The first Heat

The sun was setting in the savana. It had been a long hard day and Simba was glad to be on his way back to Pride Rock. He had a typical day of patroling and keeping the hyenas out of the Pride Lands. As Simba padded through the tall grass he noticed something comming his way, he knew it was a lion but he was up wind so he could not catch his or her scent. Not in the mood to deal with anything else today Simbs ducked out of the way and hid himself in the tall grass. He layed down waiting, when a gust of wind caught his nose. The wonderful scent of a lioness in heat filled his muzzle. The rustle of the grass was getting closer and simba now very interested in who was comming closer to him, he could bearly contain himself. As Simba looked into the clearing from his hiding spot, the slim figure of a young lioness slowly appeared from the tall grass. Simba gasped blinking hard, he could not believe that he was lusting over the figure that stood before him. It was the last lioness he thought it would be. It was his daughter Kiara. Simba figured she had come into her first heat a couple days ago.As he looked at her, Kiara layed down in the grass bathing herself in the warm sun. Simba took a breath and steped out into the clearing, startling Kiara.

"DAD!, What...Where?"she yelled. "Hi Kiara, sorry about that I didn't mean to sneak up on you."

"What are you doing way out here?" Kiara looked down, "you mean you don't,,,know?"

"I...I got..." Simba smiled "Yes I know dear. I caught your scent when you were still a little ways out in the grass."

"Are you ok, why arn't you back at Pride rock with the other lioness?"

"Dad they said that it would be better if I were to leave till I was through my heat, cause it would be better on you." Simba smiled. "hey its ok honey, I can take care of you if you would like me too."

"None of the other lioness have to know you saw me today." Kiara blinked. "well I'm not sure, I don't know what to do. I mean I have never felt this way before." Simba slowly circled his daughter "I know...I know. Just stand there and let me look at you." Kiara stood still as her father walked aroud her looking at her body. Her slim young body was a beautiful sight. As Simba passed along her side he noticed that het long tail was slightly raised, he padded around to her backside and took a look at the beauty that was under her tail. Simba stoped dead in his tracks, right there in front of him was kiaras swollen and dripping light pink vulva. He blinked and took a deep wiff of her spicy scent. Apon doing this his own maleness had begun to unsheath itself and was becomming hard.Kiara gasped as Simba put his muzzle under her tail and slowly with his raspy tounge gently licked at her small opening. "DAD!" she yelled. But Simba would not be denied, he was the king. He Batted her muzzle with his strong paw. Simbe tackled Kiara as she tried to move away from his lick. He moved her back onto her belly. "You stay still now Kiara, Daddy is going to give you your first mating lesson." Kiara could not believe this and tried to scamper out from her fathers grip, when she felt his mighty jaws grab the nape of her neck holding her small body down. She closed her eyes as simba mounted her, his raging maleness fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. Slowly he lowered himself down to her and sighed as the tip of his cock touched her hot opening. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed himself into Kiara's yoni."ohh..."Simba yelled out, as kiara yelped out in pain her virgin insides being ripped apart by her own dad, the king. Simba thrusted hard into kiara. he knew he would have to make this one last, so he slowly continued thursting into her, het pussy hot and tight griped his throbbing member. Kiara feeling this new sensation soon could not hold back she began humpping back at Simba. Simba felt her thrust and started togo faster. Kiara gritted her teeth and then all of a sudden it hit her, her first orgasam. Kiara roared out loud,clawing at the ground and all the time making her grip on Simbas cock stronger. Simba could not hold back any more and thrust hard and fast into kiara, Simba let out a deafing roar as he Exploded into Kiara. FIlling her womb full of his hot kitty seed. He colapsed ontop of her.

Simba looked down at his daughter, her eyes closed and tearing. "Kiara I'm sorry...I" Simba sighed. Kiara looked up and peered into her fathers eyes. She not only saw her loving dad, but a wonderful king. Kiara smiled panting "Dad you can do that to me anytime." They both smiled and cleaned themselves up and togeather walked back to Pride Rock.