Spell goes worse...

The house was empty when she entered. It had taken fifteen agonizing minutes to get home, fifteen minutes without cum. Her whole body was quaking like an addict going cold turkey. She needed a fix of cock and cum fast. "Aunt Zelda? Aunt Hilda?" she hollered as she pitched her lithe, naked body up and down on the couch like a little girl. "You have to come here. I need your help quick!"

"And what do we have here?" Salem quipped from his favorite chair. "Auditioning for "Oh, Calcutta", are we ..?"

"Shut up .. you..." Sabrina tried to think of an insult for the smart-assed cat, but all she could think of was CUM. She needed CUM... fast! "Aunt Zelda!" she screeched.

"They went to the other realm for lunch," Salem retorted, mildly interested in the predicament the young teen obviously found herself. Even though he was now in cat form, Salem had not failed to notice the ample, succulent charms of the teenage witch who flopped around the house in her nightshirt and panties. In his humanlike form, he would have found a way to cast a spell over her and get some of that incredibly buoyant and enthusiastic pussy. As a cat, though, he had to remain content with a fleeting glimpse of her naturally blond pubes when he walked between her legs, or maybe the occasional orgasmic petting she gave him when he *behaved*. "Maybe I can help," he offered. "I did used to be rather good at this sort of thing you remember."

"I need Aunt Zelda," Sabrina foamed at the mouth. It had been twenty minutes now since her last dosage of cum, and she was going out of her mind. "I cast a spell on Libby to make her a nympho and it bounced back on me instead because..."

"It's Friday, the 13th..." Salem finished her sentence thoughtfully. "The day when all witches experience heightened powers and amateurs," he stressed the word, "are warned not to cast spells because they can feed back and..."

"I already know that!" she cut him off with a shriek. "What I need to know is how I can make this stop or get enough cum to fill up this craving that is just driving me crazy."

"You need cum?" Salem' eyes perked up.

"Yes, the spell is making me NEED CUM!" Sabrina whined. "Aunt Zelda!" she howled. "Help me!"

"I know this spell," Salem jumped up on the couch and nuzzled his head into Sabrina's wet pussy. "I invented it as revenge against Catherine the Great. She was..."

"Salem!" Sabrina slapped at him. "I don't have time for your stories. If you really can help me, do it. Now! What's the counter spell?"

"For my spells?" Salem seemed mortified. "There are never any counterspells for my spells. They are works of art that stand the test of time. Where did you pick it up anyway? It and the rest of my spells were sealed up in the Vault of Doom when I was changed into this flea-infested thing you see before you. They were supposed to be secure til the end of time..."

"I was going through some back issues of 'Cauldron Monthly' I found in the Quizmaster's library, and... that's it," Sabrina paused. "Quizmaster!" she wailed.

A second and a puff of smoke later, the black warlock appeared. He took one look at her and shook his head. "Someone hasn't been doing her homework," he chided her. Amused, he scoped out her slender, teenage form as it writhed across the couch cushions. "I cast a nymphomania spell on Libby..."

"And it fedback on you because it's Friday the 13th," Quizmaster finished her sentence.

"I know, I'm not stupid," she hollered. "I know what happened. Why does everybody feel like they have to tell me what happened. I know what happened. Now I need to know how to fix it. Quick! I practically fucked the entire school. I have this insane .."

"Desire for mortal male ejaculate," Salem snickered. "I know, I wrote this one, remember. Man, I was good."

"There has to be a way to stop this craving. It's driving me insane," she foamed at the mouth.

"There is a way," Salem snorted in obvious glee. "What? What is it? Tell me. I'll do anything," Sabrina pleaded.

"Do you want to tell her, or should I?" Quizmaster asked. "Oh, please, let me," Salem begged.

"What?!" Sabrina exploded. "Tell me what?"

"How to stop the craving," Salem sniggered. "How?"

"You'll need to take at least a gallon of mortal cum into your body, either through the mouth, pussy or asshole," Salem loved saying those words to the succulent teen who had paraded her fresh sexuality before his tortured eyes the last two years. "If you don't get a gallon of cum inside you by sunset, the craving will never go away. Look what happened to poor Catherine the Great..."

"I don't care about Catherine the Great," Sabrina snapped. "I care about Sabrina the Horny." She paused. "A gallon of cum?! And I have..." she looked at the clock, "... less than three hours till sundown." She jumped up off the couch. "I need to get out of here and find some hard dicks. Maybe I'll go to the Army base or..." She began to shake and quiver from extreme withdrawl, her eyes rolling back into her forehead as she drifted in and out of lucidity.

"Man, do something," Quizmaster pressed the cat. "There's nothing I can do, not since you all made me a mortal *kitty-kat,*" he spat the last words out with distaste. "But you wrote the spell. You must have included some kind of trap door."

"I think not," Salem sounded offended. "Who do I look like to you? David Copperfield?"

"Well, she needs something," Quizmaster looked truly worried. "She's half mortal, and that half can't take this kind of exposure to raw magic. The craving is killing her, man, it's killing her. Do you want to see her die?"

"Certainly not," Salem smirked. "There is a temporary solution I can do to get her back on her feet."


"I'm a mortal cat. The spell is indiscriminate about where the cum comes from. It only needs to be mortal. I can fuck her and give her some cum. That should snap her out of this for a few minutes until we think of something."

"You ain't got enough cum in that kitty-cat body to snap her out of it, man," Quizmaster observed. "She needs a big dose. If I wasn't a warlock, I'd whip my big black dick out and give her a heaping helping of cum. But mine doesn't count. It has to be mortal. Maybe I could zap the LA Lakers over or something and they could pull a train on her."

"There's not enough time," Salem's eyes glinted with a scheme. "I could give her enough cum if I was bigger, though."


"Yes, a simple growth spell, my man. Take me up to about six feet long. Then I can mount her from behind, give her a good shagging, and fire a nice healthy dose of mortal cat cum up into her puss. That should snap her right out of this." Salem licked his chops at the prospects.

"You may be onto something here," Quizmaster brooded a moment, watched Sabrina spaz out into a seizure and zapped Salem. One second and a puff of smoke later, Salem was the size of a large jungle cat. He clamped his jaws down on Sabrina by the scruff of her neck and mounted her spastic body from behind. His spiny cat-dick ripped into her oozing pussy, and he drove his beast-dick up into her teenage womb with one decisive thrust. The stabbing pain snapped her out of her fog, and she groaned with the sharp sensation of Salem's prickly dick cutting into cunt walls. Like a cat, he gripped her neck in his jaws and shook her violently while he buried himself inside her. He felt her pussy constrict around his cat-cock and start to fuck him back while he shook her body like a rag doll's.

"Oh, Salem..." she cooed, "I had no idea .." She felt his soft fur stroke her back as he thrust up inside her. He was soft, yet so savage. "Cum inside me, Salem," she pleaded, feeling her pussy convulse in a teenage cum-quake. Inspired by her purring and moaning, the cat tore into her with even more fury, biting down so hard on her neck she thought he might snap it like a twig. And then .. he fired, a long, wet rope of cum into her parched pussy. He thrust twice more and emptied all his load in her box before sliding out and licking her face with his sandpapery tongue.

"And what do we have here?" Aunt Zelda's voice cut through Sabrina's fresh-fucked fog, yanking the teenage witch back to reality.

"Just doing my part to save her life," Salem smirked. Zelda glared at the Quizmaster who snapped his fingers and restored Salem to his proper size.

"Sabrina," Hilda was at the girl's side, a look of shock and horror on her face, "What in the world do you think you were doing."

"Fucking a giant cat, Aunt Hilda... duh?!" Sabrina managed to crack while she felt the craving seep back into her soul. "I needed cum in me. I need to get a gallon of mortal cum in me before sundown, or this craving will never go away."

"You cast a spell today, didn't you ..?" Aunt Zelda accused. "On Friday the 13th, specifically after I told you..."

"I know what I did was wrong," Sabrina cut her off. "Don't you people understand that. I messed up, but that's not important now. I need cum... a gallon of it inside me by sundown. Any ideas? Or are we just going to stand around and play 'I-told-you-so Sabrina'?"

"Your spell!" both aunts turned to Salem in anger. "Listen, I just writes 'em, I don't cast 'em," the cat quipped as he shot out the room, away from the witch sisters' wrath. "Would somebody do something. I'm going crazy!" Sabrina whined, stuffing her fingers inside her sopping pussy. "We could call out the National Guard and still not get enough cum in you by sundown," Hilda observed. "And believe me, I know."

"Hilda!" her sister scolded. "We have a very serious situation here. Sabrina could be very seriously injured if we don't take care of this immediately."

to be continued...