The Jungle Book 2 - Crossing The River
© 2013 by Mirri

The Jungle Book 2 - Crossing The River

The morning mist lay heavy over the river, eager to obscure the dark silhouette of the early riser. The rest of the village was fast asleep at this point and only the birds had started chirping to indicate the gradual beginning of the new day.

The shadowy figure looked nervous as it crossed the river, jumping from one stepping stone to the next. Only when it reached the other side did it dare to look back to make sure no one was watching or following, before brushing aside the leaves and disappearing into the jungle.

Shanti carefully made her way past the branches and bushes, making sure not to snag her clothes on any of them. She was starting to get the hang of moving around in the jungle.

In the distance, a pair of eyes watched her carefully as she made her way deeper into the foliage to where the early morning sun had yet to penetrate. It was still damp and dark here and she was starting to lose her way.

The girl finally broke through to a clearing that offered just a single, dim ray of light that was easy to see due to the moisture in the air. It looked like a grey spotlight was shining down from the top of the trees.

Shanti was still unaccustomed to actually watching out for other inhabitants of the jungle, so it came as a great shock to her when Baloo suddenly pushed his way into the clearing right behind her. Shanti gasped and jumped back against a tree, only exhaling deeply after realizing who it was.

"Oh Baloo.. you scared me."

The grey bear just grinned broadly in his usual manner.

"You almost stepped on me on your way in." He was not used to being woken up this early in the morning and still looked a bit bleary-eyed. "Are you all alone today?"

"Yeah, Mowgli's still asleep in the village." the girl looked up at the large ursine and fiddled a little with the purple cloth she was wrapped in.

That seemed to wake the ol' bear up. He had been trying to work out what she was doing out here all alone ever since she got here, and suddenly remembered that they had a 'moment' a few days ago. They were all playing in the jungle as usual and Baloo had given her a ride by bouncing her in his lap while she was giggling. He did not realize just how much she had actually enjoyed that until afterwards when he discovered the small wet patch on his lower belly with her excited scent.

In Baloo's simple mind there is only one conclusion to draw.

"You came out here to play with Daddy bear, then."

Shanti nodded once and looked up at him a bit shyly. She had been thinking about it the last few days and it seemed like a good idea this morning, but now she was not so sure anymore.

He grinned and looked over her short-sleeved white shirt, her chest still very much flat. She was a bit younger than Mowgli was when he started to be interested in playing with Papa bear, but he did not care much at this point. The thought was already implanted in his head.

Baloo grinned and pulled her up against him in a warm bearhug. He made sure she felt the large bulge of his maleness rub between her legs, only the thin silky fabric separating the two of them.

A surprised little "Ooh!", was all Shanti could think of as the blood rushed to her face and made her cheeks turn bright red, and she moved back a single step. She felt the warm, clawed paw of the bear slip down to the edge of her long skirt near her ankles and slowly lift up her front, tickling her round little tummy all the way as the garment bunched up just above her waist.

Shanti giggled as the bear distracted her with a kiss on her forehead.

"You're such a good girl." He whispered in his bass voice just as his paw cleared her hips and revealed her precious little sex.

"You really think so?" she looked up at him with wide eyes, feeling the initial chill of cold air against her naked nether regions. She was still blushing furiously, but at least the distraction of talking did not make her try to cover herself up after the bear took a peek at her.

"Mmm yes.." Baloo had only a moment to lick his muzzle and enjoy the strange and wonderful sight of the near-pink human's uncovered form before she threw her arms around him in a hug and rubbed her furless little slit against his big fuzzy sheath.

"You make Daddy bear very happy." Baloo sighed and slipped his paw back down underneath Shanti's clothing to give her rump a firm squeeze as his cock started to harden. His sharp senses picked up that distinct scent of her excitement again and the purpled tip of his bearhood slid out to rub her young crotch lewdly.

The size difference alone made Baloo drool. She would definitely feel tight like a cub once he got his big thing wedged up between her thighs so he could fuck her properly.

Shanti was surprised at her own moans, but after the first one slipped out by accident she felt less afraid of letting out the next ones in response to the amazingly warm and ticklish sensation in her belly that she felt by rubbing herself against the big bear.

The tension was almost too much to endure.

"Now show me what Mowgli makes you do at night when you're alone." Baloo panted and pushed his bulbous cocktip against the sweet folds of the human child, clearly seeking to get inside but he was not quite stiff enough just yet.

Shanti looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching the two and then the little girl went sliding down his lap and put her lips around the peeking bearcock down there without hesitation.

Baloo groaned as her sweet young mouth touched the aching and sensitive crown of his cock. He had actually expected her to do something else and was surprised that Mowgli did not fuck her at night when he had the chance. No matter, this position worked quite well for the horny ursine too. The touches only made his cock slide out more, a good few inches glistening wetly out of the sheath as he reached down to cup the back of Shanti's head with his paw.

The girl bobbed her head up and down at the tip of the thick beardick and it felt surprisingly good. Very much like when Mowgli used to sucked him off, so he figured the boy had taught her quite well. He could even feel her suckling on the growing length while her tight lips teased his crown.

Baloo licked his muzzle at the pleasure of the sweet little cock sucking mancub lapping at his emerging bearhood. Her fingers nimbly pushed his sheath back as more and more of him appeared by the second. The young girl was soon rewarded with a sudden hot squirt of precum all across her lips and tongue.

"NNnnnnnggh.. yeah. Daddy bear likes that.." To the old, experienced bear it was only a question of time before the adolescent critters came to him to have their curiosity sated about this sort of thing.

Shanti was so eager at this that she scraped the sensitive flesh a little with her teeth once in a while. It was such a good sensation to get to suck someone other than Mowgli for a change and she was drinking in the whole experience.. Including the spurts of warm liquid that landed on the back of her tongue.

The slippery wet lips moved up to the underside edge of the bear's crown and then down his shaft again while she suckled with each breath, feeling confident at the high praise she was getting.

Baloo groaned again and caressed her head tenderly with his large paw, his stomach shivered in pleasure and his balls were beginning to ache as his large beardick fully emerged from its protective covering.

"Oh yeah.. you suck cock better than most big girls Daddy bear knows.." He *grrr*ed with clenching teeth and watched her intently. The lewd sight of that big dick sliding past her tight young lips only turned him on more. She was starting find the right jungle rhythm that Baloo needed. A good blowjob always got the bear going, and she really made an effort to get as much of him inside her mouth as could fit before pulling back out to slather her tongue around his crown.

This was about the time that Mowgli brushed his way into the clearing and his jaw dropped at the sight. He had followed Shanti's footprints leading out of the village and her inexperienced trail was easy to track through the jungle. He had not quite expected to see this, however.

Shanti was on her knees, bobbing her head between Baloo's spread legs while he was sitting up against a tree. His large and familiar grey-purple bearcock stood up proudly from his groin and the lewd suckling noises that the girl produced made sure that she did not notice the entry of someone else. Even for Baloo it took a few moments before he turned over at the boy and just shot him this silly grin.

"I can see why you went back to the village, boy."

The words loomed for a moment over the girl before she thought of looking up and saw Mowgli standing there. She immediately tried to pull away and run off as the first impulse, but Baloo's heavy paw was quick to hold her down.

"Not till you're finished, girl-cub." He grinned and pushed the black-haired girl back down until the sizeable cocktip squished against the back of her mouth.

It took Bagheera's entry to finally snap the junglekid out of it.

"Bears, oy." The panther shook his head and stepped up to the two of them, brushing against Mowgli on the way and sort of pulling him back to reality.

The boy half-grinned and stepped closer himself, watching the scene unfold and kind of enjoying it after recovering from the initial shock.

Shanti looked up at the bear from underneath his large paw, blinking her big, curious eyes up at him while her cheeks bulged out lewdly every time he pushed her head down over him again. By now her tiny mouth was so full of bearcock that her tongue did not have room to help her swallow the constant release of salty precum, so she just drooled her own saliva mixed with the male's clear release down her chin and onto his massive balls.

Nothing beats getting sucked off by a lil' human like that. Baloo started really getting into it now, he held onto the back of Shanti's head and pumped his hips a bit, literally fucking her hot and wet little mouth. The way she drooled and squashed her tongue against his throbbing undervein only drove him further over the edge, his grey balls bouncing between his hindlegs.

"Unnngghhh.. yess.. make me cum in your mouth…hhhnngh" It would almost seem like the added audience made the bear put on much more of a show for this.

Bagheera for one could not help feeling aroused at the scene and the strong scents. He slipped his own redness free of his sheath quickly and nudged at Mowgli who was just standing there and staring as well.

"Mowgli, would you mind, errr..?" he nodded towards Shanti. Baloo was going at it pretty rough already, but it was good custom to ask first at least.

Mowgli grinned and shook his head. The boy was quick to kick off his own red loincloth. He usually left it at the river bank before going into the jungle, but his search this morning was more important. It was not too comfortable, but he wore it in the village for the sake of the social laws there.

Bagheera got up behind Shanti and took one look at the purple ankle-length skirt she was wearing. The large cat did not know how much time he had, Baloo seemed to be getting close, so he just reached up and sunk his teeth into the cloth around the girls rump and ripped it backwards until she was exposed enough.

Shanti struggled a little at hearing the sudden tear of her clothes and tried to think of what to tell her parents when she came home. Any such thoughts were quickly eradicated, however, as the first full lick of feline tongue passed through her tight slit.

Mowgli found himself a nearby tree to sit down and lean against so he could watch the show while jerking himself off.

The sound of Shanti sucking on wet cock was overshadowed for a few moments by the loud laps of the big, black panther behind her who was eagerly eating out her furless little human pussy.

Bagheera was amazed at the smooth texture against his tongue. He pushed in as deep as he could, finding the entry to the girl's tight little hole with the tip of his tongue as he dug through her sensitive folds and made her shiver and moan.

Mowgli had not tried that with her before, it was the very first time she was being licked like this, and by a cat no less. The rough kittytongue gave her the perfect confusing blend of pain and pleasure that she would get to know so well, and her body could do nothing but continue to release the sweet fluids that the feline hungered for.

It was curiously refreshing to feel the wind against her bare bottom and she was starting to understand why Mowgli would always discard his clothes before going into the jungle.

All the wet licks at her most sacred little immature flower made her quiver and lose concentration, however. She would have stopped entirely were it not for the big, helping paw that Baloo lend her.

Shanti was being pushed down by the paw and pushed up by his hips. All she could do now was to be a good little fuckcub and let the big, horny bear have his way with her. She suckled him the best she could under the circumstances, but the sensation was simply drowned out by the rush he got from humping his throbbing dick between her tight lips and roughly mouthfucking the cute little human girl.

The panther was so caught up in licking pussy that he only just now noticed how close Baloo was to finishing. Quickly the cat jumped up and leaned on the girl's back, mounting her swiftly. He had to remind himself to aim lower than he usually did with Mowgli and his sharp feline cock was soon poking between her thighs and leaving a sticky trail of precum.

Shanti went wide-eyed at the sudden penetration and Baloo even let out a panting laughter at her expression. Bagheera shot straight into a rapid humping motion, his eyes squinting shut in pleasure.

"Ooooh.. so soft and silky.." the black cat licked his muzzle, savoring the tasty meal that was smeared across his lips and nosepad.

Baloo went right over the edge at the sight of his friend enjoying himself so. His hips jerked up and down, and he fucked the female's mouth as deep as he could. His flaring cockhead rammed towards the back of her throat while he groaned.

"Hunnngggh… YES!" His balls drew up and his cock gave a twitch as he suddenly started to unload into her mouth, coating her tongue and shooting down the back of her throat in thick gooey strings of salty cum.

Shanti blinked and started gagging on the huge amount of bearseed gushing into her little mouth. She wriggled and tried to pull back, but was kept down by the heavy paw. The humangirl's mouth flooded in an instant and some of the salty goo was being forced down her throat and into her belly while most of it just splurted out between her lips and the thrusting cock, making a warm, sticky mess of her face and the bear's groin.

Baloo emptied a good sized load of his hot bear jizz past her lips and into her mouth before letting go of the black hair on the back of her head. He leaned against the tree behind him again and panted fast to try and calm his racing heartbeat.

His eyes closed as his chest heaved and his shoulders sank down in a thoroughly exhausted expression.

"Mmmmmm yeah.. such a good cub.. you make Daddy bear so happy.." Baloo sighed happily with half-lidded eyes and that silly smile on his muzzle again. He looked down and petted Shanti's hair before moving his paw away entirely.

Shanti pulled back and gasped for breath for a while until she could clean off the sticky layer of beargoo in her mouth and breathe normally again. The girl tried to back out of the bear's lap again, but she kept being pushed forward by the eager thrusts of the black cat on top of her.

Bagheera's claws scraped at Shanti's thighs while he clung to her back and rutted her hard. Fortunately her skirt still provided some protection there so all she felt was a prick of his claws against her skin, but not enough to actually scratch her there as Mowgli had been many times.

Baloo was still stiff and oozed more of the warm, white cream down on his belly where it seeped into the grey fur and ran down to slowly envelop his balls. He could not help but grin at the eagerness of his feline friend and he aimed his long bearshaft up at the kitty.

"You want a taste too?" he offered.

Always the gentleman, Bagheera declined politely, "I'm just fine, thank you kindly." He even smiled and nodded before gritting his teeth and squinting his yellow eyes again as he resumed humping his captured prey.

A long white strand of bearhoney dripped off the girl's chin and landed in the pool below her. Her gaping mouth rivaled her wide eyes and it sounded like all the air was forced out of her lungs with each of those gasping groans she exhaled every single time Bagheera drove his stiff kittycock into her.

Baloo smiled down at the adolescent human, the afterglow still making him woozy and numb all over. He reached down to his very slowly shrinking shaft and wiped it clean by dragging his paw from base to tip while collecting the layer of warm semen that he had sprayed all over himself. They always make such a mess the first times.

"Now be good and let Baggy have his fun too." the bear winked at Shanti and wiped off the cum on top of her head so it would run down her neck and make a musky mess of her.

To Shanti, the warm sensation trickling down the back of her head was just another experience that added to the sensory overload. She cried out shamelessly in adolescent pleasure at feeling the flared and barbed catcock teasing through her tender sextunnel and jumping inside.

It felt so different from Mowgli when the panther pulled out and then penetrated her again and the speed was such that the girl did not have time to get used to any of it. It felt like being pulled in one direction and then in a completely other direction right away, and this just continued, adding to her confusing and her absolute loss of control over what was happening.

To the others around her it just looked like she was getting a good fuck, but she felt her entire world change and shift around her unlike anything she had ever experienced. Never would she have imagined that being taken by a wild animal would be this wonderful.

Bagheera snarled and pushed her torso down a little further with her rump still high in the air. He had long since learned not to bite the neckscruff of humans with Mowgli, so he just lapped away at Shanti's neck and the bearseed that had gathered there by now while pounding her savagely and lifting his tail up higher.

Mowgli had found his own rhythm by now and was beating himself off, looking over at the scene with pronounced jealousy. She hardly ever let *him* do that to her, but he could sure understand why she liked his animal friends.

Bagheera fucked the girl like the horny cat he was through the back of her torn purple skirt, massaging her soft bottom with his rapid thrusts. She too got to feel the sensation of thick, velvet black fur brushing back and forth over her bare skin and exciting her like pure electricity.

The tight little human's slick cunny made the feline so excited he could barely contain himself and it only took a few more moments before the panther yeowled out in his characteristic way.

It was almost apparent in Shanti's eyes each time the rugged panthercock jerked inside her from then on, releasing a warm glob of catseed into her immature womb every time. Bagheera dismounted the young human quickly when he was done, but still only managed to get a few broad strokes of his tongue across her abused folds before she fell forwards in exhaustion.

Baloo was right there to catch her and pulled her up onto his big belly with a grin.

"That was very well done." he seemed to talk to Shanti, but he winked over at his panther friend who stood panting and quivering a little in the brief afterglow.

Mowgli bit his tongue over on the sidelines and laughed with a few gasps as the rush of his orgasm made the tree that he was leaning against sway and rustle. A deep satisfaction blanketed the young boy as he felt his own seed shoot up his belly and chest in jets that shook his rear and made him contract his muscles hard every time. All three of the others were watching him and grinned as the feral child let out his urges and kept jerking himself off with his hand till he finally stopped spewing white cum over himself.

The big bear ran his paw down Shanti's back to cup her rear in it and grope the sensitive skin with his furred pawpads. She closed her eyes and relaxed, and with all the bearcum that matted her black hair, the goo stuck on her chin, throat and white shirt, and with the ripped skirt she was wearing she looked like a most thoroughly fucked little village girl.

None of them talked much, out here sounds were enough, and the rumbling satisfaction that emitted from the bear's tummy said it all.

"Was I a good lil' Girl bear?" Shanti whispered, and Baloo just rumblegiggled merrily while stroking her rump.

"Heh-heh.. best one yet. You'll have to come by more often.." He carefully ran a claw down between the girl's legs, "Did you like getting fucked by a kitty?"

"Yeah, it was so weird. I think I felt the jungle rhythm." Shanti was still feeling dazed and sort of numb, as if all this had happened to someone else and she had just been watching it all.

Bagheera stepped over to Mowgli away from the two others and started grooming the wolfboy's belly clean with his raspy tongue.

The boy offered a scritch behind the big kitty's ear and spoke over at his fellow human companion, "I'll have to introduce you to the wolfpack. They're gonna love you." Everyone but Shanti licked their muzzles at the thought.

Bagheera nudged Mowgli's head in-between licks to get his attention again.

"Mmmm.. I'm still stiff from mating your little girlfriend…" the panther mrowled suggestively and stood with spread hindlegs so the child could clearly see his rigid cock hang from his belly.

Mowgli grinned wider just as his feline friend dipped down to engulf the boy's member and slurp it clean with his tongue. It was already shrinking fast, but seemed to pause in thought when it felt the cat lick it all over.

"Oooh.. wanna go see if the wolves are busy?" the boy was already climbing to his feet again.

Bagheera's muzzle drew up in a smile and he followed Mowgli out of the clearing, looking back one last time at the two sleeping creatures beneath the tree.