The Lesson
by Kylun Ratha

"Mother, you have GOT to be kidding!" Vitani could not believe her ears. How could her mother be suggesting such a thing? Shouldn't they be concentrating on getting rid of Simba? "I'm not kidding Vitani. If Kovu should fail in his task, I need you as my backup plan."

"But what your suggesting has got to be wrong. Not to mention a little gross. I mean, we're related! And this is Nuka we're talking about here."

"This is something that you must learn to do. I have had another lioness school Nuka already, so he knows what to do. You, my dear, must learn how to please a male,and to let him please you. A young, seductive female could easily turn Simba's head and lead him into another trap."

"Alright. I'll do it. But I won't like it."

"That's the point. I'll go and get Nuka and send him in." Vitani's mind raced as she watched her mother leave. Can I really do this? Will Zira be mad if I can't? What if I enjoy it? All these thoughts clouded her mind as she waited. She did not have to wait long. "Heeeyyyy Vitani" he said in that annoyingly sarcastic tone. "Heeelllooo Nuka" she replied softly, trying to sound as sexy as possible. "You look soooo lonely in here. I bet you just couldn't wait for your firs time with a real male."

"NUKA..." she snapped, but cut herself off before insulting him. She was here to please. Vitani walked slowly toward him as he sat down. She rubbed her head under his chin as she passed, trying to make as much body contact as possible. Nuka shivered as she did this. She made another circle around him then sat down in front of him, nose to nose. "Wh- Where did you learn that?" he stuttered."I thought you might like it." she replied. "Nuka, please go slow. I'm nervous about this." With that, Nuka began to nuzzle her slowly, letting her feel his nose and lips brush against hers. She, in response, began tentatively licking his cheeks. She quickly stopped when he did."Don't stop sweetie. It's just starting to get good." As they both moved to continue, they opened their mouths and let the nuzzles deepen into a long, soft kiss. Nuka began leaning forward, gently forcing her to the ground. Vitani found herself looking up at him from her back. "Now what?" she asked. "Now you let me please you." he replied. With that response, Nuka gave her a gentle lick on the nose. He kept licking as he moved lower, first caressing her neck, then her chest. She pushed on his chest with her paws, which made him stop and begin licking the pads of her feet, which she enjoyed immensely. He the moved to her belly, and although his tongue tickled, the rasping against her small nipples delighted her. Now he moved his head between her legs. She looked up with apprehension, but as he stroked the inside of her thighs, her fear melted away and was replaced by pure ecstasy. Vitani jumped suddenly as his nose ran along the length of her pussy."Do that again." she sighed. Nuka kept stroking her slit with his nose and tongue as she quivered with delight. She pedaled her rear legs against him as her body began to tighten up. He kept increasing both the pressure and speed with which he licked. He knew it was time. "AH... AHH... AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" she screamed as her whole body shook with orgasm. As her convulsions died down, Nuka moved up her body to give her a soft, if not somewhat salty kiss. They lay together for a short time, pressed against each other, just kissing and nuzzling and licking, giving her time to calm down and relax. Nuka got up slowly and stretched his legs and back. His erection and balls hung down in plain view for Vitani to admire. "Now", he said, "It's your turn!" After what she had just experienced, Vitani doubted she could perform as well as he did. But, she was determined to try. Nuka reclined in front of her, letting her see his obvious arousal. Vitani put her front paws on his chest and extended her claws a little. She began slowly raking them down his body, nibbling him as she went. She moved lower and lower, until she was laying with her head between his legs. His musky scent filled her nose. Feeling bolder now, Vitani nuzzled his balls gently, eliciting a gasp from Nuka. Taking her cue, she began rubbing her nose softly along the length of his sheath. Feeling him purr as she did this, she then ran her nose up the shaft of his penis. When she got to the tip, she gave it a fast lick with her tongue. Hearing Nuka's short cry, she stopped. " I didn't hurt you did I? I'll stop if you want."

"No don't stop." he replied between breaths. "You're doing great." Vitani continued, using her rough tongue to massage the length and tip of his shaft. She began to really enjoy giving him the pleasure she was supposed to. His cries of ecstasy every time her tongue passed his tip told her she was doing well. " Suck me please!" Nuka panted, "And be careful with your teeth." She licked to his tip once more, then took him gently into her mouth. Nuka began emitting short grunts and thrusting up into her muzzle. As his grunts got louder, she knew he must be close. Suddenly, Nuka stopped thrusting, threw his head back, and howled in ecstasy. His cock let off a burst of cum into her mouth, causing her to pull off in alarm. The next shot hit her on the muzzle. He shot several more times onto his own chest and belly before he was finally done. Vitani licked off her muzzle, the taste not as bad as she thought it would be, then cleaned him off. They spent a few minutes cuddling before she spoke. "Well, I guess there's only one lesson left." she sighed to him. "I'm glad that I could be the one to teach you." Nuka purred in response. Both Vitani and Nuka got up and stretched their cramped muscles. As she arched her back, Nuka couldn't help admiring her lean form. He wished he had noticed her beauty sooner. He would have tried this a long time ago. Vitani came and rubbed her head under his chin, and laid it on his shoulder. " This is going to hurt, isn't it?" she asked nervously. " It might hurt a little at first." Nuka responded. " But trust me, it is well worth a little pain." Vitani turned and walked several steps before lowering herself to the ground. She felt him come up behind her and start nosing and licking her rump. She swayed her tail slowly back and forth encouraging him on. Nuka slid hid body over hers until he covered her. He lightly nipped her neck, and gently licked her ears, making Vitani purr loudly. " Arch your back for me." he whispered in her ear. " It's time." Vitani arched her back slowly, feeling her backside come into contact with his loins. She felt his now hot, hard dick slide underneath her tail, making her tremble. The tip of his penis brushed against the outer lips of her warm, wet pussy, eliciting a gasp from both of them. As she became lost in these new feelings, Nuka lowered himself slightly and shifted forward a little bit, forcing the tip to just penetrate her lips. Vitani froze. It was too late to stop now. He kept pushing gently as more and more of his shaft worked it's way into her. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the pain came. " Oww, it hurts", she cried weakly. " I...I know" he stammered. " It won't last long. Once I'm all the way in, it'll start to feel good." As Nuka continued to push forward, Vitani pushed back, trying to make the pain go quickly. Soon, he was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed against the lips of her sex. The most incredible warmth began to spread through her body, driving away all traces of the pain. Vitani trembled with delight, and heard Nuka grunt sharply with satisfaction. He started to pull out, causing her to whine in protest. She didn't want the warmth to go away. When he was almost out, he thrust slowly back into her, making them both groan with pleasure. And so went his rhythm. In and out, very slowly, letting her feel every inch of his hot shaft as it pierced into her depths, driving her wild beneath him. He wanted this to last forever, but knew he couldn't hold out much longer. " 'Tani, I... need..." he panted before she cut him off. " Go ahead." she cried. " Let me feel your strength." Nuka increased his pace sharply, his hips hitting her ass more forcefully. Every thrust, every bump of his hips, every slap of his balls forcing loud moans from Vitani's throat. She tried to match his rhythm, making him go as deep as she could. Her body began to tense up as another orgasm began to shake her. Nuka felt her climax coming, and thrust harder and faster, trying to make himself cum as she did. He bit her neck trying to balance himself as he let loose with all his strength. " 'Tani... I'm..."

" Meeee... tooooooo!!!!!" Upon feeling his teeth grasp her scruff, Vitani lost all control. She threw her head back and wailed at the ceiling. Her body rippled and spasmd with ecstasy as her pussy squeezed and fluttered around his hot penis. Her spasms sent him over the edge as well. He gave one last thrust, all the way in, and roared to the heavens. Vitani felt his legs squeezing against her as his orgasm took over. His penis started to pulse, and she felt his hot semen spray against her insides, each burst dirving her higher and higher. For a few brief, but glorious seconds, they were a trembling, screaming mass of pure feline lust. As the two came down from their peaks, neither moved, not wanting the pleasure to end. Nuka pulled out quickly, his withdrawal sending one last shock through her. He flopped down beside her, basking in the afterglow. Vitani rolled over, and pressed herself to him. " That was wonderful," Nuka purred. " You sure are a fast learner."

" I had a fantastic teacher," Vitani replied before licking him under the chin and falling asleep in his embrace.