The Lion and the Tiger
Rakshasa2, TigerFoxx, JohnLeeFoxx, JLF (all the same person)

I drove to where he said to meet them. It was a large home set back a little hidden by some large pine trees. The outside was a white stucco, big bay windows that where covered by shades, the roof had red tiles. The driveway was a huge semi circle with the large steps to the house half way round. I parked and walked up those huge steps toward the wooden front door. The thing that got my attention, I could see these through the trees on the road, was two large Lion statues on either side of the entrance.

I knocked on the door and A tall gentleman answered and opened the door slightly. Sweat dripped down his forehead, he turned around quickly to call to someone. "Go quickly now go" I heard some growling and rustling going on. Something big moved past by the door.

"Who are you, state you business" he said rather nervously.

"Umm, I'm here for the porno shoot?" I'm not used to having people answer the door like psychos.

"ahhh yes, well you have to forgive the noise" He said calming down.

"What was it?" I asked

"Nothing its just the television, Please come in"

He had on jeans and a tee-shirt. He certainly didn't look like a weirdo.

He led me down a hall with portraits of Lions and Tigers all over the walls to a bathroom. Two men were standing around a big circular spa filled with steaming water.

The man then handed me a contract to sign. It read: "I will not be responsible for and excess chewing gnawing or biting of body part(s) that may led to injury. I will not be responsible for any death caused by animals."

"Hmmmm" This was getting odder by the minute. "Whatever just as long as I get paid" with that I signed.

I was told I must take a bath and a douche, and I was to let these men do it a certain way. I agreed and slipped off my cloths and sat in the spa the water was warm. One man used a bar of soap all over my lower body, he gently but generously scrubbed around my cock, while the other cleaned my upper body.

After I was all washed up I was told to stand up and bend over. One of them stuck a lubricated finger up my ass a few times. They got out a white plastic douche and stuck it up my ass. The two men pumped gallons of this sanitizing fluid into my cavity, then flushed it out good with plenty of water. I was given a robe to put on while I waited.

I was then led out a second door into a large 35`X 35` well lit room. The room had one door. The walls were cement with a big cut out space halfway up one wall that led to another room that was fairly dark a viewing area I suppose. A video camera was set atop a triploid on the ledge. I looked up and four other "security cameras" were set in each top corner. They wanted full coverage of this. The floor was a large flat piece of marble that was polished and shinny like the kind you see in a high-class hotel. Four shackles with four big thick leather straps were bolted to the marble. Other shackles were at the waist, thighs, and upper arms. I started to look anxious and nervous, what did they plan to do? What ever it was they sure wanted me to not get away.

"You don't mind being tied up you?"

"No why you plan to fed me to a lion?" I said jokingly.

He just gave a blank expression that scared my half to death, then he broke into a laugh and gave a smile but his manner seemed very odd.

This worried me more, anyway I went along with it. I was stripped naked again and told to lie down. I was facing away from the open space in the wall where he was standing operating the camera. The two men who washed me spread my legs and tied them semi tight to the leather shacks. The leather straps felt nice against my skin they were softened somewhat, I was getting off on this. My arms and hands were free.

One of the men brought in a large tobacco pipe that was lit. "I said I didn't care too much for smoking."

"Relax this is really enjoyable, its very pleasant tasting, not too harsh"

The pipe was slightly curved and had a large bowl. He handed the pipe to me. I had never smoked a pipe before, but anyway. I held it by the bowl and put the bit in my lips. I inhaled a little, slowly at first the smoke filled the inside of my mouth. The taste was very pleasant not what I expected to be harsh. The smoke was pushed out of my mouth as I smiled and I took a deeper puff. I was told to smoke the whole thing and fill up the room, give the whole atmosphere a nice thick smell of vanilla pipe tobacco smoke. I absolutely loved the taste it left in my mouth. I promised myself that I would take up this habit as soon as I left here.

After about an hour of enjoying this new sensation, I was blindfolded and my arms were spread wide and strapped down. All the other straps were used they didn't want me to move or run away from what ever then had planned.

"Just lie back and enjoy the show" The lights were lowered very dark

There I was legs and arms spread wide, my whole body completely immobilized. "Now what?"

I heard the door open and something was moving some large animal. I felt the air move as it circled me several times giving a thorough inspection. Then walked between my legs. A large wet nose pushed its way into my cock and began to sniff. It sniffed around my ass and my balls this felt very good what ever it was. Then this beast started to sit down between my legs. Two very large paws with claws sat on either side of my cock. My dick was hard as a rock and sticking straight up inches from its face. The next part happened so very fast. I felt my entire cock being swallowed by this animal its sharp teeth closing down at the base. Its hot breath was breathing down on my stomach, sharp whiskers poked at my legs. The feeling was amazing I wanted to pass out, or die. At first I though it was a very big dog but this is much bigger than any dog. The room was still very much filled with the sweet pipe tobacco smoke and I was deeply breathing in the aroma.

A sandpaper like tongue slid across dick several times leaving a painful but pleasurefull experience, I remember screaming and crying as it did this. He stopped and let me fall slightly, then he started again just leaving me from cumming. I enjoyed what seemed like hours of pure ecstasy. After a while my blindfold fell off me.

Looking down between my legs all I saw was an orange and black striped blur. As my vision corrected I gave a closer look. A wide smile across my face dropped to a frown.

There between my legs was a large male Siberian tiger, I could tell he was male his dick was erect and hanging down, he looked at least 700 or 800 pounds and 12 feet long. He had all of my dick in his mouth and was sucking me off very nice. He stopped to give a look at me.

I froze in terror, he mentioned large animals but I did not expect a put my cock in a tiger mouth. I looked frantically around the but I was alone. I threw my head back to look at the other room but no one was at the camera, they had left me here to die for sure I though. I was sweating all over it was pouring down my head into my eyes, all over my chest. I didn't want to move or make a noise so I stayed perfectly still. At any time he could bite off my dick easily.

This tiger seemed very erotic. He kept looking up at me with these yellow eyes. He sucked away very nicely. One part of me was fearful, the other wanted to grab his head and shove my dick deeper. I was fantasized and mesmerized at how good he was sucking me. Absolute no human could compare with it. He ran his cat tongue over my dick several time very rough. This hurt very much I though he took the skin off. I wanted to scream but I moaned instead. I really got off on it after he licked my dick a few times but reality kick in and said this is very dangerous, but I lusted for this. I wondered if the tiger knew what he was doing. I was very fearful, I saw somewhere on a nature show that tigers use their rough tongues to rip the hair and skin off a prey before they eat it. I thought he was tendering me up so he could eat me.

The tiger seemed to be trained to suck people off and he was doing a very good job at it. A heavy scent of cock was in the air. He used his tongue and his lips to work me over. He rubbed my dick over his sharp incisors then held it between his cheek and his teeth. The inside of his mouth was very hot, he just let the saliva drool over it. I was right at the verge of cumming when he stopped sucking and let me fall. I could tell he was going to slowly play with his prey all night.

I felt him move his one of his paws off me and place it under my ass. I felt something being shoved up my ass. It was one of his big claws. It moved around slightly and scratched the lining of my anus. It wasn't painful but it made me itch. He resumed sucking my cock while he had the claw in my ass. I loved way he did this.

I heard the door open, and the tiger stopped sucking me and turned to look. I didn't see anyone standing there. The tiger stood up and walked out of the room. I was mad that the tiger just walked out on me like that. I had a chance to take a good look around the room. No one was there not even in the little room. I wanted the tiger to come back and finish me.

I heard some growling and moving in the other room. The tiger came back in the room by this time he was followed by a male lion that was smoking a pipe. How could they train a lion to do that? The pipe was the same one I smoked earlier. He sat down between my legs with the smoking pipe hanging in his mouth. He had a big brown mane and was a little larger that the tiger. He inhaled on the pipe and filled his jowls with smoke. He pushed the smoke out and it curled up in a big cloud from his mouth. I've never seen anything like this before but it seemed very sexy to watch. He puffed some more and blew big clouds into the air. The lion seemed to be doing this on his own will.

The tiger circled us several times just watching. The lion had other plans, my dick was very hard again from watching the lion smoke the pipe. He laid down the same way as the tiger with one large paw up on each side of my dick. With the pipe still in his mouth he took all of my own dick into his mouth and held it between his cheek and his teeth. He closed down his lips tight as to hold the pipe in while he sucked. He did something amazing, the lion took a puff from his pipe and filled his mouth up with that sweet smoke. My dick felt very hot in this smokey atmosphere. He slightly opened his mouth and blew out all the fragrant smoke over my stomach. This drifted up toward my face and I inhaled all of it. The aroma was absolute lovely. He did this many times, blowing it out his mouth and his nose. He keep me right on the edge of cuming. Still he was doing a good job smoking my dick.

The tiger wanted some action. He walked up behind my head and both his back straddled my neck. His short spinney sick hung right over my mouth the smell of his cock was very pungent. I opened my mouth as he squatted down sitting on my face and shoving his cock in my mouth.

I was still tied down and these cats could do whatever they wanted to me.

I sucked off the tiger while the lion smoked my dick. His cock was short and had little spines all over it. I ran my tongue over this warm piece of meat tasting the sweat pre-cum. I took all of his cock into my mouth and sucked. I sure hope someone was getting this all on film. The tiger started to purr I guess he loved the way I sucked him. I knew what was cuming next. The tiger began to growl and his dick twitched. A jet of cum sprayed in the back of my throat. This sent me over the edge and the lion knew it he moved his rough tongue over my dick I cumed all in the lions awaiting mouth.

The tiger was roaring as he mercilessly pumped his load of hot tiger milk down my throat. I generously swallowed every drop wanting more.

I lied there in shock, I came so much but I had more. The lion got up and so did the tiger. I watched as they strolled out of the room but they soon be back for a better show.

The man that greeted me was standing in the doorway.

"How do you like me pets?" he said. I just gave him a smile

"Do you want more from both my pets?"

"Yes I want them, please bring them back" I sounded mad but I wanted to fuck his pets

"As you wish" He walked over to me and unstrapped all the hot and sweaty leather straps.

I stood up to get my bearings straight. The Lion and the Tiger walked back in to room. This time the tiger was puffing away on the pipe, it must have been refilled with tobacco when he left. The lion nudged his head up against my cock. I ran my fingers though his thick mane. My dick was hard again I took it and rubbed it in his mane. His fur smelled of vanilla pipe tobacco and this turned my on. His mane was very soft and warm. I crawled up on his back like a hoarse and sat up on his shoulders. He was a very strong muscular lion I felt his mussels shift around on my naked cock. I leaned over and put my chest on top on his head. My eyes were looking into his eyes.

My naked body lay against his warm thick soft mane. I grabbed onto his head with my arms and began to fuck the furry mane on the back of his head. It felt so great to finally be able to rub my skin on his thick soft fur. My mouth was free so I began to lick between his eyes. He stood there and let me fuck his mane for a while. The tiger walked around the room puffing freely on his pipe. I would stop to look over and watch tiger the smoke. It looked so erotic to see smoke rising out of the tigers mouth and nose. The fur on the lion was so soft and it felt so good I didn't want to stop. I had soaked the fur between the lions eyes by now with my spit. But I wanted to do something else that covered my body in fur.

I dismounted of the lion the tiger dropped the pipe in the corner of the room and walked over to me. I watched his powerful mussels shift as he approached me. I knew we were going to have a wonderful threesome. The tiger butted his ass up against my very hard cock. I ran my fingers around his soft ass fur. My cock rubbed around the outside of his hole. His anus was already pre- lubricated with crisco I think.

I pushed the tail out of the way. With out thinking I thrust my cock into his anus. It slid in all the way first push, my balls were touching his. The tiger growled a little and tightened up his anus. I pushed my stomach tight against his furry rump then I bent over onto his back. I buried my face in his fur and smelled the wonderful aroma of the pipe tobacco that was soaked into the tigers fur.

I wrapped my hands around under his chest my legs were spread and planted hard on the ground. I felt the lion walk up behind me and stick his nose in my open ass. He took a deep breath smelling my dick and ass sweat. His rough tongue darted around my unlubed ass. He coated the outside in a thick layer of saliva, then he pushed some of large tongue inside. I jumped when he did this, the rough tounge scraped the inside lining of my anus, it made me itch more than it hurt.

After he made a very slick lube of lion saliva around my hole he mounted me. The lion was taller than the tiger so he was able to straddle the tiger and me by putting his paws down on either side of us. If you can imagine this I was in a furry sandwich. I had the tigers fur on my chest and the underside of the lion on by back. The lions short, fat penis pushed into my ass. It stretched me very wide and I began to groan.

When the lion would push in my hips would push into the tiger. When the lion pulled out I pulled out of the tiger. The lions hot breath breathed down on my neck as he licked it. We fucked a long time like this. It was very hot between the two cats well over one hundred degrees.

The lion broke out into a fucking frenzy. Thrusting hard with every pump. This threesome looked like a big fucking mass of mussel and fur. The lion was putting more and more weight on my back. Its like we were molding into one creature. I moaned for more.

I felt myself starting to cum. The tiger growled and purred as I filled his ass with my cum. While I was cuming the lion took all the weight off his front paws and laid on top of me. The tiger could barley hold the weight of him. I was being crushed between a lion and a tiger. I couldn't breath but I didn't care. The lion let out a roar that im sure it was heard outside. He cumed as he thrust in me with a great force.

Gallons of lion cum filled my sore ass. The lion was growling and roaring he was very pleased. He bit down rough on my neck to hold me in place. He placed his paws back on the ground to allow me to breath. His cum filled my ass up all the way.

After he came he dismounted and I fell to the floor. I was very exhausted, I didn't realize that I had been here for 6 hours and had been in the threesome for almost 3 hours. A river of lion cum flowed ou of my ass down my legs onto the floor. The lion and the tiger licked their tongues all over my cock and my legs to clean me up. I just laid there as they ran their rough tongues over my ass and balls.

After they were all done they stood up and left the room. The man was standing in the door way.