Trisha - Caught in the act
© 2004 by Zakanfien

This story involves sexual activity between a female human and male panther. This is a pure work of fiction. The events I describe here didn't happen. No resemblance between the characters involved and any person, living or dead, is intended. This story may be distributed freely but may not be sold, or changed, or used in any commercial way.
Finally, if you try to do this for real, get turned into fresh tasty kitty food and eaten for breakfast or get yourself complete addicted to big cats, don't blame me! I deny any responsibility for the actions your take after reading my erotic fiction :-)

Caught in the act

Just the other day when I was relaxing quietly in the bright spring sun, taking a little private time off from my daily work in a wooden deck chair and wrapped into a thick soft and warm blanket, Baggy, my most beloved black panther, came lazily strolling by like he always did. He rubbed his smooth muscular body along my legs, which were resting on a small stool, while he walked by (sort of) and he clearly wished for some attention from my side.

"Hey Baggy, my cute lovely black beauty, how you are doing on such a great sunny day in spring?" I asked him in a very polite manner while I blinked my eyes a few times to adjust better to that dazzling bright light of the day. He turned himself towards me, faced me and yawned like he wanted to make clear that he was very bored at the moment, bright sunny day or not. "Why don't you lay yourself down besides me then and start enjoying the warm and bright springtime sun together with me for a while?" I asked him and winked at him with a broad grin.

He looked back, directly into my face, blinked a few times with his wonderful emerald eyes and shook himself a tiny bit while he made his fur on the back standing up straight. This was just one of that particular times when he did really funny things that made me laugh. I broadly grinned. He clearly told me in body language that this springtime sun maybe was foreboding a blazing hot summer but nevertheless was too darn cold to feel comfortable laying around on the ground, even with his thicker winter fur still on him.

"OK Baggy, I can understand this…" I giggled "…why don't you go back into our trailer then where it's warm and comfy. I'll stay here some more time just enjoying the bright sunny day, the blue sky and the wonderful fresh air. I'll join up with you inside the trailer later my kitty…" I told Baggy and closed my eyes again because I held the whole thing for settled now.

My error. Baggy suddenly pushed hard from below against my knee joints and forced his sleek head through the gap he created in doing so. I couldn't see him doing it because of my very thick blanket but I felt him pushing and squeezing.

"Oh come on Baggy, just allow me a little rest here in the wonderful sun. What do you want?" I asked him a little bit annoyed.

He squeezed his sleek body all the way through my now partly opened legs in a way only a cat can do and shove himself between me and the thick blanket, ending up with his feline body right on top of me. He slowly pushed his furry head through the space between the covering blanket and my chest and made himself very comfortable there, rubbing his face sideways on my chest in an "I feel comfy too now! That's very nice of you…" meaning.

"Baaagie! Sometimes you are a real hassle! You are no small kitten anymore that has a weight not worth mentioning. Get off me for heavens sake you heavy big lazy kitty…" I grumbled at him but he just made himself more comfortable by rubbing his fur covered forehead against my chin and by shifting his whole weight around a bit to get himself into a better resting position pretty much like if I was his very own soft cushion to have a comfortable rest on.

"Baggy! Darn it, can't you just once act like a normal cat and sleep in front of the heater and not always on top of me. Why do I have to be that cursed with such a demanding kitty…" I mumbled in played anger but couldn't restrain a silent giggle. In truth I pretty much liked him there because his warm and most elegant feline body felt like a heavy cushion itself placed nicely on top of me that one could squeeze softly and cuddle himself very nicely into…

I sight: "OK cute one, if you have to stay try to be a little bit less heavy if that's somehow possible for you …"

Baggy shifted his body around again and the weight on top of my chest suddenly really lessened a good deal. "We reached an accord my love…" I told him and rubbed him softly along his flanks in gratitude. The temperature below the thick blanket increased noticeable and Baggy clearly enjoyed his little nap in the sun together with me. I sleepily closed my eyes again and crawled him very gentle below his soft fur covered chin for a while. I really loved him and to be near him always made me glad and completely satisfied with my wonderful life.

We lay together silently for some minutes, enjoyed the sun, the cold spring breeze on our uncovered faces and the beloved comradeship we shared when I suddenly noticed a tiny but well known poking sensation down there between my two legs. I sprung open my eyes and needed some seconds to readjust to that dazzling bright sunlight in a world outside the silent dreamy blackness I had enjoyed walking in. When I was finally able to see focused again I gazed directly into a most innocent looking cat face. Baggy had his eyes entirely closed and clearly enjoyed this sunny day on top of me with a very glad smile on his beautiful looking feline face. I closed my eyes and giggled softly into myself because I took this little "accidental poking" down there for a very erotic feline dream he surely was enjoying right now. Maybe even I was involved for a good deal in that sensual dream of him! This stunning idea made me somehow feel very proud of myself. Unfortunately Baggy obviously enjoyed a very realistic sensual dream.

Slowly, gently, absolutely smooth in any possible way thinkable -- so that I nearly failed to notice it first -- he bit by bit worked his warm feline member through the two overlapping leather stripes that were secretly built into my trousers crotch. I accidentally wore my specially prepared trainer outfit for my little sun bathing because I had planned for a wonderful long lesson with Rajah on the divan that very evening. The warm, moisture and very smooth sensation that started slowly spreading throughout my whole slit was very alarming and at the same time uttermost delightful. It felt like a slick ring finger, bathed in cream and covered all over with it, entering me gently, straight and with unbelievable accuracy to hit the perfect angle.

I opened my eyes again to communicate somehow with beloved Baggy but he still looked absolutely confident in his dreamy slumber. Did I maybe imagine that whole slick penetration thing with my body senses because I physically remembered stuff we already had done and very much enjoyed doing together?

To be sure of that once and for all I reached carefully -- to not disturb cute Baggy in his slumber if possible -- down with my hands to my crotch. And like I already had expected Baggy really was resting not only very comfortable on top of me but with one well known particular part of him also a good pleasant way inside me. How he could manage to keep calm and dreamy while he very easy melted deep into me I really couldn't imagine. Nevertheless, a warm, wet, wonderful feeling kept slowly moving up my engulfing love tunnel and I rapidly became very lustful, felt myself getting wet just by that very arousing idea of cute Baggy deep inside me…

"Baggy, my love, what are you doing?" I asked him in quiet whisper and brushed up and down along his whole flank with my both hands to wake him softly out of his erotic slumber. "Do you try to sneak into me for a change?" I spoke softly to him and couldn't manage to hold back a very soft laughter. This whole thing was so bizarre that suddenly the old wisdom of not waking up a sleeping tiger sprang into my mind. Well, Baggy wasn't exactly a tiger and I had woken up Rajah for some private play a few times by now and he always was more than willing to interrupt his beauty slumber for that particular reason! This saying sounded plain stupid for me and that realization amused me so very much…

Baggy seemed not to hear my silent questions but suddenly shifted his whole weight together with his sleek muscular body in a rolling over motion to the left. I gasped because his completely hard and deep inside me member more or less pulled me over with him like a lever. That sudden and quite hard twisting sensation inside me really gave me a whole thrill of lusty shudder.

I rolled myself around together with him as good as possible without a real choice. We both ended up sharing my wooden deck chair side by side facing each other. He had his emerald cat eyes fully opened and all sleep was gone. And if that darn funny innocent face he made wasn't a very big grin I'm a silly little kitten.

"Baggy, just stop it, please! We are in the public, we can't play this wonderful game right now even if I would love to do it with you so very much…" I told him in a concerned whisper only he could possibly hear "…please wait till later and we can play our sweet game as long as you like to do it with me. I promiiiieeee…"

Just that very moment he started his lightning quick strokes with his most wonderfully hard member deep inside me.

This quick push and pulling sensations were completely different to anything I already knew from him. He more or less made his whole length inside me vibrate with speedy quick motions and this really made me sweat very hard in an instant because it felt sooooooo darn good! "Baggy, pleeease, we shouldn't dooo...oh god…" I plead into his face for a bit of reason, for an immediate stop of this madness that overtook me, that I welcomed instead of denied. I disliked him very much for getting me deliberately in that very special physical state but at the same time I loved him so hard that it really did hurt me, not physically but spiritual. I loved him with all my heart and soul, with all my being.

He hit the jackpot that very moment because he suddenly rubbed his rapidly pulsing and fully hardened member in unbelievable quick little strokes over my blazing clit. And to make everything perfect he started at the same time to lick the emerging sweat pearls from my face with his rough tongue and the most unbelievable innocent look spread all over his whole face like he did nothing at all. My clit exploded in burning hot waves of sweet pain mingled inseparable with the hardest kick of lust I ever had to endure.

"Baggy, you are such a perv…Ohmygod…Ohmygood…Ohhmygoooood!" I whimpered softly with sudden tears of joy in my eyes. I really tried hard but simply couldn't manage to hold back a wonderfully long stretched and pretty slow developing orgasm that blossomed inside me like a spring flower just that very instant.

Baggy was close too because his strokes got slower and much harder. I couldn't resist the burning hot urge any longer because nothing really mattered anymore for me except my wonderful sexual climax.

I grabbed him with my both hands behind his hip, dug my fingers hard into him and pulled his whole body with force into mine. He continued to lick my face, absolutely pleased with what he had achieved, where he had brought me once again. He came in many tiny wet shots of semen inside my vagina and his whole body shook softly in his own wonderful relief. His penis made throbbing motions inside me and he for sure loved that slow deep melting with me so completely like I did.

I have never felt such a very pleasing long period of perfect harmony before. All my cats most of the time like to do it the quick and rough way but they love to do it over and over again. This time Baggy gave the long shot a try and you can take that literally. He delivered for an astonishing long time inside me and it felt godly. I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed my face against his in loving joys, pretty much like if he was a soft plush I could cuddle as hard and as long into as I liked. But this plush was breathing, licking my face and best of all: he had his stiff wet toy placed deep inside me and leaked his warm semen like he would never ever stop again. Little vibrations ran up and down my whole love tunnel and they made me sigh hard a few times in disbelieve. His very hot member inside me moved back and forth in soft pulses, up and down by his muscular contractions and every time it did this motion it filled me up with one more spurt of his warm feline seed. I bit hard into my lower lip just to keep myself from moaning out too loud in pleasures beyond believe. I pretty soon tasted my own blood on my lips but I didn't care. This side ways fuck with him was worth it because it was just indescribable intense and wonderful…

Baggy suddenly pushed himself with his two front paws a little bit away from my chest and I didn't understand why he suddenly did this. Had I angered him in some way? Just a moment later I did understand.

"Ah, two love birds taking a nap together. How cute…" a male voice suddenly sounded out near us. I was so very shocked that I nearly pissed myself all over and poor Baggy with me. I turned my red head quite fast around and saw Mike, one of our stunt riders, standing near the fence door.

"Is it safe to come in or are your other big cats roaming the ground?" he asked me and now I really feared the worst and got pretty pale instead.

"I… I think…they are all in their cages…uhhhh…" I replied and nearly got a heart attack when Baggy suddenly flexed his stiff penis deep inside me a few times and for sure released another sticky load of his cum into me, exactly when I tried to answer that guy looking as innocently as possible in that absolutly awkward situation.

He made a skeptical face but nodded. "May I come in then and get our money from the storage van to pay the new hay delivery?"

I looked blank into his face for some seconds, not understanding a single word he was talking about. Baggy had a lot of fun licking my left ear from behind my shoulder while he still fired shot after shot of his feline cum everywhere inside my vagina.

I quickly nodded and turned my head around to face Baggy. I was so very angry at him but at the same time I had an inhuman mental struggle in suppressing a knocking me out for sure second orgasm and a hard fit of naughty laughter about this whole absurd scene I was captured in.

This god darn pervert cat really really enjoyed all this! It clearly turned him on big time to know a human male near us, observing us while he came inside me so hard that his seed slowly seeped out of my vagina and down my crack all into my trouser. I already felt sticky everywhere with his feline cum. He did things inside me with his penis that made me breath hard and sweat all over in pretty no time at all and that kept me constantly on the very edge of another orgasm that would have revealed everything! Everything!

Mike opened the door very careful, looked left and right like if he had to cross a heavily used speedway. I had turned my face slowly back to watch him enter our inner fence and tried hard to keep mental distance to fucking Baggy. Mike clearly looked very scared and still feared an ambush of my three other beauties. Mike slowly moved over to our wooden deck chair and now that whole absurd scene focused into one single moment in time.

"It's pretty hot below that thick blanket even if it's only springtime sun, huh?" he asked me and I nearly fell into a hard to explain outburst of uncontrollable silly laughter.

"You have no idea…" I answered and smiled weakly. Baggy licked my face clean of all that salty sweat pearls, very much like if he had understood every single word said in our short conversation.

"Wonderful black cat you have there. He seems to like you very much. All your big cats obviously do like you. Great big cat show by the way…" Mike said when he walked by and kept his eyes fixed on Baggy in much respect.

"Thanks. Baggy is a real cute one…" I answered in a much more controlled way than before. The peak of my long orgasm had finally left me together with that strong fear of falling suddenly into another one because of some stupid thing Baggy could do with me just for the pure fun he got out of this all.

Baggy was very pleased and absolutely satisfied. Not only had he enjoyed a wonderful fuck with me inside the chair, he also had done it in front of another male, a human male! He still leaked tiny amounts of his feline cream inside me and when Mike finally entered our storage trailer to get the money from the safe I couldn't restrain myself any moment longer. The storage van door closed behind Mile and I licked Baggy all over his nose pad with my tongue and squeezed him hard between my legs and arms. "You are such a naughty pervert cat you know! Fucking me right in front of him! I still can't believe you really did this! I told you to stop it but you didn't. I'll have to punish you for your disobedience and you know what - I'll think about something special to do that. And this time you will plea for mercy but I won't hear you either. And that's a promise my lovely sex maniac…" I told him, licked him all over his muzzle with my soft tongue and squeezed him so hard that he meowed softly in played protest. I released him from my grasp just in time because I heard Mike opening the van's door from inside. He reappeared in the doorway of the storage van.

"Did you get the money from the safe?" I asked him very relaxed and Mike just nodded. Secretly I shivered all over below the thick blanket while I pretended to be calm. Baggy had decided to pull his hard member slowly out of me and his remarkable hot tool scratched over my very sensitive clit with it's whole length while leaving. I believe that Baggy enjoyed the best time of his life together with me on my wooden deck chair. We have enjoyed doing it in hundreds of different ways but this one clearly thrilled him the absolute most. His hard tool still twitched softly and lost drops of fluid when it finally came free from my completely soaked place with a very loud smack that I hoped Mike couldn't link to us.

I took his stiff tool secretly in my hand and gave him a decent hand job below the blanket. Now Baggy widened this eyes in astonishment and this time I grinned into his face. His tool was covered all over with our mixed fluids and this made the hand-job very easy for me and absolute enjoyable wet for him. I pleased him with very soft, slow and squeezing strokes and he came again inside my engulfing hand after just a few milking squeezes. He started a soft growling while he clearly enjoyed his continuing relief with closed eyes.

"Mike, do you want to pet cute Baggy before you leave?" I asked him while he walked by on his quick way out of the fence and this time Baggy widened his eyes in quiet protest and gave me a really annoyed look.

"Nah, thanks, maybe some other time. He doesn't seem too pleased at the moment 'caus he's growling…" Mike said and closed the door of the fence behind him with a clang, clearly pretty releaved to be outside the huge cage and in safety again.

"And I've to give the money to the hay delivery service at once or we'll get no more hay this year. Your big cats don't need hay but our horses do. See you around…" he shouted and waved his hand in a hurry while he walked away very quick.

"I think he's a bit afraid of your kind and doesn't understand your lusty growling…" I laughed heartily towards Baggy. I got my filled hand up to my face and opened it in front of Baggy like a small bowl. I gave Baggy's seed a tasteful lick with my tongue. He joined in and licked the rest of his creamy remains from my hand bowl with absolute delight.

"I really have no idea what makes Mike think that such a most lovely kitty -- I squeezed Baggy again like a soft pillow on top of me after he had finished his cleaning of my hand and licked his nose instead -- may do him harm in any way. The only thing you really would love to do is fucking me crazy directly in front of him for hours, wouldn't you?" I asked him a rhetorical question.

I really laughed hard when Baggy showed me his complete agreement by rubbing his forehead onto mine in a clear provocative manner, stating that I should pretty please check that particular theory out as soon as anyhow possible.

"Yeah, I can imagine pretty well that you would love to prove me right. Sometimes you are a really strange cat you know. But I love you the way you are my sweet lovely big kitten…" I kissed him again softly on his black nose pad and relaxed back into my chair.

"Are I'm finally allowed now to enjoy the sun for just a few more minutes? I hope that you are no longer that much bored…" I asked him and laughed heartily. He sneaked back under the blanket and managed himself out of the deck chair in some miraculous way. How he could do so is another mystery of cat physics. It sometimes really looks like they are able to bend nature's laws with their feline bodies.

Nevertheless, Baggy suddenly stood in front of the deck chair and shook himself softly to let his thick winter fur fall back into an ordered look. He meowed a short "thanks maam for all the great fun!" in my direction and strolled away most elegant like he always did.

I shook my head and the only words I could find to express my current feelings was a heartily spoken 'Those god darn sexoholic cats really need another hobby!' with many soft giggles.

I rested inside the warm sun for round about half an hour and finally decided that I had enjoyed quite enough sun for today. With some trouble I unfolded myself out of the deck chair after that long period of rest without much movement. The joints of my legs felt stiff and so did my softly aching shoulders. I stood up and begun to fold my thick blanket neatly together.

While I did that I became aware that cute Baggy had really enjoyed an outstanding good time. He had made very good use of his stay inside me because a sheer river of his feline seed suddenly issued out of my vagina and right into my trouser. It felt like if I enjoyed a pee and my own warm stream kept running down the insides of my closed legs. But this stream was white…

Another hot shiver of sexual fury raged through my whole body because of that physical stimuli that felt so wonderful naughty. Standing here and sensing Baggy's cum oozing slowly down the whole length of my legs and into my leather boots really kicked me big time in an arousing manner. I absolutely loved that feeling! My mind made wild jumps from one pornographic memory into the next and I was nearly losing the grip on myself. I slowly closed my legs further together to keep the steady stream of Baggy's cum at bay and let it drip by drip seep out of me.

"I'll make him pay for this! Oh yes! I'll pay that black kitty back big time…" I mumbled into myself and tried hard to focus on folding the blanket together in a neatly way while my mind nearly went bye bye with hundreds of most thrilling pay back ideas. It had to be something very special, something very extreme.

Suddenly a most brilliant plan flashed into my mind. I grinned devilish. Oh yeah, he will absolutly love this…