Tiger love
by Alex Tibbetts

Hi, my name is Mark, and I'm a volunteer at my local zoo here in sunny Florida.

What I'm about to tell you is an experience I'll never soon forget...

I was finished up with my weekly duties with the animals, so I went to see the tiger exhibit. No one was around, so I snuck into the exhibit and hid behind a tree in it so I wouldn't be seen by the tigers.

Or should I say tiger.

Today, we had to rush two other tigers in the exhibit to a vet on account something was wrong with them. There was this one tiger who in the exhibit alone circling around and around.

Just then, he stopped and his penis came out of his little sheath and he pissed proudly on the ground marking his territory. Cool, I thought to myself. I couldn't help but stare as the tiger continued pissing and then he suddenly abruptly stopped in mid-piss and looked straight in my direction.

Oh no, I thought to myself, I have to get out of here before this tiger tears me to pieces! I ran for the door but it was stuck! I had locked myself in and nobody was around...everyone else had gone home! I was stuck in with the tiger!

The tiger leapt upon me and I crashed down to the ground. I couldn't move...I was frozen. Soon, the tiger got up and teared all my clothes off me ripping the material apart! Then he knocked me to the ground with his head.

I was shaking, preparing for the inevitable, when all of a sudden I felt this hot liquid pooring into my mouth! It was the tiger, he was pissing into my mouth! I gagged at the taste and the amount, but swallowed the stuff nonetheless. When he was finished with his pissing, I tried to get up but the tiger turned around and farted in my face!

The smell was something I could not describe...but I can tell you it was very overwhelming and so powerful that I fell to the ground once again. Purring, the tiger proudly lifted his tail and put his butt hole on my mouth and rubbing it all over my face making sure I smelled like tiger shit. Just then, hunks of smelling tiger feces came crawling into my mouth and yet there was nothing I could do but swallow the turds whole. To my surprise, I found myself resisting very little to the hunks of tiger dung going down my throat. Completing his bathroom break, he nudged me over on to my belly and lay down upon again but this time he went ahead and started mating with me! He wasn't slow nor gradual... he shoved his entire length into my ass and I yelped in pain but was forced to take it all laying down while the tiger forced me to his the back of his paws making me lick them clean. I complied and licked his paws clean of any dirt or feces. I found myself enjoying this more and more as time went on and on and he continued humping and humping until finally the tiger erupted in me like a geiser! He lay down upon me making sure I took the full amount of his cum into my systems. He then licked my face with his rough tongue as a kind of good reward for my 'servitude' to him. Getting up, I rolled over and his seed came pooring out of my ass onto the ground. I noticed he once again shit on the ground. The tiger then looked at me and then at his dung. NO, I said, and then the tiger growled at me.

I whimpered, gave in to my situation and groveled before him, eating my tiger dung like a good slave. He then lifted a leg and pissed all over me soaking me good. Tears came down my eyes as I chewed and chomped on the tiger dung before me and I knew I was in for it. Unexpectedly, the door to the tiger's exhibit opened and in came the chief zoo keeper clapping his hands.

"Excellent my boy! Excellent my boy!" The chief zoo keeper said. "It seems that this tiger has chosen YOU to be it's human love mate!"

"I-I don't understand sir..." I said.

"Oh, I'll lay it all out for you Mark my boy...you're going to be spending the rest of your life in this exhibit with tigers letting them do whatever they want to you! We're going to pretend you're a long lost boy from the stone ages that was raised by tigers...so you won't need clothes anymore. I'll make millions while you'll enjoy tiger feces for the rest of your life! Enjoy!"The zoo keeper said as he walked out of the exhibit laughing up a storm.

Noooo....I thought to myself.

The end?