The Lesson
by Jeffrey R. Reed

Hello there. My name is Shenzi. Let me tell you the story of how I learned the most important lesson of my life, and how it changed me forever...

It had been about 4 months since Scar's defeat (P.S. - he was delicious!) and about 2 weeks since I broke up with Banzai and Ed; I'll explain that story another time. Anyway, I had been walking for quite some time and needed a rest, so I decided to lay myself down in the shade of a small tree. It was only a short distance from my homeland's territorial line, so if King Simba caught me on his land, I could easily run home without a problem.

Well, after a few minutes of resting with my eyes closed, I heard a loud "Ahem!" (the sound of one clearing one's throat) When I looked up,

I saw a very annoyed-looking male hyena looking down on me. He said, "'Scuse me! I believe you're lying in my favorite shady place!" Still feeling a bit sleepy, I closed my eyes again and said calmly, "Yeah? Well, find another spot; I was here first." He said, "Maybe you didn't hear me clearly, bitch! I said MOVE!!! I'm in no mood to argue!!"

I thought at the time he was just making empty threats, so I said with my eyes still closed, "You'll have to fight me for it." He said, "I thought you'd never ask," and what he did next took me by surprise: he seized my throat within his jaws, picked me up off my feet, and slammed me into the ground quite violenty and painfully! Believe me, I lost all thoughts of sleep immediately! Feeling EXTREMELY pissed-off, I got back up on all fours, looked him right in the eyes, and yelled, "YOU'VE JUST MADE A FATAL MISTAKE!! YOU'D BETTER BE A DAMN GOOD SKILLED FIGHTER, BECAUSE OTHERWISE I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!"

We both lunged at each others necks, got tangled up in a flurry of arms and legs, and rolled around in the grass, trying to gain an advantage on

the other. One thing was for sure, his strength was amazing for a male, as he could certainly take punishment as well as give it! Just when I thought I was ready to finish him off, something significant happened to me. At the time, I thought it was a curse, but today I consider it to be a blessing in disguise.

When I was trying to regain my footing, I slipped on some loose pebbles and fell heavily on my side, knocking the wind out of me. My opponent took advantage of this error to the fullest by quickly getting on top and pinning my shoulders and forelegs down. Though I struggled greatly, I just couldn't break out of his hold! I yelled, "LET ME GO, YOU ASSHOLE!!", to which he responded by wrapping his jaws around my neck again, choking off my breath for half a minute. When he released the hold, he quickly said, "Say one more word, bitch, and I really WILL break your neck! Now listen to me, whatever your name is, I'm SICK of being bullied around by your gender, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!! Nod your head if you understand me."

I stubbornly refused to, so he gave me an extremely hard and painful slap to the face with his claws out and yelled, "NOD, BITCH!!!" With tears of pain forming around my eyes, I nodded compliantly. "That's better," he said. "Now, I'm going to release you and go on my way, but if you try to attack me while my back is turned, I'll break all your legs!" Fixing me with a dirty look, he slowly released me, backed off cautiously, and started to walk away.

For several seconds, I just continued to lay where I was, feeling very unworthy of being a female. Not only had I lost my first fight in ages, but his slap to my face had completely shattered my arrogance, cockiness, and worst of all, my will to live. I got back up and called out to him, "Wait!! Please come back!" He turned around, approached me carefully and said, "Well, what do you want now?!" And then, feeling the sorrow wash over me, I cried out, "Please kill me...I don't deserve to live!!", and...well, I began to weep bitterly, not caring that I was breaking my mother's first rule of being a bitch: NEVER express weakness to any male, period!

At first, his face remained cold and hard as he said, "Well, well, well, you're nothing but talk, aren't you? One moment you're acting like you ain't afraid of anyone, and the next you're crying like a hungry pup." But little by little, as he continued to watch me weep, his stone cold expression melted away into an emotion I never thought I'd see on a male's face: pity! He said almost inaudibly, "Oh my god...they ARE real..." But at the moment, I was still very upset and wanted to die, so

I yelled, "WELL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I'M RIGHT HERE!! KILL ME!!!" Well, what he did next I swear I'll never forget. He walked up to me, reached out to my face with his left forepaw...and started to brush my tears away, saying very softly, "No." He continued to do this until I finally calmed down to the point of sniffling.

"Are you all right?", he asked.

"Not especially. Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? I'm a failure to my gender; even death is better than living on in the shame of being beaten by a male."

He said, "Well, maybe I did overreact a little. I was having a very rough day, and when I saw you lying in my favorite shady place, I felt like I had to take out my anger on you. But no one deserves to die, not even you. I simply wanted to teach you a lesson and make you realize that no one likes being bullied around. When I realized that your tears were real, not faked, I sensed you learned that lesson well."

After he said this, we didn't speak for a few minutes; we just looked at each other in total curiosity. Then, something happened to me that was most unusual: I sensed that I could trust him! I hadn't felt that way toward ANYONE for as long as I can remember!

"Who ARE you?" I asked in amazement.

"Sit down with me, and I will tell you." So we did, and he explained everything.

"I guess I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Skulk, and just today I decided to become a wanderer. I'm the oldest of four siblings, raised by my mother alone because my father died before we were born. Although I was the big brother of three sisters I had no purpose to my mother besides being a scapegoat to them. That's why I had to get away, because I wanted to escape the memory of the horrible things they did to me."

I asked, "What kind of things?" His bowed his head and shut his eyes, sighing painfully. Feeling a bit guilty, I added, "I didn't mean to pry."

"No, it's okay. I think it would be best if I did tell you; at least it would make the burden on my mind a bit lighter...

"When my sisters hit puberty, they delighted in making me their 'pleasure toy'; a mere object to satisfy their sexual desires. Under the supervision of my cruel mother, I was forced to perform oral sex on them, then fuck each of them in turn until they came. But I was never permitted to come unless my mom ordered it, and most of the time it was on my sisters' faces. The relief I felt afterward was not from pleasure, but knowing that they'd finally leave me alone, until the next time..."

This sounded all too familiar to me, because I used to control my three younger brothers in the same fashion. It was heaven to me, having three cocks to lust over and use as I pleased! I'd make them fuck ALL of my holes simultaneously, making them shoot their loads in my mouth, cunt and ass. Oh, how I loved it then! But as I listened on to Skulk's story, I began to feel tremendously guilty, realizing that they had feelings, too.

"So, what made you finally decide to rebel?", I asked, now fully understanding and sympathetic towards Skulk.

"Well, every animal has their emotional breaking point, and I just happened to reach mine last night. After another forced mating with my sisters, I went off to get a drink from our waterhole. When I bent over, I looked at my reflection on the surface and thought to myself, 'How long is this going to go on, before they kill me?' It was then that I felt all my pent-up anger building up to a dangerous capacity. As I walked home, I decided that if any of my family from hereon forced me to do one more humiliating thing, I'd fight back with all my might!

"Sure enough, this very morning, I was awoken to my sisters rough poking, urging me to get up so they could use me as their fuck-toy. Well, none of them were expecting what I did next: I flew into a very intense rage and attacked them with everything I had! Even though I had little knowledge of fighting techniques, I managed to kill the oldest sister and severely wound the other two. When my mother came home from her morning hunt, she wasquite surprised to see me standing over my sisters' prone bodies! For what seemed like years we glared fiercely at each other, as if daring one to attack the other. Then, I said to her in a dangerously soft voice, 'Goodbye, mother; it was nice knowing you...not!'.

"With that, I strode towards the exit of our borrow, but just before I crossed the threshold, she shouted, 'SKULK!!! If you walk out of here, you're not coming back in! I mean it! You won't survive one day without my help!' I stopped in my tracks, turned to face her, spit in her direction, and snarled, 'Fuck you'. I walked off without looking back, feeling very proud of myself. True, I might not survive long on my own, but at least I'm finally free..."

When he was done talking, I then told him everything about myself; how my mother taught me to be the toughest bitch alive; my three brothers whom I treated like shit, and how I now felt horrible because of it; how I met Banzai and Ed, and later on, Scar, etc. When I was done, we looked at each other with a new respect. We had so much in common: strength, assertiveness, and individualism. I said, "You know, it's amazing. You're like the big brother I never had." He said, "And you're the big sister I never had, either."

"Hey, Skulk?"

"Yeah, Shenzi?"

I swallowed hard, trying to control my tears, and said, "I...I'm sorry I called you a motherfucker..." I couldn't believe it; for the first time in my life, I actually APOLOGIZED for something! He patted me on the shoulder and said, "That's all right; anytime at all. And I'm sorry too for slapping you so hard. I guess I shouldn't have been so rough."

I rubbed my wounded cheek, looked at the blood upon my paw and sniffled. "Oh, that's all right. I guess I really deserved it anyway; it made me realize that there are some male hyenas out there that are tougher than me that deserve respect. Well, you've certainly earned *my* respect, Skulk. You're the toughest son of a bitch I've ever met, and believe me, that's the highest compliment I could ever give to anyone."

He actually blushed and said, "Why, thank you! And if you don't mind me saying so, you're a pretty cute bitch yourself. Much cuter than my sisters, that's for sure." Now it was MY turn to blush. "I...I don't know what to say..."

"You don't need to say anything, but right now I'd like to see you do something that would make me feel very happy."

"What's that?", I asked.

"Smile for me, please?"

I think that was the most difficult thing I was ever asked to do in my life, because doing so would be to admit the ultimate weakness: love for a male of the species. However, he DID spare my life; hell, he even REFUSED to kill me when I begged him to during my weeping fit. He opened up his heart to me, told me about his tragic past, and even considered me to be like a big sister he never had! If THAT isn't love, then I don't know what is! So, damning all my modesties and former behaviors, I looked at him and I smiled softly and sweetly.

"You're beautiful...", he said simply. And for the longest time, we just sat there exchanging smiles and enjoying each others company.

Then I noticed that he was fidgeting quite a bit, and I soon learned that he was trying to hide his semi-erect cock, which was bobbing and jerking lewdly. Looking out to the horizon, I calmly asked, "Something on your mind, Skulk?" He blushed again, this time in embarrassment and said, "Sorry about that; it's just that I thought that maybe we could...I mean, I know we've only just met, but you ARE such a hot-looking I thought that and me..."

He stammered on like this for a minute, but I already knew what he was suggesting, and my cunt was getting wet from thinking about him mounting me. So I shot him a devilish smile and said in an unusually sweet voice,

"Hey Skulk, just shut up and fuck me, okay?" His eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped, he was so stunned at my blatant request! But he soon smiled back and said, "I love it when you're direct."

"Oh yeah? Well then," I said, as I stood up, turn around and exposed myself, "let's get to work! Oh, by the way...", I quick added as he began to mount me, "is it okay if I call you 'brother' while you fuck me?"

"Sure, if you don't mind me calling you 'sister'."

I beamed. "It's a deal!" And with that, he slowly inserted his cock inside of me, inch by inch. Once he was all the way in, he started making real slow thrusts. Well, I was definitely enjoying it because...well, basically I enjoy *everything* about fucking, but now it felt...different this time. I began noticing other physical sensations, and not just him slipping in and out of me. I could feel his warm breath against my neck; his forepaws gripping my chest, with his claws lightly digging into my flesh; and if I concentrated hard enough, I could feel his heart beating rapidly against my back.

My mind and my heart had opened up, and for the first time in my whole life, I DIDN'T feel like a slutty bitch! Usually it was in my old nature to despise all males and treat them like shit. But even in spite of our fight, Skulk comforted me when I was crying, and apologized sincerely for slapping me. And because of this, unlike other times, instead of ordering guys to fuck me because I said so, I asked him nicely because I could sense he really wanted to. I actually CARED about his feelings before mine! This revelation really made me happy, something I've never genuinely felt before.

Anyway, back to my story. After about 10 minutes or so, I cried out, "Brother, I'm gonna come!!", in the hopes that that would make him come, too. But even after my orgasm was over and my pussy muscles stopped squeezing, he still didn't pop! When I asked him why he hadn't shot his load yet, he said, "That can wait, dear sister. For now, I just want to savor the snugness of your cunt for as long as I can." So I guess what was true for me was true to him as well; he too began to care more for my pleasure than his own, and he proved it by giving me three more orgasms over a period of 20 minutes. When my fourth was over, I said in amazement, "Good grief! Just what does it take to make you come??!!"

He said, "Don't worry, my sister, I think I'm about ready to shoot off, but if you want me to come, you'll have to beg me for it!" WOW! He was absolutely driving me CRAZY with a lust I can't describe in words!! I said, "Please, brother, please come inside me!" He gripped me even tighter and hissed into my ear, "You've gotta do better than that! Come on, scream out my name and tell me you love me!"


Now, usually I had never done this, but when he responded to my pleas by coyly saying, "Hmmm...I'll think about it", I submitted to a male in the ultimate way: I absolutely SQUEALED with pure delight like two warthogs on a honeymoon!!! I think THAT was what finally convinced him, for his breathing got heavy and his thrusts became faster and faster. He whispered in my ear in a husky voice, "Shenzi, my love, I'm gonna come in your sweet little pussy! Those words pushed me over the edge, and as I hit my fifth orgasm that day, I yelled, "BROOOOTHER!!!" In return, he cried out, "OH, SHENZI!! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!", as he finally gave me what I'd been waiting so long for. His quaking cock spurted seemingly endless ribbons of creamy spunk into my equally quaking pussy!! I swear I'd died and gone to heaven!

Well, when the sensations finally passed, I collapsed onto my belly with Skulk still inside me, so that kinda startled him a bit, but not too much so. Anyway, he soon grew soft and finally slipped out with a beautiful *schluck*-ing sound. However, he didn't let go as he rolled off of me; he still continued to hold me close to his well-muscled body.

Then, I allowed him to do something to me that I would usually NEVER let a male do against my will: I let him lick my face all over! I knew that he was kissing me repeatedly, and I didn't care. For the first time in my life since I was just a pup, I felt truly loved and secure. When he was finished, I did the same for him, finishing off by doing something I thought was rather cute: lightly flicking his nose with my tongue, then rubbing my own nose against his with a giggle. That made him smile and we nuzzled each others faces for a while.

"That was wonderful", he said with a sigh. "Thank you, Shenzi."

I said, "No, Skulk; thank *you*. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize that I was wrong to treat guys like dirt all this time, because they have feelings, too. Thank you for letting me see that there IS such a thing as making love, and not just mindless fucking as I thought it to be. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, period."

"And you're the first female I've ever met that dared to cry in my presence and show she has weaknesses like males do, too. Personally, I think you've always used your toughness and arrogance to hide your gentle emotions. There really is no need. You've proved to me that you can love, and can BE loved. And THAT, Shenzi, is the greatest, strongest act of courage in the world," he said, gently kissing my wounded cheek.

"By the way," he added with a devilish smirk, "You're not still mad at me for trying to rip your throat out, are you?"

"Of course not!", I said with the same smirk, "After all, I'm just as responsible for trying to kick your ass as you tried to kick mine!" We chuckled for a little while about that, and we kissed one more time before exchanging 'I love you's' and taking a well-deserved nap after out exhausting lovemaking session.

When we awoke a few hours later, the sun had just disappeared and the sky turned the most beautiful color; reddish-orange-purple.

Until today, I never bothered to notice such things in life, since they happen every day. However, meeting Skulk has made me a lot more receptive to the world around me, and I took in what I saw with much happiness and joy.

Skulk broke the silence. "So, Shenzi, where shall we go now? I left home in such a rush that I didn't think about where I should go to make a new home for myself."

"Well, Skulk, why don't you come live with me? My den is more than big enough for two, and together we'd have a better chance of making a kill on the hunt. Besides...I must admit that even I feel lonesome sometimes, since I left Banzai and Ed. I know it sounds crazy, but I miss having them around. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... ....Skulk,....will you be my lifemate? From the short time that I've known you, I've come to terms that we are INDEED a perfect match. I want you to be my lover, friend, and father to my children." I held out my right forepaw and offered it to him. "What do you say?"

(Note: in her society, the females propose to the males, and the males are forbidden to refuse. But in this case, Shenzi *asked* Skulk nicely!)

After a moment's pause, he smiled and held out his left forepaw, touching mine. "Yes, Shenzi. I acknowledge and accept your gentle proposal, and I my honest opinion, I think you'll be a very good mother."

We rubbed our muzzles together and I said softly, "Thank you. Come on, honey, let's go home and start a new life side by side..."

Well, that's how I learned the most important lesson of my life. At the time that I'm telling you this story, I've taken Skulk to be my life-long mate, and best of all, I'm two months pregnant! This probably means that my children to be were conceived on that wonderful, memorable day, and I think that's great! They will serve as a permanent reminder of "the lesson" to me, and when they're old enough, I'll tell them about how bad I used to be until a special male came into my life and changed my whole outlook on life and sex forever.

When all is said and done, I guess what I'm saying is... that, if I can change...

...then YOU can change...


Yours Forever,