Tail of a lioness
© by lion06

Tail of a lioness

Part 1:

I work at the Cx Zoo – not its real name – as one of the cat keepers. Cx is a big rambling open-air zoo owned by one of the nicest animal lovers I've known – I'll call him Robb, he's my boss and a good friend, I've known him for years, and it was largely through Robb that I got the job as cat keeper.

It means being in charge of his generous collection of big felines – lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and even a breeding pair of jaguars. I get to feed them all, and pat and stroke them through the wire mesh of their enclosures, many of the cats love this because they were brought up from cubhood by humans – mainly Robb himself – and always come over when called to enjoy a good scritch of an itchy back or a face-rub or even just a nice chat. Never believe animals are just bundles of instincts: our cats love a convivial talk with their humans friends, you talk to them and they talk back in their own language of purrs and rumbles and delightfully cute if deep-pitched miaows.

Breeding – yes, because all the females are allowed to come on heat, but Robb practices birth control by selectively determining which male mates with them. Some males are entire, others are vasectomised so they can mate but not produce young. Usually any actual mating occurs out of public view, in the big private enclosures around the back where the cats have a good time without public scrutiny and laughing and clicking cameras at the copulating pair.

It was here in fact that I first saw the big cats having sex, a magnificent pair of tigers Robb wanted cubs from. He invited me round the back to the "cat house" as he laughingly calls it so I could video the proceedings with a camera – er, for his, um, official records, of course, you understand.

"It'll be quick and violent," he told me. "Get the camera in under their tails if you can, I want to see the action." With that he opened the door to the tiger cage and motioned me to come with.

"Inside the cage?" I was astonished, nervous, and excited all at once. Robb grinned and held the door open.

The cage was rich with the warm clean smell of tiger, and there they were, two simply magnificent huge cats lying together at the far end. I saw the flame-like stripes, the two pairs of lemon-green eyes looking at me steadily, confidently, the enormous and deceptively soft-looking paws. The male, Ennio, lifted his head in a vast pink yawn as though he didn't think much of me, which only increased my nervousness: there was no protection between he and I except about five feet of distance. But Robb was talking calmly.

"Hey, Ennio, how's your girlfriend? You've been making cubs with her, haven't you, you naughty boy."

Feeling more confident I crept closer to the tigers and crouched, watching them watch me with curious eyes and noses. Ennio was lying with his hind legs to one side, and I couldn't help straying my vision to his maleness – two plump furry balls between his thighs, forward of them his sheath, a thick stub of whitish fur within which, I knew, lay his penis.

The female, Abby, sniffed our scent with ladylike intrigue. Then she unfurled her lithe body and stood up. I took in a breath – she was beautiful, huge, dangerous. But it wasn't us she came to: turning to her mate she lowered and rubbed her head against his and patted him with a paw. Ennio stood up with a sudden besotted look in his eyes. Abby turned her rump to him and flicked up her tail, showing the furrow between two cream-furred haunches, flanked by a narrow V of stripes. Thus invited, Ennio gently poked his muzzle into the female's thighs.

"He's scenting her, testing her smell," Robb explained in a quiet voice. "That's how male tigers know a tigress is in heat. Her scent turns him on, makes him into a wild thing. Watch this… "

The male lifted his head to inhale his mate's enticing aroma. The tigress circled seductively around him and then crouched. She got on her paws with her chest and belly to the ground and lifted her ass in the air. Her vagina came into view – a dusky oval cleft by about an inch of soft plush labia.

The male quickly got on top of her, he mounted and straddled the presenting tigress. His haunches spread over hers, making his large furry balls dangle between, and gripping the female's neck he began to thrust. There was a lot of growling from both cats, heaving and writhing. Ennio's tigerness emerged, a long thick arrow-shape of pink, and the female pushed her rump up hard against his loins to get it, her pussy slit waiting…

He gripped and thrusted and poked around the valley between her furry cheeks, then suddenly drove his penis into her with a thrust that made her snarl and arch her ass further. His splendid tiger cock went deep into the tigress's vagina, he held her neck and humped with groans of delight. I watched the tiger's big testicles jiggle and sway heavily while taping the whole closeup under their lashing tails with the camera.

He stayed there, straddling the female while his penis twitched in her pussy and his scrotum swung, making her cubs in her beautiful stripey body. Then he pulled out suddenly and leapt off her back with his cock still erect. A momentary stream of cum poured from the tip of his organ as he jumped back from the sated tigress. She just lay there, crouched with her legs spread and her cleft exposed, then she purred and rolled over onto her back, writhing in a warm afterglow.

"They do that, the females, to assist impregnation," Robb said. "Did you see his dick go into her? What a sight, eh?"

"And his balls jiggling, too," I replied. "How often do you breed cats in here?"

"Fairly often, actually, this time of year. All the girls come on heat and demand males."

Well, we stayed and watched the repeat performance, because tigers like all cats have sex often while the female is receptive. Ennio the male got astride Abby's back as she crouched for him with her soft tigress slit raised between her legs, and through the camera I watched him slip his tapered cock into it. They roared and snarled their pleasure, and I noticed Robb was peering closely at the action. In fact, even as I was working the camera in between Abby's thighs, he reached out and gently cupped Ennio's plump furballs in his hand. The tiger didn't seem bothered, he just carried on mating Abby, humping the tigress with his dick in her vagina. When he pulled out the tiger's big tumescent penis slicked back through Robb's fingers and somehow the sight gave me a sudden hard-on in my pants.

I had to cover my embarrassment. "He doesn't mind when you do that?"

Robb laughed. "No. He's pretty used to it. I brought him up as a cub like most of my cats, so he knows I mean him no harm. He's just a great big pussycat, sometimes."

So we watched and I videotaped Ennio on Abby, humping the beautiful tigress while she lifted her ass and turned her tail aside to let him in. They coupled perhaps ten times in the cat house, and finally we left them to it for the night. Somehow the repeated sight of the tigers mating turned me on – Abby with her legs spread open and rump lifted, Ennio straddling his female and driving his long strong tapered dick into her vagina, their combined roars and snarls of pleasure shaking the cage at the culmination of each act.

Well, I forgot all about it for a while: working at Cx Zoo is pretty busy at times and I put no further thought to what I'd seen. Until one night, late in the evening when I'd been up in the office tidying up Robb's occasionally chaotic accounts.

I finished what work I could there and tossed the remaining invoices in the drawer I mentally labelled as "too hard, do tomorrow". I put on my jacket, switched the lights off and locked the office, then wandered down to the main enclosures to see that the cats were all happy and safe.

There was a dim light from a window. Peering in the dark I recognised it as behind one of the great lion enclosures we have – a den fitted out at the back so the lions can have shade and shelter and privacy. Since lions don't need light bulbs to see in the dark, I realised some human was there in the den.

I walked quietly up and swung the side gate open. Walked in, closed the gate behind me, crept round the corner where I could peek into the den.

The lights were on, to be sure, and on the straw-softened floor Robb was kneeling, studying one of the lionesses – pretty young Suki – who was lying compliantly on her back. It was Robb, so I relaxed – we hadn't been invaded by "freedom for zoo animals!" nutters, and I knew he often played with his cats even after the zoo had closed. But he didn't seem to be playing right now; he was investigating between the lioness's splayed hindquarters. Maybe checking her for ticks in the vulnerable fur of her haunches, or a wound that needed attention. Suki's hind paws moved rhythmically back and forth in the air, which I thought curious. What was he doing?

I moved further in around the door. Now I could see Robb's face, almost buried in the soft furry valley of Suki's thighs. His head was moving in the same gentle rhythm, his hands spreading apart the insides of her haunches – and then I saw Robb's tongue. He was actually licking the lioness. Between her legs. Up along her vagina. Slowly, lick, lick, lick.

My eyes widened, I couldn't help it. Suki lay there, letting him do it. Every so often she would wriggle, or her tail-tip would flick, and Robb would talk to her – "there, girl, do you like that?" – and resume tonguing her soft dark slit. Suki stared dreamily into space with her legs apart. And my pulse was racing. How the hell had he persuaded her to – actually, you know, let him lick her vulva?

I'd never heard of an animal allowing a human such intimacies, or of a man who dared such bravery with a big wild predator. But there was no doubt – Robb really was licking out a female African lion in a hidden scene of sexual beauty and love, with his head between her hind legs, lapping and probing with his tongue, nuzzling the fur that guarded her soft secret, gently spreading her labia with his thumbs to revel the wet pink jewel within. "Good girl, Suki. You have such a beautiful pussy, don't you." This was definitely no mere examining her for ticks.

His tongue seemed to disappear inside her. Suki jerked and opened her eyes wide and she gave a sudden purring growl. Her hind paws spread further apart, and I saw the gleaming claws emerge. I realised this was the feline equivalent of an orgasm – Robb must have found her clitoris. If she had a clitoris, that is. All female mammals have a vagina, a soft cushioned gap between her legs with which she receives a male's penis during copulation, so I was pretty sure lionesses have a clit as well.

She climaxed on his face, kicking her hind legs upwards and growl-purring in ecstasy with her tail swishing through the straw on which she lay. "Good girl, beautiful girl." Robb lifted his head from the big cat's haunches and straightened up. It was such an astonishing scene, and unexpected, too, watching my boss give cunnilingus to a lion. I knew I had to keep this to myself, and vowed never to tell Robb I'd seen him doing it. I was about to turn and walk silently but aroused back to the office… when Robb reached down and unbuckled his belt.

Surely not? My mouth fell open at the thought. But yes, Robb half-stood in the den and shucked his pants down his legs, off around his feet. I saw a pair of dark red briefs around the swell of his butt. With a little effort he pulled these down, too, revealing himself half-naked in the soft light of the lion den, tanned bare buttocks and glimpses of my boss's thick stubby penis in a nest of dark curls. His testicles hung plump and sun-bronzed, and I thought briefly of watching him handle Ennio's furry ballsack.

My heart was pounding with excitement. He's actually going to do it – he's going to have sex with a lioness!

Suki lay there expectantly, looking up at him. Her legs were still splayed and I could see the dark pout of her vulva. I wondered for a moment if a man's cock would actually fit in there – female cats have a relatively small vagina for their body size, but after Robb had stroked himself erect and mounted the big cat, settling his hips in between Suki's thighs, I had my answer. He moved his ass around and felt his corona into the slit of her pussy. Suki wriggled and opened her haunches further, helping him, and with a slow push Robb slid his stiff towering penis all the way into the lioness – I watched it go in. Suki opened her eyes with a passionate growl. Slowly, Robb began to thrust, straddling the big tawny body with his hands.

I watched the astonishing scene from around the den doorway – my ass-naked boss on the belly of a gorgeous African lioness, buttocks moving up and down, penis in her vagina. His gleaming shaft pistoned in and out of the black velvet lips. He worked with slow but steady thrusts that loved her rather than just mated, his arms across her luscious furry belly, and her legs, splayed to accept him, waved back and forth in synchrony. Then, slowly and languidly, Suki put her big forepaw on Robb's back and pulled him down on top of her. She licked his face. Robb thrusted faster and stronger, humping, really working her now with his chest on her tummy and his ass stroking up and down between the hind paws and his heavy loose testicles swinging. I could hear him grunting, and Suki's answering purr.

Suddenly the lioness rolled and gripped Robb's butt with both paws. She howled from open jaws, her tail lashing, and actually humped herself upward on Robb's penis with her hind legs laid wide open. I could see her black-and-pink pussy being pummelled by the man's shaft. Everything was a heaving whirl of sex, a mix of tawny haunches and pounding buttocks, arms and legs and paws and a thrashing tail, swaying balls and turgid erection in the receiving vulva.

Suki's howl became a penetrating yowl and she gripped his rump with her claws. Robb groaned as he came inside her. His thrusts slowed, then he lay there, just lay there holding Suki in his arms. Her forepaws stroked his bare ass, and she licked his face again. He was breathing heavily as you do after the most intense sex.

Slowly Robb pulled out of the lioness's wet vagina and stood up, still erect. Suki rolled to and fro on her back, the way female cats do, playing the air with her big soft forepaws. Robb reached down to collect his dark red briefs – and then he saw me, watching him from the door…

After that period of terror when I had no idea what he was going to say to me, or do to me, Robb stood there with his dick still swaying upright, grinned, and shrugged.

"I won't tell a soul," I said, and really meant it.

Robb laughed softly. "It's about time you learned about me and the cats."

"Cats? Plural?" My fear of him was evaporating, replaced by curiosity.

"Yes – I keep many of my cats happy and satisfied. That's what this is all about." He'd relaxed by now, and so had I. "You see, feeding them and talking to them and patting them is good, but not always enough to calm all their urges. When they're hungry I feed them, when they're playful I play with them. Sometimes I have to keep them from mating with their own kind, and sometimes they really need sexual relief. So, that's what I give them. With this." He grinned again and fondled his bare cock for a moment.

"So that's why Ennio the tiger didn't mind you handling his penis."

Robb was pulling on his briefs. "Yep. I fuck the female cats when they come on heat, give them what they so desperately want, and I regularly jack off the males to keep them happy too." He chuckled. "Wanna have a go?"

"At jacking a big cat male?"

"And mating a lovely big lioness, too." He paused while doing up his pants and belt buckle. "Look at it like this: consider it part of your job here now you know it can be done. I'll teach you how to do it. What do you think?"

"Dunno about – er, y'know, having sex with a big cat. It's not right!"

"Says who?"

I opened my mouth to reply, then thought again. 'Robb, are you sure of this?"

"It's up to you, buddy. If you don't want to that's fine. I understand completely if you feel morally uncomfortable. But I can tell you this – there is nothing as erotic as sinking your dick into the pussy of a tigress or lioness on heat. It's exciting, dangerous, hotter and tighter than a woman. It's the most wonderful feeling. Think about it over the next few days, then tell me what you want to do."

Well, I did that. I couldn't get the vision out of my mind: Robb with his bare ass between Suki's beautiful splayed haunches, his penis sloughing in and out, the look of love and enjoyment in the big cat's eyes, the way she held his heaving buttocks with her paws while he mated her…

I made up my mind pretty definitely. "Robb," I said one day in the privacy of the cat house, "I want to give it a try. Y'know, mounting Suki like you did. I keep getting hardons just thinking about it." He laughed and told me he'd let me know when Suki was next on heat. My heart beat fast in anticipation. I was about to do it – have sex with a lioness!

Part 2:

Robb mated the two jaguars in their own cage, rather than the cat house. Of course, we watched them and I had the camera as well. The male climbed onto his crouching female and felt between her legs – thrust thrust with his tapered maleness sliding out, but not quite hitting the target. "He's riding her too high – about an inch above," Rob said.

The jaguaress was actually humping her splayed rump up into the male, trying to connect her bared pussy slit with his cock. Rob crouched behind the two cats, and while I zoomed in on the rubbing and pushing mating attempt took the male's penis in his hand and gently inserted it into her. She growled her satisfaction. "There you go, girl. Enjoy it." The cats yowled together in climax. Robb kept his hand under their tails, the male's pendulous testicles resting on his wrist as he held him inside the female. "He's cumming – I can feel it. Pulse, pulse, pulse."

The jags sprang apart yowling. I caught a glimpse through the camera of that thick pink penis dangling before he retracted it and the girl jaggie leapt on him with an enthusiastic clinch. Robb jumped back just in time and let out a laughing "Wow!" He looked back at me with the camcorder. "I think she got a good one that time." He laughed. "Give 'em an hour and they'll be at it again."

"Will you – umm, help them again?"

To my disappointment Robb shook his head. "Nope. He's pretty much got the idea now, so we'll leave them to it for a while. But I've got something for you. C'mon over to the cat house."

When he said he "had something" for me my heart skipped a beat, I'm sure. I thought I knew what he meant – and thought immediately of Suki the lioness and her gorgeous soft pink pussy. But Robb can be secretive, and I wasn't really certain.

But sure enough, when we walked inside the cat house there was the sound of a large animal stirring, a distinctly leonine "whoof" – the sound lions make when they greet a much-loved friend – and there she was, in a great big cage floored with straw and bark-chip, weaving her beautiful head side to side in eagerness as she looked at us. Suki pawed at the bark-chip, whoofed again at us, and rubbed her cheek up against the chain-link wall of her cage. She purred, and a lioness purring is an awesome sound.

"I'll go in first," Robb told me. "Then I'll let you in." Suki ran to him when he opened the door, and greeted his entrance into the cage with a leap that put her great paws up on his shoulders so she could push and rub her head against his. Her whiskers folded into his dark hair, and Robb patted and stroked the long lean golden body. "Hi, Suki, how y' doing? Yeah, I love you too." He looked back at me with a mischievous grin. "She's on heat, which is why she's so extra-friendly. Come on in and I'll make the introductions."

I entered Suki's breeding cage with nervousness. Suki was eyeing me very closely, as though sizing me up. Robb motioned me to crouch, which I did, slowly.

This was the first time I'd been so close to a lioness. She had a scent that reminded me of hay and fresh grass. She craned her head inquisitively forward and the big wide nose, dark pink and flecked with black spots, sniffed me with ladylike intrigue. The huge, yellow gold eyes seemed to stare right into mine.

Suki twisted her head and rubbed gently against mine, temple to temple. I let go a surprised laugh, and Robb chuckled. "Not afraid of her?"

"No, not at all." Well, not now, anyway. When a great feline wants to rub heads with you, you can't help but see her as friendly. Suki sniffed me again, fascinated with me – or my smell – but then turned to Robb when he patted her shoulder. "C'mon, Sukes, let's see you're pretty little vulva." He somehow got the lioness to roll onto her back so her hind legs fell open, black tail tuft switching, and showed us the neat small cleft of her pussy – two plump dark lips mounted on an oval swell of fur, with an enticing gap between.

Robb very gently slid his hand there, between the cat's haunches, and fingered the pouting slit. Suki wriggled, enjoying it. She looked up at him over her chest.

He slowly pressed his finger between the lips so they spread open, and showed me the exquisite pink interior. The fleshy cushions tapered inward to a narrow gap, and at the top – because she was on her back – was a small complex hood of pink. "Her clit," Robb explained. So lionesses do have a clitoris! "It's further in that a woman's. When she's excited by sex, she erects it against the male's penis so the feel of it being rubbed brings her to orgasm. Here, have a look."

Crouching I bent my head between Suki's warm furry thighs. This was the first time I'd seen it, and wanted to find my way, as it were. If we were going all the way, I wanted to identify my target. Small tawny hairs covered each side of Suki's dark outer pussy lips; with my finger, just as Robb had done, I rubbed between the lips and then gently pushed into her warm tight cave.

I felt a muscular contraction right there, and Suki gave a pleasured sigh. I looked up – her head was back, eyes narrowed, and the big forepaws hung limp above her chest. Taking that as a signal she liked what I was doing, I slid in further. Another contraction, squeezing my finger.

"I love her nipples," Robb said. He had crouched beside us, and now fingered a dusky tapered nipple in the cream fur of Suki's belly. Lionesses have four nipples, low down in the stomach fur, and I was astonished to find out they like having them played with just like a woman.

Robb bent his head and licked, then sucked, a teat. Suki moved on her back, sighing in enjoyment. With his hand he mulled another dark nipple and the fur-clad breast around it. Because a lioness's teats are close to her loins I could actually join in – I put my lips cautiously around a soft warm teat and began to suckle, still moving my finger slowly in and out of the cat's vulva. The taste was exquisite – soft, warm, welcome. Suki stirred between us and I felt the nipple swell suddenly in my mouth. Her sex canal tensed several times around my finger; with both of us tending her breasts, and my penetration into the velvet depths between her labia, she was getting quite aroused.

Robb was bent over her, his mouth on a nipple and his hand moving over another furry breast, and I noticed suddenly there was a bulge in his pants crotch. He looked up and saw me noticing it, and grinned. He semi-stood, unhitched his belt, and shucked off his work pants. This time, to my astonishment, Robb wasn't wearing any underwear – he was naked under his trousers and his thick tulip-capped dick flopped free from its nest of dark curls. I started getting very excited, just like that time before when I saw him, with Suki, in her den. This time, all going well, it would be my turn…

But firstly, he moved over the lioness himself. "I'll go first," he explained. "She's used to me, and my cock will open her up a bit for you. Then you can have a go."

I slid out of Suki and crouched nearby, watching as my boss mounted the big cat. He got on her missionary-style, arms astride the wide furry chest, and lowered his hips between the lioness's splayed haunches. As before he stroked himself to erection and then felt his penis into the slit of her vulva. Watching from close by this time I couldn't help getting a little bit of testicle envy: Robb is a well-hung guy for his age.

Suki lay there, ready. Hand on cock he rubbed up and down her pussy a few times, then eased his manhood into the waiting lioness. I watched her hind paws spread apart as it went in and she gave a little grumble of pleasure in her throat. He thrusted gently a few times, warming up, then braced astride the beautiful big cat and began humping her with fast, pounding strokes. His shaft slid like a piston between her labia. Suki growled and purred, staring into space as her keeper shagged her with loving strength – man and lioness, naked skin and tawny fur, his buttocks heaving up and down with sexual rhythm. His stomach contacted the lioness's belly fur with each stroke. He worked to a climax pretty quick, groaning while Suki added her orgasmic yowl, then he slowed and breathed hard, resting his bare stomach on her wide powerful belly. "Good girl," he panted. "Good girl. Thank you."

He slid out of her, knelt with his cock dangling wet from her vagina, and invited me in. "Get naked," he said, "and feel what it's like to mount a lioness."

I hesitated for a subconcious moment – strip off to bare nudity, right here in front of my boss in a cage with a female lion? I gave Robb a grin. Then I undid the belt of my denims and began to undress. My manhood flopped free when I drew my briefs off, and I noticed Robb looking with an admiring smile. He might be endowed in the testicle department, but I reckon my organ is thicker and heavier than his. He seemed to agree.

"Suki has never had another man inside her, especially one like you. But we'll see if she lets you in. Come and crouch between her legs, the way I did."

I obeyed and put my hands on the lioness's warm furry belly. My manhood dangled loose under me; already I felt it beginning to stiffen in excitement. "Now, get yourself erect and mount her like doing a pushup astride her. She'll open her legs, she knows what to do."

It was an amazing feeling getting on top of Suki's gorgeous big torso; I could feel the warmth envelop my nakedness, smell her clean wild smell, sense my stiffening hard-on approaching near the big cat's vagina. The powerful muscular haunches spread apart to take me, as Robb had said, inviting, enticing. I was perhaps a couple of inches from her dark dewy pussy. Just beyond my head the lioness's big eyes gazed dreamily into space; she murred softly in her throat, and the open hips wriggled under me. A forepaw curled lightly around my shoulder, rough pads and just a hint of claw-tips. Robb chuckled. "She wants you."

I glanced up from my personal reverie – he was crouching ass-naked beside us, and he had the camcorder. "Feel your way between her thighs. It's further down than you'd think." I turned my attention back to the waiting Suki, and with one hand brushed the tulip-head of my dick through the short soft fur, up and down, searching. The feeling was exquisite. "You're about two inches above her vagina – get further down between her legs… yeah, that's it, there you go… " I suddenly felt a small plush pout under my cockhead, and my heart leapt. This was it, her entrance, her beautiful little secret. "Now slowly push down with your penis until you feel a kind of nubbin… that's her clit." I could feel it, a budding swell against my corona. Suki sighed and wriggled pleasantly, and her hind legs fell wide open. The velvet lips relaxed apart – and suddenly I was sliding my cockhead into her! I was penetrating a lioness!

"Go in as far as you can, then stop a moment." I slid in, perhaps three inches into the hot, tight, muscular canal of her vagina. There was a blockage in there that opened up even as I touched it. "Now, push slowly all the way in, up to your balls." The canal opened as I entered deep, and a soft low-pitched purr emanated from her other end. Even without Robb's prompting I knew this was the time to begin to thrust. In and out, slowly, lovingly, relishing the big cat.

Suki moved around on her back and the lighty gripping paw slid down to the curve of my waist. My face was just several inches from hers, and my cock was being gripped by a wonderful muscular canal that squeezed in a reflexive pulsing rhythm as stroked in and out. The lioness's vagina was tapered inward, matching the arrow-head organ of the male lion, and I felt two or three ridges in there like annular rings. My coronal ridge caught gently on them with each stroke, and it seemed to arouse Suki – growl-purring the big cat tensed upward with her hips, pushing up into me, and the big heavy paw now felt its way across the right cheek of my butt.

"Heh, she's trying to pull you in further," Rob chuckled, working the camera between my thighs. I hoped he was getting a good shot of my erection pistoning in and out of Suki's vagina. Encouraged by her paw, and his comment, I braced both hands astride the tawny chest and let fly with a series of fast, deep thrusts, making my ballsack sway back and forth. Suki's loving growl turned into a howl of arousal, and, quite suddenly, I felt myself come inside her. I came again and again, spurting into the cat's receiving sex tunnel. We merged, blended, man-spirit and cat-spirit, skin and fur, paws and hands, my human penis in her wild feline vagina and my grunts mixing with her climatic caterwaul. I hugged her tight, arms around the lioness as I mated her, and now both paws were clasping my bare hips and pulling me down into her.

Something slapped into my balls, and I realised it was her tail, thrashing around. The white-heat between us melted into a beautiful glow; I lay on her, just lay on her, panting from my sustained effort. Suki's soft belly-fur caressed my chest and stomach, and I could feel her breathing, and, perhaps, the nubbins of her four teats against my skin. Her sex muscles twitched occasionally around me.

Eventually I rose, slowly, reluctantly, drawing my manhood from the lioness's vagina, all wet and spent and my testicles aching.

"Got a good view of your butt with her paws holding you," said Robb behind us. "Humping up and down. And your penis giving her a good pounding. First time you shagged a lioness?"

I straightened up, not feel too self-conscious now about two naked men with a wild animal in a cage. "Of course. And I know you had a first time shagging her, too, Robb."

Suki had been rolling around on her back, like cats do after mating, and now stood up to rub her massive heavy body lovingly against me. Robb patted her – "good girl, beautiful girl" – and so did I. Still naked from the waist down, Robb sat on the floor, resting his balls and flaccid penis in the soft bark-chip, and leaned back against a cage wall.

"I raised her from a cub, like most of my cats here. In fact, Suki was one of the first cats I had. I brought her up on the bottle, and taught her to eat meat when her baby teeth grew – I gave her her first taste of beef, and she loved it. We played together – well, we still do, of course, and I noticed as she grew how her play changed from cubby nip-and-bat to wrestling to a proper hunting style, and how her body got stronger, and leaner, and more muscular as she approached adulthood.

"She had her first heat at eighteen months, which is about right for a female lion, and she didn't know what to do. She paced up and down and miaowed and couldn't sleep and seemed a little frightened of what was going on inside her, so I held her, cuddled her. That seemed to help, and soon she was off heat and back to her normal playful bouncy self, fighting the back door mat and stealing cushions off the sofa. A few weeks later she came back on again, which is what female cats do, and this time she knew what it was she wanted. She'd come up to me purring seductively and turn her rump towards me, spreading her hind legs and canting her tail aside, and looking back at me over her shoulder as if saying, 'Come on!' Her vulva was small, neat, pink – untried.

"When I sat down she'd come trotting up to me and sit with her loins in my lap, and actually grind her ass into me, literally giving me a lapdance. Funny thing is, she seemed to know exactly where my penis is despite my being clothed, and she would get so her vagina was rubbing up and down on it. About the third time she did this I found I was getting hard in my pants. And the fourth time – when I saw her coming to dance in my lap, I thought, yeah, let's give it a try!

"I wasn't sure if it'd work, and to be honest I felt a bit silly, just thinking about it – but I wanted to see what would happen. So – well, I had to sort of push her off me, which she didn't like, so I could unzip my pants. I got my dick out, with a bit of effort because she was continually trying to rub up against me and lapdance again, and to my astonishment it sprang erect almost immediately. I think the idea, and the feel of cool air around my dick, helped.

"Suki landed her rear in my lap for another try, and this time, well, I think it was happy coincidence or maybe she knew what she was doing, because this time her pussy lips connected straight away with my glans, my crown. Like you, I'd never felt a lioness's vulva before – but I knew what it was when her soft little pad contacted me, and immediately she began rubbing up and down, trying to get penetration. I helped her, with my hand on my dick. I can tell you, my heart was thumping with excitement. And suddenly – I felt two velvet-soft lips spread open around my glans and she sort of bore down on top of me and my penis was inside her!

"Not all the way, mind you. She was still young, not much more than a cub, really, and her canal was small and tight. But I penetrated perhaps three inches or so into her, and I could feel her untried vagina wrap around my cock in surprise and delight. She held still at that point, sitting there on my lap with my dick in her pussy, her sexual muscles twitching steadily. Then she pulled herself off, turned round, sniffed my bare penis, and, guess what, actually licked it! That was an amazing feeling, this big wide tongue going at my cockhead; I felt so loved as she did it that I suddenly came. Spurted my juice all over her face. She started with surprise, then lapped it all up, cleaning my dick and balls and my pubic hair.

"Well, after that she knew what it was all about. On her third heat, which was about a month later, she became friendly and affectionate, rubbing against me and miaowing and flicking her tail aside to show me her vulva. And I thought, this time I'll go all the way, at least as far as she will take me.

"So, I took her into her den – where you saw us the first time – and stripped down to just my briefs. She was so excited she rubbed all around me and put her paws up on my shoulders – she knew something was about to happen. She sniffed the front of my briefs, where, y'know, my bulge is, and actually pawed at it as if trying to get my briefs down.

"I pulled them down and Suki got her muzzle in there and immediately began licking. My cockhead, then its shaft, then underneath at my balls. She was going for it! I was still standing of course, and, well, you know a lion's head is just at crotch height anyway. So she licked and licked, swirling her magic tongue around my manhood, and my balls flopped and my dick began to stand up too.

"I felt I woud cum in mid-air if she carried on, and that wasn't what I wanted just yet. So I got her turned round and put my hand on her ass. That made her think a male was getting onto her, so she obligingly hunkered down in a mating crouch and began to purr. You've seen it, on her chest and tummy, forepaws out in front, back legs kneeling and spread apart, presenting her sex. She pushed up into my hand. Naked, now, I crouched behind the lioness, trembling a little with desire and anticipation. I was full erect, ready for Suki. I hoped she was ready for me.

"In fact I didn't know if she would be able to take me. Lions are big animals, y'know, but the vagina is relatively small – peering under Suki's tail I saw my target, it looked about the size of a teenage girl's. But there she was, kneeling beautifully for me on her haunches, legs apart, tail canted aside to show me her pussy. She looked back at me and swayed her hips a little, suggestively.

"With one hand on her rump I crouched forward, feeling like a lion with my lion-sized dick erect and ready, and my lion-sized balls swaying side to side. She crouched, and I mounted – got astride Suki with my arms around her waist, my hands holding onto her wide flared haunches. I remember the moment I actually nuzzled my dick into her – it felt small, but capable, and experimentally I gave a little push.

"In it went. It spread Suki's labia open, and a purr came from the other end. She sort of wriggled and I felt her tunnel open, and now I could slide all the way into her sweet little pussy. Man – I was doing it, I had my penis in a lioness's vagina! She growl-purred below me, holding still while I penetrated, and then, feeling confident, I gave several gentle thrusts. About the third thrust my penis lodged fully into her canal, the front of my balls touched soft silky fur, and she began that rhythmic twitching.

"I was mesmerised, in heaven, with the most beautiful lover you can imagine. I thrusted out and back in; she leaned further forward over her paws, widening her back legs to let me have full access. I held her waist in my hands and began to thrust evenly, stroking in and out, careful not to hurt her. After all she wasn't much more than a grown-up cub, and this was her first time. First mating. But she was keen – she swayed her hips and pushed her rump up against me as I thrusted, gripping the floor with her claws, and emitting the most beautiful deep purr. My penis was stroking fully in and out of her vagina, full length. I remember feeling my balls sway under me, then the feel of onrushing climax – finally I began cumming, hard. I remember grunting as I pounded the big cat, and her claws biting hard into the floor of the den and her tail switching to and fro, her ass tipped up to give me full access. Her sex canal suddenly got tight, I realised she was climaxing, too, and there was a wonderful heat deep in there between her legs. I so loved this young lioness!

"Well, eventually I spent myself inside her and Suki pulled forward off my penis and began rolling on her back in ecstasy, the way cats do after mating. I was breathing hard, I can tell you, and utterly done. It took a long time for my erection to subside, to go down… and afterward, removing pieces of tawny lion hair from my pubes, I realised we were both hooked. Suki and I.

"Well, we do it regularly, she and I. Of course I also mate with the other female cats on the property, when they want it, as I've told you. And I help the males relieve themselves with a handjob. But with Suki it's a deep, special relationship, because we're not just lovers, we're friends."

Robb paused a short while, leaving me to contemplate his story and marvel at the way I felt, he felt. Here we were, the two of us sitting with a magnificent African lioness in her den, with our dicks both flaccid and spent while she played with a stick of wood she'd found. "Y'know, the Native Americans here, they revere all animals as brothers and sisters in spirit. That's the way I feel when I'm with her – even aside our sexual exploits."

I agreed with him, and looked at Suki. I knew she'd want mating again soon, because that's the way cats do it, and I felt sure Robb would trust me with her. And I remembered what he'd said weeks before – "consider it part of your job here."

He stood up so his thick manhood swung dangling, and lay down beside Suki, hugging the huge golden body so she raised a paw and hugged him in turn. I could see my boss's dark tan balls and Suki's beautiful vaginal slit. "When you're ready for her, she'll be ready for you. I can't keep up with her, and there are other females for us to mate with as well. So, there you have it – welcome to the club!"

Part 3:

Well, after that I mounted Suki whenever I had a bit of time off and while she remained on heat. Sometimes it was like playing with a fireball – she'd snarl and swat at me, which is what lionesses do when they reach a particularly intense orgasm, other times she just lay there crouched on her paws, relishing the feel of my penis sliding deep in her vulva. It was a thing to look forward to, my special visits to the lion's den where I stripped off and freed my cock from its stifling cage, got astride the gorgeous tawny cat, and slid into her deep tight vagina, making her growl and purr with love.

Her heat lasted for four days, usual for lions, and then there was no action for a while. Until one day Robb asked me to "do" Gena. Gena was one of the tigresses, a huge, beautiful feline with a supple stripey coat. She was bigger than Suki, and already used to having her vulva played with – very soon, I knew, I would have a gorgeous stripey tigress to look forward to. Already I got little mini hardons, just thinking of getting astride her rump with my tower probing under her tail…

We watched the videotapes we'd taken. There was Robb, mounted astride Suki with his cock plunging fully erect between her dark pussy lips as she pushed her ass up with her hind legs wide open and her tail canted aside. Then I was there, with my ballsack swaying as I mated the beautiful lioness with my own bronzed penis. Something made me turn to my friend – I think having seen him naked and plunging erect into a gorgeous big cat – made me ask, "Have you ever had a woman with one of the males?"

He shrugged. "No, I haven't. It's a pretty exclusive thing, I guess you can understand, and I haven't met any ladies who I'd trust with this secret of ours."

"Maybe I could arrange that," I said. "I know a couple. Let me talk with them."

"If you do, ask them about Sam." Sam was a liger, a cross between a lion and a tigress. He didn't live st Cx Zoo, but Robb's friend Ed had one. They are huge animals, bigger even that lions or tigers, and we had already talked about my jacking Sam to give the great cat some sexual relief – because he didn't have a ligeress to mate with – and I privately longed to get out what must be the biggest cock in the cat world and play with it.

"Okay. I'll talk to my friend Jennifer."

The tape changed to one of Caesar shagging a lioness, straddling her with his plump balls dangling while his penis drove deep into her puffy dark slit, and Robb chuckled. "Caesar's good with his females now. It's hard to remember the time when he didn't know what it was about."

"I guess there's a first time for everyone," I replied.

"Well, yeah. In fact I decided to mate him with one of the experienced lionesses – Jade – she's not here now. I'll never forget watching young Caesar, he still had a skimpy blond mane back then and he'd never worked himself up on a lioness before, he didn't quite know what to do. But Jade, she was an old hand at this. When she realised she had an inexperienced male she rubbed all over him, deliberately to get him excited, then crouched and flicked her tail at him invitingly. Caesar tried to mount but didn't quite get it right. Jade jumped up and rubbed herself against him again, then crouched and let him have another go, this time he straddled her and kind of air-humped behind her rump before getting off again. Jade knew what to do – she went up behind Caesar and mounted him, even humping her pelvis astride his as though showing him what to do, then she got off and crouched and actually wriggled herself underneath him. She pushed and wriggled in, backing under the lion with her rump up until she was in position with her haunches lifted and her vagina bared. She actually rubbed her pussy slit up against Caesar's sheath, I watched her do it. Caesar kind of gripped her nape in his jaws, like a proper mating bite, and then his penis came out all pink and tapered, you've seen it, and with a bit of humping and fiddling he finally got it into Jade's waiting vagina. All the way in. His eyes went wide open and Jade gave a sort of sigh of relief and settled onto her front paws in the grass while Caesar got his big dangly rocks off for the first time between her haunches. He growled and straddled and humped her so her raised ass bounced forward with each thrust, and she was purring with delight with her pussy full of Caesar's penis, which of course was what she wanted."


Well, it eventuated that Suki wasn't coming into season for a while, so Robb took me into the tiger enclosure instead and taught me how to masturbate a male animal called Tony. With Tony I learned how to get a tiger to lie on his back by gently rubbing his belly, he rolls over for you and instinctively his hind legs spread open to show you his equipment. I learned how to gently slide the fur of his sheath up and down the thick firm rod lurking within, while cupping and fondling those heavy, warm furballs that so attracted me, until he tenses and out comes his penis – a long, strong fleshy taper of dark pink dotted with strawberry-like studs that, Robb told me, serve to stimulate a tigress when he penetrates her. Tony squirmed and rolled on his back with his legs going, then he humped savagely into the air so his big arrowhead cock slid in and out of my hand as though in a vagina. Suddenly Tony gave a crescending "mrrowwllll" and my hand was being splashed with tiger cum, loads of it, thick and clear, spurting from his erect penis into the air. The first time I did it I was so aroused that I actually came in my own pants, just at the sight of Tony enjoying what I was doing to him, and the feel of his solid hard cock sliding in my hand. His giant balls flopped around and he came and came in the air, and I had a huge smile on my face.

Part 4:

So I learned, and began handjobbing the other cats. Ennio the other tiger didn't need it because he had his mate to keep him satisfied, but I manually ejaculated the zoo's lions, the leopards with their small neat penises, and even the two male wolves. Wolves, like all canines, have simply enormous great cocks for their body size and the base, when he gets an erection, swells into a huge knot the size of a tennis ball. This normally holds him inside the bitch when he mates with her, but I learned to grip and hold behind this knot to simulate a she-wolf's vagina clutching down on him, and that would make him hump my arm like crazy and get his penis fully erect, and then cum would spurt from the engorged tip like a water pistol. He would actually ejaculate out between his front legs, there was so much energy behind each burst. I once did three male wolves at the same time – it was a turn-on watching all three standing air-humping with their hugely engorged giant cocks swinging under their bellies, eyes half-closed in ecstasy, fluid pouring from their erections with each water-gun spurt.

Robb mated the two jaguars in their own cage, rather than the cat house. Of course, we watched them and I had the camera as well. The male climbed onto his crouching female and felt between her legs – thrust thrust with his tapered maleness sliding out, but not quite hitting the target. "He's riding her too high – about an inch above her vagina," Rob said.

The jaguaress was actually humping her splayed rump up into the male, trying to connect her bared pussy slit with his cock. Rob crouched behind the two cats, and while I zoomed in on the rubbing and pushing mating attempt took the male's penis in his hand and gently inserted it into her. She growled her satisfaction. "There you go, girl. Enjoy it." The cats yowled together in climax. Robb kept his hand under their tails, the male's pendulous testicles resting on his wrist as he held him inside the female. "He's cumming – I can feel it. Pulse, pulse, pulse."

The jags sprang apart yowling. I caught a glimpse through the camera of that thick pink penis dangling before he retracted it and the girl jaggie leapt on him with an enthusiastic clinch. Robb jumped back just in time and let out a laughing "Wow!" He looked back at me with the camcorder. "I think she got a good one that time." He laughed. "Give 'em an hour and they'll be at it again."


I didn't ever forget my other "duties" at the zoo – helping relieve the male cats when they needed it. It got to be quite a peformance, which we all enjoyed.

I usually relied on the cats themselves to tell me when they needed to be jacked off. One day I walked through into Zak's cage to clean up after his meal of beef-on-the-bone, and the magnificent tiger, seeing me coming, rolled upside-down on his shoulders, flipped onto his back, and opened his hind legs. I laughed as he showed me his big furry balls, flopped down now, heavy and pendulous. Above them the tiger's sheath flexed once, twice. He looked up at me over his chest and grunted.

"Okay, big boy," I smiled, putting down the thoroughly gnawed beef bone. I crouched beside Zak's powerful torso, near the haunches, and smoothed my hand down his wide flat stomach fur. I'd discovered male cats like that, I guess it's because it feels like he's mounted on a female for intercourse. I massaged the muscle of Zak's belly, and sure enough his sheath twitched up and a tip of pink slid out. The tiger grumbled pleasantly.

I cupped the male's great testicles. How can I describe what a big cat's balls feel like? Furry, firm but loose, plump with male virility. I stroked the short sparse fur, then moved the tiger's heavy scrotum around between his thighs. He grunted again, and the tip of his penis peeked out. He liked it, but the tone of that grunt was impatient – he wanted my hand on his bare cock, now.

I gave a chuckle and gently folded his sheath back over that firm, juicy organ, exposing its dark pink tip, sliding further down to reveal the strawberry-like bumps of Zak's coital studs. With these he stimulates his females while mating, his great arrowhead sliding in and out of her vagina so those studs rub her clitoris and bring her to orgasm.

Zak gave a pleased grumble and rolled towards me, his legs opening. With my hand around his organ I began to jack him, slowly at first, bringing on his erection.

A tiger's erection happens in seconds: I felt his hard-on flexing rapidly under my hand, then suddenly it was out to its full extent – eight inches of magnificent tapered tiger meat. My own manhood was straining in my pants at the sight of it, something that occasionally happened when I handjobbed the cats. When you see a tiger with his penis out, you usually only see a couple of inches because it's not all the way out, so it seems he hasn't got much to work with, as it were. But when he's ready to penetrate a female, then you get the full bit – a long, thick, eye-watering spearhead of pink flesh that makes you wonder how it can all fit into his females.

I worked faster, stroking up and down the now considerable length of the tiger's glistening penis. Zak lifted his head, staring into space with enjoyment. Under my other hand, his balls tightened up.

Zak gave a loud mrrrowwwwll. He started humping into my gripping hand, sliding his magnificent thick cock in and out of my fingers like he was in a tigress's vagina, faster and harder – I was just holding him now, hardly moving. Zak writhed on his back. His legs opened and closed, a front paw landed on my clutching hand as I held him, he humped fiercely up into me, hump-hump-hump – and semen poured out of his arrow-tapered cock. It arced and splashed across the tiger's heaving belly, streaming out with each burst. I felt his balls pumping under my other hand.

His claws were out and he continued humping my gripping hand. The look on his face was exquisite, a joy to see as he writhed and humped and spurted his warm tiger seed into the air. His hind feet pedalled vigorously and his front paw pushed down hard on my hand, keeping me there around his hard proud cock.

The writhing and rolling slowed at last. He breathed through his nose, purring his pleasure at me. Satisfied for the time being, he stroked my hand with his paw as if in thanks and then rolled onto one side, curling around to lick his still protruding tigerhood back into its sheath. I gazed with envy at his huge fur-clad balls, stroked them both, felt the heavy maleness within.

"Heard him howling just now," came Robb's voice. "Well done. He'll be happy for a few days. Can you do the male jaguar tomorrow for me? He's been separated from his mate and keeps rubbing against her cage. And don't forget Gina the tigress."

"Sure thing," I grinned.

Part 5:

The next day I let myself into the jaguar cage. It's a big enclosure with most of it viewable by the public, but also a sizeable back part where the two jaguars can go and rest in the lush green grass for privacy. This is where I found Chico the male, sunning himself in that part of the back cage Robb had assigned him. The sun seemed to make his bright spotted coat glow a beautiful yellow-orange. He yawned with his tongue out when he saw me – jaguars have incredibly long tongues – then got up to wander over and say "hi".

He rubbed against me, this magnificent big cat, and purred a feline welcome. "Feeling a bit lonely, boy, now your mate's in the other cage?" I scritched affectionately between his ears and rubbed the side of his head, where every cat I've known loves to be rubbed.

Chico purred again and bounded away through the grass. I followed him, noticing Mixli, the female, trotting past in her cage next door.

Chico turned and patted me with a big velvet paw, and I stroked the powerfully muscled body, making his short fine fur slide under my fingers. Robb had told me he'd never been "done" before, so this would be new territory for both of us. I took a look at Chico's rear – there they were, under his tail, two rounded furry balls and the thick stub of his sheath. Dammit, why do I like big cats' balls so much?

Chico, like his mate Mixli, had been hand-reared so was used to being stroked and patted and talked to, but I had no idea how he'd react when I contacted his maleness. I got him to lie down on his back in the long grass, but he rolled around and then got up again. I gently coaxed him down once more, lying in the grass so his head looked up quizzically at me and his haunches splayed open to show me his assets.

I cautiously touched Chico's ballsack, then mulled it in my hand when he didn't react. He seemed to like having his testicles handled, so I moved them up and down, and in slow circles, feeling them. They were firm and ripe but covered in soft fur like a tiger's balls. I watched his sheath writhe up and down in synchrony, between his legs.

Chico curled himself around quickly and began licking his genitalia, I got my hand out of the way just in time. Lick lick lick, that long strong tongue swirling across the head of his sheath. In seconds I saw it come out – a red-pink tip.

He dove his muzzle between his thighs with a hind paw above his head, licking and nuzzling at his emerging penis. The long pink organ flopped out several inches and he drew his tongue along its sensitive shaft, clearly excited. He lifted his head, rolled onto his back, and shoved a forepaw down there, pushing and sliding hard with his haunches splayed wide. His hips began to air-hump.

I watched, fascinated. Undoubtably Chico had been doing this a lot while separated from his mate – it takes that sort of incentive for a male cat to learn to masturbate. Still on his back he curled right up into a sitting position, buried his head between his thighs, and licked vigorously at the stiff arrowshaft of his penis. I laughed – the jaguar's hind paws were sticking out wide on each side. His balls were bouncing and flopping with each tongue-stroke. He tried the rubbing forepaw again, up and down, up and down, then gave his now wilting cock another desultory lick and, finally, looked up at me.

I noticed there was no sign of him having ejaculated. His organ disappeared back where it came, and the dark flesh of his opening folded shut over it, and that was it.

"Poor guy," I said sympathetically. "What a pity you don't have fingers like a man." I demonstrated, cupping the big cat's soft firm balls with one hand and stroking the aperture of his sheath with the other. Chico twitched and humped, once, then curled around to try licking himself again. His tongue stroked across the back of my hand, rough as sandpaper but wet and warm, and I drew back as before. He struggled around further, trying to bring on his erection again. Just the tip of his maleness peeked out from the dark aperture, a pink pencil-tip, and he licked across it a few times, then stopped when nothing further happened.

"Here, Chico, let me help you there." Gently I took his sheath in my fingers and drew it back. The jaguar's penis sprang out perhaps four inches, and he licked it with renewed vigour. Lick-lick-lick-grunt-lick-lick. I held it for him, helping him.

He ministered industriously at his protruding cock, then looked up at me again. "Okay, boy, this it it." One hand on his stomach I got the cat to lie back in the grass, then took his thick furry sheath in the other and began to slide it up and down the firmness within. Slowly at first, gradually building him up. Chico writhed on his back and his penis stiffened under my fingers. Gradually it came out, further with each stroke. It was very much like Zak the tiger's huge organ, a long pink taper capped with a strawberry-like arrowhead that had dozens of soft thorns designed to arouse and stimulate his female. Chico grunted in surprise, but let me do what I was doing, lying back with his powerful hind legs spread open to let me in.

I gradually increased the tempo. A man knows how to masturbate, and I applied what I knew about myself to Chico the jaguar. It worked – the cat's writhing became more settled and regular, and a paw landed on my hand as I jacked with smooth steady movements. With his hind feet splayed wide he pushed up suddenly into me, then again, wriggling in excitement. I worked faster, slipping his sheath up and down his erection, making his balls jiggle with each stroke. Chico moved rapidly – he began pedalling the air with all four paws, and a low mrrrrowwwllll escaped from his jaws.

Suddenly his penis stiffened in my fingers, it emerged to its full length of about six inches – plenty enough to enter and satisfy a female – and with a snarl of ecstasy Chico convulsed and ejaculated. Hard. Semen sprayed over his belly, splashing my other hand. Another jet spurted out, pumping from the balls between his thighs, and another. He howled and writhed excitedly, pawing the air and my face and my rapidly shuffling hand, his tail lashing; two more spurts poured from his magnificent erection and he humped frantically, making his penis slip in and out of my grasp as though inside a jaguaress. The soft thorns that encircle a jaguar's organ rubbed to and fro with each stroke. I smiled at the sight of him having so much enjoyment – on his back in the grass, ejaculating hard from a fully erect penis, his big orange-yellow balls bouncing as he writhed and humped and growled.

At last he was done. I let him go, and he curled around, more gently than before, and politely licked his male organ back into its sheath. I was hard, myself, having watched and helped him, and sort of wondering what to do with my own stiff manhood – until I heard a shuffling from nearby and looked up. Mixli the jaguaress was watching us closely from her own cage, and licking her lips…

It was a while before I could attend to her. I wanted to make sure Chico's erection had settled properly back into its sheath – sometimes a cat's backward-pointing thorns catch on the aperture of the sheath when retracting – and I had to catch my breath.

I gave Chico a last friendly pat, and he rubbed lightly against me, seemingly satisfied at last, then I slipped out of his cage and into Mixli's.

Her enclosure was like his – a wide, sunny place of trees and long lush grass where she could sleep. But she wasn't sleeping right now – she was on heat, and recognised me as a male straight away. She came up to me and sniffed carefully to make sure. I patted the beautiful wide head, and she butted up into my hand and gave my arm a lick.

"Well, girl – let's see what I can do to help you. I'm not sure how far I can go, though." An adult jaguaress is about the size of a human, and her vagina correspondingly small, but I felt I could at least finger her, give her some satisfaction there.

A female cat on heat is insistence personified: Mixli wound her lithe body around my legs like a huge housecat and flicked her tail up, then stood in front of me, tail still lifted, and looked back over her shoulder. Her legs were straddled apart, and her small neat pussy was in view.

I moved up to her, but she was as capricious as a femme fatale and danced playfully away from me, leading me on a short chase. When I caught up she wound around me as before, purring deep in her thoat. I stroked down Mixli's back, sensing the powerful musculature under her wonderful soft fur; she turned into me and rubbed her cheek sensually against my hip. I stroked down to her ass, and she leapt away into the long grass again. It was a game to her, but I wanted to show her a new one. I approached the big cat again, and this time she let me stroke all the way to the root of her tail, and then curled and rolled sensually onto her back. Just like Chico, her back legs fell apart automatically and she lay there, revealing herself to me. I peered close. The pad of her lozenge-shaped vulva looked up at me, and I couldn't resist touching her there, making her flinch when she felt my finger on her girl parts. Then, cautiously, I pressed in between the lips of her cleft.

This was what I wanted for her, and after a look of surprise that opened her yellow-green eyes wide, Mixli settled back, eyes soft again, and spread her legs open. I gently pushed open her labia, relishing the warm softness there, and wriggled my fingertip into the jaguaress's sexual canal. Mixli just lay there, forepaws hanging over her chest. After a short while she gave a little wriggle and looked up directly at me as if saying, "Well, what are you waiting for?" I took that as a good sign, and slid further in. Mixli's vagina was like that of all cats: soft, warm, narrow, and ringed with internal ridges that catch and hold the male's penis during intercourse. I felt her muscles flex and relax around my finger as I penetrated.

Somehow with my free hand I had managed to undo my shirt; drawing out of her I shucked it off and let the sun warm my bare back before crouching over the female again. I fingered the four tapered dusky nipples she presented, and massaged her furry breasts, then put my lips around a nipple and suckled her like a cub. She loved that – delivering a pleasant sigh Mixli rolled in the grass towards me, and I smoothed the flat of my hand back down to the dewy heat between her thighs. Her belly fur was soft, long, exquisite to the touch as I navigated the narrowing valley between her butt cheeks; I found the pad of her vulva again, and once more inserted my finger.

Mixli grunted and wriggled on her back, widening her hind feet. Her tail tip twitched to and fro. She relaxed and let me slide deeper than the first time – with her muscles relaxed like that I became surprised at the width she had in there, and experimentally pulled out and slid two fingers in. Sure enough she accomodated me with ease, now that she knew what to do.

I withdrew from Mixli's warm moist sex, and stood up, and undid my pants buckle. My heart thumped suddenly – would she actually let me? Well, one way to find out…

I pulled my denims off, and my briefs, down my butt and off around my feet. I was now butt naked in the warm, fresh sun, in Mixli's cage, with a beautiful female jaguar on heat.

Mixli gave her vulva a lick, then jumped up and bounded off through the grass. I followed and caught up with her, not even selfconcious now about my nakedness, walking alongside the jaguaress. It seemed entirely natural, spiritual, a bond between man and animal that we perhaps lost when we began to wear clothes in the Neolithic age. Who knows – maybe early Neolithic men routinely had intercourse with the animals around them, the she-wolves and fallow does, the tigresses and the Suffolk ewes, and so never bothered to dress at all. Certainly my own penis was stiffening a little in the sun, just like Chico's, as I walked butt-naked beside the beautiful spotted cat and thought of what I was about to attempt.

Mixli seemed to sense my thoughts. The lithe jaguaress bounced back to me and reared up with her paws on my shoulders so she could nuzzle and lick my head. I collapsed laughing under her weight, and we both fell into the long green grass. Mixli licked my face, her tongue long and saliva-scented, then, to my surprise, turned her attention to my assets. Perhaps one final check that I was, indeed, a male. She sniffed inquisitively at my scrotum and gave it a couple of tentative licks, then began working on my penis. She flopped it to and fro with intelligent licks, making it swell and stiffen further. I couldn't help notice under her tail – Mixli's pussy, a heart-shaped pout of dusky flesh cleft by the seam of her entrance, was prominent in the creamy fur of her loins. I reached and touched it, making the cat flinch, then entered it with two of my fingers. Yep – she could take them with ease.

I levered myself up, then knelt behind her. If you stroke a cat down her back when she's on heat, she will crouch into the mating position – and this is what Mixli did, getting down on her front paws, hind legs apart and kneeling to present herself, ass lifted and tail switched aside. She purred softly to me.

I knee-walked up into position behind her. It took a little fiddling to find her entrance with the head of my cock, and I still wasn't sure if she was big enough to take me. But a cat's sexual canal is astonishingly accomodating – if she wants to let you in – and so, after a bit of prodding and pushing my crown against those plush soft lips, penis against vulva, Mixli let herself open and suddenly I could slip into the jaguaress's vagina as though we did this every day.

She was tight and hot, but not so tight that I couldn't slide nearly four inches of my erection into her on the first thrust. On the third she was taking all of me inside, crouching legs apart with her rump raised, and I began to stroke in and out of the beautiful jaguaress. Slowly, loving her, not rushing this at all lest she became alarmed and we lost the spell. It was her first human penetration, and I wanted her to remember it with pleasure.

Mixli's purr became a growl of excitement. Her tail lifted and thumped me in the balls, but I didn't mind. Her canal clutched my penis in rhythmic little squeezes – when I stopped for a moment to look down at the union of human and feline genitals, I could see Mixli's beautifully stuffed pussy pulsing around my shaft. She raised her head, then, looking back at me, pushed her rump backward, and with a smile I resumed the gentle thrusting that turned her on. She settled her head between both forepaws and closed her eyes, and enjoyed my penetration between her eagerly lifted thighs.

I was clutching the big cat's hips now, sliding in and out. The sheer wildness of it, the thought that even a jaguaress can take a human penis, the soft hay scent of her fur, the feel of the sun on my bare back and ass, the rhythmic squeezes of her vagina on my shaft, finally brought me to a tremendous climax: I remember holding Mixli's furry spotted body under me and humping her, the light of love and friendship growing between us, my penis in her sex and my testicles slapping up against her fur with each thrust – then I came and came inside her, inside a female jaguar who was letting me do it – and mixed my groans with her deep purring. We were melded in the sun and the long green grass, naked skin and soft fur. Eventually I had to stop, and when I slicked my erection from Mixli's vulva the big spotted cat turned round and licked it for me, then nuzzled and bunted her head against mine as if in thanks for relieving her sexual tensions.

Well, I'd learned something: a female jaguar, despite her small size, can certainly accomodate a man's fully erect penis in her vagina – if she lets him.

I mounted her again when she was ready, holding the beautiful spotted cat under me and feeling for the pad of her vulva between eagerly splayed thighs. This time she knew what to do and relaxed fully while pushing insistently up against my nuzzling penis, and I slipped into the jaguaress without any resistance. In a couple of thrusts I was all the way inside that wonderful accomodating tunnel between her legs, with the front of my balls pressed to the cat's furry perineum and her up-tilted vagina already pulsing around me. She clawed the ground with her front paws in excitement and lashed her tail and pushed her rear back against me, impatient. "Okay, girl," I chuckled, and began to slide in and out, loving her with slow, full thrusts. The jaguar purred and arched her rump up between my thighs, shuffling her crouched hind legs further apart. Her vagina seemed to suck my shaft into its warm moist depths. I sped my stroking into a passionate sexual rhythm, and when I finally came I felt the big cat's canal milk the semen form my penis with rapid contractions.

I dismounted my beautiful furry female; she lay down and flipped onto her back, rolling around as cats do after sex, and I lay down naked beside her. Mixli pushed her body up against mine so her soft fur caressed my skin. This was a special moment for us – I gently pulled her close in so that I was spooning the jaguar, her rump nestled into the curve of my groin and my leg over her haunch so my testicles pressed against her cooling fur, and with an arm around her shoulders, man and jaguaress cuddling naked in the long green grass of her enclosure, we both fell asleep.

Part 6:

"Thanks for doing Chico the other day," Robb said in the smoko room. "I heard Mixli howling, too – you did her as well?"

"Yep. Today it'll be Gina the tigress."

He examined his coffee mug which was, as usual, both empty and grubby. "I'm going to mate Gina with Zak first. Do you mind – er, sloppy seconds?"

I had to laugh. "Fine by me, Robb. I've never shared a tigress with a male tiger before."

"There's a first time for everything. That reminds me – how did you get Mixli off? A finger in her vulva?"

I laughed. "No, I mounted her in her cage. Got full penetration, would you believe."

"Really? I'd have thought… "

"So did I. But you'd be surprised at how big a female jaguar's vagina is. She can take a man no trouble at all."

"Hmm – I must try her, then." The coffee mug got another dry look, then so did I. I sighed.

"OK, Robb, I get the hint." And I went to make another coffee for my boss.

It had been a week since my adventure with Mixli, and Gina was now on heat. I got a look at her later that day as the big tigress prowled up and down her enclosure. Zak was in the adjoining cage. "Let him into her area," Robb had instructed me. "He'll mount her straight away. You can 'help' him get it in if you like. Then Gina will want more sex, so – well, you know what to do then!"

"Sure thing!" I grinned, imagining a tigress's gorgeous hot pussy. Well, of course I'd seen it before – Abby has such a sweet pink vulva under her tail, seen when Ennio mated her with his broad studded penis. But now Gina was walking to and fro, pacing, really, emitting impatient little grunts, and every time she walked past me she'd flick her stripey tail in the air to show her plush dark entrance. She wanted it, and now.

I stepped into the enclosure with its grass and logs and trees. Gina came prancing over to see me; I crouched and she rubbed her head against mine with a series of fluttering chuffs, the sound tigers greet each other with. "Prrr-prrr-prrr." I patted the great head affectionately, then went to let Zak into the enclosure.

He didn't waste any time – the moment the door slid open he ran up to the tigress, leapt on her back, and mounted her, straddling and air-humping even before she'd gotten down into a mating crouch. Gina went onto her chest and forelegs, spread her haunches, and hunched her ass up to connect her vagina with Zak's emerging cock. He fumbled behind her with his testicles bouncing. Crouching beside him I got my hand on the tiger's frantically jabbing penis and guided its tip into Gina's pussy cleft – he pushed it in hard, bearing down on the tigress's arched rump, and Gina growl-purred in satisfaction. In seconds Zak was ejaculating, announcing his conquest with a loud staccato roar while I held him inside the tigress and felt his penis pulsing with each spurt. Gina growled and Zak roared and their hindquarters moved and writhed together, making the tiger's huge orange-furred ballsack rub heavy and loose against my wrist. Her pussy clutched the male's shaft with the rhythmic spasms I was getting used to.

Zak gave a final high-pitched roar and leapt back off the crouching tigress with his penis sticking out at its full eight inches. As always, it amazed me how such a long thick organ could fit inside a female tiger, but it does, no doubt about it.

Sated the big male sauntered off to lie in the grass and lick his genitalia while Gina rolled to and fro on her back, showing off her pretty vulva between wide-splayed haunches as though proud of what Zak had just done. And it was pretty, too: a U-shaped wedge of soft dusky outer lips parted to show the soft wet jewel of orchid-pink within.

I knelt at her loins while she lay supine, and gently bent my head between the muscular haunches. I felt the warmth coming from her thighs, smelled the clean hay-like scent of all big felines, and the strong perfume of sex when I sniffed near her pussy. Zak's semen was still trickling out in a thin whitish rivulet. I brought out my tongue and licked the cream from her vaginal cleft.

Who would think there's a little bit of heaven between a tigress's furry hind legs? I tasted her sex there, and Zak's cum, and it made my manhood stiffen with the thought. I gently eased the tip of my tongue into the seam of Gina's vulva. I don't know if the tigress had ever been given cunnilingus before, but she held herself open for me, inviting my tongue to do its work in the cleft of her labia.

I probed deeper, working into the narrowing canal inside, and suddenly found Gina's clit. It was small and pointed, like a miniature tiger penis, and with effort I could even feel the tiny rough bumps that cover the male organ. Gina jerked her hips when I touched it, and gave a quiet growl. But she stayed there on her back, urging me to continue, so I did.

A tigress's vagina is hot and moist and tastes of musk and lavender combined with the cinnamon scent of her fur. I relished the taste and smell of Gina, between her legs, until quite suddenly the big cat squirmed and gave a yelp. Her pussy contracted vigorously, several times, twitching around my tongue while I pressed my lips to her pulsating labia, and her yelping increased in pitch and volume – "uh – uh – uhh – uhhh!" She began to writhe, rolling on her back, the splayed hind paws waving in the air. Her reaction was so like that of a woman that I, too, got very aroused: my manhood thickened and crawled to attention in my pants front and I wanted, just wanted to fuck her. And she was clear that wanted it, too…

I stood and pulled down my pants, then my briefs. The thought of Gina lying there, big beautiful tigress with her hind legs apart, brought me to full erection almost immediately.

I mounted quickly, getting astride her furry stomach. Gina purred and opened herself further, anticipating. I nuzzled my cock against her waiting entrance and slid and pushed all the way in, and Gina arched her haunches up to meet mine. A huge paw reached around and pulled me in, followed by the other, and I thrusted in and out of the tigress, loving her, part of her. She rolled on her back, getting my cock further into her as was her want.

I was aware of us two as lovers: Gina's splayed furry body on her back while I drove in and out between her haunches, my sun-warm nakedness on top of her, my balls swaying under my bare ass cheeks, the soft insistent clenching of her vagina around my manhood. Her claws gripped the skin of my back, just slightly, pulling me into her. The tigress grunted and licked my face with her sandpaper tongue. She rolled on her back as though it was a beautiful game we were playing, giving herself to me with the honest eagerness only an animal can have; that, and her wild tigress scent and the persuasive clutching of my penis with her canal, was enough to make me suddenly light up and pound repeatedly into the big cat's vagina. I grunted, then, driving my ass between Gina's hind paws, and with a shuddering groan came ferociously inside her – pump-pump-spurt-pump-spurt. She held me tight with her claws as I rode her – sometimes Gina would actually draw a little blood when we made love like this, but that's what you get when you mate with a wild tigress on her back. Suddenly she yowled her own intense orgasm, her body rolling and hips pushing up, up, up; the two great forepaws stroked and gripped around my back and behind us I got glimpses of her stripey tail lashing to and fro and her upturned hind feet swaying wide apart with our rhythm.

Gina howled beautifully and pushed her mouth into mine, rough tongue and tickly whiskers while her vagina clamped hard on my penis. Her massive canines gripped my face, very gently, then we slowed and stopped, both panting. Gina emitted soft rhythmic purrs of satisfaction. My naked balls throbbed.

I drew out of the cat's twitching pussy tunnel and lay there, on top of her warm furry torso, stroking her head and face with my hands and letting her lick me in turn. My erection pressed snug and erotic against the fur of her belly. Then I felt a sniff of warm air around my ballsack and looked around: Zak had his muzzle between my legs, studying my genitals as though fascinated at their difference from his own. "Your testicles might be twice the size of mine," I told the big tiger – "but I've sure got a longer cock."

He grunted approval that I could use my bigger manhood to mate his female, and lay down behind us with a happy sigh.


It's an amazing experience to make love with such a magnificent creature. Imagine what it's like to be mounted on a tigress's stripey back, straddling the wide lifted rump and feel her pushing up insistently into you, your penis in her vagina. You feel her powerful body moving under you as you thrust slow but full in and out of her soft, tight sex, she loves what you are doing to her and wants as much as possible. She is literally a hot pussy – a big cat's body heat is several degrees warmer than a human's, and her vagina reflects this, wrapped snug around your cock like a heated velvet glove – but one with a pulse, and an animated flexing of the muscles that seems to milk your shaft with her contractions. Wanting you she humps and arches her rear into you with her tail held up and you can't resist holding onto her like a tiger, mounted and riding the powerful muscular body. My balls often begin to flop at this stage and it turns me on further. She purr-growls and I feel it vibrating through her gorgeous stripey body as I gently fuck her proffered sex. Something about mating a big cat heightens my sense of smell, too, and I can smell her – grassy hay mixed with tigress perfume and a strong hint of wild, dangerous sexuality.

And I sense, somehow, the formidable power in her lithe feline form, how privileged I am that she consents to lie prone on her paws and let me mate her like this. What other man has been allowed to put his penis into a tigress's vagina? Robb may have his favourite in Suki, and the lioness certainly has a beautiful soft, accomodating vulva between her hindquarters – I know, I've been in there numerous times myself – but I prefer Gina's hot tight sex and the way she insistently pushes her splayed rear up into me, pleading for more, her stripey tail switching to and fro in mounting excitement.

I know she loves me. That's what matters to both of us. When Gina is at the peak of sexual heat she is demandingly hungry for the feel of a tiger's cock in her pussy and the balls between his legs that will fill her with seed, but she'll let the male mount only when she trusts him, and will lift her tail aside for him only when she wants him to father her cubs. But when I strip naked and climb onto her stripey back, she never hesitates to surrender her soft velvet slit so I can ease my manhood into it, even bucking impatiently up with her rump if I'm slow in entering there.

All too soon it's over. I have mounted and gripped and penetrated my feline lover, thrusted us both to the white-heat of sexual climax, growled and emptied my balls into her while holding and riding her squirming body like a tiger, listened to Gina's firey howl of orgasm as she is so wonderfully mated by a cock twice the breadth of her own species, and dismounted the tigress to collect her rearing front paws in a clinch; and now, sated, out of breath, and my cock and balls aching warmly, I sprawl down naked and pull the big furry body close against my skin, cuddling in a repose of arms and paws. We breathe together, man and tigress, and sigh, and soon we are asleep with her tail draped across my bare butt-cheeks.

Part 7:

One day Robb announced that he'd had Gina and Suki together in the same enclosure for a while now. To his astonishment the two very different cats got on well – the Indian tigress and the lioness from Africa – and to his delight they had now actually come on heat together.

"I'd like to mate them at the same time," he told me. "First with their own males – and then with us."

I helped Robb select mates for the two females: he wanted Caesar for Suki, while for me there was only one choice to have on Gina, and that was Zak. Two matings at the same time.

He took Caesar on the chain, the majestic black-maned lion, and introduced him to Suki: the lioness purred and slinked all around him as besotted as a schoolgirl at a boy band concert. Then I got Zak the tiger and took him into the great communal enclosure to meet Gina.

At first the two boys had a standoff – Caesar stood glaring and ruffed his mane out intimidatingly, and Zak growled and curled a lip over ivory fangs but held his ground. But when each realised he had a girl of his own they calmed and soon settled down to the business at hand.

Each went to his own female. I marvelled at the different pairs of testicles: Zak's were big and bold, soft-furred as befits all male tigers but betraying their weight in the way they swung as he walked to his mate, while Caesar hung a pair of tawny peaches under his tail. Their sheaths were almost identical but for the colouring: whiteish-orange for Zak the tiger, gold for Caesar the lion.

Gina was the first to adopt the mating crouch, as Suki was still winding her sensual body around her male. Zak pawed and then jumped on astride her rump, but Gina crawled out and ran a few steps away before crouching again, lashing her tail to show him her vulva. I felt a little envious – thinking of Zak's penis about to enter there, I so wanted to put my own big cock into the tigress's beautiful dark slit… but, with a smile, I knew my chance was just half an hour away…

Suki had now settled a bit and allowed Casesar to put his paw across her back, but she too jumped up and ran off before rolling in the grass to spread her legs. Her vulva, too, came ino view – a pink orchid set in lips of black surrounded by soft tawny fur. Her four nipples peeked up from the mound of her belly.

Robb had the camera again. "They'll all mate soon, all four of them. Look at Caesar – he's giving her cunnilingus." The lion had buried his muzzle between Suki's haunches – lick, lick, lick. Suki's hind paws twitched in the air with each lick. Her eyes were narrowed in delight.

Zak had another try at mounting Gina, this time she let him straddle her and even raised her rump for him while he humped and prodded eagerly under her tail. Then she took off again. Robb followed her with the camera, clearly hoping to get a good closeup of their mating. Meanwhile Suki flipped back onto her paws and trotted away alongside Gina, drawing Caesar along nose to rump.

Suddenly the two females slowed and settled into a perfect pair of crouches. Two rumps arched up with tails aside, two pretty vulvas showed between spread hind legs. Gina purred and Suki glanced behind her shoulder. The males approached together, with Robb and I following closely. For a moment I enjoyed comparing the girls' two pussies as I had the males' genitals: Gina had the full dark tigress labia I'd come to know, Suki the narrower pink jewel of a lioness.

Zak the tiger mounted Gina quickly, air-humping while crouching astride her. Next to him, the black-maned Caesar got onto Suki's beautiful sprawled body and spread his haunches to press forward into her ass. His genitals dangled loose and heavy.

So did Zak's – he'd crouched by now and had an erection, displaying his studded tiger cock. Squatting behind the cats I glanced at the lion – sure enough, his own proud tapered organ had slid out too, smooth and flesh-pink. Gina wriggled her rump, then Suki did hers, displaying their impatient twats. The males humped and poked and searched with their penises. Caesar suddenly gripped Suki by the nape, growled, and drove his lionhood all the way into her vagina. My own hips jerked reflexively – I suddenly realised I had a hardon watching him thrust it in. A second later Zak also found his target and entered the tigress – I watched his thick studded organ slide into her, then looked at Caesar's, now fully buried in his lioness's twitching vulva. The two females growled together, that rolling grumble female cats use to indicate they've been penetrated. Suki stretched forward over her crouched forepaws, and Gina lifted her head as Zak mouthed and gripped her nape.

There was a lot of writhing and humping, growling and snarling, two pairs of balls swaying as they ejaculated into their respective mates. The females' tails lashed as penises slid around inside their vaginas. Zak was the first to announce his climax with his harsh tigerish roar, heaving and pummelling astride Gina, then Caesar delivered his deeper bellow beside him as he ejaculated into Suki. My own erection strained yearningly inside my pants as I watched from close-up. The males snarled and jumped off their females with their arrow-shaped cocks sticking out – Caesar's broad pink lionhood and Zak's tiger-studded penis – and one by one the girls got up, flopped onto their backs in the grass, and rolled to and fro in delight.

We all rested for about half an hour. Then the females got restless and began wandering back along the side fence of the enclosure. Of course their consorts woke up very quickly and began following them, nose to rump, hoping for another go. They got their chance when Suki rubbed her face against Zak the tiger, got down on her paws, and let him straddle her body. This was unexpected – a tiger on a lioness! I'd never seen it before, and as Zak unfurled his eight-inch studded erection ready for the female's pussy I wondered what Caesar, her rightful mate, would do.

As if answering me, the magnificent lion sauntered over to tigress Gina and mounted her raised stripey rump. His penis, too, came out, and almost simultaneously Zak the tiger and Caesar the lion inserted their tapered organs. The females both purr-growled their pleasure. Suki seemed to enjoy having the larger, rougher cock of the tiger inside her, and Gina, perhaps unused to a lion's smooth but broad penis, bucked her rear backward into Caesar as he struggled and humped astride her to encourage him in deeper. All four writhed and heaved, wriggled and moved, the girls crouched with their asses raised as the males mated them, one striped, the other tawny, and first one male then the other announced his victory by grabbing his female by the neck and roaring.

The girls both growled under their lovers, mouths open in dual crescending snarls of passion. Then Zak and Ceasar leapt off their respective females with a flash of pink tiger cock and lion penis, and Gina and Suki began rolling together in the grass, wrigging in sexual afterglow.

The foursome settled down eventually – Zak lying beside Gina, Caesar spooning Suki with his front paw over her shoulder. Robb glanced at me with a mischievous grin.

"Shall we?"

"Sure thing," I replied, and we entered the enclosure. The cats looked up at us as we approached, but all of them knew us well enough, and I knew the males would be happy to share their mates among us men. Robb stripped off his shirt and shoes; so did I, then we both unbuckled and pulled off our pants. Naked in the warm bright sun, Robb and I approached our respective cats: he crouched to stroke Suki and I greeted Gina with a tiger chuff that made her lift her head and chuff back at me. Prrr-prrr.

She nosed my genitals with her broad nose-pad, sniffing intently, then gave me a lick. I laughed gently – there's nothing like a tigress licking your manhood with her broad rough tongue to make it stand up in response. She seemed to know the effect it had on me – twisting her head slightly she dove in and began dealing to my stiffening erection with strong eager laps that flopped my testicles to and fro and made my dick sway ever upward with crawling arousal.

Standing with a tigress licking my genitals I looked over to Robb – he was lying on his back, and Suki the lioness was industruiously going to town between his legs too with one paw holding him down on his thigh. Taking Robb's cue I lay down, on my back in the soft green grass, and let Gina bring me off fully. The big cat licked and lapped all around the head of my dick and down the shaft, across the sack of my scrotum and in behind my balls so they lifted and flopped with each stroke of her tongue, lick lick lick, then up along my shaft again to concentrate on the swelling head once more. Her nose was buried in my pubic curls. I groaned and air-humped like Zak the tiger, clutched the tigress's head, and suddenly burst from my towering manhood. Cum spurted all over my belly and Gina's face. Robb laughed watching me; Suki was licking the man's penis up and down in his nest of hair, making his balls bounce, and he stroked the great tawny head. Gina dove her muzzle between my thighs and licked first one testicle then the other as I shot white stuff from my erection, then turned and lapped up all the cum I had ejaculated. Lick lick lick across my penis, down the hard stiff shaft, my balls riding in their ballsack, then my penis again. The tigress knew exactly what she was doing.

She suddenly turned away from me and crouched in the grass. She looked back at me with her lemon-green tiger eyes and chuffed softly. Her rump was lifted, her twat exposed. She jerked her head and chuffed again.

My manhood was diminishing, becoming limp, but as I knelt and mounted the tigress from behind it sprang to attention again and I nuzzled into the furry valley between Gina's thighs, probing and searching. Beside me Robb was doing the same with Suki – getting onto the rump-raised lioness and feeling his penis into the soft black cleft of her pussy. He entered her quickly, and a second later I was sliding my cum-slick length into Gina the tigress. Both cats growled as they were penetrated. We thrusted together, Robb and I, mating our respective females, adding our rhythmic grunting to the continual rolling purrs vibrating under us; Gina's tight hot vagina gripped me and I felt my balls sway back and forth and watched Robb's heavy ballsack do the same as he humped and pounded Suki's proffered rear. Robb roared like a lion and I gripped Gina's scruff in my hands, emulating a male tiger on top of her while thrusting hard and fast into her vagina. She growled her arousal. I came very quickly, emptying my balls into the beautiful wild tigress with her soft-as-silk canal, and from his grunts and roars I knew Robb was doing the same to Suki the lioness. The big cats growl-purred under us with their tails lashing and twats bared between kneeling haunches – seemingly as one they both climaxed at the same time, lighting the zoo with their combined roars. Cum streamed from the vaginas of both cats. Robb and I leapt off the pair of females with our cocks erect and still spurting convulsively. He and I panted for breath and watched the lioness and the tigress roll onto their backs in ecstasy, showing us their just-used pussies as if to say, "thanks". I watched the semen pour from Gina's swollen vulva in a copious river and I stared – had I really ejaculated that much into her?

Suki's vulva streamed as well, dripping in fat globs down each side of her tail root, the lips twitching rhythmically as though Robb's penis was still in there. He panted and stood up, patted the big cat, then lay down naked, pressing her body close against him, his genitals now soft. I cuddled my tigress the same way, spooning her so my penis and scrotum pressed gently into the fur of her rump…

Part 8:

"Suki's on heat again," said Robb in the lunch room one day. "She's turned into a real slapper, as usual. Mooching around the enclosure, rubbing up against the wire and showing her little twat, calling for a mate."

"Will you – um, fuck her, Robb?"

He laughed. "I will, yeah, but there are times when she wants more than I can give. So I have an interesting plan. I'm going to put her with two male tigers and a lion and see what happens."

"What do you think will happen?"

"With any luck the three of them will satisfy her – eventually." He laughed. "She's such a hussy when she comes on heat, sometimes."

I helped Robb get Suki's three consorts ready – we chose dark-maned Caesar as he'd known her from before, and Rico the white tiger we'd loaned from Ed, and for the other tiger I suggested Zak because we'd already seen how well the two got on.

Suki was pacing up and down her enclosure when we arrived with the three big males; she stopped dead, staring with her tail lashing in excitement, and then called to them with a distinctive miaow. Robb chuckled. "Hello girl – here you are!"

The males stood watching her, then responded to her call with eager chuffings from the two tigers and Caesar's grunting contact call. They strained at their chains, all three, and finally with Robb's consent we let them into Suki's enclosure.

The three males ran to her immediately and began circling around the astonished lioness, grunting and sniffing carefully. Suki for her part sniffed back, curious and very interested. She patted Caesar with a paw and rubbed up against him, flicking her tail at him. Rico pushed his nose under her tail for a sniff at the female's alluring vulva, and Zak put his own big paw on Suki's back to see if she would crouch for him. I watched their expressions: Caesar was proud and displaying as much male virility as possible, his magnificent black mane fluffed out, Zak was intrigued with the lioness, and Rico was inhaling Suki's heady scent with desire. I noticed the effect it had on him: between his hind legs, his short stubby sheath flexed several times and a tip of pink peeked out.

"Do you think they'll really gang-bang her?" I asked Robb.

"If she wants them to. She's really turning on the girlie charm now – look at her showing off her pussy… "

Suki rubbed up against one male then the next as they weaved in and out of each other, tail lifted over her haunches. The lioness's vulva writhed succulently between swaying thighs as she walked. The males vied with each other to sniff her, and I watched their balls jiggling collectively. They wanted her, and she wanted them.

"Which one will mount her first, do y' think?" Robb grinned. As if in answer Caesar of the black mane succeeded in pawing and nudging the lioness so she turned her flirty rump into him and then crouched. Forepaws and kneeling haunches, lifting her sexual slit into view below her smaller opening. Caesar quickly straddled onto her back and unsheathed his penis, an urgent eight-inch spearhead of flesh that prodded and felt around under Suki's tail. With a push that made her eyes widen with a growl he inserted it into her; in seconds he had ejaculated, his tawny ballsack and perineum twitching rhythmically while he crouched astride the lioness, and then climbed off in time to get a playful swat from her paw.

"Now, watch this," Robb mused. Suki was still in her mating pose with her little cleft lifted. Zak the tiger shouldered his way in beside Caesar, mounted the lioness, and with his haunches splayed drove his studded tiger cock in between her labia. Suki wriggled excitedly as it went in, growling with enjoyment; Zak hunched over her and grabbed her neck in his jaws while pumping her full of his tiger essence, from close up I could see his shaft buried all the way in Suki's pussy slit, with his great furry testicles dangling behind and his loins pulsing with the power of each ejaculation.

Zak roared his conquest, and Suki growl-purred as the tiger took her with his jaws agape her neck and his penis in her vagina, and suddenly the two great cats separated with a dual snarl of climax. I watched Zak's studded taper pull long and erect out of the lioness, semen pouring from its tip, then I had to jump back in case the two fired-up cats accidentally clobbered me. Zak rolled on his back with his cock in the air, and even while Suki crouched there with now two servings of maleness trickling from her vulva she was mounted by a magnificent white tiger – Rico of the pendulous snowballs. Just like the other two males he straddled the eager lioness and gripped her neck, inspiring her rump to lift into position again, and unsheathing his eight-inch studded tigerhood prodded and felt for the opening he knew must be there.

"It's somewhere around here," Rob chuckled. Squatting behind the tiger I put my hand around that splendid erection of his and gently guided the blunt pink tip into Suki's cleft. Rico gave a vigorous thrust and in it went, between her labia, penetrating Suki up to the the fleshy collar behind the cluster of studs that were now, undoubtably, giving the lioness a satisfying orgasm.

"Is he doing it?" came Robb's voice behind me.

"Is he how!" I grinned. "I can feel him – like he's delivering a pint per spurt!" The tiger's sheath pulsed under my hand while his pendulous testicles swayed in their scrotum. Rico snarled his pleasure while relieving his balls inside the lioness, humping the brazen female with rapid twitching thrusts, and Suki growl-purred in satisfaction as she felt his penis push deep inside her, and suddenly the copulating pair roared in unison and sprang apart. There was a rapid flurry of white tiger and tawny lioness, a glimpse from close-up of Rico's studded cock drawing out of Suki's wet pink vulva, and I jumped back to avoid being clobbered by either of them.

Suki flipped onto her back and rolled to and fro, a post-mating ecstasy. I thought she would've had enough, having just been mated by two tigers and a lion – but I underestimated how much a hussy she is when on heat. No sooner had she rolled back onto her paws than she jumped up, turning on the purr again, and bumped her head and shoulder roughly against Caesar.

The big lion put a paw over Suki, she crouched, and while Rico sniffed the loving couple hopefully and Zak licked his cock ready for another go Caesar straddled the brazen lioness and put his tapered meat into the oval of her vulva. Just like Rico the lion humped Suki, pummelling his rump back and forward while penetrating her. I watched his testicles sway and jiggle, and semen trickled out of her as he emptied himself inside her. Suki was a very full and happy lioness! Caesar worked himself up to a climactic roar and leapt off the satisfied female with his penis dangling erect.

She shivered with delight and rolled on her back again, and this time she, and the three males, lay down together and dozed in the afternoon sun. Zak the tiger had another go after about fifteen minutes, mounting the lioness's raised rump and driving his tigerhood between her legs with a series of quivering thrusts that made his ballsack swing under him. Then Suki lay down in the grass with a sigh. Five big cat penises inside her in as many minutes – I'll bet the lioness's pussy was tingling!

Well, we left them to it for a couple of hours. We heard Caesar's deep roar of conquest echo around the zoo, and then the chainsaw snarl of one of the tigers. "Suki's a very satisfied pussycat," Rob grinned.

"So are the males," I added, gently rubbing my cock through my pants. Rob laughed.

"You want to try her as well?"

"If she'll let me. There hasn't been any mating sounds for a while – she might be ready for another male. With, umm, a bigger cock."

So, off I went to see what the cats were up to. Caesar, Zak and Rico were lying in the grass – Zak was on his back with his legs splayed in the air, showing everything he had between. His splendidly long erection had slithered out, pink and tapered and looking unsurprisingly worn. I glanced at his tiger-sized balls and grinned. "A lot bigger than mine," I thought, "but I've got a bigger dick, you show-off."

Suki greeted me sleepily but warm and friendly. She lay down with her legs spread and let me nuzzle and lick her vulva; the lioness was hot there, and I couldn't mistake the strong scent of all three males – Caesar, Rico, and Zak. Clearly they had covered her many times, getting their long tapered penises into the jewel between her hind legs.

I eased my finger inside, feeling the squish of the males' semen. Suki wrigged and spread her legs open. Her vagina was so wet that I got an instant hardon realising I could slide in there so easily. She clutched me rhythmically, clench-clench-clench, and I knew she was ready.

Suki wriggled around – pulling my finger out – and while Caesar watched with interest nearby she hunkered onto her tummy and lifted her haunches into the mating pose, showing all she had between. Her pussy slit was moist, swollen. Her tail flicked aside as she looked back at me with an insistent head-jerk. "Okay, girl," I chuckled. "Let's see if I can get my penis in there." I shucked off my pants – leaving my shirt on this time – and knelt up behind the big cat's spread and kneeling hind legs, fixed on the dusky slit between her haunches. The wash of cool air around my ass and genitals, the feel of sun on naked ballsack, the thought of mounting Suki the lioness stirring my cock in its dark pubic curls.

While Caesar watched us I took the beautiful furry rump between my hands and steadied her, because her tail was lashing a bit with excitement, then with one hand I inserted my cock in her vagina and began to thrust. I said before, that Gina the tigress has the most exquisite pussy for a man's penis; Suki's sex canal is smaller and a little tighter, I think, but that itself s a turn-on for me when mating with her.

Suki growled passionately under me, her jaws open and head low along her forepaws; she shuffled and pushed up hard into my thrusts, enjoying it. Sure enough, the lioness's vagina was hot and slick with having had so many males in there and I could slide strong and deep into her narrowest recess, exciting the young female, making her purr and wriggle her lifted ass into me.

I stopped for a moment to lift her heavy thick tail aside and study where I was. Suki's pussy was dilated wide around the fatness of my cock, the inner labia clinging to my shaft. I watched the regular twitch-twitch-twitch of her vulva and perineum just as I felt it clench my penetration with love.

Suki grunted and jerked her head back at me again. "Sure, Suki, here I go. My cock in your beautiful lioness pussy." I took the powerful hips in a man-hug and resumed sliding my manhood in and out of her. Happy again she lowered her head over outstretched forepaws and gave a strong, loud purr-growl.

I felt myself reach a climax. I panted, clutched her, pounded her, the lioness's ass lifted between my thighs. Suki purred and opened her hind legs further to take my steam-engine thrusts. The warm sun on my butt cheeks got hotter – I melded with her, man and big cat together as one, and burst into Suki with rapid energetic spurts of cum. She roared her climax and I grunted and cried out, my face close to the thick tawny back of her neck. Suki jumped forward off my cock and rolled supine, catching my head between her two big fluffy forepaws and licking my face energetically. I felt the body heat rise from between her still-splayed haunches, caressing my dangling cock and testicles. I hugged Suki back, nuzzling and face-rubbing the gorgeous big lioness, before glancing down to see the cum trickling from her puss. Her dark pouting lips twitched several times in an unmistakeable afterglow – clench, clench, clench.

We cuddled together, then, the naked man and the big cat, myself stroking her dark swollen pussy while she embraced me with a paw, like lovers, as though she was my woman.

Part 9:

One of the most wonderful things I did at Cx Zoo was make love with Suki the lioness while she was pregnant.

It hadn't been my intention. But she insisted on it, herself. I don't think she was even on heat, but pregnancy does strange things to a female's hormones and I watched with startled bemusement as the plump-bellied lioness, her nipples sticking out, slunk and fishtailed up and down the fence of her enclosure, right where I was. She butted her head to me, sliding affectionately, looked up at me with a plea in her yellow-gold eyes, and rubbed desperately through the fence at me again. If nothing else about the suddenly flirty lion cued me, her deep, deliberate purring did. Female lions only purr when they want sex.

I let myself into the enclosure. Suki bounded up to me through the lush grass; she was too heavy with cub to rear and put her paws on my shoulders the way she normally did, but the great pussycat wound herself frantically around my thighs, purring loud and flicking her tail up repeatedly as if saying, "look between my legs, here's my pussy, I want you".

Smiling I stroked her beautiful muscular tawny body, from her nape down to the wide hips that carried the swell of unborn cubs beneath. Standing there she let me crouch and touch the dusky nipples that protruded from her belly fur, caress them, smooth my hand around the swell of her stomach, and again the lioness showed me her vulva, pushing sideways into me with tail lifted and legs spread.

Tenderly I fingered, then stroked that mesmerising pink jewel between her haunches as she stood for me. My other hand caressed a pendulous furry breast, and another, feeling the surprising swell of her nipples. She flinched when I touched her vulva but then arched her rear a little and shuffled her hind legs apart for me. I remembered watching it being penetrated by Caesar's tumescent male arrowhead during their honeymoon.

I had no idea if Caesar knew he was now a virile father, but Suki's pending motherhood was in no doubt now as I felt her huge heavy belly and mounded breasts, and the beautiful pink-inside-black vulva where it had begun. She let me slip my two fingers in there as always, jerking her rump at the sudden entry and then pushing back eagerly. She wasn't even on heat, but right now she really wanted a penis in there – and as usual she didn't care if it was a lion's or a man's. Rutting herself back onto my fingers with a soft moan, the warm canal slipping over them like a glove, her message was very clear: she just wanted cock!

I pulled out of the female's wanting vagina, patted her affectionately on the rump, and whispered in one furry ear. "Okay, beautiful girl, it's your game. Let's see your vulva."

She seemed to understand. With a super friendly look the big cat flopped onto one side, then, looking up at me, rolled onto her back and spread her hindquarters. Her sweet pink pussy came into view, an orchid between the dusky outer lips of her cleft. Her hind claws peeked out of their upturned paws.

I longed to lick out that wet pussy for her, but first I attended her breasts. Lionesses have four breasts, covered in soft cream fur, and hers were swollen with milk ready for the cubs' arrival. Their teats were enlarged, prominent. I stroked one with my fingers, then another – they were softer, too, than normal and almost instinctively I bent my head to Suki's abdomen, licked a milk-swollen nipple, then began to suckle the lioness.

To my astonishment I actually got a taste of milk! Sweet, very rich, a little salty – and, of course, as warm as her body heat. Suki's nipple fitted my mouth perfectly, and I sucked and sucked at its soft but unmistakable length, inhaling meanwhile the big cat's furry scent. She smelled of hay and lion perfume and milk.

I went to the next nipple, and then the other two on the other side, kneading Suki's mounding breasts with my hands because I knew that's what a nursing cub does. Suki breathed a happy sigh and relaxed her length along the ground, lying supine with her big eyes narrowed while I slowly brought her to full arousal. Thre is a direct connection between a female's breasts and her vulva, her milk and her sexuality, and I knew how to exploit this. Slowly I smoothed my hand around her huge swollen belly, sensing the unborn cubs waiting for life, then, with her permission, down between her hind legs to stroke the entrance of her sex. Suki's eyes went open when I slid inside with a finger, and a big heavy paw landed on my back as I suckled all four of her teats. Lioness milk trickled down my throat, warm, creamy, tasty.

They say that in some countries dairy farmer's stimulate their cows' vaginas to increase their milk yield – well, here is proof it works with the big cats, too. I probed Suki's soft deep pussy and suckled the milk that resulted from her furry breasts, and the lioness lay there with her cub-swollen belly being gently massaged by my other hand. And now I had a hard-on stretching my pants front…

I let Suki go to undress in her enclosure. I was getting used to baring my assets outdoors now: in seconds I was naked, the sun warming my shoulders and back and butt cheeks as I crouched to lick the cleft between the lioness's haunches. Even her vulva tasted different – sweeter, and softer under my tongue as I spread her lips and licked the interior. She jerked when I found her clitoris – a long tapered thing the shape of a lion's penis – and finally, carefully, I mounted Suki's swollen pregnant belly and felt for her entrance with my cock.

She let me in with ease. Her vagina was very soft this time, and wide open, preparing for the cubs' birth, a wonderful feeling – and a special one in that she so wanted me despite not being in season. Maybe impending childbirth does that, makes a female animal yearn to be penetrated and the dull ache in her sexual tract eased. Whaver the reason, Suki sure welcomed my penis when it entered her, purring on her back with her legs wide, and reaching up to place a big but soft paw on my chest.

I slid carefully all the way in, feeling her canal open up obligingly, until my pubic hair merged with her cream-white underfur and the front of my balls lay soft against her perineum. I didn't want to hurt the cubs inside her, so I thrusted slowly and gingerly, out and back in, being very cautious about using too much strength. Suki just lay there purring with her huge round belly and the nipples erect, pregnant and yearning, and let me all the way in.

How do I describe making love with a beautiful African lioness? As I lay down on top so my belly pressed to hers she put the paw around my back and pulled me in, licking the top of my head with a big rough tongue while my penis sank all the way between her legs, and I felt that incredible pure love that animals can give. It was a complient that such a powerful predator would let me even touch and stroke her, for she was free to choose. It was a much bigger privilege that she accepted, even welcomed the intimacy of coupling with me, that she happily opened herself to allow my penis fully within her sex. I was turned on by her smell, her obliging closeness, the feel of warm rough fur against my bare stomach and loins, and sunlight on my back and buttocks and scrotum, the heat of her vagina hugging tight around my manhood as I slid inside, the sound and vibration of her encouraging purr, the taste of her milk still on my lips, and the sense of the unborn life deep within her gorgeous furry body.

Suki wriggled on her back. Stirred out of my spiritual reverie I chuckled and began to thrust, my hands on her swollen belly, careful not to hurt her or the cubs. Did I feel one stir under my hands – or was that just Suki moving her powerful hind legs to admit me further? She gripped her claw-tips into my back, and brought up the other paw until I was enveloped in a lion-hug, her big yellow eyes gazing dreamily, hindquarters held apart so I could drive my penis full-length into her. I humped thoroughly now, careful to not slap into the big cat's stomach as I rode her. She growled softly, encouraging me, and I grunted with each thrust. Suddenly we burst together into a whirl of orgasm – Suki snarl-howled and the claws raked across my back, her hind paws waving in ecstasy, and I growled like a lion as I ejaculated again and again between her. I felt her pelvis rut upward against me in a series of hip-thrusts and saw from the corner of my eye the big black tail-tuft flick and lash behind me.

"Good girl," I panted at last. "Beautiful girl, Suki." She licked the top of my head again, holding me in a paw-clinch that make it clear she wanted me to stay awhile – and when a big cat wants something, she gets it. Her vagina twitched around the shaft of my penis while I lay there, resting on top of her cub-full stomach. Eventually Suki let me go – I slid out of the lioness and lay down naked beside her. Suki wriggled and writhed upside-down, as always after mating, then rolled over and landed her foreleg across my shoulder so she could lick me again. I laughed and hugged her in turn, kissing the cat's big wide whiskered muzzle.

Carefully I felt my hand down to the swell of her belly, where the cubs lay waiting to be born. "Good girl," I told her. "Thank you."


In the enclosure with two lovely big cats – Gina and Suki. The two seemed to get on well together following their double matings with the males, and now, again, they'd come on heat together. I was on my own this time without Robb to help, and they were both very demanding, winding their bodies around me and flicking up their tails to show me their two swollen pussies. How was I going to satisfy both big girls at the same time?

I stripped off my pants, which was quite a job with both a lioness and a tigress rubbing against my legs and moaning their desire. When my cock finally sprang free they both zeroed in on it, lapping eagerly with their broad rough tongues while I stroked the great feline heads. Suki licked the shaft, making it flop to and fro, and Gina went for my ballsack with rhythmic circular motions like a machine. Needless to say, I started getting erect – which was doubtless their intention.

I walked up between the cats and stroked their rumps, one with each hand. Almost immediately the two girls sank down in a crouch, side by side, stretching their paws out in front together. Their hips almost touched. I chuckled as they lifted their asses together to reveal their beautiful little twats, suddenly realising what I could do to help both Gina and Suki. After all, I have two hands!

Crouching between the big cats I stroked them both – Gina's stripey ass and Suki's tawny-brown fur. Obediently they hunkered down in the mating position, two pairs of haunches spreading open and their tails lifted aside. I peered there, relishing the sight of two gorgeous pussies waiting for service: Gina's dark, plush vulva and Suki's wet pink twat, tigress and lioness crouching, ready. Still stroking their asses I worked my hands down between each pair of thighs, Gina on my left and Suki on my right, and at the right time pushed my index and midde fingers into each vagina. It was like a double orgasm – the cats growl-purred at the same time, flinching and lashing their tails in excitement. Both pairs of hind legs worked and treaded, pushing backward into my double penetration – first Suki's pussy, then Gina's began pulsing rhythmically around my fingers – clench, clench, clench.

But now I had a quandary. I have two hands, yes – but only one dick. The cats were both raring to go, but which one would I mount first? Gina is my favourite, but I didn't want Suki to feel left out. And yet I couldn't get the idea of the tigress's soft pussy out of my head…

I slipped out of Gina. Still keeping contact with Suki I knelt up behind the crouching tigress and felt my cock into her little slit. Gina wriggled and raised her ass between my thighs, helping me, then I found my target. She growled when she felt my penis enter her, a vibration that rumbled through my body. Gripping her with one hand – my other hand was still ministering under Suki's tail – I thrusted slow and easy, then worked myself to a near-climax. I looked down to my cock sliding in and out of the tigress's plump vulva. I almost came at the erotic sight of it – but now I had a plan.

I slid out of Gina and shuffled sideways to Suki. With my dick already wet it took but a few seonds for me to find the lioness's vagina and penetrate her – she grunted and flinched as it went in, and arched her rear in delight when my length slid all the way. I felt the lioness purring under me as I mounted her and began to thrust; and now of course, my left hand felt under Gina's still-lifted tail to play with her beautiful sexual cleft. The tigress emitted a growl when my fingers slipped inside – and here I was, loving two big cats at the same time. Suki wriggled under me, demanding more thrusting, and Gina grunted and lifted her ass further so I could penetrate with my fingers. Just before I came in the lioness I withdrew and planted my penis into Gina again, riding the powerful tigress. Which one would I finally come inside? I thought Gina – but just then I managed to pull out and plunge into Suki's soft wet puss. Seconds later I groaned and came, spurting my seed into the lioness while she growled and lashed her tail in enjoyment.

To my astonishment Gina stood up, came around behind us, and began licking my balls for me even as I knelt there shagging her friend. Lick-lick-lick, my ballsack swaying while I plunged in and out of Suki's delicious vagina. I slowed at last, panting heavily with effort while the tigress stroked her tongue all around my testicles as if encouraging me to do more.

I remounted Suki and thrusted into her enlarged pussy again, thrust-thrust-thrust while she settled down on her front paws with her haunches splayed, sliding in and out of the lioness with Gina still licking my balls. Her purring filled her entire body and mine. Inspired by the feel of the tigress's tongue lapping my scrotum I humped harder, harder, and actually came inside Suki a second time! My cock pulsed and pumped and her vagina clutched rhythmically, and I gripped her ass and humped powerfully, and it felt so incredibly good – a spiritual blend of man and lioness. Semen trickled from the union of our genitals, the human penis in the animal vulva. At last, exhausted, I stopped and withdrew my sated manhood from the lioness. Gina licked and lapped the cum from its still erect tower, ministering tenderly around the tight hard crown and the shaft that curved up. She did my balls, one then the other, and then pushed her muzzle between Suki's thighs and licked the cum from her friend's pussy. My erection softened at last; I lay down naked in the sun and grass while the cats licked their vulvas, then they came and wriggled down on either side of me until I lay there with two big furry lovers pressed against my body…

Part 10:

"Wow," Robb commented in the smoko room with its untidy sink and window with no glass and pictures of big cats on the walls. "I never throught of that. Two at once! It makes me wish I was the proverbial dual-dicked dog." He laughed and inspected the emptiness of his perpetually grubby coffee mug, then got up and wandered over to the sink. "Tell you one thing, Joe," he called back over the sudden rush of the faucet. "I once really was like a dog with – well, one dick anyway. I know that's a couple of 'one's too many, but the fact is, I haven't told you about my mysterious cryptic past. Yet."

I waited patiently while Robb plugged in the electric kettle and experimentally dug into the solid cake inside the coffee can with a teaspoon. In silence he poured, then put down two steaming mugs on the table, leaned back in his chair so it creaked slightly, and looked out the glassless window behind me.

"It's not like I didn't have any girlfriends, y'know. I worked various zoos around the northern US, and something about having 'I work with big ferocious carnivores' works well as a pick-up line. But I like experimenting. That window, it's got no glass. That's because I wanted to see if I could build a rocket using acetylene gas in this shed. While living with my parents I decided to make a go-kart out of Dad's lawn mower – I mowed through Mom's flower garden and took out the lawn sprinkler system. It's about the same time as this that our family Malamute came on heat. Her name was Missy – man, she was such a beautiful dog, and she used to sleep on a mat beside my bed." Robb's clear brown eyes had misted over, staring into a space beyond the broken window. He swallowed.

"I understand, dude," I prompted him. "But go on, will ya?"

He chuckled wistfully. "Okay, here it is. Mom and Dad were away for two days, leaving me alone – I was fifteen, just starting to get real interested in these new feelings I had, and because I'd worked with animals since elementary school age I already had a good idea of Missy's special condition. And, like I said, I like to experiment. I was surpised that she let me stroke her back to her ass, then slide a hand up under her tail, between her legs. I think she was a little startled at first, but when she felt my fingers there she relaxed and turned to head to watch me, panting quietly with her tongue out. I knew not to rush things – you never ever push a female, or a woman, beyond her comfort zone – so I just stayed there holding the plump little heart-shape of her pussy in my fingers, letting her get used to it.

"At last I slipped a curious finger up into her vagina. Missy gave a little yelp of surprise, then did the most wonderful thing – she arched backward into my hand and opened her hind legs for me. I knew, then, she wanted me… if it wasn't for that, I would've stopped right there and let her be. I remember I was trembling with excitement as I pulled off my T-shirt and then my pants, y'know, getting myself nude with a lovely furry Malamute dog, and feeling also just a little guilty as though she might not approve of my nakedness. But good ol' Missy, she just stood there with her tail up and looking back at me, panting happily, like saying, c'mon, you – hurry up!

"I knelt behind the dog, sensing the specialness of what I was doing. I pulled her back into me so her furry butt pressed against my thighs – the feel of that fur and the sensation of mounting her like this made me get real hard in seconds, so it seemed, and I felt around with one hand on my cock for what I knew must be under there. Missy actually wiggled her hips for a moment, trying to help me. Then I found it – a bare, warm pad against my cockhead, ready, willing. With my heart pounding in excitement I pushed in and opened up Missy's pussy lips, feeling immediately the incredible heat and softness of her vagina. Her sex canal, where normally she would take a male dog, seemed to wrap itself around my raging hard cock. Missy staggered her hind legs apart to take me as I slid into her depth and licked her lips, then resumed panting, staring ahead of her, waiting.

"I took the dog's hips in my hands, pulled her back, and began to thrust. Slowly, testing, experimenting – then suddenly faster when I got the right feel of it. Missy put her head down and her butt up and let me pound into her vagina with the full length of my dick. Her whole body swayed back and forth with the energy of my thrusts. I felt my balls bounce and dangle as I began hammering the gorgeous animal with jerking strokes – we were both panting, I'm sure in synchrony, then I gripped her and cried out as I came ferociously inside that wonderful canine pussy. Here I was, mounting the family dog on the mat in my bedroom, connected penis-in-vagina with the most amazing lover I'd ever met, and she was loving it!

"My heart was thumping hard as I released my aching balls inside her. I held still, holding her gently now while she went through her own bitch-style orgasm – Missy's hips jerked rhythmically back, back, back into mine, her eyes squinted in effort, and I felt for the first time that muscular clenching females do when they're climaxing. I felt incredibly loved and wanted, like a special friend of hers. Finally, we parted when I slid my penis out of Missy's bitch-hood; she turned around and began licking her vulva energetically, air-humping with her pelvis, then spun around three times on the mat and leapt up with her paws on my bare shoulders – I was still kneeling – and licked my face all over. I remember panting for breath like I'd been on a marathon bicycle ride, and thinking, this is the most beautiful thing I've experienced so far.

"After that, I looked forward to the times when my parents were away and I could mount Missy with my naked body and make the most wonderful love with her. I vowed I would never do anything to hurt her or scare her, and in turn I got the best times of my teenage life with that dog." Robb stopped his narrative, breaking me from my reverie, and looked at his coffee mug. "Damn it, this coffee's gone cold. Want a fresh one, Joe?

He did the honours, and with hot caffeinated beverage seeping thorugh our systems he leaned back in the creaky chair again with a happy sigh. "I've been thinking about Yuma."

"What about Yuma?"

"Some good friends, on a farm in Yuma Country. And the biggest cat in the world."

"I thought your tigers would be the biggest cat in the world, Robb."

"Heh – like the carny hustlers say, you ain't seen nothin' yet! So, you interested in coming?"

"Does a leopard have spots?" I grinned.

"Pack your bags. And bring the video camera."


Robb hauled at the steering wheel of his Chevvy. "You heard the one about the wildlife biologist looking for animals in Africa, right? He goes home to his wife one night and tells her, 'Guess what? I spotted a leopard today!' She replies, 'Don't be stupid, hon, they're born like that.'"

Oakland was several hours' drive from Cx Zoo and this, I thought, was what I'd have to put up with all the way. Instead, we talked about zoos – in both meanings of the word. Robb had a surprising spread of friends who worked in various zoos and parks around the US – and some of them were zoos, delightful men and women who coupled with creatures as diverse as dogs and dolphins. I was amazed at some of the second-hand stories Robb told – although it was hard to tell which were real and which just jocular bullcrap, including the one about the woman who lay herself naked on a hay bale and let a real live bull mount her, but the bale collapsed and the bull jumped over her so his huge balls slapped her in the face and she had to explain the bruise as "Walked into a door in the dark". Robb had male friends who let him video them having sex with sheep in a barn, mares in a field, and bitches on their beds.

"One guy I know, took me out to his old shearing shed where the ewes were kept – while I taped him he shucked off all his clothes, played with a ewe's pussy until they were both ready, crouched behind her, and had the most incredible sex with her for half an hour. Then there was this real nice dude, dog lover with a GSD, the dog lay on her back on his couch and let him climb on top and thrust his dick into her, lying there with her hind paws sticking up each side of his butt cheeks.

"That reminds me, Joe – this fella we're seeing, the one with the huge cat, he also mates with his pony mares and would like you to have a try. I think you'll enjoy it. It's actually how I learned he's a zoophile – I was spending a few days helping him on his farm, where he keeps the giant cat, and walked into the stable yard to ask him something. And here he was, standing pants down behind a lovely little pony mare, clutching her rump and humping his erect dick in and out of her pussy slit. I'd never seen a man hump a pony before, but I could tell she was enjoying it – her ass swayed to and fro, and when he slid out of her at last her vulva twitched open and closed. Winking, they call it, which is what a mare does after a stallion has seved her."

"Did you mention a dolphin before?"

He grinned, steering the car around a shallow chicane. "A man I knew. Cetacean biologist. He used to go swimming with dolphins – I mean, nude swimming, and if a female propositioned him, swimming up to him and brushing her underside against him, he would gently hold her and slip his penis into the dolphin's vagina. The 'girls' all got to know about this, and when they wanted sex they'd all crowd around him 'asking' him to penetrate them. Which, of course, he did until he ran out of air and have to surface to breathe. Amazing guy. He said their vaginas were like a woman's but hotter, and much more muscular – very erotic. Sometimes if he was slow in getting into them one would bunt his cock with her nose as if persuading him to hurry it up."


"Well – being a zoophile means meeting a lot of likewise minded people, and back west we had a sort of informal group of fellow zoos, where we'd bring our pets and talk about animals and other things, the weather and the latest news gossip, then get partying. There'd be men with dogs of various different breeds, one brought his pet mini-mare, and of course women getting mounted by shepherds and huskies and danes. It was all very civilised, no-one out of control, so we all had a good time. I brought my own dalmatian bitch with me – Gloria – and she had a lot of fun with the other canine-minded men there, and I'd have the camera and take vids of all the action. Three naked women crouching side by side, getting their bare asses covered by humping and thrusting dogs and enjoying it – sometimes a dog wouldn't quite know what to do, so one of us would gently help him get his dick into the girl and away he'd go. And there'd be guys making love with their pets on the couches, missionary style with their butts going up and down between the dog's hind legs or good ol' doggy style which Gloria and I preferred, kneeling behind and thrusting in under her wagging tail. I tried friends' animals, of course – I've had my penis in various husky bitches, GSDs, a samoyed and a newfie, several labradors of the black and golden varieties, and a big beautiful Japanese akita bitch with fur as smooth as silk.

"But then I bought Cx Zoo and aquired Suki the lioness as my special lover, as I told you, and no way was I gonna bring a full-grown female lion to our group – so, that was that."

We drove on in silence for a while. I thought of watching what Robb had seen, men and women naked and in love with their animals, and the thrill of having sex with a pony… and this mystery "giant cat" who I assumed was a female…

Part 11:

"When a sheep you got to straddle, an' you're wearing a raddle," sang Robb as he negotiated the car down the hinterland roads of Yuma County, "you got to be a ram so you can give her a slam… you know, Joe, this buddy of mine – I've known Frank and his girlfriend since before we put our two different zoo parks together. After I quit the club, the three of us would go down to his hobby farm and shag our balls off, with his lady or with the animals. I haven't visited for a while, now, but I get a hard-on just thinking of going there again. Their names are Frank and Sylvia." The Chevvy bounced and sloughed along a winding clay track, Robb working at the wheel, and I realised he was probably going a bit too fast. Doubtless in anticipation.

"And this huge cat?"

"Her name is Mia." The sudden silence following that told me Robb was being deliberately secretive – planning a surprise for me. Like the surprise you get when you arrive at work ready for just another hard day's slog then all your workmates wave balloons at you and shout "Happy Birthday!"

The car pulled up a slight rise between fenced yellow-green fields, slid through crunching gravel and stopped outside a clean brown-and-white bungalow. Two border collies barked an enthusiastic welcome, running out to meet Robb as he climbed out. A slim brunette woman greeted me and escorted me to the house; Robb did his best to follow while not tripping on the dogs who wound in and out around his feet, still barking happily.

Sylvia took us into the comfy lounge where Frank got up to shake our hands in his muscular grip. Coffee arrived, followed by beer, and while the fluffy black-and-white dogs lay panting on the carpet ("they were born before we got color TV", Frank joked) we talked. For hours. I think Frank and Syl were in on Robb's conspiracy, because when I asked them about Mia the Giant Cat they cast sly looks at each other and replied to me with a silent grin.

I couldn't help looking at the Collies. One was male, I could see the blunt tip of his sheath peeking between his thighs as he lay and wondered what his penis looked like. The other was a female, slimmer and showing the puffy dark triangle of her pussy under her tail. It seemed enlarged, her vulva, and I could bet Frank's dick knew what the inside of it felt like.

Refreshed, our hosts finally led us out to the tractor shed behind their house, and with all of us including the dogs in a John Deere 6 x 4 off we went to one of the fields they tended on the farm. Several ponies came trotting up when they heard the John Deere's diesel motor arrive – black, chestnut, and a buckskin. Having worked on a farm only a little bit I didn't know a lot about horses, but these ones looked friendly and happy to see us – and most, I noticed, were mares.

"Only one stallion," said Frank, "and he's not here right now, so we've got just the ladies to ourselves. That's why we brought Chep the dog with us." Hearing his name the male dog looked at Frank, then at Sylvia, and barked a response. His mate, who was named Belle, sat in the tray of the vehicle panting happily into the wind.

Frank entered the field and stopped the motor. Pony mares surrounded us, whickering, that warm horsey smell. Frank slapped one affably on the rump, spoke to her and gave her a treat – a big orange carrot. She ate, nodding approval. Frank went round to "the business end" as he called it, stroked the mare's plump rounded ass, and casually slipped a couple of fingers in between her thighs. Even at my angle of view I could tell he was going for the mare's pussy; when he found it, she gave a little shiver, then stepped her hind hooves apart. Her tail flicked.

We'd all climbed off the John Deere to watch. Robb stood next to me, Sylvia on my other side, and the dogs padded up and down hunting smells with ttheir noses. Frank massaged the pony under her tail for a minute or two, gently like a lover. Then he unbuckled his belt, lowered his denim pants to expose a pair of bare tanned butt cheeks, and played with his cock until it began to stiffen up. Like Robb and myself he was well endowed, but unlike us Frank was uncut and I watched with fascination as the man ran his supple foreskin up over the crown of his penis to reveal the acorn-shaped glans within.

Frank stepped up to the pony's ample rear and felt his cock between her haunches with one hand, holding her rump steady with the other. He wriggled the plump cockhead up and down the mare's vaginal slit. Her tail flinched up, up, up – she liked it. Her hind legs were spraddled apart. Frank looked up at Sylvia, who grinned back and winked.

Suddenly Frank drove his penis into the mare with a sliding thrust, emitting a grunting sigh. The pony lifted her head and looked back at him for a moment. I'm sure she had a wicked glint in her soft brown eyes. Frank grasped her beautiful derrière in both hands and, quite unashamed of standing butt naked behind a pony mare in broad daylight with us all watching, began to hump her with long practiced strokes. I watched his penis piston in and out of her plush black vulva, heard the slight slopping rhythm as he sped up into a fully blown thrusting action behind the mare, saw his sun-bronzed testicles dangle back and forth. "Oh man," grunted Frank, "here I cum… oh, yeahhh… "

The pony responded to his sudden hammering thusts by arching her elegant back and pushing backwards quite gently into his pounding loins. Her tail was right up. Frank let out an animal cry of satisfaction and man-fluid seeped from the union of sliding fleshy cock and plump velvet-black labia. The mare flinched and hunched her rear upward to meet the rhythm of Frank's thrusts, and I noticed, peering in closely under her tail next to the man's humping pelvis, that she was actually clutching his erection with strong clenching contractions.

"It's called winking, when they do that with their pussies." Robb was watching from close-up as well. "She tightens down on his cock so she can feel it rubbing in and out against her clit."

Frank was still going, an urgent primitive rhythm behind the pony's hind legs, but had slowed now and was panting as much as the dogs who were sitting nearby. "Man, she's so good, this one," he gasped, still sliding inside her puss. Sylvia came up and, grinning, gently put her hand around Frank's swaying ballsack. "Mm, feels nice, baby," he told her. She mulled her man's testicles in a cupped palm while he stood with his buttocks bare and his dick in the mare's vagina, then he drew a semi-limp spent cock from the pony and stepped away from her. Head down the dun-coloured mare stood there a moment, legs splayed and her dusky vagina twitching powerfully, then she looked back at Frank, nickered a sort of "thank you", and wandered away to munch grass. She had cum on her pussy lips.

Frank stepped out of his denims altogether and grinned at me. "Want to try one, Joe?" His cock dangled glistening wet.

I laughed. "What do you think, Frank?" With that as his answer he grinned and walked, stark naked, across the field to a pretty buckskin pony who he greeted the same as before – a murmur in her pointy ear, a friendly slap on the rump, and a big juicy carrot. We followed the man, who introduced us – "her name is Skyla" – while she munched happily on her carrot then turned her head hoping for another one. I stroked her velvet-silky muzzle, making her lift her head into the pressure – then had to gently fend her off when she started nuzzling into my jacket pocket.

"Here, Joe!" Frank was busy next to us with a cute little black mare, but threw me a carrot. Skyla ate it from my hand with ladylike delicacy and nickered approval. Meanwhile Robb had taken off his shirt and was now making friends with the black pony, scritching the wide flat side of her neck with his fingers so she leaned sensually into him.

I knew what to do, of course. In practiced seconds I had rid myself of shirt, shorts, and – with a wink at Sylvia, who was standing arm-around-waist with Frank and smiling at me – my briefs. Having seen only once a man have intercourse with a pony mare, and only a few minutes ago, I accepted a possibly steep learning curve, but Skyla herself knew what to do when she sensed me sidle round to her rear. The caramel-colored mare arched her tail, spread her hind hooves, and turned her head around in invitation.

With the hot sun on my skin I stepped up to the plate, as it were, and just as Frank had demonstrated slid my hand in between Skyla's muscular thighs. I had to wriggle a few times before I contacted her pussy; when I did, Skyla gave a tiny shiver of delight and then let me explore the plump soft cushions of her marehood with curious fingers.

Skyla's vulva was big and proud, warm even in this sun, and erotically smooth. She allowed me to slip a couple of fingers into her waiting slit so I could feel the heated softness inside, the slick lining of her vagina. I contacted her clitoris by accident – the pony flinched and straddled her hind legs further apart, her back arching.

Robb was busy with his head under the black's lifted tail – a slight rhythmic movement between her thighs. "Good girl, Vikki," he murmured, rather indistinctly. "Beautiful pony girl." Understanding I slipped out of Skyla, pressed my face into the musky heat where stallions long to penetrate and began to lick. Lick lick lap lick, digging forward into the valley of her cleft as though searching for an icecream. The mare responded by pushing back gently into my face.

I heard a chuckle from Frank, and looked up for a moment. His girlfriend was kneeling and tending to his cock as only an experienced woman can. I grinned at him as he stroked Syl's brunette hair, then resumed looking for my icecream in Skyla's wonderful dusk-colored pussy lips. The mare actually staggered back when I found the broad nub of her clit, and I swear she rubbed her pussy up and down my face a couple of times. I f that wasn't telling me she was ready, what was?

I stood up. Skyla's vulva was at just the right height for me – I pressed my body in against the solid warm hair of her rump and lifted my cock up to where I presumed her entrance was. I couldn't find it, and hunted around, hand on dick, getting an impressive erection but no goal to put it in.

"Here you go." Sylvia's voice was right behind me. I felt a cool hand on my cock. It guided me to the right place – further up in the dewy heat of the mare's valley – and gently inserted my head between a gorgeous pair of velvet lips. Sylvia, minus her bra, stroked me into place and suddenly I jerked my cock into the pony's vagina with a convulsive thrust. "There," whispered Sylvia, hugging me from behind so I felt her bare breasts press nipple-hard into my back. Skyla whickered and braced backward. I began thrusting, and real heavy too – solid pounding thrusts that bounced Skyla's proud rump against my loins. I felt her pussy tunnel clench hot and slick around my pistoning member – and then some fingers around my dangling testicles, caressing and stroking.

"Go get her, stud," Sylvia urged.

Next to me Robb had mounted Vikki, his naked body glistening in the sun as he mated the pony mare's rear with rhythmic convulsive thrusts. The fingers had left my scrotum; now Sylvia was crouched on hands and knees while Frank slipped her pants off, revealing a cute round tush. I though he was going to get on her back – but no, instead he called to Chep the male dog.

Sylvia grunted as the collie clambered astride her beautiful bare ass, bracing upward because that's how you take the weight of a big working dog on your back. Chep began to hump vigorously. His penis slid out. "Put it in," she gasped. "Please, put it in for him." Frank grasped the swelling pink torpedo as it emerged from the dog's sheath, and guided it into his girlfriend's gaping pussy. Her buttocks were buried under a writhing humping mass of black-and-white fur.

I was so mesmerised by the sight that I'd nearly forgotton my own task at hand – or, rather, cock – until Skyla jerked her ass insistently backwards into me. I chuckled and began to hammer her, holding the mare's butt cheeks between my hands. Faster I pounded, faster and faster, working us both up into a real sweat. She put her head down and pushed back into my thrusts. Robb was doing the same to Vikki beside me, pounding his pony, bronzed dick sliding like a piston between the lips of her vulva, his naked body tanned against her glossy black coat. Syl let out a moan – Chep the collie had rammed his penis into her vagina and was now humping the girl furiously as though on a bitch, eliciting breathy squeals of desire, his large dark balls swaying low and heavy. Ahead of me Skyla was actually gyrating her ass against my loins as I mated her with my cock; my whole world was a dizzy gyre of love and passion and I burst my seed into her with an audible cry, my hips trip-hammering all on their own. "Skyla!" I shouted, and beside me Robb reached his own pounding climax with pretty black Vikki.

Sylvia added her moans – the collie was fully up on her back now, his hindquarters pummeling astride her ass so Syl's rounded breasts jiggled back and forth below her arms. Her head was lifted, eyes narrowed in ecstasy, Three pairs of balls emptied into willing female vaginas – mine, Robb's, and the dog's – three pairs of lovers wrapped in a pounding writhing maelstrom of joy and release. I regained my senses fully, eventually, breathing hard. Just like Suki the lioness, Skyla's sex clenched around my penis in quick little spasms even after I'd stopped ejaculating and thrusting, and looking over at Robb I saw Vikki's pert little pussy doing the same under her tail – twitch-twitch-twitch, black around the golden bronze of his cock. His testicles dangled low, swaying slightly. I was aware mine were doing the same, in the bright warm sun here in the pony field.

I dismounted with a happy sigh and patted Skyla's beautiful meringue coat in thanks. Frank was peering in under the dog's tail – Chep had knotted fully with his girlfriend, the base of his penis swollen to lovelock him in Sylvia's vagina, and Syl was breathing "so good, it feels sooo good… good boy, Chep, good boy… "

It takes several minutes for a male dog's penile knot to go down, and while we waited and Frank lovingly stroked Syl's hair we resumed a conversation begun in their lounge.

"Okay, Frank," I persuaded. "tell me about Mia the Giant Female Pussy Cat. And no skilful silences this time."

He grinned, checking the size of Chep's huge penis in his girl's pussy. "Okay. What I'm gonna do is show you a video we took of how Mia came to be. You'll understand then. And then we'll take you out to the woods to meet her."

Part 12:

A dog's penis is enormous when it's up and ready to do its job, and when I went to bed that night, in the guest room back at the farmhouse, I was mesmerised by mental restrospectives of Chep's colossal cock swaying heavily under his belly after he pulled it, with an audible slick sound and a vast gush of doggie cum, out of Sylvia's pink cleft vagina. I got to feel his balls – they were roasting hot, even in the heat of the Arizona sun.

The next morning I was woken by two big doggies piling onto my bed with exuberant tongues and wagging tails. Breakfast in the kitchen – bacon and eggs and hashbrowns and panfries and tomatoes and a welcome coffee. Frank and Sylvia sat together at the table, almost touching, while the dogs grazed the floor below for any conveniently dropped items of breakfast.

You'd think we'd be at it all day – sex with the farm animals, I mean. Nope, Robb and I wound up helping with the chores, which didn't worry me as I've always been a physical type and I was happy to repay my hosts for their kindness. We loaded bales of straw, drew water for the sheep, let the ponies out into their day paddock. I climbed up into the roof of the main barn with a hammer and repaired some beams that had worked loose. Robb opened the engine cover of their Komatsu digger and replaced a leaking seal behind the water pump while issuing a steady stream of verbal abuse at the "Japs who have to make things so fucking tight-ass you can't get the fucking drive belt off without hands that bend in thirty fucking places".

After lunch we were treated to a video screening in the lounge. "Home videos of some of our adventures," Frank commented while feeding disks in and out of the DVD player. Disk 1: animals mating. There's a word for it – fauniophilia – when you can't resist aiming the camera point-blank under the tails of copulating animals. And Frank is a good cameraman, aware of lighting and keeping things well-framed and the need to alternate closeups with longshots to avoid tedium. We were treated to sights of stallions ploughing their enormous dicks into mares' vaginas, closeups of his impressive swaying balls and her pussy lips spread wide by his splendid gleaming shaft as it stroked in and out like a piston, longshots of the male up astride her back with his front hooves paddling and pelvis jerking and humping while she spread her hind legs to accept him. Bay stallions on chestnut mares, black stallions fucking beautiful palominos, warm-bloods and cute little ponies going for it. One pony male couldn't quite get his dick in and squirted cum all over the mare's rump, creamy white splashing out from his suddenly flared head in convulsive bursts. The draft stallion had a simple enormous schlonger that dangled under him like a black mushroom-capped firehose before he clambered up on his mare and fumbled and shoved it into her receiving pussy.

Glancing at Sylvia, sitting demurely dressed in light cotton and sandals as she watched the horses on the screen, I noticed her hand straying between her thighs to press, gently but visibly, up and inward…

"Look at these two!" Frank laughed as the video changed. "I taped them in northern Australia." The male kangaroo, what the Australians call a Boomer, had mounted his female from behind as all animals do, clasping her with surprisingly gentle paws, and was working his curiously S-shaped penis into her vagina. His testicles hung in front of his sheath, rather than behind as in other mammals. He thrusted and humped, moving around on his oversized back feet as she swayed her rump under him, emitting a continual clucking sound Frank told us was a Kangaroo Love Song. Indeed, these two marsupials seemed more as lovers than wild sex fiends – he treated her like a true gentleman, thrusting gently, even giving her a muzzle kiss after dismounting.

"Colorado," Frank announced as the scene changed to mountainous country with a pack of timber wolves and a female most emphatically on heat. Males swarmed around her, hoping to get just a little bit of action. but wolves adopt a strict hierarchy and only the alpha male was granted the privilege of mounting her proffered rump. It's difficult to get a good view of the canine sex act, but somehow Frank had managed to get his camera in between the she-wolf's haunches just as the male's engorged flesh-red penis nuzzled its tip into her pussy cleft; there was a flurry of frantic thrusting activity, then the male's wolfhoof slid all the way in, spreading her plush cleft open, and the camera zoomed back to show his eagerly humping hindquarters and dark jouncing ballsack as he gripped and pounded and penetrated. In longshot he clasped the she-wolf's hips and worked his penis further into her vagina with jerking thrusts that rocked her forward on her paws, let out a series of excited yips as he achieved penetration, then dismounted while still coupled with her and stood rump-to-rump with his female while all the other wolves danced around them in celebration of the lupine sex act, the continuation of their species.

More horses, showing the urgent pounding between her thighs that made her udders bounce and jiggle, a male dog masturbating by gripping his swelling knot in his jaws and humping until his cock slid out and spurted powerful jets of cum from its tip, and leopards in a zoo with the magnificent spotted male straddling his female on the ground while she lifted her vagina to meet his unsheathed penis. Holding the leopardess by the scruff he inserted his tapered meat, growled a gurgling cry of orgasm, and ejaculated his plump furry ballsack into her sex canal before leaping off to leave her crouching rump raised and pussy exposed – and then a second leopard came up, mounted her, drove his erect studded penis into her vagina (we saw it in tight closeup, wriggling and sliding between the female leopard's pink inner labia), and impregnated her with his own furry ballsack.

We saw foxes copulating in the wild – mounting, humping frantically, penetrating the tail-lifted vixen with little squeals of delight – and cattle on a farm, the well equipped bull heaving his massive weight onto the cow so he could plough his three-foot pink rapier into her pussy. Lions in Africa mated in short grass so we could see the male's tapering penis enter his lioness from behind, testicles bouncing with his thrusts and then a longshot of the King crouched astride his Queen, holding her between his front paws while he mouthed her neck and straddled her rump and heaved and writhed and humped. Still in Africa we watched a bull elephant up on the back of the cow, his amazing muscular penis probing and searching like a gigantic black snake between her legs until it suddenly slipped in and pumped visibly gushes of cum into the female's capacious vagina, and a pair of zebras having a romp in the grass, the stallion mounting his frisky mare several times before she stood at last with her hind hooves spread and allowed him to drive his splendid black erection into the cavern of her pussy.

A ball-swinging ram climbed onto the back of a ewe and gave her penetration between her plump fleecy thighs, her vulva pouting pink and prominent around his spear-head. Donkeys – the mare walking around with the male astride her butt and his dick in her vagina – and more African lions, writhing and humping and roaring in the bush. A male tiger was offering himself for semen extraction, hind legs spread and a gloved hand rubbing up and down his spectacularly erect cock so his testicles bounced rhythmically in their paired scrotum, suddenly ejaculating into the plastic canister with a violent spurt and a drawn-out "mrrrrowwwlllgrrrrrrrrr"; then a female, lying on her stomach in the mating position, was inseminated in her exposed vagina while her handler held her by the head and she wriggled and jerked her ass upward as the catheter entered the soft pink slit between her haunches. Cougars mated in the snow of the Colorado Rockies – the long lithe male straddled his mate and humped, humped, humped with his penis in her pussy, growling his repeated climaxes and showing Frank's camera his proud dangling balls. Unlike other cats, their sexual act lasted for minutes while he gripped the female and penetrated her repeatedly, pulling his fleshy finger-like penis from her vulva and reinserting it while she presented so she yowled noisily in arousal.

More dogs, males of various breeds mounting their females and pummelling with hammerstroke thrusts of their haunches, a pair of domestic cats making kittens with a tight closeup of the tom's spiky cock entering his female, a hentai cartoon of a man on a gorgeous female tiger, thrusting his oversized dick into her vagina so she emitted suspiciously human moans and cries, and finally a male husky shagging a ewe – yes, you read right! Frank told us she was one of his own ewes and she just loved getting done by big male dogs, the bigger his penis the better. We watched the husky's torpedo-like cock wriggle and slide into the ewe's ready vulva, then a longshot of furry dog up astride woolly sheep with his front paws gripping her waist and hips pounding into her ample rear, hooves and hind paws shuffling apart as they both enjoyed the sex act.

Disk 2 – humans. In particular, Frank and Sylvia. I was astonished that our friends were so relaxed about showing their private lives to us, but here they were, watching themselves undress each other, climb onto the double bed, and make love with writhing naked bodies intertwined in each other's arms and legs. Sylvia's pussy was outlined with a cute muff of dark curled fur as we watched Frank's cock slide erotically in and out; looking away from the TV screen at our hosts, I saw Sylvia watching me watching her get shagged with a subtle smile on her face. On the video I heard her yelping cries mount higher and higher as she lay and held Frank in her arms, and the rhythmic movement of sex, as though they were themselves animals in rut, unconcerned about the camera and its view of pounding bare buttocks and dangling balls and Syl's beautiful furry pussy taking Frank's manhood between its labia.

Finally, Disk 3. Here was Frank mating one of his ponies, standing naked behind the little mare and thrusting his cock into her vagina, and to my surprise Robb on top of Suki the lioness, who was on her back with her paws in the air as the bare-assed Robb made love to her missionary style. Suki growled her excitement as he pounded faster and faster into her furry loins, penis slicking in and out of the big cat's vagina, and I was aware of my own sudden hard-on twitching and clenching all by itself in my pants.

A blonde woman, bare breasted and her dress lifted back to expose her buttocks, was mounted by a big shaggy Alsatian dog who gripped her hips and thrusted his giant penis into her, eliciting gasps and moans of desire and making her breasts sway with his rhythmic humping against her lifted rump. A man, not Frank, knelt naked behind a lovely yellow Labrador and plunged his erect cock in and out of the dog's vagina. The dog looked back over her shoulder, an unmistakeable loving look in her eyes.

Then the scene changed – something a little tamer than men with pony mares and lionesses and Lab bitches. Somewhere in a sunlit wooded area a magnificent male lion climbed onto the back of a beautiful stripey tigress in heat, planted his erect lionhood into the cleft of her eagerly lifted pussy slit, and humped and growled the most amazing sex with her. Frank's camera moved in under the tails of the copulating cats, lingering on the lion's heavy swaying balls before looking at the tight union of penis and vagina, the male's organ visibly twitching as it pumped and a glistening trickle of cum oozing from her wonderfully stuffed pussy.

"Lebo and Tasree," Frank explained as we watched the mesmerising mating act. "We keep them away from the farm animals, in the woods behind the section." In longshot, Lebo the lion roared his climax astride Tasree the tigress, and jumped off her splendidly striped back with his penis dangling long and tapered from its sheath. "And – this is the result of their mating." The scene changed yet again – now we were looking at a big lioness. There was no mistaking the size of her, because Frank was standing next to her with a grin on his face. Her shoulders came up to his chest. Her head was enormous, and adorned with curious tan-colored stripes.

"Not a lioness." Frank seemed to sense my initial thought. "A ligress. A female liger."

"A liger is what you get when you cross a male lion with a female tiger," Sylvia explained. "Very rare, and never seen in the wild. They're huge animals, over twice the size of their parents. It actually isn't hard to get a lion and a tiger to mate with each other – the courtship signals are the same, and so is the mating itself. As you already know, a lion's penis is much the same as a tiger's so the tigress doesn't mind either way. But it's harder to get cubs from the pairing. Mia is the sole surviving daughter of Lebo and Tasree."

"And," said Frank, pausing the video, "she's come on heat and desperately needs a male. That's where you come in, Joe. We want you to mate with her. Tough assignment – she's huge, and never been mated before, let alone by a human. But Robb's told us how you've manage to breed with jaguaresses and pregnant lionesses. He's spoken well of your skill with the big cats. And here now is a giant kitty who really, really needs you."

I stared at Mia on the screen. Her head was fully three times the size of Frank's, the eyes a soft glowing yellow. Face-on to the camera I had no idea what she was like under her tail – but I nodded agreement. "I'd like to try her."

Robb slapped me on the back. "We knew you would, Joe."

Part 13:

A cat's heat lasts only a few days, so it was that very afternoon that the four of us, plus the dogs, drove up into the woods on the John Deere Gator. My heart was thumping with excitement.

Through a gate, and another, and we stopped off at Lebo and Tasree's enclosure. The tigress was prowling back and forward when she heard the vehicle arrive; Lebo the lion looked up at us with a studying glint in his big gold eyes, then lay back on his side and dozed off.

I was allowed to stroke Tasree's nose through the fence wires, she chuffed a welcome to me and I chuffed back, prr-prr-prr. Delighted, the tigress bounced away and trotted back to the fence for another friendly stroke and pat, emitting shallow moans of greeting.

Then we walked uphill to the next enclosure, a big place of trees and heavy undergrowth that at first seemed empty until there was a rustle and suddenly, she appeared.

Franks' video did not do justice to her size. I actually gasped as Mia approached us on slow gigantic paws. Her head was lowered a little, slack-jawed, the huge yellow eyes fixed on us. She came up to Frank, who chuckled and reached through the fence to pat her, and I followed his example, stroking the powerful muscles under her glossy coat.

Mia the ligress was quite literally the size of a pony. Her front paws were as big as my head, her long sinewy tail swaying behind like a tan-striped snake. Her forehead was dotted with a delightful mixture of flecks and stripes, lioness and tigress together, and the stripes ran faint but definite down each side of her magnificent face.

Frank opened a side gate and we all walked in. Robb had his camera. Frank helped me make friends with Mia – she sniffed me suspiciously at first, very carefully from my hands to my genitals, then, like all cats, rubbed her giant body against me. I nearly got pushed over, and Frank chuckled again. "She's actually real gentle, but she's so big she can't help knocking you around a bit."

I stroked the big cat from head to rump, eliciting a friendly response of grunts and headrubs. She opened her cavernous pink mouth and licked my hands. Finally I crouched and took her head in both hands, rubbing behind each ear and caressing the special area behind the cheeks where cats love to be stroked. Mia grumbled pleasantly like a tigress, then bumped her forehead aganst mine as does a lioness. I was enthralled at her colossal size, and when she turned to slide her body along me I couldn't help glancing under her tail. There was the familiar valley between her thighs, like that of every female cat, and sweet glimpses of the dark oval pad that surrounded her vagina. Never been penetrated, I thought. A virgin, a beautiful big virgin. Mia, get ready for a new experience.

I stood up. "Frank – I'd like to take her off on my own for the first mating. Kind of a special thing – I want it to be just her and I."

He agreed happily, and gave me some instructions on how to handle the giant kitty, the commands she was trained to, and where she liked to be stroked and patted. He fitted a long telephoto lens to his camera, then Mia and I padded away into the woods, my heart pounding excitedly.

I played with Mia. I chased her and she chased me, she landed on me, knocking me flat, and sniffed again at my gentials through my clothing. Did she know by some feline instinct what was in there, and that she was ready for it? I stroked her muzzle and she sneezed, blasting my hair with the sheer force from her lungs, then licked my hands and face.

I wriggled from under and stroked her rear, experimentally. The great pussycat rumbled softly and looked back at me, tail swishing pleasantly, and when I pressed down on her ass, emulating a male mounting her, Mia obligingly crouched down onto her huge paws. Rub rub rub with my hands, and she lifted her rump, hind legs spreading instinctively to present her vulva.

"Well, girl, you're definitely on heat," I murmured. "Would you let me play with your pretty pussy? Under your tail?" I slid a cautious hand down there, touching the soft warm labia she was showing me, watching her ears and tail for any signs of annoyance.

Mia hunkered down and raised her ass further, hind paws shuffling along the ground. She looked back at me. I laughed gently. "Okay, here I go then. Sex instruction one. This is your vagina." I rubbed in slow circles around Mia's entrance, exploring the supple dusky lips and spreading them slightly to reveal the delicate pink within. "This is where a male inserts his penis when he wants to make cubs with you." The ligress crouched quite still, apparently keen to learn what I was teaching. I fingered her labia, then rubbed softly up and down the seam between them. "The male gets onto your rump like this – " I pushed down with my free hand – "and then slides his penis into you." I wriggled a finger into Mia's pliant cleft, making the big female growl in arousal, and slid in up to my knuckle. She twitched and her eyes opened wide with surprise. All the way in – her cavern opened up for me, hot and wet and tight, and I began to move in and out in a gentle sexual rhythm. Mia's vagina was bigger than any lioness or tigress, of course, and admitted me easily – the feel of each knuckle sliding past her untried clitoris made Mia grumble a deep song and her ass began to move, then gyrate with unexpected pleasure. The enormous front claws emerged and gripped the soft earth. She shuffled her hind paws further apart, purr-growled, then looked back at me as I tried the entire depth of her wonderful cavernous tunnel, watching me give her this new unique sensation between her legs.

Encouraged I slid faster, in and out, in and out, making sure to contact her clit inside its protective hood with each knuckle on the way. Mia began to tread her hind paws in a slow sensual rhythm. Her tail swung to and fro as I penetrated the supple tightness of her vagina, ass lifted, four big nipples exposed, tread tread tread. A deep purr came from the other end.

Her pussy tunnel clamped suddenly, powerfully, and began to pulsate – seconds later Mia the ligress roared her very first orgasm, writhing and arching on her giant paws, tail whipping across my face and her sex canal gripping my finger with incredible rhythmic contractions. Staring ahead of her she growled and snarled in ecstasy, then jumped off my finger and whirled around with a roar – but she didn't attack me. Instead, the giant cat threw onto her back and rolled vigorously to and fro in the leaf litter, lifting and chewing a hind paw in excitement.

Slowing, Mia looked up at me with, I swear, a glowing smile on her face. I knew, then, that Mia was safe for me to mate with – and so began our next phase together.

I sat with her for a while, just sat with her. Off in the distance Frank's camera was on its tripod. I talked to Mia, telling her about myself and what a privilege it was for me to be so close to a gigantic kitty such as herself. Cats respond positively to compliments in any human language. I felt the warmth of her body, and her spirit – despite what my stories might imply, not every big feline is approachable by humans, and I could tell Frank and Sylvia had done a very good job of bringing her up from cubhood. Right away I sensed her warm heart and steady outgoing friendliness, and, of course, told her so.

At last Mia indicated she was ready for more by the simple means of getting up and padding away a few paces, then looking over her shoulder at me. The look in her huge beautiful eyes captivated me, a look of fond love and absolute trust. She twitched her stripey tail aside, showing me just a glimpse of her tantalising pussy pad, then led me on through the woods and bushes and bracken. I hoped she would not choose to be mated in tough thorny scrub uncomfortable for me to kneel in, and that Frank's camera, tracking us from afar, would get a good clear shot.

Mia came back and rubbed very gently against me, then trotted away again. It was a game female cats play with their consorts, a teasing cub game meant to bring both partners into synchrony. I complied, jogging after her, then when she turned and slinked back the other way, stroking her on the way past.

Mia crouched. She presented almost perfectly, head stretched low, rump raised, tail arched up to one side. She jumped up and trotted away when I approached, then settled down again, rear-on to me, spreading her haunches and revealing her vaginal slit. She watched me over her shoulder as I crouched in short but soft grass and stroked her wide furry rump. She sighed happily and waited.

I stood up, glanced at the others with the camera – now unimportantly distant – and pulled off my shirt, then my boots and trousers, finally my briefs. My cock stiffened and rose almost immediately. I smiled at Mia, looking at the inviting black-and-pink cleft under her tail. "Are you ready, girl? Would you like my penis in there?"

She gave a breathy chuff that signified assent, and now I crouched naked behind the huge cat, my dick hanging semi-stiff, and mounted her. I got a strong sense of sheer size and bulk, of the powerful musculature, the tremendous hind paws straddled apart ready for me, the golden furry haunches the size of a pony's, the broad striped back she stretched out before me.

Leaning forward I rested my stomach on the ligress's rump, feeling her wriggle and sway into position under me. I heard her breathing – slow, heavy, a welcoming sound. With experience now that I had been on top of Suki and Gina so many times, I stroked myself fully erect and felt my cockhead up into the warm shaggy valley of Mia's thighs. As always, it was a superbly erotic sensation – naked penis against soft rough fur. Up and down, searching, touching then rubbing and pushing against the canapé-sized pad of her vulva until I felt the supple labia spread apart. Mia hunkered low to the ground, rumbling a deep purr from parted jaws. Mounted astride the huge cat's quarters I gently eased my manhood into the untried canal within, opening her up slowly so she could acclimatise to the strange sensations between her legs. The purr became an aroused growl. I paused, and Mia shuffled her hind paws, bracing up into me. "Okay, lovely big girl," I breathed, and began to thrust.

Slowly, testingly at first, back and forward with my hips. Perhaps three inches of my cock went into the cat's vagina on each stroke. I looked down at the soft dark labia clutching my shaft as I slid gently in and out, and my testicles of course, swinging slightly with the cautious rhythm.

Mia's vagina relaxed – I felt it open up as the giant kitty relaxed forward on her paws, and suddenly I slipped in a couple more inches. She growled stronger at that, but lay there, crouched on her cushion-sized paws with me on her lifted rump. The angle was actually a little awkward and my back was bent over, but spreading my feet slightly I got into a real good mating stance not unlike that of a male cat, knees spread and ballsack dangling free, and gave a good steady push all the way into her vagina.

The ligress growled when it went in, her eyes wide with surprise. She drew her ass forward, then suddenly arched back hard into my penetration when she realised. She gave another push backward that nearly shoved me off my balance behind her and grumbled excitedly in her throat. Staggering I clutched her broad muscular hips, held on, and began thrusting properly, a true sexual mating action, hump hump hump into the gorgeous giant cat. Mia lifted up on her hind paws to give me full access, and suddenly I was pounding her, pummelling and thrusting and riding the ligress with an animal frenzy. I grunted with each stroke, driving my raging shaft in and out of Mia's capacious but tight canal, making the big female's rump shudder with each slam into her.

I was growling, then, a bestial cry of joy and triumph. Mia answered with a deep snarl like some great engine at speed. Clutching the enormous furry body I climaxed and panted and spurted into her, driving my penis with hammering thrusts. Nothing else was there but I and Mia's gigantic tawny back and the feel of her pussy clenching my shaft, the sensation of merging with the huge creature crouched under me giving me all her sex; the rest was just a whirl of surrounding trees and bushes and warm sun on my bare back and ass. "Oh, MIA!!" I roared, and Mia roared back as she was taken and mated for the first time in her beautiful big pussy.

Breathing hard I slowed and stopped, hanging onto her as though I might fall off her powerful back. When I got back my strength I drew my penis out of the ligress's vagina and let go of her so she could flip onto her back and roll in ecstasy, great huge paws waving in the air, and, eventually, stood up. My dick was wet. Limp and spent, but wet. My balls ached pleasantly.

I looked back at the others. Frank was still taping with his camera; Sylvia gave me a wave. I knelt and pushed my face against Mia's, rubbing skin against her lion-tawny, tiger-striped fur, and got a friendly headrub in return. "Thanks, Mia," I whispered. She draped a colossal front paw around my head, pulled me in gently, and actually licked me, once. "Goodbye, lover. I'll see you again, soon, I promise." I nonchalantly picked up my clothes and walked back to the others, proud of the way my dick swung to and fro, and positively buzzing after my first experience with the biggest cat in the world.

Mia and I made love several times more during my visit. I was allowed carte blanche, so to speak, to enter her enclosure – on the proviso that I helped clean and tidy when possible – and strip off and mount her gorgeous body in the sun. Mia got used to me surprisingly quickly, by the time I had to leave Frank and Sylvia's farm she was actually soliciting to me, purring like a truck going up a hill and turning her tawny rump to crouch with her tail in the air. I let Frank and Robb videotape me having sex with her, and we watched the tape in their lounge afterward. This inspired all of us to… well, more on that later!

I remember one sunny afternoon where I played with the huge kitty. For her size, Mia was very playful when she got in the mood – the lion half of her romped with me through the woods and twice tried to knock me over, chasing and then being chased, man and ligress running and panting after each other. Then the tiger half splashed into the pool that embraced one side of her enclosure, swishing water with her tail. Pulling off my shoes, then all my clothes, I dived in with her. She splashed and tried to duck me, sending great arches of water from her paws and making a prodigious amount of noise. I laughed and climbed playfully onto her back, and rode the great cat around her pool, thrilling at the play of muscle under her soft pelt, the roll of her shoulders as she swam. Crouched as though on a racehorse, I felt a distinct rhythmic to-and-fro of Mia's back against my bare genitals – and my penis stiffened pleasantly.

Would she let me do it? I knew she was still very much on heat, and the thought of her soft wet pussy around my cock aroused that part of me further, but to my knowledge no man had ever mated a big cat in the water before. Would she let me do it?

One way to find out. I slid back over the ligress's powerful rump, immersing my ass in the warm clear water, and held onto the ligress's hips. Mia seemed content to tow me through the water like this with her paws going like paddlewheels, head up, hindquarters moving under me in a highly erotic rhythm. Almost on instinct I pressed my naked loins in between Mia's haunches – and she slowed down, treading water now, gazing ahead of her.

I fumbled a bit – hanging onto the cat's rear with both hands meant I had to feel my way under her tail with my unaided cock, but the warm water and the feel of mounting her this way brought on my full erection. There it was – the pad of Mia's vulva, familiar from our previous matings, open and inviting. I clutched her hand and drove my penis into the cat. Mia gave a soft growling purr, still treading with slow movements of her paws. I began stroking in and out of her, making the purr grow louder. The feel of water sloshing around my testicles aroused me – in seconds the burning passion lit and I was pounding into the gorgeous huge ligress while she treaded water with her front paws and splayed her hind legs to let me fully into her vagina. We climaxed almost at the same time – I groaned and Mia yowled and her pussy canal tightened around my penis. And then she flipped around and dived while we were still coupled.

I caught a breath at the last instant, then my world was a dizzying vortex of water and love, the giant furry body writhing as I rode this wonderful free spirit. She hit bottom with her front paws and tumbled around with me still on her rump – I realised this was the aquatic version of a feline orgasm. Her vaginal muscles clenched and clenched exctiedly. Then she surfaced again with a sluicing of water; she shook her head, then her body, and twisted around to clasp me in her great velvety paws – dislodging my manhood from between her legs.

We swam together, side by side, I doing my best to match her powerful kitty-paddle. When we finally hauled out of the pool we lay alongside each other to let the hot sun dry Mia's fur and my naked body.

The next day I took her on her back. With her hind legs open like that I could give her some cunnilingus – and could study her pussy closely for the first time, stroking the dark pouting labia with their encircling hood of tawny fur, playing gently with the seam that opened up pink under my curious fingers, tickling the fleshy nub of her clitoris so she flinched and arched her hips upward with her eyes opening wide.

"You like that, girl?" I said softly. Encouraged, I bent my head between the thighs of this lioness-tigress and began exploring Mia's pretty vulva with my tongue. She lay there, just lay there, the massive legs that could power a twenty-foot leap spread obligingly open as I ran little circles around the pad of her entrance. I curled my tongue into that warm moist gap; Mia jerked again when I touched her clit in its soft hood, and a purring growl emerged from her jaws. I pressed my lips to hers and pushed deep inside, astonished at the specialness of this, licking the pussy of a twelve-foot giant cat while she gave it to me. I felt warm, joyful, excited, loved… and in my shorts there stirred the feeling of readiness.

I licked Mia with gentle strokes, tonguing, nibbling, sucking, enjoying the spiced-salt taste of her vagina – quite different to that of a woman – and making her roll slowly to and fro on her back. The ligress's enormous fore paws waved in the air, and I could tell she was ready.

Disengaging, I stood and drew off my shorts – that wonderful bare naked feeling in the Arizona sun – and mounted the great cat. She let me climb onto her fluffy spotted belly, widening her hind legs, and in seconds my searching manhood had found its target. Slowly, I eased into the cavern within. Just a couple inches. I thrusted a few times, then, teasing her, pulled out.

Mia looked up at me over her chest, paws dangling limp, with a puzzled expression in her yellow-orange eyes. Grinning I teased her again, stroking my penis against the ligress's pussy and easing it in just a little way. Mia relaxed with a dreamy expression. I moved rhythmically with gentle little pushes that made her labia open slightly with each push; squirming on her back the huge kitty jerked her hind legs in synchrony, opening them wider. Two front paws clasped together around my back, I felt the weight of them as well as the sensual softness.

Mia wriggled under me, getting into a better position, and then brought her pelvis up against me in an effort to get my penis to penetrate her properly. Chuckling I pulled back, leaving her bare pussy and her back paws sticking up on each side of my buttocks. She gave a sort of complaining groan, "aauuoowgghhh", and the great fore paws raked clawlessly across my back. I nuzzled my crown back between those wonderful supple labia, making her jerk in reflex. She rolled impatiently on her back, giving a deep grumble. I gazed fondly into those liquid gold eyes and the face, three times as big as mine with its cute flecks of tiger stripes and lion spots, and finally let her have it all.

Slowly, letting it linger, I inserted my towering cock into Mia's pussy. The teasing of before had heightened her senses and mine, grunting softly the pony-sized cat arched her hips into my penetration, tail flicking excitedly to and fro, and the exquisite sensation of entering her vagina brought on a wild, animal surge within me. In seconds I was bracing my hands up on Mia's chest fur and pounding, driving in and out of the ligress with audible grunts of effort, my back aching with the sustained strokes but I ignored it in the joy of unbridled sex. Mia rumbled and purred with ecstasy and the huge paws paddled and stroked my bare torso. Her head was lifted back, eyes slitted in bliss, jaws parted slightly so she could moan with the sound of a deep bass horn. "Mia, you beautiful big lover, you pussycat," I panted. She replied by tossing her great head and forcing her pelvis up into my hammering thrusts, hind legs apart, grinding herself against my loins like a sponge on a dinner plate. The ring of muscles hugged my penis in urgent spasms, rubbing against it with the ridges that line all cats' vaginas, catching the flange of my head with each stroke outwards and making her flinch and growl reflexively.

I came violently, roaring my climax, hugging Mia in my arms so her giant furry underside rubbed against my chest and stomach, rub rub rub, a beautiful sensation. Her jaws were agape in an ecstatic snarling howl of her own. When I slowed at last I lay on top of the huge kitty's stomach, breathing heavily. My balls ached between my thighs, having emptied what felt like a pint of cum into Mia. She looked up into my eyes with a poetic expression of dreamy satisfaction, then began that rolling to and fro on her back that female cats do after sex. Exhausted, I climbed off and slowly stroked that great spotted tummy, explored her four gorgeous nipples, caressed the sand-colored fur of this lioness-tigress. Mia, finished with her post-coitus rolling, draped her forepaw around the back of my head, pulled me into her face, and licked me with a tongue the size and texture of 80 grit sandpaper, gently and affectionately.

Part 14:

Frank mated with Belle the collie bitch, on the lounge carpet while we watched and Robb videotaped. Most people who don't understand think zoophile men just grab and shag anything with a cunt between its hind legs, having no manners or even regard for the animal's feelings. Frank loved Belle the way I do my big cats – kneeling behind her, holding the collie's hips in gentle hands, sliding his bare dick sensually in and out of her luscious heart-shaped pussy while she stood legs apart and let him all the way in. Her eyes were narrowed in bliss, head lowered, tail curled up over her butt so we could all see the action. It was like a page from the kama sutra, the book of love.

Frank did speed up, of course, but only with Belle's permission – she pushed backward into his thrusts and began to dance slightly on her hind paws. Frank clasped and humped like a male dog, giving her what she wanted while Robb brought the camera in between his thighs. "Good shot of her puss," Robb commented.

"Here I cum," Frank groaned. "Good girl, Belle, gooood girl… " His breath hissing as he controlled himself, Frank pounded and climaxed suddenly. He grunted, then slowed, stroked Belle's furry head, and finally drew his penis out of the collie's vagina. Cum dripped and trickled.

Meanwhile Robb and I became shepherds. Well, if associating with plump fleecy ewes in a zoophile way is being a shepherd! I mounted one in her field, and Robb crouched behind another, both our dicks swinging naked and erect before plunging into the wet pink cushions within each dark pussy. Both our ewes stood there hind legs apart taking us quite happily in their vaginas, their pendulous udders swaying with the rhythm of our thrusts. In the lounge, at Frank's invitation, I had a go at Belle the border collie – this was the first time I'd mated with a dog, after Mia's great size she seemed small by comparison as I took her doggy style from behind, kneeling and clutching and thrusting bare-assed while the others watched, but there was no mistaking Belle's excitement as she felt my cock slide in and out of her capacious warm pussy. The fluffy black-and-white bitch braced her back paws and actually humped backward in time with my own thrusts into her, making her clitoris rub against my penis (and the tags jingle on her collar). Frank chuckled behind me, watching, and Robb worked the camera, and suddenly I felt Syl's small cool hand caress my ballsack while I pistoned in and out of the bitch's vagina.

When I pulled out, Sylvia took my aching cock and stroked it with her tapered fingers .. then she began the sexiest striptease in front of us, swaying her naked body to a silent music before actually rubbing the soft curly hair of her pussy against my face. Frank giggled, watching her.

Sylvia crouched doglike and grinned at me over her shoulder. "C'mon tigerman, fuck me like a tigress!" I knelt up behind her and caressed her pert round butt cheeks, then the pink clamshell of her vulva, then, with Frank watching and Robb videotaping it all, I gave Sylvia the root of a lifetime. She panted and moaned with her girlish breasts bobbing under her arms, lifting her ass into me like Gina the tigress does. I clasped those two alluring buns and pounded into her, making her yelp in climax.

"You kinky bastard," came Frank's grinning observation as he watched me shag his girlfriend. "You have sex with HUMANS?" He and Robb laughed and Robb got the camera right in between my thighs as I drove my manhood in and out of Sylvia's velvet-soft well. Syl had her hands palm downward on the carpet now, forearms stretched out and her face low as if she really was a tigress being mated. Just when I was about to cum she jerked and quivered her entire body and pulled out from under to roll onto her back and open her shapely long legs to me.

I climbed on top, reinserted my penis, and loved her hard on the lounge carpet, pounding and hugging while she did something no big cat ever did – pressed her lips to mine in a wild open kiss.

Sylvia threw her head back to shriek her orgasm, her whole body sliding back and forward along the shagpile carpet while Shakespeare's beast with two backs hugged and humped and writhed in ecstasy. Her breasts pressed nipple-firm into my chest. Her fingernails raked across my neck and back; I slid full length into her vagina, merging my dark pubic curls with her mouse-brown pussy fur, and felt the girl's snug sex canal clench my shaft, then instincts took control of me and I hammered into her in a series of animal thrusts, gripping her in a boa hug, making her yelp and squeal in pleasure again. Her fingers clawed my head and the back of my neck.

We were both out of breath when eventually I heaved myself off Sylvia's supine body; I kissed both her nipples, remembering how Suki the lioness likes it. Still clutching my head with her fingers twined in my hair, Syl turned her face to Robb with a sly smile. "Okay, boy – your turn! Fuck me like a tigress on heat!"


I'd always suspected there was something wild about Sylvia, from the time I first met her. Over the week Robb and I spent at their farm I felt more and more comfortable about making love with Frank's girl – as long as Frank was there to grant silent smiling approval. It was hard to believe we'd been there a week, it seemed like only two days ago that I had mated Mia the Giant Kitty Cat in her lush enclosure. Mind you, I'd been working hard as well as loving hard, there were animals to feed, eggs to collect from the hen house, an entire trailer of firewood to chop and stack, a fenceline that needed rebuilding, and Robb fired up the digger's diesel motor while Frank watched under the cover and swore uninhibitedly – the new water pump seal was leaking just like the old one. But the night after I'd fixed the sagging fence line I came into the house to meet a familiar smell – feline, like spiced honey, that of some big cat, and a woman's voice muffled by bedroom walls.

"Good boy, Lebo. Come on… there… good boy… "

I never knew they actually let Lebo the lion into the house at times. With my heart suddenly thumping I went down the short hallway to the door of Frank and Sylvia's bedroom – it was partly open, and when I peered in my eyes widened at the sight.

Lebo was crouched on the king-sized double bed, his giant front paws either side of Sylvia's naked hips and his tasselled tail draped over the bed end… and his proud bluff muzzle pressed into the valley bewteen Sylvia's loins. He was licking her, very gently and slowly.

"That's good, Lebo. Keep going. Good boy." She stroked the lion's enormous maned head. He nuzzled his nosepad into her soft pubic hair and lapped at Syl's exposed pussy the way a cat laps water. Naked and beautiful on her back, Syvlia slowly rocked her slim smooth body to and fro, caressing her breast with one hand while stroking Lebo with the other. Lick, lick, lick lick. The lion's wide pink tongue caressed her vulva rather than stroked it. Perhaps she had taught him to do it this way – I know for a fact the tongue of a big cat is very rough, like muscular moist sandpaper, and were I to have my penis licked by, say, Gina the tigress I wouldn't want her to be too hard…

I thought, then, of getting myself licked by a tiger, but then the scene on the double bed changed even as I watched unseen from the doorway. Sylvia slipped her fingers into Lebo's mouth, then smeared his saliva all over her pussy. He growled with delight and lapped faster – Sylvia gradually drew her knees up either side of the lion's great head, then abruptly clutched him and pulled his muzzle down into her suddenly writhing and rolling loins. "Oh… ohhh… Lebo, good boy… " Her head was back now, her eyes narrowed. His tongue mounded around the girl's bare fluffy mons, spreading her labia open with each lick. Sylvia bucked upward with one violent hip-thrust, screamed her orgasm, and lay back again, moaning in pleasure. Lebo the lion continued licking her.

I stole a glance under the big cat's tail as he crouched. His genitals were visible, two round fat balls and the thick stubby sheath of his lionhood covered in short tawny fur, pressed to the bedcover and moving in a slight rhythm as he worked between Sylvia's naked legs.

I wonder, I thought – I just wonder…

Sylvia's eyes opened fully and she smiled and patted her bare breasts. "C'mon Lebo, c'mon, you know what to do." The lion rose slightly and moved forward on big paws to straddle her body with his. She stroked his head, running her fingers through the dark mane hair. His ballsack swayed pendulously, big and proud. I envied him.

Lebo lay down on top of the girl and playfully licked her face and brunette hair. She giggled. "Come on, Lebo, do it properly." He lifted himself up, spread his hindquarters, and squatted with his loins pressed to hers. He began to thrust. Syl slid a hand down between his splayed haunches. "Let's get your magnificent big penis out." Her hand cupped the lion's sliding sheath and gently folded it back, exposing a bold arrow-tip of pink. Lebo jerked at the touch, then crouched and rubbed it against Syl's pussy hair. His big gold eyes stared ahead of him.

"Down a bit, a bit further… there! Oh, good boy… oh, yeahhh… " Lebo had got his rigid tapered organ into the cleft of Sylvia's vulva and was humping with small gyrating pushes that made the bed creak. His testicles dangled heavily. "Put it in – all the way into me… "

Growling with anticipation the lion planted his big paws astride Sylvia's shoulders, braced his haunches against her thighs, and pushed his suddenly erect penis into her vagina. Sylvia cried out when it entered. He pulled it out, wriggled astride her, and slid it back in, the long erect taper of pink disappearing within Sylvia's puffy orchid. He began to thrust – not like a man with long strong strokes, but with a small dance of the hips that jerked his meat out and back into the girl, making her wriggle and moan with passion. Lebo growled and licked her face, whiskers brushing across her long hair, smothering her nippled breasts with his mane. He swayed his crouching haunches to and fro, then, straddling her, the lion drove his penis into Sylvia's vagina with a single powerful thrust that flattened his great ballsack against her perineum. His genitals twitched rhythmically, pulsing, pumping his maleness into her. Sylvia breathed a scream and held onto Lebo's massive shaggy head as he lifted in a climactic groan – scrabbling with his back paws the big cat pulled his glistening dick out of the girl's pussy cleft and reared backward off the bed, landing on the floor with a vibrating thump and his lionhood swinging hard and heavy between his hind legs.

Sylvia called to him. "Lebo." Soft and alluring. The huge cat looked at her quizzically with those big intelligent eyes, watching as she writhed around onto her hands and knees and raised her beautiful pert ass. The opposite of what she had done for me, and Lebo seemed to understand. Maybe part of his training again – becasue a male lion is not normally inclined to mount a naked woman on the bed and mate with her.

Lebo put out a curious paw. Syl looked back over her shoulder with an open smile – "C'mon, boy, here! – and patted her bare bum. Lebo stretched his muzzle forward into the furrow beneath her butt cheeks, took a few cautionary feline licks at the girl's pussy, then clambered back onto the bed and straddled his huge body astride hers. The cat's big genitals dangled under him. He crouched over Syl's naked ass and she braced up into his weight with her legs spread and her tits bobbing beneath her arms, exposing her girl parts. Licking the back of her neck the big lion straddled her rump, unsheathed his magnificent glowing penis, and prodded with exploratory thrusts before finding his soft, wet target. He slipped easily into the cleft she presented and, unlike most copulating felines, actually began to hump her vigorously like a man.

Sylvia writhed and moaned when she felt Lebo's penis go in. She arched her ass higher, struggling momentarily to brace against his eager ball-swaying thrusts, and I could see the cat's massive erection plunging deep into her vagina with each stroke. He gripped the back of Syl's head with his jaws and pounded into her lifted rear, burying his penis thrust after thrust. Her hands clutched the bedcover as though hanging on to what little decency she had left, here crouching naked while being mated by a huge African lion. Her pretty head was lifted back in a rhythmic squeal of climax. Behind her I watched Lebo's big tapered cock slide and jerk in and out of Sylvia's pussy, watched his plump tawny ballsack swing to and fro as he fucked the girl on the bed, watched cum trickle from the merging of lion penis in human vagina as he treaded his big hind paws astride her and snarled and twitched and humped.

"Good boy, Lebo – good boy!" Her voice was breathy now. Growling and yelping the great shaggy beast drove his cock into Syl's pussy in one last powerful heave, making her cute little breasts bob and jiggle, then with a loud grunt the lion pulled his lionhood out of the eager vagina and leapt off Sylvia to land, again, on the floor with a resounding thud that vibrated through my feet nearly a yard away. A marvellous view of his penis sliding wet and dark pink back into its sheath of fur, and Syl crouching there with her ass raised and soft bite marks on her neck and shoulders and copious watery lion cum dripping form between her labia. She was breathing hard. Lebo growled passionately, standing over her, his tail swaying to and fro.

I had a massive hardon stretching the front of my pants. As quietly as possible with a pounding heart, I crept away, astonished at what I'd witnessed.

Part 15:

It was next day, after I'd mated Mia on her back in the sun, that I plucked up the courage to tell Sylvia and Frank what I'd seen. Frank smiled, and Syl laughed out loud. "I'm not really supposed to have the lion in the house," she explained – "he lives in his enclosure now, with Tasree his mate. But we raised him as a cub. He was just on two years old when he started showing he wanted a lioness – rolling around with his dick sticking out erect, that sort of thing – and because there was none available at that time I decided to let him, y'know, have a try at mounting me instead. It was a while before he really was up to the full performance, learning to get his penis out when I crouched and presented to him and climb onto my back. But I was pretty darn sure he could be taught to do it. Ever heard of Mabel Stark?"


"She was a tiger trainer back in the thirties. She had a circus act where one of the male tigers would be wrestling her on the ground in front of the audience, it looked real scary like he was trying to attack her, but in reality the tiger would be on her like a tigress and rubbing his erection against her pants. She wore white so the cum wouldn't be noticed. It's been said by some people that in private she would actually strip off all her clothes in the cage and let the male tigers mount her and insert their penises, one after the other, until she had multiple orgasms with the animals. She taught them to take turns at fucking her. Reading about her inspired me to train Lebo."

"How did you get into the zoophile scene?" I asked Frank.

"I lost my virginity to a little pony mare," he replied. "I'd had a frustrating experience with a girl who just didn't want to have sex with me, and the next day I was on my friend's farm – he'd asked me to give the ponies a rub down, and when I came to do little Vixen, well, when I got to stroking the brush around her hindquarters she kept lifting her tail up to show me her pussy. It was a beautiful sight, a real stirring vision. Those big soft black labia, between her beautiful round cheeks. It was an odd thing, but just the sight of Vixen the pony's pussy really made my dick stir and get hard in my pants."

"Right with you there buddy," agreed Robb with a mischievous grin.

"There was no-one else there. I thought about it a long while before I got up the courage – finally I dropped my pants, feeling kinda weird getting butt naked behind a pony in a horse stall, got myself nice and erect for her, and kinda fiddled around before I finally got my dick into her vagina. After that, well, I was away. I humped that eager little girl until my back ached and so did my balls when I just poured myself into her, spurt after spurt. Vixen backed up into me, trying to get more of my penis inside her while I humped her cute little curvy ass. I pulled out eventually and splashed a couple more times all over her coat, and I nearly blacked out with sheer pleasure."

Sylvia piped up then. "I lost my zoo virginity to a male husky. I'd already gone to bed with a man – I didn't really intend to get with an animal, I never even thought about it. But one day – this was before Frank and I met – I was at a friend's place, staying there for a few days while they were out on vacation. Looking after the house. And, um, the dog. He was a full grown purebred husky – biiiig dog. His name was Mac.

"Well, this one day I'd had my evening shower after taking Mac for his daily walk, but when I stepped out I realised I'd forgotten to get my bath towel. Well – no-one else in the house, so I went through to the bedroom stark naked, got a towel, went back to the lounge, and began drying off in front of the fire. Natually, Mac wanted to see what I was up to. He circled around me and sniffed. He was fascinated – I usually dried myself in the bathroom, perhaps this was a novel experience for him, a woman without her clothes on. He actually nudged my ass a couple of times with his muzzle, so I kinda pushed him away.

"Anyway, I dried and put on a little powder. then wrapped the towel around me and tried to turn the TV on. The TV satellite box was under the TV for some reason, and so to turn it on I had to kneel down there to push the button. That made the towel ride up my back, exposing my bare ass. Well, Mac didn't waste any time – next thing I knew the big shaggy dog was clambering onto my back, climbing on board like mounting a bitch on heat, and he began to hump. I was being humped by a DOG!

"I was well aware of my ass sticking up naked and exposed, and of my pussy between my legs, and I think he was too because next thing I felt his furry sheath poke into it. Poke poke poke, then a hard thing began nuzzling my pussy lips. I knew it was his penis. And he knew he was getting into my vulva. Mac suddenly tensed up his front paws around my hips, leaned his powerful chest along my back, and began humping for all America. I was in two minds about getting done by a dog on the lounge floor, but I can tell you my heart was pounding with excitement. I actually felt a little driplet trickle from my pussy. And yeah, my rump was lifting up into Mac's thrusts.

"His penis was suddenly feeling much bigger, like it was swelling with erection, and I knew he was going to go all the way with me whether I was ready or not. He jabbed a few times with this thing that felt like a hot hard tool handle, pushing open my labia, and I wondered what a dog's penis looks and feels like – anything like a man's? – and then the great humping mutt slid his organ right into my vagina. It was incredibly thick and rock hard, but slick and real hot if that means anything, I remember crying out when it went in, just this loud gasp of desire and release at being penetrated by this huge solid dong, and the sensation of him clutching me and thrusting hard and fast on top of me.

"His front claws gripped into my waist, it hurt but I didn't want him to stop and no way was he gonna stop anyway, he was just mating me like a bitch. The towel slid away from my boobs, and I felt the cool air rush around my nipples, and here I was stark naked in the lounge being deliciously fucked by my friend's big husky. My head was back and I was gasping with arousal while he mounted and pulled me back and humped his enormous penis inside my vagina. And it felt so good!

"Then I felt a great hard bulge slip into me – it was his knot, I knew about the knot because I used to watch dogs having sex – and realised he was doing the whole thing with me. That big lump rubbing back against my clitoris tipped me over the edge, I was dizzy with passion while Mac pounded my naked body and I screamed my orgasm under him. He was climaxing too, he was holding onto my body so hard I could hardly move, with his front legs trembling and gripping, and his big dong pushing deep inside me with every thrust, and I felt these splashes of hot cum spurting right into my cervix.

"Well, then Mac stopped his frantic pounding and stayed there on top of me, still holding me tight, and panting. Saliva drooled from his tongue onto my neck. That huge hard thing of his flexed powerfully in my vagina, and I felt my muscles gripping him in a reflex. Then he got off my bare back, turned around, and tied with me, butt to butt like dogs do. It took five minutes for his penis to go down before he could pull it out of me. I'd never felt so wanted or loved in all my life. I'd been given animal love – by a husky dog!"

"And now you do it with a lion," I added.

"You bet," she grinned. "You've gotta understand, I love my man and nothing will come between me and Frank. But we both have the zoo/bi lifestyle, and it keeps us together, because we both understand and accomodate each other. You see?"

Frank reminded us that tomorrow was our last day here, and Robb added that his own animals would be pining for him and myself. "You know what I mean?" he said to our hosts with a wink. They laughed. So we had another video evening, and I went to bed later on thinking of Mia, and Frank and Sylvia, and how lucky I was to have such great friends.


The video show started with Die Hard II and Bruce Willis's battle against both the terrorists and the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of the airport chief cop. Then Frank turned off the lights and put on more of his animal porn – a beautiful slutty mare getting shafted by the stallion's great dick, a tigress lying sprawled with her vagina exposed while the male writhed and humped and yowled his climax on top of her.

Watching the tiger's big balls sway as he penetrated his mate, I saw Frank undoing the front of Sylvia's pants. By the time we got to the bit where the tiger pulls his penis out of the tigress Syl was lying back on the couch with her legs and hips and furry pussy bare in the pale light from the screen, and Frank was nuzzling the soft hair with his face. While a shaggy German Shepherd male climbed onto his bitch and humped against her rear Frank got on top of Syl and inserted his manhood, beginning to pound her while the screen dogs mated with vigorous thrusts and yelps; Robb undid himself and fucked Sylvia on the couch while wild stallions mounted their mares with great heaving sweaty bodies and gleaming turgid dicks, and I got my turn in Sylvia's beautiful hair-soft pussy to the accompaniment of lions straddling and shagging lionesses and two male cheetahs sharing a compliant female between their rampant arrowhead penises.

The next day I made love with gorgeous huge Mia for the last time – crouched on her paws, the way she likes it, and pushing her rump insistently up into my thrusting haunches. Her vagina felt softer and looser now than when I first mated with her, more used to the size of my erection. Afterwards we cuddled in the long grass of her enclosure, Mia pressing her great tawny fur against my skin with a paw draped across my bare butt.

Syl gave us a second show with Lebo the lion, this time in his own home, lying naked in the grass while the lion rose up on his paws astride her and worked his penis deep into her muff, her nipples stiff and erect with arousal under Lebo's bouffant mane. Lebo roared and his testicles dangled and Syl pulled the big cat down on top of her at her own climax, gasping and moaning pleasantly with her head back.

Finally, we had to go. Robb eased the old Chevrolet down the crunchy gravel drive until we couldn't see Frank and Sylvia waving any more, then over the clay road back towards Yuma and our own home. I felt a little sad – but thinking of Gina the tigress, and looking forward to comparing her with Mia, cured my parting sorrow and I grinned at Robb on my left.

He smiled back. "Good friends, huh? We'll meet them again soon."

Part 16:

"Hello, Gina."

The tigress yawned generously, showing off her huge pink mouth and magnificent canines. She looked at me with a sort of "oh, hello, where have you been?" disposition, grunted, and went back to washing her front paws. I laughed.

"C'mon, you big kitty, let me at least give you a stroke."

Gina stood up with the fluidity of all cats and slowly padded up to me. She licked her lips once, perhaps reminding me of her hunger. And not the sort that involves ordinary meat either – she'd been on heat while I was away, and almost certainly had been craving a different kind of meat in her pussy.

Now she was on again, and a little irritable. She bunted her head against mine rather indifferently, more or less let me run my fingers through her stripey fur, and then turned away to lie down again, some distance away, and resume her tongue wash.

When you work with big cats you quickly get a sixth sense for their moods, indeed it's a bit like real language after a while, with its implicit undercurrents as well as explicit statements. Gina was annoyed that I'd left her, and hadn't quite gotten over her righteous sulk with me when I returned from Yuma, but – and I noted this carefully in her body talk – hoping I would actually read her "no" as a tenative "yes".

Still, you do not make a mistake with an animal who's capable of clawing your head off your shoulders within three seconds. Slowly, as though with a cherished lover with whom you've just had a senseless tiff about absolutely nothing, I approached Gina the tigress and crouched at her head. She glanced at me and went on licking her paws. head bent – but with her beautiful eyes watching me from the corner, as it were.

I spoke out loud. "Gina, honey, I'm sorry I was away. But I'm back now. Can I stroke your head? The way you like it?" I extended a hand – abruptly she lifted her muzzle and sniffed with wary intrigue. I knew she could tell the scent of Mia the ligress, despite that that was two days ago and I'd washed since. Gina held her nose close to my hand, inhaling, testing, deciding.

The tiger stood up, rolled her head to one side, and rubbed her whiskered cheek right across my face. Laughing I pressed my hand to her forehead and stroked the splay of furred stripes the Chinese say spells their word for Royalty. Gina nuzzled her face into mine and licked my mouth with her hot coarse tongue, curling a paw around my neck in a hug.

"Thanks, girl. We're back together again."

Gina turned and bounced away across the grass of the enclosure, threw herself on her back, and rolled to and fro in a parody of a cat's post-orgasmic response. Her legs were spread, and I saw her vulva behind the lashing excited tail. It turned me on straight away.

"Okay, here I go." I stripped my shirt off and threw it on the grass, followed by my boots and socks. Gina flipped onto her paws and trotted up to rub against my body, then flung herself upside down again and played the air with her paws. I tried to smooth my hand down the curve of her belly to that moist pink cleft, but Gina wriggled and leapt up again, galloping away through the grass. I followed at a run.

She stopped at last with a sly glance over her shoulder. Panting I caught up with the big kitty, and she reared and leapt on me, toppling me to the ground so I disappeared under a heaving mass of muscles and fur and dry dusty warmth. She toyed with me, playbiting my face and head and arms, then leapt off and galloped away again. By the time I'd got my lungs working again and gone after her, there she was, wriggling to and fro on her back again with her hind legs invitingly open and showing me her pussy.

I approached again and crouched over the tigress's tail, and tenderly stroked the gateway to her sex. Gina flinched at the touch of my fingers, and let me slide a little way into that warm pink joy – then curled up and swatted me with a fore paw.

She lay back again, suggestively, her haunches still spread. Cautiously I fingered the tigress's pussy; this time she let me wriggle all the way until I touched her clit before slapping me gently over the head.

I pulled out and crouched, talking out loud. "Okay, I get it. Payback for leaving you for a week while you were on heat. Right?"

("And jealousy because you mated another female," I thought I heard her reply. "You tease me, I tease you. Fair's fair.")

With a smile, I pressed my fingertip into Gina's soft cleft, waited to see if she would let me, and this time, when I slid twisting into the depths within the cat widened her legs, slowed her wriggling, and stared upward into the sky. Her pussy tunnel was as tight and responsive as always. I eased in and out several times, emulating a male thrusting his penis, then withdrew from the heat and bent my head to lick the tigress out.

She enjoyed it more than usual, lying there, just lying there on her back with her eyes half-closed and legs apart, front paws dangling over her chest. I tongued and nibbled and licked, exploring the deep sweet-tasting well between her lips, playing with her tapered clitoris so the beautiful lady twitched and flinched her hips in response, exploring the two fur-covered slits that create a female cat's sex pheromones – the scent that calls a male cat, so close to her vagina where he must, once he's found her, insert his penis.

I inhaled her smell as she had mine. Strong, distinct, like spiced wine. It intoxicated me, as it surely must a male tiger. Her pussy spread open of its own accord, profound, wet, waiting.

My own dick was wet, and straining stiffly. I got my pants off in fits and starts, because I was still crouching, and with impatient struggles stripped off my cotton briefs to let my manhood sway bare and erect before the tigress. In seconds I was over on top of her, lowering my hips into the soft fur between her haunches and grasping my penis to guide and stroke its crown up and down the cleft of her vulva. Gina held her hind legs apart for me. With an audible "ahhhh" I sunk my shaft deep into the cat's wonderful vagina and began to thrust. Gina's front paws lifted and clasped behind my back and pulled me down.

My back arched of its own accord; I pounded heavily into my gorgeous furry lover so her body slid back and forward on the bright green grass and her hind feet swayed in the air. My testicles swung with each thrust, and I suddenly found I was grunting in rhythm. In seconds I was cumming into the tigress, cumming and spurting and pouring while humping her, and her claws were raking the skin of my back but I didn't care, it was so good, so warm and exciting and uplifting.

I stopped at last, panting, aware of the sun on my back and buttocks. The great claws held me there for some time. Then, bending her head – because, making love with a tigress on her back, a man's face only comes up to her throat – Gina opened her mouth and gave me a single soft, tender lick of thanks.

I squeezed her hard with my arms around the great stripey torso, breathed her intoxicating scent, then pulled my penis from the tigress's vagina, watching the lips fold closed over the head as I did, and a long trickle of semen creep from between the labia and down the root of her tail.

Gina chuffed gently her message to me – "you are forgiven, my human lover" – and let me go to roll post-orgasmically on the green grass of her enclosure.

I smiled and patted her, still butt-naked. It was good to be home again.


Sometimes it's a real sex-fest around Cx Zoo. I got dressed in Gina's enclosure and left the tigress to sleep in the sun. On my way past the lions I checked in on Caesar – he was already on top of Suki, straddling the lioness and heaving and writhing while she growled under him with her haunches splayed and lifted. He announced his climax with the staccato yelping of all male lions and pulled the most massive tapered heavy penis out of her pussy, and I chuckled approvingly. Suki snarled deep and loud and swatted him with her paw, clearly satisfied with his worthiness. When you hear lions mating, it's the male who makes the high-piched groaning yelping sound, and the female who makes the low continual growl.

A quarter hour later I went to open the gate to the feedlot for Robb's recently aquired shire horses… and saw the stallion up on his mare, poking between her hindquarters with his massive thick schlonger, prodding her pouty vaginal cleft. He slid it in just as I got there, making the mare stagger forward then arch her rump into his penetration. My own hips jerked in synchrony when it went in, and I thought of what it's like to have a mare's warm tight pussy wrapped around my cock. And, of course, said cock stirred and thickened in my pants…

It'd been a week since I'd been in Gina's enclosure, and after finishing my chores – in a bit if haste because I kept thinking of her – I went up the sidewalk, around the back of the tiger fence, and up to the gate that lets the staff in for – um, cleaning the enclosure.

Normally Gina hears me coming and bounces up to the fence, purring and chuffing in a tiger greeting, or even rearing with her front paws on the chainlink so I can put my hand through and rub her head and nose.

But not today. The tigress was nowhere that I could see. I called her name. No answer. I called again – "Gina, come on pretty girl, where are you?"

When you work with animals you quickly develop a kind of empathy. You know when things are well, and when they are not. Worried, now, I let myself into the enclosure. "Gina, honey?"

I prowled through the long rich grass, to and fro. Eventually I caught a glimpse of orange and black at the far end, behind a clump of mixed white-flowered shrubs. Cats hide when they are injured or sick, it's a natural instinct. Another instinct is to defend their hiding places, so I approach my friend cautiously, prepared for a charge and attack, talking all the time so she knew I was there and wouldn't be startled.

Gina was lying on her side, breathing heavily. She let me slide a hand in under the inside of her thigh to feel her pulse, at the femoral artery. It was fast and very irregular. Gina's eyes were glazed and staring at nothing, and I noticed a tremor in her paws. She growled at me, a low ominous sound.

Backing away from the tiger, I walked slowly away, careful not to trigger a defensive attack, vacated the enclosure, then picked up my cell phone. "Robb – I'm at Gina's compund. Call the vet, then get your ass down here right now!"


The veterinarian placed his stethoscope against Gina's heart, listened a moment, and said, "Yep, just as I thought. She's got some kind of toxin in her system. Trouble is, what, and how did she get it?"

I suddenly remembered the white flowered bushes. They'd recently appeared here in the tiger compounds. It's not a usual thing for cats to eat flowers, favoring as they do a nice meaty brisket instead – but sometimes…

"Robb, those shrubs. With the flowers."

We all three looked up at them. The vet sucked air in through his teeth. "Nerium species. Known to you as oleander. She might have been nibbling at them."

Gina was now lying unconscious in the grass, her breathing shallow, her heartbeat slow and erratic. With the help of other staff we got the tigress onto a stretcher and carried her inert 400 pounds into the zoo's sickbay. It's hard to see a friend so desperately ill, and to trust her completely to some other person. But Dr Tasker knew his stuff.

He performed a gastric lavage with basic equipment, clearing Gina's stomach as much as possible, then injected epinephrine to coax her heart. From the back of his car he got a self-activating defibrillator while we shaved the fluffy white fur from Gina's chest, and attached the electrodes, explaining that the machine would detect if her heart arrested and respond automatically. "It's designed for human use, but there's no reason why it wouldn't work on a tiger." After that he left, and I spent an all-night vigil with Gina. I slept very little by her side. Twice I heard the defibrillator sound its alarm, then the sharp click of electricity and Gina took an involuntary ingress of breath. I wanted to press myself right up against the tigress, put my arm around her great furry torso in comfort – but I'd been warned not to, in case I got a shock off the machine. All I could do was lie there beside my friend, praying for her…

Part 17:

I got only fractions of sleep, minutes at a time, really. Anxiety kept waking me into the darkness of the sickbay, terrified that I'd hear the silence of finality, of Gina's last voyage across the Rainbow Bridge. Defibrillator notwithstanding, I stroked and caressed the soft dense fur along her side, and listened for the reassuring surrusation of her breathing. It seemed more regular than before, deeper. I lay my palm on her chest, feeling the rise and fall. But her face had the serene grimace of coma; there was no response when I tapped the inside corners of Gina's closed eyes or touched her long stiff whiskers, a sure sign that she was deeply unconscious…

I woke again at four am. The half moon had drifted around and now beamed cold silver through the upper window of the sickbay, coloring the tigress's fur a ghostly grey and black, and that subliminal instinct that had woken me now alerted me to the silence I had dreaded.

I clambered over her and checked for her breathing. There was no rise and fall any more. Her body was very still. Shaking suddenly I felt for her pulse at the femoral artery, but I couldn't feel anything this time through the thick fur – either that or my panicking mind wasn't feeling for it properly.

The tigress's eyes were slightly open. Sometimes they open at the moment of death. Slowly, now, I pressed them closed with my fingers.

There was a twitch, a flicker. Then her whiskers quivered! As if in response to my touch Gina started breathing again – but she seemed to be struggling for breath. Her chest and stomach would heave several times, air sucking in and out through her parted mouth, then stop for a teeth-clenching few seconds. Then she'd go again. Each time she stopped I thought, this is it, she's gone, and there's nothing I can do. Rainbow Bridge, be ready to receive her…

But her breathing would start again, and so, for that matter, would my heart. Suddenly she inhaled a simply enormous lungful, stirred on her side, stretched out a front paw, and gave a deep, low meow. She panted several times. And then her eyes opened properly.

Gina looked up at me. I stroked her magnificent head. She made chewing movements and licked her jaws, then all four legs stretched out as though waking up from the deepest sleep, the claws emerging. And it had been a deep sleep indeed…

I removed the defibrillator leads and gently prised her jaws apart, pulling her tongue forward to help her breathing, which was still labored. Seemingly dazed, Gina meowed again, a low-pitched contralto sound. Then she looked up at me again, and the confusion slowly faded.

"Hello, Gina," I called softly.

Uuuuouuhww, she replied, and licked her lips again. A great stripey paw lifted and landed heavily on my arm, and the claws pulled me harmlessly in. With an arm confortingly around her the tigress sighed and snuggled her broad muzzle in against my neck. In the moonlight she looked so incredibly beautiful, and alive.


The other animals were subdued, because unlike many humans animals are sensitive to one another's condition. Chico and Mixli huddled together side by side, shoulder to shoulder, Caesar paced gravely up and down his compound emitting low-pitched "unggh"s as though calling the sick tigress, and Zak the tiger was in a grumpy mood, growling at me when I got near. There was no mating, no hand-jobs for Zak, and no thoughts in my mind of pussies' pussies. The whole world seemed to have slowed on its axis, the next day crawling in sympathy with Gina's weakness.

"She's not out of the woods yet," Robb grunted, crouching beside me as I stroked the female's torso. Gina looked up at us, the silent fight evident in her big dark eyes. I ran my fingers down the furry crest of her back where stripes overlapped stripes, inspiring her to move a little, awkwardly, into my touch. With a soft sigh the tigress relaxed against me and closed her eyes.

The creeping day saw me going about my chores with distraction, remembering Robb's comment. Gina could relapse at any time. I mucked out Suki's enclosure; the long lean lioness came up and gave a quiet questioning "auouww?" I stroked her head and stroked her ears, reassuring her with vocal tone. The wolves swirled around me, asking with their noses as I removed old bones from their compound. Only the birds seemed unaffected. At 4 pm a car rumbled up to the admin office and disgorged two familiar figures. Frank and Sylvia had driven non-stop when they got the news; after pleasantries were swapped I took them to the sickbay where Gina lifted her head to blink at us. Robb had been feeding her and she looked replete, but still weak.

Frank and Sylvia were allowed to pat the tigress. She licked their hands, followed by her paws. Then, for the first time, she heaved herself up on her front legs, paused, and stood fully in the straw. I almost heard the minor-key music change to major, and what underlined it was when Gina very gently leaned her massive stripey head into my hip and rubbed up and down.

"I want to take her back to her compound." My own voice startled me. "It's where she wants to be. Familiar surroundings."

"Good idea," Frank nodded.

"How?" asked Syl. I grinned.

"Walk her home. She knows the way." I got a leash and tied a loop around Gina's powerful neck while my friends watched with astonishment, and a bit of doubt. Gina had been leash-walked as a cub, and I felt sure she would remember her training.

I took the leash and walked the tiger around a few times. She was placid, obliging. Then we opened the sickbay door, and with no fuss at all, I took Gina back to her home.

There are always people at Cx Zoo – I should point out that our, umm, intimate adventures happen on weekdays when no man or woman who might object wanders the wide sidewalks. The crowds this time were thin, a few late afternoon stragglers thinking about returning to their parked cars – and then stopping dead to watch as I walked a gorgeous full-grown tigress on a leash, very casually, past them on our way to the compound. A few curious hands stretched out to pat Gina as she padded by. A four-year old hand in hand with his mother squeaked, "Mommy look – a doggie!", making me laugh – and put all the tension and angst of the last two days firmly in the "finished" basket.

Gina paused a few times to sniff the reaching hands and fingers, and ducked her head at the first attempts to pat her, but soon remembered her happy cubhood and let herself be touched and stroked and photographed. Frank and Syl took up the rear, making sure people didn't crowd Gina and make her nervous.

Eventually, delayed by too many photos and questions, I got Gina back home. I opened the gate, slipped the leash off, and the tigress bounded with sudden energy into the comfortable terra cognita of her compound, flying through the grass before settling down to roll on her back and rub ecstatically to and fro, waving her floppy paws in the air.

I caught up with her, rubbed her beautiful fluffy belly, and played with the four big dark nipples that protruded from her fur. She liked that – I know of no female mammal that doesn't – and squirmed pleasantly at the gentle teasing.

I looked around. The rock pile she liked to sun herself on was ready and waiting, the grass long and comfortable, and Robb had already laid on a great big dish of her favourite treat – chicken breast. And at the far end of her enclosure, someone had been busy with a spade. The oleander bushes were missing.

Part 18:

There are differences of opinion about which animal pussy is the best. Of course we zoos are all biased towards our individual pets, although I've talked now with enough fellow animal lovers to think there's a slight consensus: mare pussies are the nicest to fuck. Big, wet, tightly-muscled, and incredibly hot. Well, having screwed a number of female animal types I can sure agree, a pony mare is one of the most delicious animals a man can strip himself off for. Even just watching a man like Frank mount and fuck a pony from behind is enough to give me a woody. But I have to say in all honesty I prefer a tigress!

Gina had recovered from her gamble with death, and jumped about her spacious enclosure like a kitten chasing an imaginary leaf in the wind. After all, a cat is a cat no matter how big she is. But she wasn't on heat just yet, and it was another week before she showed me she was ready for sex, the usual way, rubbing her massive head agianst the chainlink fence and meowing in her deep tiger voice.

That was the day I knew she was fully herself again, and when I unlocked the side gate and went in, her kittenish play just about knocked me over. When 400 pounds of big kitty throws herself at you, you're gonna know about it! She swiped my legs with her paws and mock-bit at my knee, harmlessly, then trotted off to the center of the enclosure when the sun poured golden heat down on the bright green grass, and there crouched facing away from me. A pause, and she looked back over her shoulder. "C'mon you dumb human – mount me!"

"Okay, big girl, you have to give me a minute," I replied out loud. I pulled my shirt off over my head, letting the sun fall across my shoulders, then removed my boots and socks. I was trembling with desire. Gina watched over her shoulder, I swear the tigress was smiling at me. Her tail lay along the ground, its fat black tip switching to and fro like a wandering honey bee, but I kept glancing at her rear, the female's sex now hidden but the creamy fur of her haunches showing, erotic, enticing.

Talking to her I stroked down the ridge of her spine and playfully drew a finger along the black stripes each side of her rump. Gina wriggled and emitted a soft grunt. She half-rose on her front legs and bumped me heard with her head, then rubbed against my shoulder so her ears stroked the bare skin there. A message – insistent, but still my friend.

I laughed and kissed the great animal where stripes merged between her furry ears. Gina gave a soft grumble in reply, and hunkered back down on her chest and forelegs in the grass. I undid my belt and drew my pants down, off, aside in the grass next to Gina the tigress. Now I was naked, a stirring sight of my bare manhood limp but thick in its curls of hair, thoughts of the beautiful creatures it had now been in: lionesses, tigresses, a ligress, mares, bitches, ewes. I rubbed my hands down my buttocks, then settled down to business: crouching I stroked the big cat, feeling the rough silk of her fur and the powerful musculature down her back, smelling the dusty tiger scent, smoothing my hand down to the root of her tail. A sense of incredible privilege that this huge wild stripey predator chose to be my friend and lover.

Gina belly-crept forward on her front paws so her haunches rolled into the mating kneel, spreading and lifting on tiptoe to show me her moist pink pussy slit. In seconds I was firming up erect. and while she lay there patiently gazing ahead with her ass raised I mounted the tigress, straddling the splayed hind quarters and beginning to thrust, feeling for the now familiar cleft cushion of her vulva.

Gina jerked her head up and back at me, a feline "hurry it up will ya?" – and swayed her beautiful ass to and fro to help me. Suddenly I found it, the soft pliant lips of her pad against my crown, and with the long smooth stroke of experience I slid my penis into the tigress's vagina. Gina flinched and growled, but pleasantly, and I took the furry hips in my hands and began to stroke in and out of the great cat, between her obliging thighs. My balls swung back and forward. A steady rumble came from the other end.

Gina was experienced with me, too, by now: she pulled forward on her big front paws, lowered her head, and pushed back into my thrusts. Her tip-toed back paws gripped the ground with emerging claws. I worked myself into a slow steady rhythm astride the tigress, naked, my belly and loins pressed erotically to her soft fur, feeling the rolling play of muscles as she gently swayed her rump underneath me. The big cat's vagina tightened suddenly around my sliding cock and began to clench in its own sexual rhythm; at the same time the rumble became a deep purr of enjoyment. If I was a tiger I'd have been purring too, and that then reminded me of how a male tiger holds his mate during lovemaking.

Letting go Gina's wide undulating hips I leaned my chest along the ridge of her back and gripped the loose skin of her neck in both hands. The massive striped head lifted and her jaws opened to deliver a penetrating howl of delight. Holding her so I began humping the big female, pounding her. My testicles flopped between my splayed thighs, my dick raging erect in Gina's wonderful pussy, sliding deep with each penetration. Gina tipped her vagina up into a better angle – now I could let fly into the tigress with full-bodied thrusts, grunting in rhythm and hearing her howling purr of arousal. Before I knew it I was pumping hard into her receiving canal, merging myself with the beautiful tigress. A high-pitched roar escaped my mouth. Gina part rose on her paws and actually humped backward onto my penis, engulfing it with her honeyed tightness, matching my thrusts with her own until suddenly she snarled and leapt forward from under to clasp my head between two great paws. Even in orgasm the tigress was gentle – those paws could crush the skull of a deer – and I air-humped savagely with my dick swaying heavily and pouring cum all over the ground. Gina calmed within seconds, and nuzzled my loins, then began licking the wetness that was still oozing from my raging manhood. as always, I lay down naked with her and cuddled the tigress, pulling her head into my crotch and stroking her ears as she licked me clean all over.

"Welcome back, lover," we said to each other.


As I mentioned before, Frank and Sylvia had come over from Yuma when Gina was sick, to lend some much-needed sympathy and moral support. But that wasn't their only reason: Sylvia had a burning desire to mate with a pair of male tigers.

Our two tigers Tony and Zak were our choices as partners for Sylvia. Both were males in their prime, with big thick studded cocks, and were familiar with humans. Neither, however, had ever mounted a woman before.

Syl was confident. "I taught Lebo to put it in between my legs. I can teach a tiger." She stroked her crotch suggestively, and we laughed.

It was a busy day that we'd chosen for the first attempt. We needed the scent of a female tiger on heat, and Gina had just come on. Robb instructed me to get a sample of Parfum d' Tigresse, so off I went with a large medical swab and a tube of K-Y.

We'd put Suki in with Gina as a companion while she recovered, the two girls always got on well together, and as I walked up to the enclosure I also said a hello to Mixli the jaguaress in the next cage. She was also on heat, purring and rubbing her golden spotted body against the chainlink of her run. Seeing me coming the jaguaress turned on her purr and tried to charm me, putting a paw through the chainlink so I could pat it. "We'll have to see about you, girl," I said. "But first, I've got a job to do."

Gina and Suki both rose when I entered their shared area. Suki was the first to come up and sniff my proferred hand, with finesse like a lady. I patted the lioness on the head, and called Gina.

With a casual air she wandered up to me, her stripey ass swaying with perfect poise and balance, tail swaying gently. I crouched, and Gina gave me a soft headrub in greeting, chuffing with fluttering breath. I chuffed back and stroked both great heads – one tawny, the other striped. The girls lifted their heads and pressed in against each of my shoulders, one on each side, enjoying and returning my friendly gestures.

I put down the medical swab and gave Gina my full attention, trying to get her to turn around so I could swipe the pad under her tail. That's all it needed, to impregnate the swab with her irresistable Chanel Number 5. She wouldn't let me – the tigress kept turning to face me, getting first puzzled, then a little impatient.

Suddenly I realised the problem – I was still in my clothes! Laughing, I pulled off my shirt, drew my pants and briefs down, and shucked away my boots. Fully nude in the warm Arizona sun, I resumed caressing my two cat friends. This time Gina turned, crouched, and spread her hindquarters apart. The sight of the tiger's pretty pink vulva between the furry curves of her thighs made me forget the swab, squat into position behind her, hold onto her rump, and mount the beautiful animal while she rolled into the full mating pose – hind paws on tiptoe, ass raised to help me find my target. In seconds I found the puss's big soft pad and eased my cock in between the cushioned labia, into the tunnel of her sex, deep into the tigress's velvet vagina.

Gina grunted and pushed back, swaying her ass in pleasure. I gripped her and thrusted in and out, in and out, slowly. The big cat settled down on her front paws in the grass and let me penetrate fully between her haunches. With my arousal rising I lifted up slightly, held on, and began to hump the tigress with a series of pounding thrusts. My balls flopped back and forth. My dick slid wetly insiide the tigress's vagina.

Gina growl-purred her enjoyment, looking back at me… but before I could cum I brought her to a feline orgasm, yowl snarl yowl, then jumped off her and walked with my dick stiff and heavily erect to Suki.

Suki crouched and presented her gorgeous pussy between golden thighs. I mounted her, and held her furry torso as I slid my aching hard-on into the slit of her vulva. The lioness's vagina tensed then relaxed as I penetrated, and a deep rumble purred from the other end. She pawed the ground with her front claws and bucked her proffered rear up into my thrusting loins so I could get my penis fully into her vagina.

I pounded, groaned, and came inside the beautiful lioness as she lay there letting me do it, then I dismounted as Suki gave a rasping growl of orgasm. Brathing heavily with the glow of ecstasy, I looked over at Mixli, who was watching the proceedings with interest from her own cage. She gave a jaguar-sized miaow of impatience. I laughed gently, still panting, and wiped the excess off my still raging erection.

I stepped out of one enclosure, down the pathway, and let myself into the other, feeling delightfully naughty and naked. The concrete path and the grass of Mixli's enclosure felt good under my bare feet. I looked forward to the similarly good feel of the jaguar's deep, tight pussy.

Mixli trotted up to me, rubbed her head against my bare thigh, and sniffed my penis. It was still towering up from the nest of pubic hair, and carried the scent of the previous two cats. Mixli licked it, delicately, her rough tongue stroking with sensitivity around my crown. I lay down in the rich green grass while she was still licking me, rolled the jaguar onto her back, and buried my face down into the warm moist fur between her huanches. Mixli's pussy cleft spread into view, and I began to lick. My tongue found the salt-tasting gap between her labia and wriggled into its supple interior. Mixli flinched and purred, wriggling with delight while I went to work on her soft hot orchid and the little nub of her clit. Behind me, between my legs, the jaguaress's agile tongue continued swirling cleverly around the tulip of my penis and the pendulous balls in my scrotum. My hands were wrapped around her ass each side of her tail root, and her big soft paws were wrapped around my bare hips, pulling me down. Lick lap lick nibble lick.

She seemed fascianted by my pubes – sniffing and licking the short dense curls. I chuckled at the feel of her rough cat's tongue dragging rhythmically along my lower belly. It stopped, then resumed work on penis and balls, and I went for it with my human tongue into the cleft of Mixli's pussy.

I don't know how long we did this, before Mixli, excited, slinked out from under me, turned, crouched, lifted her tail, and presented herself to me.

Two down, one to go, I thought. I mounted with eagerness. I felt Mixli's vulva rise and press into my searching cock head; suddenly we were connected, my penis sliding deep into Mixli's hot tight vagina, and holding the purring jaguaress I humped and thrusted and pounded like a wild animal. I was out of cum, having spent myself inside Gina's welcome wetness, but Mixli enjoyed the sex act in her cage with the naked man on her back and the sun pouring down on us and my cock in her pussy.

I left the jaguaress rolling on her back in a post-mating glow, and went back to Gina's enclosure, still butt-naked with my dick now limp and aching, and rather out of breath, but feeling very, very sated – and loved.

I retrieved the swab, got Gina to lie on her back, and wiped the gauze cloth up and down her wet pussy several times, thoroughly imbuing it with her scent. Then – at her insistence, which I could not refuse – I mounted the big tiger belly to belly and made love to her with fierce feline passion. She rested her head back and gripped my back with her huge claws, splaying her hind legs wide as I worked my manhood in and out of her vagina, tail switching this way and that with excitement.

I stopped at last, exhausted, resting my head on Gina's fluffy cream throat and my throbbing balls in the fur between her haunches. Finally I drew my penis from the tigress's pussy, got dressed, and collected the swab. I kissed the tigress.

"See you again soon, lover." She chuffed a happy reply, and I headed back to the office building.

Part 19:

Before I get to Frank and Syl, and how we got two big male tigers to mount her one after the other, I'll take you back in time to an extra special session between me and Gina Tigress. It's a fact that sex, even with gorgeous exotic animals, can get a little sameish if you have too many sessions. While I was doing that part of my job at Cx Zoo which required me to mount and penetrate each female cat with my cock, I got somewhat jaded when the novelty wore off like the skin of my penis, as it were. Gina, my favourite four-pawed lover and friend, seemed to be at the same stage: she wanted a bit of variety in her love life, now.

It was Gina who came up with the idea. And believe me, when a big cat gets an idea and plays it out, you let her!

She came up to me when I entered her lush grassy enclosure. I kicked a football around for her, laughing as the huge stripey cat chased and pounced like a cub and rolled over and over through the grass while clutching and biting the ball. She punted it back to me, and I shot it into the gap between her front paws. Bat bat bat, to one side and the other, then what can only be described as a feline hook shot that elevated the ball through the air where it got wedged in one of the trees that grace the tiger compound.

I took off my shirt – it was a nother hot Arizona day – and climbed the tree. With ball in hand I jumped down and threw it to Gina, but now she wanted a different game: Treat Joe Like A Football.

"Ughhhh", I grunted as 380 pounds of muscular tigress cannoned into me and knocked me to the ground. Good thing that Gina knew I was not actually a football: her massive teeth gripped but did not bite, and the claws that raked (and usually deflated with a loud hiss) every ball I bought for her stayed sheathed as her big fluffy paws paddled down each side of my torso.

Gina jumped up and ran away, tail lashing with excitement. She stopped, half-crouched, and looked back at me. Not a mating crouch, with her belly on the ground and her hindquarters raised to offer her vagina, but a play-crouch, inviting me to run and pounce on her.

I leapt onto her orange-furred back. Delighted, Gina reared and rolled over, mashing me into the ground again, and joyfully rubbed her powerful wide cheeks against me. The paws held me in a gentle but definite grip.

She bounced away from me a few strides and "invited" me again. Slightly out of breath – these games we always loved to play tired me before they ever tired Gina – I merely sat up and laughed softly. In front of me, Gina sank to her paws in a mating stance. She knelt her hind legs forward to lift her beautiful stripey ass, tail arched, haunches splayed so I couldn't mistake the view of her soft pink pussy. Almost smiling, the tigress looked back at me over her shoulder.

I grinned, and took off my boots, my work shorts, then my boxer briefs. Fully naked again, I approached and crouched behind Gina, stroking her rump. "Okay, girl," I said. "Okay, there. You want me to mount you?" My cock was swinging and stiffening. I prepared to straddle the beautiful tigress, a hand each side of her flaring haunches, my loins pressing bare into the sexy furry valley between her thighs, under her raised tail. Soft fur rubbed againt my penis… but before I could feel for the big cat's entrance slit, she jumped up and turned around to face me.

That's often a sign that your feline paramour is suddenly annoyed at something, which makes me automatically stop and back away. We'd had sex too often, Gina and I; perhaps, as I said earlier, she was jaded and looking for variety.

But Gina's expression – cats really do have facial expressions – was mysteriously playful. Maybe I was about to be Treated Like A Football again, only this time in the nude. But no. Gina's movements were slow, seductive in fact, as she came back up to me and lowered her great head to my nether parts.

Crouched on my feet, I stroked the black-and-orange stripes that licked across the tiger's wide cranium, and as if licking was the order for today, Gina extended her equally big, wide tongue and took a tentative poke at my cock. It bobbed and swayed, still semi-stiff. The tigress sniffed intently as though tsting to see if my manhood was up to the task, then licked it again, just under the tulip-head where a man is most aroused.

Somehow she knew what to do. She licked that delicious little area, and my special friend grew fully stiff again within a few seconds. While I stroked the tigress's head she licked, licked, licked, stronger and quicker in each stroke of her raspy tongue, though still gentle enough that she didn't actually hurt me with this 80-grit weaponised sandpaper. I breathed in and out, relishing what Gina was doing to me, letting her snuggle her whiskered muzzle into the damp warmth between my thighs as the tongue licked and lapped eagerly.

She was working her way up my shaft now, quick rapid strokes, one side then the other. Reflexively my hips were beginning to undulate. Holding the tiger's head I lay down on my back in the sweet long grass, knees bent apart. Gina responded by going to town on my raging manhood, lick-lap-sclurp-licky-lick, up the shaft, swirling across my sensitive glans, around and around and down the other side until she found my balls.

"Ohhh GINA," I moaned as the soft gentle tongue drew under my ballsack again and again, making it sway heavily with each stroke, first one testicle then the other, then both together, my hard-on laying against her lovely pink nose, before she licked up the shaft of my cock again. She was working industriously at me… but I didn't know she had another even better plan for me until, very gently, the tigress drew the head and shaft of my penis up into her mouth and closed her soft supple lips around it.

I gasped at the novel sensation. It was like having your cock in a slow, massaging milking machine. Her tongue was still working, pumping against the underside of my erection, but now she began to suck. Gently but rhythmically. Moving her torso around the big furry cat put her two paws up on my thighs, lay down on top of my legs, and sucked at my manhood as though at her mother's breast. The paws began to knead my thighs.

I breathed heavily, trying to restrain myself and make it last as long as possible – if it was possible at all with a beautiful tigress sucking my dick with the expertise of a call girl. Her round black ears wiggled with the rhythm of her sucking; her eyes had narrowed to blissful slits. And she lay there across my legs with my cock up inside the exquisitve moving cavern of her mouth: warm, wet, muscular, sucking, pumping, with the gentle little movemnts of her tongue adding to the mounting ectsacy.

Panting for breath I looked between my legs – Gina had my full length inside her mouth now, so my balls rested against the creamy soft fur of her chin. I could feel the small tough ridges that lined her palate stroking, massaging the head of my glans with each sucking movement; and still her paws treaded against my bare thighs, as though coaxing the milk from her mother's erect nipples.

My hips lifted all by themselves. I grabbed the tigress by the head – she didn't mind – and began thrusting. I couldn't help myself. Thrusting into the sucking cave of Gina's gorgeous warm wet mouth. Responding to my sudden eagerness, the tigress opened her lips and began to chew, delicately, her tongue now sliding up and down my shaft, the soft black lips caressing and moving and sucking. I slipped my hands down to the back of her muscular neck, held on tight, and began humping upwards.

Gina raised her head a bit so I didn't deep-throat her by accident, but kept on sucking, and chewing, and massaging, and licking, and pumping, my penis raging erect in her mouth… until with the suddeness of a major orgasm I came. Humping and bucking furiously into the tigress's velvet cave, I groaned and sent jet after jet into her until milky man-cum began leaking and dribbling from the corners of her mouth. Gina excitedly drank and swallowed, paws pressing rhythmically into my aching thighs, making slurping noises while I provided what she wanted. My heart was pounding; I think I cried out in ecstasy…

When my swirling senses cleared I was lying on my back, naked in the sun, with Gina the tigress still lying on my thighs and taking sweet little licks at my flagging penis, cleaning up the mess I had made down there. She paid attention to my matted pubic hair while I panted to regain my breath, and my aching ballsack, and the glistening shaft of my cock, her paws resting still now on the junction of thigh and groin. She licked her lips, enjoying the treat I'd given her, then lowered her big beautiful head to my belly, sighed happily, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

When a tiger is sleeping on top of you, there ain't much you can do. It was over an hour before I could dress and get back to the zoo office to 1) clean the last of the spunk in the shower, and 2) explain to Robb why I was so late returning. He laughed an understanding chuckle, and sat listening while I told him all about Gina's new trick.

"She didn't bite your cock off?" he asked, flippantly.

For answer I unzipped my shorts, pulled them down, and showed my boss my still fully attached and intact manhood.

The End