The Cat Prints
by Leloi

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young woman named Minako. It is no surprise that this young woman was beautiful, for she was the granddaughter of the Goddess, Venus. Like her grandmother, Minako was very vain. She was always looking at herself in her hand-held mirror.

One day Minako went for a walk in the woods. She liked the way that the sunbeams fell through the trees and lit up her golden hair. She had just stopped to admire herself under a beech tree when she had the urge to see herself give a graceful pirouette. Now, this granddaughter was as beautiful as the Goddess, Venus... but she held none of her grace of limbs. As Minako twirled, she dropped her mirror and she did not see it land in the deep overgrowth surrounding the path.

"Oh! My mirror, my mirror!" She wailed and flung herself to the dusty ground. Her tears fell to the dirt and made mud. "I have lost my precious mirror... I will never again be beautiful without it!" Saying this she covered her face with her hands, unmindful that her fingers were dirty and making mud streaks on her cheeks.

"Will you stop crying?" Said an irritated voice.

Minako looked up to see a dirty, white cat with a crescent-shaped moon on its forehead. "Who are you?" She demanded.

"I am Artemis. Why are you crying?"

"I accidentally dropped my mirror and I don't know where it is."

"Well... I was watching you and saw exactly where it landed."

"You did? Oh! Tell me!"


Minako pouted. "What do you mean by 'no'?"

"You have got to give me something first." Artemis said with a swish of his tail.

"What do you want?"

"Look... I am a hungry, neglected kitty. I want someone to take care of me and wait on me paw and tail."

"Forget it... You aren't even a purebred. I bet your mother was a stray in heat and your father was some mangy tomcat." Minako sneered. She didn't like the look of the idea of taking care of the white cat. "Besides, you probably have fleas and aren't box trained."

"Fine... Then you will never find your mirror." Artemis said and got up to walk away.

Minako watched her chance to find her mirror leave with a twitch of a tail. "Alright... I'll take care of you. Just get me the mirror."

Artemis gave a little cat grin and rushed off to the bushes beside the path. A few moments later he came out, struggling with the awkward hand mirror.

Minako dived on the mirror in delight. She snatched it away from Artemis without a thank you. She dusted it off with her skirt and ran away with it, back to her palace. She wanted to put as much distance between she and the cat as quickly as possible.

"Wait! You forgot about me!" Artemis called after her. "Bitch..." He mumbled under his breath as he took off behind her.

Minako made it to the sanctuary of her palace. She slammed the gate behind her and leaned back against it, gasping for air. "Let no one in." She informed the guard before racing up to her bedroom to change out of her dirty things.

That night at dinner, Minako was seated with her father and grandmother. The Goddess was mesmerizing them all with tales of the old days. Suddenly, a guard interrupted her. "Goddess... There is a cat at the gate and he demands to be let in."

"A cat? He demands?" Venus said. "Not everyday that you hear of a talking cat. What is his business here?"

"He says that your granddaughter, Goddess, made a pact with him. He says that he retrieved Minako's mirror in exchange for her taking care of him."

The Goddess looked at her granddaughter critically. "Is what he says true?"

"Yeah... But he is such a mangy cat... Probably filled with fleas... Besides Daddy said I couldn't have any more pets."

Mianko's father looked at her critically, "Yes... But you made a pact with a talking cat. You have to keep your word."

"As the granddaughter of Venus, you too must love all things... Including talking cats who retrieve your mirrors after you carelessly drop them in the woods." Venus said. "Guard... Let the cat in."

The guard humbly bowed and went to carry out his duty. A few minutes later a dirty, white cat was escorted into the dining hall by two guards. As soon as he saw Minako he dashed up to her place on the table and jumped up to sit by her plate.

"That was very rude of you to leave me in the woods, you ingrate!" He said, angrily.

"How dare you call me an ingrate!" She protested.

"How dare you act like one! You... The granddaughter of Venus should be as loving as she is..." Artemis hissed.

"Why you..." Minako began.

"Minako... He is right. Nevertheless... Sir Cat... You are a guest and should refrain from name-calling at the dinner table." Venus declared.

Artemis sniffed and bowed his head. "You are right, Lady Venus. I am sorry." He looked up at Minako. "Feed me."


"Feed me... I am your cat and you have got to feed me."

"I won't feed you."

"Fine... I will eat off your plate."

Minako pushed him away. "No! Bad kitty."

Minako's father rolled his eyes. "Minako... Feed your cat."

Minako picked up her plate and slammed it down on the place beside her. "There... Eat it all. I hope you get sick."

Artemis looked to the plate and his sulking mistress before kneeling down to nibble at the plate of food.

"You could have had the cook bring him his own plate." Venus whispered to her granddaughter.

"It's FINE. I'm not HUNGRY. I'll just go to BED. May I be EXCUSED?" Minako snarled.

"Take me with you." Artemis said, licking gravy from his lips and grooming his face.

"No... You can sleep in the kitchen with the other strays."

"But I am not a stray. I am your cat."

Minako's father looked at her with a sigh. "Take your cat with you." He said.

Minako grabbed the cat by the scruff of the neck and carried him with her.

Artemis protested the whole way. "Wait! I just ate! That hurts! Put me down or carry me right! Ow!"

Minako dropped him on the floor of her room. He staggered for a moment before regaining his composure. "That HURT!" He hissed.

Minako filled her water basin with the pitcher. She had a nasty thought, turned around to grab the cat and dropped him into the water.

"What the hell are you trying to do? Drown me?" Artemis sputtered as he dragged his waterlogged body out of the water basin.

"Trying to kill a few of those fleas." Minako said.

"Well I don't have fleas! I keep myself well groomed."

"Then why are you all dirty?"

"I just had a dust bath!"

Minako made a face and began to get ready for bed. Artemis sat down and began the long process of grooming his wet fur. Minako blew out the candle and crawled into the bed. She could hear Artemis grooming his fur. It seemed to be taking a long time. "Must you do that?" She demanded to know.

"Yes I must." Artemis responded and continued to groom, trying to make his scratchy tongue make the most amount of noise through his short fur.

"Well... It's bothering me."

"Should have thought about that BEFORE you threw me in the water."

Minako sighed and rolled over.

"Done." Artemis announced as he jumped up onto the bed.

Minako kicked him off with her foot. "No... You sleep on the floor."

"I sleep on the bed." He said as he jumped back up. "Or I tell your family!"

Minako cursed under her breath.


"What now?"

"I'm in heat."

"I thought only females go into heat."

"Well... They comes a time in every tom's life when he has those... urges." He snickered.

"Eew!" Minako squealed.

"I would be very happy if you let me rub myself on your leg."

"No!" Minako tried to push the cat off the bed, but he held on with his claws.

Finally Minako gave up. She could feel him straddle her leg and the rhythm of his humping. She put a pillow over her head and tried to pretend that the sensation was something else instead of a horny, masturbating cat. Slowly she fell asleep to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Before dawn Artemis awoke to Minako kicking off the blankets. He rose to investigate her sleeping form in the dark. She wore a shift and nothing else. Somehow it had ridden up in her sleep so her long legs were revealed. They were slightly open. Artemis, being a cat, was curious. He pushed his nose up and under her shift and sniffed. She smelled very good. He pushed up a little farther until he reached the spot where her thighs met her body. There was a delicious smell coming from between her thighs. Artemis tentatively licked her there. She moaned and opened her legs wider. He licked her again and tasted her smell on his tongue. He licked a little harder, as if he was grooming her. He found a spot that made her move her hips to the laps of his tongue.

Suddenly there was a cry as she woke up. "Who's there?" She demanded.

"It's me... Your cat, Artemis."

"What are you doing?"

Artemis didn't know what to call it. "Umm... Grooming you." He whispered and rested his head between her thighs.

Her pelvis rose to meet his soft fur. "Don't stop... That feels good."

Artemis jumped up from where he was, all cozy between her thighs. His urge had returned. He rested his paws on her belly and began his thrusts. He could feel her heat tantalize the tip of his penis. It made him long to enter her, but he was a cat... too small to mate with a human. His little penis tapped at the spot he had found earlier.

She hugged his body with her thighs and moaned. Suddenly she pulled him up the length of her body by his front paws. He could feel his penis being dragged up her body. She lay him on her chest and embraced him and kissed his little nose. "Your mistress likes that." She whispered.

Suddenly Artemis seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. He rolled off her chest and sat beside her as she sat up and lit a candle.

What greeted her light sensitive eyes was a naked, white haired man with a crescent moon on his forehead. He looked at her in amazement. "You broke the spell." He whispered.

"Who are you?"

"It's me... Artemis." He said. "An evil witch turned me into a cat because I wouldn't have sex with her. To break the spell I needed to win over a bitchy girl with Goddess blood and have her kiss my nose."

Minako looked at the naked man in her bed, who had until recently been her cat. "I am not bitchy." She sulked.

Artemis took he in his arms. "Oh yes you are... The most difficult I have ever met." He nibbled at her neck as if he was grooming her. She melted into his nibbles as he rolled over on top of her. She opened her thighs for him as he pushed himself deeply inside of her. She moaned as he purred and thrust.

In the middle of all this, Minako had a nagging worry. As Artemis drove her passions over the edge, she whimpered. "Marry me."

"There is only one problem." Artemis whispered when they had been quietly exploring each other after the orgasm. "I can only be your human lover at night. I will turn into a cat everyday at sunup."

As he said this the first rays of light edged into the window. He shrank in size and fur covered him. "So be nice to me." He concluded. "Or I'll go find another woman to be my lover."

She was. He stayed and they lived happily ever after... Even though her family was a little worried that she preferred the cat's company to any men they tried to fix her up with.

The End