The purrfect speciman
by catdragon

She prowled through the tightly grown shrubbery of the suburban neighborhood, her nose working overtime at the strange scents. They had not warned her that the smells, the bright lights, the loud noises would all overwhelm her so. A low rumble emitted from her chest and a passerby would have mistaken it for the purr of a large cat. Her bare feet padded softly, making no sound on the fallen leaves covering the ground of the park. It had been a haven to her since she'd discovered it two weeks ago. Her research had sent her to this overpopulated, technology cursed world, but the park on the edge of town would be her home while she was here.

Malina sat gracefully under a tree deep in the wooded rear of the recreational area and opened the canvas bag she'd looped over her head and across her chest. The portfolio she pulled out contained data on her latest study. He was a university professor of History and her people had tagged him as a possible specimen of study and assimilation. Her white hands would have gleamed in the moonlight if not for the soft, light covering of fur across the top and along her fingers, which ended with long clear nails, almost curved into claws.

A rustling of branches behind her put the young feline at full alert and she crouched down from the upright position she'd held against the trunk of the tree, looking for all the world like an albino panther. Anyone who would be lucky enough to get to such close proximity would see that she was not, however.

Her eyes were not the red of an albino, but a striking sky blue.... the blue of a pedigree Persian cat's eyes. Her legs were muscular and long, even bunched beneath her in preparation for attack...long and curvaceous. And if that same person were to observe her after a time, when she relaxed her guard, they would see her standing to her full height of just over five feet, but straight and proud...a sensuous, inviting feline woman.... covered with a thin coating of silky white fur. Her soft, downy covered ears hidden beneath a long white mane that flowed long and wavy down her back, ending just above a sleek, gently swaying tail, which once more wrapped around her legs in repose.

The noise had turned out to be a small animal, not worth her notice, but it reminded her how careful she needed to be. After all, this alien Earth was new to her, and this was her first assignment off-ship. Her nose twitched once more before she resumed her earlier position of inspection.

She'd come close to being spotted the subject of her surveillance, as a matter of fact. He'd come out of the History department building and headed around the corner quicker than she'd anticipated, almost colliding with her if she'd not ducked beneath the stairs of the exit. He'd been close enough for her to touch if she'd reached out her long paw/hand...and she almost had.

He fascinated Malina. She was inexplicably drawn to him and found herself hoping he would be the one they chose to take back with them. She spent more time on his photographs, the recordings of his voice she'd managed to intercept through his phone conversations. She built his portfolio to reflect the best possible way. This was her first assignment and she had a responsibility...a duty to her people. But she was also young and adventurous...and very, very curious.


Daniel Cockran was late. But then he was always late. Previous girlfriends had accused him of being so caught up in his world of history and past events that the present just didn't matter. Dan shrugged to himself, they were right. He couldn't defend against the truth.

But tonight.... He had made a point to watch the clock and leave promptly at 6:30. He was meeting Liza at the Fox & Hound at 7pm and he was not going to be late. He knew that Liza had him on probation. Of course, that was his intent. It turned out the clock in his classroom was 20 minutes slow. He didn't realize that until he packed up and left and saw the night watchman's alarm clock on his desk.

Dan was running by the time he hit the street. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and good muscular build. Or at least, in his opinion he did. He worked out at the gym twice a week and swam in the pool three days out of the week. So he was in shape. The jog he had struck still got him to the Fox & Hound 10 minutes late. Dan was breathing slightly hard but he was able to catch his breath by the time he had ascended the stairs to the fancy British restaurant's waiting room.

A quick search of the restaurant showed that Liza was no where to be found, though the maitre d' said that she was there. She must have gotten tired of waiting for him and left. Dan shrugged. He hoped flowers would get a pardon for him, but he didn't think it would. This was the fourth date in a row that Dan had been late for. Sighing, he began the walk back to his apartment. He would get something to eat there. No need to spend money if he could save it by eating in.


Malina looked at the moon. It was high enough now to be close to time when she would resume her assignment for the evening. She had observed Daniel Cockran enough to know that he was usually home by 9 p.m., human time. The occasional nights he went out, he was still in fairly early, so she felt confident that by the time she reached his apartment, he would be there.

She was right. Since he lived on the bottom floor, her observation was made easier, although it would have not been an effort for her to scale the walls to a higher level if she had to: her claws and balance were more than adequate for the job. Her tail flicked back and forth nervously until she had settled herself in below his bedroom window. This was were he tended to spend most of his evening hours, reading in bed with only the small lamp beside him for light. This night looked to be the usual predictable evening and she wished he was just a tad bit more exciting to watch.... like he was when he was working out or teaching a class. His vitality and love of his work shone through and it was during these times that she got her best photographs. But in the evening he simply did not lead a very exciting life.

She watched closely as he came out of the tiny bathroom, switching the light out and climbed in bed with only his boxer shorts on. A low purr began deep in her throat at the sight of him and her tail flicked unexpectedly. Malina liked what she saw...alot.


Dan lay in the spacious bed and stared up at the ceiling. He was restless and full of energy and he didn't feel like reading or watching TV. Suddenly he was hot so he tossed the clothes down to the foot of the bed, leaving only a sheet covering his muscular body.

When he had arrived home he had tried to call Liz, but she didn't answer. So he had left a message on her machine. Maybe she would call when she got in or tomorrow. But Dan doubted it. Liz had had enough of his tardiness.

He thought of Liz. She had been a student of his last semester and her long red-copper hair had been the first thing that he had noticed when she walked in to his classroom. Her blue eyes and Grecian features were the next things he noticed. She was a very attractive co-ed and Dan had been immediately drawn to her. But she was his student, and he refused to break his rule of not dating those he taught.

That had been how it had stayed until earlier this semester. Dan had been walking down on Simon Street, the main college drag. Liz had come out of the laundromat at the same time that he had been crossing in front of it, and they had collided. Liz had dropped her laundry basket and Dan helped her pick the things up. They started talking and eventually went to have a cup of coffee together. One thing led to another, and since they were no longer in a teacher-student relationship, Dan had kissed the redhead. They made plans to do something that weekend and that was the beginning.

The next Saturday, Dan had showed up at Liz's apartment and Liz had invited him in. Before he knew what had happened, Dan and Liz were kissing and arousing the hell out of each other.

As Dan lay in the bed, his hand slipped down his chest and abdomen, caressing his cock. It had already grown hard as he had been thinking of his and Liz's first time. Dan wrapped his hand around its length and started to stroke as his memories continued.

Liz had been incredible that day. They never did whatever they had planned. Instead, Liz smiled, took him by the hand, and then led him back to her bedroom. She sat down on the bed in front of him and buried her head in his crotch. Even through his jeans, Dan had felt her hot breath. She then unbuttoned his jeans and reached in, freeing his cock and wrapping her slender cool fingers around it. She pulled it completely out, smiled up wickedly at him and kissed the head, wrapping her tongue around it. Then she swallowed him, caressing him with her tongue and driving him crazy.

Dan continued to stroke his cock, enjoying the memory and the feel of his hand on his cock. He hadn't realized how horny he was until he started, but now he wanted to come. Once he did that he might be able to relax and drift off to sleep.


Malina's tail was swishing the leaves aside beneath her and she jerked around, scaring herself at the noise. She breathed deeply, her little pink tongue flicking out to moisten her dry lips. Her purr deepened and she willed her tail to be still, mesmerized by the scene before her.

For the month or so she'd been watching Dan, he had been bringing home a striking female with hair the color of her sun. Once or twice Malina's timing had been such that she had seen the couple mating in his bed, but to the white feline humanoid, it was just that, a male and female of the observed species copulating. Granted the sight of Dan when aroused had made her wonder how he would feel within her, buried deep inside her warmth and even caused Malina to go back to her private spot in the woods to stimulate herself to orgasm.

But those few times she had always pictured Dan with the woman.... pumping into her, sending his seed into the female. That was how she had seen them and that was all she could see Dan doing. But tonight...he was alone. She didn't know where the female had gone, but Dan was obviously aroused very much judging by the size of his penis and the look on his face as he caressed himself.

Tonight Malina closed her eyes briefly and imagined herself there, stimulating and touching the human man and for the first time, the red head was not in her vision. She felt the familiar warmth and liquid gathering between her legs, making her fur mat with the juice of her arousal. Dan was pumping his hard penis faster now and Malina's hand reached between her legs, one long finger, with claw retracted, inserting itself deep within her as she watched the show.

Finally, with a cry and look of pain on his face, Dan came over his hand and onto his stomach, his hips pumping mightily, forcing his steely rod in and out of his hand at a rapid pace. Malina yowled before she could stop herself...a long, plaintive cry of need as she realized she would not be able to finish what the scene played out in front of her had started. She wanted him...the man doing these things to her. Clamping her other hand over her mouth she wondered just how loud she'd been in her exclamation of heat.


As he came, Dan tossed his head back and moaned aloud his pleasure. At the same time a cat outside his window yowled. The sound distracted him, but he finished his act, continuing to stroke his slippery cock, coaxing the last bits of sperm from his balls.

Dan was breathing heavily and he lay there recovering his strength. After coming, he was always as weak as a kitten, and this time was no exception. He finally caught his breath and then swung his legs over to the side of the bed facing the window.

He stood and quickly made his way to the bathroom, being careful not to drip cum all over the hallway. He rinsed out a washcloth with warm water and cleaned himself up. His cock was still slightly hard and Dan knew that if he wanted he could probably get it up again, but it would take a long time for him to come this time. Still, if someone knocked at his door right now and offered herself to him, Dan thought he could find the energy to have sex again.

He paused maybe that was where Liz was, on her way over. He shook his head, nope. That part was over. Liz was nice and sexy as hell, but she wasn't the girl that could make his toes curl. Dan had yet to meet that woman.

Dan flicked off the light switch in the bathroom and padded over to the bedroom window. He looked around for the cat that he had heard earlier. He was still naked, his cock half-hard and hanging low between his legs. But Dan didn't seem to notice his state of undress as intent as he was to try to find that cat.


Malina panted as she watched the man get up and leave the room. Maybe she could get herself under control and finish up later back in the park. She tried to pull up the professional demeanor she'd managed to maintain during her visit here, but the sight of Dan coming and the look of pleasure and pain on his face haunted her.

When he walked back into the bedroom, all thoughts of retaining some dignity fled. He was magnificent to her eyes and a fresh stream of creamy juice flowed between her legs. She knew her cunt would be red, swollen and winking invitingly for release. She was in heat, pure and simple.

Dan stood now at the window and if she'd wanted to, Malina could reach up and through the opening to touch his half-erect prick which still stuck out slightly, inviting. And by her gods, she wanted to. His balls where large and low below his penis and swung each time he moved. A low moan...combination purr, growl and meow escaped before she could stop it. She tightened her legs together in an effort to control herself, but the wave of desire flowed through her, taking over her actions.

Malina stood up, her face now even with Dan's crotch and she could hardly contain herself from reaching out with her dainty pink tongue. What Daniel Cockran saw was a woman...he thought. But somehow she was different.

Petite and delicate looking, she was whiter...paler than anyone he'd ever seen...and she was naked. Her breasts hung perfectly, taunt pink nipples standing out perkily. Between her legs, he couldn't really discern any pubic hair, but there seemed to be...yes, it was white and matted with a wetness that made the hair curl out into the night air. Through the hair...the white curls, a pink vulva protruded, gleaming in its wetness by the full moonlight. It was swollen and almost red. Whatever she was, Dan knew an excited pussy when he saw one.

As he watched her, mesmerized and unable to take his eyes off of the wet sex between her legs, her hand reached down and touched herself there, spreading the lips invitingly. The purring... and the yowling he'd heard earlier... seemed to have come from her.

Dan crouched and looked at her, into those incredibly blue eyes. She was utterly feminine and quite sexy. Her nipples were pink and apparently the only part of her body that wasn't covered in short, soft white hair, besides her sex between those curvaceous, muscular legs. Dan realized the he didn't care if it was a dream, he wanted to make love to this cat-woman. Nothing else mattered.

He leaned forward to kiss her, and realized that she probably had no idea what he was about to do.


Malina watched him in fascination. Their eyes locked and she didn't know what to do. When he crouched down, bringing them almost eye to eye, she leaned back and automatically hissed, but stopped when he didn't reach out in attack. Instead she leaned in once more, her nose working to sense his intention.

She smelled his arousal and her blue eyes flickered down to the growing cock. She reacted with even more desire of her own and her mouth opened in a hard pant. She could barely catch her breath as he moved in to kiss her.

She let his lips touch her and jerked at the electric feeling it caused between her legs, then moved back in to kiss him again. Her tongue came out and lapped across his lips before she melded her mouth to his in a deep, sensuous passionate kiss. Dan could feel the purr in her throat. It grew louder until Dan thought an engine was roaring in his ears.

Meanwhile, Malina's pussy throbbed with need and she felt herself growing ever wetter and more swollen.


Dan was kissing this exotic woman! And her tongue, God her tongue! It was rough and raspy like a cat's but it felt incredibly good in his mouth, caressing his tongue. And her purr! That was amazing. And when he thought of that tongue on his cock, he shivered in anticipation.

Dan moved his hands forward and placed them on the soft furry shoulders of this woman. Her skin was hot and the fur was soft, silky and incredibly soft. The analytical part of his mind realized that like cat's, this woman's body temperature was higher than his own. He shivered again sticking his cock into her would be like plunging it into an oven.

He broke the kiss and looked into those blue eyes again, then he spoke, "Come in, kitty." He moved back and offered her his hand.


Malina didn't question the ethics of what she was doing. She had been warned over and over about direct contact with the specimens being observed, but she could have no sooner stopped herself tonight than her body could stop functioning.

Whatever the consequences of her actions this night, she knew she'd pay them. With a grace and speed that surprised Dan, she leapt onto the sill and stretched her body out until she was standing before him once more, only inside his apartment. She was inside his apartment!

Her body moved closer to him and he could feel the heat radiating from her... closer... closer... And then, to his surprise, she was rubbing against him, just like a cat. Her purr vibrated in his ear as she smeared her soft cheek against his shoulder and chest and the heat was even more intense lower, where she was rubbing her engorged sex against his leg, leaving a trail of sticky wetness behind. She still had not spoken a word, though, and he didn't even know if she would understand him.

His cock was thick and hard as it had been ten minutes ago now. His reaction to her heated need had been instantaneous and he wanted nothing more than to sink himself deep inside her hot moistness. With a determined urgency, he shut off the part of his brain that could make no sense of this...what or who she was. The need was all that mattered. And she obviously shared it.

Dan jumped then when her nails...almost like tiny sharp claws raked down his back as she pulled herself against him in the most needful way he could have imagined. Then her purr rose in volume until a plaintive yowl of lust erupted again.

She was hot against him and his hands rose unbidden to caress her for himself. Her fur was soft and silky and felt incredibly good under his hands. She purred as he caressed her. His hands quested over her body and he pressed her against him again and claimed her mouth in a kiss.

His hands caressed down to her ass, where he was surprised to find a tail. Leaving it for the moment he cupped her ass and pulled her against him. She mreowed and her legs left the ground and her arms snaked around his shoulders and she lifted herself into the air.

Malina squirmed a bit at his touch. He was electric and she loved his hands on her fur, but she tried to answer him also, knowing he deserved that much.

"I am from somewhere else... somewhere your people do not know of, nor shall you." Now that it was time, she was having a hard time finding the words that didn't sound ludicrous even to her own ears. She knew he would have a hard time with the truth. "Daniel, we were observing humans and I was assigned to watch you and two others. I quit watching them two weeks ago to concentrate solely on you...only you." Her hands ran over his body again, marveling at the smooth flesh without hair to cover and protect.

Dan shivered at her hot hands' touch; he was smiling as she caressed him. He almost purred, if he could've.

She sighed. Now was when she would discover if he hated her for watching him or was as curious and hopeful as she that they could remain together...for awhile anyway. "When I saw you tonight, all the feelings... all the sensations that have been building over the past weeks came to a head. I could no longer just watch, I needed to be with you...wanted you to touch me the way I was touching myself. You put me in heat, Daniel." She hoped he would settle for that for the time being. Time enough later to explain it all to him...and offer him the choice.

Dan blushed, "I never thought of myself as being that... attractive, Malina. That is rather hard to believe. But I am glad that you appeared in the window." He blushed again, remembering that she must have been spying on him masturbating.

He leaned forward and kissed her, then settled on to the pillow with their faces a handspan apart. "So tell me something, my beautiful kitty-cat. When I wake up tomorrow will you be gone? Like a dream. Or will I have the pleasure of remembering this night forever?"

"I would like to be hear when you wake up, Daniel. I will spend the rest of this night with you, I promise...what tomorrow holds...I do not know." She looked at him with wide blue eyes, pleading with them for understanding.

Dan nodded, then smiled, "We shall see what the morning holds then. Together."

"Can we discuss it tomorrow? I promise not to leave before we have talked again." He looked into her eyes and believed her, knowing she would be there when he awoke.

"But for now, I would love to clean up a bit...could I impose on you for a glass of water to quench my thirst?"

Dan chuckled, "Of course. I'll go get it now." Dan swung his legs out of the bed and walked towards his apartment's kitchen, unmindful of his nakedness.

Malina paused for a moment to admire his physique as he walked out, feeling the tingle again just beginning in the base of her tail.

When Daniel came back into his bedroom, he stopped a bit startled at what he saw. Malina was cleaning herself... with her tongue. Just like a cat. His eyes automatically flew down between her legs, but saw that she had already taken care of that was now damp from her tongue bath, but all traces of their lovemaking had been removed. She was now licking the base of her tail where he had stroked and found her secret and he was amazed at her dexterity.

Dan smiled and then sat on the bed and watched her clean herself. When she looked at him, he smiled and said, "Just when I think I am getting used to you, you surprise me all over again. You are quite dexterous Malina." He passed her the water in its octagon shaped glass.

She smiled at him and accepted the glass, taking a break from her bath. "Well, I must be able to clean myself, mustn't I? And it does seem to come in handy sometimes." Her look spoke volumes and all of a sudden Dan felt himself stir again. What must she be able to do that he hadn't discovered yet?

Dan smiled and lay back on the bed, his flaccid cock stirring between his legs. "Oh, I imagine you are correct, lover. And I want to find out all the ways you can use that marvelous sexy tongue."

After sipping at the water daintily, Malina set the glass down and resumed her cleaning ritual. When she was done with her back, which seemed to be all she had left, she leaned over and licked Dan's shoulder. He shuddered at the feel of her rough tongue and leaned in to kiss her...a quick, gentle meeting of their lips. She purred and rubbed against him again and it was so totally apparent that he had a very satisfied kitty on his hands.

Malina mewed her contentment and wrapped herself around Dan, snuggling into him as he lay back down beside her. "Can I ask you a question, Daniel?" she murmured and he had to lean in close to her face, the fur on her cheek tickling his nose.

"Of course, kitty," he answered smiling, "Anything."

She hesitated now that she had permission to ask her question. What if he didn't want her as she wanted him. Maybe she should wait until tomorrow...after they had slept together in each other's arms.

At her pause, he gathered her in his arms, embracing her reassuringly. "What, love? What is on your furry mind?" He smiled, showing that he was but teasing, but he really wanted to know what she was thinking of.

"Well... I wanted to know...could you possibly ever want ...have you ever thought about intelligent life somewhere on other planets besides earth?" Maybe if she got a feel for his beliefs...his open mind, the next question would be easier. Yes, best to find out if he even believed first. In her agitation, Malina had unconsciously begun to knead him chest and abdomen with her soft hands, slowly working her way back to the soft mat of curls between his legs. Her purr was loud and rumbling.

This question was more that it seemed, Dan realized. But it was innocuous enough. "Yes, I have. It seems strange to me to even think that there is only man in the galaxy," he shrugged. "And then there is you."

Malina's hands froze in mid-knead.

Dan chuckled, "You didn't think I knew?" He laughed softly, "Where do you think I thought you came from. People like you: as sexy and as exotic as you can't be found on Earth." Dan caressed her back, running his hands down her back, across the sensitive small of her back, and then across her tail. Dan continued his pet, caressing her tail, pulling it through his fist.

He believed! It was a first step for which she was thanking her gods. It was enough for tonight. Malina would not worry more this night of what the morrow would bring. He seemed to have accepted what she was, even if he didn't know the details. "And you don't mind? Don't find it... strange to make love to one not as you?"

She was genuinely curious. Her race had watched many species and only a hand full had ever had the open-mindedness...the advancement to accept that they were not alone.

Dan smiled and looked up at the ceiling. The feel of her hands kneading his flesh was... distracting. In a very erotic way. He smiled at himself. "To be honest, I think I have surprised myself. I mean, you are the first ... alien I have ever met." Alien. There it was said. Funny how she wasn't alien to him. Instead he felt as if she belonged to him and with him.

She seemed satisfied with his answer and let herself enjoy his ministrations...the petting and rubbing he had discovered made her putty in his hands. Closing her eyes, Malina let him do as he would with her soft, warm body as she engulfed him in her arms and began to nuzzle and lick at his neck and chest, stopping once to suckle on one small brown nipple.

When she began to lick and suck at his chest and Dan could feel his arousal beginning again. For such a small person, Malina was extremely sexy. He caressed her back as he buried his face in her mane of white silky hair. He breathed deeply, gathering her aroma and savoring it.

Her hands were wondering too, and she found his hardening cock. She caressed it softly, rubbing the fur on the back of her hands on it. That sent shivers down his spine and made his cock swell fully erect. She continued nibbling on his nipple as one of her hands began to stroke him, mimicking his motions from earlier this night. Her other hand reached lower and fondled his balls. Her claws scraped out and the eroticism of feeling those needle sharp claw scrap over his balls while her soft silky hand jerked him off was more than Dan could stand. He moaned and closed his eyes, giving himself over to her ministrations

As Malina bent over Dan's body she found that Dan's arousal was very evident in his smell and she inhaled deeply then purred before she began licking the salt off his chest from their earlier lovemaking. He, unlike her, had not had the luxury of a good bathing after their sex play.

Her head moved down and she once more licked his cock, her tongue sticking to the soft skin, tugging it upward with each stroke of the rough instrument of ecstasy. Dan gasped, but realized it was not painful...just very strange. She continued down his legs, licking and kneading and he found it much more erotic than he would have guessed. By the time she'd gotten to his knees and calves, her tail was once more in the air and he had a clear view of her vulva, again swollen and seeping sweet nectar.

Dan sighed, enjoying his lover's ministrations to his body. She caressed him with that raspy tongue all the way to his feet and then back up to his cock again. She gave him a wicked stare with beautiful blue eyes, then licked him again, all the while with her eyes locked on him.

Dan couldn't help it; he laid his head back and groaned. It felt so good, so erotic... Drops of pre-cum beaded at the crown and Malina licked them off eagerly, enjoying their taste. She had had him in her mouth already though, now she wanted him to come inside of her. She wanted to feel his cock swell in her pussy, feel it throbbing, bathing her insides with his rich, thick cum.

Malina played with his cock some more, taking him into her mouth and massaging it with her throat and her tongue and Dan groaned even more. His cock was still a bit sensitive from their earlier lovemaking and Malina definitely knew how to work his prick so that it felt good. Her attention turned to the large, loose sacs below his penis, rubbing them with her furred hands. The sandpaper feel of her tongue and the silky softness of her touch contrasted so much that Dan could barely stand it.

"Ah, Malina you feel so good," he gasped as she maneuvered his cock in a particularly delicious way in her mouth, making his hips jump with reaction.

Malina smiled and purred louder, but did not stop sucking him. He tasted like thick cream mixed with some elixir she could not name and she didn't think she could ever get enough of this man. She loved the feel of the delicate lines and ridges etched into his cock. Its steely length was smooth under her tongue. Malina was particularly fascinated with the bright purple head which flared out from the tubular body of his cock, so unlike the males of her species with the little hooks at the end of their penises.

"Daniel," she said finally, lifting her head and looking intently at him with her blue and gold eyes. "Tell me what you want... how I can please you further. I want to fulfill all your needs."

Dan smiled and then moved his hands so that they combed through her mane. "I just want you, lover. I want to watch you as you move on top of me. I want to see the joy on your face as we fuck. Ride me Kitty."

Changing positions in one lithe movement, Dan found himself straddled by his cat-woman, her soft legs caressing his sides as she sat just behind his cock. It jumped against the slit of her pussy and Malina smiled, reaching down to stroke it tenderly with silky soft hands. Wriggling on top of him a bit, Dan felt her cunt bathing his balls with flowery juices and his cock jumped again. He was already associating that smell with the fantastic sex he shared with her.

Finally Malina raised herself, balancing over his cock, her dripping pussy less than an inch above the bulbous head. All she had to do was lower her body and she would be impaled on his steely length. Her hands supported herself on his chest and she looked down at him, a wicked smile playing on her lips. "Is this what you want?" she asked playfully, letting her body lower an inch at a time until his cock's head just touched her hot wetness.

Dan's hips were tense and he wanted desperately to bury himself to the root of his cock in her pussy. "Yes, Malina... It's what I want," he cried softly. "Take me inside of you. I want to come inside of you now. Please? Please fuck me, Kitten," he whispered hoarsely, almost beyond speech already.

Malina smiled and growled slightly, her purr increased and her eyes closed as she began to lower her self on to him. Her pussy grabbed hold of Dan's cock and almost pulled him inside of her. But Malina slowly, so very slowly sank on to his rod. The sounds emitting from her throat increased in volume and intensity the lower she sank.

Dan felt the heat of her sex and the incredible strength of her pussy as she enveloped him. It felt so good, so perfect, so much like what he always wanted. How do you describe red to a blind man? That was what it was like. Dan didn't know how to find the words to explain how he felt, but only knew it just felt right.

His hands came up and rested on her hips, loving the feel of her fur under his hands.

Malina sank all the way down now and he could feel her juices leaking out and cooling on his balls. Malina growled in pleasure then reached behind her and tickled his ball with her hand. They were large under her fingers and she found it amusing to pull at the loose skin surrounding the small knots within.

She smiled when they moved under her hand, reacting her to her soft touch. She leaned back so that her breasts extended outward, but she could reach behind her better. Both hands fondled him, lazily drawing designs around and over the twin globes that normally swung relaxed and full beneath Dan's cock.

Daniel couldn't resist the sight before him and reached up to cup her breasts in his hands. They fit perfectly, each flowing over a bit, but filling his palms with firm, yet pliant flesh. Her nipples were distended and engorged, and Dan knew that he'd never seen any human female's nipples react so to his touch. Her tits were almost like those of the cat she so closely resembled. They were large, extending out into bright red tips, colored with the blood that flowed from excitement through her body. They radiating a heat that warmed his hands, but not uncomfortably so.

To Malina, Daniel felt unusually cool to her touch and she liked the way it refreshed her senses. The light down of fur on his chest was soft and she couldn't help the urge to lay down against him and nuzzle between his nipples. Otherwise, his body was amazingly free of hair, so unlike herself and her people, but she found it all the more exotic and erotic.

When Daniel leaned up to grasp one of those rosebud nipples in his mouth, it swelled even more and he found his tongue swirling around it as he sucked first gently, then increasing in pressure until he thought he might be hurting her, but the look of pure lust...pure need on her face told him he was not. He sucked harder and pulled his head back, pulling her tit out from her body and she growled loudly, a fresh gush of fiery liquid flowing around their joining. The room was filled with the flowery scent that was uniquely her own.

Dan let go of her nipples and continued to knead her breasts much like she had kneaded him... her purr reduced in volume and he let her continue to ride him. And ride him she did. Her hips swiveled around his cock, first in a circular motion, slow and sensuous, then back and forth, then up and down as she raised herself up then let her pussy slowly lower back down to draw him within her. He'd never in his life been so thoroughly fucked.

Slowly he began to notice her movements taking on a more urgent tone and realized she had picked up the tempo of her strokes. She was truly fucking him hard now, grinding her clit hard against his pelvis bone as she moved quickly, stimulating herself with her hand. Occasionally she would change her position slightly and fuck him up and down, slamming down onto his cock, but mostly she was pressing herself down hard over his throbbing rod.

He smiled watching the pleasure flow across Malina's furred face. His cock felt heavy and engorged and Dan knew that if he let himself go he would start coming. But chances were he wouldn't be able to make love to her again this night, as three was about his limit.

Dan sat up and embraced the cat-woman, claiming her mouth for a long passionate kiss. As they kissed, their tongues danced against each other, drawing each other deeper into their passion.

He shifted his weight and rolled over, placing Malina on the bottom and himself on top. Dan smiled at her and then kissed her again as he began to slowly move his cock in and out. He sighed, "Oh, lover... Malina... you feel so good."

Dan stroked, his body raised up off of her so she could look at his face. Malina rowled and smiled, drawing her hands across his shoulders and down his chest. She paused as his nipples and pinched them. Dan moaned deep in his chest and continued to pump, Malina's hips rolling with the motion.

Malina's hands reached behind Dan and gripped his butt. She pulled him to her urging him to go fast and to go harder. Dan acceded to her desire, but she wanted more. Her claws popped out and she gripped his ass cheeks and pulled. Dan could feel the scratches she was making across his tender flesh, but the pain caused his pleasure to be that much richer.

Without even thinking about it, he nuzzled into her neck and bit down into the furry flesh, pulling at the loose skin there, claiming her as his own. This only intensified Malina's arousal and she soon needed more.

Her hands moved back around to the front and Malina began to caress her stomach. She paused and fingered her clit as they moved together. Her mouth came open and she began to pant, on the edge of coming. Her other hand traveled up her body to her breasts where it stroked and pinched at her nipples.

Dan knew this was his cue and reached up to take one in his mouth again, this time biting it lightly, letting the thick nub roll between his teeth as he increased the pressure minutely, but steadily. When he lay back down, he saw that he'd read her correctly. Malina liked it rough.

Watching her touch herself, giving herself more pleasure while he pumped deep and fast, sent Dan over the edge. He couldn't hold back as he felt the cum rising in his balls.

Malina's orgasm gripped him tightly and he stopped, not wanting to come, but knowing it was much too late. It gushed through his cock and out into Malina's waiting hot pussy. He cried out and his cries mingled with her own loud sounds of pleasure. She truly did sound like a cat in heat.

She clutched at his ass again holding him to her, retracting her claws as they both floated down from the plateau. Dan's body collapsed on her, but she didn't seem to mind. When next he could fathom what was happening, he felt her soft, warm body beneath his, rising and falling with each breath.

He turned his head to face her and they were nose to nose. She smiled and kissed his, then licked it. "You are superb, Daniel," she breathed. "I've never felt this way."

It was almost sunrise, for the sky was the blackest that it becomes during the night. It was always darkest before the dawn they said. Dan woke up and stared out the window, the trees barely silhouetted, wondering what had disturbed his rest. Then he knew, for it happened again. Malina was bathing him. He started to roll over from his side, but her hand stayed him and she shushed him softly. "Relax and let me clean you, have sweated much this night and I enjoy the taste of you."

Dan looked at her, saw the sincerity in her blue eyes and then lay back. This meant something to her. And if he was as serious about this woman as he suspected he was, considering his thoughts as he started to doze off, he was going to have to learn to be accepting.

It was difficult but he willed himself to be still and let her lick his body with her raspy tongue. It felt so weird, yet erotic at the same time. Malina had worked her way across his shoulders and was now licking the center of his back, moving ever downward until her tongue reached the round globes of his ass. Dan almost laughed at the sensation, but quieted when she worked ever closer to the the crack which hid his anus. She was persistent in her ministrations, licking long and hard where she felt it needed it and he could feel her whiskers tickling his thighs, causing him to automatically separate them slightly. Her nose probed between his legs as she licked and purred.

Yesterday he would have thought this too strange to describe and maybe even somehow wrong, but tonight with this kitty-woman, it seemed a natural part of them already. The sensations she was elicited with her tongue were amazing to him and as his cheeks clinched in reaction, some part of him pushed his ass into her face, wanting more. So, he sighed and let her continue, catching his breath when her tongue found the dark circle of his asshole.

Dan squirmed. His cock was growing beneath him again. He had never been into gay sex, even back in his wild days in college. And he had always equated sex involving your ass as gay. Acceptance, he thought. He lay still and tried to relax. The feelings she was stirring were incredible. As her tongue probed, then breached the first sphincter, Daniel realized he was fully aroused, turned on as if they hadn't just made love. By the time the heat of her moist tongue wormed around, past the second ring of tight muscles, his legs were spread totally, giving her free access to do as she would to him. He wanted to grab her head, pull her into him and have this never stop.

Malina was getting turned on as well, but more because she knew he was rather than by what she was doing, which to her was just good hygiene. She continued until she felt he was clean to her satisfaction, then nudged him over until Dan lay on his back.

She saw his hardening penis and purred her approval before nuzzling him between the legs to indicate he should spread them. When he had, she began licking and cleaning the front part of his body. Her hands were kneading against his thighs as she worked and Dan shivered a little from all the attention his cock and balls were getting again.

Dan sighed, his cock was once again hard and Malina's ministrations were becoming more and more passionate. He reached for her, combing his fingers through her silky mane. She ran a sandpaper tongue across his cock and Dan shivered in delight.

Malina took his cock in a hand and lifted it so she could clean his balls. She licked and kissed, and then sucked the heavy sack into her mouth. Her tongue played on them and then her hand started to softly stroke his cock. She went even lower, licking at the area between his ass and his balls. Dan bent his knees allowing her better access. She mrowled and purred her appreciation and he moaned softly as her tongue started at his ass again and then slowly traveled up to his balls and past, stopping only momentarily at the taint to nuzzle and lick him, then following the length of his cock along the hard ridge which seemed particularly sensitive. She kissed the head, which seemed soft and spongy, smiling up at him.

With one sinuous movement, she slid up his body and kissed him full on the lips. Dan returned the kiss with passion, wrapping his muscular arms around his cat-lady. He was content to lie here and kiss and cuddle all day, but both he and Malina knew that soon they would make love again.

The sun came up to find the two lovers holding each other, taking turns telling the other about their lives. Malina told him of her hunting ritual, which he thought rather primitive and savage, but the historian side of him also found it fascinating. She asked him about his job and his life on earth, trying to feel him out as to how willing he might be to leave with her. She did not mention the offer however. She couldn't bear to have this perfect time together end by his shock and dismay that she wanted him to leave his home.

As they talked low, laughing now and then and snuggling together like young lovers, they continued to stroke and pet each other lovingly, for that was how she also showed her affection and love. She kneaded the firm muscles in his chest and petted his face, running her fingers through his hair and mreowed her pleasure when he pulled her tail through his fist.

Dan smiled at Malina and then chuckled when his stomach growled. "Guess I am getting hungry. And I have to get ready to go to class. Will you stay here during the day? Dan looked at his lady here and wondered if he would ever see her again. Who could tell? Perhaps she would beam up and all he would have left were nice memories of what they had shared.

Suddenly he felt like he was dealing with a female Captain Kirk. He smiled at that, and kissed his lover. Kirk never took his women with him, they usually died in some horrible nasty self-sacrificing way.

"I need to go out and find food also, Dan...but if you like...I can come back when you get home... I'd like that." She seemed shy all of a sudden and unsure.

Dan looked at her curiously, "You are welcome to anything I have here in my apartment. What do you like to eat and drink?"

Malina looked at him through slightly slanted blue eyes. "Well, a bit of milk or cream would take the edge off." She said softly, not sure if that was something he would have.

"I'd like to spend more time with you, but I have a job to do also. I must report in today, but I promise... I'll be back tonight if it is what you want." Inside she was singing. It sounded like Daniel's desires matched her own and she only hoped she wasn't setting herself up for a major fall. She'd never live it down with her comrades if that were the case. Everyone on the mission knew better than to get involved with the people they watched.

"I would like that, sugar," he said softly. "I would like it very much." He bent over and kissed her. Then he slid out of bed and grinned at her.

She looked at his body appreciatively before he took it off to shower. She was curious as to why he was voluntarily placing himself under a stream of water when she'd just given him a perfectly good bath.

Throwing the sheet off, she climbed out of the bed too and began stretching and limbering up to the steady sound of running water in the bathroom. She cleaned herself again and was waiting patiently for Dan when he came out, a towel thrown around his shoulders to dry his hair, but otherwise as naked as he'd walked in.

"Did you find some milk?" he asked her, grinning at her lovely body, still displayed for his enjoyment. He wondered if she had any clothes...maybe outside the window.

"Uh, no, I forgot," she said and followed him into the kitchen, padding silently on the plush carpet. He opened the refrigerator and she felt a cold blast of air that made her nipples stand up immediately. But her nose was already working at the interesting smells coming out of the box and she reached for the carton that had to be milk by the smell of it.

"Let me get you a glass," Dan offered and pulled a plastic Storm Troopers tumbler out of the cabinet, filling it with the white stuff he should have known would be her first choice of refreshment.

Malina took the glass, even though it was huge in her small hand/paw and daintily lapped at the milk as it flowed down toward her mouth.

Dan watched her with a smile of joy on his face. Then he got himself a glass of orange juice.

"So, what do your people eat? Are you carnivores, or omnivores?" Dan said as he took a seat at the table.

Malina finished the milk and smiled at him. Dan could see that she had a bit of milk clinging to her fur around her mouth and whiskers and was overcome with the urge to lick it away.

"We are omnivores I think you call it. Very little goes to waste on my home and we utilize everything to its fullest. More efficient that way. And you? If you follow the tenants of the rest of your species, I believe you are omnivorous as well?"

He nods, "Yes, though a lot of us like to be vegetarians. Our science believes that too much meat is bad for you." Dan shrugs, "Not me though. I like my meat."

She began to clean her face by licking her hands and rubbing them over her mouth and around her nose while he spoke and Dan found himself most distracted by the sight.

When she was done, Malina walked over to him and put her arms around his neck. "I will miss you today Daniel... but will see you tonight, yes?"

"Of course... I can't wait," he found himself saying as he smiled gently down at her, automatically lowering his head for a kiss, which she happily provided.

It was time for him to leave and Dan was very reluctant to part from Malina's side, but his second class had an exam scheduled for today and he couldn't cancel it. Might as well go in for all of them. With a start, he realized that his classes were over at 2 p.m. today, however. Normally, he stayed and did work in his office and talked to students, but he had a feeling that today he would be leaving that to his assistant.

"What time will you be back today?" he asked almost anxiously.

Malina thought about it and answered, "About mid afternoon your time, I believe. Why?" She looked at him hopefully already anticipating being with this wonderful male again.

"I will be home about then also... please come?" They sounded like new lovers...which was what they were, Dan thought to himself ironically. But he sure didn't remember feeling this way with Liz.

They parted reluctantly and Malina returned to her wooded park, making her report and preparing to meet with her squad commander. It should be interesting.

Malina found the camouflaged tunnel easily and went down it. The tunnel snaked down and around so sinuously that someone who used it would have to be graceful and as boneless as one of her own kind, Malina thought.

She arrived at a small chamber. The only thing around was a metallic ring set into the ground. Malina stepped into the ring and then opened her pouch. She keyed a device there and there was a soft shimmer.

She was then in the starship that orbited Earth's North Pole. The massive solar radiation of the sun and the magnetic fields of the planet below them cloaked it from any observers that were specifically looking for the Prowler, Malina’s starship. One of her crewmates, an ensign, saluted her and said, "Lieutenant Malina, Captain Rasil wants to see you right away. He is in the forward observation bubble."

Malina's tail jerked in surprise, but she saluted the ensign and exited. She made her way through the ship. Now that she was back among her own kind she was seeing things that she had never noticed before. They all looked the same for one. Oh sure, they were different colors, but after being with the humans for the past week, she had found that their differences were mostly cosmetic.

Lieutenant Commander Learl saw her down the corridor and altered his steps to intercept hers. Malina shook her head. She didn't want to deal with the cocky male right now. Learl thought that he was a gift to all females on board ship and while Malina had engaged in sex with him in the past, he was terribly unimaginative. Malina smiled remembering last night.

Learl took Malina's smile to be one of welcome for her and his tail whipped in excitement. Learl's fur was a dark brown, almost black. Malina had thought the contrast of the coats was very delicious, once. But not now. Not after experiencing Daniel Cockran.

"Lieutenant, welcome home. The Prowler has missed you." Then he stepped closer and in a lower voice said, "I've missed you." His voice had the edge of that purr underneath, one that told Malina that Learl wanted more than to just welcome her aboard.

"Thank you, Commander," Malina said softly and continued on her way.

Learl placed a paw on her arm stopping her. Malina looked at him with her blue eyes. Learl returned the gaze with golden ones. "I have an appointment with the captain, Commander. Is there something else?" Malina couldn’t help it; her tone had dropped several degrees, startling the older male.

Learl blinked once and removed his paw. "Forgive me. I thought you had returned for good."

Malina looked at him but she had no idea what to say. So she nodded and then continued towards the forward observation bubble. She was sure she left a very confused Learl behind her, but what could she do?

Learl watched Lieutenant Malina retreat down the tube away from him. Something was different about her, but Learl couldn’t place his claw on what exactly it was. Learl turned to return to his duties, but his thoughts were on the silky white female he had wanted for so long, and even now still lusted after.

He shook his head, he had work to do, he didn’t need to be mooning over a prickly queen, even is she was… Learl stopped his ears lying flat back against he head. No. Malina couldn’t have…

Learl growled deep in his chest. Malina was acting like she had mated. Learl’s and Malina’s kind were very sexually active, but once they had chosen a mate, they were almost always exclusive to that one partner. And Malina had that attitude about her. She used to flirtatious, carefree, and curious about all things. Granted, Malina wouldn’t lift her tail for anyone, but she was always open to the suggestion of sex. But not now. Could she have someone someone among the primitives on the planet below? He doubted it, but such pairings have occurred before among their people.

Still Malina was so beautiful and sexy. For her to be wasted on the monkeys below… well, the thought was enough to drive Learl to distraction. Learl moved to the nearest communication panel and opened a link to the bridge. “Bridge, Lieutenant Crall here.” Learl recognized the big tom’s voice. Crall was his friend and would help Learl do what he wanted to do.

“Crall, this is Learl, I need your help…” Lieutenant Commander Laerl began.


She reached the door and placed her paw on the pad beside it. The computer chimed and then the door slid open, revealing the observation bubble. The Prowled hung upside down over the planet Earth and in the glass of the bubble all of the Northern Hemisphere could be seen. Sunlight caused half the planet to glow white, azure, and brown. On the night side, the lights of man's cities revealed the fact of his presence.

Malina came to attention in front of Captain Rasil's desk. Rasil was working on something at his data terminal and did not immediately acknowledge Malina. Rasil was an older cat, his coat gray, starting to edge towards white. He was wise beyond his years having served in the Expeditionary Forces all his life. This was his last mission before retirement and Malina knew that Rasil was looking forward to returning home to his wife.

Rasil finished what he was working on, saved it, then clicked off the terminal. He examined Malina, noticing everything with large blue eyes, identical to Malina's own.

"Report Lieutenant," Rasil ordered.

Malina saluted and then took an 'at ease' stance, but did not sit down. "Sir, I've almost finished my studies of the humans assigned to me." She didn't tell him that two of them had been closed cases for two weeks, but that wasn't necessary...yet. "I believe I may have found the one we've been looking for, Captain. He is open to life other than humans on earth and is a historical student and teacher very well respected in his community."

"And how did you discover this unusual information, Lieutenant?" he asked, steepling his fingers across his chest and peering at her closely. She was definitely different than when he'd last seen her.

The white female sighed under her breath and then drew in a long intake of air. "I asked him sir." She would not insult her commander or her commission by trying to hide her contact with Daniel. "I made contact with the earth male last night, Captain Rasil. We spoke briefly of life in the universe and he is not the skeptic we have come to find in others. As a matter of fact, he is very curious about us." She was beginning to get excited as she spoke and it showed in her voice, in her wide blue eyes... in the swish of her tail.

The captain’s eyes had widened as Malina spoke, but all he said was "I see," as he digested this information. Rasil got up and walked around his desk to stand close to Malina. Not an aggressive act, but one that would bring him close enough to sense her mood, read the unspoken words in her eyes. It was something he'd become very good at with her over their years together.

"And did any other subjects of importance come up during your interview?" A small smile she couldn't even discern twitched at his lips. He knew her so well.

"Ah...Yes sir, it did." She straightened up to her full height, slight as it was and looked him in the eye directly. "I've found my soulmate, father."

Rasil stared at his daughter and then reached over the desk to click off the recording of the interview. Then he turned to regard his daughter before speaking again.

"Inter-species affiliation is well known my daughter, but are you willing to attach yourself to this human? Their race has not even proved themselves worthy or capable of joining the Interstellar Consortium. In all respects he is a barbarian. Are you sure this is not just an... infatuation with something primal?"

He sighed and crossed his arms. He wasn't going to be easy to convince, but at least he was ready to listen. Which in and of itself, was a bit of a surprise to the silky white female.

Malina relaxed her pose and took her fathers hand in hers as they walked over to the chairs by his desk. She sat on the edge of her seat and smiled at him. "Father, I know what we had discovered about the humans, and I agree that as a race, they are not ready to know of our existence or join the league. But I believe we had discussed finding one exception, perhaps, who may represent his kind."

Her father sat back and listened to the young feline and realized he had never heard her this excited, this sure of anything. He would listen first before passing judgment. But his heart turned at the thought of his baby making such a life altering decision. Inter-species relationships seldom worked out well. For anyone involved in such a mating.

"He is kind and serious, a scholar who studies his own race’s history, and would be interested in studying ours. He doesn't believe that humans could possibly be the only species in the universe and accepted me totally." She was clearly excited now and reached out and touched her father on the knee. "He accepts me," she repeated, "and I love him." The last three words sat between them like a heavy fur blanket and Malina anxiously awaited her father's next words.

Rasil sat motionless for a few moments, his tail not even twitching. "I can see that you have set your mind on this, daughter. And knowing you, you are too much like your mother, you will not change it."

He sighs, "Have you thought about the other repercussions? You will never be able to have a litter, and the life span of the humans is shorter than ours. Add to that the culture shock and confusion he will feel when brought into our world, if he is brought into our world."

Malina looked at her father as if he was stating the obvious…inconsequential things.

"I know; you love him, what else matters? Just like your mother." Rasil sighed heavily. "Still the protocol must be followed. Because you have initiated contact with the human, the acceptance process will be even more stringent. There will be some that say we chose him because of your relationship with him. That will be difficult to defend against."

"Daniel can defend against anything they have to say himself. He does not need you or me to do it. Once the council sees him...meets him and understands that he is different from the other humans we have observed." She stood adamant and her strength radiated. Rasil was very proud of his daughter at that moment.

Rasil got up and went over to the bar giving him time to accept what she had just told him. He fixed a drink and then turned to face Malina without picking up the glass. "I hope so, Malina."

"You will see... I'll bring him to the next session and the acceptance ritual will begin and he will pass." She sounded so sure of herself.

"It’s not that simple daughter. He will not know how to reply. You know that the Acceptance will either happen or it won't. And if it doesn't, they may require that he be killed rather than sent back to his world with the knowledge he has."

He picked up the glass and returned to his desk. He sat down in his office chair and clicked on the recorder, "Now. Finish your report Lieutenant."

Malina resumed her official report, making suggestions and offering her opinion where appropriate. When she had finished what she had to say, she relaxed and went to sit on the edge of her father's desk, switching off the recorder once more.

"Can you spare some time away from your duties long enough to enjoy a meal with me before I return? I'd like to know what's been going on while I've been away." She smiled and laid her hand on Rasil’s shoulder. They had always been very close.

Rasil smiled, "Of course."

Rasil arranged for a meal to be delivered to his ready room. Then he proceeded to tell her all that had happened since she started her mission several weeks ago. Lieutenant Valara has settled into her position on the continent known as Africa. She reports the region is not very settled and the typical inhabitant there is less developed socially, economically, and politically. Not likely to find anyone there for closer observation.

He continued in a like vein until the food was delivered. They ate in a relaxed atmosphere, talking between bites, Rasil and Malina each having matters other than idle chit chat on their minds. Rasil was worried about the effects the acceptance would have on his daughter. The circumstances were not the best and the presence of a barbarian, the mating of Malina to the same barbarian, and the difficulty to defend against any charges without appearing impartial were going to be extremely trying on the Captain. Malina was his favorite though, the only one of his kits that followed in his pawprints as it were.

As for Malina, she only wanted to get back to Daniel. She loved her father dearly, enjoyed his company. But right now her new relationship was uppermost in her mind...and neither the delicious meal nor Rasil’s company could block memories of last night out.

Finally, it came to an end and each felt a bit guilty at their eagerness to leave. Malina stood and embraced her father affectionately. "I will report again tomorrow when I make my final return, but until the acceptance is arranged, I would appreciate you not mentioning my...personal involvement to anyone else."

Rasil nodded, "You know I will not Malina, though as your commanding officer it is within my rights, and some would say my duty, to relieve you of this duty. I trust to your good judgment here daughter. Make very sure you are doing things correctly and for the right reason."

Rasil stepped back becoming the ship’s captain again. He saluted Malina and the door slid open and closed behind her.

She nodded to the ensign on duty and smiled at her friend Sashon, the commander on duty for this shift. Glancing around nervously, she just hoped she could leave without running into Learl again. Only Crall was also on the bridge and the look that the Lieutenant Commander gave her set Malina’s fur on end. She had never liked the bulky calico.

"Not sticking around for the dinner tonight? Geshra had her litter finally and we're celebrating." Malina pulled her attention away from the scowling Crall and smiled at Sashon. Sashon had been Malina's best friend since she'd been fostered out. She had been the daughter of her foster parents, about Malina's age and just as precocious.

"No, I have to be back in time to observe one of my studies. Rasil wants reports on a more regular basis now." She didn't really have to explain herself to her friend, but they never hid anything from each other...until now.

Sashon shrugged and made a face. "Better you than me. I like my ship." Malina smiled and stepped onto the platform, heading back to the transportation chamber.

As Malina left the bridge, she heard Sashon say, "Good luck. She you when you get back." Malina waved and kept going.


Malina made her way through the ship to her quarters. She had a few things she wanted to pickup, some things to share with Daniel. She smiled as she remembered his caresses, his power last night. Malina shivered and decided to lie down on the bed and rest for a cycle or two. After all, she didn’t get that much sleep last night.

Malina entered her quarters. They were still fairly Spartan as she spent most of her time on the surface of Earth rather than here. Malina sighed and threw herself on her bed, reveling in the soft downy feel of the silk-like sheets. Idlely she wondered what it would be like to have Daniel here beside her, in her bed. Malina’s nipples puckered and she felt the familiar warmth of liquid gathering between her thighs as the thought of Daniel over her took over her imagination.

Malina growled softly as started to caress her self, her fingers spread as they combed through the fur on her sides. Malina purred as her hand continued its explorations, making its way to the smooth curve of her breast. Malina yowled quietly as her hand petted her breasts and the moved up to pinch her nipples. Gods above, Malina thought. She needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She purred, what Malina really wanted, really needed, was Daniel fucking her hard. Her claws slid from their sheath and behind to lightly pinch the sensitive nipple. The nipple grew hard and swollen at the additional stimulation of the needle pricks of her claws.

As Malina caressed her breast, her other hand slid down to the juncture of her thighs, sliding towards the center of her sex. She was soaking wet, her downy fur matted and dripping with her juices. She purred as one of her fingers slipped between pussy lips, parting them and allowing her clit to spring forth. Her finger circled that little nubbin of flesh drawing a gasp and a low deep sexy growl from the catwoman.

Malina thought of Daniel, his long and hard cock standing straight up, jutting forth proudly, ready to loose its seed into her. Just the thought of Daniel’s cock, so different from her own kind’s pricks, filled Malina with an aching need. Malina’s fingers quested lower and Malina bent her legs, spreading them farther apart. As her fingers began to enter her hot pussy, a trickle of honeysuckle-flavored juice coated her fingers. She purred louder as she began to fuck herself with one finger, caressing her clit every third or fourth stroke.

Daniel… he was so sexy Malina thought. She remembered when he was lying below her, licking her vulva with his delightfully wide tongue. She could almost feel his tongue gathering her moisture, she imagined Daniel savoring the taste in his mouth. Then Daniel had stiffened his tongue and drove it past her pussy lips, into her molten core. Malina yowled at the memory and a second finger joined the first in pumping in and out of her. Her other hand moved to her other tit and began to pinch that nipple.

Malina felt the feeling rise within her, the warmth and need that heralded her orgasm. Malina slowed her fingers; she wanted these feelings to last. Again, Malina considered about the handsome human that had captured her heart. His hands had kneaded her ass as he continued to eat her out. He had been so good; Malina hadn’t been able to concentrate on sucking his cock. She growled as her hips began to move with her fingers.

Finally, Daniel had rolled over, and slid around so they were face to face. Malina had smelled herself on his face and without thinking has reached out and licked his face. Daniel chuckled, then groaned as her fingers had found his cock and gripped it tightly. Malina had continued to lick her juices off his face as her hand stroked his hardness. Malina remembered the soft steeliness of it, the smoothness of its baldhead. As she has rubbed her thumb across Daniel’s cock’s head, Daniel has stiffened, growling himself.

Malina smiled at the memory, then slipped another finger into herself, exploring the wet, moist insides of her pussy. She sighed, and her other hand slid down to actively join in the caresses that were giving her so much pleasure.

Daniel had rolled over on top of her and grabbed her legs, bringing them up. Then he too his hard cock in hand and aimed it at her hot pussy. With one single jerk, Daniel plunged himself into her and Malina yowled in pleasure, as her mate started to fuck her hard. Daniel’s face was a study in concentration as he thrust his hips forward, then slowly drew them back only to plunge forward again. Malina’s tail had wrapped around his upper thighs and caressed his ass, nestling in his ass crack.

Malina felt the buildup beginning but this time there was no delaying it, she felt her body contract and her pussy grip her fingers, trying to keep them inside her body. She gasped as the juice flooded over her hands and she shivered with delight as the orgasm rushed through her.

Malina panted and gazed up at the ceiling of her cabin through slitted eyes. Gods, Daniel was a magnificent lover, Malina couldn’t wait to get back down there tonight. Just to feel him against her, his naked smooth skin was so exotic. Malina purred as her eyes closed and the sleep of a contented cat overcame her.