The Girl & the Tiger

Tiffany glanced idly through her wardrobe. Everything was just SO dull. She'd worn everything at least once. At 14 years old, she was a gorgeous young lady. She stood at about 5'1" tall, had long mid-back length fiery red hair. Her face had a light scattering of freckles and she already had a very lovely 36" bust line with C cups. Her waist was slender and her hips were already curving. She was, as any would agree, any man's wildest dream.

But at 14 she wasn't much interested in boys. She was interested in clothes, fashion accessories, hanging out with her "friends" and trying to impress them with how cool she could be and how much she knew. The only problem, in her mind, was that she couldn't possibly go to school today with nothing to wear. Of course, she had over 100 different articles of clothing that could be mixed and matched, but in her eyes, once she'd worn them, they were out of the question for further usage.

Her parents were very very rich and could easily afford her new clothes. That's what she loved most about them. They would get her practically whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. They lived out in a very secluded place and the yard was so big and so beautiful. In fact, Tiffany had wanted a swimming pool. Without hesitation, her parents set about to having one put in. Tiffany wanted her own sports car. Without so much as a second thought, her parents saw to the purchase of a bananna yellow ferrari for her, but said that she couldn't drive it on the streets until she was 18 years old.

That's ok, Tiffany didn't really want to drive it, she just wanted to look at it, wipe it down with a polishing cloth every now and then, and brag to her friends that her parents had bought her a ferrari. Instantly, she was the most popular girl in school, which is what she had wanted all of her life. Now she had it. He thoughts began broadening to not just popularity within the school, she began having thoughts of world popularity. Having everybody and their dog know who she was.

Standing in front of her walk-in closet, Tiffany stood in the nude, looking at all of her clothing and frowned. Not a single thing to wear today. Well, not a single thing that hadn't already been worn, and that possability was OUT OF THE QUESTION!

She frowned and sat down on the edge of her bed. The door suddenly swung open and she jerked her head around wondering who the hell was there as her parents had already gone to the office to straighten out some legal financial matters. She sighed deeply to herself as Kitty slowly padded in.

Yeah, it was a beautiful orange and black striped jungle tiger. She'd wanted him over three years ago when she saw a story about poaching and she saw him on the television and demanded that her parents bring the tiger to her at once so she could care for it.

Her parents were instantly on the phone with the folks in charge within the district. Unfortunately that little clip on television was a week old and the tiger had been killed. Her parents didn't know what to say, they didn't know what to tell their daughter. Instead, they bought her a baby tiger. The same kind, but only in the infant stage. Tiffany was so thrilled to have a baby tiger that she didn't care about the older one any more. The baby was just SO cute and about the size of a full-grown house cat. So she started calling the baby tiger her kitty and the name stuck.

The past three years with Kitty had been wonderful and he'd been her constant companion. Through thick and thin, she would say. But in truth, the tiger never wanted for anything, when it was hungry it was fed. Thirsty? It was given water. It was even given free rein of the property to run and play and use up its excess energy.

Tiffany smiled to herself as Kitty padded over and lowered his head under her folded hands between her knees. She smiled to herself and patted his head softly, rubbing his short fur. Kitty closed his eyes and purred deeply within its throat causing Tiffany to giggle. She loved it when Kitty got all happy from her petting him and made funny noises.

Flopping down on his side, Kitty made a loud thump and Tiffany jumped down on top of him, her naked smooth skinned boddy rubbing against his furry one, but it was all innocent enough. Throwing her legs on either side of the great beast's belly, she began lightly scratching his chest and sides. Kitty purred contentedly. Tiffany smiled to herself, gazing down deeply into her magnificent cat's semi-closed eyes and began slowly bouncing from knee to knee, rolling the tiger's lower half back and forth on the soft carpet.

She giggled again as Kitty stretched his head back, his two front paws coming up and bending in the air in sort of a cute kind of playful posture and began purring again. Lowering her body against him again, she slipped her arms around her beautiful tiger and hugged him to her.

She could feel him lightly thrusting his hips up between her legs, but she'd just assumed that he was getting comfortable so the smile never left her face. It was at that moment that she felt something warm and hard pressing against her crotch. It was big, too. The red-haired girl sat up and having done so the warm hard thing slipped up between the crack in her ass and she quickly stood up.

Glancing down, she gasped loudly as she saw this huge purple shaft emerging from the furry tiger sheath and she blinked wide-eyed as Kitty looked up at her. Forcing a smile, she looked down at Kitty, "You were just getting excited weren't you?"

The majestic tiger purred softly and rolled over onto his side and stood up looking at Tiffany. "Well, what do you want me to do about it, baby kitty?" Kitty just padded over to her and burried his muzzle between her legs. Tiffany gasped again at the incredible feeling. "You want to put your thingy between mommy's legs again? Ok, that's fine. Lady down." she ordered.

Confusion set in when the tiger didn't lay down and she blinked. Still Kitty nuzzled her between her legs and so she decided to see what he'd do if she layed down and spread her legs. Laying down slowly on the ground, she spread her legs wide, looking at Kitty the whole time.

He crawled over to her and maneuvered his hips so that the tip of his long hard cock was pressing against her pussy lips. She found herself moaning in pleasure, but the pressure building against her pussy lips was increasing. It had started hurting slightly so she figured she'd just spread them out of the way.

Reaching down between their two bodies, she spread her cunt lips and gasped even louder feeling him start to push inside of her. "No, Kitty, bad Kitty, you mustn't do that... ooohhh, Kitty, you bad boy." Her please went unheard as Kitty started feeling frisky and began pushing up inside of her gradually.

The feelings in her loins began increasing in tempo steadily. Without warning Kitty thrust into her and she screamed in pleasure. "Oh, God yes!! Yess!!!" Kitty kept thrusting in, popping her maidenhead and fucked her wildly. Tiffany thrashed her head from side to side, lost in pleasure. Her cunt contracted tightly around his tiger cock and they both had orgasms simultaneously.

Gasping for breath, they both lay exhausted after a hard round of sex. Tiffany had never experienced such pleasure in all her 14 years of life, but this was something she wasn't about to pass up again. Closing her eyes, it wasn't long before she was asleep again, but when she woke up, it would be even more fun the next time. Kitty would be willing, she knew, and she would be willing, deffinately.

Hugging Kitty close to her, she drifted off to sleep with his cock still inside of her...
...which is exactly how her parents found her when they came home from the office.