The road to Bern
© 2011 by Faunoiphilia

The road to Bern

The human nations of Rhodan and the talking beasts of Bern had a long history of strained relationships. Most understood it as a kind of mutual abrasion… or perhaps a general dislike for each other. Humans had difficulties in accepting the beasts of Bern, finding it inherently difficult to treat four-legged beasts as equals in mind and spirit, especially when their dumber, speechless cousins still roamed Rhodan territory. And likewise, the beasts of Bern disliked the innate superiority complex and discriminatory mindset that humans so often showed, owing to their own sense of pride.

Even though human civilization was indeed far more technologically and culturally advanced than what the tribes of Bern could muster, no one could ever say it out loud. It was considered politically incorrect. Also politically incorrect, was to mention to a Bern their lowly origin as a created species. Their creation had happened centuries ago, by a caste of powerful mages… and even though that, too, was common knowledge, mentioning it aloud was considered in poor taste.

That aformentioned situation, and its inherent irony, was what Caleb had been brooding on for the past ten minutes as he walked down an isolated dirt road. He was not walking alone, but traveled along side a jaguar. It was indeed an odd sight to anyone living the city life, but near the wild borders of Bern, such a scene was common.

"You know…. this is pretty stupid," he suddenly spoke up to his travel mate.

"Caleb…" the jaguar rolled her eyes.

"I'm serious, Kara. Fifteen miles until the next outpost. If only we-"

"Don't say it…" she glared at him.

Caleb puffed out his cheeks. "Alright, alright." Caleb knew it was a moot point anyway. Horses and other service animals that humans used were considered an insult to the talking beasts of Bern. Getting a mount anywhere near the border would be impossible. The trek had to be taken on foot.

The problem meant that carrying supplies also had to be by hand. Caleb and Kara took turns pulling the wagon cart as equal partners. Station Two had a sudden rat infestation crop up in their food stores, and it was Roy's decision to send the pair down the road and share a few rations. Ten bags of barley, to be exact. It was a considerate gesture, he knew, but even so, Caleb disliked being the one to actually do it.

"You know Roy could have just sent the bear. Ozzie could have pulled this thing all by himself easily."

She raised an eyebrow and spoke angrily. "And you know how that would look, Caleb… a Bern pushing a wagon cart all by himself, like some tamed beast belonging your people?"

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah… I know, jumping through the diplomatic hoops…"

Caleb wasn't sure how found himself far from the bustling cities he gre up in, living at a simple trading outpost situated on the border of Bern's wild jungles. The tiny settlement served as a sort of cross-cultural rest stop for trading convoys and travelers that passed through territories and the like. There was even a small inn. It wasn't exactly a bad job, and it came with a few perks like monetary compensation from the state, but one had to put up with living in such a backwater part of the world, away from the perks of civilization.

Finding her companion silent for the past few minutes, the jaguar abruptly spoke up. "So what are you thinking about?"

Caleb flinched, as if out of a daydream. "Hm? Oh… nothing." He smiled.

"Oh, don't give me that nonsense," she teased, smiling slightly. "You were wearing that stupid, silly grin of yours again. I don't even have to guess."

Blushing slightly, Caleb stayed silent. "That obvious, huh?"

"That female human staying with the caravan that arrived yesterday… You had your eyes on her all morning, Cay. Everyone could see it." She casually flicked her rosette-covered tail in the air.

"Everyone?" he gawked. "Oh, give me a break…. I'm sure I wasn't that obvious."

"See, you don't even deny it!" She laughed. "I saw the way you were staring at that female human…" The jaguar looked up gave a sly grin as she walked alongside of him, cart in tow. "You think she's very attractive."

Caleb nodded slowly and puckered his lips. "I guess."

"You guess?" She raised a furry brow.

They both let out a quiet laugh.

They said that when traveling to Bern, there were three things one had to put up with: the heat, the gnats, and the stares from the beasts.

In truth, Caleb didn't mind them all too much, though like most he found it difficult to adjust to being around them. The beasts of Bern were a prideful, straightforward, easily offended bunch. However, he had quickly managed to find a few allies in the nine months he had spent living here. Out of all of them, Caleb found that a certain female jaguar by the name of Kara to be refreshingly candid and amicable to interact with, and over the few months of knowing each other the two had grown close enough to call each other friends.

Caleb sometimes joked in his letters to family that he worked with animals. The truth was, of course, that he actually did, though not in any way that most were used to thinking.

Kara, too, had to make adjustments, when she left her tribe for the borders of Bern. As she understood it, humans were a species that even treated their own kin differently simply based on silly things like different culture, skin color, or gender. So it was no surprise to her to find them having difficulty adjusting to her own kind as well. She considered herself better at shrugging off human discrimination than most, even on the occasion when they had actually meant it. For Caleb, most of the time he was not even aware that the things he said or did were off-putting… Like how not long after they had first met, when Caleb went about insisting on holding every door for the jaguar, assuming she could not even open them by herself. His over-politeness proved to be very insulting to Kara once she discovered why he was doing it.

Then, during past few days afterward, Caleb became afraid to hold a door open for anyone, out of fear it might be a sign of disrespect. That ended quickly when he discovered that not holding a door open for a beast of Bern is also a sign of disrespect.

It took him a few weeks to realize that sometimes a human just can't win.

Caleb sucked in a deep breath and plunged his hands into his pockets. "Well, she was quite a looker, I won't deny it. It's not often you see a pretty girl like that around here… Heck, it's not often you see girls around here period."

"And you want to mate with her."

"Kara!" Caleb objected. But the jaguar merely chuckled.

"It's true." she responded. "And you should not be so afraid to admit it. Your kind always seems so uptight about the topic of mating. So tell me… why did you not approach her last night?"

Caleb blushed. "Oh, come on, Kara…. One does not simply go out and ask random girls for sex. It's not like I can just go up to her and say 'Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my penis, now fuck me crazy.' It doesn't work like that."

The jaguar laughed. "You assume too much. I think you forget that females have needs too, Caleb." she raised a furred brow. "Especially when heat comes around, females… well, at least my kind, we can get pretty needy." Kara let out a quiet hum as she momentarily was reminded of the ache in her own loins.

"The Bern are not so picky, you know," she continued. "And well, if an attractive someone walked up to me and offered a quick mating, I wouldn't mind pouncing on that offer in an instant!" The jaguar hunched her shoulders and let out a antsy little growl at the thought.

Caleb let out an uneasy laugh. "Well, I think it's just a lot more complicated for humans, then… And besides… maybe I don't even want a quick fuck, you know? Maybe I want to get to know a girl first. Maybe I…" He broke off and sighed.

The jaguar looked back at him with criticizing eyes. "And that is why I was not surprised that you have never mated before."

Caleb scowled.

"Don't get upset…" the jaguar spoke, keeping her gaze on the road. "You're attractive for a human and have kind eyes… you're just a bit shy, that's all."

"Yeah…, well…" he sighed. She was right about the shy part, he knew. And Caleb mused it probably hadn't even taken her long to figure the virgin part out either.

"I need to stop the wagon…." Kara huffed. She slowed to a stop and stepped out of the stiff pull harness with a tired groan.

"What? Something wrong?" He asked, worried.

The jaguar chuckled. "No… I just need to relieve myself." Taking time to stretch, she extended her paws and flexed, digging into the ground with her claws.

"Oh! Right then… might as well do the same…" he mumbled. Privately, Caleb was happy to change the subject. He then noticed the purple scarf around the jaguar's neck had begun to come undone behind her back."

"Ah, my sash…" She turned, noticing the loose article of clothing and raised her paw.

"Nah, I got it." Caleb replied with a smile and bent down to grab the loose end.

"Cay…" she whined. The jaguar appeared mildly annoyed. "I can do it myself."

"Oh hush, I already have it in my hand." Caleb quickly took the unwound end and re-wrapped it around the jaguar's neck for her, folding the loose end between layers.

It was considered common courtesy for a Bern to don a simple article of clothing or jewelry to confirm their intelligence to others at a glance. Kara preferred a plain purple sash loosely wrapped around her neck. She thought the color went well with her fur. Caleb thought so as well, though he had never told her as much.

"There." He gave her a pat on the shoulder and a smile.

"Well… thanks," Kara huffed. She smiled politely, looking at him in the eyes. "Now, if you will excuse me…" the feline gave playful, overwrought bow and disappeared behind a tree.

"Right." Caleb took a step, but stopped and awkwardly about-faced, instead deciding to empty his tank on the opposite side of the road.

There was a short silence. Caleb tried to distract himself as the sounds of trickling began to reach his ears. It wasn't long before he joined in with his own sound.

"Caleb!" The jaguar called out suddenly from behind her tree, causing him to flinch and nearly wet his own boots.

"Um, what?" he shouted out behind his shoulder, feeling a bit odd to be carrying a conversation while relieving himself.

"I was just thinking… maybe it is about time you just went out and mated someone, hm? I think it would do you some good!"

Caleb let out a tiny laugh. "Kara…." he sighed and leaned against the tree he had stopped near. "Look, I appreciate the concern, but I think I'm fine." He said, dismissively. Caleb did not want to have this conversation. Shaking himself dry and buckling his belt up, he turned around and found the feline already back at the wagon, waiting for him. She was smiling.

"But I'm serious, Cay…. Maybe when we get back, you can-"

"I'm not comfortable just asking a girl for that." He folded his arms and pressed his lips together. "Especially not her."

"Maybe you just need some practice, first. Something-"

"I can live my own life."

"….Something to give you a bit of confidence. Just a-"

"I don't need to take relationship advice from a jaguar."

"…a nudge or two in the right direction. Because I-"

"Your kind aren't exactly the most social creatures to begin with…." he blurted out.

Kara's eyes narrowed, but the jaguar quickly collected herself. "Well, I was about to say…." she began as a sly smile forming on her snout. "You are my friend, Caleb, and you could mate with me, if you only asked."

Caleb recoiled. "Whoah, Kara… back up a second…" He stood there, momentarily at a loss for words. "Are you serious?"

The jaguar stopped in her tracks. "Of course." She smiled.

He shook his head, looking disgusted. "I… I can't even believe you just said that!"

The jaguar dropped her whiskers and ears, taken aback at his outburst. "What?"

"What do you mean, what?" He held his arms out and gesticulated at her body. "You're a… a jaguar!" he stammered. "No! That's just… ugh!" An involuntary shudder overtook his shoulders. "No way!"

She stood there, speechless for a moment, insulted at the thought of being cast off as a potential mate simply due to her species. "Caleb!"

Caleb winced. "I'm sorry! I-I don't mean any disrespect! But it's just that… well…" He sighed and dropped his shoulders. "…Look, humans prefer their own kind, okay?" He pursed his lips together.

A tiny laugh of disbelief escaped the jaguar's jaws as she tried her best to brush off the offense. She then closed her mouth tightly and collected herself before speaking. "…You know, us Bern take mates outside our own kind all the time, Cay. There's nothing wrong with it…. a different body, sure, but the feelings are always the same. And there's always the thrill of exploration." she raised an eager eyebrow. "It's fun, new…. exciting." Her eyes lit up when she spoke.

Caleb reared his head back in mild shock. "Wait, so… then have you been…. anyone back at the outpost?"

The jaguar replied casually. "Oh, of course. Boris, a few times, yes…" she hummed. "And I've mated with Darrow once, just out of curiosity. And then… Oh, come on, Caleb! You need to loosen up!" She objected at his uncomfortable expression. "Mating is a normal part of life! The Bern do not keep it from conversation or pretend it does not exist. There is no need to be embarrassed."

Caleb did his best to hide the thoughts he had been wearing on his face. "You've had sex with the tapir and the armadillo that I play poker with every Tuesday…" He dropped his head and let out an awkward laugh. "I'm sorry, it's just…" He paused for a moment before speaking up again. "So you aren't in a relationship with any of them? Because I thought you and Boris…"

"No, Caleb," she laughed. "Like I said, just casual mating. It's very common between the Bern. We do not pair up or become intimate. We just go out and have a little fun every now and then. Companionship is something we do among our species in our tribe, where all members are treated equally, as kin."

Caleb frowned. "Well, humans aren't like that…"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, your kind practices casual mating, too, Cay. I know it."

He merely shrugged, and Kara let out a quiet, satisfied "humph" in knowing she was right.

The jaguar stayed silent for a brief moment before speaking up again. "You know, Cay, come to think of it, I've never mated with a human before…" Slowly, she stalked towards Caleb with a playful look in her eyes.

"Um…. so?" Caleb was pretty sure where this was going and wasn't sure what to say.

"So there's always a first time for everything, right?" She capped her sentence off with a provocative growl.

"Kara?" Caleb raised an eyebrow at her behavior. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered if the jaguar was in heat again. She always became rather flirtatious when it got to be that time in her body cycle. Caleb was pretty sure where this was going and wasn't sure what to say. Already, various thoughts were creeping up into the back of his mind… He didn't know what to do with them. "I said I wasn't interested in trying anything."

The jaguar lifted her nose high in the air, putting on an indignant smile. "Well, you got me thinking about what it's like to be with a human… and now…" she put her paw down adamantly. "Well, now I'm all curious." She huffed.

Feeling uncomfortable beyond words, Caleb took a step back, and gave an awkward laugh. "Uh, well… I think it will have to remain a curiosity. No offense, Kara. Just… I'm sorry." he shook his head.

"You're not curious either? Not even a little?" she asked "Because I've been wondering for a while now… if you would ever ask me for a quick romp…" The jaguar narrowed her eyes and licked her chops.

Her words caused Caleb to suck in a quiet breath. "Okay, to be honest, I never really thought about it before. But…." he averted his gaze.

"But what?" the jaguar seemed to wait with baited breath.

Caleb winced. Feeling uncomfortable, he licked his teeth and mumbled the rest: "But maybe if you were human…"

"Oh, come on, Cay!" Kara objected. She flicked her tail in the air with a tiny laugh. "Sheeh, I never expected your kind to be this uptight about sex… You humans watch it, read about it, practice and study it, and heck, pay money for it, but when it comes to the real thing…"

"Y-you're a jaguar!" He stamped his foot down. "That's not the same! Kara, I'm not attracted to your kind."

Kara huffed, feeling insulted. "Well… you don't have to be!" she objected, taking a step closer to him. "Mating is mating, Caleb. It's no big deal, just something we do together that feels good. And besides…" The jaguar smiled, flicking her raised tail to and fro. "On the inside, I'm not too different from your own kind… I bet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Just pretend I'm a funny shaped human if you need to." A quiet giggle escaped her lips.

Caleb frowned. "What if I don't want a funny shaped human?"

Kara smirked. "Well, think of it this way instead…" The jaguar sat down on her haunches and extended a claw to playfully draw circles in the dirt. "I'm in heat, I'm antsy, and from the way you were ogling the female at camp earlier, I think you could stand to let off some steam, too…" She looked back up at him, her expression hopeful. "Well?" she asked. "Why not take a walk on the wild side, Cay?"

Caleb furrowed his brow in exasperation. So she was in heat again. He knew it. It was no wonder to him, then, that she was being this pushy. For a split second, Caleb let his mind wander to rather forbidden places… But before they could take hold, feelings of awkwardness filled his mind and he shook his head in a shudder.


But despite his response, the pause was very noticeable to the jaguar. She grinned when she saw it. His tell was all Kara needed to confirm that she had gotten him curious.

… and that was enough for her to press the issue. She would press it, if not out of curiosity or to satisfy her heat, then just to get her companion to be a little more open minded. Being brushed off by the human simply due to her status as a Bern was highly insulting to the jaguar.

Silently, Kara decided to try and play on the tiny bit of curiosity Caleb showed. Slowly, with lowered shoulders and a slow gait, she stalked around him in a circle, her tail playfully rubbing up against his pants. "… You know, I've heard rumors about humans…" she turned and looked at him right in the eye. "…Apparently, your kind is supposed to be really good at it." She smiled. The jaguar was pulling no punches.

"I…." Caleb bit his lip. "Okay, that's it!" he abruptly shouted. "Time to get the cart going again." With a grunt, he turned and began to push the wagon once more.

"So you're not interested?" she asked.

"No," he gruffly replied.

"Really?" Kara gracefully strode aside her friend as she spoke. "Because I just think you're secretly curious and just need some convincing…"

Caleb swallowed thickly and didn't respond. He tried moved away from her to the other side of the road, his motions awkward and stiff as a board.

"How long does human mating last, Cay?" She asked, moving to his other side and walking along. The jaguar was adamant.

He furrowed his brow. "Um… I dunno, fifteen minutes? A half hour?" Caleb did his best to focus on pushing the cart. He wanted to change the subject.

Kara opened her eyes wide and stopped in her tracks. "That long? Mmmm. Sounds lovely." The jaguar felt a twinge of anticipation between her legs just at the thought. Falling behind in her fantasy, she suddenly bounded forward to catch up to her companion. "You know, I am lucky to get a few minutes out of Roy after the initial mount. Boris is even worse. I have to get him to promise he'll satisfy me afterward, usually with his tongue."

Despite the awkwardness he was feeling, Caleb managed to muster a playful jab at his friend. "Is that why you do it with so many of your kind, then?" he smiled shyly. "Quantity over quality?"

Kara tilted her head and her furred brows raised. "Well, maybe, maybe not… But I would like to get both at once if I can…." A coy smile slowly spread across her lips.

Caleb blushed. He wasn't exactly used to discussing the mating habits of the Bern. Or the mating habits of his own kind, for that matter.

"I… I'm sorry, Kara," he continued, feeling flustered. "I know you're in heat and all, but don't think I would be comfortable touching you in certain ways, or…" Caleb swallowed and gesticulated awkwardly. "You know. Heck, I don't think I'd even be able to get it up for a jaguar, to be honest," he embarrassingly admitted.

"Then how about letting me explore your body a little, hm?" She drew her head close to his thigh and purred quietly as he walked. "For my sake, then, if not yours? I'm just a little curious."

"Gosh, you're persistent…." he mumbled.

The jaguar folded her ears flat against her head. "Caleb!"

Caleb grimaced. "Sorry, no."

She faked offense and gasped. "You won't let me even try an experimental lick? The tiniest of nibbles, maybe? Not even a sniff?"

"No, Kara," he shook his head and turned away, trying not to smile out of embarrassment.

"Oh, come on, I just want to see!" she playfully whined, bounding along side of him in one single fluid motion. "Just a look, then? For comparison. I've never seen what a human's looks like…" A flick of her tail accentuated her plea.


She tilted her head. "Not even a tiny little peek?" she squeaked.


"Pleaseeee?" The jaguar put on a faux look of innocent hopefulness and batted her amber eyes in an ostentatious manner.

Caleb let out a long sigh through tight lips. He was breaking, he could feel it, she could see it, and both knew the topic of conversation wasn't going to be dropped.

"Alright, alright," he waved his hands in the air as he stopped the cart. "Just stop your cutesy gig already. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to let you take a look down there…" He grumbled and began to awkwardly fumble for his belt. "But that's it, okay? Just a look."

Caleb's response was met with an excited cry and a laugh that carried a suspiciously devious tone to it. He pursed his lips tightly and breathed out through his nose. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he mumbled.

At once Kara dropped her act and put on a sly grin. "Yessssss" she hissed, purring softly, and paced back and forth. Getting Caleb to bend to her will was half the fun for the antsy jaguar. She enjoyed the challenge, being able to toy and play with him.

…And the best part to her was knowing that Caleb wasn't suspicious enough to suspect any tricks.

Caleb looked down the road both ways, a little paranoid that someone might find him, but the jungle path was deserted as far as he could see. "Just really quick," he warned.

"Fair enough!" Kara suspiciously giggled through closed lips. From a sitting position, the large jaguar came up to the height of Caleb's waist. She drew close to his front, a little too close for Caleb's comfort.

All Kara needed was for Caleb to undo his belt and unzip his pants for her and she knew she could take care of the rest if he came to resisting. The antsy jaguar waited patiently as Caleb unceremoniously dropped his trousers and underwear, bearing his unaroused form to her.

"There." He grimaced. Caleb, as far as he knew, was unspectacular, though not disappointing as far as male humans went.

But Kara's eyes opened wide. "Ooh, humans are big!"

Caleb flinched. "Really?"

She looked up. "I mean, well, not compared to Boris when he's aroused, though… I mean… well, nevermind." She grinned.

Caleb couldn't help but let the comment about Boris produce a twinge of jealousy for the tapir's endowment, but chided himself on the silliness of the thought. Kara saw his momentary frown and laughed.

"Honestly, Cay, Boris… well, he can be too big for me, so don't be upset." She cocked her head. "You do not have a sheath, though? That is weird, how it just hangs down…"

Caleb didn't even know what the jaguar was talking about. "So, um, how… how different am I from male jaguars? Do I compare?" Caleb fumbled with his words, feeling awkward at being exposed an examined in front of his friend.

Kara frowned. "Trust me, Cay, my own kind is not blessed with impressive equipment. They're stubby and pointed and they often hurt."

"They hurt?" He cocked his head.

"Yes, they have barbs, Caleb. It's uncomfortable without a lot of lubrication." She replied casually.

His eyes opened wide and Caleb dropped his jaw. "Geeze, that's…" He wrinkled his nose. "… weird."

"But even so, they're rather…" She brought both forepaws up to each other and held them only a few inches away, causing both to laugh.

"Well, um, let's get going…" Caleb began to pull his pants up, but he was stopped.

"Just let me sniff, at least?" Kara asked.

Caleb sighed, but relented, pulling his pants down once more. "Fine…"

"Sniff? Are you serious?" he asked with a look of repulsion, but the jaguar was stonefaced. Caleb sighed, but relented, pulling his pants down once more. "This is so awkward…." But Kara giggled quietly, enjoying being able to toy around with her human companion.

Kara was delighted to have Caleb let her explore, and she leaned in to inspect his package closely, taking in his masculine, human scent and feeling a tingly rush between her legs as she did so. Getting Caleb to expose himself, being able to smell him and look at him, it was all a huge welling of excitement for Kara. Her heat had her mind racing with many, many thoughts.

…And at that point, any intention of stopping here was out of the question for the jaguar. Carefully, she composed herself and looked back up to Caleb's gaze, eager to distract him from pulling his pants up.

"I never knew humans had hair down here. It's kind of cute." She let out a purr.

Caleb blushed. He never would have imagined anyone finding that hair cute.

"Does it swell really big when you finish?" Kara asked. Slowly, a paw appeared on top of the hand holding his pants down. She held it there strategically, touching only very lightly at first, passively discouraging him from pulling his pants back up.

"I… no." Caleb furrowed his brow in confusion at the question. He didn't seem to pay attention to the paw on his hand.

"Good." she purred. "I hate that about Glenn. It always hurts."

"Glenn? You had sex with the wolf, too!?"

"Only when I can't find Boris." She casually replied, not seeing the need to elaborate further.

Caleb stayed silent, taking in all this very intimate information about the other beasts he worked with. He had never known how the creatures of Bern did their business in the bedroom, and this crash course on the subject was making him feel uncomfortable. He was still not even used to the fact that to Kara, sex was just another subject to talk about, like the weather, or what the next caravan was bringing through.

"What about the finish. Is it messy?" Kara looked merely curious to the imperial, but nonetheless it was too much for him answer.

"Kara, I…" he grimaced, suddenly pulling away. "I'm not comfortable having this conversation!"

"Oh, come on, Cay," she objected, starting to get desperate. The jaguar scooted to an upright position and teasingly wrapped her other forepaw around his leg. "You should at least see what you're missing out on, first. Just have a little test drive in a jaguar, perhaps," she purred. Provocatively, she leaned her head in just a tad, looking up at him all the while while her paw wrapped around his ankle. The feline's thick whiskers brushed up against his skin.

"I, uh…" Caleb huffed, appearing flustered and flushed in the cheeks, and tried to brush her paw away, which he found to be very resistant as Kara held on to him. "I-" he finally shook the jaguar off of his hand with a wave. "No thanks, Kara." He began to pull up his pants.

The jaguar dropped her grin and folded her ears back in frustration. She didn't expect him to be so adamant about not mating. Internally, she grumbled to herself why the human just wouldn't just give in already.

"I think that's enough," he flatly stated.

"Caleb?" she growled. Being able to see and smell a perfectly capable male was too much of a tease for the horny jaguar to have everything just end so suddenly.

Caleb stood there stiffly, belt and zipper still undone. He looked at Kara, who seemed incredibly angry. She had her shoulders lowered to a pouncing position, her rear end high in the air. Her tail twitched anxiously. He paused out of fear.

"Kara, that's enough." His voice wavered in the air.

"Not enough for me," she growled, wiggling her hips in place and setting her feet.

In an instant, the horny jaguar tackled the human to the ground. Caleb cried out with an "Oomph" as he hit the dirt, and the two tussled for a moment before the jaguar successfully pinned his shoulders to the ground with her large, feline forepaws.

"Kara!" he yelped.

"Shh!" the jaguar silenced him, grinning cheek-to-cheek. "Caleb…" she spoke in a teasing tone of voice, letting out a low rumble that seemed to be both purr and growl. "I know you're curious, so just relax and let me explore your body. I promise it will feel good," she whispered into his ear, before giving it a lick and pulling away. "You'll see."

"Look," Caleb's lip quivered. "You're in heat, Kara…. Maybe you're just not thinking straight…"

"Exactly," she spoke through a growl.

"W-we're in the middle of the road here!" he objected.

"We both know the caravans only come through here twice a day," the horny jaguar hissed. "No one will interrupt us."

Caleb stared back at her with a mixture of fear and uncertainty. He did not say a word. But after feeling his muscles slowly go limp, Kara let out a tiny cry of victory. She began to move lower, drawing her large, feline paws down his chest and stomach. She caressed and kneaded his skin, working her pads into his pecs, keeping her claws retreated along the way. The slow, methodical touch of padded paws, ones that knew exactly what they were doing, carried an odd, exotic sensuality to Caleb. Reluctantly, despite his multiple objections and anxieties, he relented to the curious pull of arousal.

"Okay…." he nodded, letting out a sigh and dropping the back of his head to the dirt. "Fine…"

His acquiescence, which was long overdue in the jaguar's opinion, was met with an excited cry and giggle. The cat had finally won her prize.

"Oh, don't sound so serious…. you're supposed to enjoy mating," she whispered playfully, purring all the while as she scooted down and sat in between Caleb's knees. Before he could do it himself, Kara's paws were already hooking around his pants, her sharp claws digging in and latching onto the fabric and pulling down.

"Kara…" he gasped at her forwardness but lifted his hips so the already un-zipped and un-buttoned jeans could slide down his legs once more. With her tail swaying slightly through the air, she stepped over the fabric and kicked them back with her hind paws until they were around his ankles. Caleb was already having second thoughts.

"Like I said, Cay…" she purred. "I'm in heat, and I know you're antsy too, or at least you were last night… so just think: why not let off some steam?" A devious smile spread across her face.

Grinning at him, the horny jaguar then placed her paws on the frill of Caleb's undergarments, causing him to suck in a sudden breath. She paused and watched his face as Caleb waited in anticipation. Then with another growl, she pulled down once more, her paws revealing his masculinity to her eyes again.

"Kara, hold on a sec…" Caleb's uncertain voice broke the mood.

The antsy jaguar's paws relaxed and she gave him a quizzical look.

"Well…. at least let me take off my shoes and stuff." He shyly chuckled.

Kara let a wide grin spread across her snout, causing the rosettes on her cheeks to stretch, and complied as Caleb removed the remainder of his clothing from a sitting position. But as soon as he had finished, the antsy jaguar moved in close between his knees and sat down in between his open, outstretched legs, meeting the human face-to-face. Kara's amber eyes looked huge to him, appearing wide-open and full of anticipation. The thundering growl emanating from her throat did little to put him at ease.

"I, uh…."

"Now…." Kara said, growling softly. "This is your first time mating, so… just sit back and soak things in for a bit," she purred. "Pay attention to what I do."

The jaguar leaned in and planted a few licks on Caleb's ear as a paw appeared on his inner thigh. He gasped. Her rough tongue, though much smoother than a house cat's, was surprisingly warm on his skin. Her humid breath washed over his shoulder. Caleb's mind was reeling at how fast things had progressed. He was shocked at himself for getting in to this position, sitting down on an abandoned dirt road in the middle of a jungle, naked, and letting a horny jaguar come on to him!

"I… I'm not sure if humans would like this as much as a jaguar would, Kara…" he swallowed thickly. "The licking and biting and stuff…" he trailed off, partially dazed from the strange feelings he was having.

"Oh, I think you'd be surprised…" she grinned. "It feels good to you, right?"

Caleb stayed silent as he pondered her question, and Kara giggled.

Licks turned to nibbles and tiny bites as the antsy jaguar began to get in the mood. The paw moved closer to his manhood, and Caleb immediately jerked and let out a cry of surprise when she finally brought her pads to his shaft. Kara let out an excited groan as she felt him for the first time. Still unaroused, the jaguar did her best to knead and massage him there.

"Yours is so squishy," she candidly remarked before letting out a chuckle as her wandering lips brought another nibble to Caleb's shoulder. The remark left Caleb embarrassed of his lack of an erection, unaware that Kara simply reflecting on the fact that most male animals had a hard bone deep inside their equipment. In actuality, the jaguar found Caleb's human design fascinating, and she delighted in squeezing and contorting it, enjoying the feeling of his soft skin between her toes. Her long tail twitched and swayed anxiously across the ground.

"Kara…" Caleb mumbled. "I dunno about this…"

The jaguar nudged in closer to Caleb's body and buried her head into his shoulder, purring softly. There she lifted his cock and pressed it against his stomach so she could press in firmly, and began to slowly knead with the soft pads on her toes. "Humans use their hands a lot, yes? How does my paw feel? Good?" she whispered into his ear. The sultry tone of her voice sent a chill down his spine. He felt himself growing in size, though just a tiny bit. The fact that a jaguar was doing all these things to him still had Caleb feeling unsure.

"I… I suppose," he stuttered.

The jaguar pulled back for a second and looked into his eyes. "Caleb, you are too tense." She leaned in to lick at his ear once more and whispered. "Try to relax…." she cooed, before wrapping his earlobe between her lips and nibbling on it, causing Caleb's eyes to open up wide. The jaguar's thick whiskers played across his cheek, tickling him. All the while her paw massaged and kneaded the slowly-growing shaft pressed against his stomach. The feelings were unfamiliar to Caleb, though definitely enjoyable.

"Ah!" Caleb gasped as the jaguar incessantly tugged and nipped at his ear. He reflected on the situation, the oddness of having a horny jaguar pressing against his chest, roughly nibbling at his neck and ear as she fondled his cock with a paw. He felt the tension in his muscles and tried to relax, tried to take the animal part of her out the equation and closed his eyes. A right hand found itself on the jaguar's shoulders, and he gripped her short fur lightly as she pressed and pawed at his shaft. A gentle bite on his clavicle caused him to suck in a sudden breath.

"Caleb…" she murmured.

Slowly, Kara pulled away, her feline paw leaving him wanting. "What?" he asked, softly. He looked into her wild amber eyes, stricken by her amorous gaze.

Purring softly, Kara pushed her head against Caleb's chest and affectionately rubbed her whiskered snout against his pecs before licking him down his stomach. "So, what do you think of foreplay?" She asked, lathing her rough tongue again on his skin. She didn't need an answer, though, as she had already felt his how his equipment had stiffened to serve as enough proof of her effectiveness.

"I…" he trailed off.

"Now, would you like to try doing that to me?" She looked up at him, still purring, out of the corner of her eyes. "It'd be good practice for your caravan lady," She giggled. Sighing whimsically, Kara leaned in and gave a quick nip on his ear.

"I… uh…" He stared awkwardly at her body, his erection painfully obvious to her now. But Kara only smiled.

"Go ahead, you can touch." Slowly, Kara leaned into his chest, resting against him. Giggling, she brought a forepaw to his waist, and Caleb, feeling unsure, scooted forward and began to run his hands down her body, feeling odd at first but letting the excitement get to him. He cupped and caressed her fur-covered haunches with his hands, feeling around the jaguar's feline body, trying to accustom himself to a quadruped. He leaned in and rested his head against the jaguar's shoulders, and, like she had done on him, began to nibble at her skin, getting a mouthful of fur.

"Mm, how does that feel?" the feline smiled as he felt her companion carress and dote on her body. Her paw wrapped around his back and Kara ran her pads over his back muscles, feeling his toned body.

"Mm, It feels like… holy crap!" Caleb gasped as Kara's paw suddenly returned to his member, kneading hard and beginning to rub up and down. She giggled.

"I… do not miss my own kind when it comes to mating," She mused. "Most Bern do not have the loose skin on their equipment like you do. They are more delicate… less fun to touch and squeeze. I like yours, though." She emphasised her point with a squeeze.

He looked up at her, in a daze. His hand slipped around the jaguar's waist, running through her short fur. He scooted closer to her.

"Kara…" he trailed off. He looked into her eyes with these strange new emotions running high now, feeling the excitement as his body readied its self for sex. He felt wild, energized, guided by his emotions… and before he knew it, he was leaning in for a kiss.

"Ah! Ah!" she chided, suddenly bringing a paw to his lips and causing Caleb to flinch. "I don't get romantic. Not for casual mating." She pulled away slightly, and he found his hands out of reach of her body. He frowned.

"I… sorry…" he stared at the ground, feeling awkward. "You've never…?"

"Nope." she smiled, laying a forepaw on his thigh. "Most Bern are wild in bed: quick, forceful… and well, I've never tried anything beyond a few casual hook-ups, so it's what I am used to. This, though…." she grinned. "You are different. You let me set the pace, let me choose what to do. It's a nice change of pace."

"I just…" he abruptly laughed. "I let you set the pace because have no idea what I'm doing!"

Kara nodded. "And it's kinda cute." she giggled. "But you are too tense still, Cay… You feel awkward, but you got to try and relax. And… hmm…" Slowly, a smile spread across her face. "I think I know how to fix that…." her eyes narrowed to slits as she drew her tongue across her large teeth. "… how to get you more comfortable." Before he knew it, the jaguar sitting between his legs bent down and planted a quick lick right up Caleb's cock, causing him to gasp and squirm.

"Ah! A blowjob? But I-" Caleb broke off in a sudden moan as Kara began to give steady licks across his member. "Oh, shit…" he mumbled. "I dunno about this, Kara…"

The jaguar pulled back, looking mildly annoyed with her ears held flat. "Oh, come on, Cay… You are not helping your case, here. Most females won't be this patient with you."

"But, y-your teeth!" he objected. Caleb scooted away a bit.

"Are you saying you don't trust me?" Kara asked teasingly and scooted forward to meet his legs once more. Teasing him, she smiled with an open mouth, showing off her mouthful of predatorial teeth. "Human women have their own teeth, too, you know. Maybe not as large, but you still would have to trust them, right?" Then without waiting for an answer, the jaguar resumed her licking across Caleb's member, causing him to stiffen up and stifle a gasp.

Caleb realized the jaguar was right, and silently let her continue. Kara's tongue was rough, but not uncomfortably so, and the wet warmth provided a wonderful, electrifying sensation that he had never experienced before. It was exhilarating.

"We will get you to finish once…" she looked up at him, his cock between paws. "And that will help you be more comfortable."

Kara brought her paws to the sides of Caleb's cock and squeezed as she continued her ministrations, delighting in the feel of his growing stiffness. His wonderfully enticing taste was palatable to her tongue, his appealing masculine scent was spicy and thick on her nostrils, exciting her. The pull of her own heat urged her for more.

It wasn't long before the jaguar discovered how Caleb's foreskin could be pulled down with her paws, revealing his glans. "Ooh, so it is a sheath after all!" Kara mused. "The tip is sensitive, right?" she teasingly asked as she planted her wide tongue on the underside of Caleb's tip, causing him to gasp. The jaguar chuckled under her breath at how easy it was to get him to react.

Caleb was silent, transfixed as he watched the jaguar between his legs knead and lick at his cock. Kara ran her lips over his shaft, purring quietly, affectionately rubbing her cheeks over it as she lapped at his balls and base of his cock. The tower of flesh she cradled between her paws was far larger than what the jaguar usually had to play with, and she loved his size, his smoothness; she loved finding spots to lathe her tongue, having enough room to use both paws and mouth…

"Man, this feels good, Kara…" Caleb mumbled, and Kara only replied with a growl of approval.

She grinned at how far she had gotten Caleb to go so far, how she had gotten him to break, to cave in and fall under her spell. The human was all hers now, hers to play with and explore. She would relish the moment.

Kara mouthed and nibbled at the loose skin around Caleb's shaft. Her dangerous teeth were being exceptionally gentle, biting down just enough to not cause pain. The foreskin was fascinating to her; it was something fun to play with. Watching Caleb's face, took the foreskin between her teeth and pulled at it back gently, growling in her throat. Caleb was staring at her, transfixed at the jaguar with his cock between her paws, now provocatively playing with his foreskin.

"Damn, that's hot." he whispered.

Kara chuckled. "Good."

She resumed her licking, finding her tongue moving faster, more urgently. The pull of arousal was getting to her, making her more antsy to get it over with and mate already, to satisfy her urge for a good mating, but she pushed herself to go slow and take her time for Caleb's sake.

… besides, without a blowjob beforehand, she reasoned that Caleb would probably pop during the first few moments for his first time. And she wouldn't want it to be over so soon. Not with a cock like his. This was one toy she wanted to spend her time with.

Kara turned her head to the side before opening her mouth and taking the middle of his shaft between her jaws, cradling him carefully between her feline teeth, mouthing and nibbling across his girth. She was quickly getting lost in the moment of exploring Caleb's uniquely human manhood. Now feeling him completely stiff, she growled as she squeezed him between her paws roughly. A bead of precum had appeared on the tip of his exposed glans, and the jaguar licked it clean in one swoop, letting out an unintentional murmur of pleasure as she tasted his flavor. Savory, mild… she liked it.

And then without warning, the horny jaguar opened her mouth and sunk her head around the first few inches of Caleb's cock. Purring softly, she closed her mouth around him and began to lick from inside her mouth as her paws held him securely at his base.

Caleb gasped and doubled over, momentarily overwhelmed with the sensations as his cock slid effortlessly in between the jaguar's dangerous canines. Kara's mouth was incredibly hot. He felt her teeth gently holding him, his glans pressed against the curved and contoured roof of her mouth. Her rough, undulating tongue drove him crazy. His hands found the jaguar's head and he cradled her as the feline worked him steadily. Her thick whiskers teased his inner thighs. She took in a deep breath and exhaled forcefully through her nose, blowing hot air onto his crotch.

"Kara…" he groaned. Caleb's eyes rolled back into his head. "Damn…"

Purring deep in her throat, the jaguar closed her eyes and let her own arousal begin to take control of her. She relished the moment of being in control, of getting her mate to react at her will… of having such an erotic organ in between her jaws, all for her to play with however she liked.

Kara let out a moan between her lips and squeezed Caleb's cock base tightly as she dipped her head lower, guiding more of his length into her maw. Guided by experience, she worked him steadily with her tongue, steadily bobbing her head and using her powerful jaws to keep pressure on him. Feline drool dripped down the underside of Caleb's cock, wetting Kara's own forepaws, which were still pawing and kneading him at the base. The jaguar knew he likely wouldn't last long for his first time, but she made no attempt to slow down. She would work him with her mouth, get him to finish, and then take her time for the second round.

Caleb's eyes were shut tight. He held on to Kara's head tightly as he was suckled and worked. The experience was incredible, but he did his best to try and stave off an early orgasm. He pet and massaged Kara's head, affectionately stroking her velveteen ears and cheeks as the jaguar diligently moved back and forth with her mouth around his cock. The loud purring in the big cat's throat resonated around his shaft, causing him to seize and flex his cock as the sweet vibrations added another layer of stimulation.

Another spurt of precum entered the jaguar's mouth, and Kara let out a pleasured murmur as she tasted it, finding the flavor wholly enticing. She wanted more, and imagined to herself what the finish would taste like. Taking in a deep breath through her mouth, Kara pushed her head down lower, feeling the tip of his cock enter her throat. Just having a partner that could reach that far sent the jaguar a shiver of excitement. With his cock deep in her mouth, the jaguar began to roll her tongue and work him with her jaws, repeatedly pressing his cock between her the back of thick tongue and the roof of her mouth. Every time she felt his shaft flex in her mouth brought a tiny little giggle out of the jaguar. It wasn't much longer before the human's member seemed to stiffen up even more…

"Aah!" Caleb cried out. He knew he couldn't last any longer. His grip on the jaguar's head unconsciously tightened. "Kara… I'm gonna… gonna…" he trailed off. Kara came off his length with a gasp and clamped down on the first few inches. She looked up at him and let out a provocative growl as she bobbed her head with aggression, hoping to give her partner a big first climax.

Caleb held on for dear life. He felt his legs slowly kicking, toes flexing, a pressure welling up deep inside his lower body. He threw his head back and swore loudly as his orgasm came welling up inside his body, waves of intense pleasure sending him reeling as his spunk began to collect inside. And then with a sudden, powerful rush, he felt his seed explode into the jaguar's mouth.

The jaguar between his legs growled with delight as she tasted the fruits of her labor, finding the warm fluid to be thicker than she expected, but its savory, slightly bitter taste was highly agreeable to her palate. She felt his cock flex and throb in her mouth as Caleb unloaded his seed onto her tongue, splashing against her uvula and the roof of her mouth. The intensity of the act, of feeling him throb in her mouth, the way he jerked and held onto her tightly caused Kara to let out a quiet moan of arousal. She stayed with him the entire time, keeping her mouth sealed against his cock as best she could until his spurts shooting into the back of her mouth began to die down.

Then, opening her eyes, Kara lifted her head around Caleb's cock, letting a few long strands of spunk drip down from her frothy, messy lips. She then swallowed the remainder with a growl and licked her lips, savoring the taste of human seed, and looked at Caleb in the eye.

The human was breathing hard, with one hand on his chest and the other behind him, supporting his upper body against the ground. He looked back at the jaguar who had just serviced him and blinked twice, seeing her matted cheek fur, her panting mouth, her black lips and furred chin covered in a milky, messy sheen. "Holy cow." he whispered.

"Go ahead…" the jaguar gasped, panting softly. Her eyes narrowed to slits as a grin appeared on her now messy snout. "Make your 'kitty needs her milk' comment. I know you're thinking it," she purred.

Caleb's open mouth drew into a smile, and he let out a single laugh. "I wasn't, actually. But man, that was…. amazing."

"Good," she breathed, smirking. "I've heard that one too many times already. Boris always thinks its clever." Sitting up to her haunches, the jaguar casually licked and then rubbed the back of her paw over her messy snout as she began to groom herself. "And I'm glad you liked it, too." she whispered, between licks.

He was about to thank her for the blowjob, but stopped. "That was just… wow, it was amazing. You're really, really good at that." he decided on instead, letting out a satisfied sigh.

The jaguar cocked her head and smiled. "Thank you." she responded. "I've had my practice," she finished, letting out a naughty little giggle under her breath. Her long, spotted tail swayed in the air. "You taste interesting." she said, flippantly. "Not as sweet as Darrow, but much better than Glenn or Roy."

"I, uh…" he trailed off. "I don't suppose you expect me to return the favor, do you?" His voice sounded tentative to the feline.

Kara's eyes opened wide. "You want to? Mmm, Caleb… never thought you'd ask." Gracefully, the jaguar stood up and whirled around, eagerly lifting her tail and presenting her hindquarters to the human with an alluring shake of her hips. "Go ahead and explore me all you want."

Caleb immediately recoiled in surprise. "Woah."

He immediately got a perfect view of the jaguar's feminine parts. Her haunches, covered in short, white fur, led to a simple cleft down the middle that formed the entrance to the jaguar's vent. There was a bit of wetness on the fur around her outer lips already… he mused she must have been ready for this a while ago.

Caleb immediately recoiled in surprise. "Uh, actually… I don't think I'm comfortable doing that with my tongue… yet." He grimaced. "Especially to a jaguar, no offense."

Kara appeared hurt as she folded her ears back. "Oh, come on, Cay! All females, even your kind, we're all the same down there, more or less…" she pleaded.

Caleb frowned. "I'm sorry, Kara… I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's… fine." Her tail slowly lowered as she turned to face him once more, looking slightly disappointed.

"You know, I'm a little curious, though… Does it…. smell?" Caleb wrinkled his nose. "Like…" he gesticulated awkwardly. "You know…"

Kara sighed. "I'm really starting to see why you haven't been mated yet, Caleb."

"What?" He cocked his head in confusion.

"Yes, Cay," she sarcastically replied. "It smells like wildflowers and sunshine." The jaguar rolled her amber eyes in a way that Caleb couldn't help but find amusing. She bent down to lick up the rest of spent seed on Caleb's cock, causing him to momentarily hum with pleasure.

"Well, I figured I might as well ask…" he shrugged. "Kinda figured a cat wouldn't be offended…."

"You're not winning any points, here," she grumbled.

"Sorry…" Caleb frowned. He tried to think of how to fix the situation.

"Well," she began, deciding to politely wave the awkward moment off. "You don't have to lick me. Its okay." Slowly, a sly grin appeared on her face. "Because honestly, Cay…." Lowering her shoulders, Kara began to stalk forward.

"…what I really need right now… what would really satisfy me…" Sauntering over, the jaguar placed her forepaws on either side of Caleb's thighs as she closed in. The jaguar leaned in to Caleb's face, her feline nose close enough to smell his breath, and licked his cheek.

"What I'd really like is a nice, hard… mount to ride on." She looked back into his eyes, her own lit up with excitement.

Caleb sucked in a deep breath. "A mount, huh?" He couldn't hide his sheepish grin.

Kara's eyes narrowed. "Yessssss" she hissed, letting a tiny growl well up inside her throat. "Just like a human would mate." She lowered her head and gave another bite to his clavicle before giving a hard nudge to Caleb's chest with her snout, signaling him to lie down. The human complied, his eyes wide with uncertainty and excitement.

The jaguar seemed incredibly fidgety, her actions quick and impatient as she climbed up on top of him, setting her hind legs on either side of his hips as she positioned herself.

"This is it, huh?" he asked in naive astonishment, sucking in a deep breath as Kara began to impatiently lick at his neck once more. "We're going to have sex now?"

"Almost," Kara replied, growling quietly as she curled her spine and lowered her feline hips on top of Caleb's own. The jaguar let out a pleasured growl as she found something to press against, and instantly pushed in hard against Caleb's soft, saliva-covered shaft, causing the human to let out a grunt.

"First," she began, letting a wild grin appear on her snout. "…we need to get you ready for round two. And while we do that, I'm going to let off some steam."

Immediately, the horny jaguar began to grind against Caleb's crotch, letting out a pleasured hum as she got her first real stimulation of the day. She arched her back and flexed her claws on Caleb's shoulders as she parted her dense, short fur on his shaft and began to rub the sensitive entrance to her vent across his skin. Caleb cried out in surprise at the sharp claws poking his shoulders.

"Watch the claws!" he yelped.

"Mm, Caleb, you've gone and gotten me all worked up," she growled, ignoring his plea.

"Me?" He let out an unsure laugh as he held on to the jaguar bucking against him. "I don't even know what I'm doing, here."

Kara lowered her snout to Caleb's face as she dragged her nether lips across his thickening shaft once more. "Exactly," she hissed, and nibbled at his neck. "Females love a confident male, but sometimes its also fun to jump the quiet, shy one, and do horribly dirty things to him." She giggled. "You're cute when you're all naive and innocent… it makes me want to pounce on you." The paws on his chest flexed to punctuate her words, causing Caleb to wince.

Caleb's eyes were the size of dinner plates. "Not all girls are like that, right?"

"No," the jaguar began as she moved her lithe hips left and right on his crotch. "But some are. Like me," she growled. Steadily, Kara grinded her slit against Caleb, lightly spreading her lips open on his girth. Her heat made the jaguar antsy and quick to arouse, and the excitement of seducing and fellating her new-found partner had left the jaguar quite wet already. She was already leaving smudges of her fluids on the human's thickening shaft.

Caleb's mind was focusing on her words as he watched the jaguar on top of him, her eyes closed, head lowered, eagerly grinding away. Feeling the weight of another body on top of him, pressing against his hips was filling him with anticipation. She bent down to lick and nibble at his chest.

"A confident male…" he mumbled with a smile.

Kara's eyes suddenly opened wide as she felt Caleb grab hold of her. All at once, one arm snaked around her hips to her haunches, and the other grabbed her head and pulled her close. The jaguar let out a cry of surprise and pleasure as she felt him suddenly bite and nibble at her left ear.

"Ah! Mmm, Cay… yes," she panted as Caleb held her tight. The horny feline growled with pleasure as she felt his hand grip and squeeze her haunches. He moved in to kiss at her neck and cheek as his hands began to wander, fingers running through her short fur and exploring the contours of her feline body. Slowly, he slipped his hands under the purple sash the jaguar wore around her neck and removed it, tossing the fabric to the ground.

"Mmmm… Yes, Caleb, like that," she whispered, grinding against his hardening cock again, encouraging him to explore with his hands and lips. Feeling a bit more confident, he playfully bit into the skin on her neck, causing her to rear back her head and gasp. Caleb was not prepared for the mouthful of dense fur, but he made an effort to not let it bother him.

Caleb found his own hand moving, exploring in between her thighs, and Kara let out a murmur of anticipation. She stood up a bit and let him explore. His other hand wrapped around her shoulders as he ran his fingers through the fur on her lower belly.

"You like that, right?" he asked, for reassurance. "The biting and stuff?"

Staying silent, the jaguar above him let out a pleasured growl and nibbled at his neck as her response. She shifted her haunches up for easier access for his wandering hand, inviting him to explore her body.

Smiling sheepishly, Caleb fumbled and searched for a bit. His eyes opened up wide when he finally found a warm spot. His fingers prodded and explored slowly as he held the jaguar close. He parted her short fur, finding her skin to be very warm and soft. He felt around the soft, swollen cleft that served as the entrance to her opening, rubbing the fleshy area with his fingers, parting the folds on his fingertips. Kara's copious fluids began cover his digits.

"You're so… wet," he blurted out with an awkward chuckle. He held her close as he continued to rub her mound.

"Mm," she nodded. "Females get wet when we're aroused or in heat. Just like males will leak from their tips." Feeling antsy for more, Kara dipped her hips, rocking against his hand. "Come on, Cay… Go ahead, stick your finger in," she whispered into his ear, and nodding slowly, Caleb did.

Carefully, his middle finger pushed against the soft cleft of skin between the jaguar's legs, and Caleb let out a tight exhale as he felt his finger sink into her depths. The jaguar in his arms closed her eyes and let out a pleasured growl as she was penetrated. Caleb was amazed at how inviting she felt inside. He sunk into the knuckle, finding his finger wrapped up in an incredible silken warmth. Already quite sensitive, a single digit was enough to cause the jaguar to arch her back in glee and tense her pelvic muscles in pure reflex.

Caleb's eyes opened up wide. "You can squeeze me!" He let out a quiet laugh.

Growling playfully once more, Kara showed off her muscular prowess by flexing in different ways around his finger. "Yes, Cay…" she whispered, the lustful tone in her voice unmistakable. She slowly, rhythmically dipped her hips on his digit, riding his hand, and Caleb felt content to slowly work her for a few moments, just getting used to how she felt on the inside. But eventually, Kara spoke up.

"Mmm… Maybe you'd like to find out what that feels like with something larger than a finger?" She raised a single, furred brow and gave him a teasing stare.

His eyes wide open, Caleb nodded, removing his finger from the jaguar's depths and sucking in a deep breath. Kara grinned at his response. "Good." The jaguar had been wanting impatiently for quite some time and was more than eager to continue. She was antsy to have such a large toy in between her legs, one without painful barbs or uncomfortable knots and swells. One with more length and girth than she was used to. The thought, knowing what was coming was almost making her drool.

Caleb's member was standing at full attention, and was busy being tickled from Kara's soft belly fur. Silently, he grabbed hold of his shaft and guided it downward. Feeling him, Kara shifted her hips, and the two guided themselves until finally Caleb felt that same wet spot across the tip of his cock. He was positioned right at the apex of her slit, ready to slide in. The jaguar suddenly paused.

"Let me set the pace," she huffed. "I'll need to adjust to your size." Caleb nodded.

And then, without warning, Kara pressed down with a grunt and suddenly, her slit spread open around his tip as she sunk down on the first inch of human cock.


Both human and jaguar cried out in surprise and pleasure, each one shuddering and tensing up from the powerful sensations. The first thing Caleb noticed was the warmth. The second, the pressure. Kara was tighter than he had expected. Caleb held securely onto the jaguar's chest, mesmerized by the new-found warmth snuggled around his cock and wanting nothing more than to continue. He tried hard to stifle his urge to thrust up into her.

Kara had slammed her eyes shut and snarled as she adjusted to the human's girth, finding it just a tad uncomfortable but feeling an incredible rush of pleasure at the same time. Her bestial instincts, fueled by lust and her heat, urged the jaguar to take over for her, but she fought to keep composure for now. Caleb watched her closely, thinking he had hurt her, but the jaguar only pressed down even more, surprising him, shuddering a bit as she slowly slid down on him, her slit lips spreading wide around his shaft. Caleb's face was locked in a silent groan as he felt more and more of his cock become enveloped by the silken warmth the jaguar offered, the lubricated sliding sensation electrifying his body.

Kara at last sunk down to meet the human's hips with her own, squirming as she felt inch after inch of her passage spread wide. There she opened her eyes. The human underneath her was staring, wide-eyed, looking transfixed. Kara giggled. And at once, she flexed her powerful leg muscles, lifted her body up a little, and began to slowly rock against him.

"Ah!" Caleb cried out. He was not prepared for it, not prepared for the wonderful feeling of her weight on his hips. His cock felt wrapped up in a hot oven… The inside of her body was far warmer than he could have imagined. Her wet passage stretched to fit around him like a glove, holding him snugly.

Kara forced herself to slow to let her body adjust. But even already, the sensation was very satisfying for the jaguar. A nice, thick length, just long enough to fill her up, smooth on all sides, no spines or knots to worry about… Kara knew she had been missing out on what humans had to offer.

"Mm…" She whispered. "It feels so good in there. So full…" Growling playfully, the jaguar sat down completely on him, taking him to his very base. She then squeezed her set of pelvic muscles around Caleb, causing him to grunt and kick his legs out a little. She giggled in response, watching how he scrunched his face up in pleasure, enjoying how he squeezed her with his hands in reflex. She sat down hard on him with a growl, feeling his length go deep inside of her again as she took him to the base, and then shifted her hips left and right, rubbing at different angles and pressing in on all sorts of places, grinding hard on him.

"This is…" Caleb looked up at the jaguar impaled on his shaft as she humped away, unable to finish his sentence. Starting to get used to the tight warmth around his member, he reached up and gripped her body secure as she continued to rock against him. His hands began wandering on their own, massaging the feline's soft, rosette-patterned fur, running it through his fingers in half-amazement, half-excitement in what he was doing. His hands found Kara's thighs and he ran his fingers over her haunches, squeezing them, the action drawing out a gasp from the jaguar.

He drew up to Kara's head and affectionately stroked her cheeks and neck. She let out a giggle.

"I never had anyone massage me during mating before." She looked down at him and purred as Caleb moved to her ears and began to stroke them "It feels good, don't stop," she whispered, leaning into his palms. Though she would not admit it, the jaguar found his touch oddly alluring, oddly sensual.

"I, uh… well, how many times have you had sex with someone that had hands before?" He playfully asked.

She stopped her grinding for a moment and smiled down at him. "Touche."

Caleb chuckled, but his laugh was cut short as the jaguar on top suddenly resumed her ride with increased intensity, rocking against him even harder, each press of her body sending him reeling. "Kara, this is just feeling so-"

"Shh!" she silenced him, growling teasingly. "Less talking, more massaging."

Bringing his hands back up to her shoulders, Caleb chuckled. Trying to not finish early, he focused, holding on tightly as the jaguar continued to ride his cock with glee.

"Gosh this is amazing," she growled. "Your cock is just…." The jaguar trailed off, her sentence devolving into a bestial growl of excitement as she continued to ride him, her actions getting more wild by the minute. She could feel it inside of her, her orgasm welling up, a wonderful filling pressure deep inside of her growing more powerful by the second.

As she let the tension in her legs relax and fully sat down on him once more, a sudden spike of pleasure wracked through her body and she sucked in a quick breath and snarled. Her feline vent spasmed and twitched as her first orgasm wracked her body. Caleb gurgled and his hands shot out, looking to hold onto something as he felt the tight passageway of Kara's slit tense up around him, twitching and flexing in rhythmic motions. Kara arched her back and growled through the climax in its entirety, tensing up and squirming slightly, unable to control her own body's motions as the thick cock nestled deep inside of her sent the jaguar reeling.

She paused a moment to catch her breath, panting hard, delighted to feel his firmness still deep inside of her. Kara stared at her new mate. Caleb said nothing, still holding on to his feline partner and trying to soak in the experience. He ran his hands down the jaguar's flanks. His balls felt unusually warm… With nowhere to go, the fluids from the jaguar's recent orgasm had oozed down his shaft and onto his sack.

"Mmm…" the jaguar growled. "And that was just the warm-up. Are you ready, Caleb?"

Without saying anything else, Kara resumed her rocking without a hitch, bucking against his meat even faster now, each push, each thrust sending Caleb's mind ever more reeling. The only word to escape her lips was a quiet "Yes." Caleb held on tight, mesmerized by the lust-filled cat above him and the enticing movement of her hips over his body. Her fur tickled his stomach. Her tail twitched excitedly in the air.

Slowly, Kara lifted her legs once again, relishing the feeling of his slick shaft slowly sliding out, until only the tip remained between her cloven labia. And then, with a hiss, she relaxed and sat down, groaning in pleasure as she felt every inch of him gradually slide inside once again, amazed at how far he could reach inside of her, his appreciable girth and length hitting everywhere at once in a way no male jaguar could ever do. She repeated the motion again and again, thrilled to finally feel satisfaction for the ache between her legs that her heat had brought about.

The jaguar's actions grew more rapid by the minute. It was not long before she could again could feel herself welling up for a second orgasm. Boris would have finished long ago, Roy too, and here this human was, still going strong!

Kara closed her eyes. She began to grunt quietly, letting out small "Mmfs" as she adjusted her hips and began to rock in a circular motion, pulling up and forward, then sliding back and sending his cock rubbing up against the back her internal walls as she lowered herself on him. She hunched over, focused on her pleasure as she pounded her hips against Caleb's own. Her claws dug into Caleb's shoulders slowly as the pressure inside welled up once more.

She cried out as another orgasm wracked her body, sending shivers down her spine. Losing control, she collapsed on top of Caleb, causing him to let out an "Oof!". He held her as her body jerked and contracted around him. Feminine, feline fluids began seeping out of her stretched hole and onto his balls. Her short fur was warm on his skin, rubbing against his chest incessantly as she moved. She cried out in bestial groans as her orgasm consumed her.

She was not even prepared for when the human brought his legs upward for leverage and began to thrust into her.

"Ah!" she suddenly gasped, arching her back and drawing her lips into a silent snarl of pleasure as Caleb planted his feet on the ground and began to take her forcefully, holding her haunches down with one hand and keeping the other wrapped around her shoulders. He was close already, and gaining fast. Rhythmic, wet-sounding thwaps were starting to become even more noticeable as he picked up his pace. Caleb shut his eyes tight and focused on the feelings of the shivering feline body above him and the sensation of the warm vent snugly wrapped around his cock.

"Mm, bite my neck!" Kara growled, dipping her head alongside his for easy access.

"What?" he said, startled.

"The nape of my neck!" Kara pleaded anxiously.

Despite barely knowing what was going on, Caleb leaned in and tried his best to latch on. He sunk his teeth into the jaguar's fur on her neck.

"Mmmm!" Kara cried out in pleasure. "More!"

He mouthed at her skin for a bit, finding it hard to get a good grip with his teeth. So on the third try Caleb brought his hand up and pinched the skin around the back of her neck to get a better grip. And then he pulled hard.


The jaguar seemed to instantly react, shivering for a moment as she let out a long, pleasured yowl. Kara's body buckled under the combined pulling sensation and the rhythm of his thrusting and relaxed her body, lost in the feeling of being taken as another orgasm raced through her body. Her paws scratched at the ground, drawing furrows in the dirt. She was in ecstasy.

"Kara…" Caleb panted, finding it hard to focus. "I'm… about to burst."

"Ah! Don't stop!" she hissed.

Thankfully, Caleb had no intention of doing so. He held on to the jaguar securely as a pressure welled up inside him. Kara felt his thrust slow down but gain in power as he lost control of his rhythm due to his imminent orgasm, his arms tightening around her as he began to lose himself.

And with a long groan, Caleb thrust in one last time, pushing up with enough force to rock her entire body. He then exploded into her passage, feeling all the pent-up pressure that had welled up inside release alongside a burst of incredible euphoria. The jaguar on top felt his member seize and flex as he shot several spurts of seed deep within her, causing Kara to gasp and shriek his name at the intensity. She held on as the human claimed her, her internal muscles clenching around him tightly and holding on for dear life, shaking as spurt after spurt was unloaded deep into her passage.

When the excitement had died down, as his orgasm subsided, Caleb slowly opened his eyes. He heard the sound of a jaguar breathing heavily into his left ear. He felt Kara's own fur-covered ribcage steadily pushing against his own chest, both of them breathing hard. The pair did not move for a moment, each one taking time to catch their breath.

Slowly, the jaguar lifted herself up, propping her chest up a few inches over his own. As she did, a rush of cool air poured over Caleb's chest, and Caleb discovered that he had broke out in a sweat where she lay on him, as her warm fur provided to be a bit too insulating.

"Well?" she asked, panting hard. She drew her face close to Caleb's, wearing a devious smile. "How was that for your first time?"

"That…" he gasped for air… "that was…" he looked up at the jaguar over him, unable to finish his sentence.

The two said nothing for a moment. Caleb found himself staring into Kara's inviting amber eyes, her infectious, sly grin.

She giggled. "What?"

"I…" Caleb trailed off.

And without thinking, he leaned up and kissed her on the lips.

Kara let out a quiet gasp of surprise, but she did not pull away. Slowly, the jaguar found herself moving her lips to meet his own for a brief moment. But sooner than expected, Caleb drew back, suddenly looking embarrassed.

"I'm… I'm sorry, I-"

"No, no, it's alright…" she blinked, looking wide-eyed and surprised. "It's…" Kara paused. The kiss… she did not know why, but it made her feel strange.

And slowly, she lowered her head to meet his and before the two knew what was happening they had locked lips once more. Caleb sucked in a sudden breath as Kara mouthed at his lips, pressing in with wild excitement. The brush of her short fur tickled his face. He parted his mouth and briefly touched tongues with her. He felt her powerful, large, feline teeth on his lips. It was a slow kiss, a sensual kiss. One that they repeated several times. And when they were finished, as the jaguar finally pulled away, she seemed to be momentarily dazed to him.

Caleb's mind raced as he looked up at the creature he had just kissed. He searched for something to say, something to respond with. Everything had moved so fast. He had no idea what was even happening at the moment, what the kiss even meant or where it had come from. He knew that he liked it. But he also felt like the kiss had been way out of line.

"…Sorry." he whispered.

She stared at him, blinking. It took a second for Kara to collect herself. Not quite knowing how to reply to him yet, she silently lifted her feline body up off of him and Caleb felt his flaccid member pulled out of the jaguar's snug vent with a slick plop. He lifted himself to a sitting position and turned to meet her gaze, looking concerned.

It was Kara that broke the silence first. "I… never really tried kissing anyone before," she admitted, smiling with a hint of shyness.

"Oh. I… Sorry. Kissing, I guess it's a human thing…" Caleb admitted, shrugging his shoulders.

"Mm." came the reply, as Kara took her time stretching her legs before beginning to groom her somewhat messy fur. "Well…" she paused between licks. "You are forgiven."

"Kara…" he smiled.

The jaguar looked his way for a second with a cute grin before resuming her licking, eventually moving down between her hind legs to lap at the matted, wet fur, covered in their combined fluids.

Caleb sat there and watched the cat groom for a moment, thinking about the sex and what had just happened between the two. He mused how reluctant he had been at first, only to find out he had enjoyed the sex quite a bit. The kiss… the emotion was there, but he felt as if it was being misplaced on a Bern instead of a human. He assumed she found it unnatural as well. "Casual mating", Kara had called it. He told himself to think about what they just did to be nothing more than that.

Slowly, shakily, Caleb stood up and stretched, dusting the dirt off his backside. His back ached from resting on uneven earth. He stared down at his body, embarrassed to find a suspicious collection of marks and scratches from claws and teeth across his chest and shoulders. Not knowing what else to do, he decided to quickly throw his clothes back on.

Kara was silent, her eyes closed as she casually cleaned up her messy fur. She bent down to pick up her purple sash up in her teeth, and draped it around her shoulders with a flick of her head. But as she worked to secure the cloth in place, all of the sudden she felt a pair of arms come from behind and wrap around her chest, startling her.

"Ah!" the jaguar fidgeted in his grasp as she was pulled back against his chest. "Caleb!?"

He hugged her tight, burying his chin in her neck. "Kara, that was amazing. And I just wanted to thank you. Really."

"I…" The jaguar giggled quietly in his grasp. "You're funny, Cay." Without thinking, Kara leaned back into the hug, affectionately rubbing against his cheek with a quiet "Mm".

But then she flinched with a moment of self-awareness and awkwardly pulled away. She didn't know why she had done that, why she had accepted the embrace the way she did. She wasn't used to affection during or after sex, to having a partner that stroked her and hugged her and held her. It was an odd feeling for the jaguar… for one whose sexual experiences had all been nothing but random hook ups, full of mindless lust. It was an experience that made her feel strange, as the kiss had previously done.

She knew humans tended to weave mating and relationships closely together, even mating for life sometimes. It was an idea she was unused to. Her own kind had no concept of mating pairs or relationships. Kara felt as if she was getting a taste of what a human pairing might be like… and the idea was inexplicably enticing to her. She wondered if that was Caleb's intention, if he….

But with a shake of her head, the jaguar reaffirmed to herself that this just another casual mating and dropped the subject in her mind.

"I, um…." Caleb mumbled. "If you're ready, I guess we should get going." With a heave, he picked up the cart towrope and pulled hard, causing the wheels to turn again.

"Right." She nodded, and began to walk alongside him.

The two continued on their errand. Caleb found himself watching the jaguar out of the corner of his eyes. They walked for several minutes in silence.

Abruptly, Caleb spoke up. "I felt like I had no idea what I was doing that whole time…" he paused, then laughed at himself. "I was basically watching you hump me like crazy just trying to hold on."

"Mating… It's always awkward at first, but it's something you get better at the more you do it." She smiled.

"Well, um…" he trailed off. "Maybe we can…"

"Yes, Caleb?" she purred.

"…Um, experiment a bit more… I mean, if you want to," he mumbled shyly.

The jaguar giggled. "You enjoyed yourself, Cay. It is nothing to be ashamed about."

"Well," he paused, then laughed slightly. "I guess so. Um… how was it for you?" He felt awkward asking her.

Playfully, the jaguar let out a growl. "I really like how human males are built."

Caleb let out an awkward laugh. "I, uh…"

"Well, Cay, I needed something to sate my heat, and I was satisfied. You… you satisfied me." She smiled. "Mating a human was very interesting."

Caleb only nodded. "What do you mean?"

In silence, Kara's thoughts returned to all the strange things the human had done: the flashes of affection and intimacy he showed. All of those things were new to her, new and enticing. Being hugged and held made her feel… special, wanted in a way that went beyond mere companionship. She replayed the actions in her mind, finding them compelling in some odd way, almost as if she wished for more….

No… she did wish for more of it. All of the sudden, Kara wasn't sure if casual sex was what she really wanted anymore.

"Well, I was talking about the petting, caressing, hugging… the kissing," she offered. "I think I see what human romance might be like."

Caleb winced. "Oh, yeah… um… I'm sorry if the kissing and hugging and stuff made you feel awkward," he abruptly stated. He kept his eyes on the road, unwilling to share eye contact.

"Wha-oh!" Kara flinched, as if out of a daydream. "Oh, don't worry about it. I did not mind that part. It was your first time…."

"Yeah, I know…" He swallowed. "But I felt like I got carried away. I mean, it was just meant to be casual sex, right?" he let out an embarrassed laugh. "Maybe I should save that stuff for when I get in a real relationship with a girl…"

Kara frowned and stopped in place. "That's your plan, still?" She then paused, surprised at herself for objecting.

"I…." Caleb looked back at the feline staring at him, feeling unsure of how to answer the question. He felt odd that she worded it the way she did, why she appeared concerned. He didn't know why a part of him felt very reluctant to simply say "Yes" to her, either.

"Well, I-" he stuttered. "I just meant that… like, there's some stuff that humans go for in relationships, and-"

"Actually, Cay…" she interrupted him. "I wouldn't mind if you, well…." she looked at the ground for a moment before returning his gaze with a bashful smile. "…practiced your human relationship stuff again with me, next time."

"Kara?" He looked at her, confused. "What, really? I thought you…" he furrowed his brow. "That your kind didn't-"

"Well, all I am saying is…" she couldn't help but look his way. "I wouldn't mind it."

And then, with a casual flick of her tail, Kara turned and sauntered down the dirt path. Caleb stared for a minute, watching her, still feeling unsure as to exactly what the jaguar meant. He found himself staring at the way Kara shook her hips as she walked, how she sauntered forward with delicate, feline poise. He blinked. And then, as the gravity of the conversation started to fall into place for him, he began to smile.

After a few more steps, Kara turned with a forepaw raised in the air. "Aren't you coming, Caleb?" She purred.

I, uh…." he fumbled with his words. "I'm gonna be losing my clothes again before the day is over, aren't I?"

The sultry jaguar narrowed her eyes and growled. "Probably."

Caleb's eyes opened up wide and sucked in a deep breath. And then, as he let the exhale out in one big release, he found a grin forming on his face.


~ Okay, first off, YES I KNOW JAGUARS CAN'T PURR AND THAT THEIR TONGUE ON YOUR COCK WOULD HURT A LOT. I took a few creative liberties, here. Suddenly, Jaguars can talk, act like humans, have smooth tongues, and purr. Why? Because sex. And blowjobs. Definitely because blowjobs.

~ This is the original story, in which the commissioner requested human x feral jaguar. Not the Khajiit version. Because SOMEONE doesn't like 2 legged cats as much as 4 legged ones…. Someone. I won't say who, though.

~ Dear goodness the main character for this story had no spine at all, lol. I am tired of writing guys who are all like "no, no I dun wanna have sex! :("…. next time, commissioner willing, I gotta switch things up a bit.

~ The commissioner wanted a hell of a lot of different things in this story… I tried to fit them all in. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to combine "Shy virgin guy gets raped by jaguar" with "guy and jaguar fall in love.", all in the one, continuous scene. I also spent way too long trying to rationalize the whole "talking jaguars" bit and explain it in a story setting…

~ Also, I would like to point out that you have just read 14,000 words of feline pornography and there was not a single double entendre using the word "pussy" in ANY of those 14,000 words. If you were actually expecting me to pull such an obvious, overused gag, you should feel bad about yourself. Go sit in the corner. Right now.

~ Then again, I did put in a milk joke, and even a "call me maybe" parody (holy crap did I really just do that?), so maybe its me that deserves to sit in the corner…