The Jaguar Priestess

The Jaguar Priestess

Ixtli's copper skin burned, beaded with sweat under the Amazonian sun high in the sky overhead as she was made to climb the thousand steps of the Jaguar Temple. She tried not to show her exhaustion to the two men either side of her, each with a hand firmly grasping each of her slender arms to make sure she could not bolt. No such thought ran through her mind as she ascended the stone steps of the magnificent stone temple. She had accepted her fate.

That morning five priests had arrived in her village and demanded to talk to the chief. The whole community was abuzz with gossip. The high priests had not come to the village in years. When they arrived, it was normally to gather animals to sacrifice in times of hardship, or to bless a newborn child born on an auspicious date. Not today. Today they demanded the chief hand over the villages most beautiful virgin daughter.

Aztec Jaguar God "The signs are most dire." The high priest had said.

"This sacrifice must be made, lest the land dry up and the crops fail again. We cannot afford this, Great Chief."

And so it was that Ixtli found herself in her current position, at the entrance to the mighty temple that pierced the sky and could be seen towering above the canopy from every village under the watchful eye of the Jaguar God.

She was trembling as the two priest led her by the arm under the enormous stone arch into the temple itself. As she past out of the sun and into the cool shade of the sacred building a shiver ran up her spine. She was filled with awe at the spiritual nature of this place that no villager was allowed to see. It was said that here was the line between our world and the Gods.

She was not sure what the priests had in store for her. They had not spoken a word since they arrived at her door and told her her time had come. She had swallowed and accepted it with dignity, said goodbye to her family and left with them, not once turning back. She knew that any minute now might be her last and her sensed drank in everything around her like a child, new to the world.

She was in awe of the high, intricately carved ceiling, patterned tastefully with gold and jewel accents. Gigantic, gold jaguar statues lined the walls, looking down ominously on her. In the middle of the room was a small square bath and beyond that, an alter, covered in dark, dry blood. Ixtli gulped. The men lead her to the edge of the pool and with out saying a word, began stripping her of her garments. Her ample breasts bounced free of her shirts and her perfect brown nipples began to harden in the cool temple air. She stepped out of her skirts and held herself, ashamed of being so exposed in such a holy place. The two men motioned to the pool behind her, and she stepped in obediently.

They stepped in after her and began to wash her. They applied soaps and perfumes to her body and for the first time they spoke, in words she couldn't understand, obviously praying. She closed her eyes and let their hands work themselves all over her body. Through her long dark hair down to her thin waist and over her lean thighs. She gasped as one of the priests ran his hand over her stomach and down to her mound, slowly massaging her sex with the floral scented soap.

Back and forth, he worked the suds over her skin. Each stroke he got a bit lower, brushing her clit and getting closer and closer to her entrance. She bit her lip. She felt a moan rise from deep inside her and she struggled to hold it in. She didn't want to offend the Gods. The priests hand went lower and his slick finger slid between her lips and found her tight hole. She gasped again and no longer in control a low moan escaped her.

The priest tried to hide a smile and avoided her eyes as he worked. This girl was not his. He had never seen a girl so beautiful in all his life, of course she belonged to the Gods. His soapy finger probed her tight entrance, cleaning her thoroughly. He slid his finger slightly deeper into her, carefully, carefully. He would not break her seal, unless he had a death wish. She was making his job hard though as she started to rock her hips against him, trying to swallow him deeper into her opening. Ixtli let out a dissapointed sigh as the priests stopped their administrations and pulled her out of the pool. She would soon be in the other world and they hadn't even let her cum. One of them pulled out a small glass bottle and poured a foul smelling liquid over her ass, the droplets running down her crevice and over her pussy. They then started to lead her over to the alter.

This was it she thought, but to her surprise they lead her straight past the bloody ledge to a door at the back of the room. It took two of them to open the heavy stone doors, motion her to go inside and then shut the doors behind them.

Ixtli was now alone in a small chamber, the holy of holys and she was very confused. Were they not going to sacrifice her? What was this? The stone room was dark and sparse. The end she was at was well lit by torches that were set into the walls, but she could not see the other end of the room that was shrouded in darkness. She began to tremble. She was suddenly aware of the feeling of being watched.

A low growl emanated from the darkness and she fell to her knees in fear… could it be? She heard the beasts padded feet even before she seen its powerful form step slowly into the light, its massive fangs bared and green eyes aglow. She had only seen one jaguar in her life, a female that had saw fit to enter the village and take her share of the livestock. She remembered being in awe of the sacred creatures grace and power. This beast here however was at least twice the size of the cat she saw in her childhood. His powerful muscles rippled under his chic black fur as he slinked closer to inspect the woman on the floor who had dared to enter his territory.

Ixtli whimpered as the massive cat approached. She felt its breath on her face as she knealt, staring into its jade green eyes. Frozen in fear, she fallowed him with her eyes as he began to circle her, smelling her, taking in her scent. This is it, she thought, closing her eyes. By all accounts it was a good death. A glorious death. She held her breath and waited.

The massive jaguar was behind her now. His nostrils were filled with the scent of a female in heat, courtesy of the lotion the priests had applied. It was over powering. He had not seen another jaguar in months, let alone mated and his balls were full and swollen. A low grumble started deep in his chest as he drew closer to the source of this females scent. He took a deep breath of her musk, and his rough tongue darted out to taste the small female.

Ixtli gasped, her eyes shot open in shock as she felt the rough, sandpaper tongue glide over her bottom. Frustrated with her position and wanting better access to her, the jaguar used his head to push her forcibly forward onto her hands and knees. She whimpered as his tongue once again continued its assault, now passing over her smooth pussy lips in long savouring strokes. Every lick rocked her forward, so powerful was his tongue.

Confused and scared, she tried to crawl away from him but a low growl stopped her in her tracks. She was helpless. Satisfied she wasn't going to move, the jaguar continued his licking. Mmmm the female tasted so sweet. He was now brushing against her clitty with every stroke. She whimpered pitifully, with no choice but to accept what was being done to her. So THIS is what the priests had in mind.

The jaguar was soon rewarded for his efforts to ready the small female. Ixtli's juices started to leak slowly over his tongue in an involuntary response to his invasion. She bowed her head in shame. The big cat was encouraged by this and really started to lap in earnest, trying his hardest to snake his tongue between ixtli's flushing lips into her virgin hole. She began to pant heavily as she felt the tongue trying to squirm its way inside her most private place. It wasn't met with much success, as wet as she was becoming, she was just too tight. There was only one thing for it.

The jaguar raised his head from his new females sex and began to circle her. From her kneeling position Ixtli could see the very tip of the beasts red, pointed cock begin to protrude from its sheath. She swallowed hard. When he had circled her a couple of times he came up behind her, gave her pussy a couple more quick licks and stepped over her. Ixtli felt the fur of his thick chest along her back as he lined up his front paws with her quivering shoulders. She was about to be mated. Oh Gods! she thought. She wasn't sure if she preferred this or death. A moment of panic hit her and she tried to crawl from under the beast but the jaguar would have none of that. This female was his, and she needed to learn her place.

Before she could get out from under him she felt his powerful jaws grip her neck. She yelped in surprise and pain as he held her in place. The jaguars grip on her caused her to arch her back, raising her ass further, offering him better access to her slit. This was just what he was waiting for.

He hunched forward and Ixtli felt his sheath brush over her ass, looking for its mark. She had an image of herself, bowed over with her tits squashed against the cold stone floor, being taken by an animal. She felt so ashamed. Again and again the jaguar brushed her with his sheath, until he felt the telltale softness of her lips against him. He lined himself up and the very tip of his cock extended, lodging itself in her tight wetness. Ixtli tensed. She felt the rumble of pleasure from the great cat vibrate her whole body. Then without further ado, with the female firmly in his grasp and his cock resting at her juicy entrance, he thrust hard into her body.

Ixtli screamed. The pain was intense. She felt his huge cock, thick at the base and pointed at the tip, pierce through her maidenhead in the first stroke.

The big cats penis was lined with backwards pointing barbs that acted ratchet like, pulling him deeper into the cunts of his conquests, making sure he was as deep as possible before he shot his fertile load. He put them to good use now. Ixtli's pussy was being taken for the first time, and it was being utterly abused. His huge cock was already streatching her to her limits and there was only a third of its 12 inches inside. She cried out as he rocked back, the barbs pulling her hips along with him, and thrust ferociously forward, determined to get more of his cock into this fertile female. Ixtli cried out as he thrust and thrust, getting slightly deeper each time, his cock getting wider with every inch he managed to force in.

Ixtlis swollen pussy bulged outward under the force of his backward strokes, his barbs not allowing any retreat at all. The jaguar was a full ten inches in now and the girl could feel his red hot pointed cock tip pressing into the base of her cervix. Not yet satisfied, the jaguar held her neck yet tighter and bore down his hips, pushing with all his might into his tight new fuck. Ixtli screamed as she felt her cervix give way, the pointed cock tip slipping through into her womb, the thick base of his cock forcing itself fully inside now, his furry sheath bunching against her cunt lips.

The big cats cock started to throb and pulse. With his huge hairy balls pulled tight to his body, he released his pent up sperm straight into Ixtli's womb. Ixtli had never felt anything like it in her life. Rope after rope of hot jaguar cum filled her belly for what seemed like hours. As raw as her poor cunt was from the brutal fucking, she started to moan at the sensation of gallons and gallons of hot gooey cum pulsing straight into her womb. After a few more final spurts of his spent cock, the jaguar let go of the girls neck and reared up, tearing his barbed penis from Ixtli's abused cunt as she yelped in protest.

She fell to the floor, absolutely exhausted. The thick white cum began to run from her pussy, down her thigh onto a puddle on the ground but she could feel that her cervix had locked the majority of it safely in her womb. The big cat licked and cleaned her cunt, then trotted over to the corner to tend to his self. The girl lay there panting as what had just happened sunk in. She had been mated. She had been mated to her peoples most sacred animal, and now her womb was full of it's warm cum. She was scared and sore, but also very turned on. A fire inside her had been ignited and there was no putting it out. She had felt so full. So completely dominated in his strong jaws. Her pussy began to drip with her own juices once again, mixing with his seed.

She felt a throbbing in her nipples and breasts and as she watched, they seemed to become engorged. She ran a hand down her tight stomach and noticed that small, sensitive nubs were beginning to form along the length of her body. Nipples!? What was happening to her? It must be some kind of magic she thought, as she began to play with the hardening, sensitive nubs and small, tender bee sting breasts that were forming on her body before her eyes.

The jaguar watched the girl from the corner with interest as his hormones began to take effect on her. She should be ready again soon. Indeed her new found instincts began to take effect, and just like a female cat, she was once again ready to breed.

Ixtli moaned lowly and stretched languidly, feeling a new found strength in her muscles. Her heat was fully upon her. Her pussy lips protruded lewdly, flushed and pouring with juice. She bent over and raised her ass in the air in the direction of her new mate, mewling and moaning and begging him to take her again.

Excellent. The priests of his temple had chosen him the perfect female to bare his cubs.

He took her many times that night. Now she had been bred, she was a much more willing partner, moaning and backing into him, helping him force himself into her womb and cumming hard as he filled her. With each mating her belly grew more full, as the cork of her cervix trapped all of his seed inside her. After a few matings, her belly began to distend, and by the time they both collapsed, spent, she looked a good couple of months pregnant. The Jaguar looked proudly down on his new, well fucked mate as she slept, cuddling into his fur for warmth. In a few months she would be the mother of his children.

After the mating ritual the priests returned Ixtli to her village, where the whole tribe were amazed by her story. They appointed her High Priestess of the Jaguar and people came from far and wide for her blessing, and the chance to suckle the milk that had started to leak from her many engorged nipples as her time drew near. She gave birth to 3 beautiful cubs who she suckled and raised to maturity. She still visits the Jaguar temple every year, and every year delivers another litter of Jaguars into the world.