The tiger bride
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The tiger bride

Priya rose with the breaking of the dawn sun. Her husband of three weeks Ashwin snored loudly in the next room. Since their wedding night Priya had been forced to leave their marital bed if she wanted to get any sleep.

Priya draped her sari and placed her silver bangles on her slender wrists. She washed her face and sorted out her hair in the small mirror. In many ways she was a lucky woman, although she did not feel that lucky. Her parents had been cursed with three daughters and only one son. Although dowries were outlawed that mean nothing beyond the big cities, and as the youngest daughter Priya had to wait until they could save enough to attract a husband for her. She was nearly twenty when her parents found her Ashwin – a widower of forty five – who, for the price of one motorcycle, had taken her as his wife.

She was pretty enough. Like most Bengali women she was very petite, barely making five feet in height. Her hair was a lustrous raven black, her skin just on the dusky side of tan. Her face was well rounded and her aquiline nose sported a small silver ring through the left nostril. Her body was that of a fit young woman shaped by years of hard manual labour on her parents' farm. Her small breasts were firm with pert brown nipples. Her thighs were lean with a distinct gap that framed her plump mons pubis with its neat labial lips, pea sized clitoris and cobweb of dark hair. She was a woman in the ripe of life, and she needed a man.

What she had got was Ashwin. He was a wealthy man compared to the village farmers. He owned a small store that sold clothes and rice and cooking oil and bottled gas and everything else the villagers required. He had a son from his first marriage who had travelled to distant New Delhi to study.

But, like many successful men, Ashwin spent his time eating, smoking and drinking. He was fat, he wheezed when forced to walk more than a few yards, his teeth were yellow and his breath stank. And he failed where it counted most, as a man in the martial bed. On their wedding night he had taken her, making her a woman, but had struggled on coughing and wheezing for maybe a minute before rolling off her and falling asleep. Priya had to examine herself to determine if he had actually cum in her. The Bengalis were a people who prided themselves on their sexual prowess, and Priya now understood the village gossip round his first marriage with its lack of children.

Priya put to good use her long practiced arts of self-pleasuring, but her Bollywood fantasies of marriage were well and truly shattered.

Priya went into the small kitchen to start on breakfast. Damn it, Ashwin had felt cold last night and he had burnt the last of her carefully stacked firewood. Ashwin would complain if she offered up a cold breakfast, and she really needed something hot in her belly to see her through a hard day of running the store. There was a forest that lined the banks of the small stream that ran along the far side of the fields from where the villagers gathered wood, so Priya wrapped a rope around her neck and set off through the cold morning air.

Priya began the search for twigs, sticks, branches, any kind of fallen wood. Soon she had the start of a small bundle. However all that bending and squatting had woken up her bladder. After a quick glance to make certain she was alone, Priya loosened her sari and enjoyed the heady fragrance of her own urine as it steamed in the cold air. She looked for any sign of blood and saw none: her period had passed and she was now in her fertile period.

Priya continued her search for wood, lost in thought as she weighed up her desire for a child against her dislike for Ashwin. Unknown to her a large tawny nose was sniffing at the odour of her urine. It wrinkled at the unfamiliar smells and the stench of ammonia, but underneath was a scent that thrilled its owner's mind. On huge silent paws he set off in pursuit of source of that smell.

Priya had been forced to travel deep into the forest in her search for wood. The village lacked electricity and bottled gas was expensive, so most families relied on wood stoves for cooking and warmth. Now, near the end of winter, the forest had been almost stripped clean. She moved to unwind the rope around her neck so she could bundle up her meagre hall.

Something soft yet massive struck her on her back. As Priya tumbled to the forest floor she caught a flash of stripes, fierce amber eyes, huge white teeth. She knew it was a Bagha – a tiger – and she thought to herself "so this is how I die".

The tiger had found the source of the scent, but now he had caught the one making it he didn't know what to do. He was a young male who had carved out a territory that included this forest. By right any female in estrus within his range was his to claim. But this female confused him. She was so small; barely sixty kilograms in weight compared to his two hundred and sixty, one and a half meters long compared to his three. She gave off the right scent yet looked nothing like his mother or his sisters.

Priya lay perfectly still as the tiger pawed and sniffed at her. It had been many years since a tiger had been seen in these parts and she recalled the stories she had heard as a child of how, when faced with a tiger, you must never run – for that excites the tiger's hunting instincts – but instead you should pretend to be dead. The tiger had not hurt her beyond knocking her to the ground, and seemed curious rather than menacing. Soon its pawing became more focused as though it was trying to remove her sari. It had been a few days since Priya had washed it and she realised that it must smell of the food she had cooked.

Well, if this tiger wanted her sari he could have it!

Carefully she pulled the long cloth from her shoulder and slowly rolled on the ground, allowing the cat to pull it free. All she was left wearing was her choli top that covered her breasts: like most village women she had no need for a slip or panties. The tiger was busy exploring the folds of her abandoned dress allowing Priya to crawl towards the safety of the fields.

For the young tiger the strange material with its many wonderful smells had him playing like a kitten. Then he noticed the female a short distance away. She was in the crouched position expected from a female willing to mate, showing him her strange tailless rear. He moved over to her, drinking in the strong scent that emanated from between her legs. Then his powerful body covered hers, his teeth seeking the nape of her neck. Once he had a grip his penis emerged, stiff from the bone it contained, its tip shaped like the head of a harpoon covered in ridges of backwards pointing bristles. Then, with one thrust of his powerful hips, he claimed his prize.

Priya froze again as the tiger noticed her movement and approached her. For a moment she felt hot breath and the pricking of whiskers on her bare behind. Then a great weight pinned her as the tiger crawled on top of her. Unlike the dead weight of her husband the tiger's body was rippling with muscles. She felt the tiger nipping at the back of her neck and was sure that it meant to kill her. Instead it found the partly unwound rope and gripped it tight. Now she was completely pinned under the tiger, peeking out between its massive forelegs. Then, without warning, a hot spikey spear forced her labial lips apart and bottomed out against her womb with one powerful stab.

Priya's mind struggled to comprehend what was happening to her: she was being raped by a tiger! In the absence of rational thought her body made up its own mind, and soon she was soaking wet as that huge penis stretched her insides. All her fantasies of being taken by a man could not have prepared her for what this beast was doing. He was so strong, relentlessly pounding the tip of his swollen penis against what she realized must be the entrance to her womb. Each time he pulled himself back in preparation for the next thrust she felt the bristles that crowned his cockhead scratching at the walls of her vagina. Even that discomfort was soon lost amongst waves of pleasure. She was being taken by force, by a tiger of all things, but all she could do was moan and push back to meet each hard thrust. The tiger was beginning to make strange panting growls, such was the effort he was putting into their mating, and Priya began to wonder just how long he could last. As if in answer he gave one final mighty thrust and Priya felt the tip of his cock pry open the ring of muscles that had been protecting her womb. With his full length finally buried in her, the tiger snarled as he began to unload his balls directly into her waiting womb.

Priya would not need to examine herself this time. The tiger's cum was hot and copious and he pumped it into her for a good many seconds. Then his furry weight left her back and Priya gave a startled cry as those bristles ripped their way from vagina. It was painful, yet at that precise moment her climax struck and she screamed from both pain and pleasure.

Priya rolled onto her back and gasped for air. The tiger settled himself down in a close-by patch of sunlight that filtered down through the leafy canopy. Priya had expected that, once he had his wicked way with her, he would wander back into the forest. Instead he saw her as a tigress, and he would stay by her side, to breed her as often as possible while keeping other males at bay. Her cubs would be his.

Priya realised that she should try to escape, or at least recover her sari. Her absence would be noted and soon the villagers would be looking for her. Yet as the sun swung higher into the sky the only sounds were the chattering of distant monkeys and the deep snoring of her tiger lover. She slowly began to slide herself towards her tangled sari, but the tiger heard her. With a great yawn that exposed his massive teeth and a full body stretch the tiger rose and came over to her. As he began to pin her on her back with his weight his teeth nipped at her throat. Priya realized that he needed to hold her for his cock, and gentle though he was he could easily throttle her. Quickly she pulled off her choli, exposing her breasts, and wrapped the cloth around her right forearm. She pressed the bundle into his mouth and felt the prick of his teeth as he gripped, then the thrust of his hips as he drove that long cock back into where it belonged.

There was no denying the tiger this time. The head of his cock plunged through the ring of muscles deep into her womb, the bristles anchoring it in place. The heat of his chest on her breasts made her nipples rock hard and they chaffed against his fur as he rammed himself into her. Her loins felt as though they were on fire and she cried out to her many Gods – not for mercy but in thanks – as the tiger fucked and fucked. She knew she would never again experience in her life such male power as was being driven into her today, as her very core was plundered by that fat feline cock. She came hard, screaming as her muscles coiled and spasmed. Still the tiger fucked and she came again, groaning from pleasure so extreme she thought her heart would stop. Finally she felt that embedded cock throb as it poured its semen into her, felt that warm wetness filling her most intimate place. Then the tiger dragged its cock from her with a grunt.

So the day continued. The tiger lay beside her naked form, and she snuggled in close to share his warmth. Priya found herself rubbing her hands through his fur, scratching around those big ears and under his chin. She was amazed that an animal of such lethal power could be so warm and soft. Then his nose would touch her face, his whiskers pricking her cheeks, before he moved to mount her yet again.

He left her at dusk to hunt, satisfied that after a dozen matings his cubs would soon be filling her belly. Priya stood slowly on unsteady legs. She half expected a torrent of tiger semen to pour from her mons, but it seemed that her mound had swollen defiantly shut and refused to relinquish a single drop of its precious cargo. She pulled her chewed choli over her breasts and slowly re-draped her tangled sari. She found her abandoned pile of wood and tied it into a tight bundle. Then she made the long walk back to the village.

They had been looking for her. However it was assumed that like many an unhappy bride she had tried to run back to her parents, so the search had been centered in the other direction on the nearby road and its buses. No one had seen her going to collect wood so they hadn't thought to search for her in the forest. Priya could not tell them the truth, so she lied and said that she had surprised a family of boar and had been forced by the male to seek safety up a tree. When, after dinner, Ashwin had placed a pudgy hand on her thigh she explained that her bottom was sore from sitting for hours on a branch. Instead she poured hot water into the small tub and, after Ashwin had washed himself, she gently cleansed her body, allowing the water to turn milky as she washed her insides.

The next night Priya made love to Ashwin. He lay flat on the bed and she mounted him, riding his cock. With her eyes closed she tried to imagine herself astride her tiger, his barbed penis locked deep in her womb. Ashwin only lasted a couple of minutes but she persisted until she managed a barely satisfying orgasm.

Ashwin had already begun his snoring so Priya retreated to the spare bed. As she laid in the darkness her hands felt her belly, and she wondered if she would fall pregnant with the much longed for son. Inside her a battle raged as her husband's sperm found themselves in competition against a myriad of others that were far more energetic and vigorous. At every step they were blocked, choked and rendered impotent as the competing legions raced for the waiting egg. Soon sperm surrounded it, wiggling long tails as they pressed hard against it. One managed to open a breach and pushed its way inside, colliding with the nucleus, merging into a single cell.

For a while nothing happened. Then the cell divided, and divided, and…

* finis *