couldn't help but admire the pilot's masterful domination and subjugation of the haughty young Joan Wright. God! Even at the distance, he could see the massiveness of the hard cock the young pilot buried to the hilt between her lovely slim legs.

He had watched almost the entire performance, and as he watched, he had become sexually aroused, his prick jerking to erect hardness in his pants, below, reminding him that he, himself, was supposed to get a crack at that little bitch. Son-of-a-bitch! Look at that woman fuck! I've never seen or heard of anything like it! She acts like she can't get enough of that big cock of Buzz'! God! I can't wait to shove mine into that cute little cunt! Christ! If we hadn't crashed in this God- forsaken place ... I'd have gotten some of that three days ago! It was all set with Jimmy ... and Gayle! What a God damned crock this turned out to be!

The architect watched the couple on the opposite ridge until they climaxed and lay still for several moments. He guessed there wouldn't be another coupling, at least for a while; certainly, not after a fuck that had lasted that long and had been so obviously satisfying to them both. When he saw Joan reach for her clothing, he knew that his private peep-show was over. He climbed, reluctantly, down from the tree. God! His cock ached! Watching the pilot fucking the living shit out of his employee's wife had been fun, but he was so damned hot, now! He had waited too long! That son-of-a-bitch had beat him to her! But, by Christ, he'd damn soon correct that.

Planning how he would approach her, Andy headed back down the slope toward the little glade, a lewd smile playing across his lips; the anticipation of holding that luscious, proud little piece in his arms and fucking her silly held his attention to the exclusion of everything else.

Half way down the slope, his reverie was interrupted by something moving on the opposite slope, slightly below him. The tawny color made him think there might be a deer in the brush; he swung the glasses up to his eyes and spotted the animal, easily. He gasped aloud! God damn! It was a mountain lion! He watched as the graceful animal picked its way down the slope toward the stream. The big cat drank, daintily, then, suddenly, he was gone, bounding up the hillside at an angle and disappearing over the opposite ridge farther and lower down from where Buzz and Joan had been lying. With his glasses, he searched the slope to determine what it was that had caused the lion's sudden departure. His perusal of the whole hillside, visible to him, revealed nothing, but he remembered that he and Gayle had heard something moving about up there, this morning; later, they had discovered those huge paw prints.

Damn! This place could get a little dangerous!

* * *

Joan dressed herself languorously; her still sensual body, tingling in the after-glow of satiation, the euphoria she felt made her resist covering her body, immediately; it felt good just to relax for a few moments savoring the tremendously exhilarating experience of full sexuality.

One thing I know for sure ...! I'll never be the same! After several minutes, she roused herself and began, slowly to dress. She sensed that Buzz, too, was reluctant to get dressed; he dallied, having pulled on only shorts and undershirt by the time she was fully dressed. Joan stood to her feet and stretched, felinely, looking down at Buzz where he still sat on the blanket.

"I was just thinking," she said. "About all the ideas I'll have to change!"

"Do you feel it, already ...?"

"Yes ... Yes, I do ...! And, I suppose ... in a way ... I should be grateful ... "

Suddenly, she saw it! Her eyes widening in terror, she tried to speak, but only a horrible croak came from her lips. She froze! One hand went to her cheek; the other hand flailed helplessly toward Buzz.

"B-B-Bear ...!" she finally managed.

Buzz twisted, looking behind him up the ridge. The Grizzly Bear walked, purposefully, toward them, his burning eyes watching their every move.

"Damn! Up the tree ... Joan!" he snapped, jumping quickly to his feet. "Quickly!"

Joan turned blindly to the trunk of the huge oak. Buzz boosted her up, climbing up, himself, behind her. "Higher! Climb higher!"

She sobbed, "Oh, Buzz ... what'll happen ... to us?"
"Nothing!" he assured her. "Just keep climbing! Bears don't like to climb ... unless they have to!"

From a limb fifteen feet above the ground, Buzz looked down to see the bear reaching up the trunk of the tree, slashing at the bark with his razor-sharp claws, snuffling and making sounds in his throat. Suddenly, he growled and reached toward one of the lower branches.

"Up higher!" Buzz commanded. He tore a small, dead limb from the tree and hurled it into the bear's face. Unaccountably, the bear backed away, grabbed the stick and crushed it in his huge jaws. Now, he seemed to have lost interest in them. He turned to sniff at the blanket and Buzz' shoes and jeans. Joan was frightened; tears ran down her cheeks, unnoticed. Buzz looked over at her and cracked, "What a hell of a time to be caught ... without my pants!"

In spite of her trembling fear, Joan smiled, as she looked to see that he only had on his underwear, but the former huge bulge of his penis was gone. She smiled. She could be light-hearted, too!

"Did that big thing of yours get scared ... and pull in its head ...?"

Buzz looked down, his hand going to his genitals, unselfconsciously. "Well ... I'll guarantee there's nothing like a charging bear ... to make a guy forget about sex!" he chuckled. Below them, on the ground, the Grizzly Bear had found Buzz' jeans. He slashed at them, furiously, cutting and ripping the garment with seeming lack of reason for so doing; finally, after several moments, the small pistol Buzz had put in the pocket of his jeans flew through the air to land several feet away. The huge animal lumbered over to it, picked it up in his mouth and melted into the underbrush.

In the tree, Buzz and Joan watched with fascination, not daring to breathe. It was Buzz who broke the silence. "I'll be damned ...! He took the gun!" he exclaimed; then, thoughtfully, "I wonder ... He's disarming us! That's it! The gun was a threat ... he's been shot at, before ... and he's taking the gun ... so we won't be a danger ... to him!"
"Really, Buzz? But, that's so implausible ...!"
"You saw it happen! It's almost a believe it or not ... and I wouldn't believe it ... if I hadn't seen it!" Buzz enthused. "You're giving the animal credit ... for thinking?"
"Yes! There have been cases like this ... even more unbelievable! I remember reading about some of them ... somewhere!"

"Now that he's gone ... is it safe to get down out of this scratchy old tree ...?" she asked.

"Probably ... but I'd better walk back with you."
"Heavens! ... I-I wouldn't go by myself ... now!" Buzz helped her down from the old oak tree; she sustained a few scratches and whimpered about them, but when she saw the damage the bear had done to Buzz' jeans, she decided the tree- damage to her skin was really very minor. She picked up the jeans and examined them. "They're completely ruined!" she said.

"I'll have to wear them ...! I know ... I'll wrap the blanket around me ... to keep me modest," he said. "Do you have another pair?"

"No ... I don't! That's the hell of it!" Buzz complained. "I-I think Jim has an extra pair ..." she suggested. "Great! Maybe I could borrow them ..."

Joan smiled sweetly up into his face. "What's it worth to you Buzz?"

"I'll be damned!" he grinned. "You learn fast!"

* * *

Returning to the camp in the glade, they found Andy and Gayle playing strip poker. Gayle was obviously losing; she slipped into a robe when she saw Buzz. He told them briefly about their bizarre adventure and suggested they all go over to the Wright's lean-to, if Jim was awake.

Joan found her husband sitting up; she gave him a cup of water and a codeine tablet without a word of explanation. "Thank you Darling ... Where'd you get them ...?" Jim asked. "From the medicine chest. You can take one every two hours ... if you need to ..."

Buzz explained to the group what had happened on the ridge ... concerning the bear. He told them, that from that point on, neither of the women were to be alone; when they had to leave, they should go together, but preferably, one of the men should be with them. He issued guns to all the men with instructions to have them constantly in possession.

"Speaking of guns ... that was my pistol the bear got," Andy complained.

"When we get back, submit a bill to the charter company," Buzz told him.

"If we get back ...!" Andy snorted. "I saw a big mountain lion, up on the ridge ... this afternoon!" The two women registered complete surprise. Jim was interested; Buzz told them that in this country he was not at all surprised to hear it. After some other discussion and small talk, the meeting broke up, and Buzz turned to Joan. "Joan ... I'd like to talk with you a moment ..." She walked toward the wrecked plane with him. He still wore the blanket around his middle.

"Can you get those extra pants for me ...?" he asked her. "I notice ... you didn't say anything about your Jeans! "Well ... it'd be a little hard to explain how they got damaged while I wasn't in them," he said. "I wasn't kidding! It'll cost you ... something!"
"O K.! I'll pay ... gladly!" he said.

"Tonight ...?"

"Yes! Tonight ... after supper! You're already an insatiable little bitch!"

"Now, I am ..." Joan said, smiling demurely. She went to their lean-to where Jim still sat.

"Buzz wants to borrow a pair of jeans," she said. "He ripped them ... when he was helping me down from the tree ..."
"Sure ... they're in my bag ..."

Going to the soft duffel bag she rummaged in it until she found the extra trousers.

Jim went on. "How come you were up on the ridge ... with him ... this afternoon?"

"I went to see the sights ...!"

"Is that all ...?" he queried further.

She hesitated. "Yes ... that's all ... There's a beautiful view from up there."

"And ... you just looked at the view ... for almost two hours?"

"Yes ... Jim ... with open eyes! It was a lovely vista ... one that I'd never seen before!" she murmured. "I don't get it ...?"

"I'm not blind ... any more!"


"I can see more, now, than ever before ...!" she said. "You're talking in riddles ... Joan!" he blurted. "Am I ...?" she asked. "Maybe ... but you'll know the answers ... when you ask the right questions!"
"That doesn't make any sense!"

"Does anything? This trip? Why did you haul me up here?" she asked, breathless now. "That's a good question ... and you know the answer!"

"I don't ..." he began.

"I do!" she snapped, taking the trousers in her hand and turning to walk toward the crushed airplane where Buzz waited for her.

Her husband called, "Joan ... come back here! Let me ... talk to you!"

She paused, turned back to him and said, "It's too late ... for talking ... Jimmy!"

* * *

It was an hour, yet, before it would be time to start cooking the evening meal, and Joan felt the need of a bath. She got towel and soap from her bag and was leaving the shelter when Jim, whom she thought was asleep, sat up and looked at her; his eyes were terrifying, burning holes in his ashen face. "Where are you going?"

"Down to the stream ... Why?"

"Is Gayle going with you?" he queried.

"Yes ..." she lied.

"Good! That's 0.K., then ..."

A stricken look came over his face. He looked up at her, his mouth working, trying to find words.

"Joan ... Darling... Is something ... wrong ... between us ...?"

"Do you think there is ...?" she countered, coolly. "I-I don't know ... I ..." he blundered. "You're different ... changed, somehow ..."

"You're right ... Jimmy! I have changed!"
"But... why? ... How ...?"

"The way you wanted me ... to change!"

"Riddles! Riddles! I-I don't understand ..." he groaned. She was assailed with doubt and a gnawing question. Was it possible he didn't remember ... that he was suffering from amnesia ... concussion? After all, he had sustained a fairly heavy blow to his head; the concussion could have caused him to forget. Then, too, she only had Buzz' word that there had been an agreement ... an arrangement, as it were, between Jim and his boss---an arrangement that would throw her into Andy Sloan's arms, in exchange for what? She didn't know yet! Was it money ... or Gayle Sloan ...? Both? Somehow, she had the feeling that it was both, and that it was just a matter of time before Andy would be making a move to ... to seal the unholy bargain. God! I'm beginning to feel lice some kind of harem slave-girl! To Jim, she said, "Don't fret about it ... Jimmy. I-I was just feeling ... bitchy! I'll be back pretty soon ... get some rest!"

She kneeled before him and kissed him, tenderly, on the lips. He lay back, again, on the sleeping bag and closed his eyes. "Joan," he murmured. "I'm glad you got those pain pills for me ..."

"I thought you needed them ..." she said. "They've helped ... quite a lot ... Thank you ..."
"Rest ... now ..." she said, soothingly, rising to go. Joan walked away, quickly, toward the stream, heading for the lower part of the meadow, where the stream had entered a small stand of trees. She had bathed there, before, in relative private, feeling quite sure that no one had ever seen her while she was there.

Andy Sloan's observant eyes caught her movement as she walked swiftly away. He threw down his cards and got to his feet. "Excuse me, My Dear ..." he said.

Twisting her head around, Gayle Sloan saw the object of his interest. She smiled up at him lewdly.

"She is such a beautiful girl ... isn't she ...?"

"Be gentle with her, Andy!"

"Why should I ...? The little bitch fucks like a mink!" he growled.

"Experience ...?"

"Observation! I watched her and Henson go at it ... this afternoon!"

"SOOoo ... that's why you were all hot and bothered...? "It was quite a spectacle!" he gloated, remembering. "I thought I had soothed the beast, properly ..."
"Oh, you did, My Dear ... but there's always the resurrection!"

"You mean ... erection!"

"I mean ... I've got to fuck that little bitch!"
"Damn it! I had been looking forward to this trip ... for some real swinging performances ... but Jim Wright's in no condition ... and Buzz hasn't shown very much interest in me ... yet," she complained.

"Don't let Buzz get by you ..."

"What's so special about our pilot ...?" she asked. "He's got just about the biggest cock you ever saw!"
"MMMmmmmmnnnn! I'll go to work on it!" she promised. "Joan's almost out of sight, now," he observed. "I'm going to go see what I can do with her ..." The architect walked out of the clearing and into the trees. He knew exactly where she would be; he had watched her bathe in the stream twice before this, but there had been something in him that had held him back. He had wanted to fuck her so badly! That business of being knocked down by Buzz Henson, his position of power and leadership usurped by the dare-devil pilot, had been devastating to his ego. Now, he was his old self!

Chapter 4

Trodding softly and keeping just inside the line of trees bordering the natural meadow, Andy made for the spot where he knew Joan Wright would be. Birds flitted and warbled in the trees overhead; he stopped and watched as a bright blue feather came skimming down from the heights, its erratic flight through the sifting sunlight making it a thing of beauty. Impulsively, he ran to catch it before it could touch the ground. He held the feather in his hand and surveyed its deep iridescent sheen, his artist's eye appreciative of nature's use of color. Putting the feather in his shirt pocket, Andy grinned salaciously to himself; it might come in handy.

Damn! The last time I did it to Gayle she climbed the walls! In a few moments he saw her, a vision of golden loveliness as she stood naked in the stream soaping her body. He watched as she ran the soap over the full, pouting mounds of her milk-white breasts, over her flat belly and sensuously curving hips. God Damn! She was beautiful! He saw that the triangle of her pubic mound was covered with light, sparse, golden hair that matched the fiery gold of her head.

She's not a bottle blonde ... after all! Christ! She's got it! Those tits are perfect! ... And, her hips and thighs! God! I can hardly wait to get my hands on her! He moved forward, silently, to crouch behind a bush. It was too early to make his presence known. When she had finished her ablutions and was getting ready to dress would be a more propitious time.

Now, she squatted down in the water rinsing the soap from her, the suds rushing downstream away from her in glistening array as they caught the sunlight. She washed her face, thoroughly, scrubbing it to a rosy glow of cleanliness; then he saw that she performed a primitive douche, using her hands between her thighs to scrub and ream. His penis jerked and throbbed to erection as he watched her hands at her loins, visible to him in the clear water. She rinsed her body, again, and waded to the bank where she picked up her towel and dried herself vigorously, imparting a rosy, healthful glow to her vibrant skin and serving to warm her against the light stir of the air. Now! Now, was the time to move! The architect rose to his feet and cleared his throat as he walked slowly toward her.

"Beautiful!" he said. "Beautiful! Like a Venus de Milo ... with arms!"

Alarm ... fear ... shame stabbed into her like arrows; she gasped aloud as she turned toward him, her face reddening in a deep flush.

"Oh! My God!"

He went on, "... Or Diana At The Bath ..."
"Oh ... It's you ... Andy!" she exclaimed, recognizing him. "Yes ... your protector ... and admirer! You were being very naughty to go off by yourself ... this way! Our home-grown hero gave explicit orders ... that neither of you women were to go anywhere alone!"

She had whipped the towel in front of her in modesty at the first sound of his voice, and she was very much aware of her nakedness in the presence of this man.

Dear God! He must have been watching me! ... Hiding out there in the woods ... like a peeping tom! He continued to walk toward her, boldly. "... But, I had to ... to take a bath ..." He was two paces away, now. Joan began to panic as suddenly his intent came to her mind.

"Yes, I know ... It was necessary ... wasn't it, My Dear?" he grinned, lewdly.

"Stay away f-from ... m-me!" she blurted. "S-Stop ... right there?" She read the lust in his eyes.

Andy stopped a foot away from her; he looked down at her trembling body, her fear-struck eyes staring back at him. "You felt it necessary ... to wash the essence of him out of you," he chortled. "... And your desire for cleanliness is to be commended!"

"W-What do you ... m-mean ...?" she trembled. "I saw your performance ... this afternoon ... with Buzz Henson! Does that jar your memory?" he rapped out at her. Joan moaned aloud in shame and humiliation; she dropped her tear filled eyes to the ground, not daring to look at him, now. Oh, God ...! Wasn't it enough that Buzz shamed me ...? Andy was watching me ... us ... too! I feel so ... so vile! "H-How could you ... know ... see us ...?" she stumbled. "Easy! With field glasses ... on the opposite ridge!"
"... And, you ... s-saw ... e-everything ...?"
"Everything!" Andy assured her with finality. "OOh, God!" Tears started again into her eyes, misting them so that she couldn't see.

"I've been debating with myself ... Should I, or should I not ... tell your husband!"

Suddenly, Joan's mind grasped what he was going to lead up to, and she had to counter him ... stall him, somehow. "You wouldn't?"

"That's right ... I wouldn't ... under certain conditions!"
"C-Conditions ...?"

"Yes ... it's very simple! I want to fuck you ... and I won't tell him ... if you're completely cooperative!" Joan saw her opening. She looked up at him and pulled the towel closer to her.

"What difference would it make ... if you told him. He's already bargained me away!" she said, defiantly. "What ...? How ... did you ...?" he sputtered. "... And ... I decided to choose ... I took Buzz!" she finished.

The architect's face contorted in sudden rage. He reached for the towel and stripped it from her body. "And, your stupidity will cost him his job! ... As soon as we get back ... I'll fire his ass right out of the office!" he gritted.

God, Oh God! What have I done ...? Jimmy can't lose this job ...! What shall I do ...? How can I keep him from being fired ...?

Her answer came with his next words. He went on, "... Unless you play the game ... Doll!"

"You mean ...?"

"You fuck me ... and he keeps his job!"

"D-Did you promise him a-a raise ...?" she asked. "If I-I cooperated ...?"

"Hell! I did better than that ... I offered to cut him in on the partnership ...!" he bragged, reaching out to take her in his arms and crushing her in a bear-hug to his chest. "No! NO! Don't ... please ...?" she moaned. He kissed her neck and shoulder as she twisted her head aside, violently, to avoid his searching lips. "Isn't that good enough for you ...?" he growled. "I-It's not that ... There's one more thing I-I've got to know ...!"

"What's that?"

"Your wife ... and Jim ...? Did he want her ... too?"
"Well ... since you asked ... I don't know about Jim ... But Gayle had the hots for him! ... And she usually gets what she goes after!"

Andy slid his hands down her back feeling the svelte smoothness of her naked skin ... down to the twin protuberances of her fully rounded buttocks; his fingers dug and kneaded the cool flesh of them, then with cruel strength, he pulled her loins in tight to him, the bulge of his erection cleaving into her cusp with devastating force. She moaned into his shoulder as her loins began to smolder in sensual response.

"And ... and you let her ... do it ...?"

"It's our little arrangement ... makes an exciting marriage!" he explained.

"It sounds ... repulsive!"

"That's what you think ... now! Wait until you've really learned to swing ... you'll think differently!"
"S-Swing ...?"

"Swap ... swing ... whatever you want to call it ..."
"... And, Jim ... agreed ...?" she asked. "Jim really agreed ... knowing what it was all about ...?"

"You bet your sweet ass he did!" Andy grunted, dropping his head in search of her mouth, again.

Joan avoided his avidly searching lips; she had to have time ... time to think about it ... about what she really thought ... about Jim's bizarre bargain, the conditions just laid down by her husband's boss, Gayle's sexual desire for Jim ... and her darling husband's obvious desire for his boss' wife. It was all so confusing ... crowding in on her, demanding a solution ... a decision!

With Buzz, this afternoon, there was no chance for her to decide, with a clear head whether or not she would ... or would not make love to him. He had forced her ... debauched her with shame, degradation and humiliation, her defenses weakened to the point where she had surrendered, unconditionally, to him. Was it to be that way, now, with Andy? Did she really have a choice? I'm so mixed up ... now! Dear God! What should I do ...? Andy's not really forcing me ... to do it ... the way Buzz did ... I could jerk myself away from him ... and run away! He might catch me ... and rape me ... maybe, even hurt me ...! Heaven forbid! H-He could ... even kill me ... if he didn't have his wag with me! If I refuse him ... he'll fire Jimmy from his job! God ... I wouldn't want to be responsible for that! ... But if I agree ... just lie down and spread my legs for him ... and let him use me ... Jimmy'll keep his job ... become a partner in the company ... and I would be no better than a twenty dollar whore! Did Jimmy think about that ... when he agreed ... t-to let Andy have me? That's what I'd be ... a WHORE! I'd be trading my body for something of value ... something we've both wanted! Is it worth it ...? Could I live with myself ...? Would Jim still love me ... want me ...? Dear God ... there are so many questions I don't know the answers to ...! I don't know ... I just don't know ... what to do ...! Help me ...! Help me to do the right thing ... make the right decision ...! Please? God? She was jolted out of her confused, indecisive, reverie; the architect shifted a hand to her jaw, grasping it in strong fingers to swing her head around, their eyes coming into contact: his glaring anger; hers shame-ridden; his voice came croaking out at her.

"God damn it! I'm tired of playing games! Let's fuck, baby. Just like you did this afternoon."

Suddenly, his mouth was on hers, his tongue bursting through the barriers of teeth and lips to probe and savor her. She tried to escape ... drew her head back and away ... to scream, but he held her immobile and helpless in his strong arms. His lips and tongue ignited a slow fuse in her, the erotic, sexy sensations in her mouth as his tongue moved there, the sweet, yet pungent taste and smell of tobacco on his breath, the sweaty, acrid odor of man- sweat and the strength of his hands and arms holding her against him, the rough fabric of his shirt, irritating and arousing the coraline nipples to erect hardness all combined to throw a net over her ... trap her in a morass of ecstatic sensations that coursed through her in rapturous, sensuous sexuality that threatened to explode with devastating force in her loins. Oh, Dear God!

I can't! I can't let him do this to me ...! Make me want it ... Make me give in to him! Dear God! I feel like a slut! A man just kisses me now ... and I want it ... want to have his thing in me! Is that ... what makes a woman into a whore? Then, she was kissing him back; her tongue came alive in her mouth and jousted with his, finally, lashing snake-like into his oral cavity where it searched and caressed. The hand that still held her in close to him, relaxed on her buttocks and began to explore the curving outlines of her waist, hip and thigh; the other hand dropped from her jaw and began its own teasing search of the mounding hemispheres of her breasts, finding a hardening nipple which he taunted to full erection between rolling thumb and forefinger. Now, she raised her arms and placed them around his neck to pull his head down tighter to her lips, and her tongue flicked in and out of his mouth in subconscious signal to him of her readiness ... her desire that flamed higher and higher every moment.

Leaving her thigh, Andy's hand worked its way in between them to the golden bush of her triangle, and he slipped a finger into the top of her vaginal slit, working it down until he found the hardening spike of her clitoris hidden within the fleshy folds of her cunt-lips. He brushed over it lightly, feeling it throb to hungry life under his finger tip.

Joan was suddenly weak in the knees; she slumped against him, her vision blurred, swimmingly, and she felt dizzy, lightheaded ... tingling all over with unbidden, unwanted sexual desire. Damn! What his lips ... and hand do to me ...! I feel absolutely helpless ... to resist him! But I can't let him ... dominate me ... shame me ... without a fight! If I let him make me want it ... so easy ... where does it end ...? Any man ... that just touches me ... could ... could fuck me ... anytime, anywhere ... Oh, God! No! I don't want that ...! He released her and she slumped to her knees in the soft grass; blindly, dumbly, she picked up the large bath towel and spread it out, a mewling hum coming from her throat that she could not control. The towel spread, she lay upon it, on her back, her legs clamped tightly together, eyes closed and arms crossed over her breasts, as a furious battle raged in her, for the second time that day ... her sensuous body pitted against her reasoning mind; she was determined that, this time, her body would not win! Losing no time, Andy threw off his clothing, stopping, at the last moment, to retrieve the feather from his shirt pocket, mentally congratulating himself on his foresight. The feather was exactly what he needed ... the implement that would break down the final barriers she had erected; he chuckled silently to himself in anticipation of what was to come, noting that she had lain down with all her defenses up. Christ! This was going to be fun! In a few moments, Joan knew, Andy would be on top of her digging, poking, pinching, biting and trying to get his erected cock into her vagina as she lay there, defenseless and helpless, but she would resist him ... fight him ... battle with herself every step of the way, not allowing the vile, debasing sensations of sexual rapture to get the upper hand in her. She could not help herself, now; she knew that there could be only one ending to the game she played with Andy Sloan. He would mount her, fuck her, frantically, for a few minutes, spurt his vile sperm into her ... and that would be that!

But ... dome it! I don't have to like it! ... I'll resist it to the end! I won't become what they are trying to make out of me! I won't! Won't! WON'T!

Then, the unexpected happened!

Joan was caught completely by surprise; her body jerked, involuntarily, at the light, tickling touch of something that moved, inch by tortuous inch, up the smooth, sensitive flesh of her inner thighs where they were clamped tightly together. Her eyes flew open and she gaped down to where Andy was crouched beside her, a bright blue feather held lightly in his fingers; he grinned down at her lewdly, as he continued to tease her with the tip of it, dragging it along the ivory columns of her quivering thighs. Instinctively, a hand flew to her genitals to protect them. She realized in a flash that if he were to touch her there with that feather all would be lost. It would be too much for her to bear!

Catching up her hand, easily, in his own, strong-fingered hand, he growled, "I thought you'd like this ... there's nothing quite like it ... so why don't you just lie back and enjoy it! "Oh, My God! That's torture!"

"Not really, My Dear ... It'll be rapture ... before long!" he exulted; then, commandingly, "open your thighs!"
"N-No! I won't! I won't let you ... do this to me!"
"Very well! I'll stop, now ... and that mutton-headed husband of yours is out of a job!" he gritted. "Take your choice! It's the same one you had a while ago!"

Hot tears streamed from her eyes. "I-I just can't ... let you do it ... to me!"

"You seemed to enjoy Buzz Henson ... this afternoon!"
"H-He forced m-me ...!" she sobbed.

"That sure as hell didn't look like a rape to me!" he chortled.

Hell! Maybe that's her bag ...! She's got to feel like she's being forced! It gives her art excuse! That's it ...! Buzz found it out ... and worked on it! l should've remembered it, myself! That little red-head I brought into our club about three months ago was like that!

Andy released her hand, and with both hands on her knees he pried her legs apart, forcefully, taking pleasure in the part he had to play.

"OOooh!" she sobbed. "Don't! Please don't?"
"All right, then ... you little bitch! You want to be fucked the hard way ... eh? Well, I'm tired of messing around with you! You're going to get fucked so hard ... you'll remember it the rest of your life ... and tell it to your granddaughters!" he roared. Then, holding her thighs apart with one hand, he began, again to tantalize her naked flesh with the feather as she moaned out her humiliation, her hands over her face to shield her eyes from the shame of it.

Joan groaned aloud as the tantalizing lightness of the feather traced tiny circles on the soft, sensate skin of her inner thighs, going into the hollows on either side of the fleshy cunt lips. She wanted to scream with the torment, but his sudden change to meanness and demanding force frightened her. He might become violent! She didn't want to be hurt, so she stifled the scream in her throat.

The feather moved, relentlessly, and now it was moving in the coral furrow between the golden, softly hair-fringed cuntal lips. He twisted it around and around, dipping every now and then between the inner petals that had begun to flower open, blood- engorged and turning a darker coraline as he watched. Never, had she experienced such a lewd, sexy, exciting sensation. It was even more arousing than the cunnilingus that Buzz had performed upon her. Somehow, she had to retain her sanity ... fight against it ... not let it get to her as Buzz had, this afternoon! Dear God! Help me!

She panted in short, sharp gasps; she could feel it now as he thrust it, twirlingly, in and out of her cuntal passage, igniting searing fires of desire that leaped and flared in her nerve endings like a forest fire racing before a strong wind, destroying all in its path. She was sure that the innocent feather was a destructive tool of uncommonly cruel torture and that it would be the source of her complete destruction.

She tried to fight back the rising excitement in her loins, denying the existence of the rapture that had begun to move her. Unconsciously, uncontrollably, her hips began to move under her, scribing tiny lewd circles of salacious desire. Suddenly, she became aware of the warmth and wetness in her cunt, the viscid fluids exuding from the inner walls of her vaginal vault to ooze in droplets of moisture into the throbbing pink slit of her female being, the portal becoming wet and slippery, readying itself for the entrance of a hard, joy-bringing cock. "Oh, My God! Andy! I can't stand it! Please ...? Oh, please ...?" she begged in utter humiliation. ... But, Andy would not stop; he turned the feather further into the wet furrow of her cunt, the teasing tip of it sliding, finally, upward through the sparse golden fringe to the erect, throbbing clitoris encanopied there. He moved it, tormentingly, up and down the short length of the miniature phallus, coming to rest with a twisting motion on the sensitive triangle of its tumescent head. Again, she stifled a scream in her throat ... but this time it was a scream of utter joy that she killed. She would not allow him the pleasure of knowing that he had subjugated her with a tiny insignificant feather! No! NO! NOO! her mind screamed!

As quickly as it had come to that secret place, the lust- inciting feather suddenly was gone, and she felt it trailing up through the silky, softly curling hair of her mons, across her abdomen and over her flat belly, twirling, playfully into her navel, moving out to her groin to twist in the hollow there; then, with a broad sweep it was on her breasts, orbiting them in a figure eight that grew smaller and smaller as it worked up the full mounds of her milk-white breasts toward the crowning coral- tipped nipples.

Oh God! That feels so good! I've had more pleasure ... in sex, today ... than Jimmy's given me in three years of being married! I don't understand it ...! Why? Why do I feel like this ...? And neither one of them ... is my husband! Oh, God! I won't be able to hold out very much longer! l wish he would just shove his cock in me and fuck me ... and get it over with right away! This is sheer hell!

Soft whimpers and mewlings commenced to issue from her lips, as the feather, still moist from the wetness of her cuntal slit moved in ever smaller circles until it circled only one of the hard erect nipples, playing on the areola, then on the pink column of the nipple itself, her quivering breasts atingle with the lascivious sensations it generated in them. Her shame and humiliation was too great, crying to her confused mind, trying to warn her that it was almost too late, but her body was ascendant; she moved her shoulders to jiggle her breasts, lewdly, against the tantalizing feather. Her body wanted more of it, even as her mind fought against it! Even as she fought with all the power of her mind, she was aware only of the throbbing ache at the vee of her loins, and the viscid moisture there made her even more expectant, the anticipation of what was to come stabbing excitedly at her confused being. Every cell in her aroused body cried for fulfillment ... for release from the torture of the feather on her trembling breasts.

Reason, pride and self-respect battled to gain control of her writhing body; she was forced, finally, to see herself as she really was. The image was of a young wife, love-starved without knowing it, sensual, vibrant, alive ... wanting life and love but never exposed to either. The plane crash ... her husband's injury, the need to feel needed ... Buzz Henson licking her to full arousal ... fucking her as she had never been fucked before ... soaring to the heights in orgasm ... all of this paraded before her eyes; then in the present ... the feather, sensually teasing the taut nipples of her breasts, torturing her ... arousing her, again, to full sexuality, a slave at the hands of yet another man- --not her husband---a man who was forcing her, subjugating her to his will as the obscene fires of unbridled passion flared in her, AND she fought it with all of her strength of mind! And then, her mind turned. Why? Why did shed fight against a gift freely given ... the gift of sex enjoyed to the fullest? Suddenly, she realized the foolishness of her struggle. The rewards of not struggling were the greater!

Her hands drifted to the magnificent orbs of her breasts; against her will, she massaged them upward, unwittingly pressing them up straight from her prone, quivering body, the two upstanding orbs demanding, now, that they be teased and tormented with lewd, exciting pleasures they had never known before, and the taut, erect nipples throbbed with delight as they seemed to offer themselves up to the torture of the feather, almost as if her breasts were an entity of their own, completely separate from her sensate body trembling under the tormenting caress of the feather in his hand.

As the young wife's mind began to release her body from conscious control ... to liberate it to the total, depraved enjoyment of the sensual, sexual ministrations of her husband's boss, she felt the teasing feather again trace a salacious path down through the moistly perspirant valley of her breasts and move downward, down, down, again to the pulsating pink flesh of her warm, moist cunt. She gasped in sheer ecstatic pleasure as she felt it slide through the golden curls of her pubic mound, pausing, momentarily, to pay twitching homage to her pulsing clitoris; she almost screamed her frustration when it didn't stop there; instead, it plowed, lightly down through the coral moistness of her furrow and began to run in smaller and smaller circles, homing in on the brown, puckered ring of her anal opening. The fully rounding globes of her white, soft and smooth buttocks convulsed, suddenly, as the tip of the feather nestled, tantalizingly against the clasping, rubbery, nether portal of her anus.

"OOOOOoooooh!" she moaned, ecstatically, as the unbelievably powerful sensations coursed through her. "Oh, Christ! I can't take any more ... Andy! Stop! Oh, God ... please stop!" Andy breathed heavily as he crouched between her legs plying the blue feather, watching as she raised her full curving hips, the clenching and unclenching anus seeming almost as though it reached out to claim the torturing feather for itself. She's going to be ready in just a little while! God! she's getting hotter than a three dollar pistol! This is the most luscious little piece of ass I've ever seen! Damn! I'm going to enjoy fucking her ...! I can hardly wait to get may prick in her! His cock throbbed, achingly, and he was aware that it had jerked several times, involuntarily, squeezing a small rivulet of clear, viscid lubricant from the tip. It was no longer necessary to hold her legs apart, as she spread them wider, searching upward for the feather with her loins; now, her tortured mind craved release from the torment, demanding surcease from the frustration of rapture too long sustained, but her lust-crazed body demanded more of the sadistic taunting of her pulsating loins. Releasing her legs, Andy reached with his free hand to grasp his throbbing cock. He milked the foreskin back to reveal the red, blood-engorged head, spreading the lubricant with his thumb over the broad, chunky crown, the feather alive in his hand as he searched out the enshrined clitoris in its fleshy folds of cuntal flesh.

"Stop! STOP!" she screamed. "Oh, Please, please ... no more! NO MORE!"

"Are you ready ... to take my cock, now?" he chuckled. "Oh, yes ... please! Anything! ... But, please ... I can't stand any more ... of that feather!" she moaned. With her last gasping words, the agonizing torment was suddenly lifted from her frustrated cunt, leaving her breathless, as she slowly relaxed and lowered her upraised pelvis, feeling a sense of relief in her clenching wet slit. The teasing feather had raised her to the highest pitch of excitement she had ever experienced. Now, she wallowed in her shame again; she had told Andy she was ready ... ready to take his cock ... ready to be fucked like a slut by her own husband's boss. Andy had tossed the feather aside.

"It's served its purpose!" he said. "Did you like it?"
"L-Like it ...? It's horrible!" she moaned. He slithered down between her legs until his mouth was hanging just above her softly palpitating vagina. Christ! He'd never seen a lovelier cunt! He gaped at the narrow slit, its pink ragged opening was wet with the viscous moisture from the walls of her cuntal passage. God! She was more than ready! Joan gaped down at him crouched between her legs through lust-crazed eyes. She could feel the palms of his hands, hot against the tender softness of the flesh of her inner thighs, holding them wide apart; suddenly, she knew his intentions, and she had the crazy, unbidden desire to open them even farther for him, to allow him full access to her most secret, inner femaleness. This afternoon with Buzz had been an experience beyond her wildest dreams, but now, after she had been aroused with the feather ... to be licked there would be next to heavenly. She watched him in fascination tinged with anticipation and a small dash of horror. Her mind had still not accepted, fully, the erotic domination---the treason---of her body, for surely, it was her body that had betrayed everything she had ever believed to be good and holy. Slowly, his gray-tinged head lowered toward the golden mound at the base of her belly.

"AAAaaagh!" she moaned and her body jerked, uncontrollably, as his hot, wet lips closed over her warm, pulsating vaginal opening. Her vision blurred, his face out of focus as he planted wet, lascivious kisses on the still tingling aperture of her snug young pussy, his tongue lashing insanely into the moistness of the quivering hair-lined opening.

Her own hands moved with sensuous knowledge down over the twin mounds of her throbbing breasts, her fingers teasing the erect, coral nipples for a moment before they slid slowly along her smooth, flat belly, finally coming to rest in her groin on either side of his working lips. Her fingers stroked softly for a few moments from the flexing hollows of her inner thighs upward to the fleshy, hair-lined lips, rubbing and caressing all around them until she could wait no longer; then, she slowly, of her own volition, spread the pink, wet lips apart, pulling to either side, allowing his hungry mouth the liberty of all her moist, secret being, the feeling deep in her that she must give all of herself to him ... now!

Moaning, incessantly, now, she pressed her elbows to her ribs, her blonde hair in moist disarray as her head flailed from side to side with her unbridled rapture as his agile, searing tongue flicked out, its soft, searching tip circling her palpitant clitoris, tantalizingly. She felt his lips suck at her, drawing the warm soft petals of her fluorescent cunt deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, his tongue continuing its maddening licking of the throbbing pink and erect bud of her sex. Unashamedly, she groaned out her pleasure from deep in her throat, mewling and purling as the hot, searching tip of his lingual member worked its way up and down the narrow length of her soft, wet furrow, starting at the lower belly and pressuring its way down over the resilient opening of her hungrily clasping vagina; then, his tongue traveled down, down into the crevice of her hollowing buttocks, stopping, momentarily, to probe wetly at the tight, puckered anal ring, below. Her hips gyrated wildly as she shoved her undulant pelvis up at him in beggarly supplication for more. Joan's constant moans drove his tongue faster and faster as he slaved away at her steaming, hungry crotch. He wanted her begging for it ... literally screaming to be fucked when he was ready to ram his big cock in her, and she was more than ready, now; he knew, however, that she would be capable of multiple orgasms, if she let herself go, so he was not worried that she might cum while he was still licking her; she would cum again and again with his cock in her cunt. He liked it that way! Suddenly, she tangled her fingers in his graying hair, guiding his face to the palpitating opening of her cuntal passage, pulling him in tight between her widespread legs, close contact and he stabbed his long tongue into the soft-rimmed flesh, flicking at it teasingly for a moment, then withdrawing to trace around the ragged, coraline edges. With sex-crazed strength, she forced him in closer, pressing his mouth directly over the snug portal of the demanding hole in her squirming crotch, and as his lips rounded and covered the clasping, palpitant opening, he thrust his tongue deep down into it, flicking in and out with a set rhythm in imitation of a fucking cock; a low, guttural, almost animal groan emitted from her lips and her warm, trembling thighs closed convulsively around either side of his moving head. He could feel the moist flesh of her satiny smooth cunt walls as they slipped wetly around his long, extended tongue, the lining of her vagina opening and closing in a tiny sucking motion of its own, attempting to pull his tongue deeper and deeper into its moist depths. Her heels, in his crouching back, pushed him down hard, pressing his body into the fleshy trap of her open thighs; he could barely breathe, his nosed mashed tight against the tiny, erect button of her sex, above, his tongue, below, savoring the alkaline flavor of the flowing juices of her lust. God! It was inciting his cock to a throbbing hardness he didn't believe was possible. Never had he been able to hold himself back this long before as he brought a woman almost to the peak of climax before shoving the rock-hardness of his prick in her and bringing them both to the rapturous, soaring heights of sexual release. He had to get it in her pretty damned soon or he would explode his jism all over the place.

The young wife's body was lost, consumed in the ecstatic fires that raged, sensually, in her. Every muscle of her body tensed as she strained her hips upward, pushing up toward the excitation of the maddening probe at the junction of her thighs. It was magnificent! It was beautiful beyond her imagination; first the feather ... now his licking tongue brought her pleasure from out of this world.

Her updrawn legs scissored, opened and closed around the tormenting head licking gluttonously at her flaming cunt. The cords of her neck stood out, strainingly, as she pulled with superhuman strength against the back of his head. "OOoooh! OOOOOooohhhhh! AAAaaggggggh!" she groaned in ecstasy of beginning release, as she realized that orgasm would come to her with the licking of her cunt only, and she splayed her legs wider and ground her pelvis up into his face to give him greater access to her cunt that roared with the flames of hell. "Go on! Don't stop! Oh, God ... don't stop licking me! Lick me! Lick my cunt!"

There came a roaring in her ears and she was one with the lacy canopy of the trees overhead, the birds that flitted and twittered there; her home was the blue sky ... and she was in it and of it, the rapture of space and of the deeps in one ... one soaring climax that described a parabola of the infinite and the finite and she wanted it to go on and on forever. She screamed with the sweet, intolerable delight of her transport, and when it was over she lay gasping for breath, her eyes glazed, her body jerking convulsively as wave after wave of welcome euphoria, well- being and relief flooded through her. Gradually, her senses returned and she was still on the ground, lying on her bath towel, the same trees overhead that filtered the sunlight on them in ever-changing patterns of light and shadow. Andy watched her as she climaxed. She had come too early, he decided ... maybe he had gone on licking her for too long. She's had her fun ... now I'll have mine! He turned her over to her stomach, and she didn't resist. Her willpower was, seemingly, drained from her by the power of her orgasm. He leaned down to kiss the full, smooth, rounded buttocks; his teeth nipped at her with sharp, little playful bites. She felt him draw the smooth, rounded orbs apart with his hands and he licked the soft, fleshy crevice between them. She felt the stretching strain on her anal opening as he pulled the skin around it. Suddenly, she felt obscenely naked and defenseless as he hovered over the deep red hole of her back passage, but it didn't seem to matter, really ... nothing seemed to matter, to her, any longer.

Then, she felt him dip a finger into the viscid moisture of her vagina and spread it on her tightly clenched anus, lubricating it for the finger that now probed at the puckered, tight little portal.

"Spread your legs!" he ordered. She obeyed him, splaying her legs far to either side. His finger circled the opening before he prodded it into her. She winced with the sudden, unexpected pain, jumping forward, squirming away from the goad in her backside as he strained to shove it into her, and suddenly it was in her, not hurting as she had expected; rather, the unnatural entrant into her rectum was sending sensations of erotic, salacious pleasure through her trembling body.

He moved the probing digit around in the tight, expanding hole, sawing it in and out, widening and stretching the tiny passage more and more. She found herself, unaccountably, shoving her hips back, wriggling them, lewdly, her fingernails digging into the black, moist earth. He forced a second finger in, and she wailed aloud with the pain of it, attempting to crawl away from him; he followed, pinning her down with the palm of his other hand in the small of her back. For a moment, his hand was still, allowing her backside to adjust to the larger size, then the fingers began to work together inside her tightly clinging rectum as he deliberately stretched and expanded the resilient flesh. Her mouth fell open and she began to moan, excitedly, as she undulated her pelvis back onto the strange invaders, a sense of masochistic and abject subjugation sweeping over her, enveloping her with the pure delight of the pleasure-pain. Feeling the muscles begin to relax, Andy pulled his fingers out of her, the rubbery skin of her anal passage clinging to them and making an obscene, sucking, hissing noise as they popped out. "Get on your knees!" he rasped. "Get your ass up in the air ... quick!"

Obediently, she drew her knees up under her, presenting him with the smooth rounded hemispheres of her buttocks, and she felt the hot, hairy warmth of his loins as he came between them. A delicious shiver of anticipation surged through her, as she felt the breadth of his red-cowled cock resting within the crevice of her ass, and from her upside-down position, she could look down between her legs to where his heavy, sperm-loaded balls hung down in their sac, below. Impulsively, she reached back through the arch of her white, tapering legs and cupped them in her hand, caressing and teasing them.

"Put it in for me!" he hissed, and without hesitation, she reached up to grasp his throbbing rod of hardened cock, the enormous size of it apparent to her, for the first time, as she found that she could not encircle it. It was huge! She held her breath as he clutched at her waist, beginning to pull her back against him, and she placed the knob of the lust- inflated cudgel against the tight, hairless portal of her backside. She felt him begin to shove at her, the tip beginning to worm into that forbidden passage when she began to realize that it would never fit. She could never take that thing in her rectum! He strained with redoubled efforts to force an entrance; suddenly, he flexed his hips, driving the blood-engorged head into the smooth, softness of her anus. She screamed, the sound of it resounding and echoing through the primeval forest ... the sound of primitive fear ... and lust. Frantically, she tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight. She could not escape the crush of his powerful hands.

"Oh, Dear God! It hurts ... too much! You're too big! You'll split me!" she screamed.

... But, he ignored her pleas, shoving, mercilessly onward, as he hugged her hips to him, forcing his cock ever deeper and deeper into the tightness of that tiny, virginal back passage. "Push back! Push back ... against me!" he rasped. "Shake your ass! It'll go in!"

She couldn't think. There was only pain ... unbearable pain that permeated her loins, spreading like poison in her belly ... an unbelievable agony that seared her body-mind. It was as if a huge, unpeeled log had been rammed into her body. "Back! Back! Shove your ass back!" he snarled in frustration, beads of sweat beginning to form on his brow. She pushed, straining back at him, opening her asshole with deliberate, mind-shattering will, and his enormous rod surged into the spongy, resistant flesh of her backside without mercy, pushing waves of pink, tortured rectal lining ahead of it. She groaned and groaned again in ear-shattering peals of sound, as she felt sure that she had been split asunder, a vision of the punishment meted out in olden times flashing through her crazed brain. She felt like one of those ancients who were drawn by the legs up onto a sharpened stake and then set upright in the ground ... left to die a horrible soul-wrenching death!

"AAAAaaaagggghhhh!" she groaned as his pelvis smacked with stinging force against the softness of her smoothly rounded buttocks. She heard him whine in pain and passion as he began to move in and out of the soft tightness of her resistant rectum. Slowly, by degrees, the torment of that unbearable pain lessened, and a certain masochistic yet erotic stimulation began to meld with it. She clenched her teeth, grindingly, her head wagging from side to side, her hair, shining gold, in the sifting sunlight hanging down almost to the ground and covering her face in hopeless entanglement, as he rammed into her again and again ... and yet again.

She was being sodomized!

The dawning realization came to her that she was suffering a final debasement ... that a most obscene, vile act was being performed upon her defenseless body, and her shame flooded over her, enveloping her, pinning her, helplessly, immobile, unable to think straight, to winnow out her feelings and thoughts, rearrange them into some logical sequence or system of reasoning; she tried to think, but each time he thrust into her, brutally, driving her forward, she braced herself on hands and knees and squirmed herself back onto his beautiful, ravishing cock until she was filled to overflowing with an all-encompassing feeling of masochistic joy. The pain in her backside had now become a strangely pleasurable thing to her. Uncontrollably, not knowing why she should do it, she began to rock backwards and forwards, vigorously, in time with his rampaging, primal movements. She found her undulant body moving in perfect harmony with him, her buttocks scribing tiny circle as she moved back against him, absorbing the great length and breadth of his cock into her sensate rear passage. The excitement had begun to mount within her, and she reached back under the cusp of her loins to the swinging balls, below, caressing them with her fingers as he pounded into her.

Blinding sweat poured down Andy Sloan's face as he labored to satisfy his demanding prick buried in the spongy depths of her clenching rectum. He watched with fascination as the pink flesh of the tight, round hole drew back with his cock, greedily clasping at it, imprisoning him there. He grinned with sadistic delight as his balls smacked heavily with a flat slapping noise against her coraline cunt each time his prick was sunk to the hilt in her widespread crevice. He watched enthralled, as his white, throbbing cock disappeared all the way up her undulant ass with every rampaging plunge, leaving none of his great length visible to the eye as it was absorbed full length into the tight resilient channel, straining to burst right up into her bowels. His balls had begun to palpitate with almost unbearable pain; he had waited too long, and his prick felt as though it would burst like a gas-filled balloon laden beyond its bursting point. Each time he thrust into her, his sensate cock felt as though he were ramming it into a meat grinder. He knew that he was almost ready to come, the searing, acid-like pain back, behind the root of his cock made him feel that a great lake of sperm, damned behind the tumescent flesh of his penis was ready to breach and flood from him in a huge tide of spewing white, hot liquid. She was moaning, crazily, her beautiful face flushed, her eyes rolling in her head and she panted in short gasping breaths of pure animal passion.

She groaned, "Yes ... oh, yeeessss! Fuck it ... hard! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Hard! Hard! Hard!"

Her words incited him even more; he could cum, now, any time he wanted to shoot it into her. He withdrew his prick to the tip, watched her tight, elastic anus pucker around him, but still gripping him, tightly; then, he rammed in one, long, smooth stroke all the way to his pelvis. Joan whined in ecstasy of building rapture. He rammed, again, pulling her back, simultaneously, onto his lust-incited cock, the sheath of her rectum sliding up his rock-hard rod with the ease of a well-oiled machine, and she screamed out her lewd lust to the forested hillsides. Then it began for him! The boiling magma of his sperm came roiling through the length of his cock, hosing from him in never- ending jets of white semen, viscous and hot, jetting far-far up into the forever-stretched channel of her asshole. His body jerked, convulsively, his mouth hanging open, his eyes glazed, as he felt the blasting force of his ejaculate spew from him; he slammed into her one more time, pulling her buttocks back tight, tighter into him, his cock skewering into her another millimeter of depth as he froze, immobile, and let the pleasurable sensations of his orgasm swarm over him, his sensate cock pumping wildly, below, draining his bloated balls of their too-long-held load of lewd sperm.

"God! I'm summing! Fuck back! Pound your ass back at me," he cried, his voice rasping in his throat. Joan, beneath his battering assault, felt the first delicious spurts of the hot, white sperm spew up into the depths of her backside. It splashed through her body like a giant tidal wave, the pure force of his wildly ejaculating cock hosing into her touching off her own racing climax, the second he had given her, and she screamed with the voluptuous rapture of wanton abandonment, as a great surging gush of heretofore unknown pleasure rippled through her, and she felt his hot, thick semen running down the crevice of her wide-split buttocks to the furrow of her naked cunt, be low.

Grunting, Andy collapsed on top of her, bearing her to the ground with his weight. He moaned in satiated agony. "God! That was good! That tight little asshole almost milked me dry!"

Beneath him, Joan mewled and gurgled, gasping for breath. I didn't know it was possible! Oh, God! That such a vile thing ... could give such pleasure ... is almost unbelievable! Shame and degradation swarmed over her, again, the shame of it reddening her cheeks. She stirred beneath him. "Let me up, now ... please."

He rolled from her, his rapidly deflating cock pulling from her with a hissing pop.

"Did you like that, Doll," he asked her.

"It was ... undeniably sexy ..." she said. "But, horribly vile ... and obscene! I-I couldn't ever endure it... again!"

Chapter 5

Gayle Sloan watched her husband until he was out of sight in the trees and heaved a sigh of relief. She was glad that Andy was coming out of his terrible depression; his renewed interest in her, as well as his present headlong pursuit of Joan Wright, was a healthy sign that he was recovering from the devastating blow to his ego when he had been replaced by Buzz Henson as leader of this small band of aviation castaways.

She knew that Buzz was working in the plane; she had noted, after he had changed jeans, that he had gone inside the plane carrying a small kit of tools. She had expected him to go back up on the ridge, but the look of agitation on his face as he had busied himself around the crushed hulk had indicated that his present task was more important than keeping the sky-watch; additionally, of course, there were the three signal fires that had been laid out first, in the middle of the small, natural meadow where they had come down. These fires were to be lit, anyway, at the first sight or sound of any aircraft in the skies around them.

Rising, she looked through her baggage until she found a simple cotton dress. Swiftly, she stripped nude, spent a few moments in freshening up, applying a dab of make-up and running a brush, hastily through her lush chestnut hair. Satisfied with her hasty preparations, she put on the dress, buttoned the buttons down the front, prudently, leaving the two top buttons unfastened. She looked down at her body to see the effect and smiled to herself as she observed the deep cleft of her full-mounding breasts, her hands going to them to smooth and massage, the nipples coming erect against the light material of her dress; then her hands moved down over the svelte curves of her hips, molding the dress to her figure.

Without hesitation, Gayle walked across the clearing to the hulk of the airplane. She found Buzz seated in the passenger's seat just behind the pilot's seat; he had the plane's transmitter partially disassembled, parts and tools were lying on the opposite seat. He looked up as she approached the shattered door that barely hung from the opening. His face was grim. "Oh ... hello, Mrs. Sloan ..." he greeted her, glumly. "Why so down at the mouth ... Buzz? Are you worried ...? "Yes ... quite frankly, I am," he answered. "I thought I'd try to get this transmitter going ... to see if I can get us out of here! ... It's getting too dangerous!" She shivered. "I should say ... bears and mountain lions ... who knows what else ...!"

"That's enough ...!"

Peering inside, she noted that he had removed the two rear passenger seats and had spread a worn sleeping bag on the floor. This, she decided was where he had been sleeping, and she found herself wishing she had known it sooner; however, her husband's funky mood and avowed dislike for Buzz, had served to keep her from becoming better acquainted with the young pilot. When Andy's interest in Joan had prompted him to follow her, she knew that everything was back to normal.

"Can I watch ...?" she asked. "I know I'd be no help to you ... but I'll promise to stay out of your way ... "
"Sure! ... Be my guest ...!"

Gayle held up her hands to him for help in getting in; he put the transmitter chassis aside, rose from his seat and came to the door. Grasping her hands, he hoisted her easily up to him, her dress hiking up to reveal bare legs almost to her hips; the view was not wasted on him, the startlingly white columns of her tapering thighs excited him with their perfect loveliness. When she stood before him, he looked down the valley of her magnificent breasts and knew instantly that they too were equally unfettered. He stooped to move the parts and tools from the seat opposite him to the co-pilot's seat. Wordlessly, he indicated that she could sit.

"Thank you ..." she murmured as she sat down, crossing her legs carefully, an expanse of white thigh showing, provocatively below the hem of her dress.

Buzz picked up the transmitter, again, and studied it. "I've worked this thing over pretty carefully, but I haven't been able to locate the trouble, yet ... It'd help if I had some test equipment ... but ..." He shrugged. "Out here ...! Seemingly impulsive, yet studiedly provocative, Gayle leaned toward him with warm interest, her voice low, "Buzz ... we will get out ... won't we?"

"Of course ...!"

Her hand reached out to touch his knee. The electric, highly erotic shock, struck at his groin.

"I couldn't talk to you ... before ... My husband was somewhat peeved ... with you ..."

"Peeved is a mild description ... He hates my guts!" Buzz supplied.

"Well ... yes, but I've wanted to tell you ... even though I love my husband, dearly ... I think you were right ...!" Her hand moved on his knee, lightly, searing him with its warmth. Leaning over, Buzz deposited the transmitter chassis on the pilot's seat; as he half-rose to do so, her hand did not move, but his twisting, rising motion brushed her hand up his thigh. She saw the bulge in his pants and her hand swept upward, feather- touching him. His penis throbbed once as she touched him, then he sat back down. She withdrew her hand, quickly. His face was tinged with pink. He faced her.

"Do you always play games ...?" he asked her. "I love them!"

"Swinging games ...?"

"... And perform and do ...!"

"Both of you?" he queried.


"Is that why he went stalking Joan a while ago...?"
"Yes ...! He saw you and Joan ... on the ridge, this afternoon ...!" she smiled.

"... And you're ... stalking me ...?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Do you object ...?" she countered.

"Hell no!" he assured her. "I just wanted to know the ground rules ..."

He reached out to the remaining buttons, still fastened, of her dress and dexterously undid them, liberating the full, round orbs of her satin-smooth breasts to his gaze and touch. He cupped them in his hands, kneading and massaging their magnificent fleshy firmness and rolling the hardening nipples between his fingers. Gayle came off her seat, sinking to her knees between his legs, her face upturned for his kiss. His mouth came down on her lips, hard, his tongue stabbing into her throat, and she sucked and nipped at it, as it explored her mouth. His hands were busy. He pulled the dress down off her shoulders, she helping, shrugging the garment from her until she was nude from the waist up, the cooling air of late afternoon washing over her and she shivered with the delightful sensations. Now, her hands were equally, busily employed. She reached, found, zipped, his fly coming open; then, her hand dipped, found and liberated, bringing his hardened cock out to feel and fondle. She gasped against his voracious mouth, unbelieving, as she felt the girth and length of the rounded rod of near steel she caressed. Her hands caused it to throb to greater hardness as her slim fingers explored, her nails gently scratching up and down its length; then a hand reached to cup his testicles and she used her nails, again, to titillate and taunt. It was his turn to gasp, and his prick jerked, involuntarily, expanding and growing rock- hard in her light-fingered grasp. Suddenly, she squeezed hard, using both hands, and began to twist and wring, her hands going in opposite directions as though she were wringing water from a rinsed garment. The excruciating, erotic sensations swarming through his member brought yet another short, sharp intake of breath and a moan was wrung from deep in his throat. He broke the kiss and rose suddenly to his feet.

Gayle had to release his cock as he stood to his feet, but she quickly recovered it, her mouth following her hands. She milked back the loose fold of the foreskin to reveal the red, blood-engorged head, her lips sought it to kiss and lave, her tongue working, savoring and teasing, while, above her, Buzz stripped off his shirt and undershirt, flinging them into the pilot's seat beside him. He looked down to see her pink tongue licking him almost as a cat licks its fur. "Suck it!" he breathed, and her lips quickly encircled the smooth, rubbery head, her tongue beginning to run in circles around the raised ridges, then flattening to suck like a nursing infant; finally the sinuous tip of her teasing lingual member tried to enter the slit in the crown of the gently throbbing head. Buzz' hips moved gently, undulating back and forth, and she began to absorb more and more of him, her lips sliding down, down, over him, until more than half of his throbbing penis had been wetly sheathed in the warm wet confines of her working mouth and throat; the delicious sensations cascading over him were wild in the extreme, and, God! He had to have this wild little bitch ... drive his cock into her squirming pussy ... now! "God! That's enough!" he groaned, reaching down to hoist her up to him, she reluctantly forced to release his cock from her avid mouth. Quickly, he stripped the dress down over her hips, tossing it carelessly onto the sleeping bag, his arms encircling her lush, full hips, fingers digging into the twin, globoid buttocks, smooth and fully rounding under his salacious hands. Pulling her hard into him, he slipped his hardened rod between her legs into the soft curls of pubic hair lining her cunt-slit and moved it there, feeling the smooth, lubricious moistness and the palpitating warmth she generated. The spiky hardness of her nipples thrust into his chest as her arms went around him, her hands smoothing across the muscularity of his broad back, then dropping to the waistband, trying to slide her hands down over his trim, flat buttocks. Now, her hands were busy as she unbuckled and shoved his jeans down to entangle his legs about the knees, her hands returning to slide down the waist band of his shorts to grasp his slim buttocks to pull in hard until their pubes were in contact and the head of his cock nestled solidly all the way between her legs and back against the tiny, tight aperture of her anus.

"You want it ... don't you?" he rasped through a dry throat. "You want me ... to fuck you ...?"

"Oh, God ... yes! I've got to have that wonderful cock!" she groaned. Fuck me ... quick! ... Before I go out of my mind!" He released her and she stumbled to the sleeping bag on the floor, lowering herself to it to lie on her back, her hands going to her breasts to smooth and fondle, then sliding down over the firm whiteness of her belly and thighs; meanwhile, Buzz flung off his jeans and shorts to stand completely nude, his hardened sex rod standing out at an acute angle. Her eyes locked on it with a lewd smile of anticipation.

"I don't believe it ...!" she gasped.

"You will ... when you get it in you!" he grinned in anticipation.

Gayle held up her arms, invitingly, to him, and Buzz lowered himself down on top of her. The moment his flesh touched her she shivered with sensual delight, her limbs trembling with delicious anticipation, and he gritted out between his teeth, "I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk! you cheating little bitch!"
"Please ... lover! That's the way I want it ... wild and hard!"

Their mouths locked, tongues probed and savored and she rubbed her undulant body against him, her hands reaching down to between them, stroking his hard cock as it throbbed and jerked in her hand.

His mouth left her lips and moved on, voraciously, down over her neck and shoulders to the magnificent hemispheres of her smooth, milk-white breasts, their coral nipples hard and erect where he sucked and nipped, bringing gasps of mixed pleasure and pain from her lips; then his mouth moved down and away, and he slid down over her body, his hands replacing his mouth on the full mounded orbs, kneading and massaging, his strong-fingered digging bringing her a mass of electric, erotic, sensations. Now his lips were on her ribs, below the breasts, on down to her firm, flat belly, his tongue teasing and exploring her navel, briefly, then moving away, following the line of down, straight down, until they came to the triangle of reddish hair mounding there. He slid his hands under her smooth buttocks and lifted them to him, his tongue reaching out, now, to explore the inner softness of her thighs, her loins a veritable whirlpool of rapturous expectation as she anticipated the exquisite sensation of his tongue on and in her searing cunt.

... And, suddenly, his tongue shot into her, darting snake- like into the liquid depths of her vaginal opening, sending a sharp, shivering spasm of uncontrolled delight up her spine to meld into her fiery loins with the fury of a desert lightning storm.

"OOooh! Wonderful ...! Magnificent!" she moaned. He licked and sucked, drawing her clitoris up into his mouth, it coming to full erectness under his sensuously searching tongue. Gayle wanted him inside her; she wanted his huge cock drubbing into her, turning her cunt inside out ... destroying her with its massive power ... subduing and subjugating her ... and she wanted it, now ... with all her being. She pulled at his hair, her eyes closed, the ecstasy of the moment overpowering her. "Put it in! Oh, God ... put that big cock of yours in my fucking cunt ... and fuck me! Fuck me ... to death with it!" She felt as if she were nothing but cunt, throbbing and aching for fulfillment. Nothing mattered but sex ... cock and cunt! There was only the lovely, whirling, exultantly exhilarating sensations of her vibrant, pulsating vagina. She was cunt; he was cock; and that's all that existed. His lean body slithered up her, wedging her thighs wide apart. She was wet, flowered wide open to his entrance. Her cunt was like a moist, yawning cavern ready to be stuffed to overflowing with cock and more cock.

Smoothly, he came into her, the great hardened rod bursting through the resilient, moist portal, suddenly, shatteringly, spreading the coraline walls as it raced ahead, plunging far up to the seat of her being, flicking past her uterus to crash against the back wall of her warm, moist vaginal passage, bringing her instantaneous pleasure-pain and she screamed a long scream of sensual ecstasy, her mouth open, eyes glazed, thighs quivering as she received him to the fullest, his pubic bone smacking loudly, painfully into hers; below, his balls swung up hard to smack into the smoothly rounded protuberances of her anal crevice. He began to move it in her, in and out, back and forth, never stopping, always probing, to the sides, up and down, farther, ever farther into her, pressing her downward, pinning her to the sleeping bag, the great cock skewering her, screwing and fucking into her cunt like a demon from the underworld released upon the earth to feed and gorge upon her.

She pinned back her thighs, mashing them to her breasts, exposing the feast-set table of her loins to the feeding monster of his foraging cock. Her buttocks wriggled, undulantly, moving in counterpoint to him; together they composed a great fugue with one central blazing theme as they moved closer and closer to the final smashing stretto.

Her loins blazed, the flames obliterating all thought, except those of joyous rapture, and she was aware of only the wet, noisy coupling below. She was, vaguely, aware of his hands, running over her like licking flames over a hearth-log, of his lips on her mouth, his tongue in her throat then on her breasts, sucking and biting ... biting until tiny rivulets of blood sprang from the coraline nipples, the masochistic pleasure of it heightening the overall soaring ecstasy in her heat-seared cunt and his body covered her, the hot friction of him delicious as he swarmed against her, his lean young body straining and laboring to bury his huge prick in her to the very hilt on every downward plunging thrust.

They both heard it ... the far-away throb of powerful airplane engines! Rescue ... release from their entrapment in the Lion's Paw Mountains was there, flying overhead, but neither paid attention ... nor did they care. Nothing mattered but this flaming, soul destroying passion that caught them up in a boiling cauldron, melding their flesh, blending it into one flaming rapture of imminent release. He filled her, filled her and fulfilled her, completely, as though his cock was a missing piece of herself, and she wished that she could go on and on, forever and even with his wonderful prick in her. If she could have that one thing, she would be happy for the rest of her days, wanting nothing ... needing nothing else in this world. Someone else would have to light the signal fires!

She gasped, words coming out, almost incoherently, as she panted, reaching out for her orgasm ... the sweet release from the agony of her searing, sensate cunt.

"Screw me ... Buzz! Fuck me forever and ever! Oh! OOh! That's wonderful ... beautiful! All the way ... Buzz! Shove it in ... hard! Deep! That's it! OOOoooh! I'm just about ready ... to cum ...! Oh! I am... I'm cuuuummmiiinnngggg! AAAAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaggggghhhh!"

Gayle writhed and panted her release under him. She heard his wailing breath. He was going to cum right behind her. His cock was a punishing cudgel as it rampaged in and out of her, relentlessly, making her tingle through her whole body, from the tips of her toes to the back of her skull. Suddenly, his hurtling body stiffened with one final, slamming plunge into the viscid moistness of her cunt and he was spewing his sperm far, far up into her, his cock jetting and pumping wildly while delicious sensations of relaxing euphoria swept over him. He grunted with satisfaction as his prick continued to spasm for a few moments; then, he dropped his full weight on her, collapsing, after that final, frantic effort.

It was a dream, a heavenly vision ... to have such exquisite happiness ... to have it reside in your own body ... to be able to share it with another person, and Gayle reflected on how unbelievably glorious it wax to thus enjoy sex to its fullest. How wonderful---she thought---we're the King and Queen of Sex, for this moment ... for this space in time; we reign supreme ... the Queen of Cunt and the King of Cock! They were quiet for the space of several moments. Experimentally, Gayle contracted the muscles of her vagina, squeezing the length of him with an exquisite, sensuous sensation. He moaned, "Great! That's great! Do it again!" She did, and he became hard and ready, again. "Do you want me to fuck you, again ... little girl?" ~ "Oh, God ... yes! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" she gasped. ... And, together, they began to explore each other's bodies, to learn, to know, giving and taking, their pleasure coming in waves of sensation to their tinglingly sensual beings.

* * *

Jim Wright watched Gayle Sloan as she walked to the crashed airplane, was aware of the murmur of voices as she talked to Buzz Henson. He was feeling much better, as a matter of fact, he was feeling better than he was letting Joan know. Surreptitiously, he had been sitting up, even standing up a little, exercising to regain muscle tone, knowing that he still had a job to do and must do it soon. He didn't like to deceive Joan; he would have willingly told her all, but he had been pledged to absolute secrecy in the matter. Now, he realized that this was the first time, since he had been fully conscious, that the Sloan's shelter was completely unoccupied. This was his chance! Rising to his feet, he stretched, finding that he was a little weak; his head hurt, but the codeine tablets was keeping the pain under control. Perhaps, tomorrow, he would try to dispense with taking them as often, then the following day, try to cut them out all together. Under no circumstances, did he want to become in any way dependent upon them.

Quietly, he moved across the grassy space between his shelter and the Sloan's, keeping a wary eye and his ear cocked for the approach of anyone. Carefully, he searched through the various items of luggage belonging to Andy Sloan, his boss. Finally, he found it, a bulky waterproof package; he opened it only enough to reveal the contents to his disbelieving eyes. Roughly, he estimated the amount at between forty and fifty thousand dollars. Whistling softly to himself, he re-wrapped the package precisely as he had found it, placed all the other items of clothing back on top and walked back to his own shelter, sitting down to think through what he must do.

There has to be a reason! A man like Andy doesn't take chances like this ... with his career and reputation ... unless there's a pretty strong motive. God! I wouldn't have thought he would do something like that!

He remembered the day almost two months before when he had been summoned to the private office of Mr. Kitchen. Frank Winfield Kitchen, one of the senior partners in the firm. As he entered the sumptuous office he found Henry Knox Wilson, the other third of the company, present; however, Andy Sloan was not there. He was in Los Angeles for the day, attending to some company business. After some small talk, the solution to a minor problem was solved for Jim, and he prepared to leave, assuming that his business with the two architects was completed. Frank Kitchen stabbed him with an arresting look from his ice-blue eyes beneath white shaggy eyebrows. His craggy face was grim. "Jimmy ... Hank ... that is, Mr. Wilson and I have a problem we want you to help solve!" he said, bluntly. "Of course, Sir ... if I'm able ..." Jim began. "It's not concerned with architecture!" Henry Wilson added. "I'm afraid I don't understand ..."

Frank Kitchen continued, "We think we can trust you! We're going to lay the cards on the table ... then you can make the decision, for yourself, whether you want to play ... or not!" The two men told him they were suspicious of Andy Sloan. There were funds unaccounted for, everybody had been checked out, and everything pointed to Andy. They wanted him to cultivate Sloan, try to find out what he was doing with the money, report to them what he found out; they would handle it from there. It was only a matter of time before the accountants would begin to ask embarrassing questions. They wanted to be ready for that day. Would Jim help them? He made the decision on the spot and was pledged to absolute secrecy.

Thus it was that Jim began to be included in Golf dates with Andy ... invited to his home for cocktails and dinners, and finally, was invited on this camping and fishing trip to northern Montana. The suggestion that they swap wives was surprising and monstrous to him, but he agreed to it, reluctantly, knowing that he would never go through with it. Before, that time ever arrived, he hoped to have definite proof of the man's perfidy. Of course, he had not had told Joan any of this; he had to be constantly on the alert not to say anything to her that would reveal any of the situation to her.

The rending crash of the airplane in this wilderness had left him injured and unable to function, until now. The slight concussion, with its debilitating pain, had put him out of circulation for two or was it three-days ... he couldn't remember exactly. Events had swirled around him, dimly, and he had been aware of very little until this afternoon. He wondered where Joan could be. Buzz and Gayle were in the plane. Andy and Joan were unaccounted for, and he felt some irritation and a foreboding; he was uneasy. I just hope to hell that Andy hasn't tried to take advantage of Joan, somehow! He's a real lecher ... if I ever saw one ...! Suddenly, the sound of airplane engines throbbed down from the sky. He stood to his feet and surveyed the blue. Nothing! Looking toward the wrecked plane, he expected Buzz and Gayle to come out excitedly to help him light the signal fires. When there was no stir in the crashed hulk, he reached into his pocket for cigarette lighter, flicked it to make sure it worked and began walking toward the three piles of brush Buzz had stacked in the middle of the glade. Glancing back over his shoulder, he still saw no activity in the plane on the part of Buzz and Gayle. What a hell of a time to be having a party! Jim knew he should be running to get to the signal fires, but he still felt weak; it was frustrating. He called over his shoulder.

"Buzz! Buzz! There's a plane! A plane in the sky!" It seemed to him forever, that long walk across the glade, but he made it! Swiftly, he knelt to light the tinder, going to each of the three piles of brush; soon, he stepped back to watch them burn, giving off three columns of smoke, an international distress signal. Anxiously, he scanned the sky, trying to spot the plane whose engines still rumbled down to him. Probably a military transport ... older piston job! But, flying pretty high!

* * *

Joan had entered the stream, again, to bathe. Somehow, she felt she must ... to wash away some of the shame, if not from her soul, at least, from her body.

Andy had watched her as she dressed. She was silent, uncommunicative. When she was finished dressing, she simply walked away up the stream, heading back to camp. "Hey! Wait up! I'll walk with you ..." Andy called. She turned. "I'd prefer to go back ... alone ... Mr. Sloan!"
"Oh, so it's Mater Sloan ... now? That's mighty uppity from a little bitch whose just had the shit fucked out of her by her husband's boss," he sneered.

"Yes!" she grimaced at his lewd remark. "And it will remain that way!"

He arose and walked toward her.

"Don't come near me!" she warned.

They both heard it! The sound of airplane engines. Joan's mouth was wreathed in an instant smile. "Thank God! It's an airplane!"

Swiftly, she turned and ran toward the signal fires. As she burst from the trees into the glade, she saw that the fires had been lit, and a man stood near them gazing skyward. She couldn't believe her eyes.

It's Jimmy! Jimmy lit the fires! ... But, where is Buzz? She ran!

Breathlessly, she called, "Jim! Oh, Jim! You're up! ..." Suddenly, she was in his arms, her heart pounding. "You lit the fires ...?"

"Of course ...!"

"But where's Buzz ...?"

"Busy ... I guess. I just happened to get here ... first!" Together, they scanned the sky. Suddenly, Joan screamed, "Look! I think I see something!" She pointed to the Southwest. Jim looked, saw the glint of sunshine on bright metal. "You're right Joan! There it is ... but he's a long ways from here and up pretty high! The chances of his seeing us are one in a thousand!"

"Then ... there's no hope ...?"

"I wouldn't say that ... If they see the smoke, they might make a report on it ... but as high as they are ... I ..." He stopped dead in mid-sentence, his eyes focused over his wife's shoulder.

"My God!" he exclaimed.

Giving Joan a slight shove, Jim ordered, "Get on the other side of the fires!"

She looked where he pointed. Andy Sloan trotted toward them across the meadow, unknowing, unaware that behind him and gaining on him was the Grizzly Bear.

Joan screamed.

Her husband shoved her, roughly, rasping out at her, "Move!" Numbly, she obeyed.

Jim yelled, "Andy! Behind you! The bear ...!" Andy glanced over his shoulder and began to run toward them and the safety of the fires. Jim remembered the pistol tucked into the waistband of his trousers; he deployed, running to the side about thirty feet. He saw that Andy was still safe, keeping ahead of the bear. With the big pistol in his hand he estimated the distance at eighty yards; he considered it risky ... out of range for a hand gun.

Suddenly, the older man tripped and fell. He was about fifty yards away. He lay stunned, gasping for breath. Jim sat down, braced his elbows between his knees, held the revolver in a steady two-hand grip, aimed and fired, trying to place his shot in the body. The bear was hit. Suddenly, it reared to its hind feet and charged upon the fallen man, and Jim saw that he had wounded the animal in the left front leg. Now the bear presented a larger target and Jim put two more bullets into the body. The bear still charged, seemingly unbothered by his wounds, intent only upon the man on the ground. Jim's next shot blended with the high, heavy report of a high-powered rifle in the hands of Buzz Henson. The bear crashed to the ground a bare five feet from Andy Sloan. Dumbly, he looked from the bear, quivering and dying to where Jim Wright sat and was finally aware of Buzz Henson when he arrived, breathless, to finish the bear with a shot in the head. Jim walked over to the carcass. He was still trembling from the excitement.

Andy arose from the ground. He looked at the two men and said, "Jim ... Buzz ... words fail me ... I-I can only say ... thanks ..."

"Just lucky ...!" Jim said.

"I was betting on you ... until you fell," Buzz added, jokingly.

The three men examined the dead bear. It was a young boar. "Well ... we sure as hell won't starve, now!" Buzz said. "We'll have bear steaks for dinner!"

Gayle had now joined Joan. The two women started toward the group of men, but Buzz warned them back. "It's not a very pretty sight!" he told them. True to his word, Buzz brought steaks from the bear for the evening meal, but somehow, it was only he and Gayle who ate, ravenously, of them. Andy tried it, but didn't like the flavor. Jim ate a small portion, but Joan could only bring herself to taste it. She found it strong ... and definitely male!

Chapter 6

After they had eaten the evening meal, Jim, who was rapidly regaining his strength, remarked that he was in need of exercise, and walked out into the glade toward the smoldering fires. "Don't go too far away ...!" Buzz warned. "Hardly ... I'm not up to a hundred yard dash ... yet!" he returned.

Joan, whose duty it was to wash the dishes and cooking ware, looked up as he arose. Quickly, she said, "Jimmy ... if you'll wait a few moments ... I'll go with you ..."
"I'll be all right, Joan, besides I've got my trusty shooting iron ... Got to get some of the kinks out ..." With true wifely concern, she said, "Please, be careful ... Darling ..."

"I will ..." he grumbled as he walked away into the rosy half-light of the dying day.

She watched him go, her heart going with him; she was proud to be his wife. It had taken her some time, after the shock of the excitement of the bear, for her to realize that it was her husband, Jim, who had with seeming calmness pumped three shots into the charging Grizzly Bear. To be sure, Buzz had joined him in the final volley that had dropped the bear dead in its tracks, but it was Jim, her Jim, who had faced the first, deadly test, the big pistol bucking in his hand with deadly accuracy. The shame and humiliation Joan had experienced with Buzz and, subsequently, with Andy, had been almost more than she could bear. She had been a helpless tool of her emotions and passions, and she wax frightened; of course there had been the transitory fulfillment of sex ... satiation as she had never known it. His job had almost ruined their married life; Jim's driving ambition to rise to the top in his chosen field of architecture had caught the attention of the partners in the world-famous architectural firm of Sloan, Kitchen and Wilson of San Francisco. They had hired him away from a staid old firm in the Midwest; Jim had jumped at the chance to prove himself. He had, literally, worked night and day, putting in long, overtime hours on his assigned projects.

He always seemed to be too tired, at night; he fell into bed and slept, his sex drive diminished to the point where Joan sometimes mused to herself she might as well be a sister as a wife. She had heard often about the development of such situations, a wife becoming a work widow, hardly ever seeing her husband, almost never enjoying him in bed, because the man was so tired he had no energy left to perform his husbandly conjugal duties. Joan was sure it would never happen to them ... until it did. The weekends were the only times she could have him to herself, but even then his work took him away from her most of the time. She was hurt and confused, but she had decided to live with it, sure in her own mind that it had to come to an end ... one way or another!

She tried to rationalize away her actions in succumbing to the temptations of sex and the idea of a sort of perverse revenge ... a revenge of pent-up sexuality and of hurt, when she had accepted at face value the allegation that Jim had in some way--- for a reason as yet known only to him---bargained her chastity away with his boss. She vowed strongly that Jim would never know of her aberrant behavior; further she vowed that there would never be another episode, telling herself that it was the strange circumstances of the plane crash, the resultant close relationships and her need to do something for her husband that had opened up the pandora's box of wanton sex. She hoped, fervently, now that he was ambulatory and gaining in strength so rapidly ... that his libido would return to their mutual advantage.

Out here ... away from his work and all its pressures ... maybe we could pick up the threads of our sex-life! I want him ... and need him ... so much! Jimmy is really the only man I could ever love ...!

Of course, she told herself, the reason she agreed to come along on this trip ... was to regain Jimmy's love ... the sexual love they both needed. Then, the bomb shell of the crash and his injury had exploded in her face, and she hadn't the experience to handle the situation. She had acted the fool. She would have to bear the burden of her own mistakes in silence. Then, she remembered! She had made a foolish assignation with Buzz ... for tonight!

Oh, God! What made me do a thing like that? I can't let him think ... that I'm an-an adulterous wife of my own choosing! What can I do to get out of it ...?

While she had been thinking about her problems, she had worked steadily at her camp housekeeping tasks; now, she had completed her chores, and she looked around for Jim. He was nowhere to be seen in the camp area. She was worried, but she didn't want to alarm anyone, so she resolved to go look for him herself. She felt a little thrill ... a hope that she would find him feeling even better ... that she might be able to interest her husband in some good old-fashioned love-making.

* * *

Soon after Jim had left the eating area, Buzz Henson excused himself and headed for the plane to do a little more work on the radio transmitter, while there was still some daylight left. Andy went to his shelter to lie down. He told Gayle and Joan that he still felt shaken up after his experience with the charging Grizzly Bear.

"I still feel kind of queasy ..."

"I'll be with you in a little while, Andy," Gayle said. Then, the older woman helped Joan for a few minutes, finally, pleading a headache herself, and went to the lean-to to join her husband. She flopped down on the sleeping bag next to him, leaned over and kissed him, hungrily.

"Well ... " she asked, leaning back away from him. "How did you enjoy her?"

"Great! I think she could learn to swing!"
"Not yet ...?"

"No ... It's too early ..." he judged. "But she'll come around! It'll take a little more work with her."
"Pleasant work ... though! I couldn't teach Buzz a thing ... He's a real stud!" she gushed.

"That's what I told you ... remember?"

"Yes ... lover! I'll always remember!"

"How about Jim?" he reminded. "He's up ... walking around, now."

"He might not feel up to it ..."

"I always figured, if a guy could walk ... he could also fuck!" Andy observed. "Anyway ... you don't have to make him work for it!"

Gayle stood quickly to her feet. She looked out and saw that there was still a waning half-light in the sky. "Good idea!" she smiled. "I'm going to go look for him ... while there's still a little daylight left ..." She looked toward the cooking fire; Joan was still busy washing up the dishes, unaware of anything else, as she concentrated on getting a stubborn pot clean; then, Gayle walked from the camp, swiftly, quietly, keeping the shelter between herself and Joan, heading slightly up stream, then turning to walk downstream when she came to the bank. She searched ahead of her as she walked. He was not hard to find; he was sitting on a fallen log, resting... or deep in thought.

Jim saw her, recognized her, in the dim light as she came toward him and wondered why she had searched him out; he was in no mood to talk to anyone. He had been trying to think of a solution to the problem of Andrew Sloan. The proof of the man's embezzlement of company funds lay in a waterproof package of bank notes in the bottom of a soft duffel bag in the Sloan's lean-to shelter, but there was no possibility of his notifying Kitchen and Wilson. He would have to do the best he could under the circumstances. The only saving grace of the present situation was that he was in a position to know where Andy was at all times. The man couldn't walk out of this place with the money, so, for the time, at least, the money was safe.

His boss' wife came to where he sat, easing herself onto the log beside him. She smiled.

"I'm glad I found you ... Jim ..."

He looked up at her with a query, "Oh?"

"Yes ... I-I ... wanted to tell you ... how very thankful I am for your quick action today ..."

"Just luck ... Mrs. Sloan ..."

"Buzz said it was pretty good shooting ... three of your bullets were in a six inch circle in the bear's chest! Where did you learn to shoot like that ...?"

"In the army," he said. "It's one of the necessary skills they drum into you ..."

She caught his tone of voice. "You don't like to shoot ...?"
"No! Guns are for killing! When I left Southeast Asia ... I swore I'd never touch one, again ... but when Andy went down ... I knew I'd have to kill the bear! It was a hard decision to make!" Gayle put a trembling hand on his shoulder. Her voice was low. "For Andy's sake ... I'm glad you made the right decision!" Her eyes misted. Her lips quivered open, and she lifted her mouth to him to be kissed.

The realization of what she wanted came to him a beat late, but as she melted into his arms with a moan, her lips, moist and soft, begging him for his kiss, he dropped his mouth to hers, surprised at the avid, emotional return. Her tongue flicked out to outline his lips, then snaked inside to tantalize the inner, sensitive surfaces; finally, bursting through the barrier of his teeth to collide and intertwine with his own. He was surprised and shocked; he had never really entertained a serious idea of carrying through on his swap agreement with Andy; that was only the key to clinching the invitation to accompany the Sloan's on this trip.

Her mouth was sweet, vibrant ... sexy, and her probing tongue was alive, moving, as it searched and sent its message, sensual and sinuous to his very being, the center of life, his loins, where the contracting, crawling sensation, the racing, instantly trapped blood bringing him to throbbing, erect alertness, below, jerking and growing moment by moment and bulging out between his legs, told him how long it had been since he had made love to his wife. It surprised him, also, because of the weakness he had experienced, earlier in the day, when the walk across the glade to the signal fires had seemed so horribly far. His erection coming up so quickly at the touch of her lips gave him a feeling of assurance, a sign that he must be healing well. Then, he remembered who it was generating the sexual fire in him! It was not his wife, Joan! It was his boss' wife whose voracious mouth aroused him.

Damn! She must be trying to carry out the crazy swap thing ... that Andy suggested! ... And, I sure as hell had no intentions of carrying it out! I was sure I'd be able to blow the whistle on him ... or stop him, somehow, from bugging out or whatever it is he's going to do with that big bag of money he's packing! Then, there would have been no reason ... for swapping wives!

Jim raised his head, suddenly, breaking the erotic kiss. "This is crazy ... Mrs. Sloan!"

"Please, call me Gayle ... Jimmy ..." she said, languidly, leaning her head against his chest.

"We can't do this ... I'm married ... and you're married ... it just isn't right!" he moralized.

"So ... we're married ... you mean, of course, to different people ..." she corrected.

"Well," he huffed. "You know what I meant!"
"Are you worried about Joan ...?"

"Yes ... I've never ..." he began.

Gayle cut in, "Well ... don't worry about her any more! According to Andy ... she takes care of herself pretty well ... as far as sex is concerned!"

"What do you mean?" Jim growled.

"I have every reason to believe that he made love to her this afternoon ...!"

"That's impossible! Joan wouldn't ...! She just wouldn't do something like that!"

Suddenly, he remembered!

Christ! While I was looking to Andy's luggage ... and Buzz and Gayle were having their bang-bang party ... Andy was off somewhere with Joan!

Didn't you find anything strange about their coming out of the woods ... at the same place ... before the bear came after Andy ...? she goaded.

"Well ... yes ... I did think of it, at the time ... but with the excitement caused by that Grizzly ... I-I must have let it escape me ..."

"... Of course ... that was one of the agreements you and Andy made ... before we came away on this trip ..." she reminded him. "As a matter of fact ... it was the big reason for bringing you two along ..."

"... But, Christ! I never thought it'd ever get to that point ...!" he blurted. "I-I ..." quickly, stopping himself, before he said more.

"You thought ... what ...?"

"That it could be avoided," he modified.

"You wanted to avoid ... making love ... to me ...?" she pouted. "Don't you find me ... attractive ... desirable ... in any way?"

"It's not that ... you're really a beautiful ... woman ... but I-I've never ..." he groped.

"Had any other woman ...?" she supplied.

"Well ... yes ... but, my boss' wife ... it's just not right ...!"

"Andy's already laid Joan!"

The flat statement made him gasp, "No! It can't be!"
"He told me he had!"

"H-He told you ...?"

"Yes! We have no secrets," she asserted.


His face flushed in anger.

How could she ...? God ...! How could she make love to another man ...? Joan ... unfaithful!? I can't believe it ...! "He must have taken advantage of her ... forced her!" he flung out, trying to find a reason.

"Andy's not a rapist! She must have done it of her own volition!" she countered.

"Bitch! Why the little bitch!" he thundered. "Don't be too hard on her ... she was just fulfilling her part of ..."

He cut her off. "She didn't know about any agreement ... damn it! She had no idea ... none at all ... about that!"
"For Heavens' sake ... why ...?" Gayle probed. "Because I didn't tell her ... she would have refused!" he confessed. "She must have given in ... made love to him ... on her own! That's it! That's what happened!" he concluded. "So ... now ... you can have me ... if you want me ...?" her voice was low, a bare murmur.

Jim looked down at her, now, in the rapidly failing light and saw her in a new way, as a desirable woman, a potential sex partner ... one who could soothe him, at the same time give him a certain perverse satisfaction in knowing that he had repaid his wife in kind.

"God ... yes! I want you!" he said, taking her in his arms, his mouth seeking and finding hers, his lips opening to take her tongue to suck and nip, and as she came into his arms, he was aware of her nipples, spiky against his chest through the light blouse she wore.

His hand went up under the blouse to fondle and massage, the fullness of her breasts plastic in his strong-fingered hand. He found the globoid hemispheres smooth and warm to his touch, their magnificence beyond comparison; he had to see more ... feel more. His trembling hand reached and fumbled with the buttons, she finally helping him with nimble fingers, then shrugging and moving arms to make its removal easier.

His quick, indrawn breath caught in his throat at the vision of loveliness revealed to him, his mouth going to a breast to kiss, his lips and tongue paying homage to the satiny smooth skin, then finally, taking an erect, coral nipple to suck and tease; meanwhile, Gayle's hands explored his body, her sensitive fingers running up his thigh to his crotch to feel and measure, the warmth of his hard penis being transmitted to her through his pants. She found him hard and ready, his penis bulging out, throbbingly, against her hand, begging for release from its confinement. She obliged ... zipping, dipping and freeing, bringing his long, hard cock out into the night air that was now becoming cool. He shivered as the chilling air washed over its length. Mentally, she compared, feeling and measuring; he was longer than Buzz, but thinner, almost slender, she decided.

The young architect gasped aloud when she so boldly liberated his hardening member, handling and fondling it caressingly, the shock of it causing him to jerk convulsevely; it was a new experience to him. Very seldom had he gotten Joan to use her hands on him, like this; for that matter, she hardly had allowed him to finger her. After a few experimental passes she would always stop him, never allowing herself to be worked up to a full arousal. Little wonder, he told himself, that his interest in sex had flagged as he compared his wife to a bag of meal. "Let's get naked!" Gayle said, abruptly, standing to her feet. Rapidly, she slipped off her shorts and panties and stood nudely white and magnificent before him. Jim looked at her nude body with mixed shock and wonder. Joan always insisted on wearing a nightgown, and their love-making was always carried out in darkness. Now, here with Gayle, as she stood in the light of the moon just peeping over the horizon, he saw a complete vision of loveliness. His eyes traveled from her face framed in chestnut hair to the full, mounding breasts, firm and pointing, crowned with pink, erect nipples pointing upward. Then his approving glance took in her flat stomach, ending in the vee at her crotch where slightly darker hair lay curling and downy, then to her wonderfully full curving thighs and perfect legs. He gasped with the totality of her, the rich, fullness of her body, the glowing beauty that offered him so much. He still sat on the log, as she came to stand between his legs, her pubic mound coming close and even with his face. Involuntarily, his arms went around her hips and he drew her close, his face nestling in her warm, down-covered pubis She began to unbutton his shirt, and he had to release her while she removed it from him. She pulled his undershirt over his head, then, kneeling before him to unbuckle his belt. He stood; she helped him to remove the pants over his legs and feet. In one stripping motion, she pulled his shorts off, his long, stiff cock standing out like a lance before him. Gayle captured it, instantly, her hands moving on its length, fingernails scratching lightly, while one hand went under to cup and fondle his balls in their sac; finally, she retracted the foreskin and leaned forward to take the head of it into her ovalled lips. Her tongue moved on him, caressingly, and he gasped with pure delight when she tried to put the tip of her tongue in the slit in the tip of it. She sucked on his cock, slowly, languidly, for a few moments; she felt it grow even harder and longer, throbbing and jerking along its length and she knew she would have to stop. He was already far along to complete arousal. She released him and looked up to his face. "Do you like that ... Jim ...?"

"It's ... it's just wonderful ...!" he said. Gayle eased herself back to lie full length on the grass. "Come on, Lover ... do me, now ..."

"You mean ...?" he said, his glance going to her crotch. She spread her thighs, revealing her softly palpitating cunt to him, her hips moving in little undulant circles, lifting up to him.

"Yes ... do it to me ..."

The invitation was plain, but something balked in Jim's mind. True, he had tried to get Joan to do it, but there was something in him ... shyness ... reluctance, or the abruptness of the invitation that led him, instead, merely to lie down beside her. He kissed her long and passionately, filling her mouth, now, with his tongue, probing into her deeply and enjoying the treatment she, in turn, gave his tongue as she sucked and gently nipped, giving him tremendously erotic sensations. After a while, she gently moved his head to her breasts, encouraging him with little shruggings and upward movements. He kissed them, then used his tongue to lick and his mouth to suck, finally, he bit gently on a nipple, taking it into his teeth; at the same time he felt her hands busy on his back, smoothing and massaging, her fingers digging and nails lightly scratching. Moving his head, again, to her mouth, she kissed him long and hard, flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth. She felt him, now, as he began to knead and massage her breasts with hard fingers, her nipples being twisted and rolled, and she again guided his head down over her breasts to her smooth, flat belly. He kissed it; his tongue even speared into her navel. Hot flashes of delight stabbed at her cunt, now. She, again spread her thighs and moved his head down; he kissed and bit at the top of her legs and into the groin on either side of her pubic mound. Somewhat exasperated, she moved his head, placing it between her legs, moving her hips up to him and rotating her soft, hair-lined cunt right in front of his face. He gaped down at the pulsing, pink furrow, but he would move no further into it. She decided she would have to ask for it.

"Kiss it ... Jim!" she gasped. "Use your tongue ... to lick me!"

He shook his head, mutely, his mind-block not allowing him to go the final inch. Patiently, as though she were teaching a small child, she lifted his head, again, pulled his mouth back to hers, kissed him hard, bit and sucked at his tongue, then moved her tiny hand down to his blood-engorged prick. She drummed her fingers on the head, rapidly, then, with her thumb, she rubbed over the smooth, shiny corona, the friction causing the hardened rod to jerk in her hand; finally she pulled the foreskin back and forth, violently, several times, gripping him hard. Involuntarily, his hips moved against her hand. Now, she gripped his long, hardened cock firmly with her fingers, digging into the side of it and pulled so that his body was maneuvered around until his legs straddled her head, his head hanging over her wide spread loins in a sixty-nine position. Releasing his cock, she moved his head and placed it in position between her thighs, his mouth hovering close to her throbbing vaginal opening; then, she wetly slipped her soft red lips over the head of his prick and began to suck, blowing in and out, rapidly, his cudgel moving in and out of her ovalled lips with the movement. God! It felt marvelous! Jim moaned with the delicious sensations in his cock, his lips moving to the soft, moist slit. He kissed her there, and his tongue began to flick through his lips to taste the pungent femaleness of her. Gayle sucked, steadily, at the head of his prick, and with each probing of her tongue at the tiny, sensitive opening, his tongue moved more quickly at her pussy-lips. She smoothed her hands over his buttocks and reached between his legs to roll his balls in her hand, then she began to take more and more of his hard, long cock into her mouth and throat, until her chin brushed the dark hair of his loins. Jim couldn't believe it; the new sensations delighted him beyond his wildest expectations. He just knew that it couldn't be happening to him. The soft, smooth firmness of her full-mounded breasts, the flat, silky belly and the exciting savorful lips of her had aroused him, fully, but now the ecstasy of kissing a willing woman's cunt for the first time was a revelation and a joy to him. He hadn't wanted to do it when she had first urged him, but when she had moved him into this position, had taken him into her mouth to suck, he wanted to do the same for her, feeling, somehow, that it was right and good. He rejoiced within himself as he heard his boss' wife begin to moan, softly, her undulant hips moving up to him in a slow, inexorable rhythm. He probed the soft, ragged flanges of her, moving his tongue ever deeper in the viscid moistness of her cunt, her hands moving, then, on the cheeks of his buttocks, her hands cradling and fondling his balls, gently, and he began to lick more violently at her. He knew now that she was becoming excited and ready, as she moved, gyrating, her hips flexing, the walls of her vagina clasping at his tongue, and she was wet, wetter than he thought a woman could get. Then, his tongue found her clitoris; he licked at the sensate head and felt the convulsive jerking of her body and heard the groan that emitted from her, seeming to come from the depths of her being. Knowing that she wanted more of it, he worked his tongue around and up and down the short length of the miniature phallus, causing her to thrust upwards so that his whole mouth was suddenly slapped into the soft, wetness of her pulsating cunt. He bored into her, then, sliding his tongue in as far as it would go, enjoying the pressure she exerted on it, feeling her move against him and without realizing it, he shoved his prick further into her throat, the tip of it hurting a little because her throat was so tight around it. He tried to withdraw, but she pulled him back, her hands pressing down on his buttocks, so he relaxed, allowing her to take him all into the back of her throat. He knew it had to be that deep in her; he marveled that she could take it so far without choking. Now, he began to explore his new discovery with his sensate tongue.

Jim moved his hands on her thighs and hips, then with the flat of his palms he spread her legs farther apart so that his tongue had greater access to her, her flowering cunt opening up so that he buried his mouth in her, his tongue slaving away, flicking in and out with ever more confidence. He felt her finger play on his rectum, suddenly, pushing through the resisting flesh to lay like a log in him, but strangely heightening the ecstatic rapture as new and exciting sensations raced along his nerves; likewise, now he tried to push a finger into the rubbery, puckered aperture winking below; he couldn't do it easily and stopped short. He didn't want to bring pain to her, but her hips tilted up, making it available. He understood and continued to work at it until he had worked a finger inside the tight, resisting portal; then he shoved his tongue into her clasping pussy as far as it would go as she ground her hips under him, squirming and undulating in wild abandon.

Gayle felt the quivering in his prick that told her he was close to cumming. She didn't want him to cum that way; for the first time, with him, she wanted him to be deep in her belly. She took her mouth from him and maneuvered him to his back. Straddling him, she looked down into his face, her eyes glazed with sex and the need to come to orgasm. "Jim ... do you want to fuck me now?" she hissed out softly. "Oh, God ... yes!" he groaned. "I have to fuck you ... now!"
"Do you mind ... if I take the top position ... this time ...?"

"No! Not really ... but I ..."

"It'll be easier for you ... not take any extra strength ..."
"O. K..." he agreed reluctantly.

She raised her hips and reached down between them to grasp his long, hard cock; she worked her cunt-lips over it so that the head was at the opening, then she moved it back and forth through the moist furrow to part the soft curls of pubic hair, guiding it finally to enter her. She gradually slipped down on him, fluttering the interior muscles around him until she had sunk down on him, all the way, the great, slender length of him buried in her to the hilt. She rested on top of him with the long hardened wedge buried in her, her cunt milking at him in increasing tempo, until she felt him try to move under her. Then she flexed her legs, moving her wet pussy up and down his blood-engorged cock. Faster and faster she moved, his prick racing up into her, each time, smashing into the back wall of her vaginal vault. Now, she felt his hands on her hips; they gripped her strongly, his fingers mashing into her soft flesh, assisting her in the proper tempo, lifting her and dropping her back on him with ever increasing motion. She ground down on him, absorbing the hot spear of his manhood deep up inside her, the throbbing head flicking past her uterus. Bucking up and down on it, her movements became frenetic, as she slammed up and down that hardened rod of flesh faster and faster and deeper and deeper until she came in a soul-searing orgasmic release and she took him clear to the top of her cuntal passage, holding him there while she convulsed in the grip of her powerful release.

Jim tried with frantic effort to move under her, to fuck up into her, to satisfy his own demanding release that was so close, yet so far, the acid burning of it frustrating in the extreme. Tensing his body, he dug his heels into the grass; with one quick movement he flipped her over, reversing their positions, so that he was now solidly atop her, his cock still absorbed to its full length.

Suddenly, finding herself under him, Gayle was overjoyed that he had the strength to fuck her properly; her cunt flowered open to his ramming, pounding prick, plunging wildly into her, grinding and pushing deep, deep into the very core of her. It was a searing spear of wildly stabbing flesh that touched her and brought her once more to the heights, and she knew that she would cum and cum, again. Frenetically, she met his every movement, slamming her scalding pussy up at him, until the root of his searing tool of hardened flesh was flattening her cunt-lips, and she sucked his pistoning cock totally into it as he plunged deep, long and hard into the viscid moistness of her. ... And she came, again, screaming out her release. "Fuck me hard ... Jim! Hard! Hard! Deep! ... and long! AAAAAAaaaaaagggggghhhhhh! Oh, God! ... Oh, Goooood!" They were one and frantic together, his spewing, jetting release came hosing from him, pumping the white, hot sperm through him in delicious release, his cock jerking and expanding, the racing sensations concentrated there in the spear of his manhood. And with a last soul-searing groan, he collapsed into her entwining arms.

* * *

Approaching the stream, in the moonlight, Joan saw a figure seated on the ground. It was not until she was closer and could distinguish details that she realized it was a woman she saw, the outlines of her breasts magnificent in the pale, silvery light. Of course, there was only one possibility ... it was Gayle Sloan ... and she was naked.

Oh, God ... no! Jimmy and Gayle ... together! Naked! Joan stopped dead. She watched ... and listened. The words came to her clearly over the intervening distance. "Jim ... do you want to fuck mew

"Oh, God ... yes! I have to fuck you ... now!" Quick, scalding tears blinded her!

It is! Oh, God! It is them! I prayed it wouldn't be ... Half-running, stumbling, blinded by her tears ... tears of jealousy ... of remorse ... and shame, she tried to make her way back to the camp. She only wanted to crawl into their shelter to hide and cry her heart out. She knew that she was no better than her Jimmy; she too had fallen, but her vow never to let it happen again was strong in her ... stronger, she thought than even her faith.

Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy! I wanted things to be different! ... And, she ran blindly into the arms of Buzz Henson, who had become worried about the absence of the two women and had decided to look for them. He held her close and soothed her, until she realized who it was who held her. "Let me go!" she screamed. "You bastard!"

Chapter 7

If Buzz Henson was an opportunist---which he was---he was not dishonest; his sense of responsibility was strong, especially to the four people who were castaways in this northern wilderness, and his loyalty to them was unshakable. Buzz had been shaken just a few minutes before Joan stumbled sobbing into his arms. Andrew Sloan had ambled over to the hulk of the wrecked airplane; Buzz was busy working on the radio transmitter. Without apology Sloan laid his cards on the line to the young pilot. "Buzz ... I've been studying a road map of this area. There's a road coming into these mountains from the north ... I figure that if we moved west down to the lower hills ... then northeast we'll strike that road! From there on in ... it'd be smooth sailing ... It is possible to walk out of here! "It's too risky!" Buzz countered.

"Does five thousand dollars make it less of a risk?"
"I don't follow you ..."

"I'm willing to pay you that much ... if you can take Gayle and me out of here ... in the next two days!"
"And leave the Wrights?"

"We'd send back other people for them ..." Andy filled in, trying to make it sound all right.

"No! That won't do! There's that mountain lion prowling around here ... there's bound to be more Grizzlies! Jim and Joan would be in too much danger, here ... alone!"
"My offer can go to seventy-five hundred!"
"No! We all walk out ... or we all stick here! There'll be no splitting up!" Buzz said with decision. "The last offer is ten thousand!" Andy said. Buzz speared the older man with a derisive, angry pair of ice-blue eyes. His voice was hard, his words spat out of his mouth with the force of bullets.

"No! God damn it! I can't be bought! We all stay here! ... And that's my final word!"

Placing the transmitter chassis in the pilot's seat, Buzz had left the plane, his hot anger almost beyond control. He felt he must get away from the man ... far enough away, so that he wouldn't be tempted to resort to violence. Sloan's proposition infuriated him ... the very idea of abandoning two people up here was monstrous ... preposterous! God! He couldn't do that! Sloan's got the idea money will buy anything! The stupid son-of-a-bitch ... trying to save his own ass ... not caring about anyone else! Ten thousand dollars is a fair amount of money ... and I could use it! ... But, knowing that I'd left two people up here ... if something happened to them ... I'd never be able to live with myself! God damn him! He's almost trying to make a Judas out of me!

Then, as he walked out and away from the camp site, he had noted the absence of both the Wrights and Gayle Sloan; somewhat worried about their prolonged stay away from the safety of the fire, he had walked into the glade to try to find them. Now, suddenly, Joan Wright was in his arms, sobbing almost inconsolably and he was trying to soothe her, when she tried to break away from him, spitting out, "Let me go ... you bastard!" He held her tight in strong, lean arms to keep her from scratching him, shifting to hold her from behind, pinning her arms when she tried to bite him; the soft sneakers she wore was, of course, no danger to him as she tried to kick her way free. "Hold on ... Joan, Baby! Not so violent! I'm only trying to help you ... if you'll let me!" he said in her ear. "Help m-me ...? How could you ... h-help me? Nobody can ...!"

"Settle down ... tell me about it! ... Maybe that'll help!" Shame flooded through her. How do you tell someone that your husband was out there ... making love to another woman? How do you communicate your own depraved fall, your loss of chastity that may have driven your husband into the arms of another woman ... and how do you tell another person that your heart is breaking ... that all you wanted was love, the love of your own husband? She couldn't! There was nothing for her but the refuge of tears and time. Her tears were copious! She wanted time, now ... time to hide herself ... to let the soul-wounds heal. "No! You'd n-never u-understand ...!" she wailed; then, pleadingly, "let me go!"

"Did you see Jim and Gayle out there?" he queried. She slumped back against him, holding her breath for a long moment.

"Yes!" she spat with fury.

Her answer was his clue. His mind clicked, putting things together.

"Were they ... making love ...?" he asked, gently. She didn't answer. Buzz waited a beat.

"Well ... were they?"

For answer she shook her head up and down. "And that's what's bothering you?"

Her voice was low, almost a whisper, "Yes ... I-I wanted him ... t-to m-make love ... to me! I was losing him ... have been ... losing him ... f-for a l-long time!"
"Maybe not ... maybe you'll both learn to love better!" he told her. "From the way you acted with me ... I'd bet it was the first time you'd ever really been turned on ... right ...? Joan was silent, again.

"Wasn't it?" he pursued.

The memory of the early afternoon came swarming back to her, and she knew that he was right!

"Y-Yes ... I-I guess ... that's r-right..." she hesitated. Buzz felt her body relax; he turned her to face him, still holding her.

"Gayle could do the same thing for Jim!" he suggested. "So ...? What does that m-mean ...?" she asked, turning a tear-stained face up to him.

"That both of you might benefit from it ..."

"You could learn to satisfy each other ... completely!" She began to tremble, her body shaking, violently, as he went on, "... And others ... also!"

"You mean ... s-swapping...?"

"Yes! You already have!" he pointed out.

"Joan gasped. "How did y-you know ...?"

"I told you I put things together ... Andy must have fucked you half to death just before that bear came charging after him!" The nearness of her, her loins pressed up against his pelvis, as he held her close, began to react on him; he felt the familiar, slow warmth in his penis, becoming tumescent and bulging, throbbing against her and transmitting to her own genitals the state of his growing, hardening member. Then, it came to him what he must do.

"What you need ... is a drink under your belt ... to help you get calmed down ... How about it...?"

"I don't like it ...! I hardly ever touch it!" she evaded. Buzz ground his hips into her, his bulging cock making closer contact, but she tried to roll her pelvis to the side to avoid it. He dropped his hands to her full, ripe young buttocks and pulled her in even closer.

"It'll help ... " he told her. "It'll help a lot of things!" He continued to undulate his hips, suggestively, grinding into her loins, as he bent his head down to capture her lips with his mouth. The oscular contact almost melted her into his arms. His tongue lashed into her mouth, hungrily, to probe and savor, then he gently nibbled on her lower lip. She came, then, fully into his arms and her avid mouth returned his kiss, her tongue flicking out to burst into his mouth. She moaned deep in her throat.

Breaking the kiss and the embrace after a few moments, he led her toward the looming hulk of the crashed airplane. "Come on, Joan ... let's get those drinks!"
"All right ... but just one!" she agreed. "It might help me get to sleep easier ..."

"Sure ..."

"But ... Buzz ..." she said, her face troubled. "No more hanky-panky!"

"Whatever you say!" he replied, amiably.

Andy heard them approaching. He came from the shelter and came toward the glowing fire.

"Gayle ...?" he queried.

Buzz answered, "No ... it's Joan. Gayle and Jim are still out there somewhere ... having a party!"
"Oh ... I see ... thanks ..." Andy said, disinterestedly. As they went by him, Buzz said, "Join us for a drink? ... You'll never regret it!"

Then, by the cooking fire, he stooped to pick up three enameled cups. He had released Joan, and she stood a pace or two away. Buzz motioned Andy to him, as he knelt and stirred the fire and added a couple of pieces of wood to it. Andy came to kneel beside him. Buzz' voice was low.

"She's ready for a real party ...! We can make it a trio ... if you want!"

"Why do you think I'd want to be in on it ... you hate my guts!" He took the pilot's cue and spoke soto voce. "The feeling's mutual ... but I think sex is one thing we agree on ... right?"

"Right!" Andy agreed.

"Slow and easy!" Buzz warned. "We don't want to panic her!"

Their short, whispered conference over, Buzz carried the three cups, again taking the unsuspecting Joan by the arm, and led her to the plane. He helped her up the high step to the cabin, lit a flashlight he had hung up for illumination, seated her on one of the passenger seats and rummaged through his duffel bag, until he found a fifth of good Scotch ... half full. Andy came up into the plane behind them and seated himself on Buzz' sleeping bag. Buzz poured into the cups. "We'll have to make do without ice, mixers or chasers ..." he said. "But the Scotch is guaranteed ... bottled in bond ... and smooth when you drink it neat!"

He handed a cup to Joan, one to Andy, taking the third one for himself and toasted, "Here's to an early rescue from this forest paradise!"

The two men drank, silently; Joan sipped and found the liquor strong. She coughed. "Ugh! That's horrible!"
"Sip it slowly ..." Andy suggested.

She tried it, again, getting it down, this time, and she felt the fire of it in her stomach, its warmth spreading in her. Now, she tried more ... and a little more; before she realized it, she had drained the cup.

Buzz poured. She sipped, almost automatically, now, as the fire of the liquor spread to include her loins, a tingle of arousal was there, a lowering of inhibitions, as she looked from one virile man to the other. She was beginning to feel a little dizzy, and she knew that when she finished the second drink, she would have to excuse herself and return to her own shelter. Certainly, she had no intention of drinking more ... or of giving the men any ideas that she was available to them, sexually. She told herself that she was there with them only to be companionable; after all, she had already warned Buzz. Andy, on the other hand, must have gotten the message, earlier. Small talk had swirled among them; her second drink was finished, and Joan stood to her feet. It was time for her to leave.

Suddenly, she felt dizzy, dizzier than she had ever felt before, almost faint, actually, and it was new and strange to her. She almost fell. Quickly, Buzz caught her in his arms, his mouth clamping to hers hard, his tongue performing its sinuous dance of love in her mouth, and she melted to him with a great sigh. His hands became busy on her body as they massaged and smoothed down her back to the twin, full mounds of her buttocks where he grasped and kneaded with strong-fingered vigor.

Buzz signaled Andy with his eyes. The architect arose eagerly, setting aside his cup of liquor. Standing behind her, his hands, too, began to caress her, going up under her blouse to the magnificent hemispheres of her breasts. He found she wore a bra. Deftly, he unhooked it, and his hands went back up under the bra to capture a tit in either hand. His fingers grasped her hard, digging in and rolling the coral nipples to hard erectness between his fingers.

The pilot unbuttoned her blouse, then, and Andy removed it, as she dumbly moved her arms to allow it. Her bra followed, and she was nude from the waist up. Unzipping the placket of her shorts, Andy shoved them down her tapering thighs, over the calves of her legs to her ankles. She stumbled out of them, and Andy tossed the garment to the seat with her blouse and bra. Meanwhile, Buzz had taken up the caressing of her breasts; he cupped, smoothed, massaged and kneaded, her warm flesh pliant in his hand. He had not let up kissing her, but now her mouth came alive, her tongue racing snake-like into his mouth to be sucked and nipped. Erotic sensations were rampant in her body; dimly, she knew that she must not ... could not allow Buzz to do any of the things he was doing to her. She had vowed that never, again, would she succumb to the sensations of her body ... except in the arms of her husband, Jim. But where was Jim? The answer came blazing into her mind with the force of a meteor. Jim is out there with Gayle ... and he's making love to her! Andy's hands were on her buttocks and thighs, playing, moving, incessantly on her, until, suddenly, he grasped the waistband of her panties and in one motion stripped them from her; again, she stepped from them, and she was completely naked before the two men.

Taking her solidly in his arms, Buzz moved her to the sleeping bag, eased himself down on it and pulled her down after him. She lay on her back and he moved over her twisting his upper body to cover her three-quarters. He glanced up at Andy and mouthed the words, "Get your clothes off!" Andy began to strip, immediately; meanwhile, Buzz began to kiss and suck on her milky-white breasts, taking a nipple in his rounded lips and blowing and sucking on it, forcing the erect tissue in and out of his mouth. It was the work of but a few moments before Andy was naked; he came to lie down beside her on the other side, his hands roaming over her flat belly and down to the golden flame of the perfect pubic triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Gradually, Buzz moved away from her and Andy moved in from the other side to take his place, his hand still fondling and rubbing at her pubic mound. Slowly, he began to slip his palm down between her legs, her thighs opening as he cupped all of her genitals in the flat of his hand and began to massage her with some vigor.

Buzz was, likewise, nude in a matter of moments, and he lay back down in the same place. It was then that Joan realized that two men were making love to her. Both Buzz and Andy were naked, their hardened cocks on either side of her. She felt as though she were a helpless, defenseless maiden being offered up as a sacrifice to two of the high priests of Sex. She couldn't believe that such a thing could be happening to her. Both of them ... together? At the same time? Oh, God! How did it happen ...? Buzz and Andy ... both! I can't! l can't! God! Don't let it happen to me!

She wanted to be rational ... she tried to think it through, get her thoughts in order. God! What had she let herself in for by stupidly drinking two drinks. It was the Scotch that had led her astray. She hadn't paid much attention to Buzz' pouring, but he had given her liberal double shots.

Suddenly, she felt hopelessly trapped. She groaned. "Oh, Buzz ... you promised ..."

"Promised what ... Joan ...?"

"That you ... you wouldn't ... t-try to d-do anything to me ..."

"Let's see ... I said, 'Whatever you say ...'" he quoted. "And you've said it ...!"

"N-No! No! I didn't ...!" she moaned in anguish. "Your body said it for you!" Buzz asserted. "Oh, God! My body! I fight it ... I fight it, hard ... but it seems like I-I just can't ... resist ..."
"Don't fight it ... Baby!" Andy said. "Just relax and enjoy it ... that's the only way!"

Buzz recaptured her mouth, then; she felt the warm, moistness of Andy's mouth on her breasts now, his hand still smoothing around at the vee of her thighs, as the pilot's mouth worked on hers. She groaned out her abject feeling of helplessness to resist their marvelous manipulation of her body. Involuntarily, she reached out to put her hand behind Buzz' head to pull his mouth in hard to her own avid oral cavern. Below, her breasts responded to Andy; her other hand went down to caress the back of his head. Two men! It was impossible! Dear God! What had she come to!

Then, without seeming warning, a powerful thunderbolt struck her, the racing electric power of it jumped from her mouth to her breasts and to her loins; her cunt was on fire and she pressed her legs together tightly trying to smother the rising feeling of involuntary sexual desire between her legs, but Andy's hand was already there moving on her, the heat of his hand giving her an unwanted thrill.

The architect began to kiss her smooth, flat belly, then above her soft, golden pubis and his hands were now opening her legs, his pressure on her knees firm but gentle. She felt as though she would be consumed in the fire that emanated from her searing, seething loins. She groaned when Buzz squeezed at her breasts, then he withdrew his mouth from hers and kissed them, causing new and greater charges to build within her seemingly concentrated in the spiky, hard and painful erect coraline nipples.

Andy spread her curving thighs, kissing the inner softness, down, down until his mouth was in the golden, sparsely hair-lined furrow; he felt with his tongue, probing softly into the vaginal opening, his tongue flicking snake-like between his teeth. Joan groaned under him, her hips rotating and pushing up at him. His thumbs pressed her cunt-lips apart to expose the secret cavern of her, the pink, glistening-wet inner flesh fluorescent and open to his lascivious gaze, and she felt the exciting, warm wash of his expelled breath on the sensate, inner flesh of her feminine core. His mouth moved forward, now, his tongue exploring her cuntal lips, then he slid his lingual member into the softness of her vaginal passage. He felt her undulate as her hips, again involuntarily, moved her pussy Up into his face, and he pushed all the way into her; she moaned and moved her naked, defenseless loins even more forcefully up to him, his tongue moving within her, his teeth nipping at the tender flanges of flesh between the thrusting in and out of his agile tongue; he reveled in the clean female odor of her. Soon, he heard a soft moan emitting from her throat; then, she flung her pelvis violently upward and groaned aloud, a soul-searing, strangled sound of animal passion. "OOOoooooooh! Ooh! AAAAaaaaagh!" she screamed and ground her buttocks into the sleeping bag as he probed deeper and deeper into her fiery sensate cunt.

Then, Andy's tongue found the throbbing, hard clitoris in its soft moist canopy of flesh. He licked and licked, and Joan went wild with the pleasure of it, her hips moving in ever more violent motions, shoving her tongue in and out of Buzz' mouth, shrugging her white, quivering breasts up to his face as he alternately kissed and squeezed. She turned, twisting and squirming, the battle between her body and her mind lost again---her body the victor---and she threw her body at them, offering her mouth, her breasts and her cunt to their hungry, searching mouths. She knew that the dam of her will had been breached. There was nothing, now, for her but the final rapture of sexual fulfillment. She wanted it ... needed it to come to her; she tried to hasten it, her body undulant and pliable under them, but she was thwarted, frustrated in her attempt to hurry them. Andy and Buzz exchanged places, slipping and sliding along her body, one on each side, and Andy's lips captured her mouth, the pungent, alkaline taste of her cunt on his lips as she avidly sucked and nibbled at him. She ran her hands over Andy's back, feeling the hardness of his muscles in his more compact frame, then pulling his head to her, taking his tongue deeply into her mouth to suck. She could feel her body beginning to perspire with the strain of trying to respond to the two virile men who labored over her naked, aroused body. Buzz moved his hips between her unresisting thighs, running his hands under the soft whiteness of her passion-trembling buttocks, pulling them up in position to enter her and moved forward, dipping his lean, strong body at the hips to place his pulsating cock on the lips of the moist, viscously glistening pink cuntal opening. He pressed the soft, resilient crevice of her buttocks further apart, and he worked a finger into the rubbery aperture of her anus, the soft spongy tissue warm and pliant, resisting his probing only nominally.

Lifting the whole of her hips toward him, then, the pilot eased his hardened cock into the warm, coral flesh of her vagina, feeling her move against him. He squeezed and massaged her wide- spread thighs and moved slowly into her, the inner, sensitive walls of her cunt sucking him on and on, deeper and deeper, the fluttering movements inside her milking at him. He didn't push in all the way; he rested short of complete penetration as the clasping, wet warmth of her vibrant cuntal flesh sheathed him closely, almost driving him insane as he willed himself to wait. Every twitching, sensual nerve in her body had been awakened in her; she was sure that the aching need in her could never be satisfied. She wanted Buzz to ram his cock into her. She wanted to push her cunt up on the spear of his manhood to fill the throbbing, hungry void, but he held back just that small amount she needed.

When she felt his hard shaft enter her, wedging her apart she could have died right then from the rapturous pleasure it gave her, but she couldn't understand his holding back, his not giving her the full length of his blood-engorged cock. "Oh, God!" she moaned in frustration. "Put it all in!" She felt Buzz' hands on her, rubbing, squeezing and massaging the cheeks of her firm round buttocks, and again, he pulled the full, rounded orbs apart, his finger easing into the tiny puckered hole of her anus; the pain of it strangely welcome to her. "Put what all in ... Joanie?" Buzz grinned down at her, triumph written in his half lewd smile.

"Your c-cock! Shove it all into my cunt ... and fuck me!" ... But, he took her slow and easy, deliberately he moved with excruciating care, never allowing his long, hard prick to go all the way in ... yet. He was waiting for her to start responding to him; he wanted her to be wild for it. In a very few moments, she began to salaciously slither her cunt up over his huge cock, trying to engulf him, swallow him whole into her, the walls of her palpitating cunt fluttering and milking at him, her gyrating hips slamming up at him, demandingly. Then, suddenly, he could wait no longer. She was ready! With a deep-throated grunt he rammed his hardened rod of blood-engorged flesh into her, all the way, until his pubic bone smacked into hers and his testicles slapped tight against her wildly exposed anus. He held it there for a moment, hearing her groan helplessly up into Andy's mouth; then with long, hard, strokes, he began to grind into her, every down stroke hitting far up into her cuntal passage, flicking past her cervix to smash hard into the far back wall of her desperately clasping vaginal passage.

Andy could feel Buzz' entrance into her through her body, then her subsequent reactions to the pilot's big cock in her cunt. He moved his body, now, to straddle her chest, sitting hard atop her firm, heaving breasts. One hand reached for her hair; he lifted it, tilting her head, slightly. His other hand took his long, rigid prick and guided it to her lips. Her eyes widened in surprise and she turned her head aside in protest, in spite of her lust-ridden passion.

Oh, God! He wants me to suck it ...! How much more ... shame can they put me through ...? I can't! I can't do it! Joan moaned, "No! Please ... not that!"

"It's time you learned to suck cock ... baby!" Andy growled. "No! God ... no!"

Andy opened her lips with his strong fingers and slowly guided his hard cock toward her now opened mouth. "Yes ... you will!" he grunted. "You uppity little bitch!" She felt him press the shiny, spongy head of his tumescent cock into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth and she tasted the pungent maleness of it as it moved against her tongue. She jerked, convulsively, as Buzz rammed into her between her widespread legs below, and without warning, her mouth was-suddenly filled with Andy's huge lust-pulsating penis. She closed her eyes as a final flash of shame and humiliation she didn't think possible surged through her. Her mouth was filled to the point where she almost gagged.

This is it! This is the final degradation! Every one of my openings has been ... violated now! I've been had every possible way ...!

"Start sucking ... bitch!" Andy commanded. Again, that feeling of entrapment ... of helplessness flooded her. There was nothing she could do. Nothing! Tentatively, she hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on a man's prick for the first time, while below, Buzz slammed the fiery hardness of his member into her with ever-increasing fury, her hips moving, countering him and fucking back at him. Buzz began to fuck faster, moving in and out of her cunt with increasing fervor, pulling her back and forth by the hips, his fingers digging into the soft, whiteness of her buttocks. He watched as the hard rod moved in her solidly, coming out of her cunt, pulling some of the soft inner flanges with it, as he withdrew until only the head of it remained in her, then sliding into the widely flowered opening, glistening and throbbing, stuffing it all back in again as he rammed to the back of her vagina with every thrust.

Thoroughly enjoying the pleasure it gave him, Andy pressed his cock further into Joan's mouth, deeper and ever deeper, until he was up to the root of his prick, and he could feel her being buffeted upwards by Buzz' forceful plungings into her cunt. Leaning over, he watched as the hardness of him slid into her oral cavity, her soft, lipstick rimmed lips creeping up over the length of his cock; then, gradually, he pushed until all of his monstrous throbbing cudgel was inside her wide stretched mouth. She tried to turn her head to escape it ... to force him to withdraw, but he held her head firmly in place. Now, he commenced to plunge in and out of her, as she ovalled her lips around him; he matched his beat to Buzz ramming into her cunt, below, both cocks fucking her in concert. Then, to her surprise, suddenly, her mouth was on fire, wanting his cock fucking into her in just that way, just as she wanted the huge prick in her cunt to ram into the very core of her being. The rising excitement of her new-found discovery coursed through her, and she wondered, dazedly, if those two virile cocks would tear her apart between them. Her ecstasy rose, mountingly, in her and she sucked, hungrily, on Andy's prick, relaxing her throat to absorb all of him; then, she reached up to grasp his hips and pulled him down, his cock going even deeper into her mouth.

When Andy felt her hands pulling him into her, he knew that she had made the ultimate surrender to the rapture of sex, in all its forms. He felt the nearness of his ejaculation, the load of semen demanding, burningly, for spewing discharge. As Buzz began to pound into her with his final sledgehammer strokes, she knew, instinctively, that he was ready to cum, but she never expected in her wildest thoughts that Andy would spill his hot, viscous sperm into her throat and mouth. She felt her own release coming; she soared on wings of sensual rapture as Buzz moved in her with a pile-driving force that he could not control. Then, she was aware of an increased throbbing in Andy's rock-hard cock in her mouth. She clutched and clawed at his hips, her nails scoring his buttocks; she would have screamed in outright ecstasy but for Andy's huge maleness in her throat. All her sensations concentrated on the impending orgasmic release; she felt herself going, losing complete control. Buzz' cock fucked hard and deep into her cunt; Andy's tore up and down in her throat ... and suddenly it was there! Her legs flailed out into the air, her toes curling, crazily, her whole body convulsing and jerking, her orgasm coming to her with wild abandon, and she rose to it, meeting it, slamming her cunt like a bitch gone wild up to Buzz' pounding cock. He went into her with one final crashing stroke that held him rigid in her, his semen jetting far, far up into her womb, the white, hot, viscous fluid splattering with force against her high up in her vaginal vault. The young pilot grunted out his satisfaction, as Andy, now burst into her mouth, his hot, pungent sperm-laden semen scalding her throat. He pushed down hard against her lips, his huge cock pulsing and pumping his hot, scalding sperm deep into her, forcing her to swallow fast and hard, some of the white fluid overflowing her mouth to dribble lasciviously down her cheek.

The three of them came together, the two men clutching at her, greedily, pulling her to them, as their cocks bore into her, then slowly released her, all of them parting at the same time. Andy moved to her side, pulling his deflating prick from her mouth even as she still sucked on it in a vain attempt to drain all of his semen from it. Buzz leaned back and pulled his member from her with a slight pop, arranging himself alongside her, on the opposite side from Andy. They were exhausted ... fully satiated. Joan stroked their heads in the aftermath of their traumatic lovemaking. She didn't believe it was possible; only several minutes before, when they had begun, she had felt sure that she could never respond to two men at the same time. Her utter shame and embarrassment would destroy it. But, she had! And it was wonderful ... and she accepted it! She had been fucked by two strong men to the absolute, screaming height of release. After several minutes Buzz rose and poured more Scotch. They drank. Joan began to have some misgivings about her actions, but the two men soothed her, patiently explaining to her the ins and outs of what it means to swing. Slowly, she began to understand ... understand herself. She was not fully convinced, however. She was dubious that it could become a way of life ... that people could exchange partners and still love each other. "Gayle taught me ..." Andy said. "... and I'm sure that I love her just as much ... if not more. Swinging brings a certain stimulation to marriage nothing else can equal!"
"Well ... I don't know ... Jimmy's a sort of conservative type, too! He'll take some convincing!" Joan told them. "Didn't you see him making it with Gayle?" Buzz asked. "Yes ..."

Andy jumped in, at that point, with, "Just leave it to her, then! She'll sell it to him!"

They drank one more Scotch. Andy reached for her, and she came into his arms, eagerly. She lay on her side facing him; she threw her top leg over his thigh, as his hardening member moved against her warm, sensate pussy. Buzz snuggled up to her from behind, his big cock nestling into the soft smooth crevice of her buttocks. He told her what he was going to do to her, then. "We're gonna double-fuck you, baby. That'll start that little pussy of yours snapping like a mink." And, before she could think, she agreed! Somehow, now, it seemed all right to her. She could not explain it to herself, but she had the feeling that she wanted to experience everything; besides the idea that she could take them both at the same time in her loins was now intriguing. She thought it not at all strange that she had changed her mind about several things during this long, long day. Buzz ground into her rectum, carefully, allowing her time to adjust, moving it in her, gently, until she could take him with ease. Then he rolled to his back, his strong arms taking her bodily with him. Now, she lay on her back on Buzz' belly and chest, his cock imbedded deeply up in her anus. Then, Andy placed himself between both sets of widespread legs. He came down on her, guiding his prick to the warm, moist slit between her thighs. They both began to move in her, and she came alive, again, her nerves sending erotic shocks from both openings. Suddenly, she knew it was all right. She could feel Buzz below, his hard rod in her behind, Andy above with his long hardness deep in her cunt, and she could feel the two of them meet and press together with only the thin tissue-of soft, pink flesh separating them. Both huge cocks began to fuck into her, in rhythm; she could feel them each so strongly sliding and gliding in her, and her joy was great, the fantastic sensations racing through her from the tips of her toes to the back of her skull.

She thought she could feel the constant growing sensations of both instruments as they grew ever harder and longer in her. The burning need, deep within her, rising suddenly, made her begin moving, grinding her hips with carefree and wild abandon, upwards to Andy's plunging spear, backwards to Buzz' monstrous cock buried, absorbed to the fullest in her rectum. Andy leaned back. There were voices and a swirl of movement inside the plane ... other bodies, naked ... another man, and a woman; her dazed mind could not take it all in, but suddenly, he was astride her chest, sitting back hard, mashing her breasts, soft and pliant, the full mounds of them flattened to her ribs. His voice was commanding, "Here! Suck me, for a while ... bitch!"

It was Jim!

Oh, God... No!

Her glazed eyes pleaded with him, but he held her head, opened her mouth and shoved his long thin cock into her oral cavity.

"Suck! God damn it!"

Her husband's boss' cock drubbed into her cunt with unrelenting force, below; behind, under her, Buzz moved with mounting need deep in her soft, rubbery rectum. Jim, her husband, sat astride her chest, his blood-engorged cock moving salaciously in and out of her ovalled lips.

She rose up and down; she was pulled up and down, her pelvis moving insanely against both the huge cocks that ravished her loins, and she began to suck, hungrily, on Jim's lust-hardened rod of flesh as he fucked like a wild man into her mouth. Now, she became aware that Gayle's pink slit, glisteningly moist in the dim light of the flashlight, hung over her face, the white, tapering columns of her thighs widespread over both her and Buzz' heads. As she sucked with crazy hunger on her husband's big cock, absorbing it into her throat, she watched with fascination when he leaned forward, his tongue snaking out to plunge wetly into the searing depths of Gayle's lightly hair-lined pussy. Faster and faster they moved; Joan, buffeted below, worked harder, flinging herself at the two magnificent pricks, sucking furiously, above, and she felt it come to her, again and again, a series of building orgasms that would not stop. She was transported, dizzily, faint from the force of her sequential releases. Her body jerked and convulsed; she was emptied of all tension, almost as an electric charge is grounded, discharging harmlessly into the moist earth. She went limp, unable to move, as Andy ground into her, desperately, his big cock, growing harder and longer; then, with a whistling grunt, deep in his laboring chest he came, too, the hot lead of semen in his balls hosing through him with jet-force, spewing into her satiated cunt, high up, filling the vault of her involuntarily clasping vagina with the white, hot and viscous fluid. He held it in her, rigidly, while his prick pumped wildly; meanwhile Buzz, below still pummeled her from behind. With a final gasp, Andy withdrew from her, his member coming out wet, pulling long strings of his semen across her thighs as he slumped back to the bulkhead, his cock rapidly deflating.

Jim, aware that Andy was finished and had pulled out of his wife's cunt, decided that he would fuck her there, himself. He pulled his long, slender cock from Joan's still working mouth, his agile tongue, at the same time, leaving Gayle's hotly inflamed cunt. He slithered down to wedge himself between his wife's legs. Gayle wailed, "No, please ... don't leave me, now!" Buzz, still moving into her rectum with long sure strokes, took in the situation and made his decision. He moved Joan aside and scrambled from beneath her; he reached for Gayle, grasping her by the hips and pulled her back to him on the sleeping bag. She was quickly on her back, her legs spread wide to receive the pilot's cock in her demanding, clasping cunt. He was over her in a flash, his lust-inflated cock gliding smoothly into her. With desperate need, Jim rammed his hard rod into his wife's wildly palpitating cunt. Crazily, insanely, he pounded into her, ramming with the force of a steam pile-driver, his demanding need to come burning him acidly at the root of his cock. Even though Joan had been completely satiated just moments before, her passion rose, rapturously, in her and she was one with him as she came again ... and again, screaming out her ecstasy to the primeval wilderness.

"Jim! Oh, Darling! Fuck me ... hard! Oh, God! I'm going to cum, again ... and AAAgggaaain! AAAAAaaagh!" The flaming magma of her loins boiled, volcanically, the convulsive muscle tensions were released in her yet, again, and she collapsed under her husband's driving cock, her eyes glazed, almost unconscious from the power of her orgasm, her oxygen- starved brain knowing only that she had been fucked and fucked good by her own darling husband.

Atop her, Jim came just behind her, the spurting semen splattering into her, mingling with the pool of sperm deposited there by his boss, Andy. It spewed from him in never-ending streams of pleasure. God! He had wanted to destroy her with his cock; he had never worked so hard to pound with unrelenting fury into her. Now, as he felt the hosing fluid, searing him as it exploded in her, he knew that he truly loved his wife. He ground into her with a few more short, slow strokes as his penis pumped the last of his heavy load into her, then with a gasping sigh he flopped his full weight down on top of her, totally exhausted. Beside them, the gasping cries of Gayle, the animal grunts from Buzz told them that both had arrived, together, in a body- slapping climax. They thrashed for a few more moments and were quiet. Then, there was only the labored breathing, the throat- catching little mewls of complete satisfaction. Joan, beneath her husband was overjoyed. She knew now that, together, they would be able to work together to save their once shaky marriage. Later, all five stirred, drinks were drunk and there was talk, embarrassed at first but becoming more frank and uninhibited. Mostly, the Sloans talked, with Buzz adding a few succinct comments, as the Wrights, Joan and Jim, were instructed, indoctrinated as it were, into the world of swinging sex. Jim and Joan soon crept off to their own shelter where they talked more, their understanding of self and of the other partner expanded and enhanced. In the wee hours of the morning Jim, once again, made love to his wife, but this time it was tender, their foreplay erotic and stimulating, their climax, exploding upon them, together, melded them, blended them into one flesh; yet, they knew that now, each would not only be more responsive to the other, but that they would, in the future, not confine themselves, exclusively, to each other. They knew that a new, eventful life lay ahead of them. Then, they slept a sleep of undisturbed languor and restfulness.

In the cabin of the crashed plane, there was one more swinging trio of sexual satiation. They, too, slept, after a while, Gayle between the two virile men snuggled on either side of her. Finally, quiet descended, and there was only the sounds of the forest, the soft footpads, the tiny scurryings, flittings and the cautious calls of night creatures to each other. The primeval forest, ever mysterious, held its deepest secrets to itself in the soft ghostly comings and goings of its denizens.

Chapter 8

The sun stood an hour above the ridge before any of the plane-wreck castaways were awake. Joan stirred in Jim's arms, sleepily; she stretched and opened her eyes to the sunbeams filtering through the branches overhead. She winced. Her head ached, slightly, from the effects of the whiskey she had consumed. Ruefully, she told herself that, in the future, she would have to ration consumption of alcohol. Last night had been a little too much for her.

She arose, stirred up the fire and put the morning coffee on to boil. After she had washed her face and combed her hair, she felt better; going back to the campfire, then, she began to prepare breakfast. Her mind was still in a whirl from the fast pace of yesterday's events. She mulled them over, trying to sort out the loose ends, putting things in their rational and logical order. She had experienced much and learned a great deal. Soon, the savory odors of the cooking food, the distinctive aroma of campfire coffee goaded the others to wakefulness, and they came one by one to the campfire for breakfast, complimenting Joan on the tasty food.

After they had eaten, Jim volunteered to go up on the ridge on lookout duty.

"You don't have to, Jim ... you've been under the weather ..." Buzz began, giving him a chance to back out. "I'm feeling better all the time ... I'd like to do it!" Jim insisted.

"O.K., then ... that'll give me a little more time to fuss around with that radio transmitter ..."

Jim kissed his wife extra warmly and walked off up toward the ridge. Joan was worried.

"Will you be all right, Darling? Do you have your gun ...? You know ... there's still that mountain lion Andy saw!"
"Don't worry about me, Joan ... I'll be O.K.!" he told her as he had left.

Gayle set about the clean-up and washing of dishes. "Joan ... how can I ever thank you for cooking breakfast in my place ...? I just couldn't seem to wake up, this morning..."
"Don't try, Gayle ... maybe there's something you can do for me, later on ..." Joan said, amiably.

Andy, who had been relieved of his lookout duty by Jim, picked up an ax, saying that he was going to get some more firewood. Buzz agreed and Andy strode away. Gayle watched him go, turned back to Joan with a worried look on her face and remarked, "He's brooding, again ... about something ... I wish I knew how to help him ..."

"Just worried about getting out of here," Buzz volunteered. "No ... it's something more than this ... It's gone on for several months!"

"... And he's never given you an inkling of what's bothering him ...?" Joan asked.

"No ... he hasn't!" Gayle said, then with a bright smile, she continued. "But, there's no reason for me to dump my problems in your laps ..." She arose and went towards her lean-to where she busied herself with some minor mending.

Buzz went off to the wrecked airplane, telling Joan that he'd be there working on the transmitter, if anyone needed him for anything.

Deciding that Gayle was really more upset than she had allowed them to know, she finished up the small housekeeping chores Gayle had left undone. It took her only a few minutes. She was going to go talk to Gayle; maybe woman to woman talk was what she needed, but as she headed for the Sloan's shelter, she saw that Gayle was walking off towards the stream carrying some garments to be washed. Well, she would talk to her later. The sound of Andy's ax, then, told her that Gayle would be near her husband. She could see him, now, chopping on a fallen tree. Their girl talk, she decided would have to wait until much later. Actually, she had been hoping that she could talk with Gayle to get another woman's point of view concerning sexual things; Joan still had dim doubts lurking in the back of her mind, and she needed to get them out, examine them and reject or accept them in the light of cold reason; of course the discussion the night before had been thorough, and she and Jim had hashed several points over, afterwards; now, she needed that girls only session with Gayle.

Joan felt in need of a bath; she didn't want to go against Buzz' rule of requiring each of the women to have an escort when they left the immediate camp area, but she looked toward the stream to see that Andy would be near to her favorite bathing spot, screened by a small copse of trees. If she needed help, he would be near enough to come to her aid. Her mind made up, she gathered her soap and towel and made for the downstream stand of trees. Gayle saw her and waved, turning to say something to Andy; she didn't hear it, of course, because of the distance. In a very few moments, she was in the water, enjoying the chill cleanliness the waters of the stream imparted. As she stripped her clothing, she flushed with the memory of yesterday, here in this spot ... With Andy.

It seems almost unreal ... so much has happened to me, since then! So many things have changed! I can hardly believe I'm the same person!

* * *

Andy Sloan carried the last o three armloads of wood to the campfire. He was angry and determined. Gayle had refused to leave with him. They had been arguing the point for some time, but her adamant refusal to walk out with him had galled him. He gathered up some food and a canteen; then, going to their lean-to he packed a rucksack. In the bottom, he placed the waterproof package of currency, the food and some clean socks on top of that. On second thought, he put in a small first aid kit, a couple packs of cigarettes and some matches. The oil company road map went into his shirt pocket, a hunting knife and pistol belted around his waist and the rucksack on his back saw him ready to go.

As the architect stepped from the shelter putting the canteen over his shoulder, Buzz was just coming out of the plane; he saw Andy and shouted.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" The architect stopped, holding his ground and waiting; Buzz approached him and queried, "Well ...?"

"I'm going to walk out of here!"

"Like hell! I told you we all stay!" Buzz ground out at him. "Now, put that stuff back.

"No! I'm leaving!"

Buzz balled his fists. "We'll see, by God ...!" The pilot advanced toward Sloan, ready, alert.

Suddenly, Andy's face collapsed with fear. "No! Don't hit me! I'll do as you say ...!" He turned back to the shelter, slyly pulled his pistol and whirled back around to level it at the unsuspecting pilot. "Turn around, Buzz ... your hands on top of your head!"

The younger man's face turned crimson with anger. "Why you son-of-a ..." he roared, obeying Sloan's orders ... he got no further; there was searing pain in the back of his head, shooting stars and spectacular fireworks exploded behind his eyes, then there was nothing but blackness of unconsciousness. Andy stood over the fallen pilot, his face a study of mixed emotions. Aloud he said, "I hated to do that ... but that sort of evens our score ..."

Stopping, he examined Buzz to assure himself that the younger man was not seriously injured; all he intended was to knock him out to gain time ... so that he would be well beyond the pilot's reach.

God! The time's getting short! The day after tomorrow is the absolute deadline! ... And, that bitch wouldn't give me a break ... that's for sure! I can't let anybody stop me from getting there on time!

He left the campsite, going into the line of trees, heading in the same direction he had gone yesterday to find Joan bathing in the stream. She was there now; he had seen her go down there, but today, if she were still there, he would have to pass up the temptation of a sexual dalliance with her. There was just no time, now! ... But, he could look, he promised himself.

* * *

Having finished her bath, Joan sat down on the bank on her towel and combed her hair. The sun was warm on her body, and she moved to a sunny spot, spread out the bath towel and lay down on it. She promised herself that it would be only for a few moments. Unconsciously, her hands went to the full, white, lightly blue- veined orbs of her breasts; she massaged gently to discover that the nipples were sore and irritated. Then, likewise, her fingers discovered the soreness of her vaginal opening; she blushed with the memories that came to her, but the most important thing she remembered was Jim, her husband. Last night, he had completely dominated her; she was his completely, and even though he had been masterful, there was still that certain gentleness with her ... a respect ... a true love that made him something special to her. True, Buzz and Andy were past masters at seducing a woman ... making her want it, in spite of herself, but her husband had loved her all the way. It was a delicious, rapturous memory, and before she knew it, she felt the moistness between her legs and a slow, building warmth in her loins.

Oh! What a delicious sensation ...! I'm getting hot just thinking about Jim! Tonight, I'm going to see to it that I have him all to myself! I-l don't want to share him with anybody ... for a while!

Joan closed her eyes and let her imagination wander; in her mind's eye, she visualized how her husband would hold her, kiss her, his caresses thrilling and erotic on her breasts and genitals, his tongue a searing flame on her, and finally, his big penis insides plunging to the core of her and bringing them both to soaring orgasm. Unconsciously, she allowed her thighs to open, feeling the wash of the cooling breeze on her almost inflamed slit. She'd better stop imagining such things, she told herself; she could become frustrated ... and ... And, suddenly, a warm, moist breath spread over her whole genital area and a wet, rough tongue lashed upward in the soft coraline flesh of her furrow, followed by another and yet another. Her loins reacted, instantaneously, the driving, sensations searing her. She thought for a moment she had dozed ... that she was dreaming ... that her imagination had led her to believe so strongly she could actually feel that wonderful tongue on her, but she knew that she was awake; she had only closed her eyes. No one had approached her; she would have heard them. She opened her eyes. She tried to scream, but nothing came from her throat, paralyzed with fear. Oh, God!

It was the mountain lion!

The tawny animal stood between her spread legs, his great head lowered to lap with his long fleshy tongue at her steaming cunt. She lay rooted to the spot; the fear in her too great. She couldn't move! She couldn't scream.

Oh, My Dear God in Heaven!

Now, she heard the purr, like a great motor wound up inside the huge cat. She recognized it for what it was, a glimmer of hope breathing through her.

That purring ...! He's contented ... not going to attack ...! M-Maybe ... if I stay quiet ... don't do anything to disturb him he'll g-go away ... and not heart me ... Oh, God ... please ...?

She tried to close her thighs, but the huge, tawny cat looked up at her with baleful yellow eyes and growled once, a warning. She froze.

As the great head dropped again to her loins and began greedily to lap at the narrow, pink furrow between her thighs, she saw that a leather collar encircled the beast's neck. This gave her yet another ray of hope. Was this huge wild animal a pet? Did he belong to someone ... an animal farm ... circus ... zoo? Her mind sped over the possibilities, while her body lay petrified with fear and a growing sexual excitation, she could not control; then, she saw a silver plaque attached to the broad leather band. A name was engraved there. She focused on it, willing her eyes to read it upside down. The name she read was JoJo. "J-Jo ... J-J-Jo ..." she said softly, repeating it again. "J-JoJo ...? I-Is that ... your n-name ...? JoJo ...?" Her voice trembled timidly.

The cougar lifted his head and looked at her ... differently, now; there was intelligence in his eyes. His name had been spoken. He left her loins, his head now over her face. The great tongue came out from between those teeth that were capable of crushing a thigh bone and licked her face. "That is your name ... i-isn't it ... JoJo?" Her answer was a louder purr followed by a huffing, subdued roar deep in the animal's throat. Her eyes glanced downward and she saw that the big cat was a male. With frightened eyes she looked along the length of his belly. He was big ... his body was longer and probably heavier than a large man. Suddenly, the bizarre thought flashed through her mind; she wanted to reject it-it was an impossible idea---yet, it was there searing her brain ... was it possible the big cat wanted her ... sexually?

Oh, my God! I must be losing my mind ... t-to even think such a thought! ... Yet ... the way he was licking me ... almost as if he had ... b-been trained ...

The mountain lion backed away until his head was over the softly curling golden mound at the juncture of her thighs. She clamped her legs tightly together, real fear of a different sort pounding through her. The big cat lowered his head to her genitals, again; his tongue snaked out, but he could not wedge it down between her tightly pressed thighs. He growled, again, louder this time, and his nose went under her legs at the knee and lifted them up to expose the glistening, pink flesh of her cunt. The animal crouched there, his head under her legs, and his tongue ran wetly the full length of her slit, from the tightly puckered little anus up over the fluted pink edges of the inner lips on up to the tiny clitoris in its hidden crevice between the fleshy, hair-lined larger lips of her femaleness. The thick, rough tongue lashed the softness of the down covered pussy like a knife through soft butter.

Against her will, her thighs spread and she raised her legs a little more, bringing them back towards her belly in the classic position of sexual intercourse. Again, that feeling of helplessness came over her. There was nothing she could do to stop the animal's ravishment of her loins. The vision of what those horrible jaws were capable of doing held her in a morass of fear. She could not bring herself to move ... to run away. She knew that the giant sheathed claws in his forepaws could bring her down before she had run ten steps.

The cat's long and huge tongue worked in her with agility, slaving, relentlessly between her now widespread legs, pausing now and then to lunge curlingly deep into the warm, moist walls of her vaginal passage. The sexual arousal was building in her, far beyond her ability to control it. She spasmed, jerking convulsively as she writhed under the tongue of the giant cat lapping and snuffing at the raw center of nerves between her open thighs.

What can I do ...? If he keeps licking at me ... I'll come to an orgasm! I can't stand it! Oh, God ... what if he wants t- to p-put it in me ... his animal thing ...? Oh, Merciful Heavens! It's insane ... impossible ...!

Ecstasy built in her loins; she couldn't help it! The sheer torture of the erotic sensations racing in her ... sensations she knew to be lewd ... and wrong ... sensations produced by the licking tongue of a wild animal, were crowding all reason and moral sense completely out of her mind. And somehow, in spite of her revulsion, she perversely wanted it to go on and on, now. For she was no longer frightened. Fear had left her. She didn't care! God! She didn't care any longer ... her safety, her morals ... her reasoning mind meant nothing, now ...! God! she had sunk to the lowest depths of all possible degradation! Soft, gurgling mewls of delight came from her. She could contain it no longer. She had to have it! Suddenly, she was aware that her hands were stealing down, down, until they grasped the ears of the cougar, and with a deep groan emanating from deep in her chest, almost animal-like in its intensity, she flattened her thighs hard back against her breasts, spreading them even wider and tilting her pelvis up to the searing cat tongue that slaved in the furrow of her soft, palpitating cunt.

She pulled the great head in tight to her vagina, and the long, hot tongue shot out to race up the moist, pink channel, ravishing her upthrust crotch without mercy. Her hips writhed up to that horrible animal mouth, demandingly. Now, as from a great distance, through the ringing in her ears, she heard her own voice, babbling crazily to the mountain lion, pleading with him, encouraging him ... wanting him.

"Oh, God! JoJo ...! Lick me! Lick me good!" Hearing it, she couldn't believe that she had said it, but the huge cat worked, slaving away at her, below like the dumb, vicious, wild animal, he was, his primeval lust motivating him; seemingly, entranced by her voice he purred away and redoubled his efforts. She screamed with the wild rapture of her loins. Now, the cougar raised his head and slithered to her side. With his nose under the small of her back, he rolled her to her stomach. She was powerless to resist, as she felt the powerful muscles of his neck come into play. God! She was completely at the big cat's mercy! She was enslaved by the panting beast that stood over her! That great head lowered to her smooth, white buttocks, the great tongue slithering into the exposed crevice between them, as she lay spread-eagle under him. Her hands reached back to spread the cheeks of her softly quivering buttocks to the lashing, curling tongue, and she pushed up and back toward the brute.

The mountain lion's head nuzzled down under Joan's lust paralyzed crotch, between her pelvis and the spread towel, lifting her buttocks up into the air, and she kneeled up, obediently, bending animal fashion to take the huge cat into her, for she knew now that the intelligent animal had placed her in this position for only one purpose. The blazing realization hit her with meteoric force.

God! He wants to ... to m-mount me ... like I were another of his kind ...! It's monstrous! I can't! Oh, God! I can't! She raised up on all fours, then to her knees. She was going to get up and run! She had to run away! Oh, God! She needed help!

There was that short, coughing, warning growl, again. She poised herself to spring to her feet, but she was struck a stinging blow on the shoulders that knocked her sprawling to the ground. Dimly, she was aware that it was the cat who had struck her with an unsheathed paw. It was nothing more than a cuff, but it had knocked the wind from her. The big cat stood over her and growled twice more. There was no escape! Again, the great, tawny head went under her pelvis and raised her to all fours, the tongue licking at her, hungrily, as soon as she was in position. The need for sexual release drove her hips in uncontrollable gyrations back against the animal tongue that was licking her into submission.

Suddenly, the mountain lion stopped licking at her vagina, reared up on his hind feet, his paws wrapping around her waist just as though she were a female of his own breed, the hard, long and glistening penis was released from its hairy sheath, the tip of it searching to find the soft, pink portal of her pulsating cunt.

Oh, no! No! It's really going to happen! Oh, God! The animal's sleek hardened cock missed and came against the tiny defenseless hole of her anus. Joan cried out with pain and fright. God! She didn't want that! She knew then, what she must do.

Reaching back between her legs, she grasped the slippery, glistening, wet animal cock and guided it to the hair-lined cuntal lips, the big cat waiting patiently until it was aligned. Then, he rammed it into her soft, pink passage with great force, the great shaft going all the way to the hilt, the hairy animal balls slapping up tight against the hair of her pubic mound. The cougar rampaged into her like a powerful trip-hammer, fucking her with the feral force of the wild animal he was. ... And, suddenly, she was one with him! She wanted it to go on and on, now, to its completion! It was a demanding need! Joan reached back with one hand, a finger searching for the rubbery ring of puckered flesh and slowly inserted the finger into her anus, worming it in until it was buried to the palm of her hand; then with insane delight she began to move it in rhythm to the pounding animal cock that drubbed into her with unrelenting force. "Oh, God! Fuck me ... JoJo! Fuck me!" she screamed. "Make me cum!" she babbled on as though the dumb brutish cat might understand her wild pleas for fulfillment. She panted ... wept ... babbled; she pummeled her finger into her asshole and spread her legs wider to absorb the monstrous cat's prick fucking into her. She clenched her teeth; tears streamed from her eyes and she moaned on and on, insanely, her buttocks moving back against the fucking animal in counterpoint to his rutting attack on her.

Then, she felt it coming to her. Frantically, she fucked back, wanting it, needing it, her hips undulating wildly, and she was on the brink. Her eyes glazed, her mouth hung open, her whole body craving the final release. Convulsively, her orgasm began, her body jerking and bucking under the plunging mountain lion. She screamed, suddenly, insanely ... and she came. "AAAAAaaaaagh! Oh, Gooooood! Oh, God! OOOOoooohh!" She wanted to collapse, but the big cat drubbed into her for several more strokes, before she finally felt the spewing sperm pump wildly from him. The pungent cat odor filled the air. Joan slumped, sprawling to her stomach, spent ... completely satiated. She had been dominated and fucked into submission by the giant cat who crouched over her. It was wonderful and horrible at the same time. Her body tingled with the exhilaration of it; her brain began to wrestle with rights and wrongs. The cat was still there, and she didn't know what to do. Should she try to move ... get to the stream to wash herself? She lay there, inert, still, trying to get her breathing under control.

* * *

Andy Sloan had reached the spot just as the cougar mounted Joan. He saw the movement, was aware that it was the mountain lion he had spotted on the ridge and stopped horrified, unable to comprehend, fully, the horrible spectacle being enacted before him. He slipped his pistol out into his hand, checked it and moved forward a few cautious steps. God! He couldn't take the chance of trying to shoot the animal while he was actually fucking the woman. Joan could be mauled, suddenly, viciously. He would have to wait!

He waited and was an unwilling witness to the unnatural coupling. It was almost beyond belief. He had heard of animal and human female sexual activities, of course, but this ... this was beyond him; he couldn't understand how it was possible for her to allow it. It was monstrous!

Finally, he saw her wild orgasm, her quivering body convulsing and jerking under the unmerciful pounding of that huge animal cock. It was almost time for action on his part! The architect decided that he would have to divert the animal's attention, lure him, somehow away from Joan so he would be able to get a clear shot. There was no question in his mind; the big cat would have to be killed! Picking up a small stone he tossed it at an angle, about ten yards to the left of where Joan lay with the big cougar crouched over her. The cat responded! He looked quickly at the spot where the stone landed, jumped to his feet alertly, then looked towards Andy Sloan. The mountain lion coughed a warning growl. Andy tossed another stone; this time, a little nearer. The panther crouched, ready to run away ... or to charge. Sloan hoped he would run. Suddenly, the cat sprang and ran straight toward the architect, the wailing cry of the animal reverberating through the forest. Andy pulled the trigger. His gun misfired! He didn't have another chance, before the mountain lion was on him. There was a cry of terror from Andy, and then the sound of rending flesh blended with the frantic roars from the cougar's throat. The deep throated roar of Buzz' rifle dropped the mountain lion, a bullet in his brain. The pilot ran to Andy's body. He saw immediately that the man had died within seconds of the attack.

"God! I was too late!"

Buzz went to where Joan still sat, naked and dazed, on the towel. He dropped to his knees beside her; she clung to him. "I-Is Andy ...?" she sobbed, afraid to even guess his fate. The action had been so fast, so deadly, she had not had time to comprehend the reality of it.

"Yes ... Joan ... he's dead ..."

"J-JoJo ...?"

"The panther ...?"

"Y-yes ..."

"I killed him!"

"B-Both d-dead ...?" she wailed, her grief overflowing from her. "OOOh, God!"

Then, suddenly, they both heard it. A plane, flying low dipped down into the glade, pulled up into a tight turn, and made another pass. Buzz left Joan, ran out into the open and waved his arms. Gayle, also, had emerged from her shelter, her arms waving, frantically. On the ridge there appeared three columns of smoke. Jim heard the single rifle shot. Instantly, he thought of the mountain lion, sprang to his feet and started down the slope toward the natural meadow. Then, the sound of the airplane engine arrested his attention. Without hesitation he climbed to the ridge, once more, and touched off the three signal fires. As soon as they were going well, he came down off the ridge ... fast. When Buzz left her to signal the pilot of the search plane, she became aware of the strong smell of the cat on her body. Shame flooding through her, she went into the stream, quickly, and washed herself off and out, as best she could, returning in a few moments to the bank to dry herself with the towel and hastily dress herself.

The search plane made yet another pass; this time waggling his wings, and she heard Buzz' happy shout. "He's seen us!"

Joan rejoiced. Soon they would be able to leave this horrible place, but a thought struck her. She would have to have it! Steeling herself, she approached the dead mountain lion and removed the collar from its neck. She didn't dare to look at Andy in death. She knew it would be too horrible. Wrapping the leather collar in her towel she walked out to Buzz. The pilot was coming toward her, his face wreathed in smiles. "We'll be out of here before night-fall!"
"That'll be wonderful, Buzz ... but poor Andy ..." she sobbed.

"Yes ... it's too bad ... and I'd just gotten the transmitter working when he decided to try to walk out of here ... alone!"
"Andy was leaving ...?"

"Yes ... he tried to bribe me earlier ... to ..." Buzz began, then stopped himself.

"Bribe you ...?" she queried.

"Well ... you know, he had this idea about walking out ... wanted to pay me to lead us out of here ..." he modified, bending the truth, slightly.

"Oh ... I see ..." she said, then, "Buzz ... had you seen that big mountain lion ... before?"

"No ... not until I saw him charging Andy! Why...?"
"I was just curious ..." she said.

"Why ...?"

"I think he was somebody's pet!"

"Really ...?"

"Yes!" she said. "He was well trained!"

Her smile, a secret smile, she knew, concerned a secret, and she shared it with one other woman ... a woman she did not know, and yet she did know her. She vowed that the secret would die with her. No one else knew but Andy, and he was dead now. Jim was there, now. He approached them, a big grin on his face.

"They saw us!" he exclaimed. "Isn't that great!" Joan came into his arms. She was sobbing, again. "It was horrible ... j-just horrible!"

"What happened ...?"

Buzz answered, "That big mountain lion killed Andy ...I shot the cat!"

"Oh, not that ...! Where are they ...?"

Buzz pointed.

"I'm going to take a look!" Jim said.

He caught up with Joan and Buzz before they were halfway across the meadow. He carried the waterproof jacket containing the money Andy had stolen. Briefly, he explained its presence, his loss, as yet, to know why Andy had embezzled the money, assuring them, also, that Gayle probably did not know about it. "I'll take charge of it ... and see to it that its returned to my company ... O.K.?" he ended.

"O.K. by me, Buzz!" assured him.

* * *

A helicopter lifted them out and flew them to safety. They were photographed and interviewed. Buzz protected Gayle, in her abject grief, shielding her from the avid flock of news people who descended upon them.

"How was Mr. Sloan killed ...?"

"A mountain lion attacked him ...! Buzz answered. "I shot the cat!"

"Could it have been the same animal that killed a man and his daughter five days ago and escaped into the mountains ...?"
"How would I know! He was just a big panther ...!"
"Did he have a collar on with the name JoJo on it ...?"
"No! There was no collar!" Buzz told them. They checked into a motel. Jim obtained newspapers for five days previous. He found a clue. Reading it aloud to them, the passage revealed that the girl who had been killed by her pet mountain lion had worked in San Francisco for a time as a secretary in an architectural firm; her father had been a construction superintendent. Gayle was there, listening. Suddenly she began sobbing.

"D-Did you f-find the money ...?"

"Yes ..." Jim answered.

"Andy was being blackmailed ... all these years. That man worked on a building Andy designed. Some underworld people threatened Andy ... they supplied sub-standard building materials, then forced Andy to take a share of the illegal profits. The building superintendent began blackmailing Andy ... more and more all the time ... and Andy kept paying, until this time, when the demand was for over fifty thousand dollars. That's the reason he took the money out of the company ... He was desperate! ... And now ... I've lost him!" she sobbed.

They all tried to console her. Jim, finally, getting in one last question to settle a point in his mind. "Who else knew about all of this ...?"

Gayle told him, "No one else ... That man, his daughter ... Andy and I ..."

"If I just returned the money to Mr. Kitchen and Mr. Wilson, told them Andy was killed before I found out why he took the money ... that would settle it, wouldn't it ...? No one would ever know about Andy ... and these people ... O.K.?"
"Oh, Jim ... would you ...?"

"Yes ... I would ... and that's what I'll do." Gayle kissed Jim, then, a promise there for him ... if he wanted to claim it. He did; he would see to that, later. After a few moments, Buzz broke it up, saying, "Gayle's had enough of this ... she's tired ... needs some rest ..." The pilot escorted her to her room where he provided the prescribed sedative ... and they both rested.


Joan surveyed the young man seated next to her on the divan; his hand had wandered up under her dress, along the smooth, white and warmly inviting flesh of her inner thigh. She looked at him over the rim of her glass; her eyes smoldered an invitation and she made it clear when her own beautifully manicured and tiny hand moved to his crotch to smooth over the obvious bulge that throbbed there. After a few moments, she led him to an upstairs bedroom; luckily finding it unoccupied.

They were nude and were lying on the bed; he was nervous, but determined and he caressed her body with clumsy hands. She guided and encouraged; her mouth, her breasts ... her loins began to respond to him, and she stimulated him erotically. He was kissing her thighs, on down to her knees, then he was tracing his tongue over her ankles to her feet. Around her right ankle, he found a heavy silver chain with an engraved plaque. He read it in the dim light. JoJo.

"Who's JoJo ...?" he asked her.

"A friend of mine ..."

"Do you always wear it ...?"

"Yes ..." she said. "In his memory!"

"He's dead ... then ...?"

"Yes ... he's dead ... but I'll never forget him ..." she sighed.

Joan reached down and pulled him up to her. "Do you want me ...?" she asked. "Do you want to fuck me?" The young man was shocked. He'd never heard a woman use the word. His face flushed.

"God ... yes! I've wanted to fuck you ... for weeks!" he declared.

He was in her, his cock ravishing her loins, her soft, hair- lined cunt absorbing him high up to the fullest. The door opened softly, a head came through, observed the action on the bed and a man's voice said, "Oh, excuse me ... I didn't realize ..." It was Jim. Joan looked toward the door and said, "Jim, Darling ... why don't you bring her in here ... there's another bed?"

"All right ..."

"Milton ..." she addressed the man lying between her widespread legs. "This is my husband, Jim ..." The young man almost collapsed on top of her, his face going white.

"Y-Your h-husband ...?"

The young woman, who had accompanied Jim into the room, smiled and said, "Really, Milton ... shouldn't you be introducing me to Jim's wife...?"

Milton's agonized face twisted around to see his wife, Betty standing there. She was in Jim's arms, his hands busy on her body, helping her to undress.

"My God ... Betty ... What are you doing here ...?" Milton gasped.

"The same thing you are!" she flung back. "Joan broke in, "Afterwards ... we can have a real swinging foursome ... O.K...?"

"Great!" Jim agreed.

"Oh, that'll be wonderful!" Milton's wife gushed. "God! What have we gotten into ...?" the younger man wailed. "Maybe the fun time of our lives!" Betty affirmed. Joan's cunt, below, worked on him, squeezing and milking at the rapidly deflating cock; her lips ground up at him, undulating against him. She was gratified when she felt the answering throb as he flexed and expanded again inside her. She whispered into his ear, "Come on, Milton, I want you to use that big cock of yours and fuck me to death with it!" He began to move in her, again, and Joan knew that it would be all right, as she heard Jim and Betty on the next bed, the little cries and mewlings telling her that Jim was making Milton's wife want it as she had never wanted anything before. They would learn, yes, they would learn too before this night was over.

The End