Tayo, my greatest and truest love
© 2005 by Tall Thin Jones

Tayo, my greatest and truest love

This actually happened in another universe, just a thin membrane or "brane" away from our own. It gets at the root of why we should love sex, sex with animals, and sex with certain animals in particular, who seem to be like gods and goddesses in fur, who favor some of us for reasons that we don't entirely understand. I am just glad that they understand. Their understanding of life is usually far superior to that of humans. Animals that can make love, give birth, care for their offspring, successfully, without technological support, what do you expect?

A good friend of mine, who is dead almost five years in this timeline, took me to an animal sanctuary in Bumfuck, Nunyabizness. OK, that means I won't say where it was, not that this other universe has a state by the name of Nunyabizness.

I wanted to actually touch a big cat. He was allowed to let select visitors touch them through their fencing. I got to pet a small cougar who seemed to be one of the most wonderful animals that I had ever met, and brush fur with a couple of others, and a lion and a lioness who seemed to have an orgasm when I stroked her tail. It wasn't like I was getting horny or lustful, not that there's anything wrong with that. It was like coming home to a little bit of the Garden of Eden. You would figure that if being dishonest with one's better self got humans thrown out of Eden, bringing ourselves back in tune in some small way would put us back in that state of Grace. Sexuality is a conduit towards that state.

Then I met the liger. He was a gentle giant, a cross between a lion and tiger, the largest cat in the world. He had a name that I cannot repeat here, which he gave a power and dignity that was far beyond that of a simple syllable that sounded like a common word. "Tayo", prounounced "tay yo", is as good as I can do here for a substitute name. When Tayo looked at me, his eyes lit up. The look was one of shocked recognition. He bounded down from his platform, then bounded over to me, looked into my eyes, and fell into me. He licked as much of my face as he could through the fence. I felt as safe and loved as if I were in my mother's arms. We touched paws, stroked each other as best he could, made love through our mouths. The love and sensation were so strong that all I can really remember of it was that his paws were soft, his breath warm and sweet, and when we were together, we were one very happy beast.

Less than a year later I won the lottery for a fair number of millions of dollars. In this 'brane I lost that ticket. In the other, a voice in my head spoke, the same one that sometimes tells me to do something that works out really well. It told me to be very certain to keep that lottery ticket safe because it was the winner. In that dimension in that alternate word it was right. In this dimension, I think that a semi truck blew its horn at just that critical time and I just thought surely I would not lose a lottery ticket. Cause and effect, chain of events, this 'brane seems Godlost and the other seems like Paradise, the one I see in my waking dreams but not nearly often enough when I sleep. There is even a different President of the US over there, as if a better world deserves a better President. There are also few restrictions left on the private ownership of big cats there, where people finally accepted that such restrictions were far too destructive for any benefits that might accrue from them. This side is becoming much more bitter, increasingly paranoid.

In that other world, I think that the intercourse between me and Tayo created a power that drove out bad spirits and replaced them with love. We have intercourse as often as possible. He is still alive, still beautiful, and more loving and devoted than ever.

After I won the lottery, I bought the place, which came up for sale just that week. It wasn't long before I led Tayo out of his cage, into the house, and into the bedroom that I had prepared for him. This may sound nuts, but I felt like we already knew each other well enough that I could trust him. He had a lesson to teach me that night, though.

I went to petting him, running my hand through is fur, tracing the stripes on his body, breathing in his ear, smelling him all over. He seemed to like it, then he seemed to get uncomfortable. Suddenly, very suddenly, he slapped me to the floor with a paw. I was too surprised to even be afraid. What had I done wrong? Then he rolled me on to my back and simply laid his left forepaw on my chest. The weight of it squeezed the air out of me. I almost blacked out, then I involuntarily squeaked, something like a kitten accepting discipline. It was the right thing to do. He took his paw off my chest, then carefully lowered his face to mine. He rubbed his cheek against my nose. I took in his musky, slightly funky, slightly tangy feline scent. Then he rubbed the other cheek against my face. His hot wet lips grazed mine sideways. That heat went through me like a burning sword. I wanted more and more of it. Then he parted his lips slightly, started to bring them to mine in a deep kiss, and sneezed! The sound, the suddenness, the shock of his body convulsing against mine, very nearly made me wet myself. My mind was completely blown. Then he kissed me again.

Oh, God! The rest was in a golden haze. The liger kissed me and slipped his tongue into my mouth, his hard fangs pressed against my lips. He oh-so-gently licked the inside of my mouth, and I tried to please his tongue. This went together slowly and seemingly casually, but it built a white-hot fire inside of us, that we basked in. In a few seconds of kissing we had achieved an ecstasy of love that was already greater than any orgasm that either one of us had ever achieved before in our lives. Passion and burning and the buildup of liquid pressure reverberated between us. This was exactly what both of us wanted, and both of us knew that we could have. Tayo had just been in a hurry to bring this about, to start the foreplay to build up to the event. I realized that I had been crawling all over him, which he really liked, but I wasn't yet making love _with_ him.

Soon he pushed me down lower, first having me breathe into the fur just below his neck. I could feel his eyes glaze over as he took in the warm sensation, just below the hollow, in the thick fragrant fur there. Every body had different fragrances over every part. I slid from his chest to his armpit, inhaling the more concentrated scents, not even knowing which part was tiger, which was liger, or which was of an elder god of love. It was all him. At the same time, he awkwardly seemed to try to embrace me, stroke me with his soft paws, and work me into a state. Every move I went lover and lower. I tasted his nipples, and I know that his eyes popped open wide then closed again while he sighed. For an endless blissful few minutes I licked and nursed on the numerous nipples of the male liger, which aren't at all useless in the act of love. This hot smooth flesh made me want to suck and lick all night. Eventually I moved down further.

What he wanted was for me to nurse on what he kept in his sheath. I marveled at the complete trust he gave to me. His balls were much too large to take into my mouth. I gently sucked on the loose wrinkly skin around them, then licked between them until I could feel his hind legs start to dance. I moved up to taste the opening in his sheath, which gave off an enticing aroma that I can't describe. I had to have it. I covered that opening with my lips, then before I could take another breath, something fleshy, bumpy, quite large with a point shot up into my mouth and went partway down my throat. It caused not the slightest bit of discomfort. It felt like it belonged there. It made me complete. I savored it, so I could remember his taste. I could taste it in my ears. The buzz we had going on became much warmer, much fuzzier, and brighter. I drank him in. He was already spurting when he shot his cock into my mouth. I swallowed him, felt his warmth traveling down my gullet, licked around the base, then I backed off so I could taste the almost acidic feline sperm. Yes, it was even better than the finest food that I had tasted. It had the nectar of the gods in it. If it didn't make me immortal, it made me feel as if I had lived forever in bliss and loved every second of it. It couldn't get much better than this.

It did get better. I felt like I had already cum, as if I had had an orgasm in my mouth that traveled all the way down. Then I felt like it was getting better and I had to cum again, at an even higher peak of pleasure. Every orange and black hair was a sweet, hot and cold burning blessing against my eyes, my bare skin, my tongue, everything. I hadn't even felt a separate sensation in my genitals. We rolled together in his afterglow of contentment, me actually rubbing his belly fur with my back, stroking him with my entire body. What happened next was so completely unexpected as to almost break the spell. My eyes crossed, then popped open as I felt him penetrate my ass. His bendy, slightly rough, slightly knobbly penis went way high up inside me, touching me much more deeply than any other animal ever had before, but almost painlessly. Even so, the shock of its entrance was like a splash of cold water. I went cold, then hot, then cold again, then fell back into the little world we had created for ourselves.

If Tayo had cum like a water hose before, this time it was a deluge. I felt myself floating in his sperm, even though it was inside me. I felt it in my mouth, in my ears as a stinging and a ringing, all through my body like thousands of sweet electric shocks. I was reborn in that instant, as a new and entirely whole man. What can a big cat do for a man? That is what he can do for a man. I let his current flow through me until he could pump it out no longer. I came again, but I could not tell you if I was erect or if I discharged my own semen. The white explosion of pleasure took in my lower belly, then expanded and became stronger and stronger until I passed out. When I woke, we were still in that terribly awkward position. He was on his right side, with a whole lot of flexible penis inside me, which I could feel behind my diaphragm. I was jammed down between his legs. He was half pushing me down and trying to embrace me and trying to force his entire hindquarters into me. He was so big that I felt like I was entirely inside a warm cave of fur. It was so good. We had both lost our minds with the pleasure we felt in each other.

In spite of the awkwardness of our position, it was very comfortable. We felt the glow for a few minutes, then we started in again. I did my best to clamp down on him, to grind myself into that sheath and pointed penis, then I just blissed out and moved naturally. The second time was slower, quieter, but even more intimate, more loving, more trusting. I again felt an orgasm in my ass, that again exploded up my spine and made my hair stand on end. I wanted to kiss him on the mouth, nibble his big ears, and rim him at the same time. I sort of passed out again in wonderment. Then he separated himself from me, rolled me onto the soft rug, and went to use the sandbox. The world was good. I laid down and enjoyed the warmth that radiated from my center. I let the world turn around me and blessed every atom of it. Then Tayo returned.

I looked at the form, half lion, half tiger, and saw in him the expression of what was best in all worlds. His stripes told me a story that I cannot express in words, about the cycle of life, about seasons, about how his kind husbanded the Earth and cared for it, giving it beauty and health and love. I saw how a predator like him hurt only from necessity, but never once forgot how much he loved and cared, and how he could love a monkey like me especially if that monkey brought him good food and loved him back. He was worthy of worship. He gave so much. He only asked for sustenance, my love and my company, and a safe and quiet place to lie down. His spirit burned so strongly.

Then he laid down again with his butt near my face. I didn't get it soon enough. Tayo took a soft giant paw and turned me partway over. He licked my bottom like a little cub gets licked by his mother. It was warm, wet, and soft. I thought his tongue was supposed to be scratchy, but it loved me warm and sweet. Hell, I wouldn't even have noticed if it was scratchy. I was that turned on. Tayo rolled me back over, pushed his butt against my face again, and then I understood. I was supposed to lick him the way he did me, up and down his crack, his trasero. I went to it with a will. Every smell of him back there became a blissful sign of things to come. I licked up and down his furry crack, working my way under his tail. He was very clean back there. At least, he seemed clean. I was licking on the fundament of love. It could never be dirty or profaned. I smelled sex, and warm golden glows, and a little bit of smoked meat. I tasted love in my mouth, the love of a tiger for his tigress. Eventually I worked my way up to his tender anus. I worked my tongue into him. When it first went in, he jumped as if he had been shocked, then sighed and relaxed, pushing back against me. His opening puckered and relaxed, as if trying to such my tongue in. Again, his presence was so wonderful that I would do anything for him.

His smooth grey skin opened to a red center. I licked and licked on that, and then I felt myself get hard. I touched his smooth anal skin as I licked. There was a lot there. I realized that I could fist him and he would love it. I didn't that time because I wanted him to stay snug. Then all at once, I had to plunge into him, as if commanded to, right now! I slipped into him as gently as I could. He was slick enough. Tayo the liger gasped, his ears suddenly standing straight up as I slid inside him. He moaned and almost growled as I penetrated him and started rocking back and forth. He juiced inside and became even slicker and wetter. I savored his special texture, slightly oily, catty, feeling as good as he looked. He pushed back against me while he clenched and unclenched his paws, claws digging at the rug. I was exploding inside. With every thrust I felt painful pleasure all over my body. Lights flashed in my eyes. I heard Tayo moan again, saw him clench his teeth, felt hot wetness against my thigh. He had rolled on his side to that he could rub his penis and testicles against me as I humped him, more or less. I rolled with him so that we were both on our side.I reached for it with my left hand, and got a handful of liger sperm. It seemed right to rub my chest and belly with his wonderful emissions. Tayo made a low rumbling in his ribcage, then clenched my cock really really hard, a velvet glove with a super fist inside. He squeezed me once, twice, three times, and then we both exploded. He shot slippery goo down between my legs. I pumped endless quantities of my own semen in him, more than I thought I ever could. I pumped my life and love into his special place the way he had done for me. After we were both through pumping out semen, we orgasmed together for the longest time, still feeling shattering pleasure in every movement against each other. Tigers and lions cum quickly, but they cum often and they make love for days. I didn't know whether I could satisfy him. I was going to try as hard as I could.

We both napped in each other's arms for a few minutes, then started again. I wanted to submit to him totally, so I got down doggy style. My liger rose over me like a furry awning, completely blotting out the sky. I was barely far up enough to hear his heart beat, and I was back in his furry cave again, his loins bouncing against my backside, warming me, spanking me gently. I let his smell wash over me. He pushed himself up on me a little further, still keeping his weight off me. His little potbelly was almost as big as I was. He pressed that warm soft belly against me. His prehensile penis found its mark again, and he struck my G spot instantly. This time I shot sperm in the air when he pushed into me. He rode me as hard as he dared, considerate, but giving it all he had, squirting hard into me again. Over a thousand pounds of cat carries a lot of semen. Tayo got down to the short strokes, then he gave an ear-splitting roar as he came inside me even harder than he had before. In that moment the points of every hair of his jabbed against me with electric pleasure, driving his whole body orgasm into me like a stellar explosion. I felt that orgasm again. Every other orgasm that I had had before was like a blast shadow of this one. Then he pulled out, recovered for just a few seconds, and came at me again. He built me up even further than before. That time I actually heard an explosion, an illusion created by a mind crazed by the release of more pleasure than an entire world of lovers could stand.

I had to go up his ass again with a pleasure that I can't even begin to describe. The whole night was like that, a jumble of orange and black fur, pinkish human skin, fur and skin licked indiscriminately, wherever a tongue could gather a spark of pleasure to add to our life force. We whirled into a whirlpool of pleasure without reservation or shame. At once point I licked the soft smooth bottoms of his hind feet, those soft black pads that are so silent in the forest, until, fascinated, I watched his penis come out of his sheath again and squirt in the air like a fountain.

Desire regains life with a great partner. My desire had become insatiable, immortal, infinitely renewable. The sensations we had together spanned all of time. The universe collapsed, exploded, was reborn again, exactly as it was before but much better.

Later on we would make love to tigresses together. We would kiss them and rub them. They would turn to jelly and we would love them until they were comatose with ecstasy. Many times we just lie down together and look at each other. He looks at me with unadulterated love, as if it is the most natural thing in the world for us to be together that way. We stare into each other's eyes, or we both close them and snuggle for hours. Also, he does love it when I climb all over him and he turns up his belly for rubbing.

One day I hope that I will be part of that other world. It doesn't have to be the land of milk and honey. It's just this world's better self, the way we all have better selves, the way that Tayo is my better self, the way that a good woman makes a man a better man.