Hi, my name is Maria. I'm the 21 year old daughter of very wealthy parents. I guess you could say I'm spoiled as well. But it seems that everything I've ever wanted, I've gotten. A nice car, a nice house on my own, a very nice entertainment system, and realy great furniture. All of these things my parents have bought for me. They're great people. However, my taste and their taste vary greatly. When I wanted a Jaguar convertable, they thought I needed a Lincoln. I begged and persuaded them to get me a Jaguar and my dad finally went out and bought me one. He's great. But I AM a daddy's girl.

The house that I'm living in right now is my choice. My parents don't like it, but I do, so my dad bought it for me as well. I also wanted a pet. They suggested like a great dane. While that did sound fairly cool to have a large dog roaming around the house instead of these smaller lazy pukes. I wanted something else. My parents about shit bricks when I told them I wanted a tiger. My mother argued that they are too dangerous to have around, but I made the comment that so are dogs who have not been domesticated. This made sense to them so my father bought me a baby tiger from some far-away country and let me keep it. I was 17 when I got it. I don't know what you call baby tigers but it was a boy and it used the bathroom everywhere.

I was there right behind him while he was growing up cleaning up after him, feeding him, playing with him. He is such a lovable pet. I love him so much. He's so harmless. He's just a big pussy-cat. I decided when I was 18 what to call him as before then I was just amazed that I had a tiger of my own.

I called him Stripe. Well, what would you have called him? I thought it was cute.

Anyway, now I'm 21 and Stripe is a big boy. I feed him regularly and he always finishes what I set out for him. He always brushes up against me whenever I'm reading on the couch or on the floor. Occasionally he'll lay down beside me if I'm on the floor. He climbs up in the bed with me whenever I go to sleep. I don't need any stuffed animals, he's right there next to me.

The part of the story I want to talk to you about is one morning when I woke up and went to take a shower, I didn't hear Stripe or see him anywhere, but I went to take a shower anyway. When I got out I took a towel and dried off.

I had been feeling bad the previous night and I had got drunk. I wasn't feeling so hot so I went to the bedroom and saw Stripe reclining on the floor beside the bed with his head rested on his paws. It was cute and I smiled. I let my towel slip to the floor and went to the dresser in search of something to put on my naked form. I gave up deciding to not wear anything at all and go back to bed.

I slid under the covers and like clockwork, Stripe lept up onto the bed with me and I pulled the covers up over him too like I always do. I closed my eyes. It hadn't even been 10 seconds before I felt Stripe shift around and felt his paws pressed against my arm and side.

I smiles and tried to ignore it, but when he laid his head across my belly under the covers I smiled again and marveled at how soft his fur was against my stomache. I pulled the cover down so that I could see his head. His eyes were lazy and half open. I shook my head and left the covers down. As a matter-of-fact, I kicked them off getting rather hot. I closed my eyes again and felt his fur moving up my chest to rest on my shoulder. I looked at him and he had the same lazy expression. I thought that was cute so I closed my eyes again when I felt his head move and the most shocking sensation I've ever felt followed.

Stripe lightly flicked out his tongue catching my nipple lightly. My eyes flew open, but he wasn't looking at me. He continued licking my nipple. I then closed my eyes again and felt several jolts of pleasure wash over me as his rough tongue caressed my breast and nipple.

I moaned softly with intense pleasure as Stripe continued giving my breast and nipple a thorough cleaning. This new touch made me wet and I felt the lubrication starting up between my legs. It was an awesome sensation. Apparently, he must have smelled it because he turned his attention from my nipple to my crotch.

No, I thought, I'm getting turned on by my pet tiger, and now he's going to eat me out?

I closed my legs and felt his rough tongue lick my mound and pupic hair. It was truely an awesome feeling of pleasure. I didn't want to resist any more and I spread my legs allowing Stripe full access to my hot box. His rough tongue caressed my slit licking it all the way up and down brushing against my clit. I threw my head back in exstacy as my beautiful pet tiger ate me out. He continued licking me with his rough tongue as I felt wave after wave of orgasmic power rip through me at the hands of my tiger.

I was breathing realy hard, screaming loudly in pleasure. His tongue moved from my crotch to my nipples again as he resituated himself and pressed the tip of his tiger cock against my vaginal opening. My, God, I thought, my beautiful boy tiger is going to fuck me.

Stripe thrust himself into me, I screamed loudly with pleasure and pain. His monstrous dick was stretching the walls of my vagina to the limits. Stripe seemed to sense this and took his rhythmic pumping slowly.

I was a mess of moaning sweat and writhing flesh as Stripe had his way with me. His pumping grew gradually more and more rapid and forceful. I didn't want him to stop and I groaned louder as I climaxed.

Stripe unloaded in me and I felt his hot goo burn slightly inside of me. When he was done he pulled out, lept off the bed and strolled out the door.

I lay there feeling his sperm slowly seep from my already dripping cunt. "Well, well, well, Mr. Stripe," I said laying there lightly pinching my nipples, "it would appear we have alot to catch up on."