Tiger Wood
by zzTurk

It's not an easy profession, but if you love animals, the rewards of zookeeping, especially the smiles on the faces of youngsters that the animals engender, can be quite fulfilling.

This is a story about what happens when love of animals takes a decided turn.

It began for Judy when she graduated San Diego State with a degree in biology, and decided to stay on and go for her Master's degree.

She loved that part of California: no smog, no oppressively hot weather, and nowhere near the traffic problems of L.A., up North.

She also loved to go to Marineland of the Pacific and the famous San Diego Zoo.

While at the zoo, she found herself drawn to the animals like one would be drawn, say, to a cute orphan.

She decided to submit her resumé, and waited.

Two month's later, she got a call. It seems they had a sudden resignation and there were vacation schedules to maintain, and so on, and so forth, and she became the newest member of the team.

Soon, though, Judy found herself doing 'dirty' chores. If she wanted to clean up after someone, she could've gotten married! She couldn't believe she needed a DEGREE to do this.

Her 'break' came when they brought in this newborn Siberian tiger, white as the driven snow, and larger than your average baby tiger, as a Clydesdale is larger than your average horse.

It would not respond to any of the handlers; except when Judy came near, it stopped in its tracks, even rolling over, at one point. (Judy is 5'8", muscular from swimming, hazel eyes, flaming red hair, and tits every girl dreams of, but how would a tiger know what's sexy in a human?)

It was obvious that Judy was going to get the Siberian Tiger 'assignment'. At least, it got her out of that first, 'shit', assignment.

In six month's time, the tiger and Judy were one of the main attractions at the zoo.

Cats are notoriously independent, but this cat kept fawning over Judy and it was entertaining.

One day, all hell broke loose when the tiger swiped a paw, knocking Judy down, but when the other handlers tried to separate them, the tiger straddled over Judy and growled mightily.

Judy covered for the tiger, saying she was off balance and that being knocked over was as much her fault as his. No harm, no foul!

That night, Judy lay in bed, wrestling to fall asleep while replaying the day's events. She seemed to remember (or was it her imagination?) that, as the tiger hovered over her, its penis began to unsheath; and was that a groan from its stomach or a something else, she heard?

She kept closer tabs on her favorite pet in the days that followed and noticed that he seemed to get 'testy' whenever male handlers were close to HER!

Another restless night, two weeks later, left Judy a mess. She went to her dresser drawer and retrieved a dildo and worked herself into a lather. She felt that, since her period had just ended, maybe it was her horniness that kept her from sleep, but after settling back down, Judy's thoughts raced back to her tiger, and her eyes were still pinned open.

Unable to sleep, now, Judy got up, got dressed, and went down to the zoo.

At was around midnight when she checked in at the main gate, telling them she had to retrieve notes that she was working on, and that she was also going to check on the Siberian tiger.

This tiger, in its short (six month) lifetime, had already grown to 150 pounds and stood six feet.

When it saw the security guard with Judy, it began circling.

Too late, Judy noticed the signs of aggression! Just as she tried to warn him, the guard was leapt upon suddenly by the tiger. He hit his head, hard, on the brick walkway! He was unconscious.

Judy, in the only humanitarian thing she could think of, tried to shoo the tiger away, but he started circling her, now, and she tried to escape!

The tiger knocked her down. As she tried crawling away, it pounced, almost playfully, but swiped its claws mightily, shredding Judy shorts and leaving a trickle of blood on her hip where a claw dug into her.

Judy's heartbeat was racing, now, and as she tried crawling again, the tiger (perhaps smelling blood?) came over for a taste, and began lapping up some of the blood from her hip with his 'sandpaper' tongue!

Judy tried to play dead in an effort to discourage him, but the tiger bit into the tattered remains of her shorts and tore them away, leaving her entire genitalia exposed!

She then realized that the tiger's restlessness was sexual, but it was too late!

As she got on her hands and knees to crawl, the tiger straddled her once more, this time biting down on her pigtail, which probably saved her from a worse bite; the tiger was grabbing for the scruff of her neck!

Cats DO this as they mate!

Judy knew what was coming, and steeled herself for the attack.

The tiger's penis was out of its sheath and aiming.

On the third push, it parted the outer lips of her vagina, but ran along her 'groove' making her react, involuntarily.

The tiger sniffed her pheromones and knew she was ready!

His next foray found its mark! His penis penetrated about four inches, but wouldn't pull back! It 'felt' like it had tiny little barbs to hold it in place!

Then, almost purring, the tiger decided to lock her up, and drove his penis another four inches into her!

Judy was in a great deal of discomfort, but dared not move, as the tiger began machine gun like thrusts, each delivering a scrotumful of Siberian tiger sperm!

Judy thought it would be over in a minute, but then remembered that tigers could mate this way, on and off, for hours, and the only way they separated was for the female (tiger) to roar and throw them off!

It was already six or seven minutes now, and Judy summoned up all the courage she could. She tried to 'roar' and raise her torso, but the tiger just kept on pumping!

Then, in a moment or serenity, she remembered that the tiger needed to be thrown from her vagina! Roaring wasn't enough; but how was she going to do it?

With all the strength she could muster, she raised her ass mightily, as if to lock her knees straight. The tiger roared, but fell back, its penis seemingly scratching the insides of her sex tube as it dislodged!

Judy stood up, her brain working overtime now, and continued roaring, even as the tiger's sperm was dripping out of her!

She sidled her way over to the prone figure of the security guard, who was just starting to regain his consciousness.

The tiger began roaring again, sensing its 'mate' had a challenger, but they quickly escaped and locked the gate, just as the tiger re-attacked!

The guard saw the remains of Judy's clothes and thought that she had performed the greatest act of courage imaginable. He didn't know the half of it!

By the time Judy got home, much later that night, all her sleep robbing questions had been answered... except one!

How am I gonna get mittens on that cat for the next time?!?