The Tiger and the Girl
by psychonaught

The Girl kneeled bravely on the Great Sacrificial Stone just outside the People’s territory. Naked, alone, awaiting death, the Girl tempered her rising terror with the knowledge that the years of careful training might save her. One Sacrificial Girl had lived for two years with the Tiger. Two years! He does not always kill them instantly. Perhaps he never kills them! Perhaps he sets them free in a distant land after they’ve served him dutifully. The valley is quiet now. Tiger is here. The People watch from the edge of the forest, from the trees, watch Tiger approach the girl-gift. They hope to appease Tiger and distract him away from alerting the other Cats.

The Cats had been gaining territory over the past 6 generations and were getting stronger. The People’s territory was now completely surrounded. A single battle with any family of Cats would mean the end of all People. Thankfully, perhaps, lay the fact that Tigers now possessed adjacent territory. Tigers are by no means push-overs in the Cat Kingdom, but in those days Tigers led mostly solitary lives and demanded enormous amounts of personal territory. Having only one cat to avoid rather than a pack is certainly advantageous. But what is particularly advantageous about living amongst tigers is their enormous vanity. People understand vanity quite well.

The Tiger approached his gift. He so did enjoy this whole ceremony, the gaze of the crowd and the quiet suspense as he encircled the girl-gift. He savored the horrified look on the pubescent girl’s face as he lunged and tore her apart. And the celebratory hollarings of the ape-things as he feasted upon one of their own—their own kind—but were assured free passage for the next twelve seasons. Damn. It’s good to be a Tiger.

In those days Tiger felt like a god of his territory. He never hunted for food. The mangy ape-things brought him nearly every meal, freshly killed. And the people offered him a sacrifice of their own kind every three years to appease his ape-bloodlust. He eagerly ate the first two.

“This year’s gift is quite young and beautiful,” Tiger mused. “She is likely the prize of their pride, and yet they offer her to me. What purpose does that serve? I’m well fed, and it’s the ape-things that feed me. I, in turn, provide them with safe passage. Seems like a pretty cut-and-dried deal to me. But then they throw in this ‘gift.’ What am I supposed to do with her if not eat her?”

Tiger continued to circle the girl. He casually padded around her, building up the tension in the audience and raising the girl-gift’s heart rate to an audible pitter patter. He first concentrated on the crowd pleaser: crying. A roar right in the girls’ ears always made them break down in tears, and the crowd would yipper and yapper with excitement. He stopped and sat in front of Girl. She continued to kneel. She did not close her eyes. Tiger swung his right paw at her head and bellowed an earth moving roar. The girl did not flinch as his paw brushed away her hair. Although shaking and terrified, Girl continued to kneel erect. She did not cry. More lunges failed to elicit a reaction. Tiger stopped and contemplated the next step. He trotted over to Girl and gently patted her back. She knew what this meant. She was well trained. She pulled her hair back and bent over. Tiger snapped at her head, believing the sudden movement would startle her. She did not startle. He grasped her head in his jaws, his teeth poking into both sides of her head. He did not pierce her flesh, but instead gingerly held her head in his jaws. She did not push his head away or pull back. After a minute she ventured a hand up, but stopped as Tiger gently pushed his teeth into her scalp. He had not broken skin yet, but warned the Girl not to be presumptuous. She submits. He takes a step backward, and another, and then another. Girl scrambled to keep up with Tiger or risk letting Tiger’s teeth cut her face. They walk like this to the end of the rock. He let go and sat in front of her. She gracefully raised her head and rose back up on her knees. Their eyes deadlocked, both filled with confidence. “This one always gets them fluttery,” Tiger assured himself. Tiger fucking invented the staring contest. Minutes pass. “Okay,” Tiger resigned. “I’m going to have to get physical now.” He lunged at Girl and knocked her onto her back. He swiped at her head, her shoulders and breasts. Small droplet lines of blood bubbled up over Girl’s body. He damaged her left ear drum with a low frequency roar. She remained stoic. She knew the cuts were superficial. And she believed that Tiger would not kill her.

Tiger stood straddled over Girl, contemplating his next move. He sat down, his enormous genitalia pressed up against Girl’s budding young cunt. She looked up, met his eyes, and slowly raised her legs up around him. She pet his sides with her feet and marveled at his softness. He growled menacingly. She continued to pet him, smiling softly. His eyes narrowed and his body tensed.

Tiger then put on the most incredible act the ape-things had ever seen; he grasped the girl-gift’s hair with his paws and brought her head toward his swollen purple cock. After a few battings he managed to get the girl-gift to take his cock into her mouth. He thrust his hips languidly back and forth, holding her precious little head in his enormous claws. Girl began to choke, and tears streamed down her rosy cheeks. Tiger released her. She caught her breath and went back down to his balls, sucking on them gently.

He made the motion for her to turn around. She complied, got on all fours, and jutted her ass slightly upward toward Tiger in the acceptance position. Her little cunt glistened invitingly. “Ahh, not so fast,” Tiger thought. He walked over to her face and gently licked the tears from her cheeks. He loved the pure deliciousness of fear, and, in spite of this little one’s incredible courage, knew a terrified young girl cowered inside and wondered if this would be her last day alive.

“I will not eat this one just yet,” Tiger decided. He didn’t really enjoy eating them anymore. Mostly he enjoyed the excitement of the crowd as he tormented them, made them cry and scream and take his cock up their little cunts. But this girl eluded his attempts at terror, and he was becoming frustrated. He would need to invent a new crowd-pleaser, one that was so shocking and unexpected that the People would shake the trees and howl in amazement.

He gently lapped her cunt and puckered asshole. The Girl’s breathing quickened as she lowered her head down and jutted her ass up into Tiger’s face. He burrowed his head in between her legs, darting his tongue along the length of her ass crack and down to her clitoris. She moaned softly as he pushed his tongue around her cunt. He poked her clit excitedly and gloried at her gradual loss of self-control. Her moaning became louder and more pronounced as her breathing increased. Soon she was writhing on the ground, her hips rhythmically pushing into Tiger’s face. In a moment he would stab her with his cock, spend his energy, and spare her life.

But he does not enter her. He casually grasps the Girl’s right buttock in his jaws and pierces the flesh. Girl squeals from the sharp pain. Small rivulets of blood stream down her buttocks. He laps up the blood before it can flow down her legs. Girl begins to cry softly. He has tasted her blood and must now certainly consume her. He continues to lap up the blood as she weeps. She gently convulses in tears. He reaches back and swats her ass cheek with his paw, sending her sprawling forward into the dust. She looks back at him in terrified confusion. Where did she go wrong? He roars in response. She scrambles backward and tries to get to her feet. He leaps onto her, knocking her back down to the ground. Girl knew that any attempt to escape was a sure death sentence. If she had any chance of survival she just blew it by trying to stand. Now she just awaited death, and hoped it came with little pain. She cries like a child, her eyes clamped shut and her body wound up tight. She makes little chitter-chatter noises to the delight of the crowd of People in the trees. He straddles over her, bends over and licks her tears. The scent of blood permeates the air. Tiger turns back to her ass and continues to lick, painting her ass pink with her blood.

Tiger continued to lick her face and ass and legs, buttering her back up to performance. He gently grasped her shoulder with his paw and pulled her back onto her back. She looked up at him through tear-blurred eyes, bewildered to still be alive. He leaned over and gently nibbled on one of her nipples. She gasped as his prickly tongue pulled her nipples stiff. His purring thunders through her chest as he nuzzles her neck. Now he can enter her.

He crouches over her and lowers his cock against her barely developed pussy. He gently rubs the head inbetween her labia, moistening the folds with his pre-cum. Her breathing quickens. He nuzzles her neck with his face, and she wonders how something so ferocious can be so wonderfully soft. He rhythmically rubbed her cunt with his precum as he leaned over and licked her right wrist. She pet his head, and then ventured her other hand up. The fur around his neck and head felt divinely soft in her fingers, and his cock felt heavenly as it soaked her virgin cunt. He pushes into her with one decisive thrust, breaking through her hymen like it was tissue. She cries out, no longer able to stifle emotion. He pauses, licks her tears reassuringly, and waits for her breathing to calm. She feels the head throbbing inside her, pushing her walls wider and filling her softly. She had once seen tigers couple and knew it was a mistake to expect kindness, but when she looked up into his eyes she saw something she recognized as patience. The crowd stared in silence, all awed—not so much by the coupling, which they had witnessed before, but by the manner in which he was taking her. They had never seen any creature mate face-to-face before. Tiger basked in his glory, and vowed then and there that he would make this little one shine like the ape-things had never seen before. He moved slowly, with careful deliberation, back and forth, back and forth. Her breathing quickened and she rhythmically raised her pelvis to meet his thrusts. She grabbed handfuls of fur around his neck and brought herself upward, trying to pull him in deeper. Her pleasure rang out in waves that filled the valley and hit the ape-things like an emotional sandstorm. The males felt jealousy, and the females felt envy, and their confused emotions filled them with awe and terror. The males roared at their females’ blasphemous yappering, but the females were lost in a stupor as they rubbed themselves raw with their fingers. Their collective cum dripped from the trees in a sweet sap that the younger males tried to collect from below, their jaws outstretched in blissful wonderment. The older males were utterly lost between trying to distract their females and fend off the youth. Tiger spent himself as the Girl convulsed and screamed in orgasmic oblivion, and he knew that he had captured the soul of the People. She collapsed beneath him, her head arched back, her legs shaking nervously. He lied down beside her, purring softly. After a moment went by she collected her strength and sat up. Leaning over, she took Tiger’s cock back into her mouth and cleaned off the juices. When she was finished she climbed up onto Tiger and laid in his fur. He wrapped an arm around her, and they fell asleep under the sun.

An hour later they awoke, and Tiger stood. Girl shakily climbed up onto his back, and he carried her away, deep into the forest. Several girls now waited every year at the Sacrificial Stone, but the People would not see her or Tiger again for many years.